June 19th, 2011 ~ Acknowledging Our Cosmic Humanness

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Good Evening,

This is Lord Sananda speaking; I come to you in this moment, with Great Pleasure. Thank you, once again, for coming together for this call, this creation of the Christ Consciousness, and the Essence of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God are bringing forth the frequencies to assist, and allowing you to fully integrate your I AM Presence.

This evening, is more of a, not quite sure what word to use, it’s not Grounding or Balancing, it is all of those.  Its bringing in your essence in a different capability than you have acquired previously.   We are very proud of each of you, and what you are acquiring, and what you are bringing through; your Integration, and the Powers and Energies that are happening for you on so many different levels of frequency.

As we bring forth these levels of Integration of a Remembrance, this evening we want each of you to Embrace, Accept, Acknowledge, and Introduce a New part of yourself that you haven’t quite Actualized previously.  You have felt it, the Sparks of Light that have been brought forth into your Being, the Essence of the Continuity that you are going through.  This evening we are preparing you for the Solistice this week, and yes, we have been preparing you for all of these Elements as we have been doing this call for several weeks, weeks upon weeks. 

Tonight is an Actualization, it is a Movement of ‘Yes! I have finally made it!’.

This is what we want to bring forth for you to prepare you for the solstice.  Not all of you are going to feel it in the same manner, but to bring forth these Frequencies in your Entire Being, in these moments, is an accomplishment beyond any thought process that you may be having.  We are honored that you are walking this path, because as you are bringing forth these frequencies into your own being to assist the divinity to be created upon this earth.  As we see each of you acquiring the Light Within, you to allow the Essence of your Being to be fully actualized in human form.

As this actualization starts occurring, you start to realize that you are becoming multi-dimensional.  Within those muli-dimensional facets, you are being able to see the different levels of existence.  I am sure each of you are going through these different processes; as you go through the processes you start to see an accumulation of layers of increasing the light within you.  With each week and with each meditation you do, you see a difference happening within you.  Within those the differences of each of those times that you bring that energy forth, your also seeing elements coming up that surprise you.  The core of healing is a continuation of allowing those frequencies to assist you in the totality of your Beingness.  You must understand that doing this in human form, is something that has never been acquired before to the availability that will be coming to each of you.  What you do with it, is your own personal choice, and each of you will acquire it in a different way.  You may get to a certain level and decide that you’re not quite ready to get to the Higher Levels yet, and that is just fine!  Because, what we are are assisting you, our main goal, is that 5th dimensional body.

Within that 5th dimensional body we want you to acquire that light frequency, to hold that fully physically.  This is our Divine goal for each of you to acquire this.  As you acquire this, then the frequency upon the Earth is going to get more intensified as Gaia works with you within this process.  As this process occurs, you will see a change in your life.  Avenues will open up to you that were not there before.  There will be synchronistic events that are occurring and some of you may choose to go even further with the frequencies.  As the Earth changes into that 5th dimensional level of intensity, of Dimensional Activation, the Possibilities are Limitless.  What you do with it within your own body, will definitely assist you into aspiring to the Highest Levels.  You will find that as you move into these higher levels, you will not be able to live in certain environmental conditions.

Doorways will open up to you to relocate.  When those doorways open up, it is time for you to walk through those doorways.  Do not hesitate when you see synchronistic events occurring for you that are wide and beyond the scope of  your comprehension.  What I want to relate to you, is that the Solstice is very important for each of you, and each of you are on different frequencies to bring that into your body, but the potential is there.

This is only the beginning, so if you find that you are feeling the desire to make certain changes in your life, but the fear is stopping you from doing so, BE CAREFUL, because the doorways may close if you do not do it.  DO NOT ALLOW the fear to stop you, but move through that fear.  You can still feel the fear, which you probably will in the process, but the power of your strength is so great, that the fear will dissipate.  There may be anxiety, and uncertainty about what the next step is, but the whole process is to LET GO of the human conditioning that’s been fully within your focus of the physical existence.  There is no element that we can base this on.

You are the Pioneers!

You are the ones that are creating this Foundation for others. During this time, you will see that you are creating ways to teach others in ways to do this. So we give to you these energies, through Dearest Meleriessee to assist with this process, making it easier for you.  Tonight, we are embodying within you, is the Essence to Accept what you’ve been going through. 

It is now time to LET GO of the anxiety, and any lower energies that make you feel uncertain. The process that you have been going through in the last couple of weeks has been extreme.  The most important facet is knowing what you need to do in each moment.  Feel the Essence that is all around you that is your Highest Self, of your I AM presence, guiding you into the Next Wave of Frequency. Allow yourself to move through these doorways.  Once you move through these doorways, than you can Fully Acknowledge yourself in a New Existence.  So I Embrace with you the Power Within You of Mastership, of finally Acquiring a status upon the initiation phase, that allows you to take a deep breath, and say “WOW, I’m arriving, I may not be quite there yet, the Pathway is continuing”.

