The Flame of Your Divinity ~ April 17th, 2011

Celebrating the Festival of the Christ

Overlighted by Lord Maitreya

Lord Sananda & the Cosmic Great Central Sun of Divine Mother and Father God

This week there were several different aspects to the call since it was the Full Moon which represented the Festival of the Christ Ceremony.  Included is a meditation for the Christ Energies which represents Resurrection, the channeling of the Cosmic Energies, which included a message from Lord Maitreya.  It was a very powerful call.


Take some deep breaths and feel the essence of the Christ Consciousness fully embodying within us.  Allow that frequency to fully come within.  Breathing fully into our Crown and allowing this beam of light of Golden hues, of Pinks, of Silver, of Pearlescent fully come within our Being.  It flows through our chakra system in just a fluidness, not like a strong being of Light ~ a circular motion ~ as it moves through the Crown into the Third Eye, into the Throat and the Thymus, then the Heart, and feel the base of it centering into the Heart.  Now the rest of it moves downward into our Solar Plexus and into the Sacral and the Root.  It is now blending down our limbs into the Earth Star so the Earth Star and the Soul Star are the beginning and ending points of this frequency.  The core of the frequency is deep within our Heart ~ allow that to come within us at this time.  Visualize the pure White Light of the Christ merge with the beautiful Pink Light of Love.  Feel this luminous gentle Pink Light being to flow through your entire four-body system.  Allow the frequency to move out of the Earth Star into your Etheric Level and move vertically around you on both sides until it meets the Soul Star and feel the Pink and the White blending together with the Pearlescent and the Golden ~Another Deep Breath.  Now the Earth Star expands further into the Emotional level; the emotional level is now filled with the Pink, the White, the Golden, and the Platinum as it blends upwards around and reaches the Soul Star.  Feel the beauty and the integration of these essences coming fully within you.  Then, again, the Earth Star expands with another spinning energy moving outwards to the left and the right going into the Mental level which helps the mental frequency to be fully embodied with the Pink, the Gold, the Platinum, and the White and it meets at the Soul Star.  Now all these four bodies blend together to create the One Body.

Know that you are receiving your Christed Self fully within yourHeartCenterfeeling your Soul’s Essence ~The Beauty, the Creation, and the Deepness Within ~ Know this is your own True Nature.  This is the remembrance of your Divinity.  Visualize your Christed Self bowing to Maitreya, beloved Master Jesus as Lord Sananda and Master Kuthumi.  Know in this moment they are bowing to your Christed Self as you are bowing to theirs.  Realize that each of us and all inhabitants of this planet bring forth their Christed Self and wake up to the realization of its Divinity.  Each of you is Oneness with the One.  Feel that deeply within you now.

We now bow to the Christed Self of Gaia and the planet.  Knowing as you are doing this you are bowing to the beauty of nature of all things.  Realize that in truth that you are simply bowing to the Divine Nature of all that exists.  Feel the energies of the Divine Love within you pouring outward into the entire planet.  See this beautiful, softly luminous Pink, White, Golden, Platinum light touching and enveloping everything in the sublest form of love.  Know that you and all you are, are held within the aura of this love.  Breathe deeply in this moment.  Feel the essence of the Heart and the expansion that is occurring for you in this moment.  Now follow your breath, go deeper into your Heart.  I want you to now envision your Heart expanding so deep in the deepest core of your Being that you feel the acceptance that you are.  Feel the essence, the beauty and the purity within you Heart but also allow anything that does not fit into that realization to be fully removed out of you now.  Feel those essences that do not blend within your highest divinity to be fully removed whether it is Physical, Emotional, Mental, thought forms, or whatever it is, allow yourself to feel the full Divinity of the Christ Consciousness within you.  Feel the change and the shift within your Being as you do this.  As the essence of your purest form of Light is fully embodied within the Physical and blending with your four-body system that is now one body.  Your Spiritual Body is fully activated with your Soul Star and your Earth Star as they spin in a clockwise manner and its purest form of Light is spinning outside of you.  As it is spinning outside of you, it is spinning inside of you into the essence of your Heart ~Into the essence of your Thymus ~ into the essence of your Solar Plexus.  Allow the Resurrection to now take place.

