May 22nd, 2011 ~ Vibrational Integration of Our Divinity



Good Evening,

This is Lord Sananda speaking.  It is a pleasure once again to be here for the Cosmic Oneness as the spokes-being for the Christ Consciousness.

We are in the time of being integrated with the actualization of what has happened during the Wesak energies.  It is not just about Wesak, it is about the full moon and the movement of higher frequencies into your physical being which allows this actualization to be fully within you.  I am honored to be able to speak for Meleriessee, and I am honored to be part of your lives individually, more so than I ever have been before.  There have been many moments of remembrance occurring for each of you and this evening we want to help you with that.  Some of you have had a very trying time with your initiations; some of you it has gone a little bit easier.  What we want to do this evening is bring in the acceptance of what is occurring fully realizing within your physical existence that the frequency that you are bringing forth within you is the complete totality of your soul’s remembrance.  Within this remembrance you are allowing yourself to be fully activated in a way that you have not been previously.  Some of you are being challenged in many different ways and they are only to make you stand stronger in the presence of these frequencies and within the presence of what is going to be occurring around you.

The duality of this Earthplane is struggling for its survival and within that phase it can cause great changes.  It is imperative that each of us understand as being on this mastership pathway that the elements occurring within you are being acquired in a different manner than you have ever realized physically.  This is the beauty of it as each of you are understanding yourselves in a different capacity than you were previously.  It is a powerful time but it is also a very trying time because you’re responsibility is going to be tested.  Within that responsibility you are going to see that you need to stand up to this duality.  At times it may feel like it is being thrown in your face and this is the responsibility to your inner self of being able to fully understand the higher frequency, the higher presence, the higher purpose of what you are experiencing in each given moment.  This is the ability to fully actualize the depth of your knowledge that is being acquired.  And each of you here this evening, or listening or reading; we include each of those different venues because some that are not on the call are part of this circle of light that you are creating.  Bring forth those energies in the development of your accessibility in a different way than you have ever acquired.   The challenges that are occurring for you are remembrances of your past, not the past of the present life, but the past of your Lemurian and Alantaean lives as these are the ones that are going to come to the forefront as you are the pioneers moving into the new world.  You are the ones that are showing others the way, and we are here on this Sunday evening to assist you in the integration with the integration that is necessary for you to fully actualize what is occurring.

The changes on the Earth are going to occur; it is how you integrate it within your Being and make your life easier.  That is the beauty of this pathway as you arise to the occasion of your own essence struggling for openness and sincerity of understanding what it is that you are fully going through.  Then you can start to accept the responsibility that is occurring.  When it occurs, then there is no responsibility ~ it Just Is.  It is part of your pathway and there may be elements on a personal basis.  It may be elements in your services ~ in different ways of Being ~ your Mastership Pathway.  It is not just about how you share with others and assist others, plus yourself, it is also interaction with those individuals that are the difficult ones.  These are the true tests.  You must remember when you are in the face of duality in an environmental situation around you, the best process and the adaptability you can acquire is allow yourself to fully infiltrate your highest essence within you.  As you do that, you are acquiring exactly what you need in the moment.  It is when you allow your lower self to take and the fear and panic, or the expression of the old essence that was you to filter in for awhile which may only be a moment, but you must allow yourself to have that power fully within you.  As you have that power within, the acknowledgement that is occurring will allow you to fully accept your pathway that has been written for you for eons of time and now you are bringing forth that adaptability and the change within you to change what was wrong before.  You will see no other way but the purity of your Heart and the essence of completeness within you.

Each of you is going to be faced in different ways of the challenges.  You are coming into a new phase, every one of you, since this last full moon.  Each full moon will be getting more intense as we are moving into the Solstice in June.  You will see a complete new definition of your life be fully acquired and this is the beauty of each of you.

Let us now take a deep breath as we allow the essence of your Being to fully come within you.  Feel your Higher Self be fully activated; if He or She is not within your Physical body at this time, let’s bring that energy within you as we bring the centeredness to fully come into your Heart, your Thymus and your Solar Plexus.  LET’S KNOW FAKE IT.  We are going to fake that your physical body is already a 5th dimensional frequency; some of you may already have acquired this and some of you probably have not ~  or you are feeling little bits of pieces of it.

So let’s visualize the Platinum Ray fully within your Being into your Crown.  As the Platinum Ray flows through you, it activates all the other rays and the chakras that are part of those energies ~ the Violet Gold ~ the Blue-God ~ the Lavender ~ Pearlescent ~ the Seafoam Green ~ the Deep Pink ~ the Deep Blue ~Golden Yellow ~ Crystalline with sparkles of Green and Gold ~ particles of Orange ~Cherry Red ~ Magenta ~ all different colors flowing through your entire Being.  The Platinum Ray is the deepest one that is going to blend all of them together.  Feel that essence of the energy come into your Crown and go through your chakra column as your Central Canal has now been open wider than the Axiatonal Alignment exercise.  It now just filters through you down to your Thymus, your Heart, and your Solar Plexus.  Allow those three chakras to blend as one chakra and then the deeper energies into your limbs, into your feet, and into your Earth Star.  Feel your Light Body.  As we activate the Light Body, the elements within of the cellular structure is going to be activated on the highest frequency that is available for you to bring it within your vehicle.

So just sit back and receive.  It is now time for you to fully accept your Divinity as you have never experienced previously.  We are asking for any lower energies, any ill thoughts that do not serve your Highest Purpose to be infiltrated with these rays of the Platinum and the Gold, with all colors, many colors and no colors.  Feel that deeply within you especially within your Solar Plexus,  your Heart, and your Thymus.  Feel a warmth occurring for you as you have fully activated the ability within you to Accept.

Deeply Breathe into the Heart, Thymus and Solar Plexus and feel the deepness of the essence of your Higher Self fully activated within you.  As you allow that to occur, you feel a difference; you feel the ability to stand up to your responsibility without any influctuation or rejection of any thoughts or feelings of lower energies.  It is your power; it is your inner power being fully activated in a beautiful way.

Breathing deeply.

I will now step aside as the Divine Mother and Divine Father God come through and assist you in this process of your activation.



I Am that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God at your service

Blessings, my children.  Open up your energies wide and allow yourself to receive this frequency of Light that you are ready to incorporate.  Breathe deeply….as all these colors blend of what Lord Sananda has given you.  Breathe…..breathe…..hmmmm…

Allow the vibration to run through; allow yourself to express your Highest Essence within your Physical Being.  There is no other expression in this moment except your special vibration.  Each of you has your essence of vibration.  Find that within you Now…..Ahhhh….Aahhhh….Ahhhh…Ahhhhh.

We give you the Strength ~ We give you your Inner Power ~ We give you the Essence that is Yours.

Breathe It In…..Allow it to flow…..It is yours to incorporate within you.

Feel it deeply ~ Feel that Essence go through your Being ~  Feel it into all aspects of your Light.  Allow it to permeate into every cell, muscle, and structure of the physical body.

Breathe…..with each breath that you take you receive more of your frequency….on your out-breath you are releasing the pressure of not to accept yourself ~ Accept yourself more fully now ~ in this Presence of Light ~

You have gone through a tremendous change in this last week.  This Wesak was a most powerful event; each of you accelerated through four levels within your initiations ~ congratulations ~ You are fully accepting the Divinity that has been awaiting your arrival.  Let it blend for you ~ Let it blend for you.

As you relax with this vibration within you, now let us just say some words of expression from our Hearts to you.

The power of this moment is beyond the comprehension of your mind so please do not try and analyze it.  We want you to just feel this moment ~ we want you to just feel the expression of the Light that you are.  We want you to feel the essence and the compatibility that you have with your Highest Self as He/She is fully integrating now.  Feel their sparkles of Light ~ feel their Power ~ feel their Essence fully coming through your entire physical being.  Allow yourself to embrace this because as you embrace, it will allow yourself to become more empowered and more strengthened ~ allow you to understand the capacity to tap into the Will and the Heart of God that is your Will and your Heart as we all become One in this moment.

There is no other moment that is as important as this moment in time.  The gifts that you have been receiving in the last week through the interactions that Meleriessee has brought through are your gifts, your activations.  She is just the spokesperson to allow the frequency to come through.  You are the facilitator of your own Beingness.  You allow these frequencies to come through you because it is time.  You are ready ~ you are tired of doing things the way you have been doing them.  Now is the time to fully incorporate the highest essence within you and within that highest essence, there is knowledge, there is wisdom, there are facts you have forgotten about, there are processes that you have locked away ~ The box is now being opened and within that box is the magic of your Beinginess.  It is all the aspects that you have been searching for.

So allow us to now give you this vibration for you to accept what it is you need to do.  As you move through these steps within your initiation process, the responsibilities, as discussed, will become stronger.  You fully are incorporating different levels than you ever have before.  Within that you take on the frequency that you are a master and within that mastership, there are great responsibilities just as when you are at a job ~ you have responsibilities to perform tasks.  Personally right now you have inner tasks to actualize this and allow the vibration to be within you as this is our first element to give you that responsibility.  Let us not worry about what you are doing with others in the outside world in this moment.  I want you now to infiltrate this in the next few days.

What is it that you need the most?  Stop the analyzation of your mind ~ that is your lower mind.  All you need to do is receive the vibration.  You have already figured everything out on the Higher Self level.  You may not realize on this level in your physical body but you will.  Your dreams are going to become more active, your meditations will be more flowing, and your intuitiveness on the daily basis is going to be a power house beyond belief.  So within this frequency of energy, you are acknowledging a new self within you.  The old is being removed ~ You are being hatched out of the old embryo of what you thought you were supposed to be and now you are acknowledging the ‘newness’ that is you.

Embrace this vibration now ~ Embrace this Light as we allow the creativity to flow through you.  Allow us now to bring this in the frequency of your Light emanating your love because you are ready.  You Are Ready.  The world is asking for you.  This Earth is asking for you to accept these responsibilities just as Gaia is accepting her own responsibility within her being to change.  Each of you is fully ready now to allow those changes to occur within you.  If you weren’t, you would not be listening to her right now.

Allow this vibration coming through to fully accept what you should be doing.  Let us not think about what you are going to be doing on the outside world, because it is going to happen so quickly.  It is going to happen within the next 30-60 days.  You will see ~ you will see.  Elements are going to change for you in unbelievable ways.  But you must BELIEVE ~ You Must Believe that it is so.  If you do not believe, then it cannot occur.  The magic is within You.  You have the Sparkles of Light ~ you have the frequencies.  We give you all the tools.  Now all you need to do is just Accept It.  So let’s just take this moment and we ask Meleriessee to use the Creativity Bowl again as we allow this frequency to run through your Being in the next few moments.


Now you have fully infiltrated your Body of Light.  Allow that frequency to be fully within you.  We now give you one last activation.

We, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, command that every individual that is part of these energies at any time now or in the future, fully actualize within them with their dream state, their meditation, and their daily interaction of intuitive self to fully actualize these vibrations fully within their Being and their moments of reflection ~Moments of Remembrance to bring it forth into their essence within a three-day period.  We ask this to occur for each individual.  We ask these activations to come forward.  You will have the moments “Yes, this is what it is.  Now I understand what I am doing.  Yes, I am ready.  I take on the responsibility and allow it to be fully within my Being, my full capacity, in this physical vehicle that I am inhabiting upon this Earth in 2011, in this month of May, June or whatever month I am listening.  I fully allow these frequencies to come through me in this next three-day period to actualize the elements that I have tucked away. They are no longer put aside.  I am free.  I am incorporating ~ I See ~ I Hear ~ I Feel ~ I Write ~ I Share ~ I Am fully actualized in this Being that I Am.”  And add the name of your Beingness afterwards. 

I AM that I AM

I AM Fully Actualized ~ I AM a Purified Being of Vibrational Light within the Creative Sources to allow these frequencies to be fully within me.

Breathe deeply and allow that activation to be put through your entire physical existence ~ through your Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and your Spiritual bodies as you become the Essence of Completeness.  It may not happen immediately. There will be increments of feeling these energies depending on where you are in your consciousness.  But actualize these frequencies and listen again and again, and again to help you remember.

What we are doing here is allowing your Super-Conscious, the elements of your highest essence to fully activate within your brainwaves, within the thought processes, within the feelings of your Heart.  Yes, there will be moments of revelation and it may cause moments of tears.  They will not be sad tears; they are going to be a remembrance for you.  It is finally here and we allow this to activate for you for the Solstice that is coming up in the next month.  It is going to help you create your Divinity upon this Earth within these bodies and to assist you in the processes that you are going through.  Relationships are going to get better; feelings with other people are going to get better.  Truths will be revealed and darkness will be removed.

Just have patience with it, my Dearest Ones.  Have the patience that you need and don’t push it.  Allow it to occur when it is occurring.  If you have any individuals that you know that are in trouble, we will take care of them. Know that the right moment is for you to accept the truth ~for them to accept the truth and we will all shine together.  Allow us now to feel the essence of this completeness within each other.  That the ones that are hurting; the ones that have turned away from you ~ they will allow themselves to fully open up onto their Divinity and it may not be part of your circle, or part of your own Divinity, but believe me, your prayers will not go unanswered.  Let us help you. Don’t take it all on yourself.  It is not necessary to do so.

Allow us now to take a deep breath and allow these moments of the beauty of your vibration be fully acknowledged within your Being as your vibration is our vibration.  And each of us are connecting in the truth of Oneness, and Purity and Light.  And the Essence of God’s Will and God’s Heart as we are, Divine Mother and Divine Father always with you incorporating, not just with you but allowing this vibration that we bring forth to you is our vibration so that we can assist you to fully integrate these frequencies within the Oneness that We Are.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun blessing every individual.  Let us breathe this frequency within ~ allow us to fully incorporate.

We are honored to be able to communicate to you in this manner.  We have waited for this time for eons and eons and eons, my Dearest Children.  Blessings and Love from Us to You and You to Us.

In the Name of the Holy God of Hosts, We Are One Together

So Mote It Be.


