August 21st, 2011 ~ The Essence of Magic

Castle Lake

Greetings, this is Lord Sananda speaking.

It is with great pleasure that I sit here within Meleriessee’s body, upon this beautiful mountain. The sun is shining down upon us in the early evening.  The glistening of the light is upon the trees, the magic of Lemuria is so strong within the Hearts and Minds with the individuals sitting here. I reflect to you tonight, to bring the magic to you – this is what we are going to be unfolding within this evening’s transmission.

What is it that can help you in your daily activity? What is it that you need, to feel the magic in each moment?  Not just the moment of a special occasion, an event, or a ceremony, that really assists you in so many ways, but allowing the magic to be fully within you.  In order to receive the magic we must allow the Mind and the Emotions to be fully in balance, because as this occurs, there is a transference of light energy within the physical body.  It can occur in a consciousness effort, it can occur in a meditation, it can occur in the activation or an attunement.

How do we fully allow that to be embodied within us?  In each physical existence? With each step that you take, with each person that you talk with, or with each individual that you look upon.  Allow the magic to be within the Oneness.  If we cannot be One within ourselves, how can we be One with others. We must feel it within ourselves, we must feel it within our Male and our Female.  We must allow the Trinity of the Golden Flame to be fully incorporated within our full body system.  This is the expression of what we are all experiencing in each moment, and sometimes we forget. It is part of the human condition. We just cannot help ourselves. Allow yourself to know, within this experience, to grow and grow and grow – that is the magnificence of the magic.

I watched four beautiful ladies today, as they swam across this magical lake, and they just kept swimming and swimming.  They allowed themselves to be in the moment and to feel the magic that was around them ~ of the mountains circling around them, of the trees, of the sun shining down upon them and the healing waters filtering through their Minds, their Bodies, and their Spirits.  Because truly they were in the acceptance of their own Oneness of the journey that they have been taking this week.

So we express to you the journey that they have embarked upon to go to each of  you, the magic that has been brought forth, as we sit upon this beautiful land, on this beautiful mountain.  Feel the wind whistling through the leaves, see the expression of the light of the sun, and hear a babbling brook in the distance.  This is the Beauty of the expression of your Light.  You have the magic within you, you have the whistling of the leaves within you, and you have the sun shining down upon you as your own expression of your own Inner Power.

Let us breathe deeply into the Solar Plexus, and bring in that Ruby Red, the Devotional energy.  This beautiful Ray that I embody.  I bring to you this Ray tonight because this is the existence of allowing the magic to unfold within you.  When you feel your own empowerment, you cannot help but feel the magic that occurs.  When you are in deep sadness or depression, you are not in your Power, so how can you allow the magic to occur?  You cannot, because the other energies are stopping you from allowing it to be.  Let us allow this frequency to come into your Solar Plexus and to expand into  your entire Being.  As this Ruby Red goes to the bottom of your body and then slowly goes up to the top – you embrace this Ruby Red color as you never have before.  It is your Devotion, it your connection to your Self, it is your connection to your Spirit, it is the connection to who you are and what you embody.  It is the connection to your Higher Self and I Am Presence ~ Allowing that to be fully within you. That is the expression that we bring forth to you in these moments.

I am Lord Sananda at your service and I am happy to be the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness in this moment.  Namaste.


Holy God of Hosts We Are, We Are  the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service.

I Am that I Am that I Am that I Am that I Am.

You Are You Are that You Are that You Are and We Are One together.

Breathe the frequency of the Light of the Ruby Red fully through your Being.  Allow yourself to express the Divinity that you are. Allow it to infiltrate any areas that do not feel balanced, that do not feel accepted- whether it is on a Cellular, Physical, Etheric, Emotional Mental or Spiritual level – let it all come together. Allow the blessings of the Light to expand within you so that the Power within you just grows and you feel the Essence of your Being more fully then you ever have before.  Allow yourself to expand and increase the vibrancy of the magic that is yours.  As you reach out your fingertips and you feel the sparkles of Light coming to you; you bring them into your Solar Plexus and take your fingers all the way up your body and allow yourself to feel it.  All around and back and down to your feet and coming up again.  Allow those sparkles of Light that are yours, that are outside of your field at most times, to come into you.  Breathe it through you.  Allow that frequency to fully come in.