Feel yourself go to a new level of conditioning of thought process, of feelings allowing the purest sense of yourself to be fully embodied.  See Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, and Master Kuthumi in front of you.  Feel the acknowledgement they are giving to you in this moment.  Feel their love, feel their strength, feel their purity, feel their acceptance.  They have a gift for you.  The gift may be something tangible or intangible.  It may be a feeling ~a thought ~ it may be something that you need to cherish inside of you.  It is an element that you need for the Resurrection of this Full Moon of the Festival of the Christ.  It is something that you have not acknowledged fully within your Physical Being.  Allow yourself to embrace this gift.

It is represented by the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.  Allow yourself to hold it deep in your Heart for it to be activated when the time is ripe and ready for you to act upon it which will be very, very soon within this 30-day period.  Just allow yourself to embrace this gift, this blessing, this acknowledgement as I breathe deeply to bring forth a message from Lord Maitreya.  Namaste.


Lord Maitreya ~ Remembrance

Greetings, my Dearest Ones.  It is Lord Maitreya at your service in the embellishment of the Love and the expression of the Purity and the Essence that you are embodying in this very moment.  Congratulations.

It is a pivotal time upon your planet; it is a pivotal time within your Being.  Each of you is being acknowledged in a new way and within that acknowledgement is a remembrance of your Divinity.  The planet is in upheaval; your personal lives are in upheaval but there is one Spark of Light that is fully activated within you.  In this evening we give to you the Essence and the Purity to fully open up this acknowledgement that has just been shared with you.  It is a spark of Light; it is a remembrance; it is a moment in time.  It is now your time to see the aspect that has been lost for you.  It may be something that you fully have forgotten about; it is may be something that you need in this moment; it may be a larger circumstance of your pathway.  It is different for each of you and within this pathway there is an element of change occurring for you beyond the capacity of your mind’s eye.

We ask you now to breathe deeply ~ breathe deeply within that Heart ~ breathe deeply within your Solar Plexus and breathe deeply within your Thymus as all these activations are occurring for you and assisting you in the Divinity of your Physical Being.  Your life upon this planet is like none other.  There are elements and changes and activations embracing within your consciousness.  There are fluctuations of emotions and mental thoughts that can get in the way.  It is very, very, very important to have the highest of your Being to be fully activated in who you are.  Not the one that you see in the mirror in the morning ~ the one that you feel when you first wake up.  That Essence of your Divinity ~ the most important element in this moment is to realize that you are being resurrected because you have allowed yourself to be in that space.  There is a continuance and a completeness that is occurring for each of you.  It is a very important moment, this Full Moon, 2011, upon this planet.  Each of you have a great gift to this world.  Each of you has a sharing that is needed.  Each of you is going to be able to understand this process.  You won’t understand it in your mind as it is in the physical.  You must understand in your Higher Mind, in your Higher Body and this is why we have Cosmic Oneness.  These are the activations that are necessary for you to attune yourself to those higher frequencies in the Physical body.  Embrace these moments of changes even when they feel uncomfortable.  Get deep get into your Higher Essence, in to your Higher Self, in to your Higher Mind, into your Higher Heart as they are the ones that are guiding you, not the Physical Mind, not the Physical Heart, or those Emotions and definitely not the Physical body.  Because the Physical Body is reacting to the emotions and the thoughts, so it is imperative that right now, this evening, we work with each of you to assist you in activating these energies more fully within your Physical, of your Divinity, of the Divine Essence and the Creative Spark from the beginning of time.

We give to you these moments of acceleration.  We give to you these moments of acceptance and knowing that in these moments of acceptance, you will truly understand the process when it occurs within you.  Do not question it before it happens; do not question it after it happens.  Allow yourself to be in that moment because that is what is going to assist you ~ of the moment of your frequency of your Rebirth.  And it is not a rebirth, it is a Remembrance.  It is a Remembrance of the Spark of Light that you are, and we embody this spark of Light within you at this very time.  I, Lord Maitreya, with Lord Sananda and Master Kuthumi, right here together, extend our teachings ~ extend our Light ~ extend our frequency to You.  We ask of you not to look at us as the Teachers but to look at us as the Colleagues.  The wheels are turning, and this is a pivotal time ~ this Full Moon ~ this activation.  In this period of this Full Moon, I would like each of you to look at the Full Moon and feel the beautiful essence of your Beingness in the fullness that she is.  And allow that fullness, to represent the fullness that is occurring within you.  Each of you are being embodied with the sparkles of Light, the frequency, that are from your beginning stages before we all split into separate personalities ~ into Angelic forms ~ into souls ~ that traveled the Heavens together.  This is what you are embodying in this moment on this Festival of the Christ ;as each of you are the Christ within more fully than you ever have before within a physical vehicle.