Each of us that are aspiring to the Mastership Level in their Awakening State is going to acknowledge themselves in a completely different manner than they have ever before.  This is the Beauty of Everything!  This evening is an  Actualization, allowing the frequencies you have been embodying previously to be fully activated within you.  Then when you bring in those activations, you will see within you the Accessibility of the Circumference of your Pathway around you.  That will fully be acknowledge in the frequency within.

Let’s all take a deep breath, and in that deep breath, just allow ourselves to embody these frequencies. You’ve been embodying them, you’ve been recharging yourself, and you probably have been going through periods of uncertainty, your unsure of what is happening to you. You may have periods of feeling you are not fully in your body, because the body is changing to those other levels.  You may have periods of activity and then non-activity, periods of sadness.  The sadness occurs because you are bringing in a frequency that is quite different and within that releasement needs to happen of the old.   There is a process of the excitability of the newness that is coming in , and there is the process of grief  that needs to occur within you.  It may not be anything specific, sometimes you may not  be able to pinpoint the energy or where that is coming from, and that is okay.  Just flow with it, and allow this fluidness to flow throughout your body. 

As we breathe deeply, allow that  Thymus area to be fully opened.  Within the Heart, concentrate on the Crystalline Light, allowing you to embody the peacefulness that is necessary to occur.  Breathe deeply as it comes down into your Crown, and blends in a clockwise manner into your chakra column, hitting the Third Eye, moving down into the Throat, the Thymus, the Heart, the Solar Plexus, the Sacral, and the Root.  Allow it to flow through you, allow it go down your limbs, into your feet and allow it to flow into your Earth Star.  Allow your Earth Star and Soul Star to cycle together in a clockwise motion with the Crystalline Light.  There is a Spinning Funnel of Energy that is going through your whole body now.  Feel the Balance as we bring in the Crystalline Light, as we bring in the Balance of the Harmony.  Allow those Crystalline Colors to blend with All Colors, and Speckles of Light in the Frequency.  

Now you are ready to receive and embrace the part of you that you’ve been working with.  It is my Divine Pleasure to be here with you in this moment, I AM Lord Sananda, at your service.

(((Angels sing)))

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God

We embrace you in this moment, with this frequency of light, to assist you in the Essence that you already are embodying.  We want to open up the channels so you may receive it deeper.  Allow these frequencies to run through you.  As now your Central Canal is fully open, allow the light that you are to be fully embraced within you.

As you feel the Essence of your Soul’s presence in your Thymus, and your Heart, allow him/her to blend deeper than you have ever before, allow it to go deeper into your lower body, allow self to feel the Essence of your chakras spinning wheels together, spinning essences of frequency.  Allow the colors of the rainbows to be fully within all of the chakras of the Reds, the Greens, the Blues, the Yellows, the Lavenders, the Goldens, the Platinum’s, the Pearlescent, the Silvers, and the multi-colors, and colors within colors.  As all your chakras blend together, let us allow the integration of all 50 chakras to be activated within you in this moment.

Allow your light body to be within your physical body, feel the tingling sensation, feel the frequency that you are, feel this essence fully being embodied.  Allow yourself to  embrace the Essence that you are!!  Allow this frequency of light, it is you, it represents what you are, and the highest sense of your embodiment.  Feel NOW in your Solar Plexus, let Strength come down deep inside your self, allow your self to embrace the love that you are, fully accept the deepness of your soul.

Feel HIM! Feel HER!

Allow that essence to blend with who you are NOW in the physical!  Let us think about the cellular level, and any physical problems or ailments that you may have:  Is it in the joints? Is it in the muscle?  Is it in the intestinal tract? Is it in any of the organs? Is it in the fluidness? Is it in your spinal column? Is it in any areas that feel uncomfortable?

Allow your soul’s essence to bring in the Essence of your Healing that is necessary, have this frequency as you bring this in!   Allow the divinity that you are fully embraced within you!  Allow yourself to see those doorways! Allow yourself to see the pathway in front of you of the Illumination moving outside of you!   The circumference is becoming wider and wider, and it goes out beyond miles and miles of energy.  This fluidness that is walking, feel yourself walking down the pathway of the Crystalline Light with Platinums, Silvers, Pearlescent, and Golden Flames coming around you.  Feel the Essence of the Beauty that is part of your Soul’s Essence to be in your  physical life.  See it wrapping it around you, allow yourself to see a circular motion at the top of your crown, allow it to go outside of your body, so you’re in the Midst of the Spiralling Energies!

