May 15th, 2011 ~ Embracing the Eye of the Hurricane

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Good Evening,

It is Lord Sananda at your service.  Wesak is in a very intense mode right now. There were many groups around the world that did perform ceremonies this weekend but it is going to be continual through the 18th or the 19th.  So wherever you are in the frequency in allowing the energies of your ascension process, your initiation process, being a Master upon this Earth is going to be increased by ten-fold. 

There is a special dispensation this year.  We have not spoken too much about this before because we do not want to say a whole lot; we wanted everyone to feel and integrate with the energies.  I have to say that Meleriessee’s  ceremony on the beach was an amazing event and within this event the Masters in Shamballa greeted each of you with their deepest Souls and Hearts as we were all together as we have never been before.  We have been telling you for several months that we are here to assist you in walking together onto the New Earth.  We are here as your colleagues; we are walking with you side-by-side.  It is now your time to fully empower yourself in a way that you never have before.  Some of you are going to be feeling that you are getting hit pretty hard; some of you are going to be feeling releasements.  Everyone is going to change.  I think that Meleriessee can attest with that for herself.  Whatever your pathway has been; whatever you have been working that is going to increase and it may even shift into a different frequency than it has previously. 

You are going to be accepting your Divinity more fully as this Wesak was the Creative Essence of Your Spark ~ Allowing the Divinity to Be Fully within You.  And what does that mean?  It means that the Divinity of the experiences that you are encountering are fully activated within the fifth dimensional level.  Even if you have not acquired the 5th Dimensional Chakra Grid, each of you are going to be accelerating yourself into that space and continuum.

This Wesak is pivotal and is the most important element that has occurred upon the planet ever.  We have never had a Wesak ceremony as we are having during this Full Moon in 2011.  Embrace yourself dear children; embrace yourself for the frequency that you are about to encounter.  It is importantly for you to allow it to Be; if you do not allow it to be fully embraced within you, then you cannot Accept It, and it will not allow the energies within you to be created within the Divinity of the Spark of your Essence, of your contract upon this Earth at this time.  Each of us of the Ray Chohan, of the Lady Masters, of the Light Beings, of the Inter-Galactics, of the Star Fleet, each of us as the Essence of the Divinity that we are, of the Divine Mother and Father God and the Creative Source of Oneness come to you in this event, in this moment, assist you to move to that next space of continuum.  All those prayers that you have been sending out; all the intentions, all the manifestations that you desire are now going to be created.  Be very careful, my children, what you ask for as it is coming.  It is now in that supreme essence in the Creative Energies upon this Earth.  This Earth may not be quite in that fifth dimensional energy frequency but each of you are assisting and bringing forth that level of continuum.  It cannot be stopped and as it becomes more and more involved, you will start to see how it is becoming more integrated within you.  Allow the fire to be within you, allow the essence of the Earth, allow the essence of the Air, allow the essence of Water to flow through you. Allow yourself to be the fluid; allow yourself to move through the air; allow yourself to create the passion within you; and allow yourself to ground it deeply into the Core of the Earth. 

We are here to assist you tonight with all of these elements.  The intention that we have put out for each of you in the preparation of these energies are going to assist you tremendously.  This is a powerful week ~ the most powerful besides 11-11-11.  So prepare yourself in this moment.  Just embrace the energies and allow them to run through you.  Whatever your space is in this moment; whatever you are going through; whatever you are healing; whatever you are incorporating, allow it to be so.  It cannot be any other way because the funnel of the Light has already started.  It cannot be stopped.  So prepare yourself for these elements.  You are preparing so you can walk out as the Earth Hierarchy meets the Spiritual Hierarchy meets the Inner Earth Hierarchy as we come together with the Star Fleet Hierarchy, we are all One.  This is not a Oneness in Spirit, this is a Oneness in physical consciousness.  Embrace yourself to embrace that ~ take a deep breath.  Allow the funnel of Light that is coming through you right now into your Heart Center and feel the elements of your Male and your Female.  Allow yourself to be fully balance within that and if it is not balanced, we ask for the Platinum Ray to be fully within you.  As you bring forth this funnel of light, as it is the Hurricane within You, it is the Eye of the Storm.  What you have not allowed yourself to be cleared, it will be removed.  So prepare yourself.  Hold on tightly.  Allow yourself to embrace these moments of Creation as they are beautiful.  They are massive ~ they are within the fire and the passion, the water of the fluidness and the air of the movement, and the grounding of the Earth.  Allow it to go down into your lower chakras; allow it to clear all those frequencies in the lower essences.  Let the fear; let the anger; let the rage; let the insecurities now to be molded into the fire, putting it into the water, see it running through the air and ground with the new energies.