Breathe the Essence that you are, the Expansion that is occurring deeply in your body. As your body expands to these frequencies, you start to understand exactly what is occurring because there is a total Essence within you that is allowing that magic to unfold.  If you look in front of you, you’ll see the magic that is there and you’ll say “Oh, I would like to receive that”, then you put out your hands; you allow your eyes to be wide open, you allow your ears to hear, you allow your throat to vibrate with this frequency deep within you.  As it goes all the way down into your feet and allow it to go to Gaia.  The energy just circles around you as we sit upon this land in this beautiful space of light.  The sun is shining brightly through the trees in this  moment, we fully feel the vibration of this Essence.  Fully feel the connection, that we are One in this moment, in the frequency that we are. Breathe that through.  Allow yourself to expand your light.  Allow yourself to feel the frequency of the magic of the glistening of the frequencies, of the Essences that sparkle through you and around you, deeply through you.

Expand ~ Expand ~ Expand.  You are One with All, we are One with you.

We are not two Beings separated at any given time any more – this is the expression that you are. Allow yourself to bring it into your field – the Light, feel the Essence.  Feel the life of all that is here in the forest as we bring this frequency to the Earth.  Allow yourself to filter it through you so that you can share with others, because the magic is deeply within you.  The magic flows through you, You Are the Magic. Breathe it deeply.  Breathe ~ Breathe ~ Breathe

We are here in this moment to express this frequency because we stand here with you with the essence of being in the outside circumstances of the levels of beautiful magic upon this land.  The magic is not just in this land, it is within each of you and this is what we truly want to express in these moments.  We truly want you to realize that you create the  magic.  Everywhere that you go you are creating the magic in the essence, in the totality of your expression – we have seen it.  We have seen it this week, we’ve seen it in many times, we’ve seen it in each of you as you’re going through your own challenges, as you’re going through your own expressions and going through your own lessons of allowing the expansion to occur in a way that has never been able to do so.  We are at a very crucial point and in this crucial point we are in one moment of time in this moment of time, there is nothing else but to receive – in the next moment you shall share with another. In the next moment you shall receive again then be in the expression of All That Is.  If you allow yourself to look at this in this moment, feel this essence that is coming through to each of you, it will help each of you to expand within the days ahead.

There is much occurring.  There is so much occurring in each of your lives, with each of your daily activities, with each of your thought processes.  If you take a moment and you just allow this magic and this circulation of these Sparkles of Light that are you.  Put out your hands in front of you and allow them to come into you and then bring it into the Core of your Being so they are not outside of your field but they are inside your field.  You will see the change occurring deeply within you.  Allow those fingertips to go to any part of your body that does not feel in balance and you will see a change occurring.  You will see the frequency, it is all about allowing the frequency to be fully within you.  Each of you are sharing your knowledge’s in many different ways, but it’s not always with the voice (as we have expressed previously).

We feel the expansion of this Light in this moment – allow it to flow through you from the top of your Being to the bottom of your Being, let the fluidness run through you. Allow it to expand into the essence that you are.  You shall allow the frequency of your I Am Presence to be fully the active agent within your life.  You will see that expansion growing and growing and growing beyond you and within you, to allow the Magic of your Soul’s Essence.  You are bringing it to you now.  You create this livelihood upon this Earth and to expand the Light so deeply in areas that did not accept it.  The acceptance is so pure in these moments.  As we sit here and we look  around at the sky ~ at the trees ~ the mountain ~ the sun ~ we hear the birds.  This is the magic.  This is the magic of this moment, in the frequency of light that we are.