As you are doing that, you start to feel the essence of your continuity of life in a different form and a different manner than you ever have before.  As we come upon the Solstice this week, allow yourself to see you at the top of the mountain, allow yourself to see the beaming of the sun and the wind around you, feel the warmth and feel the coldness, feel the Essence of Elements around you as you come out life desire it to be!  There is no other way, it is as it shall BE!  Feel that essence within you as you bring forth the remembrance of your Soul’s Essence and the Purity of your Light!

Breathe it down into your Heart!  Breathe it down into your Solar Plexus!  Breathe it deep into those Lower Chakra, allow it to Expand!  Allow it to go into your limbs, your knees the flexibility!  Allow your ankles to support you!  Allow your feet to walk forward to your Destiny of Light that you are!  See it now, See it now coming to you!  See what you desire, you are now in the space, in the frequency allowing you to accept these energies in a different manner than you ever have before!  Breathe that in!  Breathe in!

Feel your commands of your life, being accepted within your Being fully integrates the I AM presence. Feel the Essence of your I AM of the connection of your Soul Family being activated within your body.  As you are not just you, you are many, you are One!  As we come together as one family of light, now you work for yourself, but you work for the many, and you feel the frequency that is necessary for you to do the work.  Your worries have been dissipated, there are no lower frequencies.  You are living in that 5th dimensional body and feel that Frequency come through you as you accept the Divinity of your Light, as you accept the Divinity of your Essence, to bring that fully into your being!

We are ONE in this moment ~ WE ARE ONE in this moment!  We bring forth the frequency to you, to ACCEPT! ACCEPT!  See the desire that you need help you to get to the Mountain!  See that frequency come through to you in that moment!  See your Being embodied of the Light that you are!

Breathe it in, it is yours to accept!  Breathe it deeply within you!  Allow yourself to breathe deeply, as you breathe deeply into your diaphragm, you feel your Solar Plexus vibrating with the frequency that you are!  Allow yourself to Embrace the Light!  Allow your Divinity to be your Acceptance and your desire of all that is in the moment of this Frequency of Light!  Breathe! Breathe and Accept!  Breathe and Accept your light, your light, your light and the divinity that you are!

WE Are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God .  We are here to embrace you with this acceptance within your being.

Allow yourself to feel as you have been brought forth a beam of energy that you have been trying to accept, and NOW it is YOURS!!!!!!  It is Yours!  It is Yours!  It is Yours to Embrace!  Embrace it in this moment!  Feel it all around you, it is within you, it is around you, it is in your Lightbody.  Allow yourself to acknowledge the light that you are as you bring forth these frequencies within you.

We are One!  We are One!  We are One in this moment of Light!

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Great Cosmic Central Sun are in honor in this moment to bring forth this!  You brought it to yourself!  We are allowing the actualization of it to be!  Feel it deep in your core!  Go deep in your Root!  Feel it as you are able to walk the Mountain!  See the debris leaving you, it is all behind you!  You no longer have to worry, the only thing you have to do is to aspire to the Light!

See the people who are coming with you!  See the friends, see the loved ones, see the soul connections you have been striving towards!  See the Frequency of All Energies coming together as one with the Galactics, and the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the Inner Earth people as we all come together in the Oneness that We Are!

Breathe in this Light!  Breathe in this Essence!  As We Are The Oneness Together!

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun!

We are fully within each of you in this moment as we bring forth this element of your acceptance.  Be at peace with what is about to occur for you.  There are many activations within activations with what we have just given to you.  Allow your wishes, your commands to be very forthright and strong, as you shall receive exactly what you are intending to receive.  So be strong!  Be Strong with your thoughts!  Be Strong with your Emotions!  Be Strong with your Elements occurring within your being!  Allow yourself to be cleansed by the waters of purity in the morning and the night to assist you in this process!  This is a very powerful week for each and every one of you.  Take time to connect to the Essence of your Being, for the newness that is about to be born.

We are one, more than we ever have been in any human condition before!  The humanity is shifting into the Light Frequency!  There shall be events upon events that shall occur within your life, personally and globally, that will assist you in the preparations that each of you are making.  Allow these frequencies to around you, and ground into your Earth Star.  It is yours, it is your Divinity!  All you need to do is Embrace it!  As the human condition is shifting, into the purest light form possible!

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun ~ I AM the Divine Mother and Divine Father God at your service.

Blessing my dear children!  Blessings in the light that you are!  Blessings in the light that you are incorporating, as WE ARE ONE in this moment forevermore!


This is Lord Sananda

Allow the frequency that has been brought through to Dearest Meleriessee, to share into your Hearts, into your Minds, into the expressions that you are, to be fully embraced within you.  Allow yourself to be all that you desire to be!

As we all walk together in Oneness, I AM Lord Sananda.  



Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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