We are coming forth to you with a new wave of transmutation which is the Eye of the Hurricane.  As you bring forth the Eye of the Hurricane, feel it within your Heart, feel it within your Thymus, and intuit with your Third Eye ~ Allow the intuitive to be fully incorporated within you.  As it moves into your Solar Plexus, your Sacral and your Root, allow this energy to embrace and expand those chakras.  As we allow the higher chakras to be fully incorporated within you, we ask for the Seat of the Soul of the Seafoam Green of Cleansing to come into your Thymus. Feel that blending within the Eye of the Hurricane.  The Seafoam Green will assist you and feel the balance of the totality that you are.  It is preparing you for the next stages of your journey ~ the journey upon this Earth ~ the journey that will take you into the New World.  You are already reaching into those aspects and as you are doing this, you are IN this consciousness of the New World.  We just need to assist you in the physical creation.  As we assist you with this, we embody love, patience, strength, courage, and most of all we embody self-empowerment.

Breathe deeply as the Seafoam Green flows through you.  It is going to permeate into your cellular structure, into your bloodstream, into your glandular system, into your circuitry system, into the interworkings of all your organs, allowing it to be in the spinal column as it is flowing.  Allow it to go all the way down to your feet into your toes into your skeleton system; allow it to be in your joints, your brainwaves, and to settle the mental level.  Now allow your Third Eye to be totally open more than it ever has before as we intuit the higher chakras to now be encased within you.  We now concentrate on the higher rays with just the number and not the specific colors bringing forth the energies.  Nine within the base, 10 in your sacral, 11 in your Solar Plexus, 12 in your Heart, 13 in your Throat, 14 in your Third Eye, 15 in your Crown, 16 in your Crown, 17 into your Base, 18 into your Sacral, 19 into your Solar Plexus, the Heart, and Thymus as they are all one unified chakra on the 5th dimensional grid, 20 into your Throat, 21 into your Third Eye, and 22 into your Crown.  Intuit the Platinum Ray of the 22nd Ray and feel that now.  You are going to feel this more than you ever have previously. 

We are now in preparation for the attunement of the Divine Mother and Father God.  It is my pleasure and my blessing to be here with you on this sacred event of Wesak.  Thank you for allowing each of us to be here with you on your Mastership status.  I Am Lord Sananda at your service.


I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God representing the Creative Source of Creation, representing the 144,000 Masters, representing Shamballa, representing the efforts of each of you individually, and collectively.  Now embrace your Essence. Feel your Thymus, feel your Heart, feel your Solar Plexus, feel those three energy systems pulsating within you with the Platinum Ray if the Cosmic energies we bring forth.  Allow the Eye of the Hurricane to be now be dissipated and feel it moving as we bring in the Platinum Ray we are going to help elevate your frequency in your Physical body.  Let’s center upon the Platinum, let’s center upon the Golden of the Christ Consciousness as the Gold brings in the love, and the essence of beauty that you are integrating.  It is going to transmute anything that does not serve you in this purpose.  Let it flow through you.  Allow yourself to embrace this Creative energy that is yours as we bring forth these frequencies into the Eye of the Hurricane within you.  Your chakra column is now widening as yourCentralCanalis in an expansive state.  Allow these vibrations to run through you.  All the way down to your Earth Star and all the way up to your Soul Star so that your Light body now expands beyond your comprehension.  Allow it to be free; allow it to bring forth All that You Are ~ All that You Are ~ All that You Are.

This Wesak is very imperative because there are elements occurring on multi-levels that you are not aware of and it does not mean that you need to be aware of them.  Those of you that work with the other planes of existence are clearing and processing will understand what we are saying.  The elements of the frequencies are changing upon the Earth with this Wesak.  It is the most powerful frequency that we have experienced ever upon Planet Earth, upon Gaia and she smiles at me now.  She smiles at me Now because the frequency is now changing.  And what is going to happen within those frequencies of those that are not putting themselves into this higher presence?  Without putting any negative emphasis onto this element, you are going to be faced ~ whatever it is with your challenges ~ whatever it is with your journey ~ whatever it is with your pathway that you have done up to this point, your acceleration process is going up four steps up the ladder.