Good Evening,

This is Lord Sananda once again.  These are very powerful moments coming through beyond the capacity of my Mind and my Heart.  I had no realization that this would be as deep as it is.  The emotions are strong; embrace them.  They come to you with the truth and the knowledge that it is our time to shine together.  It is an honor to be with you in this moment and all moments we are together in this beautiful circle of Cosmic Oneness.


May 15th, 2011 ~ Embracing the Eye of the Hurricane

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Good Evening,

It is Lord Sananda at your service.  Wesak is in a very intense mode right now. There were many groups around the world that did perform ceremonies this weekend but it is going to be continual through the 18th or the 19th.  So wherever you are in the frequency in allowing the energies of your ascension process, your initiation process, being a Master upon this Earth is going to be increased by ten-fold. 

There is a special dispensation this year.  We have not spoken too much about this before because we do not want to say a whole lot; we wanted everyone to feel and integrate with the energies.  I have to say that Meleriessee’s  ceremony on the beach was an amazing event and within this event the Masters in Shamballa greeted each of you with their deepest Souls and Hearts as we were all together as we have never been before.  We have been telling you for several months that we are here to assist you in walking together onto the New Earth.  We are here as your colleagues; we are walking with you side-by-side.  It is now your time to fully empower yourself in a way that you never have before.  Some of you are going to be feeling that you are getting hit pretty hard; some of you are going to be feeling releasements.  Everyone is going to change.  I think that Meleriessee can attest with that for herself.  Whatever your pathway has been; whatever you have been working that is going to increase and it may even shift into a different frequency than it has previously. 

You are going to be accepting your Divinity more fully as this Wesak was the Creative Essence of Your Spark ~ Allowing the Divinity to Be Fully within You.  And what does that mean?  It means that the Divinity of the experiences that you are encountering are fully activated within the fifth dimensional level.  Even if you have not acquired the 5th Dimensional Chakra Grid, each of you are going to be accelerating yourself into that space and continuum.

This Wesak is pivotal and is the most important element that has occurred upon the planet ever.  We have never had a Wesak ceremony as we are having during this Full Moon in 2011.  Embrace yourself dear children; embrace yourself for the frequency that you are about to encounter.  It is importantly for you to allow it to Be; if you do not allow it to be fully embraced within you, then you cannot Accept It, and it will not allow the energies within you to be created within the Divinity of the Spark of your Essence, of your contract upon this Earth at this time.  Each of us of the Ray Chohan, of the Lady Masters, of the Light Beings, of the Inter-Galactics, of the Star Fleet, each of us as the Essence of the Divinity that we are, of the Divine Mother and Father God and the Creative Source of Oneness come to you in this event, in this moment, assist you to move to that next space of continuum.  All those prayers that you have been sending out; all the intentions, all the manifestations that you desire are now going to be created.  Be very careful, my children, what you ask for as it is coming.  It is now in that supreme essence in the Creative Energies upon this Earth.  This Earth may not be quite in that fifth dimensional energy frequency but each of you are assisting and bringing forth that level of continuum.  It cannot be stopped and as it becomes more and more involved, you will start to see how it is becoming more integrated within you.  Allow the fire to be within you, allow the essence of the Earth, allow the essence of the Air, allow the essence of Water to flow through you. Allow yourself to be the fluid; allow yourself to move through the air; allow yourself to create the passion within you; and allow yourself to ground it deeply into the Core of the Earth. 

We are here to assist you tonight with all of these elements.  The intention that we have put out for each of you in the preparation of these energies are going to assist you tremendously.  This is a powerful week ~ the most powerful besides 11-11-11.  So prepare yourself in this moment.  Just embrace the energies and allow them to run through you.  Whatever your space is in this moment; whatever you are going through; whatever you are healing; whatever you are incorporating, allow it to be so.  It cannot be any other way because the funnel of the Light has already started.  It cannot be stopped.  So prepare yourself for these elements.  You are preparing so you can walk out as the Earth Hierarchy meets the Spiritual Hierarchy meets the Inner Earth Hierarchy as we come together with the Star Fleet Hierarchy, we are all One.  This is not a Oneness in Spirit, this is a Oneness in physical consciousness.  Embrace yourself to embrace that ~ take a deep breath.  Allow the funnel of Light that is coming through you right now into your Heart Center and feel the elements of your Male and your Female.  Allow yourself to be fully balance within that and if it is not balanced, we ask for the Platinum Ray to be fully within you.  As you bring forth this funnel of light, as it is the Hurricane within You, it is the Eye of the Storm.  What you have not allowed yourself to be cleared, it will be removed.  So prepare yourself.  Hold on tightly.  Allow yourself to embrace these moments of Creation as they are beautiful.  They are massive ~ they are within the fire and the passion, the water of the fluidness and the air of the movement, and the grounding of the Earth.  Allow it to go down into your lower chakras; allow it to clear all those frequencies in the lower essences.  Let the fear; let the anger; let the rage; let the insecurities now to be molded into the fire, putting it into the water, see it running through the air and ground with the new energies.

We are coming forth to you with a new wave of transmutation which is the Eye of the Hurricane.  As you bring forth the Eye of the Hurricane, feel it within your Heart, feel it within your Thymus, and intuit with your Third Eye ~ Allow the intuitive to be fully incorporated within you.  As it moves into your Solar Plexus, your Sacral and your Root, allow this energy to embrace and expand those chakras.  As we allow the higher chakras to be fully incorporated within you, we ask for the Seat of the Soul of the Seafoam Green of Cleansing to come into your Thymus. Feel that blending within the Eye of the Hurricane.  The Seafoam Green will assist you and feel the balance of the totality that you are.  It is preparing you for the next stages of your journey ~ the journey upon this Earth ~ the journey that will take you into the New World.  You are already reaching into those aspects and as you are doing this, you are IN this consciousness of the New World.  We just need to assist you in the physical creation.  As we assist you with this, we embody love, patience, strength, courage, and most of all we embody self-empowerment.

Breathe deeply as the Seafoam Green flows through you.  It is going to permeate into your cellular structure, into your bloodstream, into your glandular system, into your circuitry system, into the interworkings of all your organs, allowing it to be in the spinal column as it is flowing.  Allow it to go all the way down to your feet into your toes into your skeleton system; allow it to be in your joints, your brainwaves, and to settle the mental level.  Now allow your Third Eye to be totally open more than it ever has before as we intuit the higher chakras to now be encased within you.  We now concentrate on the higher rays with just the number and not the specific colors bringing forth the energies.  Nine within the base, 10 in your sacral, 11 in your Solar Plexus, 12 in your Heart, 13 in your Throat, 14 in your Third Eye, 15 in your Crown, 16 in your Crown, 17 into your Base, 18 into your Sacral, 19 into your Solar Plexus, the Heart, and Thymus as they are all one unified chakra on the 5th dimensional grid, 20 into your Throat, 21 into your Third Eye, and 22 into your Crown.  Intuit the Platinum Ray of the 22nd Ray and feel that now.  You are going to feel this more than you ever have previously. 

We are now in preparation for the attunement of the Divine Mother and Father God.  It is my pleasure and my blessing to be here with you on this sacred event of Wesak.  Thank you for allowing each of us to be here with you on your Mastership status.  I Am Lord Sananda at your service.


I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God representing the Creative Source of Creation, representing the 144,000 Masters, representing Shamballa, representing the efforts of each of you individually, and collectively.  Now embrace your Essence. Feel your Thymus, feel your Heart, feel your Solar Plexus, feel those three energy systems pulsating within you with the Platinum Ray if the Cosmic energies we bring forth.  Allow the Eye of the Hurricane to be now be dissipated and feel it moving as we bring in the Platinum Ray we are going to help elevate your frequency in your Physical body.  Let’s center upon the Platinum, let’s center upon the Golden of the Christ Consciousness as the Gold brings in the love, and the essence of beauty that you are integrating.  It is going to transmute anything that does not serve you in this purpose.  Let it flow through you.  Allow yourself to embrace this Creative energy that is yours as we bring forth these frequencies into the Eye of the Hurricane within you.  Your chakra column is now widening as yourCentralCanalis in an expansive state.  Allow these vibrations to run through you.  All the way down to your Earth Star and all the way up to your Soul Star so that your Light body now expands beyond your comprehension.  Allow it to be free; allow it to bring forth All that You Are ~ All that You Are ~ All that You Are.

This Wesak is very imperative because there are elements occurring on multi-levels that you are not aware of and it does not mean that you need to be aware of them.  Those of you that work with the other planes of existence are clearing and processing will understand what we are saying.  The elements of the frequencies are changing upon the Earth with this Wesak.  It is the most powerful frequency that we have experienced ever upon Planet Earth, upon Gaia and she smiles at me now.  She smiles at me Now because the frequency is now changing.  And what is going to happen within those frequencies of those that are not putting themselves into this higher presence?  Without putting any negative emphasis onto this element, you are going to be faced ~ whatever it is with your challenges ~ whatever it is with your journey ~ whatever it is with your pathway that you have done up to this point, your acceleration process is going up four steps up the ladder.

For some of you who may not understand the initiation process, there are seven sub-levels within each initiation.  You are giving the opportunity to arise within four of those levels.  It may take you out of one initiation into the other.  If you do not know what level initiation you are, it does not matter.  Just know that the old thoughts will be removed and within those processes, you are coming out of yourselves in a different way than you ever have previously.  The power that you have had in your Star Essence is now going to be activated upon the Earth.  If you are a shaman, your healing abilities and intentions of going to others is going to increase as you move into other levels of frequency.  If you are one that works with the dark forces in other planes of existence, your powers is going to be stronger so that those energies will be dissipated.  AND THEY ARE BEING DISSIPATED.  There are being removed during this Wesak…you have been preparing yourself for this…Allow this frequency now to come forward.  If you have any fear in what you are about to do ~ LET IT GO.  Allow your fear to expand into Power, into Strength and Courage, with Love ~ God’s Love of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God that We Are.  Expand that within you ~ Expand this frequency.  Allow that NOW to Settle within all elements within you.  And we are not just talking about your consciousness that has been said before ~ we are talking about your Body ~ allow those cellular memories to be removed and allow the frequency of the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE, the sparkles to be fully accepted within you.  Whatever it is that you need physically ~ the healing ~ the elements to assist you to move through these processes easier ~ to allow love to be fully within your life ~ there is more LOVE coming onto this planet than it ever has been before.  I know each of you have been feeling this but NOW the Expansion is beyond the comprehension because of this Wesak ~ this Full Moon of 2011.  It is a Powerhouse and each of you is incorporating this power within you.  If the tears are going to come, let them flow through you.  Allow yourself to feel the Essence and the Embracement that You Are because you are about to receive and accept all elements you have been asking for eons of time. 

It Is Now Time ~ It Is Now Time To Frequent This Energy And To Allow This To Be Your Guide And Nothing Else Of Your Power, Your Strength. 

As we tune into that Heart, that Thymus, and that Solar Plexus, feel the vibration.  Feel it pulsing and the beauty of it flowing through your bloodstream.  Flowing through the systems within your body as your body becomes that 5th dimensional frequency as you allow it to expand.  Right now for this time period of this Wesak Moon ~ the actual Wesak Moon is Tuesday ~but the events in Shamballa are continuing.  Wherever people need to do ceremony, many will come.  So the frequency of Meleriessee’s ceremony to Shamballa assisted many that were asking for their names to be called.  Those of you energetically asked to be there ~ you were there.  You are continually in this space.  The power and the forces of the Light are so very strong at this time but you will see the dark in your face.  And it will try to stop you.  It is imperative that it does not.  It is imperative not to listen the news ~ not to incorporate what is being said or argued ~ be in your space of acceptance ~ be in your space of silence.

Breathe Deeply ~ Remember these moments of the Hurricane within you because now the Eye of the Storm is settling ~ is fully allowing that frequency to be within you so that each of you accept your Buddhic state, a peacefulness, tranquility and love.  Not just your consciousness but fully embodied within your vehicle and then it incorporates into the Earth.


Ah, Oh, Ah, Oh, Ah, Oh, Ah, Oh,

Ohhhh, …..Ohhhhh…..Ahmmmmm…..Ahmmmmmm…..Ahmmmm.

Let that settle within you.  Allow yourself to feel this frequency that is yours.  This expansion is not going to be easy ~ this Wesak is powerful.  What you are going to be experiencing about this Wesak in the next few months ~ You will see what the Expansion is about.

Breathe deeply in your Thymus, in your Heart, and in your Solar Plexus and allow those vibrations to permeate through your body as those vibrations of the Platinum Ray mixed with the Golden of the Christ Consciousness will move into the rest of your body.

All you do is say to yourself,

“I Embrace, I Embrace the Frequencies of my Heart, of my Solar Plexus, and my Thymus as they are One Unified Chakra.  They move to the rest of the chakras within my body and we are all One Unified Chakra together as I complete my Light Body status on the 5th dimensional level.  And allow that to move into your physical body and the gifts and abilities to do what all Masters have done before you are going to be acquired.   Do not push them ~ Embrace them.  They are given to you with responsibility.  Those that do not use them in a responsible way fully will loose the gifts.  So remember if you are working out some karmic issues, allow them to be worked out because this is frequency you fully need within your Being.  You do not want anything to be held within that essence that you are.” 

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun here to assist you with this frequency as we stand before you as your Mother and your Father, and all the Masters stand around you as you become your own Master in your own development ~ as we are all brothers and sisters together.  As we look to the Creative Source of Oneness that created each of us in this aspect ~ this is the beauty of whom we are.

I Am that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

You Are my Children and I Embrace You

Let us nurture you through this process, Let us embrace you deeply within

In the Name of YHWH and the Holy God of Hosts, We Are One

We are in the Essence of Divinity and the Acceptance of the Family

As we all were in the beginning

We Are that We Are that We Are


This is Lord Sananda, once again.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for accepting this challenge.  You are creating the New Earth as the debris will be removed.  As the essences will be recharged, allow yourself to fully accept the embracement of the deepest love and the deepest source of connectedness in all of Creation in this year of 2011.  We are honored to walk with each of you.


