Embracing the Rebirthing Frequency ~ April 24th, 2011

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings,

This is Lord Sananda speaking; Happy Easter.  I hope each of you is having a blessed resurrection as the frequency of the Christ Consciousness is coming fully into your beings.  It is a pleasure to connect with each of you in this way on this day. 

It is an enormous change that is occurring upon the planet within each of you.  As you can see many of you are changing in many different ways and just never know what can occur, being in the moment and allowing the awareness that has happened to you in your rebirth cycle is basically what you are going to be experiencing this week.  What happens in that birthing frequency?  There is a new level of energy and awareness ~ there may be some fears that arise ~ there could be changes happening to you in your cellular level that will create change sin your physical level.  The most important aspect that we speak about each week is about the Mental and Emotional levels.  What we want to center upon each of you is to help you with your DNA Activation ~ allowing the cellular memory to be fully released and to allow the integration of more light energies within your body ~ to allow the body to increase the frequency within.  As each of you increase these elements, you start to feel the love and acceptance occurring within you.  The word is ACCEPTANCE ~ Rebirth is Acceptance.  Because in that rebirth cycle, it can be very challenging when energy feels almost like it is raw.  It is like when you burn your finger and it starts to heal.  The threads in the level of your skin are starting to come together ~ it s a newness because the old skin is now gone.  If you think about it now ~what is occurring for you in your structure.  When I say in your structure, I am speaking about your Physical body with the Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies.  Your spiritual body is becoming activated more fluidly than it ever has been before.  There are components that are represented by those elements that can happen are thought forms, emotions, interaction with others, physical symptoms, the frequencies occurring within and around you to allow that essence to be rejuvenated.  It is not really rejuvenation, but is basically activation, because it will feel like you have burned yourself and the healing from the elements after being burned is very, very sore.  It is almost like you dive into this pool of fire into the unknown and within that pool of fire you fully come out of it scarred. Within that scarring, there is healing that occurs.  Because remember that whatever element that you have ever gone through ~ every challenge ~ every traumatic event ~ has made you stronger.  And that brings you to your strength in these moments. 

The strength that is occurring for you is allowing you to have the full frequency within your Being.  Within this frequency you will allow yourself to fully incorporate the remembrance that you are.  Because at times, what is going to happen for you in this rebirth cycle, is that you will remember the parts that are so beautiful ~ the parts that are so enveloping ~ the elements within you that allows you to have that full capability within you to create the love, the joy, the acceptance, the bliss and purity. This is not only for each of you individually but others around you.  You will find that now is the time ~ NOW it is time for everyone to realize that they have these elements within them and all we have to do is open up the Heart.  This is exactly what is happening for each of you.  Your Heart is being opened in a different way than it ever has been before.  The deepness within that Heart is allowing you to bring forth these elements of the Core of your Being and your Core of your Being is directly related to the Essence of the Creative Source of Oneness. 

Many of you may have been emotional in the last few days.  That emotion is part of this shift.  You start to feel the communication from others, from the deepness of your Hearts in a different way than you ever have before.  Number 1 you attracting these people into your lives; number 2 everyone is opening their Hearts so it is easier to be vulnerable with people that accept and are in this blissful state; and number 3, the time is Now.  The ones that do not accept these states of blissfulness and joy will fall away from your circumstances. This is way the friends have change; the relationships have changed, and even those that are your family members that you cannot relate to any longer.  They may be healing themselves, but if they are in a completely different state than you are, you will notice it immediately.  So what is exactly occurring here?  You are in transition as everyone is in transition.  These transitions can happen continually because as you move from the old spot towards the new spot, you are in that space in between and is almost like your legs are being split ~ the left leg in the old and the right leg in the new.  That space becomes wider until you do the jump.  This is what we are talking about now. Everyone is creating the Jump into the New.  Some of you are struggling with this change, and it is imperative that you allow yourself to fully embrace the new part of you.  This part of you is going to allow yourself to feel these moments of bliss more often.  Some of you may not be feeling it as often as you would like.  That foot is still in the old.  You need to bring it forward into the new.  You may be in the in-between state for awhile.  That is okay ~ allow yourself to know though that it is steps forward ~ Baby Steps ~ always constantly putting yourself in those new frequencies ~ the ones that feel uncomfortable but the ones that are so embracing.  You understand what I am saying and you will understand it even more as this process continues. 

This week each of you is being maneuvered ~ pushed ~ with these frequencies that are occurring.  As the rebirth cycle is now in the state of Action.  So action is occurring for each of you ~ let’s allow the action to happen tonight.  Allow this attunement that is going to come through to you to be accepted more fully within your Being so the periods of uncertainty that may be cropping up in your Mental level or any other levels ~ or the frustration may be healing in your body.  Until the body fully surrenders, then the rest cannot happen.  So you will still be in that struggle state.  Each of you are feeling these processes in a complete different manner because the level of activation that is coming from the star systems and the frequencies onto this Earthplane.  We need you to fully embrace the Rebirth that you are going through.  Because the more you embrace it, the more you will be able to assist Gaia, and we can do it together ~ not separately.  So we can be in the frequency of Oneness.  This is what we are experiencing as we all interconnect with each other.

