Stabilization of Activations ~ February 20th, 2011

This is Lord Sananda at your service.  It is a pleasure to be here once again with all of you.  I can see the group is growing.  It is a marvelous thing as each of you intuit these energies, you are sharing with so many, so so many.  Thank you for taking the challenge of being in this space, in this moment.

Yes, the frequencies of Light have been extremely strong and these frequencies of Light coming into each of you has been very empowering and very flowing.  Some of you may have been feeling it differently than others and it is all you need to receive in those moments.  Please remember that this can change in a moment’s notice so whatever you have been experiencing know that can create a new paradigm of frequency within you and as this frequency changes, you will start to see that there may be elements that are arising for you due to the influctuations of the frequencies and vibrations occurring within each of you individually and collectively.  The Earth is healing greatly because of what you are doing and you need to be commended with this aspect so allow yourself to fully know that you are bringing in this frequency to this allowance of movement within your physical body for you to show it to others.

The uncomfortableness that some of you may have been feeling is due to the direct exchange of karmic debts of frequencies that need to be released so please do not be too hard on yourself with the elements that have been shifting within you.  Some of you have been feeling as if you are in a frequency of higher level, and this is because you are.  As these frequencies shift and change, you start to see the elements within you in a different way than you ever have before.  The process is always to reflect upon yourself each day and what you are doing is very, very important to have your own meditative state within your own guidance as best as you can to utilize your own tools of what you need to be doing.  This will assist you in understanding the processes that are happening within you personally.  As these processes happen with you, you will start to see a continuance within your physical life that you did not see before.  The doorways are being opened into a higher frequency to allow the essence of the beauty that you are to be fully incorporated within the body.  At times this can be very challenging.

This evening what we want to try and do is activate what everyone has been feeling in the last week especially with the full moon and solar flares and to stabilize the energies that have been occurring.  Once we stabilize these energies, you will start to feel that you are on a new level of completeness, accessibility because the changes that resulted in the full moon activation created aNew World- aNew Worldwithin yourself and within the people and the connections around you.  If you not seen this happening yet, you will.  Allow it to just enfold within you.

Let us all take a deep breath.  As we take that deep breath we totally want to open up our complete chakra column.  We are going to work with our Soul Star this evening by asking it to spin in a clockwise manner.  The Soul Star is going to spin right through your chakra column; as it is doing this it will bring in a Crystalline Light.  What we are doing with this is bringing the Soul Star through the whole chakra column to clear out the debris, the elements that are stopping the full activations, the thought forms that may be stopping you and allow everything to be clear in a defined basis.  Breathing deeply within that area, the Soul Star is now going to move from the Crown while clearing and opening up all elements within each of the chakras.  It moves into the Third Eye with the Crystaline Light, being very clear, many colors within the Crystalline Light, rainbows of colors moving down to the Throat allowing it to be fully clear.  We then connect with the Thymus of the Seat of the Soul and allow that to be clear; breathing deeply.  It comes now into the Solar Plexus and then into the Sacral, the Root, and moving down from your Root into your limbs and into your feet as the Earth Star and Soul Star are now meeting.  The entry of your soul to come into the column is now open.  As your soul is now going to come in through theAntakaranaBridge,RainbowBridge, in through your chakra column and allow your Higher Self to sit in your Thymus, Heart, and Solar Plexus.  The Soul Star and the Earth Star now spin and the Soul Star is now going to go outside of you and move upwards around you.  Visualize it coming from your feet, moving up in front of your body, and spinning in your Etheric Body.  As it comes upwards, it is going to be in its original position above the Crown.  Now there should be the Crystalline Light influencing within your Being and feel the beautiful light within you actualizing deeply.  Allow that to be intuited within all aspects of you as the Higher Self is now blending with the other four bodies as the Spiritual Body now comes through and around you.  As the lower four bodies become the Light Body feel that frequency within you.  That’s great and now breathe deeply within your Heart, Thymus, and Solar Plexus as they vibrate with the colors of Pink, Deep Cherry Red, and Seafoam Green.  Allow your Lotus Heart to be completely open.  Allow yourself to fully feel the essence of your Being as your Light Body has now been activated.  This is exactly what each of you were experiencing in the Solar Flares.  Your Light Body is being activated from the Solar level and allow that frequency to be fully within you.  You are the Light Body, the Light Body is you.  Embrace that energy now and allow it to ground through your Earth Star.  Vibrate those energies from your Earth Star into Gaia feeling strength of Light going deep into the core of the Earth to the crystal within the Earth.  Now you should feel a sense of completeness within you and the completeness is the activation of all of your bodies coming together within One Body.  Say to yourself:

I AM __________ (state your name, or your soul name if you know it), One Body.