May 8th, 2011 ~ Receive ~ Receive ~ Receive !

Good evening,

This is Lord Sananda speaking. Once again, it’s a pleasure. Happy Mother’s Day to all those ladies out there, but Happy Mother’s Day to each of the children.  As Christine shared a little prayer from the Divine Mother, we are embracing you this evening.  It’s going to be a beautiful Essence  – A Love Connection between each of us.  We want each of you just to sit back and receive.

You have been going through the doorways, the challenges, the acceptance, the awakening – seeing everything come out of you – and embracing the full Essence that you are – and still going through it. We are honored.

We are honored that you are here on this pathway. We are totally excited by the Expression of each of you – and we are watching each of you and how you bring forth that Expression.  It is a wondrous occurrence that is happening upon the planet at this time.  And each of you that are moving through the doorways of your responsibility as you connect with so many is assisting the frequency of the Light.

There are many challenges this month and within those challenges there could be some changes upon the Earth in many different ways.  And that’s why, right now, we totally want to bring forth that balancing energy.  As Christine explained about Wesak, it’s going to be another tremendous time of upheaval. Yes, you’re all ascending to another level.  And what does that mean?  It means that you are moving through that initiation process, and with that initiation process, you will receive more gifts.  You will release more elements.  You will accept more responsibility.  It’s all part of the plan.

So this evening we want to honor you in the Purity and the Bliss that you are – for you to fully accept the Divinity within you.  It is coming.  Each of you is feeling it in different aspects, and is allowing yourself to embrace it more fully than you ever have before.  It is your time to fully accept the Divinity that is you.

So let’s just take a deep breath. And within this deep breath this evening we are going to center upon the Pink Ray – the Bright Pink Ray that is associated with the Heart Center.  It is associated with your Active Intelligence and with your Purity and your Bliss.  It’s associated how you were going to create everything into your life by allowing that frequency within the Heart to be more fully activated than it ever has been before.  This is the allowability of each of you to grasp – grasp  the idea of your Divine Essence – the Spark that you are and the Spark that is growing more fully within your body – within your Mind and within your Heart ~ tonight we want to help you balance it.

So let’s just take a deep breath.  And within that deep breath, we’re going to ask for this Bright Pink Ray. As this Bright Pink Ray comes a spiraling from the Cosmic Energies through the Universe into the Galactic and the Solar and the Planetary, it’s a spinning beam of Light right into your Heart Center and it’s circling in a clockwise manner.  Feel that within you. Feel that movement into your Essence. Feel the Purity. Feel the Love. Feel the Acceptance. Feel the Joy that is you. It is each of us together as we are within the Christ Consciousness. Embody in this moment. As this Pink Ray circles within your Heart, it is now going to spin fuller.  A beam of light is spinning , getting fuller, going to the Solar Plexus and going to the Thymus. We are going to ask those three chakras – the Thymus, the Solar Plexus and the Heart to spin in a clockwise direction to create one chakra.  This is your 5th Dimensional Chakra.  Allow this to beam through you. Allow the Cosmic Energies of this Beautiful Ray of Bright Pink to flow through you.

Now, allow it to go upwards towards your Third Eye and your Crown and then downward to your Sacral, and your Solar and your Root.  As you allow that to blend, let it go into each chakra as they are spinning within each other.  Then automatically the higher chakras of the 5th Dimensional level are being put in place.  So we’re not only feeling the Pink colors ~now we’re feeling Violet and Golds ~ Seafoam Green ~ Pearlescent ~ Blue Green ~ Silver ~ Platinum ~ Golden with the high Pinks, Reds,Oranges, Greens and the translucent colors – the Crystalline colors.  Just allow that to flow. Now let it go deeply into your Physical body.  We want it to go into the organs – into the cellular structure ~ into the blood stream ~ the glandular system ~ all systems within the body ~ the spinal column ~ anything that has a fluid.  Allow it to –  feel it in your bloodstream.  All these different colors are floating through-around you and whatever area of your body needs that color, it will receive it.

The deeper parts of yourself  that are in these lower Essence are going to receive the higher frequency of a color and it will be an automatic switch.  You don’t have to think about it.  It’s just going to happen.  This is what these Beams of Light are doing this evening.  They will know exactly where to go and the spot that needs it will accept it.  So let’s breathe into that and feel that fully in our physical body and in all areas.  Also don’t forget about the limbs, the muscles, the tendons, the skeletal system, the bone structure ~ all those areas that have a tendency to hurt as you get older.  Well, guess what?  We’re not getting older, we’re getting younger.  We’re allowing the frequencies to be fully within on all aspects.  Now, I want you to center that into the Etheric level and just feel it expanding outside of you.  We’re not going to circle around it tonight as we do sometimes.  We’re just going to let it expand like you’re in a body of water and all these colors are floating around you.  Now it goes in the Etheric level where it holds that debris, that dross that holds your Mental and your Emotional states. Allow it to float.  Feel the Violets ~ feel the Blues ~ feel the Golds – the Greens, the Yellows, the Reds, the Silvers, the Pearlescent with No Colors and Multicolors.

Then let it move into the Emotional level – outward and now another six inches outside of your body. Allow your Emotional level to be balanced. Take a deep breath. You may have had some emotions the last few days. Allow that to come through you – Just balancing out those emotions and just feel Love and Purity and Bliss and Acceptance.

Now we move it into the Mental level and allow all those logical thoughts to be put aside.  No analyzation. Allow the Male to be active with the Female, but they work together and this is what we totally want – the frequencies of the Cosmic Energies.

Now, expand it out farther into the Spiritual Body, as the Spiritual Body is now, now fully filled with these Cosmic Energies of all levels and multi-levels.

And let’s go beyond the 5th Dimension. Let’s go into the 6th and the 7th and the 8th and the 9th and the 10th and the 11th.  Allow all those colors and all those frequencies to Be.  Breathe that in.~ Feel.  Ah, feel the Acceptance within you.  You are so Happy to receive because it is time.

Tonight is a time to sit back and just swim in these colors.  Allow these frequencies to come within you. Allow yourself to swim in the Energy and accept that within you.  Breathe deeply as that occurs.  Allow that occurrence to be within you, and feel the Purity and the Bliss that is within you.  Slow it down. Now allow yourself to feel really grounded with these energies.  They are not uncomfortable.  They are part of you, just as the Essence of your Star and the frequency that you Are.  Allow those energies to fully complement each other within you. And breathe deeply.

Now, let’s bring in the Cosmic Great Central Sun. And allow the activation that is so deserving of your Hearts to be fully within you.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service.





I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service.  Blessings – Expansion – Divinity – Acceptance – Bliss – Joy – Love – Love – Love –Love.

We come to you this evening in a different way once again.

Just breathe deeply and allow the frequency to be within ~ breathe and listen ~ breathe and listen

Joy ~ Bliss ~ Acceptance ~ Love

Just feel the vibration, feel the light, feel the acceptance

Joy ~ Bliss ~ Purity ~ sparkles of Light

As the vibration comes fully within ~ allow that to permeate every part of your Being ~ This is what we wish for you this evening.  We are going to be softer in this moment of the breath as you breathe it in, Accept It, It is Yours.  The frequencies that Lord Sananda has expressed is now expanding out of your Being to fully integrate all levels of possibilities within you.  Breathe ~ Breathe ~ Allow the vibration ~ Breathe into the Heart Centeredness ~ Allowwing yourself to fully accept whom you are

Listen deeply to the vibration that is occurring within your being.  This is the essence of your purity and your light as you allow this acceptance to be fully within you, you shall be transformed all that does not serve you. Feel the embracement of our arms, feel the acceptance of your heart more fully in your Being than you have ever received before.  Breathe it in ~ Breathe it in ~ Breathe it deeply.  If there is anything that feels uncomfortable, allow the frequency to go to that area with your Mind’s Eye.


We bring to you right now the vibration.  That is why we have brought forth this frequency in this manner.  We want each of you to feel the vibration and not the words.  We want each of you to accept the Divinity that You Are, the spark that is flowing through your Being for you to fully allow the Acceptance that is occurring.  Within this acceptance you start to understand the essence and the purity that You Are.  We See You ~ We see you allow us to look within you as you look within us.  You totally look to the Essence of God as the Essence that You Are.  Now we mirror that to you as you are part of  that essence.  You are our Essence, We are your essence.  Let us combine our energies together this evening.  Let us bring forth the acceptance of the children that you are as we embrace this love and innocence.  We bring to you this innocence that you are; as you bring it forth the continuity of your life starts to change. Within those changes there is an acceptance occurring within your totality of your Physical, your Emotional, and your Mental.  As all these bodies are blended together, because your Spiritual is guiding you more fully than it ever has been before.

Just breathe this essence in now ~ that frequency within you. We totally wrap ourselves around you and hold you deeply.  Some of you are lonely ~ some of you are on ths path alone ~ some of you are finding that you are not being fully accepted as you would like to be.  Relationships are changing ~ eveyrhting is happening so deeply.  Your hearts can hurt; your hearts can have joy and have pain.  Let us bring in the combination to allow yourself to have the Bliss.  Let’s forget about these bodies in this moment.  Let’s forget about this vehicle that you are holding onto.  Let’s center about the Spirit ~ let’s center about your Higher Self ~ let’s center about your Soul’s Essence ~ let’s center about the Divinity and the Spark that You Are.  This is fully what we want for you right now.

Let’s take a deep breath.  Within that deep breath I want you to do some movement within you.

Ahmmm…Ahmmmm.   Ahmmmm

Allow the vibration to run through you as it is so important right now.  Within this vibration we are bringing forth within you, it is not an attunement or an activation to totally throw you off, we are embracing you right now.  We want each of you to let it flow.  If you feel like crying, allow the tears to flow.  Allow yourself to just know that you are not alone.  We are here with you……we love you…..we accept you….we honor you as you honor so many others.  Allow yourself right now to be very so loved….feel that love within you deeply….let’s not think about helping anyone else right now.  Let’s embrace the love that you are ~ the child that you are ~ the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.  We embrace our children ~ we embrace all your Light ~ we embrace the challenges you have right now ~ Let’s just feel the bliss as we are One ~ as we are One ~ as we were in the beginning.  Feel us in one large embryo together circling the Cosmos experiencing the essence of purity that we are.  I hold you in my heart ~ I hold you to my breast ! I hold you deeply.  Allow yourself to receive.  I send you my messengers; I send you my teachers; I send you my Light Beings to assist you every moment and I even send you those human angels to allow yourself to remember that you are One.   Feel your wings ~ feel the angel that you are ~ feel the acceptance within your heart and it will strengthen you.  It will give you courage.  It will give you strength to fully activate what is needed in these moments.  We honor you with all of these elements that are happening in every moment you are being challenged. The frequencies coming and coming and coming.  Gaia is fully feeling it also and you are doing the work as you are.  This evening when you retire, I want you to go to bed and say “I embrace myself, I need to love myself, I am going to feel the love of all that I am and I bring all that I am fully within my being in this one moment.”

Breathe deeply through that ~ this is the activation that we give to you this evening.  We give you the activation to you to fully feel the acceptance of the love that is within you.  Not knowing it on an intuitive sense or not feeling it in your Mind’s Eye.  Feeling it physically.  Feel that beautiful Pink flame of Light with colors of Blue, Gold, and Silver and light forms of Pearlescent and many colors.  Allow that to be embraced around you.  You are being prepared ~ this Wesak is the most important Wesak of all.  This one is going to be the most powerful for each of you.  So right now just embrace yourselves.   You are going to be doing more work.  Let us take this time and take the next 48 ~ 72 hours or whatever you need to just embrace yourself in the Light and the Frequency that you are.  Embrace that frequency within because that is You ~ Embrace You and Receive.  Take a deep breath and allow these frequencies to come towards you.  You will receive exactly what you need.  It is when the mind stops you the analytical, logical thoughts stop you from allowing the Heart to fully receive exactly what it needs.  Put that Male side and blend it with the Female side.  Allow them to work together.  Feel the Heart and allow the Golden Flame as it fully comes within your Being and you part your arms out and say

“Dearest One that I Am, I now Receive”.

Feel that energy coming towards you now and breathe it in.  Breathe it into your Being and all elements of your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.  Allow the One body to be fully activated and you receive.  Receive ~ Receive ~ Receive the Light that You Are.  Receive the Light that You are as we are in ceremony of your Beingness.  Breathe….breathe….and    Receive….Breathe and Receive.  All that You Are ~ All That You Are.

We, of the Divine Mother and Father God, are especially honored this evening to give you this for your acceptance ~ your love.  We know we have shared before of how much we honor you and embrace you, but tonight on this night or whatever night you are listening or reading this material, allow yourself to know that it is coming to you, but you must not stop it.  You must bring it in.  All those affirmations and those decrees and the vibrational work you are doing, allow it to be fully within you and remember for a short period of time,  Take Care of You.

Allow yourself to be in the Oneness of your Beingness, then you can be in the Beingness of Others.  Allow yourself to embrace the totality of your Being in the physical.  This is the gift we are giving to you this evening as we wrap our arms around and many light beings, many levels of frequency of the Cosmic, Multi-Universal, Universal, Galactic, Solar, and Planetary all come together as you embrace yourself, you will embrace all that you are ready to receive.  Let it come.

You have put the wishes out there.  You have received the activations.  Now let it come back to you.  Feel it ~ feel that frequency come within you.  Allow yourself to Embrace ~ Embrace and when you feel it within your Heart, feel the palpitations within your Heart and let it go down through the rest of your body. Allow your palms to be wide open.  Allow yourself to be wide open to accept what is about to happen to you as it will happen.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service with great Blessings in the Name of the Christ that We Are.

So Mote It Be, Holy God Lord of Hosts that we Are, We Are One with each of You.

I Am that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service

We are One with each of you

Receive and Expect this Week to Receive More ~ to Receive More ~ to Receive More and More and More


This is Lord Sananda once again.  Expect miracles this week.  Whatever you have been putting out there and sharing in your prayers, in your affirmations, in your Divinity!  Now is the time for you to Receive.  Allow the frequencies of this Spectrum of Light to fully come towards you, and you shall receive deeply.  I am honored once again to be your host with Meleriessee for the Christ Consciousness in the Oneness that We all Are.