I ask of you not to figure out my words but to embrace the frequency in this moment.  We are You, as You are Us.  Let us embrace the Oneness within each of Us first so that you can embrace Us as your Colleagues and not your Teachers.  In the Light of the Christ that we are, let us unite together.

I am honored to be with you in this moment and to share with you the energetics of the Office of the Christ that each of you embody that I, represent, in this form.  Take this frequency and embrace it within yourself and share it through your energetics during this time period.  You are being prepared for great pathways, for great experiences, and I am honored to speak through Meleriessee to share with each of you so that I can embody to you, my Essence of the Light that I AM ~ that You Are ~ and that we are all together.  As now I represent not only Lord Maitreya, but Lord Sananda and Master Kuthumi as we embody the Oneness with Each of You.  May the Light of the Christ be within you and activate it fully within your Being in this moment.  It is our honor to celebrate this moment with each of you.

In the Holy God of Hosts That We Are, We Are One.


Lord Sananda & The Cosmic Great Central Sun

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings.  This is Lord Sananda.

I will be brief as this is a very powerful, a very enveloping night of Love, of connection, and of Divinity of each of Us.  Let us take a moment and feeling the blessing that has been brought into each of You and each of Us in this moment.  As the Divine Mother and the Divine Father of God are embodying  this frequency deeply ~ more deeply than it ever has previously. 


We bring to you the Essence of completeness.  It is time, it is time for each of you to open up your Hearts and allow the Minds and Emotions to be in balance.  And allow the Divinity of the Higher Essence of your Souls’ frequency for the One to be fully embodied within you.  I embrace that within you right now.  As we previously brought in the Golden flame, the Platinum, the Pink and the White let us embody the other colors of the Blues, Greens, Lavenders, Violets, Pinks, Reds, Oranges, and all colors and no colors.  Allow those frequencies to be embodied within your Heart now and allow that to blend within you, up through you and down below you ~ into your Earth Star and your Soul Star, into the four-body system that has been activated ~ into the Spiritual Body that is now very active and has been through a birth experience.  As your soul’s Essence is now fully within the frequency between your Thymus, your Heart and your Solar Plexus.  As you are now within your fifth dimensional body, the Light Body is now being activated.  Allow those frequencies to be fully within you as we embrace the moments of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God to fully embrace and bless each of us this evening.  Breathe deeply and Thank You for being here and for Being within in all aspects of Creation.


I AM That I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun here with a blessing of the evening ~ the blessing for this Full Moon of the Festival of the Christ ~ the blessing of your Light, the blessing of Love, the blessing of your frequency fully within the body.  Breathe…breathe…breathe.

We bring to you in this moment a blessing of all blessings ~ it is an honor to be able to come through Dearest Meleriessee and to embrace onto each of you the frequency of our love, Dearest Mother and Father of your Soul Essence and to be able to communicate to you in the physical realm.  It is a beautiful moment in time for each of us to fully embody this frequency more fully than we ever thought possible.  The energetics and the changes that are happening to each of you are in direct retrospect of what your soul has been preparing for ~ so please know that as you are going through these challenges and these elements of frequency within and you are not quite sure what is happening to you in any given moment.  That is always your chosen way to accept so let us allow the Mind, allow the Heart to fully embrace the moments of Creation.  Allow us now to sit in this essence that is being embodied through the frequency of All That is as we embody to you from the Cosmic and the Multi-Universal, the Universal, the Galactic, the Solar and the Planetary as we bring it down into the core of your Being as you are now embracing your full Light Body as you never have before.

