Being in the Space of Continuum ~ April 10th, 2011

Good Evening,

This is Lord Sananda speaking.  It is wonderful to be here once again with each of you to bring forth these energies.  It is an amazing time.  It is a frequency of light; it is the beauty of the expression that we are and another powerful week is coming onto the planet~ Another frequency to assist in your divinity; to assist in remembrance~ to bring forth the essence that you are.

Tomorrow is another powerful day ~ another 11:11 exchange ~ within this exchange, we would fully like you this evening to take a deep breath and allow yourself to think back of what the last week has been like for you.  Each of you are being prodded and pushed in many different ways and as these elements are occurring for you there is an essence within you that is a fully accepting you in a different way than you ever have – in any other experience.  The time is now – the time is now for each of you to understand what you are going through and within this understanding there shall be an acceptance within you to bring forth those avenues of change.  You are being asked to be in a different thought process, in a different experience than you have and I believe that each of you are transpiring into that thought process in different way than you ever have previously.  It is now time ~ it is now time for you to accept the new essence and that is coming to you.  What happens when that is appearing in your circumstances, there are moments when you become very confused.  Within those moments of confusion there is a purity of unacceptability that occurs.  With this ability of not to accept the frequencies within there are many challenges that can occur.  What is actually happening is that the old is arising to be removed and if you don’t step into the new threshold of what you are experiencing then you cannot fully allow your Divinity to be Within. 

This is how you are being moved into a new direction.  When you are in this direction, you bring forth an acceptance within yourself that is quite different.  There are moments of being in a reflection or a reflective state and within that state, the essence of stability occurs for you. As this happens, there is a shift and a change.  You may not even realize what is occurring in your life circumstance and how you are not quite sure it is happening for you.  But there is a difference.  The whole ability to be able to frequent these energies is awareness within yourself.  As you have this awareness within, you start to understand the processes are happening.  As this is occurring, there can be a fluctuation within you.   What I am basically trying to say to you is that each of you is aspiring to a new space of being.  As you do so, the old elements that did not support those thought processes or feelings are going to come up.  It is important for us to acknowledge what is happening.  In this acknowledgement stage there are elements that occur in a deep-seated conditioning and within the conditioning are frequencies you have utilized lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.  Many of you have the essence within you to fully aspire to greatness but sometimes those periods of greatness are over clouded with the fear.  It may be of failure or success because you have gone through these elements before time and time and time again.  Now it is your TIME to be Fully In The Space Of Continuum to allow the frequency to be changed.  This is what each of you is going through in this doorway tomorrow.

Tonight we are preparing you for this ~ we want to assist you into having the best experience of this new doorway so that you are not continually resurfacing the issues you have been dealing with previously.  We want you to be able to strengthen yourselves; we totally want you to accept your Beingness in a different manner than you have before and within that comes a new feeling.  With that new feeling is like you have been purged and renewed in the same moment.  As this occurs for you, you start to see the conditioning process that you kept within you for a very long time.  It is like peeling away layers of the old skin.  It is like peeling away a potato and you need to cleanse the skin before you can cook it.  You are peeling away your outside layers you can see the core essence that you are.  These are deep processes.  I know each of you have been working diligently within yourselves even if you are not aware of it.  You have been for a very long time.  What this process is about is getting to the inner core layers of the deepness within your soul that needs to be removed because it does not serve you on a higher frequency any longer.  It served you on the 3rd and maybe even the 4th dimension but on the 5th it will not assist you in that process. 

So what we want to do right now is to breathe Golden Balls of Light.  Within those golden balls of Light we will bring forth the Christ Consciousness fully within our being.  Let us feel a series of Golden Balls of Light coming into our Heart Center.  As they come within the Heart they are going to open up into other frequencies of colors.  Within those frequencies of colors they are going to shift and change.  As we breathe them into our Heart, we are going to feel the essence of Blue, Gold, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, Violet, Indigo ~ all the basic ray colors.  Now as you breathe deeply within that and it goes deeper into the core of your cellular structure, they start to shift into the higher frequencies.  We move into the higher colors into Sea Foam Green into the cellular area, floating around deep within your skin, your bone structure, muscles, tendons, organs, and go deeper into the Blue-Green, breathing into the Pearlescent we feel the Pink Orange and then into Gold. We want all these colors to blend together from the top of your Crown to the bottom of your Root allowing them to merge into each other.  We call upon the Violet Pink, then the Blue Violet, Light Golden White and let all those colors to filter through each other.  Allow them to fully move through your entire being and into that structure that you are.  Breathe deeply through that ~ breathe deeply into the essence that you are.  As you multi-colored, you are multi-dimensional.  So that the balls of light now in filtrate now as different colors and different pearlescent’s ~ different vibrancies ~ the luminosity of the colors are unbelievable.  They move into a multi-white and then a pink-gold as they blend together ~ Magenta, Violet Gold, and then Blue Gold, then the Platinum.  They are now going to mix together into your entire structure going down to your Earth Star and up to your Soul Star.  All these Golden Balls of Light are just floating within each other within this beautiful essence that you are.  Feel it deeply within your Heart.  Allow that frequency to be within you and go in your Solar Plexus, into your Sacral and your Root.  Allow all these frequencies to blend these essences.  As you do that, you start to feel the releasement of the particles of yourself that you thought were the stability but it is actually instability.  So peel out those layers of essence that have been part of your physical structure but it is no longer needed as you move into the higher frequency of all that is to be incorporated within you. 