I AM one unified body of Light.

I AM one with all my bodies.

Breathe through that.

Now it is time for us to feel the activation of Divine Mother and Father God.  I Am Lord Sananda at your service.  Thank you for being here with me.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God at your service.

In this moment, breathe deeply as we express our Divinity within you as you are expressing your Divinity within u,s as we come into the Oneness and the Creation That We Are.  We are One in all aspects of consciousness; We are One in all aspects of feeling, We are One in all aspects of thoughts.  Allow this frequency to be fully activated within your full body system.  Breathing deeply – breathing deeply.

It is our pleasure to be here once again.  This is the Divine Mother and Divine Father God to bring forth our unification of our light onto each other.  Each of experienced this light last week in the frequencies of so many activations.  As you experienced these frequencies, there has been an enveloping amount of continuance within your physical being and you may not even realize what is happening.  Some of you may not be aware of it, some of you may be very aware of it, and some of you may be partially aware of it.  The planet was infiltrated with great light forms last week.  It is an activation of a continuance of what has been continuing this whole month.  It is the heart-centeredness, it is the Divine spark of whom each of you are so that you can fully bring this Divine spark onto the planet.  So much is happening upon the planet as you can see and a lot of it is very positive; some of it is not very positive, but it is getting better.  And it is getting better because each of you are incorporating these energies within you.  It is our Divine pleasure this evening to say, “We are in gratitude for you being upon the Earth at this time.”  Embrace this gratitude; we want to send it to you.  Some of you are having a very challenging time, some of you are wishing to be elsewhere because you are already there.  Your bodies are being challenged and infiltrated, activated in ways that you never thought possible that none of us ever thought was possible.

This time in age is now upon us.  It is time for you to enjoy the moment that you can.  And the moments that are not as enjoyable infiltrate them with more light.  Allow them to filter through you.  The moments that you feel out of sorts, pain is coming into your body, vibrations are coming into your cellular memories, headaches can result, sleeplessness, too much sleep, it is a time to nurture.  Your society does not allow that to be in your daily work day.  So impress it upon yourself to make a change.  It is a time to be the way-shower within your own individuality and it is now time to wake up to exactly what you need to be doing in each moment.  And each moment can be different.  If you allow that frequency to be fully within you, you will start to see the changes and the integrations going a rate that is easier for you to handle.  Embrace these moments of time; embrace these moments of changes.  so tonight we impress upon you to fully allow them to run through you and activate you.  Within those aspects, you should start to feel the changes that are rising within because what exactly is happening, the Divine Feminine Principle, the activation of the Sacred Heart within your own heart is being more fully activated than previously.  We have been preparing you for this in the previous months.

This month was a beauty upon beauty upon this Earth.  Within this beauty there is this element of greatness and continuation of your spirits on those higher frequencies to come within your being.  It is important to put those thoughts aside.  It is important to put those emotions where they need to be.  Let them come out and if the tears are coming, let them flow.   I know it can be very debilitating and painful but when you are going through those processes, think about what you are letting go.  Think about is actually occurring within you.  That is the beauty of the tears.  That is the beauty of the pain being released and don’t worry about what the pain is.  It does not matter.  Do not say “I don’t know what’s going on” because you are not going to know what is happening.  You don’t have to know what’s going on, just allow it to be.  Allow yourself to infiltrate these frequencies within you for you to be whom you should be – Whom You Are, not what you think.  So embrace the thoughts of nothingness when this occurs.  Sit and allow the tears to come; allow the frustrations to be removed; let it flow out of you. Take the baths.  Get your bodies in water.  Allow the wind to take it away from you.  Allow the sun to burn down upon you and let you feel the warmth.  Whatever it is, express yourself onto the Earth as each of you are healing together.  It is not a separate element.  All is in unison at this time.  As this unification occurs, the frequency that is happening within you is allowing you to embrace the Divinity, the Light, the compassion, the Love, the joy that You Are.  Don’t allow any other thoughts to be there.  Express yourself in this joy to others, however, it may be with a touch, or a look, with an embrace, with words across a paper that are so loving that your old self would have said, “Why am I writing this?  I am making myself vulnerable.”  Yes, vulnerability is the key to compassion and love in your life.  Allow yourself to express this; allow yourself to fully BE You.  Not the physical you, the soul’s essence that is vibrating and permeating out of your body.  It is seeping out of the waves of your skin to share with others.