I am Lord Sananda, Namaste!

Balancing the Embracement of Your Divinity ~ May 1st, 2011

Good Evening,

This is Lord Sananda speaking. Well, we have had some difficulties this evening once again.  I hate to tell you ~ it is going to continue, so we have to make sure ahead of time that the grounding is really necessary.  I am going to impress upon Christine to prepare herself ahead of time and the energies that are happening ~ with her computer and with each of you as the energies are becoming so strong that this can totally happen for everyone.  We are working with the issues and we thank you for all your patience in bringing forth this frequency deeply.

This week is another parable week. Last week there were some frequencies changing and within those frequencies there were some elements that were fully not being activated in certain ways or being overly activated.  Each of you are challenging yourself in many different ways and within these challenges, the event and creation of the essences that are happening for you are fully coming into bringing forth this frequency to allow this essence of your impurities to be fully activated in a different way than they ever have before.  We are coming across a New Moon this week and within this New Moon, there is going to be some activations that you have been waiting to occur.  Within the activations that are elements that you have been working with and frequencies to be coming into the aspects of your Being that you have been asking for but were not quite ready.  You have know that you haven’t been quite ready but you are fully bringing for the essence of frequency.  Within this there are elements that are going to surprise you.  There are going to be many surprises within this month.  There will be elements in the frequency that is more available to you than they ever have at any other time.  You are being prepared in the frequency of the planet and there are great challenges you have come across.  We feel that the challenges are now going to get a little bit easier for you.  As this happens, you will start to see the vibration that you are changing right within you. Some of you are already feeling this and within this essence of continuality, there is a change happening. Within the changes there are many aspects being activated in a different way than they ever have been at any other time zone.

It is of your time ~ of your Essence and the frequency that the impurities that you have been dealing with previously have now been removed.  You may find that there are other impurities that will arise and within these other impurities, there will be an essence of Beingness within you of a continuation of your life in a different vibration that it has been in any other aspect.  The blessing that is happening for you right now is the continuation of your pathway in the way you would like it to be.  There is going to be more frequencies in those essences and within that allowability to fully create yourself in a different way than you have in any other lifetime.  You are now fully allowing yourself to be in the presence of the totality of your multi-dimensional body and within that body there are frequencies within you that are allowing you to accept your Divinity in a different than it ever has before. 

So Accept this ~ accept what is happening to you because the changes in your energetics are going to be increased so it is very important that what we are doing here in this group, is allowing this frequency to be fully incorporated within you.  It is a direct result of what we are experiencing with the electronics this evening as the Skype is not working very well.  So in those energetics I want you to have a balancing effect.  Let’s allow the frequency of the balancing energies to come together in a different way and within those elements, you will start to see fluctuation within you that is quite different.  We are in a time of change and within the change right now the frequencies that are going on with this call in this moment are very representative of what you are going to be experiencing in this month.  There are times that you need to be fully balanced and within that balancing act, allow the frequencies to fully come within you.  We are working deeply with each of you to assist you in this process. 

So what is it that this week brings to us.  Well, I am going to tell you after the Resurrection and after last week ~ the call that Christine is facilitating on Wednesday evenings is creating a shift upon the Planet.  You may not understand this is possible but it is very true.  There is more of a continuity between the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Lightworkers to assist the planet more deeply than it ever has before.  So within this assistance, you start to see the frequencies of the changes occurring within you and when these changes occur, you shall start to see the element of Love that is coming through ~ bringing forth those elements that is within your Essence is a continuation of your Light.  So as this happens we need to be balanced and this is a direct result of what is happening this evening.  I know the people on the phone do not feel this but within this fluctuation that is happening, there needs to be a balancing act.  Within that balancing act is what is occurring.  The individuals that were on the Skype wave are still within the call ~ you are still on that frequency ~ you just are not in that aspect but your Spirits are very much connected to all of us and this is exactly what is happening with each of us to bring forth the continuality in the balancing act that is necessary.  This New Moon is going to be a fluctuation of energy that you never experienced before in a physical body but your Spirit is very aware of it.  Within this fluctuation it is going to assist you more deeply than it ever has before.  We are in the prepare-ed state right now; we are assisting you to receive the frequency of the energies in a quite different manner than you ever have before.  Why?  Because you are ready ~ you are ready because you have also shifted yourself into new paradigms.  Each of you is experiencing life in a different manner and if you don’t feel that you have, you truly are, you just are not actualizing it in a physical way.  So with all of this being brought forth this evening, let’s bring in that balancing energy. 

Tonight we are going to ask for the Ray of Green for Harmony to be fully within each of you and each of us.  We want to center this energy to balance out the frequencies that are happening right now because this is going to assist you in this week to come.  Take a deep breath and allow yourself to breathe in the crystalline colors and a mixture of Green within the fluctuation of that element.  This is going to assist your whole body.  Let’s start in the Earth Star and breathe in the colors as it spins in a clockwise manner, coming up your limbs, into your Root, up into your Sacral, into your Solar Plexus, continuing going upwards until it reaches your Crown and your Soul Star.  You are spinning the Crystalline light with speckles of the Green, like droplets of Green Ray, fully within that area.  Breathe deeply and allow that to be the balancing act.  Let’s balance these energies as we are preparing for the NEW YOU.  You are fully going to be actualizing yourself in a different way than you ever have before.  So let’s just be in the receiving mode right now and within that mode, take a deep breath as you feel the Essence of the New Being that you are, that new Being coming within you.  Allowing it to fully integrate ~ aspects of yourself that possibly may have been lost or just forgotten about.  Now you are remembering these particles of yourself to fully come within your body.  Allow that to occur for you now ~ breathing deeply ~ breathing deeply.

So now we are ready to receive the energies of the Cosmic Divine Mother and Father God, the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  Thank you for your patience with everything that is happening on the line this evening.  It is so representative of how we truly need to bring in calmness within each moment.  Breathe deeply…Blessings and Namaste !

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.  I AM pleased to be here in this moment.  We bring forth these frequencies of Light to assist you to ground the elements that you already been receiving.  Allow yourself to breathe into this ~ allow yourself to feel the frequency within you deeply, deeply.  I want you to blend within your Solar Plexus, your Heart, and your Thymus.  Allow the frequency that has been brought into you of the Crystalline Light and the sparkles of Green to just balance out those energies.  What they are going to do is bring forth the frequencies to assist you in bringing in the higher frequencies that are part of your Essence that has been waiting to arrive.  You are in theArrivalState.

There are more elements that are coming into your consciousness than you ever thought possible.  We bring these elements to you right now and breathe deeply into that element. Breathe deeply into the Essence and the Continuity of your life on this Earth in a different manner that you ever thought possible.  This is what is occurring.  We open up to you within your Heart, your Thymus, and your Solar Plexus.  These three activations to be fully within you to allow yourself to center upon a new awareness ~ not just awareness as this is not a consciousness.  It is a physicality of fully being integrated in your physical being in a different way than you ever thought possible.

Allow your essence to be fully activated, of the spark that you are and as we move through these frequencies of Light, we move through the capability of going through the challenges and the doorways of the activations to help to create the Essence, the Purity, and the Beauty.  Feel each of these elements to be within you right now.  We already activated you previously with your Rebirth, with your Resurrection and now it is an Embracement ~ You will embrace the New You.  The Rebirthing has already occurred.  Now you are here ~ what do you do with it.  Now is the time for you to Accept this Divinity that is occurring for you and it is quite different for each of you.  Not everyone will feel it in the same way ~ as it depends upon the elements of change that are necessary.  These changes are necessary that will allow the frequency to be forth within your Essence ~ within your Physical, within your Emotional, within your Mental, within all aspects and as we blend in the Spiritual Body allow that frequency to be fully within.  Breathe deeply ~ breathe deeply ~ Allow this.  It is like a cloaking that you have forgotten about.  The Essence and the Purity of your existence allowing yourself to fully create this outer layer that is not a protection, it is an embracement, it is an integration, it is an aspect of your love and creation that you are fully within the Beingness within you to allow the Essence of your Light to be activated in a different way than it ever has before.  Breathe through that…breathe through the essence that you are and it now integrates through your Spiritual, into your Mental, into your Emotional, into your Etheric, into your Physical as it enters into the One Being that you are and it centers upon your Heart.  You feel your Heart differently; you may even feel some movements in the Heart area or in your Solar Plexus.  There is a warmth and continuous happening within you as this process of your Divinity occurs.  You are now seeing the sparks of Light that are you.  Embrace this now ~ breathe through it as it comes to you and brings forth those elements of Love and continuity that you are.  Breathe through it…embrace it…acknowledge it…breathe deeply…breathe …As you do that now, it moves down into your lower energies and center it into your Earth Star.  Ground that energy.  It is not something to be in the higher realms ~ this is your Essence that is now being more fully grounded within your Being.  Within this aspect you may feel some fluctuations within your physical, emotional or mental body.  You may have some feelings and some physical symptoms.  You may feel emotions and some thoughts coming in and out.  Allow that to just to be accepted within you.  Allow yourself to just now it is OKAY ~ it is OKAY ~ I am fully integrating ~ I am feeling the Essence of my Being ~ I am allowing it to come into my Mental ~ I am allowing it to be in my Emotional ~ It is moving through my Etheric and allowing my Physical to relax.  Now just relax with it.  Take a deep breath and a sigh..ahhh…As you sigh, you feel this beautiful and enveloping energy that it has been on the outside of you ~ now it is going to come through you.  It is come through the Mental level and relax those aspects; it’s going to come through the Emotional level and allow you to feel the pure essence of your Love and all the Etheric energies of those feelings are going to relax in to the Physical.  And the Cellular Structure is now being filled up because you have been working so long to release everything.  Now you are embracing it.  Allow yourself to embrace this moment because it is Your Time ~ Your Essence ~ Your Purity ~ It is your acceptance.  It is You ~ it is You ~ of the Spark that You Are but it is not just a spark anymore.  Now it is being infiltrated more into the body and you may feel warmth through your body as this is occurring.  Allow that warmth to be within you; allow yourself  to just Accept.  Accept the essence of the balancing that is occurring and embrace yourself.  Put your arms around, across your chest, and feel that beauty that is you.  Feel the Essence that is you and allow yourself to accept the New Moon that is coming forward.

The New Moon that is going to bring you forth into the new paradigm ~ that new pathway that you have been asking to happen.  You are the Creator and you are allowing you to be Created.  In this moment you are embracing this beautiful energy and there are sparkles of all different colors of Blues, Greens, Violets, yellows,Oranges, Silvers and Golds and mixtures of all those colors. Then there are no colors and it is just floating around you ~ circling around you.  There is pure essence of Light.  Allow it to go all the way down your feet and into your Earth Star.  Then spin it down your Earth Star allowing it to go down into the core; allowing your connection to Gaia be stronger than it ever has before.  Allow yourself to feel the grounding that is imperative for you to actualize these higher frequencies.  We are in a phase that if you do not allow this grounding to take hold within your physical body, then you are not going to be able to accept what is occurring.  Breathe deeply ~ breathe deeply through that ~ Oh Yes, yes, you feel so beautiful.  Feel the essence of beauty.  Now take a deep breath and put out to each of us ~ to Mother and Father God exactly what you desire.  What is it that this moon can bring to you?  What is it that you are looking for ~ is it your Mental stability ~ is it your Emotional balance ~ is it physicality ~ is it your pathway opening up more fully ~ is it a residence change ~ is it financial abundance ~ what is it ~ is it more love to come to you ~ to show to you in a physical way when it is no longer necessary to be done in the Spiritual way and allow that essence to be fully within you.  Breathe deeply through that as now we ask that each of you receive a special heart-centered wish within your Heart ~ within your Solar Plexus ~ within your Thymus because it needs to be all three chakras to blend together as one chakra to create this element of frequency.  Breathe into that.  Breathe and feel the receiving mode is coming. We ask that everyone receive the gift they are asking for ~ breathe deeply and let’s take a moment of silence.  Just allow us to send you the frequency that is necessary for you to receive these gifts.

Right now you are in preparation stage before the new Moon which occurs in two days.  Allow the frequency of that light to be fully within you and it fully to be activated in the following three days.  So we ask that this activation be fully accepted into each of your Beings right now.  Within one week’s time there will be a shift and a change that happens to you.  It may not be quite the full thing you are asking for but it will be a change within your Being.  We ask for all the abundance angels, we ask for all the frequency of the principalities of the God Force to assist you in every manner in healing, abundance, prosperity, acceptance of your pathway and breathe forth this totality in your life that you have never felt before.  Now you are grounding it ~ this is a grounding phase.  We have gone through many different actualizations in the last month or two and they have been very powerful for each of you.  Now let’s ground that energy.  I want you to feel it in your Solar Plexus; feel it in your Strength and your Power; I want you to feel it of the Beauty that you are in the Heart in the balance of the male and the female; the yin and the yang; the God and the Goddess within.  You are fully actualizing that because now you are going to be a mirror.  You are going to mirror it out of you so that you can now send it out and it will be received back to you.  So mirror this what you are feeling  ~ what it is that you are activating and allow this activation to be fully around your body ~ a full mirror completely around you.  It is only Light formations that you are receiving.  Everything comes to you all for the purpose of your highest good; for your highest self; for your highest essence because now you are in a body in this essence more fully than you ever have before.  Breathe deeply…breathe deeply.