Let’s take a deep breath and within that deep breath let’s center into our Heart Center.  Allow the Heart to fully open ~ visualize there has been a sealing up within the Heart Center.  I want you to visualize there is a warmth glow of the Golden Ray coming into your Heart.  As it comes within you, it warms that area up, and it allow those frequencies of your Lotus Heart that have been closed ~ to allow that Heart to enfold outwards out of the body.  We want to see a Lotus heart opening up from the top to the bottom and the left to the right.  Allow that to expand outwards into your meridians ~ the meridians that run vertically through your body and then horizontally from the body ~ as this Lotus Heart now expands fully in that frequency.  Breathe deeply through that ~ breathe deeply.

And allow that frequency to keep expanding the layers upon layers upon layers.  The top layers are probably going to peel away much easier than the bottom layers.  Allow that to happen and breathe deeply 

[Sacral Chakra Crystal Bowl being played] 

Allow the vibration to go through you. 

Now expand that down your whole body.  Feel that vibration going down to your lower chakras and then going up through the upper chakras ~ feeling it in your Earth Star and your Soul Star expanding the frequency.  What we are doing right now is bringing in some vibration so you fully allow the Lotus Heart to be open.  Allow the rebirthing process to occur ~ You have gone through the resurrection phases and the challenges and some of you may not think you have experienced enough ~ but you have gone through exactly what you needed.  Allow that to be your guide in this moment.  Allow this energy to frequent within your bloodstream ~ within your spinal column and all the fluids to be fully activated on the Platinum level.  Allow that Platinum energy to blend with the Golden energy.  Allow yourself to be embraced within the Christ that You Are.  You are now ready to receive.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service.  Namaste and many, many blessings.

I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service.

Breathe into the heart…breathe into all the Essence that you are as it goes into the Heart….it goes through the Etheric and into the Physical.  We want it to vibrate all the organs, all the fluid levels, all the systems of the body.  Breathe…breathe…Continue the breath…in and out…in and out allow it to fully embrace the new within you.  Shake off the old ~ as the vibration now continues…..

Sacral Chakra Bowl……

Feel the vibration…let it blend within…

So now you are in a receiving mode.  Allow the vibration to fully come within you.  Allow the newborn within you, the babe within you to arise out of the body.  Feel the old skin being removed.  The outer layers are being completely dissipated.  Allow yourself to feel that ~ allow yourself to think differently ~ allow yourself to embrace it differently.  Receive…Receive…Receive..

We bring to you tonight a different kind of frequency than you have been receiving previously.  It is because we totally want to assist you not only in the vibrancy but in the nurturing.  So there is a combination of levels coming to you right now.  There is a movement of the Divine Mother that We Are and the Divine Father ~The Divine Mother of the Nurturing and Creativity; and the Divine Father of the Strength, Courage, and Power Creativity.  That is why we have been having Christine using the Crystal Bowl for the Sacral area this evening.  We want those levels of frequency to be totally open.  As we do that, let’s bring in the Violet Purple Ray of the Violet Transmutation of the Essence of Divine colors represented by glorious Saint Germain.  We ask each of you now to breathe in this beautiful fire ~ the fire of the transmuting flame within your Sacral and allow the Sacral area to be fully inflamed with the magic that is you.  We first want to transmute all the old elements that are stopping you from having that magic and feel the beauty of the Violet Deep Purple, of the Cosmic energies to flow through you.  You may see many different levels of that color of the spectrums of the light.  You may see Lavenders, Reds, evenOranges, and allow the Purple and the deepness of that flame of the Violet to run through your entire Being into the Core of your Essence ~ into your cellular structure.  We are asking the cellular structure to be activated in a new way than it has before.  Breathe through that ~ allow yourself to experience this activation in a different way.  It is a subtle way ~ that will represent the Nurturing and the Power representing the Strength.  Breathe deeply as we do this.  We ask for the Male and the Female within this Violet Fire to be activated in a new way than it has been before.  Allow yourself the freedom that you have the ability to fully activate the changes that are necessary without the thoughts of thinking about it.