Let us now take a deep breath.  As you take this deep breath, you feel the Light body that has been activated by Lord Sananda.  As this Light Body has been activated, you are now ready to fully embrace the Divinity that You Are.  We call upon the energies of the Cosmic Oneness, of the Creative Source of All That Is to assist us in this activation in this moment as we of the Cosmic Great Central Sun embellish upon each individual listening, reading, or being here in this moment to receive this full activation – allowing each of these individuals to share within themselves the Light that is bright, the Love that is so encompassing, the compassion within their hearts to move through all elements within them. We ask, we ask the frequency of this Light to be fully within each individual.  As it moves into your Crown, allow it to move into your chakra column and going to every cellular structure, allow it to go to the Physical body, to the Etheric body, to the Emotional body, and to the Mental body.  Allow it to be in the Spiritual body.  The spiritual essence that you are is now showing to you within your heart this essence, this individuality the beauty that we see in each of you, allow it to shine, allow it to grow. It is bubbling from your feet.  Allow the bubbles to come up ~ the bubbles of love, joy, compassion, as it moves through your entire being as the Light comes down to your Crown it is bubbling up from your feet and it is meeting with each other.  It is allowing the frequencies of Light that you experienced from the previous week in this month to fully be activated in the pure essence that you are ~ not with pain, not with lack, but with abundance with encompensating love within you.  Feel those moments; feel the energy; feel the vibration; feel all these activations.  Everything you perceived centers upon your heart.  Feel the vibration within your Sacred Heart; feel the divine feminine that is within each of you. Allow that frequency of compassion and love and nurturing and the essence and beauty that you are.  Feel it vibrating into your back, into your bloodstream, your spinal column, and all your fluids, you are Love.  You are Joy and You are the expression of All That Is.  This is now activating within you.

We are now going to ask for an additional activation of energies that each of you now put an intention out to us.  What is it that you would like to receive right now for this week?  For this moment you are listening, what is it you desire for your life to become better, for the doorways to be open and your path to be illuminated with this beautiful light that you are.  Let us hear your plea as we take a moment and allow us to receive your message.


We now ask, we now command that each of you receive this wish, this command, this intention within your full body structure not in your Mental, Emotional, or your Spiritual, we ask it to be grounded within your feet. We ask that you receive the Divinity and this wish to be manifested within you.  Allow that to  occur for you in this moment.  Feel the activation moving through your entire being.  Have the embracement and no thoughts ~ you are a full Light Body so there are no lower thoughts; it’s only higher thoughts.  Feel that vibration coming to you now as it swirls around you colors of Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Crystalline, Rainbow colors and allow those to swirl completely around you.  Ground it through your Earth Star sending it to the core of the Earth, to the crystal for it to be fully manifested within that area.  It is important to ground your wishes so we ask that each individual listening or reading at any given time, there is no time frame on this, to fully activate this wish and if you choose to listen to this or read it again, make anew wish.  Allow the manifestations to be in your life; allow yourself to feel it deeply within your Solar Plexus right now as it is being activated with the Devotional Ray.  Allow the Devotional Ray to be fully incorporated within your Being as you feel it permeating into your cells into all aspects as your cellular is changing and your DNA is being activated.  Breathe deeply through that and feel the essence that you are.  Feel the power within you and the energy forms you felt last week are positive, not negative or lower forms even though it may have felt so.  Breathe that and send it down through your feet into Gaia, through the Earth Star as it is spinning  very deeply and moving those energies. Allow those wishes to be granted as they are your wishes, they are your commands, and you are the commander of Your Destiny and your Reality.

It has been our pleasure of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God to embellish upon you these wishes within you.  All we are is the activator, you are the instigator.  You are the ones that are fully activating it.  All we are is allowing it to happen and giving you frequency to receive because as you receive, we will receive as we mirror one another in the Creation of Oneness.  May blessings be bestowed upon your Being this moment.

I AM that I AM that I AM tht I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun

I AM the Lord God Hosts at your Service

Blessings in the name of YHWH


This is Lord Sananda again.  Embrace it, activate it, and allow it to be.  It is your time to shine.  It is your time to embrace and share this light with the Earth and with others.  It will permeate through your entire being, through your auric field, and allow that auric field to expand in waves of Love, in waves of Light, and waves of Expression of whom you are.

I am Lord Sananda at your service as the spokesperson for the Christ Consciousness.  We are One in the Golden Flame.


Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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