June 26th, 2011 ~ A Journey of Remembrance~Accessing Our Spark of Divine Creation

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Greetings this is Lord Sananda speaking,  Welcome to the Cosmic Oneness once again.  We are in a quiet mode this evening.  We’re not going to be bringing forth a lot of intense activations.  We’re going to assist you in Internalizing and Embracing what you’ve already been receiving. 

I know each of you are going through different levels of challenges within your pathway as you are accumulating more frequency within your body, you’re allowing the Essence of your Being to be fully actualized.  We are coming upon the New Moon, and we want everyone to fully allow that Essence to be within you to prepare you for what you would like to create even more so.  The Summer Solstice this year is an Activation of Frequency within the Being of your Continuance of your Light within these bodies.  We have talked about the Remembrances, we have talked about the levels of challenges, we have talked about everything.  We also need to share with you that now that you are at the top of the mountain, it is time for you to fully actualize the challenges that you have been bringing forth within your life, and to go deeper with them.

Please know that this is not the end of the mountains.  Some may think that we are at the top of the mountain and this it, and we have acquired everything that we desired.  This is not true for any of us, not matter what level of initiation that you are acquiring or walking upon.  We are continually climbing the mountains, one after the other.  Do they get easier?  Yes, they do get easier sometimes the challenges are quite different.  Some of your challenges may be more in a leadership role, some of you may still be incorporating levels of Light and Love within you to help you to realize that you are this fully Incorporated Being of Light.  Some of you may have a challenge with that.

It’s a time to embrace it all.  So as we bring forth these Energies tonight, let your Self Expand within them.  Let yourself Accept the Aspect of yourself, that you haven’t before, because it hasn’t been able to Incorporate within you.  As we go through these Activations,  and these Initiations, whether they are Planetary or Individual or whether doing these calls or other work that you are doing, it’s going to catapult you into a New Space of Being.  So there is a Spark within you that you haven’t fully actualized.

Within that Spark allow it to Grow within your Heart, Allow it to Expand within all parts of you to bring forth the Essence of your Completeness.  The Completeness is to Accept your Totality of the Light that you are, the Spark, the Divine Source from the beginning, allow it to Grow within these physical bodies.  Please know that you cannot Incorporate all that you are from, that Energy, in that Space and in that Time.  It is just not a possibility, in the physical existence that you are living upon.  As we move more into that 5th dimensional frequency, you will understand exactly how that it is being done.

So let’s take a moment.  Within that moment, let’s reflect at how far you have come.  Each of you are Embracing yourself in many different levels than you ever have before.  It’s going to continue, and to continue, and to continue.  Allow the Essence that you are bringing forth in this moment to be a new Spark of your Creation, as we move into a New Level of Love.  This is what we want to share with you this evening.

Breathe, Breathe Deeply!  Within that breath, let’s center upon your Heart and the Thymus.  Dearest Meleriessee opened up your Heart and Thymus to allow your Higher Self to be activated.  We allow that Activation to come forth now, more fully.  Feel the Sparks of Light coming to you.  These Sparks of Light are the Essence of your Being, the Essence of your Soul, and the Essence of your Continual Frequency of Light of the Cell that you are part of from the very beginning of time.  This is a Beautiful Essence.  This is an Essence of a Sparkly, Platinum, Silvery Star and within that Essence it has the Elements of many Colors.  If you squint your eyes, you’ll see many Colors filtering in there, those Sparkles of Light are coming fully from the Cosmic Level into your Heart and your Thymus and your Solar plexus.

Now we Activate the 5th dimensional chakra grid.

Allow that 5th dimensional chakra grid to be totally open.  We want it to be fully active.  Allow these three elements between the Solar plexus, and the Heart, and the Thymus to be the Star that you are.  Feel that Vibration within you.  Feel the LOVE that is really you. 