Now center that within you as you bring the energy back in ~ Oh, now you are so full of the Light you are full of the Essence ~ full of the completeness that you are and allow that to be fully within you…Breathe deeply…breathe deeply.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, have one more activation for you this evening. We would like to put our arms around you of the male and the female.  Feel our strength; myself as the Male ~ the strength and the courage that you need and the activation ~ Within the Female, I am the blessings of your nurturing and acceptance as the emotional balance with you.  Let us come together as we bring forth the element of embracement.  It is infiltration of Cosmic Energies and these Cosmic Energies are coming in many colors.  They are high Platinum colors but they are Pearlescent, Blue Gold, Violet Gold,Orange, lower Blues and Yellows, Greens, Pinks, Violets, and Reds.  Allow that to embrace around you.  Allow that to help you with the protective measure.  This is our protection we are giving to you.  We walk with you.  We walk with the frequency that we are and this is the energy we gave to you i9n the beginning when you separated from us into your embryotic states. Feel that essence fully around you and it is enveloping; it is integrating; it is intoxicating; it is beautiful.  It is a high ~ it is a frequency but it is a grounding all at once.  Breathe deeply through that essence.

We of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God are so very happy to give you this.  It is our blessing. We have been waiting for a very long time to bring forth this enveloping energy that is you, it is us, it is all of us together.  Allow this to be your guide this week. Remember the grounding, the integration, and remember the exhilaration of the beautiful feelings of this essence.  It is your essence; it is our essence; it is all of our essences together in the completeness that we are.  Allow this to be your movement in this first week of May 2011.  It is our blessing to be with each of you int his moment and all moments, and to share with you.  As you mirror this out to others, it shall return back to you but then it will mirror out to another and they will share with another.  It will be a domino affect as the mirrors of lights run through each other as we are creating the pathway for the New Earth; the pathway to create this embellishing frequency of light.  We are one with you in this moment as we shall always be one in all moments.

We are the Cosmic Great Central sun at your service.

I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Divine Mother and Divine Father at your service

I Am

Good Evening,

This is Lord Sananda once again.  Just remember the grounding and the integration.  This is what is going to assist you more fully.  I know that many of you have been going through a tremendous amount of physical changes, emotional changes, mental changes; let’s embrace ourselves this week and allow this new frequency that is all our frequencies to be activated fully within you as it never has before.

Love and Blessings,

I Am Lord Sananda at your Service; Namaste

Embracing the Rebirthing Frequency ~ April 24th, 2011

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings,

This is Lord Sananda speaking; Happy Easter.  I hope each of you is having a blessed resurrection as the frequency of the Christ Consciousness is coming fully into your beings.  It is a pleasure to connect with each of you in this way on this day. 

It is an enormous change that is occurring upon the planet within each of you.  As you can see many of you are changing in many different ways and just never know what can occur, being in the moment and allowing the awareness that has happened to you in your rebirth cycle is basically what you are going to be experiencing this week.  What happens in that birthing frequency?  There is a new level of energy and awareness ~ there may be some fears that arise ~ there could be changes happening to you in your cellular level that will create change sin your physical level.  The most important aspect that we speak about each week is about the Mental and Emotional levels.  What we want to center upon each of you is to help you with your DNA Activation ~ allowing the cellular memory to be fully released and to allow the integration of more light energies within your body ~ to allow the body to increase the frequency within.  As each of you increase these elements, you start to feel the love and acceptance occurring within you.  The word is ACCEPTANCE ~ Rebirth is Acceptance.  Because in that rebirth cycle, it can be very challenging when energy feels almost like it is raw.  It is like when you burn your finger and it starts to heal.  The threads in the level of your skin are starting to come together ~ it s a newness because the old skin is now gone.  If you think about it now ~what is occurring for you in your structure.  When I say in your structure, I am speaking about your Physical body with the Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies.  Your spiritual body is becoming activated more fluidly than it ever has been before.  There are components that are represented by those elements that can happen are thought forms, emotions, interaction with others, physical symptoms, the frequencies occurring within and around you to allow that essence to be rejuvenated.  It is not really rejuvenation, but is basically activation, because it will feel like you have burned yourself and the healing from the elements after being burned is very, very sore.  It is almost like you dive into this pool of fire into the unknown and within that pool of fire you fully come out of it scarred. Within that scarring, there is healing that occurs.  Because remember that whatever element that you have ever gone through ~ every challenge ~ every traumatic event ~ has made you stronger.  And that brings you to your strength in these moments. 

The strength that is occurring for you is allowing you to have the full frequency within your Being.  Within this frequency you will allow yourself to fully incorporate the remembrance that you are.  Because at times, what is going to happen for you in this rebirth cycle, is that you will remember the parts that are so beautiful ~ the parts that are so enveloping ~ the elements within you that allows you to have that full capability within you to create the love, the joy, the acceptance, the bliss and purity. This is not only for each of you individually but others around you.  You will find that now is the time ~ NOW it is time for everyone to realize that they have these elements within them and all we have to do is open up the Heart.  This is exactly what is happening for each of you.  Your Heart is being opened in a different way than it ever has been before.  The deepness within that Heart is allowing you to bring forth these elements of the Core of your Being and your Core of your Being is directly related to the Essence of the Creative Source of Oneness. 

Many of you may have been emotional in the last few days.  That emotion is part of this shift.  You start to feel the communication from others, from the deepness of your Hearts in a different way than you ever have before.  Number 1 you attracting these people into your lives; number 2 everyone is opening their Hearts so it is easier to be vulnerable with people that accept and are in this blissful state; and number 3, the time is Now.  The ones that do not accept these states of blissfulness and joy will fall away from your circumstances. This is way the friends have change; the relationships have changed, and even those that are your family members that you cannot relate to any longer.  They may be healing themselves, but if they are in a completely different state than you are, you will notice it immediately.  So what is exactly occurring here?  You are in transition as everyone is in transition.  These transitions can happen continually because as you move from the old spot towards the new spot, you are in that space in between and is almost like your legs are being split ~ the left leg in the old and the right leg in the new.  That space becomes wider until you do the jump.  This is what we are talking about now. Everyone is creating the Jump into the New.  Some of you are struggling with this change, and it is imperative that you allow yourself to fully embrace the new part of you.  This part of you is going to allow yourself to feel these moments of bliss more often.  Some of you may not be feeling it as often as you would like.  That foot is still in the old.  You need to bring it forward into the new.  You may be in the in-between state for awhile.  That is okay ~ allow yourself to know though that it is steps forward ~ Baby Steps ~ always constantly putting yourself in those new frequencies ~ the ones that feel uncomfortable but the ones that are so embracing.  You understand what I am saying and you will understand it even more as this process continues. 

This week each of you is being maneuvered ~ pushed ~ with these frequencies that are occurring.  As the rebirth cycle is now in the state of Action.  So action is occurring for each of you ~ let’s allow the action to happen tonight.  Allow this attunement that is going to come through to you to be accepted more fully within your Being so the periods of uncertainty that may be cropping up in your Mental level or any other levels ~ or the frustration may be healing in your body.  Until the body fully surrenders, then the rest cannot happen.  So you will still be in that struggle state.  Each of you are feeling these processes in a complete different manner because the level of activation that is coming from the star systems and the frequencies onto this Earthplane.  We need you to fully embrace the Rebirth that you are going through.  Because the more you embrace it, the more you will be able to assist Gaia, and we can do it together ~ not separately.  So we can be in the frequency of Oneness.  This is what we are experiencing as we all interconnect with each other.

Let’s take a deep breath and within that deep breath let’s center into our Heart Center.  Allow the Heart to fully open ~ visualize there has been a sealing up within the Heart Center.  I want you to visualize there is a warmth glow of the Golden Ray coming into your Heart.  As it comes within you, it warms that area up, and it allow those frequencies of your Lotus Heart that have been closed ~ to allow that Heart to enfold outwards out of the body.  We want to see a Lotus heart opening up from the top to the bottom and the left to the right.  Allow that to expand outwards into your meridians ~ the meridians that run vertically through your body and then horizontally from the body ~ as this Lotus Heart now expands fully in that frequency.  Breathe deeply through that ~ breathe deeply.

And allow that frequency to keep expanding the layers upon layers upon layers.  The top layers are probably going to peel away much easier than the bottom layers.  Allow that to happen and breathe deeply 

[Sacral Chakra Crystal Bowl being played] 

Allow the vibration to go through you. 

Now expand that down your whole body.  Feel that vibration going down to your lower chakras and then going up through the upper chakras ~ feeling it in your Earth Star and your Soul Star expanding the frequency.  What we are doing right now is bringing in some vibration so you fully allow the Lotus Heart to be open.  Allow the rebirthing process to occur ~ You have gone through the resurrection phases and the challenges and some of you may not think you have experienced enough ~ but you have gone through exactly what you needed.  Allow that to be your guide in this moment.  Allow this energy to frequent within your bloodstream ~ within your spinal column and all the fluids to be fully activated on the Platinum level.  Allow that Platinum energy to blend with the Golden energy.  Allow yourself to be embraced within the Christ that You Are.  You are now ready to receive.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service.  Namaste and many, many blessings.

I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service.

Breathe into the heart…breathe into all the Essence that you are as it goes into the Heart….it goes through the Etheric and into the Physical.  We want it to vibrate all the organs, all the fluid levels, all the systems of the body.  Breathe…breathe…Continue the breath…in and out…in and out allow it to fully embrace the new within you.  Shake off the old ~ as the vibration now continues…..

Sacral Chakra Bowl……

Feel the vibration…let it blend within…

So now you are in a receiving mode.  Allow the vibration to fully come within you.  Allow the newborn within you, the babe within you to arise out of the body.  Feel the old skin being removed.  The outer layers are being completely dissipated.  Allow yourself to feel that ~ allow yourself to think differently ~ allow yourself to embrace it differently.  Receive…Receive…Receive..

We bring to you tonight a different kind of frequency than you have been receiving previously.  It is because we totally want to assist you not only in the vibrancy but in the nurturing.  So there is a combination of levels coming to you right now.  There is a movement of the Divine Mother that We Are and the Divine Father ~The Divine Mother of the Nurturing and Creativity; and the Divine Father of the Strength, Courage, and Power Creativity.  That is why we have been having Christine using the Crystal Bowl for the Sacral area this evening.  We want those levels of frequency to be totally open.  As we do that, let’s bring in the Violet Purple Ray of the Violet Transmutation of the Essence of Divine colors represented by glorious Saint Germain.  We ask each of you now to breathe in this beautiful fire ~ the fire of the transmuting flame within your Sacral and allow the Sacral area to be fully inflamed with the magic that is you.  We first want to transmute all the old elements that are stopping you from having that magic and feel the beauty of the Violet Deep Purple, of the Cosmic energies to flow through you.  You may see many different levels of that color of the spectrums of the light.  You may see Lavenders, Reds, evenOranges, and allow the Purple and the deepness of that flame of the Violet to run through your entire Being into the Core of your Essence ~ into your cellular structure.  We are asking the cellular structure to be activated in a new way than it has before.  Breathe through that ~ allow yourself to experience this activation in a different way.  It is a subtle way ~ that will represent the Nurturing and the Power representing the Strength.  Breathe deeply as we do this.  We ask for the Male and the Female within this Violet Fire to be activated in a new way than it has been before.  Allow yourself the freedom that you have the ability to fully activate the changes that are necessary without the thoughts of thinking about it.

I will tell you this ~ I will tell you this ~ that the more you worry, the more you think, the more you try to process, and put it down on paper what you need to be doing ~ the less you will be able to do it.  You will be in that frozen state of time.  You must walking into it ~ You must walk into it ~ the Violet Flame will assist you.  Allow the Violet Flame to fully integrate within you ~ as we allow the Violet Flame tonight to be the Guide ~ to be the guide of your activation.  Each of you is transitioning into new levels of awareness.  Allow yourself to nurture within to allow that level of awareness to be the activation that you desire.  I want you to go deeply within your Heart right now ~ not the mind.  I want the balance of the Male and Female and when you get into that Core Essence, when you get into your Cellular Level, when you get into that DNA Activation ~ that is the balance that is needed.  It is all the other layers that get in the way.  That is why we say for eons and eons of time that the onion needs to be peeled layer by layer.  Well, tonight we are doing the opposite.  We are going deep into the Core of that Being and I want you to see that Violet Flame coming down into the Heart and it is spinning in a clock-wise manner.  It is a drilling a hole deep within that Essence that is you.  The Essence has been hiding away in that lower level.  The Essence that is You that you haven’t fully embraced.  You may have embraced it at times but you are not fully activating it because the other elements that get in the way ~ the elements of the thought processes ~ the elements of the worry ~ the elements of the judgments within yourself ~ the elements of the emotional imbalance.  When you became emotionally imbalanced, let it go.  Let yourself flow with it ~ let the tears come ~ let the anger be opened up because the anger will not support you as you know. These are all lower vibrations. What can happen in that Emotional level is that you can take all those elements of the lower negative emotions and turn them into a physical reaction.  What is the best physical reaction that one can have?  TEARS….everyone always say ~ some people just cry too much, especially women.  The one I am speaking through here ~ she’s been crying forever and ever and ever and still cries, but you know what she does?  She releases it when she does this.  Sure, it may feel bad ~ it may feel terrible when you are in that space.  But you have to embrace yourself, because in order to get to those peels of the onion, it is necessary. Think of the onion being peeled and you are just crying because the onion is just too strong to hold back the tears.  The emotions are just too strong so let them come and let them come!  Male and Female together ~ I am not pointing any fingers at the female race because are always the ones that have their Emotional level more open.  The men find it more challenging; but they are coming to the surface.  The men are allowing themselves to see the nurturing within them and they need to be nurtured just as much as the females do.  So let’s just embrace these moments and if you find yourself in tears right now and in a moment later, say to yourself, “Halleluiah, Halleluiah, I am arising~ I Am the Christ Within Me ~ because I am letting go of all those layers that have taken me years and eons of time to be fully removed.  Now I can get to the Core.