Breathe deeply and allow this Frequency of the Light.  Breathe it fully within you.  Allow yourself to vibrate to the elements because the frequency of the Light can change at any moment.  It can be high, it can be low, it can be in the middle.  Being aware of what it is in the moment and what you need to do with that Magic through your Being.  Allow your Being to accept yourself even more in your totality then you ever have previously.  Breathe through this – breathe through the Essence.  Breathe through the acceptance, breathe through it all.  We all are here to allow you this assistance as you are now the Masters of the New Earth.  As you walk with the Spiritual Hierarchy, as you walk with the Inner Earth Beings, as you walk with  the Inter-Galactics – you all come together in the Oneness that we have always wanted but now it is a physical existence!  And that is the magic as it flows through you.  Feel that expansion DEEP within your Solar Plexus and allow it to filter to the rest of you ~  you will be able to know what to do with it.  Allow this to flow through you and ACCEPT ~ ACCEPT ~ ACCEPT.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun,  here to express our Divinity unto you in words this evening.  It is a pleasure to be here with you to express these thoughts of all that we are and all that you are to each of us in a physical form.  In spiritual form, we all know we are all One together.  Let us expand ourselves and feel that frequency together and the Love that we are. In the Divine Essence of our expression unto you, we honor you for all that you are doing and allowing the magic to flow through you in unbelievable ways.  The gifts are coming- open up your Heart, open up your hands and allow yourself to see a special gift in the magic right now.  The gift will be manifested this week.  Allow this gift to come to you, pull it  to your heart.  Allow it to expand in you when you are  ready to receive it, you will see it.  Allow yourself to know that you are now in the presence of your Light, of your I Am in the continuancy of Oneness in physical form.  We, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, bless you with this gift.  Please receive it, it is yours from our Heart to Yours.

In the name of the Holy God of Hosts That We Are,

In the name of YHWH and All That Is, We Are One.

I Am that I Am that I Am t

I Am that I Am that I Am that I Am –

The Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service.

This is Lord Sananda.  I give to you an extension of that gift.  IT is part of something that you have been working on and accelerating within your own physical light which you haven’t physically received.  Allow it to come into Beingness.  Do not try and mold it, just accept it for what it is.

It is our blessing to be with you in these moments.  Namaste.


August 7th, 2011 ~ Spark of Our Soul’s Essence is Remembering

Good Evening,

This is Lord Sananda speaking.  It is wonderful to be connecting with you once again.

August is going to be very a motivational month, within the motivations, each of us are going to be feeling elements in quite a different way, and this keeps increasing, as has been stated.  It keeps increasing in the elements, the avenues, the pathways, the thought processes, the releasements, and the activations of being in the totality of your essence.  Some of you are feeling it completely, others are just getting glimpses of it, but it is becoming more and more active within each of your bodies.  As these activations occur, you start to accelerate yourself and to create the beauty that is within you.  As this beauty continues within you, it grows, you are only seeing a small sample of what you can be, and this is very important, it’s very important to have those frequencies within you.  The light particles that you are incorporating brings forth the elements to change in the deepness of your soul, because that’s exactly what is happening on these levels.  The depth of your soul is being shifted, is being integrated, and it’s time for you to embrace these elements.

So tonight in preparation for the pathways for each of you on coming upon this month, we want each of you to understand, as we have stated previously, that it is very important to embrace these frequencies to fully move forward with the elements that your soul has in place for you, that has been in place for you since the beginning of this lifetime.  When you fully decided that it was time for you to be within this body, that is the beauty of what is occurring in these moments.  So tonight we bring you a little bit of magic, we bring you the frequencies of the ascension energies from Mount Shasta, we bring you the frequencies of the Telosians, we bring you the frequencies of the Inter-Galactics, and most of all, we bring you the frequencies of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God to allow them to fully incorporate within your beings through Dearest One here.  She has been preparing for this in the last couple of days, everyone is excited because this is a first time event in Mount Shasta, in the frequencies that she has fully incorporated.

So just sit back and embrace, because you are about to acknowledge within you, the spark of light, the continuation of your spectrums of frequency that are part of your Soul’s Essence to come into being in these moments.

It is my divine pleasure as Lord Sananda to assist you in any way possible.


(((Angels sing)))

We are here to assist you to in the Frequency of the Light to fully embrace, for you to fully accept the divinity of your light as you ever have before, to allow this frequency to be fully within your being to say to yourself:

“Hello! I AM here!”