For some of you who may not understand the initiation process, there are seven sub-levels within each initiation.  You are giving the opportunity to arise within four of those levels.  It may take you out of one initiation into the other.  If you do not know what level initiation you are, it does not matter.  Just know that the old thoughts will be removed and within those processes, you are coming out of yourselves in a different way than you ever have previously.  The power that you have had in your Star Essence is now going to be activated upon the Earth.  If you are a shaman, your healing abilities and intentions of going to others is going to increase as you move into other levels of frequency.  If you are one that works with the dark forces in other planes of existence, your powers is going to be stronger so that those energies will be dissipated.  AND THEY ARE BEING DISSIPATED.  There are being removed during this Wesak…you have been preparing yourself for this…Allow this frequency now to come forward.  If you have any fear in what you are about to do ~ LET IT GO.  Allow your fear to expand into Power, into Strength and Courage, with Love ~ God’s Love of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God that We Are.  Expand that within you ~ Expand this frequency.  Allow that NOW to Settle within all elements within you.  And we are not just talking about your consciousness that has been said before ~ we are talking about your Body ~ allow those cellular memories to be removed and allow the frequency of the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE, the sparkles to be fully accepted within you.  Whatever it is that you need physically ~ the healing ~ the elements to assist you to move through these processes easier ~ to allow love to be fully within your life ~ there is more LOVE coming onto this planet than it ever has been before.  I know each of you have been feeling this but NOW the Expansion is beyond the comprehension because of this Wesak ~ this Full Moon of 2011.  It is a Powerhouse and each of you is incorporating this power within you.  If the tears are going to come, let them flow through you.  Allow yourself to feel the Essence and the Embracement that You Are because you are about to receive and accept all elements you have been asking for eons of time. 

It Is Now Time ~ It Is Now Time To Frequent This Energy And To Allow This To Be Your Guide And Nothing Else Of Your Power, Your Strength. 

As we tune into that Heart, that Thymus, and that Solar Plexus, feel the vibration.  Feel it pulsing and the beauty of it flowing through your bloodstream.  Flowing through the systems within your body as your body becomes that 5th dimensional frequency as you allow it to expand.  Right now for this time period of this Wesak Moon ~ the actual Wesak Moon is Tuesday ~but the events in Shamballa are continuing.  Wherever people need to do ceremony, many will come.  So the frequency of Meleriessee’s ceremony to Shamballa assisted many that were asking for their names to be called.  Those of you energetically asked to be there ~ you were there.  You are continually in this space.  The power and the forces of the Light are so very strong at this time but you will see the dark in your face.  And it will try to stop you.  It is imperative that it does not.  It is imperative not to listen the news ~ not to incorporate what is being said or argued ~ be in your space of acceptance ~ be in your space of silence.

Breathe Deeply ~ Remember these moments of the Hurricane within you because now the Eye of the Storm is settling ~ is fully allowing that frequency to be within you so that each of you accept your Buddhic state, a peacefulness, tranquility and love.  Not just your consciousness but fully embodied within your vehicle and then it incorporates into the Earth.


Ah, Oh, Ah, Oh, Ah, Oh, Ah, Oh,

Ohhhh, …..Ohhhhh…..Ahmmmmm…..Ahmmmmmm…..Ahmmmm.

Let that settle within you.  Allow yourself to feel this frequency that is yours.  This expansion is not going to be easy ~ this Wesak is powerful.  What you are going to be experiencing about this Wesak in the next few months ~ You will see what the Expansion is about.

Breathe deeply in your Thymus, in your Heart, and in your Solar Plexus and allow those vibrations to permeate through your body as those vibrations of the Platinum Ray mixed with the Golden of the Christ Consciousness will move into the rest of your body.

All you do is say to yourself,

“I Embrace, I Embrace the Frequencies of my Heart, of my Solar Plexus, and my Thymus as they are One Unified Chakra.  They move to the rest of the chakras within my body and we are all One Unified Chakra together as I complete my Light Body status on the 5th dimensional level.  And allow that to move into your physical body and the gifts and abilities to do what all Masters have done before you are going to be acquired.   Do not push them ~ Embrace them.  They are given to you with responsibility.  Those that do not use them in a responsible way fully will loose the gifts.  So remember if you are working out some karmic issues, allow them to be worked out because this is frequency you fully need within your Being.  You do not want anything to be held within that essence that you are.” 

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun here to assist you with this frequency as we stand before you as your Mother and your Father, and all the Masters stand around you as you become your own Master in your own development ~ as we are all brothers and sisters together.  As we look to the Creative Source of Oneness that created each of us in this aspect ~ this is the beauty of whom we are.

I Am that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

You Are my Children and I Embrace You

Let us nurture you through this process, Let us embrace you deeply within

In the Name of YHWH and the Holy God of Hosts, We Are One

We are in the Essence of Divinity and the Acceptance of the Family

As we all were in the beginning

We Are that We Are that We Are


This is Lord Sananda, once again.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for accepting this challenge.  You are creating the New Earth as the debris will be removed.  As the essences will be recharged, allow yourself to fully accept the embracement of the deepest love and the deepest source of connectedness in all of Creation in this year of 2011.  We are honored to walk with each of you.



Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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