I want you now to feel that Core deep within you.  Now you see the stem of the Lotus because we have taken the Violet Fire and fully opened it up.  You should see a space within as all the petals are totally open.  It goes down into core of your Being ~ your Soul’s Essence of your beginning fraction that was created from each of us ~ that we have created it when we were in Oneness.  So how do we get to that state of Oneness?  Each of you need to be within your own Oneness ~ you must feel that Core Essence.  You must feel that Purity, the Bliss, and the activation that is happening within you.  The energies of the God Force are assisting you this ~ they are coming from us in the Cosmic and then they are coming from the Multi-Universal, the Universal, the Galactic, the Solar and then down through the Planetary to awaken.  The awakened state is the power within.  You see that hole that is deep within your Heart as you allow the old to be removed.  All the judgments, all the feelings of lack, all the non-acceptance of yourself, low self-esteem, whatever the issues may have been that did not allow you to fully embrace the Divinity that You Are, are all now being removed and is pouring out of you.  Let it pour out of you as it is seeping in vapors.  The Violet Flame is now vaporizing it all.

Now we bring forth to you the Pink Ray of the Active Intelligence. That bright Pink color and breathe it in.  There is beam of energy coming down into your Core of your Heart and it goes deep within you into that cellular structure, the part of you that is the Soul’s Essence so that the Essence can now RELAX.  It can fully allow the relaxation to occur.  As this happens, it expands outwardly and the petals of your Lotus are flapping around like a beautiful flower ~ the flower is happy.  The Essence of your Being is now happy and embrace this happiness with the Bright Pink.

Now we want to infiltrate the Golden Flame of the Christ Consciousness.  Breathe that into your enveloping energy.  Then let us bring in the Magenta of the fifth dimensional frequency.  The Heart is now expanding with the Solar Plexus and the Thymus.  Allow those colors of the Pink, of the Gold, and the Magenta all be together in the totality that you are to create the fifth dimensional body, to create the Essence of completeness within your Being for you to fully activate everything that you desire in these moments.  Even though the Earth is not ready to be on that fifth dimensional level, we need to activate the bodies because the more fluidness and the more frequency you bring forward within you, the more you will bring it through you and onto others.  Allow that to be your guide.  Breathe deeply as now your Lotus Heart is encompassing your Thymus, Heart and Solar Plexus.  And allow yourself to expand ~ now the Bliss comes and the Purity and the Acceptance and the Divinity that You Are.  Allow it to expand into your back and feel yourself softening.  This expansion is going to occur on the cellular level, it will occur on the Physical level, the Etheric level, the Mental level and the Emotional level.  Breathe through that as the Spiritual level now becomes more activated than it ever has before as you are now allowing your Soul’s Essence, your Higher Self, to be activated fluidly.  The Male and the Female come into balance and as they do so, they are in love with each other because they work with one another and accept each other.  This is the purity of wonderful relationships.  You cannot have a wonderful relationship until you have a wonderful relationship with yourself.  And those relationships that you are finding that have been broken apart; they can come back together depending on each party.

So let’s allow a special gift upon each of you in these moments for you to receive exactly this moment, your Soul’s Essence and a mirror image to come into your world and to show you that you are deserving of relationships in the purity of the light because the God and the Goddesses need to come together just as Oneness is being created.  The God and the Goddesses need to work with each other.  Each of you have been working separately for a very long time and we believe that it is now time for this to be activated so we are going to be working on this for the next few weeks.  We want to see what results occur within these moments.  If this is your desire, if this is part of your Higher Self’s purpose, please know that it is important not to close yourself off.  Please know that the frequency of Light is important for each of you as you allow all the components together to feel that completeness, to feel that frequency, to feel that energetic exchange within one another.  Breathing deeply allow this continuation and this rebirth to occur.  We embrace you with the frequencies of the Pink and the Gold and the Magenta to nourish you, to activate you, and to allow the totality of your Being to be fully within the frequency that you are accepting.  So I ask you right now to just visualize your arms open wide and standing on the edge of the ocean, feeling the Goddess of the Sea and the Sky and the Earth and the Sun and the Moon, as all these elements are important ~ as there are different facets within you that are important.  Know that the soul family is being activated and is about ready to be attuned in the physical vibration that each of you are receiving and will activate within your mind’s eye.  This is your resurrection ~ the inner core of your resurrection of fully activating yourself and the Divinity that you are to accept others around you.  It is now time for each of you to come together.  It does not always necessary mean that you are God and Goddesses with each other but the family units need to be formed.  And some of the family units you thought were occurring will not occur because those that you thoughth would be with you will not be ready.

With this activation right now we ask each of you to embrace the new embryo that has opened up into the frequency of the Light that everyone is. We bring forth this activation for each of you to realize the essence and the purity within you and mirror it outwardly to receive in return.  It is not our purpose for each of you to be alone; it is our purpose for you to come together and now is the time for that activation to occur. Take this week and allow the Love and the Purity to embraced within your life whatever you are doing.  Ask for balance.  We ask for everyone right now to receive the balance that is necessary in their lifestyles. We know you are being activated on a higher frequency, and we know it is challenging.  But we ask of you this ~ Accept It ~ and when you complain you are making it more challenging. Acceptance ~ Acceptance ~ Acceptance.  You have taken a dive into the abyss of a new reality and within this new reality you do not understand.  That is okay. A child does not understand when it is born.  You are being borne in a new reality. Embrace that new reality because as you embrace it, new events will happen for you.  The occurrence will be absolutely beautiful.

We are happy to be here this evening on this beautiful blessed holiday that is not just a Christian holiday it is a Universal Holiday of the Christ Within ~ Of the God Essence Within.  We integrate within you right now a higher frequency for you to receive this.  If you fully have not felt the resurrection, know that it is coming and it shall be embraced the essence that you are right now. We fully open up the channel of the frequencies of all the colors, no colors, multi-colors to be fully within your Being for you to receive all that you need and what you do not need will not be embraced.  You do not have to do anything ~ it will be done for you.  Accept this as your Divinity ~ You are in the right moment to receive exactly what you desire.  We are the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father to give you nurturing, courage, strength, and beauty.  As each of you stand in your power, stand in the essence of Purity that you are, you shall fully receive all and more that you desire.

Blessings my children, blessings.

In the Name of the Holy God of Hosts

Adonai T’zeboyoth

We Are the Cosmic Great Central Sun

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM ….I AM…I AM One with You

Greetings, this is Lord Sananda once again.  It has been said; you are ready to receive.  You are ready to accept.  Don’t think about it.  Whatever it is that you are doing in each moment, be in that moment.  Start to challenge yourself by staying in that moment.  I know it is a challenge.  I know those thought processes try and stop you or the worries that is happening to you and you are unsure of where you are going to be at any moment in time.  Please know that this is your resurrection. This is the Gift of the Christ Consciousness.  This is the gift you are giving yourself.  It is not Us ~ We are You as You are Us so each of us gives it to Ourselves in this moment.  I walk with you and I embrace you.  I love you deeply; very, very deeply and I am honored to be able to share with you in this manner.  That is the blessing I have in my Beingness as I share with you all that I Am and you share with me all that You Are and we come together in that unified creation that we are.  Thank you for being with us and accepting this responsibility in this pathway.  The beauty is beyond what I can describe.


The Flame of Your Divinity ~ April 17th, 2011

Celebrating the Festival of the Christ

Overlighted by Lord Maitreya

Lord Sananda & the Cosmic Great Central Sun of Divine Mother and Father God

This week there were several different aspects to the call since it was the Full Moon which represented the Festival of the Christ Ceremony.  Included is a meditation for the Christ Energies which represents Resurrection, the channeling of the Cosmic Energies, which included a message from Lord Maitreya.  It was a very powerful call.


Take some deep breaths and feel the essence of the Christ Consciousness fully embodying within us.  Allow that frequency to fully come within.  Breathing fully into our Crown and allowing this beam of light of Golden hues, of Pinks, of Silver, of Pearlescent fully come within our Being.  It flows through our chakra system in just a fluidness, not like a strong being of Light ~ a circular motion ~ as it moves through the Crown into the Third Eye, into the Throat and the Thymus, then the Heart, and feel the base of it centering into the Heart.  Now the rest of it moves downward into our Solar Plexus and into the Sacral and the Root.  It is now blending down our limbs into the Earth Star so the Earth Star and the Soul Star are the beginning and ending points of this frequency.  The core of the frequency is deep within our Heart ~ allow that to come within us at this time.  Visualize the pure White Light of the Christ merge with the beautiful Pink Light of Love.  Feel this luminous gentle Pink Light being to flow through your entire four-body system.  Allow the frequency to move out of the Earth Star into your Etheric Level and move vertically around you on both sides until it meets the Soul Star and feel the Pink and the White blending together with the Pearlescent and the Golden ~Another Deep Breath.  Now the Earth Star expands further into the Emotional level; the emotional level is now filled with the Pink, the White, the Golden, and the Platinum as it blends upwards around and reaches the Soul Star.  Feel the beauty and the integration of these essences coming fully within you.  Then, again, the Earth Star expands with another spinning energy moving outwards to the left and the right going into the Mental level which helps the mental frequency to be fully embodied with the Pink, the Gold, the Platinum, and the White and it meets at the Soul Star.  Now all these four bodies blend together to create the One Body.

Know that you are receiving your Christed Self fully within yourHeartCenterfeeling your Soul’s Essence ~The Beauty, the Creation, and the Deepness Within ~ Know this is your own True Nature.  This is the remembrance of your Divinity.  Visualize your Christed Self bowing to Maitreya, beloved Master Jesus as Lord Sananda and Master Kuthumi.  Know in this moment they are bowing to your Christed Self as you are bowing to theirs.  Realize that each of us and all inhabitants of this planet bring forth their Christed Self and wake up to the realization of its Divinity.  Each of you is Oneness with the One.  Feel that deeply within you now.

We now bow to the Christed Self of Gaia and the planet.  Knowing as you are doing this you are bowing to the beauty of nature of all things.  Realize that in truth that you are simply bowing to the Divine Nature of all that exists.  Feel the energies of the Divine Love within you pouring outward into the entire planet.  See this beautiful, softly luminous Pink, White, Golden, Platinum light touching and enveloping everything in the sublest form of love.  Know that you and all you are, are held within the aura of this love.  Breathe deeply in this moment.  Feel the essence of the Heart and the expansion that is occurring for you in this moment.  Now follow your breath, go deeper into your Heart.  I want you to now envision your Heart expanding so deep in the deepest core of your Being that you feel the acceptance that you are.  Feel the essence, the beauty and the purity within you Heart but also allow anything that does not fit into that realization to be fully removed out of you now.  Feel those essences that do not blend within your highest divinity to be fully removed whether it is Physical, Emotional, Mental, thought forms, or whatever it is, allow yourself to feel the full Divinity of the Christ Consciousness within you.  Feel the change and the shift within your Being as you do this.  As the essence of your purest form of Light is fully embodied within the Physical and blending with your four-body system that is now one body.  Your Spiritual Body is fully activated with your Soul Star and your Earth Star as they spin in a clockwise manner and its purest form of Light is spinning outside of you.  As it is spinning outside of you, it is spinning inside of you into the essence of your Heart ~Into the essence of your Thymus ~ into the essence of your Solar Plexus.  Allow the Resurrection to now take place.

Feel yourself go to a new level of conditioning of thought process, of feelings allowing the purest sense of yourself to be fully embodied.  See Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, and Master Kuthumi in front of you.  Feel the acknowledgement they are giving to you in this moment.  Feel their love, feel their strength, feel their purity, feel their acceptance.  They have a gift for you.  The gift may be something tangible or intangible.  It may be a feeling ~a thought ~ it may be something that you need to cherish inside of you.  It is an element that you need for the Resurrection of this Full Moon of the Festival of the Christ.  It is something that you have not acknowledged fully within your Physical Being.  Allow yourself to embrace this gift.

It is represented by the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.  Allow yourself to hold it deep in your Heart for it to be activated when the time is ripe and ready for you to act upon it which will be very, very soon within this 30-day period.  Just allow yourself to embrace this gift, this blessing, this acknowledgement as I breathe deeply to bring forth a message from Lord Maitreya.  Namaste.


Lord Maitreya ~ Remembrance

Greetings, my Dearest Ones.  It is Lord Maitreya at your service in the embellishment of the Love and the expression of the Purity and the Essence that you are embodying in this very moment.  Congratulations.

It is a pivotal time upon your planet; it is a pivotal time within your Being.  Each of you is being acknowledged in a new way and within that acknowledgement is a remembrance of your Divinity.  The planet is in upheaval; your personal lives are in upheaval but there is one Spark of Light that is fully activated within you.  In this evening we give to you the Essence and the Purity to fully open up this acknowledgement that has just been shared with you.  It is a spark of Light; it is a remembrance; it is a moment in time.  It is now your time to see the aspect that has been lost for you.  It may be something that you fully have forgotten about; it is may be something that you need in this moment; it may be a larger circumstance of your pathway.  It is different for each of you and within this pathway there is an element of change occurring for you beyond the capacity of your mind’s eye.

We ask you now to breathe deeply ~ breathe deeply within that Heart ~ breathe deeply within your Solar Plexus and breathe deeply within your Thymus as all these activations are occurring for you and assisting you in the Divinity of your Physical Being.  Your life upon this planet is like none other.  There are elements and changes and activations embracing within your consciousness.  There are fluctuations of emotions and mental thoughts that can get in the way.  It is very, very, very important to have the highest of your Being to be fully activated in who you are.  Not the one that you see in the mirror in the morning ~ the one that you feel when you first wake up.  That Essence of your Divinity ~ the most important element in this moment is to realize that you are being resurrected because you have allowed yourself to be in that space.  There is a continuance and a completeness that is occurring for each of you.  It is a very important moment, this Full Moon, 2011, upon this planet.  Each of you have a great gift to this world.  Each of you has a sharing that is needed.  Each of you is going to be able to understand this process.  You won’t understand it in your mind as it is in the physical.  You must understand in your Higher Mind, in your Higher Body and this is why we have Cosmic Oneness.  These are the activations that are necessary for you to attune yourself to those higher frequencies in the Physical body.  Embrace these moments of changes even when they feel uncomfortable.  Get deep get into your Higher Essence, in to your Higher Self, in to your Higher Mind, into your Higher Heart as they are the ones that are guiding you, not the Physical Mind, not the Physical Heart, or those Emotions and definitely not the Physical body.  Because the Physical Body is reacting to the emotions and the thoughts, so it is imperative that right now, this evening, we work with each of you to assist you in activating these energies more fully within your Physical, of your Divinity, of the Divine Essence and the Creative Spark from the beginning of time.