Take these moments to connect with your I Am Presence to fully bring in that light frequency, to have the full remembrance of the scope of the purity, the love, the joy, the acceptance, the truth, and the knowledge that is yours fully to be that multi-dimensional being in all frequencies of light, allow yourself to fully incorporate the energies in this moment.

Breathe deeply.

Breathe deeply.

I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM

Say these words to your self:

“I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM”

and they are not words, but are within the vibration.

Go deep within your Thymus area, and then down through your Heart, into your diaphragm.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

Breathe through these elements.

Breathe through the Frequency of the Light that You Are.

Tonight we give you an activation that is quite different from anything else, it is a crystalline energy, it is a frequency, it is a thought process, it is a movement into your Heart Center, it is a movement into your Thymus, it is a movement into your Solar Plexus.  Allow yourself to feel the vibration fully within these areas, how you are feeling it does not matter.  What truly matters is how you embrace it.

What is it that you are accepting in this moment because you are within these activation periods there is also a moment of remembrance, and the remembrance has nothing to do with this lifetime, it has nothing to do with the pathway that you are on presently.  What we want to incorporate within you in this moment, is the essence of your Soul.

The Essence of your Soul to come fully into complete knowingness.

Complete knowingness of the ability to accept the Divinity that is you.  As you move through the coming weeks, there are going to be massive changes upon the planet.  Within these massive changes, it’s going to be necessary for each of you to have the full capabilities within your divinity to accept the challenges that you are going to be faced.  Also, to fully accept that what is happening to others, is part of their experience, and to be kind and compassionate, but not to take on their emotions, their feelings, to have a basis of a grounding element within you; so that you can fully understand within your body, within your mind, and within your spirit, what exactly is your role in all of this.

What is your role in the activations of assisting others?

Sometimes, we truly do not understand that what we are doing has so much more consequence from your soul’s perspective, your I AM presence, the activation that is fully within you to accept the Divinity that is occurring.  When you accept the Divinity fully within you, that’s when you fully settle into it, and say, “Oh, okay”  It may only be a split second that you feel these energies.  It may only be in a period of time that is a flowing energy.  It may come into your meditation, or it may come when you go to sleep, or when you awake.  If it comes to you in your awake state, when your going about your day, that means you are becoming more multi-dimensional than you thought you were.  Because the process of this, as Souls in our bodies, are fully activating all elements of change.  With these elements of change, we need to adjust in each moment.

The blockage occurs when the Mental mind tries to stop us from having that full capability.  When we don’t have that full capability, then that is when the lower mind comes into play.  So we attune this evening with this vibration of the spark of your soul’s essence remembrance, and you’re not going to remember everything all at once.

Let’s filter, let’s open ourselves, and take a deep breath.

In that deep breath, we want you to fully breathe deeply into your Throat, into your Thymus and into your Heart to fully accept your Divinity down into your Solar Plexus, because this is where your power, your inner power is going to come from.  It does not come from Mind, it does not come from those thoughts, it comes from your feeling deep inside of you.  Some may say it’s a gut instinct, but it’s much more than that, because it’s the Essence of your Soul activating your highest presence within the power of acceptance in that area.

This is your inner power, this is your inner strength, and this is your divinity.  So if we incorporate in this moment the Ruby Red of the Devotional Ray into that area, it will help to activate those remembrances.  So let’s take a deep breath and feel those spectrums of light coming into you from into your Solar Plexus, and allow those elements to assist you to finding that inner power that is within you.

When I say inner power, we don’t necessarily mean what it is you need to do in your physical life, it’s your inner power of the acceptance of your acceleration of your pathway fully understanding and acknowledging this to others in the beauty and the harmony that you are.  Once you accept this to be, than you start to understand the processes that you have been going through.  These processes can be great, allow us to breathe in the Ruby Red as Lord Sananda assists each of you to bring forth the vibration.  Allow him to be your mirror in this moment.