We ask for a blessing and within this blessing, we ask that every individual fully receive this energy in the active state of the Creation, in the active Mind, in the active Heart and allow the Higher Heart and the Higher Mind to be fully embraced as it never has been before.  Allow this ceremony of the Festival of the Christ to be the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness fully within every person that is involved with this energy coming forth in this moment and in future moments of listening or reading the material.  It is our Divine purpose at this time to embody this to each of You.  This is why we come through as we do.  This is why we have pushed her to do this and she is ~ as you will be pushed also.  It is your Divine right to embody the frequency of your Soul’s Essence in the highest level of continuation within your physical vehicle.  If it was not, you would not be listening ~ you would not be open to receiving.  You would be sitting somewhere and believing someone else instead of sitting here right now and believing yourself that what you are receiving is the Divine Creation of your spark.  We share through her to share to you as our Hearts all blend together in this Essence.

This is the Resurrection ~ this is the involvement we want ~ this is the awakened state.  We want everyone to be awakened as you are being awakened in these moments.  It is not just a special circumstance for special individuals to receive this frequency.  It is the Divine Right of the Soul’s Essence to receive it and to understand it within their Heart ~ just as the great Masters have walked before you.  Each of you is embodying this frequency fully within you to allow the spark, to allow this Light to be ignited as it never has before.  Your light must grow ~ it must grow and grow and grow.  The Flame must be bright because the challenges upon the Earth are going to become even greater than they are right now.  That without the frequency of your Light expanding we cannot have the illumination upon the Planet.  You are the Saviors ~ You are the Light Workers ~ You are embodying this frequency fully within you being to share ~ to create ~ to ignite others.  Take this within yourself to understand deep within your Heart.  Breathe in those frequencies of the Gold, the Platinum, and all the colors, and the no colors, and the Crystalline essences that you are.  Because you are not just one color, you are many colors.  We are all the frequencies.  If you look into a flame of a candle and you close your eyes a bit, don’t you not see many colors in that flame?  This is what we see within you.  You shine deeply with all these colors.  Allow us, right now, to help you ignite.  That frequency, that Love, that Purity, that Joy ~ as you do, it will burn away all the layers that have tried to stop you for eons and eons of time. Allow the flame that you are to burn so brightly ~ not just the top of your Soul Star but deep down into the base of your Earth Star and allow that flame to be going through you from the top to the bottom from the bottom to the top.  Feel it deeply within your Heart because this is where the true essence of the flame will stay ignited ~ the flame of your frequency ~ the flame of your Light.  You are being testing ~ being tested greatly but not without training.  You have been training for eons of time.  You are the Warriors of the Light ~ you are the frequency to allow the embodiment to be fully within you.  Allow these moments of your Resurrection be fully active ~ this is what is going to service your purpose.  Take the moments in the next few days as this frequency is going to be stronger than it ever has before.

I want you to breathe deeply, and I want you want to feel that warmth within you.  I want you to feel the warmth within your Heart.  Some say that when we come through that the energy shifts into a freezing cold element as Christine feels it when she receives these energies.  This is because your body is not used to the Cosmic level ~ the Crystalline energies.  You are becoming crystal bodies within you.  And as you do, you will start to embrace the Divinity that you are and to feel that complete Oneness within.  We must serve upon this so deeply that the deepest impressments that we want to bring forth is that you must allow yourself to expand and acknowledge the highest part of your Soul’s Essence before you can feel the Oneness around you.  There will be moments of reflection that you will feel this Oneness and then there will be moments you don’t feel the One.  Allow yourself to breathe deeply into that and allow the flame to be warm and burning ever so beautifully ~ you will see then that the frequency will change around you.  Stop the thoughts ~ stop the emotions from telling you otherwise.  Use that breath ~ use that breath of that flame as we bring that flame within you now.  Allow that flame to be fully activated at all times and you breathe deeply into your heart as you feel the warmth of this flame ~ just burning so brightly.  This is what is going to activate your Soul’s Essence.  This is what is going to burn away any negative dross.  This is what is going to embrace the Light Body within your physical activity in the frequency of all the organs, and all the interworkings of the body of all the systems.  This is what is going to assist you completely.