I will tell you this ~ I will tell you this ~ that the more you worry, the more you think, the more you try to process, and put it down on paper what you need to be doing ~ the less you will be able to do it.  You will be in that frozen state of time.  You must walking into it ~ You must walk into it ~ the Violet Flame will assist you.  Allow the Violet Flame to fully integrate within you ~ as we allow the Violet Flame tonight to be the Guide ~ to be the guide of your activation.  Each of you is transitioning into new levels of awareness.  Allow yourself to nurture within to allow that level of awareness to be the activation that you desire.  I want you to go deeply within your Heart right now ~ not the mind.  I want the balance of the Male and Female and when you get into that Core Essence, when you get into your Cellular Level, when you get into that DNA Activation ~ that is the balance that is needed.  It is all the other layers that get in the way.  That is why we say for eons and eons of time that the onion needs to be peeled layer by layer.  Well, tonight we are doing the opposite.  We are going deep into the Core of that Being and I want you to see that Violet Flame coming down into the Heart and it is spinning in a clock-wise manner.  It is a drilling a hole deep within that Essence that is you.  The Essence has been hiding away in that lower level.  The Essence that is You that you haven’t fully embraced.  You may have embraced it at times but you are not fully activating it because the other elements that get in the way ~ the elements of the thought processes ~ the elements of the worry ~ the elements of the judgments within yourself ~ the elements of the emotional imbalance.  When you became emotionally imbalanced, let it go.  Let yourself flow with it ~ let the tears come ~ let the anger be opened up because the anger will not support you as you know. These are all lower vibrations. What can happen in that Emotional level is that you can take all those elements of the lower negative emotions and turn them into a physical reaction.  What is the best physical reaction that one can have?  TEARS….everyone always say ~ some people just cry too much, especially women.  The one I am speaking through here ~ she’s been crying forever and ever and ever and still cries, but you know what she does?  She releases it when she does this.  Sure, it may feel bad ~ it may feel terrible when you are in that space.  But you have to embrace yourself, because in order to get to those peels of the onion, it is necessary. Think of the onion being peeled and you are just crying because the onion is just too strong to hold back the tears.  The emotions are just too strong so let them come and let them come!  Male and Female together ~ I am not pointing any fingers at the female race because are always the ones that have their Emotional level more open.  The men find it more challenging; but they are coming to the surface.  The men are allowing themselves to see the nurturing within them and they need to be nurtured just as much as the females do.  So let’s just embrace these moments and if you find yourself in tears right now and in a moment later, say to yourself, “Halleluiah, Halleluiah, I am arising~ I Am the Christ Within Me ~ because I am letting go of all those layers that have taken me years and eons of time to be fully removed.  Now I can get to the Core.

I want you now to feel that Core deep within you.  Now you see the stem of the Lotus because we have taken the Violet Fire and fully opened it up.  You should see a space within as all the petals are totally open.  It goes down into core of your Being ~ your Soul’s Essence of your beginning fraction that was created from each of us ~ that we have created it when we were in Oneness.  So how do we get to that state of Oneness?  Each of you need to be within your own Oneness ~ you must feel that Core Essence.  You must feel that Purity, the Bliss, and the activation that is happening within you.  The energies of the God Force are assisting you this ~ they are coming from us in the Cosmic and then they are coming from the Multi-Universal, the Universal, the Galactic, the Solar and then down through the Planetary to awaken.  The awakened state is the power within.  You see that hole that is deep within your Heart as you allow the old to be removed.  All the judgments, all the feelings of lack, all the non-acceptance of yourself, low self-esteem, whatever the issues may have been that did not allow you to fully embrace the Divinity that You Are, are all now being removed and is pouring out of you.  Let it pour out of you as it is seeping in vapors.  The Violet Flame is now vaporizing it all.

Now we bring forth to you the Pink Ray of the Active Intelligence. That bright Pink color and breathe it in.  There is beam of energy coming down into your Core of your Heart and it goes deep within you into that cellular structure, the part of you that is the Soul’s Essence so that the Essence can now RELAX.  It can fully allow the relaxation to occur.  As this happens, it expands outwardly and the petals of your Lotus are flapping around like a beautiful flower ~ the flower is happy.  The Essence of your Being is now happy and embrace this happiness with the Bright Pink.

Now we want to infiltrate the Golden Flame of the Christ Consciousness.  Breathe that into your enveloping energy.  Then let us bring in the Magenta of the fifth dimensional frequency.  The Heart is now expanding with the Solar Plexus and the Thymus.  Allow those colors of the Pink, of the Gold, and the Magenta all be together in the totality that you are to create the fifth dimensional body, to create the Essence of completeness within your Being for you to fully activate everything that you desire in these moments.  Even though the Earth is not ready to be on that fifth dimensional level, we need to activate the bodies because the more fluidness and the more frequency you bring forward within you, the more you will bring it through you and onto others.  Allow that to be your guide.  Breathe deeply as now your Lotus Heart is encompassing your Thymus, Heart and Solar Plexus.  And allow yourself to expand ~ now the Bliss comes and the Purity and the Acceptance and the Divinity that You Are.  Allow it to expand into your back and feel yourself softening.  This expansion is going to occur on the cellular level, it will occur on the Physical level, the Etheric level, the Mental level and the Emotional level.  Breathe through that as the Spiritual level now becomes more activated than it ever has before as you are now allowing your Soul’s Essence, your Higher Self, to be activated fluidly.  The Male and the Female come into balance and as they do so, they are in love with each other because they work with one another and accept each other.  This is the purity of wonderful relationships.  You cannot have a wonderful relationship until you have a wonderful relationship with yourself.  And those relationships that you are finding that have been broken apart; they can come back together depending on each party.