Look into the essence of his Being, and look and see what he sees within you.  As we allow the spark of remembrance, as we allow the spark of your soul’s essence to fully come into play.  Each of you are walking pathways that you never have before, it has now time to accept those remembrances.  It is now time to acknowledge what you did not achieve previously and you are ready to achieve.   The sparklets of light that we bring to you, come forth from the electrons of the mountain of Shasta that Christine is sitting upon.  These frequencies of light are now coming to each of you for you to fully accept your Divinity, for you to fully allow the acceptance to come into your existence.

It is now time to do so.  Allow, allow yourself to accept those moments of remembrance.  Breathe deeply within that as we express within ourselves the acceptability of the spark that we are, the essence that we are, the beauty that we are, and the frequency of all that is.  As we bring forth this to ourselves, we bring it forth to all that we incorporate around us, we bring it forth to the essences around us, and the thought forms go out to many levels of frequency as we connect with the Spiritual Hierarchy, as we connect with the Intergalactics, as we connect with the Inner Earth, as we are ALL ONE.  Allow us to feel that oneness within ourselves fully in this moment, that spark that we are from the very beginning.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God and truly want you to accept this role in this body, because now it is time.  It is time, and it is very, very important, not to speak about it so much, but just to BE IT.  Allow yourself to embrace it.  Allow yourself to feel these sparkles of light of the Ruby Red, the Silver, the Crystalline Frequencies, the Goldens, and all levels of Light Frequencies coming fully into your being.

Allow yourself to incorporate within it.  Allow it to go into your cellular level, allow it to go into your bloodstream, into all the organs, into the inner workings of the body.  Let it go deep into your Soul’s Essence, and as your soul is being activated more fully in your Thymus, that soul element of these sparks, it filters through your Heart, it filters through your Throat, it filters and just breathe.  Feel the essence and now it comes into your Etheric body, and comes out into your Mental body, and then to your Emotional, and into your whole body system, your Spiritual body.

Now you are one being of light of the Ruby Red of Devotion, and there is a window that comes, there is an opening to a window.  Within this window you feel this frequency, you may see a vision, you may feel a thought-form, allow it to come into you, allow yourself to see it, it expands around you, and you see what your next step is for this week.  Let’s just stay within this week’s purpose as we activate these energies within you for you to acknowledge what is the most important aspect within you.

Not what your daily tasks are, not your clients, not what it is you are doing for other.  What it is that you are bringing forth into you to have a fulfilling life, to accept you to bring forth these frequencies onto others just by Being.  ~ Just by being in the frequency Of All That Is.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, incorporate these frequencies as we stand with you, as we embrace you with these frequencies of light.  We embrace you with our love, our joy, and our acceptance, as we know that you send it back to us because we feel it so deeply.  So in this moment, in this time that we have together, that we can communicate in this way, let us share with one another the Beauty and the Love that we are.

We are honored that you are walking this path, in these bodies, in these moments.  It is assisting so greatly, and the challenges are coming, but believe me, the Beauty of these challenges is to be more deeply embraced than anything else you have ever experienced.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, fully embrace you in these moments with Lord Sananda.

(((Angels sing)))

This is Lord Sananda, I AM here, as is the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.

As each of you are becoming upon the Path of Mastership more deeply than you ever have previously.  It is with great pleasure that we bring forth to you these Sparklets of miracles of Light for you to embrace within you for you to fully activate all that is about to occur in the next week.  Allow yourself to be in each moment, and to feel the Beingness that You Are.

I AM Lord Sananda, At Your Service.



July 24th, 2011 ~ Embrace What You Have Acquired


This is Lord Sananda speaking. It is a pleasure to be here with you this evening. Yes indeed, it is a special evening.  It’s not only a special evening because Christine is embarking upon this great journey; it truly represents each of you. Each of you is embarking upon your own journeys.  You may not even realize what your own journey entails.

The Light and the frequency that you are bringing forth within your existence, into your personal level, into your personal ascension process, is one of great responsibility.  This evening we would like to take a moment to allow each of you to have gratitude, for walking upon this path, for being in these moments, to accept the blessings and continuation of the existence of your Soul’s Light, physically within the vehicles that you are fully incorporating.

The frequencies that are coming forth in this month, as we come into a new aspect of your Divinity, is very, very important.  It is important because of all that is occurring within each of your lives.  It is important because of what you are doing within your own spiritual continuation.  It is important because of the frequencies that are happening – to help you to expand and accelerate the Beingness within you.