Be kind to the body ~ the body is very frustrated because it feels out of balance ~ as the entry of this high frequency of the Light so the body reacts with chills, within the bloodstream.  So it is important for you to embrace with the warm flame.  If you need to light a candle and just look at the flame of the candle ~ embellish yourself within the flame and feel it deeply within your Thymus, your Heart and your Solar Plexus.  Believe me you will start to feel all of the essences.  You will feel the frequencies of the Rays of your Will and Power you will feel your Love and Wisdom, Active Intelligence, Balance and Harmony, Scientific Knowledge, Spiritual Devotion,, and Transmutation/Ceremonial Magic.  Allow those seven basic rays to be fully activated within you and then you will be able to fully intuit the rest of the higher frequencies.  They will just blend together.  You don’t even have to worry about what they mean.  Because you will understand the meanings when it occurs.  Breathe deeply as we bring in those frequencies within you now of activating all those thought processes all those elements, of all those rays and command those seven basic rays within you.  Without learning how to command them, you cannot go further and receive the Cosmic level.  You can feel it – feel it within your consciousness, but you fully need to embody it within the physical vehicle and this is what is going to be guide.  This is what is going to assist you in the Divinity of your Soul’s Essence ~ this is what you are being prepared for so allow those frequencies to be embodied within you now.

Breathe deeply as we bring in the Blue of Will and Power; breathe deeply as we bring in the Golden Yellow of Love and Wisdom; breathe deeply as we bring in the Pink of Active Intelligence; breathe deeply as we bring in Crystalline and Green for Harmony and Balance; breathe deeply as we bring in Green and Gold with White Light for Scientific Knowledge; breathe deeply as we bring in Cherry Red for Spiritual Devotion; and breathe deeply of the Deep Purple of Ceremonial Magic.  As all…..these frequencies are blending together as one essence deeply within your Heart feel that occurring within you now.  Commanding all levels of Creation within your Being.  We of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God now ask for an activation for each person that is listening, is reading to fully allow these frequencies to be embodied within them ~to allow the higher levels of the higher chakra system of the 4th dimensional grid and the 5th dimensional grid to be embodied ~ to accept the light body within your being.  And allow the flame of the Golden White light to be fully bring forth the warmth and the conditioning that is necessary to assist in bringing in these higher frequencies.

We ask for a blessing for each person in this moment.  We ask that they receive the divinity of the Light fully within them and they see a change within their lifestyle.  We ask that each one of you bring forth the Christ Consciousness as the Resurrection is now finished.  You are a new being of Light ~ you are a new aspect of yourself.  One that you may know or may not know but it is very familiar in any case.

Breathe that in now ~ Breathe that Essence ~ Breathe that part of you that is a remembrance that has been tucked away somewhere and now the flame of the Essence of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of nurturing and strength is deep within you as you bring forth the Oneness of your Creation within your physical body.  Allow that to be your guide ~ allow this element of Light ~ of Love ~ of Purity ~ of Joy that we are to be embodied upon you as it was in the beginning when we were all One.  Now let’s think of us as all One Being of Light.  Feel yourself just moving through that frequency as we are one embryo of pure essence of colors and no colors all blending together.

It is our divine pleasure of the Divine Mother and Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun to assist you this evening in this blessing and these activations for you to fully realize the capacity of the Light that is within you.  It is now your time to receive and embrace and to walk upon the path as a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy upon this land as many are awaiting your arrival onto the pathway of Mastership.  Allow your gifts to be embodied within you as we assist you in this process.  It is our Divine hope and Divine pleasure to fully allow this frequency to be upon each of you ~ not just now in the resurrection phase but moving forward in the other phases that are to come.  Many surprises of Light and Love~ of Purity of your Essence is now being embodied upon you.  May the blessings continue in each moment that you walk upon this planet.  Thank you for being here in this capacity.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun

I AM that I AM that I AM

The Divine Mother and the Divine Father God

Blessings of your Light.~ Blessings of your Activation ~ Blessings of your Remembrance

We Are One

Holy God Hosts of We Are, Holy God of Hosts of We Are

We Are One

We are the Angels

We Are One with You

Blessings my dear children, Blessings

I Am Lord Sananda.  Thank you; thank you for being here this weve3ning.  Thank you, dearest Meleriessee for opening of your Heart to allow the expansion of this Light onto these lands to assist others to do the same.  We are One.  Thank you, blessings, Namaste and the Holy God Lord of Hosts that We Are.

Adonai T’zeboyoth

So Mote It Be In the Light of the Christ


Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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