This is the basis of Coming into Total Completeness.  Allow yourself to feel it on the physical level.  Breathe deeply.  Allow that Spark of the Divine Essence to shine through your entire Being.  Now let those Sparkles of Light go into those places that feel not aligned with your Spark of Light, maybe it’s in your physical body, in the muscles or the joints, in the spinal column, any organs.  Maybe it’s in your Solar Plexus: that Emotional center; maybe it’s in your Throat, maybe it’s in your Third eye.  Allow the Sparkles of Light to all blend within each other, as now you are Shimmering.  Your Light Body is Sparkling, as the Star that You Are.  Feel that.

Tonight what is happening with these Sparklets of Light, as that you are remembering yourself in a Higher Frequency than you were previously.  We’re going to go up an octave, so that you can feel the Beauty that you Incorporated within yourself on a continually basis without the body.  Feel the Freedom, Feel the Joy, Feel the Camaraderie with others, and the Expression of your Light flowing through you.  There are no lower emotions to have to deal with, there are only higher emotions coming through.   Feel that Essence, feel that Essence within you.  Breathe through all those Sparkles of Light.

Now you are ready to receive the Activation, the Attunement, but truly the LOVE Essence with the Divine Mother and Divine Father God.  I think you are going to enjoy it immensely.


I am Lord Sananda, at your service.

(((Angels singing))))


I AM that I Am that I AM that I AM

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the I AM Presence within your being in this moment.

The Essence that you are receiving in the Sparkles of Light is the Essence of your Beingness, they are yours to hold and behold within your Heart.  Breathe deeply through those Elements.  Breathe deeply as you Express yourself. Allow this Essence of Continual Frequency to be Remembrance of the LOVE that you are!

Breathe as the old debris is now leaving you and as the Sparkles of Light filter into all aspects.  They filter into your Emotional, your Physical, your Mental, and your Spiritual.  It Cleanses you and Purifies you, and Creates the LOVE in a different frequency than you were before.  Allow that Expression to be fully within you as it never has before.  Feel it as a warmth in your Throat, in your Heart, in your Back.  Feel it blending into your middle part of your body, let it go into your Solar Plexus.  Allow yourself to feel the Empowerment that is you.  Allow it to go into your lower energies and allow it to take the Pure Essence of LOVE and change everything into LOVE!  No matter what is there, allow this Activation to assist you in the Purity of the Heart that you are.

Feel yourself standing upon a mountain.  Feel yourself with your wings spread wide.  Feel the Essence and the Purity of your First Born of Angelic Presence.  Allow that to be in the Aspect of your Being within the Totality that you are.  Allow yourself to feel that Light Being that you Incorporated

Allow the next Activation of your Remembrance to be activated.  We open up the Pineal Gland.  We open up that Third Eye to allow this Expansion to come into you.  You may see it ~ You may hear it ~ You may feel the vibration that is a Higher Intensity.  Allow that to be within you.  Allow the aspect of all that is to be part of all that you are.  Breathe through that frequency within you.  Breathe through the Essence that you are, the Essence Expansion you are.

Now see the Colors that you embodied within your Soul and your Monad.  These are your Ray Aspects of these Levels.  It may be a mixture of several Colors.  Allow that Frequency to come within you.  It may be Blue, or Pink, or Gold, Yellow, Crystalline, maybe Sparkles of Green and Orange and Gold.  Allow those Colors of the Violet, whatever it is you are bringing within you now.  Maybe it is the Golden Colors, maybe it is the Seafoam, the Blue-Green, the Pearlescent, the Violet, the Lavendars, or the Indigos.

Breathe it all in, it is your Special Attunement.  Allow yourself to Incorporate it!  Allow yourself to be in this space to fully Actualize your light.  It is your Destiny!  Hold out the palms of your hands and allow the Chakras in your hands to Vibrate with these Frequencies.  Allow it to be in the Balls of your Feet.  Allow yourself to Spin the Soul Star and the Earth Star at the same time so all the Frequencies are coming together.  You see the Soul Star and the Earth Star Spinning clockwise manner it comes in a Diamond shape.  The Diamond shape is reflecting all of these Beautiful Colors of the Light that you are.

Breathe it through!

Breathe it through!

Breathe it through your Being.