So tonight we would like to take a few moments to say “Embrace, Embrace what you have acquired. Embrace what you are about to acquire.  Embrace the journey that each of you are ready to embark upon”. We ask of you to take some moments, in this moment, to express within yourself this Divinity and this Love that is fully within your Being ~ To allow the acceptance and transference of energies that you’ve been incorporating, to allow yourself to take a rest.

Take a rest and allow your Being to have a moment in time of reflection, to totally embrace how far you have come, where you are now and where you are about to go, because I know each of you are feeling these aspects.  Your light is so very important upon this planet.  It’s important for you to incorporate it within you, to allow yourself to have the continuation of your life in the different manner then it has been previously ~ to learn how to accept and to be in the moment and to just surrender.  Surrender to all that is occurring and when you surrender to those moments of expressions of yourself, you start to feel the beauty that is you.  The beauty that is you will unfold within your Being, and it will allow it to expand outside of you, so that you can accept yourself as others will be accepting of your Ligh ~ Without a word, without a thought, just a moment of embracement.

Let us breathe deeply and allow ourselves to have this moment of embracement.

It is a time to fully relax with it.  If we don’t learn how to fully have the patience within ourselves, to allow these moments  of expression of whence you came, where you’re going, and where you are now, then you cannot reflect or change what is occurring within you.  So we ask of you in these next few moments, as the cosmic energies come fully within Dearest One here of the expression of All that Is, to allow yourselves to understand your own expression.  As I express to you in these moments, I feel each of your expressions, and I feel a sigh of relief.  I embrace you with all that you are acquiring, all that you are being, and I want myself to be a mirror to you in this moment.

So I send to you an expression of my deepest love, from the deepest part of my Essence, from all my lifetimes, to be expressed to you in all of your lifetimes, as we express to each other all that we ever have been.  Expand upon that, as we fully bring forth our desire to feel the deepness of love.  Allow myself to stand with each of you in these moments, so that you can see the reflection that I see in you and that we can all be in Oneness together as each of our souls are inter-connected in a way that neither of us understands. I am honored to be here in these moments with you, as you express so deeply, share, learn and grow, in the beauty that We Are.  Allowing that now to be fully within your body. I am in honor in these moments to be your Spokes-Being, for these moments of the Cosmic Oneness.

In the Christ Consciousness, I am Lord Sananda, at your service.




I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service, in this moment.

In the reflection that we are, we express to you the deepness of our hearts in a way that has not been expanded previously, we are in this moment of truth.  The truth is deepness within your Heart.  The truth is the essence of whom you are.  Let it expand with you, let it grow within you.  It is your expression of the Divine that you are.  Let it be within you, as it shows the deepness within your Hearts.  Let it be within all parts of your Being.  Allow it to expand outside of you in All That You Are, in the expression of your Love and your Light.

Embrace this moment of our inner sense of Beauty, as it shines to so many.  Allow us to share with you the Essence of our Light together, the Essence of our Growth together.  Oh the story unfolds so deeply, it unfolds so deeply within our Beings, as we share with each other for the eons of time.  Each of you are coming into a new presence within yourself that will allow you to expand into the greatness that you are, as this greatness continues to move forward, you shall feel the deepness of your Heart.  Feel the essence of your Soul, feel the continuation of your Light more deeply then you ever experienced previously. Breathe through this essence of the Light, as Lord Sananda is each of you in the expression of whom you are.  We expand this Light through the vibration right now.  Allow this vibration to be the sense of your own Beauty and Being at peace.  We extend to you in the peacefulness of your Heart, we expand to you the greatness that you are.  We accept who you are.  Are you ready to accept your continuation of your light as we see it unfold within you?

These are the elements that are important.  Breathe through that.  Breathe through that.  Breathe in to the continuation of your Light.  Breathe deeply in the essence that you are.  Breathe deeply in the frequency of all that is expanding in this moment.  Your Heart is like a shining sun and with the enfoldment of the Rays, it moves out of you,, and through you, and allows you to expand within you in a different way then it has before.  Allow this continuation of your Light.  Allow this movement of what you are unfolding within your being in the Physical, in the Mental, in the Emotional, in the Etheric.  As your Light body changes and grows in the deepness of your heart.