We give to you these moments of acceleration.  We give to you these moments of acceptance and knowing that in these moments of acceptance, you will truly understand the process when it occurs within you.  Do not question it before it happens; do not question it after it happens.  Allow yourself to be in that moment because that is what is going to assist you ~ of the moment of your frequency of your Rebirth.  And it is not a rebirth, it is a Remembrance.  It is a Remembrance of the Spark of Light that you are, and we embody this spark of Light within you at this very time.  I, Lord Maitreya, with Lord Sananda and Master Kuthumi, right here together, extend our teachings ~ extend our Light ~ extend our frequency to You.  We ask of you not to look at us as the Teachers but to look at us as the Colleagues.  The wheels are turning, and this is a pivotal time ~ this Full Moon ~ this activation.  In this period of this Full Moon, I would like each of you to look at the Full Moon and feel the beautiful essence of your Beingness in the fullness that she is.  And allow that fullness, to represent the fullness that is occurring within you.  Each of you are being embodied with the sparkles of Light, the frequency, that are from your beginning stages before we all split into separate personalities ~ into Angelic forms ~ into souls ~ that traveled the Heavens together.  This is what you are embodying in this moment on this Festival of the Christ ;as each of you are the Christ within more fully than you ever have before within a physical vehicle.

I ask of you not to figure out my words but to embrace the frequency in this moment.  We are You, as You are Us.  Let us embrace the Oneness within each of Us first so that you can embrace Us as your Colleagues and not your Teachers.  In the Light of the Christ that we are, let us unite together.

I am honored to be with you in this moment and to share with you the energetics of the Office of the Christ that each of you embody that I, represent, in this form.  Take this frequency and embrace it within yourself and share it through your energetics during this time period.  You are being prepared for great pathways, for great experiences, and I am honored to speak through Meleriessee to share with each of you so that I can embody to you, my Essence of the Light that I AM ~ that You Are ~ and that we are all together.  As now I represent not only Lord Maitreya, but Lord Sananda and Master Kuthumi as we embody the Oneness with Each of You.  May the Light of the Christ be within you and activate it fully within your Being in this moment.  It is our honor to celebrate this moment with each of you.

In the Holy God of Hosts That We Are, We Are One.


Lord Sananda & The Cosmic Great Central Sun

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings.  This is Lord Sananda.

I will be brief as this is a very powerful, a very enveloping night of Love, of connection, and of Divinity of each of Us.  Let us take a moment and feeling the blessing that has been brought into each of You and each of Us in this moment.  As the Divine Mother and the Divine Father of God are embodying  this frequency deeply ~ more deeply than it ever has previously. 


We bring to you the Essence of completeness.  It is time, it is time for each of you to open up your Hearts and allow the Minds and Emotions to be in balance.  And allow the Divinity of the Higher Essence of your Souls’ frequency for the One to be fully embodied within you.  I embrace that within you right now.  As we previously brought in the Golden flame, the Platinum, the Pink and the White let us embody the other colors of the Blues, Greens, Lavenders, Violets, Pinks, Reds, Oranges, and all colors and no colors.  Allow those frequencies to be embodied within your Heart now and allow that to blend within you, up through you and down below you ~ into your Earth Star and your Soul Star, into the four-body system that has been activated ~ into the Spiritual Body that is now very active and has been through a birth experience.  As your soul’s Essence is now fully within the frequency between your Thymus, your Heart and your Solar Plexus.  As you are now within your fifth dimensional body, the Light Body is now being activated.  Allow those frequencies to be fully within you as we embrace the moments of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God to fully embrace and bless each of us this evening.  Breathe deeply and Thank You for being here and for Being within in all aspects of Creation.


I AM That I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun here with a blessing of the evening ~ the blessing for this Full Moon of the Festival of the Christ ~ the blessing of your Light, the blessing of Love, the blessing of your frequency fully within the body.  Breathe…breathe…breathe.

We bring to you in this moment a blessing of all blessings ~ it is an honor to be able to come through Dearest Meleriessee and to embrace onto each of you the frequency of our love, Dearest Mother and Father of your Soul Essence and to be able to communicate to you in the physical realm.  It is a beautiful moment in time for each of us to fully embody this frequency more fully than we ever thought possible.  The energetics and the changes that are happening to each of you are in direct retrospect of what your soul has been preparing for ~ so please know that as you are going through these challenges and these elements of frequency within and you are not quite sure what is happening to you in any given moment.  That is always your chosen way to accept so let us allow the Mind, allow the Heart to fully embrace the moments of Creation.  Allow us now to sit in this essence that is being embodied through the frequency of All That is as we embody to you from the Cosmic and the Multi-Universal, the Universal, the Galactic, the Solar and the Planetary as we bring it down into the core of your Being as you are now embracing your full Light Body as you never have before.

We ask for a blessing and within this blessing, we ask that every individual fully receive this energy in the active state of the Creation, in the active Mind, in the active Heart and allow the Higher Heart and the Higher Mind to be fully embraced as it never has been before.  Allow this ceremony of the Festival of the Christ to be the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness fully within every person that is involved with this energy coming forth in this moment and in future moments of listening or reading the material.  It is our Divine purpose at this time to embody this to each of You.  This is why we come through as we do.  This is why we have pushed her to do this and she is ~ as you will be pushed also.  It is your Divine right to embody the frequency of your Soul’s Essence in the highest level of continuation within your physical vehicle.  If it was not, you would not be listening ~ you would not be open to receiving.  You would be sitting somewhere and believing someone else instead of sitting here right now and believing yourself that what you are receiving is the Divine Creation of your spark.  We share through her to share to you as our Hearts all blend together in this Essence.

This is the Resurrection ~ this is the involvement we want ~ this is the awakened state.  We want everyone to be awakened as you are being awakened in these moments.  It is not just a special circumstance for special individuals to receive this frequency.  It is the Divine Right of the Soul’s Essence to receive it and to understand it within their Heart ~ just as the great Masters have walked before you.  Each of you is embodying this frequency fully within you to allow the spark, to allow this Light to be ignited as it never has before.  Your light must grow ~ it must grow and grow and grow.  The Flame must be bright because the challenges upon the Earth are going to become even greater than they are right now.  That without the frequency of your Light expanding we cannot have the illumination upon the Planet.  You are the Saviors ~ You are the Light Workers ~ You are embodying this frequency fully within you being to share ~ to create ~ to ignite others.  Take this within yourself to understand deep within your Heart.  Breathe in those frequencies of the Gold, the Platinum, and all the colors, and the no colors, and the Crystalline essences that you are.  Because you are not just one color, you are many colors.  We are all the frequencies.  If you look into a flame of a candle and you close your eyes a bit, don’t you not see many colors in that flame?  This is what we see within you.  You shine deeply with all these colors.  Allow us, right now, to help you ignite.  That frequency, that Love, that Purity, that Joy ~ as you do, it will burn away all the layers that have tried to stop you for eons and eons of time. Allow the flame that you are to burn so brightly ~ not just the top of your Soul Star but deep down into the base of your Earth Star and allow that flame to be going through you from the top to the bottom from the bottom to the top.  Feel it deeply within your Heart because this is where the true essence of the flame will stay ignited ~ the flame of your frequency ~ the flame of your Light.  You are being testing ~ being tested greatly but not without training.  You have been training for eons of time.  You are the Warriors of the Light ~ you are the frequency to allow the embodiment to be fully within you.  Allow these moments of your Resurrection be fully active ~ this is what is going to service your purpose.  Take the moments in the next few days as this frequency is going to be stronger than it ever has before.

I want you to breathe deeply, and I want you want to feel that warmth within you.  I want you to feel the warmth within your Heart.  Some say that when we come through that the energy shifts into a freezing cold element as Christine feels it when she receives these energies.  This is because your body is not used to the Cosmic level ~ the Crystalline energies.  You are becoming crystal bodies within you.  And as you do, you will start to embrace the Divinity that you are and to feel that complete Oneness within.  We must serve upon this so deeply that the deepest impressments that we want to bring forth is that you must allow yourself to expand and acknowledge the highest part of your Soul’s Essence before you can feel the Oneness around you.  There will be moments of reflection that you will feel this Oneness and then there will be moments you don’t feel the One.  Allow yourself to breathe deeply into that and allow the flame to be warm and burning ever so beautifully ~ you will see then that the frequency will change around you.  Stop the thoughts ~ stop the emotions from telling you otherwise.  Use that breath ~ use that breath of that flame as we bring that flame within you now.  Allow that flame to be fully activated at all times and you breathe deeply into your heart as you feel the warmth of this flame ~ just burning so brightly.  This is what is going to activate your Soul’s Essence.  This is what is going to burn away any negative dross.  This is what is going to embrace the Light Body within your physical activity in the frequency of all the organs, and all the interworkings of the body of all the systems.  This is what is going to assist you completely.

Be kind to the body ~ the body is very frustrated because it feels out of balance ~ as the entry of this high frequency of the Light so the body reacts with chills, within the bloodstream.  So it is important for you to embrace with the warm flame.  If you need to light a candle and just look at the flame of the candle ~ embellish yourself within the flame and feel it deeply within your Thymus, your Heart and your Solar Plexus.  Believe me you will start to feel all of the essences.  You will feel the frequencies of the Rays of your Will and Power you will feel your Love and Wisdom, Active Intelligence, Balance and Harmony, Scientific Knowledge, Spiritual Devotion,, and Transmutation/Ceremonial Magic.  Allow those seven basic rays to be fully activated within you and then you will be able to fully intuit the rest of the higher frequencies.  They will just blend together.  You don’t even have to worry about what they mean.  Because you will understand the meanings when it occurs.  Breathe deeply as we bring in those frequencies within you now of activating all those thought processes all those elements, of all those rays and command those seven basic rays within you.  Without learning how to command them, you cannot go further and receive the Cosmic level.  You can feel it – feel it within your consciousness, but you fully need to embody it within the physical vehicle and this is what is going to be guide.  This is what is going to assist you in the Divinity of your Soul’s Essence ~ this is what you are being prepared for so allow those frequencies to be embodied within you now.

Breathe deeply as we bring in the Blue of Will and Power; breathe deeply as we bring in the Golden Yellow of Love and Wisdom; breathe deeply as we bring in the Pink of Active Intelligence; breathe deeply as we bring in Crystalline and Green for Harmony and Balance; breathe deeply as we bring in Green and Gold with White Light for Scientific Knowledge; breathe deeply as we bring in Cherry Red for Spiritual Devotion; and breathe deeply of the Deep Purple of Ceremonial Magic.  As all…..these frequencies are blending together as one essence deeply within your Heart feel that occurring within you now.  Commanding all levels of Creation within your Being.  We of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God now ask for an activation for each person that is listening, is reading to fully allow these frequencies to be embodied within them ~to allow the higher levels of the higher chakra system of the 4th dimensional grid and the 5th dimensional grid to be embodied ~ to accept the light body within your being.  And allow the flame of the Golden White light to be fully bring forth the warmth and the conditioning that is necessary to assist in bringing in these higher frequencies.

We ask for a blessing for each person in this moment.  We ask that they receive the divinity of the Light fully within them and they see a change within their lifestyle.  We ask that each one of you bring forth the Christ Consciousness as the Resurrection is now finished.  You are a new being of Light ~ you are a new aspect of yourself.  One that you may know or may not know but it is very familiar in any case.

Breathe that in now ~ Breathe that Essence ~ Breathe that part of you that is a remembrance that has been tucked away somewhere and now the flame of the Essence of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of nurturing and strength is deep within you as you bring forth the Oneness of your Creation within your physical body.  Allow that to be your guide ~ allow this element of Light ~ of Love ~ of Purity ~ of Joy that we are to be embodied upon you as it was in the beginning when we were all One.  Now let’s think of us as all One Being of Light.  Feel yourself just moving through that frequency as we are one embryo of pure essence of colors and no colors all blending together.

It is our divine pleasure of the Divine Mother and Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun to assist you this evening in this blessing and these activations for you to fully realize the capacity of the Light that is within you.  It is now your time to receive and embrace and to walk upon the path as a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy upon this land as many are awaiting your arrival onto the pathway of Mastership.  Allow your gifts to be embodied within you as we assist you in this process.  It is our Divine hope and Divine pleasure to fully allow this frequency to be upon each of you ~ not just now in the resurrection phase but moving forward in the other phases that are to come.  Many surprises of Light and Love~ of Purity of your Essence is now being embodied upon you.  May the blessings continue in each moment that you walk upon this planet.  Thank you for being here in this capacity.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun

I AM that I AM that I AM

The Divine Mother and the Divine Father God

Blessings of your Light.~ Blessings of your Activation ~ Blessings of your Remembrance

We Are One

Holy God Hosts of We Are, Holy God of Hosts of We Are

We Are One

We are the Angels

We Are One with You

Blessings my dear children, Blessings

I Am Lord Sananda.  Thank you; thank you for being here this weve3ning.  Thank you, dearest Meleriessee for opening of your Heart to allow the expansion of this Light onto these lands to assist others to do the same.  We are One.  Thank you, blessings, Namaste and the Holy God Lord of Hosts that We Are.

Adonai T’zeboyoth

So Mote It Be In the Light of the Christ

Being in the Space of Continuum ~ April 10th, 2011

Good Evening,

This is Lord Sananda speaking.  It is wonderful to be here once again with each of you to bring forth these energies.  It is an amazing time.  It is a frequency of light; it is the beauty of the expression that we are and another powerful week is coming onto the planet~ Another frequency to assist in your divinity; to assist in remembrance~ to bring forth the essence that you are.