So let’s allow a special gift upon each of you in these moments for you to receive exactly this moment, your Soul’s Essence and a mirror image to come into your world and to show you that you are deserving of relationships in the purity of the light because the God and the Goddesses need to come together just as Oneness is being created.  The God and the Goddesses need to work with each other.  Each of you have been working separately for a very long time and we believe that it is now time for this to be activated so we are going to be working on this for the next few weeks.  We want to see what results occur within these moments.  If this is your desire, if this is part of your Higher Self’s purpose, please know that it is important not to close yourself off.  Please know that the frequency of Light is important for each of you as you allow all the components together to feel that completeness, to feel that frequency, to feel that energetic exchange within one another.  Breathing deeply allow this continuation and this rebirth to occur.  We embrace you with the frequencies of the Pink and the Gold and the Magenta to nourish you, to activate you, and to allow the totality of your Being to be fully within the frequency that you are accepting.  So I ask you right now to just visualize your arms open wide and standing on the edge of the ocean, feeling the Goddess of the Sea and the Sky and the Earth and the Sun and the Moon, as all these elements are important ~ as there are different facets within you that are important.  Know that the soul family is being activated and is about ready to be attuned in the physical vibration that each of you are receiving and will activate within your mind’s eye.  This is your resurrection ~ the inner core of your resurrection of fully activating yourself and the Divinity that you are to accept others around you.  It is now time for each of you to come together.  It does not always necessary mean that you are God and Goddesses with each other but the family units need to be formed.  And some of the family units you thought were occurring will not occur because those that you thoughth would be with you will not be ready.

With this activation right now we ask each of you to embrace the new embryo that has opened up into the frequency of the Light that everyone is. We bring forth this activation for each of you to realize the essence and the purity within you and mirror it outwardly to receive in return.  It is not our purpose for each of you to be alone; it is our purpose for you to come together and now is the time for that activation to occur. Take this week and allow the Love and the Purity to embraced within your life whatever you are doing.  Ask for balance.  We ask for everyone right now to receive the balance that is necessary in their lifestyles. We know you are being activated on a higher frequency, and we know it is challenging.  But we ask of you this ~ Accept It ~ and when you complain you are making it more challenging. Acceptance ~ Acceptance ~ Acceptance.  You have taken a dive into the abyss of a new reality and within this new reality you do not understand.  That is okay. A child does not understand when it is born.  You are being borne in a new reality. Embrace that new reality because as you embrace it, new events will happen for you.  The occurrence will be absolutely beautiful.

We are happy to be here this evening on this beautiful blessed holiday that is not just a Christian holiday it is a Universal Holiday of the Christ Within ~ Of the God Essence Within.  We integrate within you right now a higher frequency for you to receive this.  If you fully have not felt the resurrection, know that it is coming and it shall be embraced the essence that you are right now. We fully open up the channel of the frequencies of all the colors, no colors, multi-colors to be fully within your Being for you to receive all that you need and what you do not need will not be embraced.  You do not have to do anything ~ it will be done for you.  Accept this as your Divinity ~ You are in the right moment to receive exactly what you desire.  We are the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father to give you nurturing, courage, strength, and beauty.  As each of you stand in your power, stand in the essence of Purity that you are, you shall fully receive all and more that you desire.

Blessings my children, blessings.

In the Name of the Holy God of Hosts

Adonai T’zeboyoth

We Are the Cosmic Great Central Sun

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM ….I AM…I AM One with You

Greetings, this is Lord Sananda once again.  It has been said; you are ready to receive.  You are ready to accept.  Don’t think about it.  Whatever it is that you are doing in each moment, be in that moment.  Start to challenge yourself by staying in that moment.  I know it is a challenge.  I know those thought processes try and stop you or the worries that is happening to you and you are unsure of where you are going to be at any moment in time.  Please know that this is your resurrection. This is the Gift of the Christ Consciousness.  This is the gift you are giving yourself.  It is not Us ~ We are You as You are Us so each of us gives it to Ourselves in this moment.  I walk with you and I embrace you.  I love you deeply; very, very deeply and I am honored to be able to share with you in this manner.  That is the blessing I have in my Beingness as I share with you all that I Am and you share with me all that You Are and we come together in that unified creation that we are.  Thank you for being with us and accepting this responsibility in this pathway.  The beauty is beyond what I can describe.



Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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