Let it be within you, let it shine within you.  Feel the Golden Flame of the Light unfolding within your Being.  See yourself enraptured in this light.  See yourself as you never have before, and as you expand it out of your body from your heart in front, from your sides and from your back – it creates the pathway that you are desiring to create within your life.

See the Golden Ray, see the Golden Ray in front of you and allow yourself to walk through the pathway that is now in front of you.  It is open.  It is open, it is clear.  Allow it to unfold.  You have nothing to fear. Run.  Run and move it, run and move it deeply in your Heart.  Let it go, because the vibration of whom you are is about to be born – in a new way of being, in a new way of existence.  Breathe  through it, feel it.  As you walk down this Golden Pathway, you see the people, you see the souls that are coming to you, you may know them, you may not know them. You see the pathway opening up so much clearer then you ever did before. Breathe through that. Breathe through it. See it, see it. Experience it. Allow it to expand within your Being, because in this moment, the Now of what you are about to create is the enfoldment of your life.  Breathe.  Breathe.

Feel the Beauty, feel the Bliss.  Feel the essence that is you.  Now sit within this moment, feel the expansion of your Being, feel the Essence that is coming through to you right now, because each of you are about to make a change that will benefit you in many levels of existence that you did not fully realize that you had the ability to do so.  Whatever it is that you need to unfold within you, you now have the courage, because you have faith, you have trust, and you have the Golden Ray fully within you.  Breathe.  Breathe deeply feel this Essence within you.  Breathe.  Breathe.

You are the Golden/Ray.  It is emanating around you.  Everything you touch turns to Gold, everything you think is increased.  Let it flow what it is that you need in this moment, that will assist you in your life circumstances.  Feel it now.  Put that wish out into the Universe, allow it to be commanded for you to receive.  Breathe it in.

Now make another command, we will do three of them.

Take a breath and feel the existence of this coming into your present pathway, in the Golden Flame right now.  Breathe that in.  Again, feel the expansion and now we ask you one more wish, one thought, one more command – put it out to us so that we can assist you in turning it into Gold in your Alchemy. Breathe it out and then in.

It is yours.  These commands are yours.  But you must embrace it.  You must allow it to be.  Allow yourself to incorporate the Light in the level that you need.  Breathe deeply.  Breathe deeply, in the essence of your Being.

All now, these three commands, are now yours to be received within your Being but you must accept it that it is yours.  You must have the trust, the faith, and the ability to acquire these levels of creation right now.  Feel it come with a Golden Flame, you are the Golden Flame.  You are the Divine Light that you are.  Breathe through that.

Breathe through that and the acceptance that you are because now we fully activate these things for you to have.  Allow yourself to express it.  Allow yourself to feel it.  Allow yourself to expand upon it – breathe  deeply with that essence that is now flowing through you, in your Mind, in your Body, in your Emotions and your Spirit, as it expands outward beyond you.  Let it grow.  Let it be the growth that is needed.  It expands outward to the many.  Allow us now just to embrace these moments of expansion.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.

We are, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, this has been a special activation.  It’s been a special activation to fully allow each of you to create your alchemy abilities within your Being.  For you to fully accept that what you are putting out there, is now the factual truth of what is happening within you. as you allow this to expand within you and allow yourself to see the acceptance.  It needs to be your truth, but your truth needs to come from the Highest part of your Being and this is a very, very important, to  allow this to grow within you ~ To allow the essence and allow the acceptance of all that is occurring for you.  Allow yourself to expand within this.

We bring this forth to you for several reasons.  It is now time for everyone to step into their own awakening of the Golden Flame.  That helps each of you to acquire your facets within your life, to assist this planet, to assist yourself and to have your Divine Acceptance fully incorporated within you.

We give this to you on this day, because of the work that each of you are doing and we honor each of you. We ask each of you to be in fully receiving mode, to fully allow these frequencies to be within your Being, so that your pathways open up so deeply and widely and warmly, just as Dearest One here has done.