Breathe deeply through that ~ breathe very, very deeply.  Now you are totally ready to receive the activation necessary to go on a deeper level.  It is my pleasure; I am Lord Sananda at your service.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God at your service.  Breathe deeply….breathe deeply……We come to you in this moment the essence of your Being that has been locked away and you have not been sure where it has been.  You thought you had it but now there is another new aspect coming within you as the aspect of your Divinity fully accepting the movements that are necessary in your lifestyle.   The movements that are necessary in your Physical body, your Emotional body, your Mental body as they all blend together into the beautiful frequencies of balls of Light that have been given to you.  Allow the Balls of Light to move with each other ~ touching each other ~ as they open up a little bit so there are spurts of color that are going to flower through your whole Being.  Feel that deep within your Heart; feel it in your Thymus, in your Throat, and allow it to come down into your Solar Plexus and your lower energies.  Allow yourself to be absorbed with the higher frequencies as you never have before because now it is pure liquid.  You are not just breathing in the exact rays into your Being.  They are being put into you with little balls of light, little pellets of Light. Visualize yourself diving into a pool of pure crystalline light and within that pool are all these little bubbles.  These bubbles are opening up as you swim and they are all the colors that have been brought to you ~ the Pink, the Orange, the Gold, the Violet Pink, and the Blue Violet, Light Gold, White, Light Violet White, Multi-White, Pink-Gold, Blue, Lavender, Purple, Violet, Green, Yellow, and Blues as they all blend together.  Just feel yourself being absorbed and nurtured by these beautiful pellets of Light.  We are not even going to think of them as pellets any more, but as bubbles.  What happens when you touch a bubble?  A bubble bursts and that essence is going to be deeply within you.  Breathe deeply and feel it going down through your body and also feel it on your skin and allow it to go into your cellular structure, into the bone structure, into all those elements within your physical body.  Allow it to move into your Etheric Body, and then into your Emotional and Mental bodies.  Feel those beautiful bubbles just blending together.  You are just one huge Being of bubbly light and RECEIVE ~ RECEIVE ~ RECEIVE.

Now let’s go a little bit deeper and assist you in this process you are going through because there are layers being removed.  As these layers are being removed, you could feel a difference in your consciousness.  You could feel yourself moving into a new facet than you have before.  You may feel energetics within you that you have not quite absorbed previously.  What each of you is experiencing is your multi-dimensional body and within that multi-dimensional level, it is coming through your physical body in a remembrance.  Everything that you have been experiencing on the Innerplane in your sleep state, meditative, and alternate realities is going to become your reality but is only going to happen in levels of creation to assist you.  It is going to come to you in different aspects and within those aspects, it will be in stages.  So I want you not to feel paranoid in this moment that you are jumping into a threshold that you cannot handle.  Everything that is given, as you know, is because you are ready to accept although part of you may not be.  I want you to feel nurtured by these colors.

Let’s take a deep breath and feel the bubbles just circling around you as you are in this bubbly energies of light.  It is nurturing; it is loving; it is compassionate, it is joyful.  You allow that to be within you; you allow that to be your guide and the essence that you purely are ~ there is nothing else to stop you from the next stage of your growth because each stage will get you closer into the Divinity that you are incorporating within your body as you integrate this frequency you start to see an element that occurs around you because first, we need to incorporate within.  Deeply breathe…deeply breathe.  We ask now, as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, that every individual listening that is here with us or reading this material fully incorporate their Divinity of the next step ~ that they are ready to walk through.  We ask that the old layers be fully removed ~ that they have been working with ~ it is an old skin that just needs to be peeled away and the bubbles of Light that we are incorporating are allowing those layers to be removed.  As we allow those layers to be removed, there is a nurturing that occurs from all these frequencies.  No longer should one feel the rawness when they are going through a change.  This is going to assist in the process of the Creative Source within you to accept your Divinity to allow the frequency to fully within you in all aspects of your Being ~ in the joyfulness that you are and the Soul Essence as the pureness of the embodiment of your elements.  Allow that to come through to you and just permeate through your whole Being.  Breathe and feel the love, the compassion, the joy, the acceptance, and feel the nurturing, the strength from the Divine Father that I Am and the nurturing from the Divine Mother that I Am as we come together and balance the male and female aspects within you.  Allow that balance to occur because this is what you need fully to go through the next step of your Divinity ~ the next step of your pathway to allow yourself to create the pathway in front of you as you allow it to be illuminated with the pureness of the Light that you are.