Tomorrow is another powerful day ~ another 11:11 exchange ~ within this exchange, we would fully like you this evening to take a deep breath and allow yourself to think back of what the last week has been like for you.  Each of you are being prodded and pushed in many different ways and as these elements are occurring for you there is an essence within you that is a fully accepting you in a different way than you ever have – in any other experience.  The time is now – the time is now for each of you to understand what you are going through and within this understanding there shall be an acceptance within you to bring forth those avenues of change.  You are being asked to be in a different thought process, in a different experience than you have and I believe that each of you are transpiring into that thought process in different way than you ever have previously.  It is now time ~ it is now time for you to accept the new essence and that is coming to you.  What happens when that is appearing in your circumstances, there are moments when you become very confused.  Within those moments of confusion there is a purity of unacceptability that occurs.  With this ability of not to accept the frequencies within there are many challenges that can occur.  What is actually happening is that the old is arising to be removed and if you don’t step into the new threshold of what you are experiencing then you cannot fully allow your Divinity to be Within. 

This is how you are being moved into a new direction.  When you are in this direction, you bring forth an acceptance within yourself that is quite different.  There are moments of being in a reflection or a reflective state and within that state, the essence of stability occurs for you. As this happens, there is a shift and a change.  You may not even realize what is occurring in your life circumstance and how you are not quite sure it is happening for you.  But there is a difference.  The whole ability to be able to frequent these energies is awareness within yourself.  As you have this awareness within, you start to understand the processes are happening.  As this is occurring, there can be a fluctuation within you.   What I am basically trying to say to you is that each of you is aspiring to a new space of being.  As you do so, the old elements that did not support those thought processes or feelings are going to come up.  It is important for us to acknowledge what is happening.  In this acknowledgement stage there are elements that occur in a deep-seated conditioning and within the conditioning are frequencies you have utilized lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.  Many of you have the essence within you to fully aspire to greatness but sometimes those periods of greatness are over clouded with the fear.  It may be of failure or success because you have gone through these elements before time and time and time again.  Now it is your TIME to be Fully In The Space Of Continuum to allow the frequency to be changed.  This is what each of you is going through in this doorway tomorrow.

Tonight we are preparing you for this ~ we want to assist you into having the best experience of this new doorway so that you are not continually resurfacing the issues you have been dealing with previously.  We want you to be able to strengthen yourselves; we totally want you to accept your Beingness in a different manner than you have before and within that comes a new feeling.  With that new feeling is like you have been purged and renewed in the same moment.  As this occurs for you, you start to see the conditioning process that you kept within you for a very long time.  It is like peeling away layers of the old skin.  It is like peeling away a potato and you need to cleanse the skin before you can cook it.  You are peeling away your outside layers you can see the core essence that you are.  These are deep processes.  I know each of you have been working diligently within yourselves even if you are not aware of it.  You have been for a very long time.  What this process is about is getting to the inner core layers of the deepness within your soul that needs to be removed because it does not serve you on a higher frequency any longer.  It served you on the 3rd and maybe even the 4th dimension but on the 5th it will not assist you in that process. 

So what we want to do right now is to breathe Golden Balls of Light.  Within those golden balls of Light we will bring forth the Christ Consciousness fully within our being.  Let us feel a series of Golden Balls of Light coming into our Heart Center.  As they come within the Heart they are going to open up into other frequencies of colors.  Within those frequencies of colors they are going to shift and change.  As we breathe them into our Heart, we are going to feel the essence of Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, Violet, Indigo ~ all the basic ray colors.  Now as you breathe deeply within that and it goes deeper into the core of your cellular structure, they start to shift into the higher frequencies.  We move into the higher colors into Sea Foam Green into the cellular area, floating around deep within your skin, your bone structure, muscles, tendons, organs, and go deeper into the Blue-Green, breathing into the Pearlescent we feel the Pink Orange and then into Gold. We want all these colors to blend together from the top of your Crown to the bottom of your Root allowing them to merge into each other.  We call upon the Violet Pink, then the Blue Violet, Light Golden White and let all those colors to filter through each other.  Allow them to fully move through your entire being and into that structure that you are.  Breathe deeply through that ~ breathe deeply into the essence that you are.  As you multi-colored, you are multi-dimensional.  So that the balls of light now in filtrate now as different colors and different pearlescent’s ~ different vibrancies ~ the luminosity of the colors are unbelievable.  They move into a multi-white and then a pink-gold as they blend together ~ Magenta, Violet Gold, and then Blue Gold, then the Platinum.  They are now going to mix together into your entire structure going down to your Earth Star and up to your Soul Star.  All these Golden Balls of Light are just floating within each other within this beautiful essence that you are.  Feel it deeply within your Heart.  Allow that frequency to be within you and go in your Solar Plexus, into your Sacral and your Root.  Allow all these frequencies to blend these essences.  As you do that, you start to feel the releasement of the particles of yourself that you thought were the stability but it is actually instability.  So peel out those layers of essence that have been part of your physical structure but it is no longer needed as you move into the higher frequency of all that is to be incorporated within you. 

Breathe deeply through that ~ breathe very, very deeply.  Now you are totally ready to receive the activation necessary to go on a deeper level.  It is my pleasure; I am Lord Sananda at your service.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God at your service.  Breathe deeply….breathe deeply……We come to you in this moment the essence of your Being that has been locked away and you have not been sure where it has been.  You thought you had it but now there is another new aspect coming within you as the aspect of your Divinity fully accepting the movements that are necessary in your lifestyle.   The movements that are necessary in your Physical body, your Emotional body, your Mental body as they all blend together into the beautiful frequencies of balls of Light that have been given to you.  Allow the Balls of Light to move with each other ~ touching each other ~ as they open up a little bit so there are spurts of color that are going to flower through your whole Being.  Feel that deep within your Heart; feel it in your Thymus, in your Throat, and allow it to come down into your Solar Plexus and your lower energies.  Allow yourself to be absorbed with the higher frequencies as you never have before because now it is pure liquid.  You are not just breathing in the exact rays into your Being.  They are being put into you with little balls of light, little pellets of Light. Visualize yourself diving into a pool of pure crystalline light and within that pool are all these little bubbles.  These bubbles are opening up as you swim and they are all the colors that have been brought to you ~ the Pink, the Orange, the Gold, the Violet Pink, and the Blue Violet, Light Gold, White, Light Violet White, Multi-White, Pink-Gold, Blue, Lavender, Purple, Violet, Green, Yellow, and Blues as they all blend together.  Just feel yourself being absorbed and nurtured by these beautiful pellets of Light.  We are not even going to think of them as pellets any more, but as bubbles.  What happens when you touch a bubble?  A bubble bursts and that essence is going to be deeply within you.  Breathe deeply and feel it going down through your body and also feel it on your skin and allow it to go into your cellular structure, into the bone structure, into all those elements within your physical body.  Allow it to move into your Etheric Body, and then into your Emotional and Mental bodies.  Feel those beautiful bubbles just blending together.  You are just one huge Being of bubbly light and RECEIVE ~ RECEIVE ~ RECEIVE.

Now let’s go a little bit deeper and assist you in this process you are going through because there are layers being removed.  As these layers are being removed, you could feel a difference in your consciousness.  You could feel yourself moving into a new facet than you have before.  You may feel energetics within you that you have not quite absorbed previously.  What each of you is experiencing is your multi-dimensional body and within that multi-dimensional level, it is coming through your physical body in a remembrance.  Everything that you have been experiencing on the Innerplane in your sleep state, meditative, and alternate realities is going to become your reality but is only going to happen in levels of creation to assist you.  It is going to come to you in different aspects and within those aspects, it will be in stages.  So I want you not to feel paranoid in this moment that you are jumping into a threshold that you cannot handle.  Everything that is given, as you know, is because you are ready to accept although part of you may not be.  I want you to feel nurtured by these colors.

Let’s take a deep breath and feel the bubbles just circling around you as you are in this bubbly energies of light.  It is nurturing; it is loving; it is compassionate, it is joyful.  You allow that to be within you; you allow that to be your guide and the essence that you purely are ~ there is nothing else to stop you from the next stage of your growth because each stage will get you closer into the Divinity that you are incorporating within your body as you integrate this frequency you start to see an element that occurs around you because first, we need to incorporate within.  Deeply breathe…deeply breathe.  We ask now, as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, that every individual listening that is here with us or reading this material fully incorporate their Divinity of the next step ~ that they are ready to walk through.  We ask that the old layers be fully removed ~ that they have been working with ~ it is an old skin that just needs to be peeled away and the bubbles of Light that we are incorporating are allowing those layers to be removed.  As we allow those layers to be removed, there is a nurturing that occurs from all these frequencies.  No longer should one feel the rawness when they are going through a change.  This is going to assist in the process of the Creative Source within you to accept your Divinity to allow the frequency to fully within you in all aspects of your Being ~ in the joyfulness that you are and the Soul Essence as the pureness of the embodiment of your elements.  Allow that to come through to you and just permeate through your whole Being.  Breathe and feel the love, the compassion, the joy, the acceptance, and feel the nurturing, the strength from the Divine Father that I Am and the nurturing from the Divine Mother that I Am as we come together and balance the male and female aspects within you.  Allow that balance to occur because this is what you need fully to go through the next step of your Divinity ~ the next step of your pathway to allow yourself to create the pathway in front of you as you allow it to be illuminated with the pureness of the Light that you are.

Right now I want you to think about exactly what you need to remove; maybe there is an aspect that you are not sure about ~ so now we have a moment of silence in which you breathe deeply and allow these elements to frequent every part of your Being, every part of your Essence, and allow yourself to soak in the bubbles of the Light.


Embrace yourself, embrace yourself in these elements as you are being supported as you never have before with this activation of Light that is coming through to you.  It is a powerful activation because it is a Balance Activation ~ it is the Ying and Yang ~ the Male and Female ~ it is the God and the Goddess coming together within the union within your Being.  Feel it in your Thymus ~ feel it in your Heart.  Allow this to permeate through your entire essence.  Feel yourself as you get out of this pool of water.  You look at the water and there are the layers that have been removed.  Now feel the Purity and the Compassion that is coming to you ~ feel the Strength and Courage.  Feel the ability to walk through any challenge that is necessary.  You will use your male energy to create the thought within you and your female energy will bring forth the thought as they work together as they never have before.  Allow the balance to move fully incorporated within your Being.  Allow yourself to know that you are the pure essence of God’s love within you.  You are the God and you are the Goddess and allow that to be your guide.

I want you to feel it within your Solar Plexus and allow yourself to embrace this integration.  Take your hands in front of your body and bring your palms toward your body.  Move the energy up and down, up and down, from the top to the bottom and allow those energies to run through you.  Then move it to your Crown and push it down your back and allow yourself to be a circular, vertical frequency.  As you allow these frequencies of the Strength/Courage and the Love/Compassion to be centered on both parts of your Being.  Bring that within you because the Courage goes to the Female side and the Compassion goes to the Male side as they need each other.  Feel that integration happening for you now.  Feel the essence that is coming through to you; feel yourself being accepted in the Divinity in a different process than you have previously.  As you do that, you open up your Heart and all your chakras ~ Your multitude of chakras which are incorporated within your Being.  You feel now the acceptance ~ your feel within you the ability to transform yourself in a different manner than you ever have before.  Breathe deeply and allow your intuition to be your guide.  Allow the frequency of the dimensions ~ allow the Violet light of the Transmuting Flame to assist you in the process and as you do that, you smile to yourself.  You feel this essence of a grin because you have arrived ~ YOU HAVE ARRIVED ~ to move into the next frequency as now you are READY.  Look around you ~ you will see all that debris that is being dissipated and we ask for the powers to be to fully disintegrate anything that does not serve you now on a frequency level as it is being pulled away.  The old skin is now removed and inside that process within you is the Child ~ is the Adult ~ is the frequency of your Soul ~ with the knowledge and the wisdom of love and compassion all wrapped up into one essence.  This is the beauty of the integration that is occurring for you in these moments.

Breathe…Breathe….Breathe….Breathe  these aspects…breathe…breathe…and you can relax ~ it is now time for the relaxation as you are now ready.  You are ready for the next phase.  Walk through that doorway tomorrow.  Allow yourself to know that you are in the frequency of your Light right now ~ you are in balance ~ you have your strength ~ you have your compassion ~ You are One with yourself in this moment.

It is our pleasure of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun to bring forth to you this experience within your entire essence to expand yourself and to be the grateful beauty that you are.  Breathe deeply through this integration and accept it for what it is ~ As it is So ~

We, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, want to say thank you and blessings for being upon this pathway because what you are experiencing now you cannot help but share with others through your energetics and through your love.  It will show in your awakening state, your physical existence in how you project yourself into the world around you.  Deeply know that you are in balance of the Oneness Within in this Moment.

We, of the Divine Mother and Father God, ask for another activation to occur.  We ask for the activation of each of you to fully embrace an element that you have been striving to receive and it has not been fully activated.  Allow this as the doorway is open, the doorway is open for you to fully acknowledge yourself and for you to integrate this integrate and share with others.  Whatever this acknowledgement is, each of you has something that you need to fully activate in your life in this present time that is going to make it easier and better for you to live upon this earth as it changes and fluctuates, you are the balance, you are the frequency, you are the Oneness within you.

It is our honor to be here with you in this moment as your Mother and your Father of the Divine Consciousness to assist you in this process and know that we are with you in the frequency of All That Is.  Breathe deeply and allow that as we share it with you in all aspects of your Being, and all experiences that you have, allow yourself to embody it within you as you share it within the energetics of your Essence to the world.  May be blessing be bestowed upon you in each moment of the Light that You Are.  As you are the conduits, as you are the way-showers, as you are teachers, onto this world.  We are in honor that you are awakened in this stage to assist and help others.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.  I AM……honored to be here with you in this mode of communication.

This is Lord Sananda once again.  Our message this evening is to assist you in removing these outer layers so the inner core of your Being can fully came out.  It is like planting a seed and when the seed is in the ground, it grows and grows.  When you get to the deepness of the seed of the root of the seed that is truly the essence that needs to be shown of the beauty that are.  Honor yourself on this journey and enjoy the walk you will be taking this week as it will be quite different than the walks you have taken previously.  Honor thyself and others will honor you.

I Am Lord Sananda at your service in great blessings of the Light.

Namaste !