Let it come down in through the Spiritual, in to the Mental, in the Emotional, in the Etheric, and the Physical.  Let it come into your Heart, let it go into your Cellular Structure.  Now you feel the Sparkles of Light everywhere that you see, that you feel.  Allow that Essence to be fully within you!  Breathe through it deeply

The Light Formations are coming within you.  Allow yourself to be in a State of Remembrance.  Allow yourself to fully accept these Beautiful Light Formations that are you!  You are the Star that you are!  You are the star that you are!

Now as you bring that Essence fully within you, allow yourself to have Remembrances.  It comes from the Heart, it does not come from the Mind.  Allow the Male and the Female, the God and the Goddess, and the Yin and the Yang to be fully in Balance in this moment.  As you breathe deeply there is an Essence of LOVE and the Light coming to you that you have been asking for.  Allow it to come.  Do not put any definition on what it is.

Just allow the non-form to come and let it to be formed within you.  Now the crystal bowl will be played, allow that Frequency to come and allow a Remembrance to come to you.  It may be a thought, it may be a person, it may be an aspect,  it may be a pathway that is about to be opened up for you.  Whatever it is, just flow with it.  Don’t allow the mind to control.  We want you to be Deep within your Heart, Deep in that Essence of that Spark that you are!  Feel at the base of the Spark which starts at the Heart and then it filters out in your beautiful Light, you are One Essence of a beautiful fireworks display!  Embrace the Light as it comes through you!

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Now take that Vibration and bring it all the way down to your feet to your Earth Star.  Ground this Frequency, ground this Energy, ground the Emotion.  Whatever it is your feeling, allow yourself to Embrace it!  Your Spark of your Divinity is a piece of the puzzle, there’s more coming for you.  Embrace this moment of Creation.  Embrace the Essence that You Are, it is the Spark of your Light.  It is the Spark of your Love, embrace it now.  Embrace it fully!  Feel the Beautiful Frequency that You Are.  Allow it to Incorporate in the body.  Allow the body to relax into it and Accept it and Be it.

Breathe ~ Breathe ~ Breathe

Now receive, just allow yourself to be in the receiving mode, we want you to sit with this energy.  Just let it flow through you.  There will be memories that will come, it may be just one memory, but it will be an Actualization.  Have your pen and paper ready because it may come through in a moments notice.  It may come through in a dream state, it may come through in your meditation, or it may come through as your going about your day.  Allow it to Fully Activate Within You!

Breathe this essence deeply ~ Breathe this essence deeply

It is our desire for you to fully Acquire this Light, fully within your Being of Light.  We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God in this Frequency of Balance ~ in this Frequency of light, but most of all the Frequency of LOVE.  Allow yourself to fully actualize this.  Allow yourself to say it is your Completeness coming into your Being.


It is now time to allow yourself to Accept All.  It is our honor in this moment to give you this Special Attunement in the LOVE.  It is a in a Frequency that is softer than we have given it before; it is also just as powerful as we have shared with you previously.  Allow this Frequency to be your Guide.  As you breathe deeply through it, the breath is what is going to assist you.  Not the thoughts, although the Remembrances will come, allow them to come in Visions or Feelings, and not so much as thoughts.  Allow that to be your Guide.

It is our Blessing to be with you in these moments, as we all come together in the Source of Creation of All that is.

(((Angels sing)))

I AM that I AM that I AM

You are that You are that You are

We are together in this moment of Creation of the Source of Completeness

WE embrace this with this Love of Light

WE of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God at your service

in the Holy God of Hosts We Are

Adonai ‘Tzebayoth, We Are One!


This is Lord Sananda, once again.  Just allow this Frequency to be Embraced through you, as has been shared.

Don’t try to question.  Don’t try to think.  Allow the thoughts to all be put aside.  It is time for each of us to Embrace the Light that we are.  This is going to be a very beautiful week for each of you, as you bring this Totality of LOVE within your Being.  There may be emotions, allow them to come.  Know that they are not Emotions of sadness, but they are Emotions of Joyfulness of Fully Activated the Light that you are, and getting closer, and closer every moment we are together.

I AM Lord Sananda, at your service



Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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