Right now I want you to think about exactly what you need to remove; maybe there is an aspect that you are not sure about ~ so now we have a moment of silence in which you breathe deeply and allow these elements to frequent every part of your Being, every part of your Essence, and allow yourself to soak in the bubbles of the Light.


Embrace yourself, embrace yourself in these elements as you are being supported as you never have before with this activation of Light that is coming through to you.  It is a powerful activation because it is a Balance Activation ~ it is the Ying and Yang ~ the Male and Female ~ it is the God and the Goddess coming together within the union within your Being.  Feel it in your Thymus ~ feel it in your Heart.  Allow this to permeate through your entire essence.  Feel yourself as you get out of this pool of water.  You look at the water and there are the layers that have been removed.  Now feel the Purity and the Compassion that is coming to you ~ feel the Strength and Courage.  Feel the ability to walk through any challenge that is necessary.  You will use your male energy to create the thought within you and your female energy will bring forth the thought as they work together as they never have before.  Allow the balance to move fully incorporated within your Being.  Allow yourself to know that you are the pure essence of God’s love within you.  You are the God and you are the Goddess and allow that to be your guide.

I want you to feel it within your Solar Plexus and allow yourself to embrace this integration.  Take your hands in front of your body and bring your palms toward your body.  Move the energy up and down, up and down, from the top to the bottom and allow those energies to run through you.  Then move it to your Crown and push it down your back and allow yourself to be a circular, vertical frequency.  As you allow these frequencies of the Strength/Courage and the Love/Compassion to be centered on both parts of your Being.  Bring that within you because the Courage goes to the Female side and the Compassion goes to the Male side as they need each other.  Feel that integration happening for you now.  Feel the essence that is coming through to you; feel yourself being accepted in the Divinity in a different process than you have previously.  As you do that, you open up your Heart and all your chakras ~ Your multitude of chakras which are incorporated within your Being.  You feel now the acceptance ~ your feel within you the ability to transform yourself in a different manner than you ever have before.  Breathe deeply and allow your intuition to be your guide.  Allow the frequency of the dimensions ~ allow the Violet light of the Transmuting Flame to assist you in the process and as you do that, you smile to yourself.  You feel this essence of a grin because you have arrived ~ YOU HAVE ARRIVED ~ to move into the next frequency as now you are READY.  Look around you ~ you will see all that debris that is being dissipated and we ask for the powers to be to fully disintegrate anything that does not serve you now on a frequency level as it is being pulled away.  The old skin is now removed and inside that process within you is the Child ~ is the Adult ~ is the frequency of your Soul ~ with the knowledge and the wisdom of love and compassion all wrapped up into one essence.  This is the beauty of the integration that is occurring for you in these moments.

Breathe…Breathe….Breathe….Breathe  these aspects…breathe…breathe…and you can relax ~ it is now time for the relaxation as you are now ready.  You are ready for the next phase.  Walk through that doorway tomorrow.  Allow yourself to know that you are in the frequency of your Light right now ~ you are in balance ~ you have your strength ~ you have your compassion ~ You are One with yourself in this moment.

It is our pleasure of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun to bring forth to you this experience within your entire essence to expand yourself and to be the grateful beauty that you are.  Breathe deeply through this integration and accept it for what it is ~ As it is So ~

We, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, want to say thank you and blessings for being upon this pathway because what you are experiencing now you cannot help but share with others through your energetics and through your love.  It will show in your awakening state, your physical existence in how you project yourself into the world around you.  Deeply know that you are in balance of the Oneness Within in this Moment.

We, of the Divine Mother and Father God, ask for another activation to occur.  We ask for the activation of each of you to fully embrace an element that you have been striving to receive and it has not been fully activated.  Allow this as the doorway is open, the doorway is open for you to fully acknowledge yourself and for you to integrate this integrate and share with others.  Whatever this acknowledgement is, each of you has something that you need to fully activate in your life in this present time that is going to make it easier and better for you to live upon this earth as it changes and fluctuates, you are the balance, you are the frequency, you are the Oneness within you.

It is our honor to be here with you in this moment as your Mother and your Father of the Divine Consciousness to assist you in this process and know that we are with you in the frequency of All That Is.  Breathe deeply and allow that as we share it with you in all aspects of your Being, and all experiences that you have, allow yourself to embody it within you as you share it within the energetics of your Essence to the world.  May be blessing be bestowed upon you in each moment of the Light that You Are.  As you are the conduits, as you are the way-showers, as you are teachers, onto this world.  We are in honor that you are awakened in this stage to assist and help others.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.  I AM……honored to be here with you in this mode of communication.

This is Lord Sananda once again.  Our message this evening is to assist you in removing these outer layers so the inner core of your Being can fully came out.  It is like planting a seed and when the seed is in the ground, it grows and grows.  When you get to the deepness of the seed of the root of the seed that is truly the essence that needs to be shown of the beauty that are.  Honor yourself on this journey and enjoy the walk you will be taking this week as it will be quite different than the walks you have taken previously.  Honor thyself and others will honor you.

I Am Lord Sananda at your service in great blessings of the Light.

Namaste !


Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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