So let us all come together in these moments and see that this is contagious.  This is a very contagious moment. ~ Not to think about it but to feel it. I want you to feel it.  We want you to feel it within your Heart ~ Not to process it within your brain.  As we leave you tonight, know that this is what we desire most for you – is for you to feel it and to embrace it and not  to think about it and every time you have a thought about it, I want you to take a deep breath and allow the expansion  to be within you.

A True Master is one that fully allows the frequency to open up unto them, because of the work that they have done, for it to be acquired. If you had not acquired it, you would not be in this space; you would not be on this phone call.  You would not be listening or you would not be reading.  It is all in the power of your Light and to express that with the Divine compliment of the Golden Flame.  We, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, ask that you  embrace this light fully, without thought, and be the expression that you are.  Because it is time.  The pathways are opening up all over.

Dearest Christine has opened up her own pathway that is assisting so many of you.  Allow your pathways now to be fully open.  Wherever it takes you, wherever you feel is the expression of your Divine Light within you – allow that to flow, through you and around you.

We are, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service, we embrace you during this time and we look forward to connecting again soon, once Christine meets her destination. But it is a journey and each of you is walking this journey with her.

So, allow this Golden Flame to fully encased within you and around you, as each of you are now journeying in a different way then you ever thought possible.  We honor you in each moment.  Allow this expression to be within, and around, as the Planet is now encased the beautiful Golden Flame.  We, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun are in great honor of you. You make us very proud.







This is Lord Sananda once again. We honor you in so many ways.  We walk with you and we surround you with the expressions that you are embodying in each moment.  Allow the Light of the day to be a new day each moment, as your expression of your spiritual connection your Divine Being that you are, to be more capable of showing itself within your physical being and sharing with others – the magic is just beginning.


I am Lord Sananda at your service. Please know that, even  though we’re not meeting for a couple of weeks, we will be meeting with each of you within your Hearts, within your Minds, in the Expression of All That We Are, Together in Oneness.

Holy God of Hosts, Holy God of Hosts, Holy God of Hosts That We Are.

We are One in the Expression of this Light, in the expression of all we bring forth in all moments of creation, we are the Angels of the Light.  Blessings My Children, Blessings.

This is Reverend Christine. Thank you so much for being with me.  Until next time, I will be talking to you from Mount Shasta. Namaste.


July 17th, 2011 ~ Balance Within


Welcome to Cosmic Oneness, Welcome.  Greetings, I am Lord Sananda at your service.

It is a pleasure to be here this evening with each of you; we are going have a very beautiful night, and we are so happy that each of you are participating in the active form.  The Full Moon has just been activated, and within those activations the energies are still ongoing.  Some of you are probably feeling the effects very tremendously, some of you may be more balanced within those energies.  As always the Full Moon is of letting go of what no longer serves you, so if you have not done it on your own, you were probably asked by your higher essence.

So if you have been feeling out of sorts for the last few days, if challenges have happened within relationships with other people, this is the process that is occurring.  You are being prepared in so many ways, to be in acceptance of your Divinity within your physical body to allow the frequencies to be within you.  You are now at the crossroads, as we have been saying previously.  Within these crossroads, is the activation of the part of your Being that has been missing.  Some call it the Missing Puzzle Piece.  Some call it not knowing what they are doing.  Some don’t call it anything and just feel that frequency within, but unsure what they are going through.  Some feel it Physically, Emotionally, or Mentally, and those of you that have been doing the intense work have been feeling it on a lesser degree.  Congratulations, if that is the space that you are in.

This week is in preparation for the next month as you are coming to a closing of the month, there probably were avenues within you that have opened up, that you were unsure that was occurring.  If you have been hesitating in what it is you need to be doing, because your mental mind has been in the way, then that is only going to cause more confliction.  It does not mean you should jump, when you are not ready to jump, but you are in the preparation stages to allow that frequency to come fully within you to prepare yourself for the next step of your journey.  Each of your journeys are different, but they are very similar.  They are very similar because you are being opened up to see the potentialities that you have, and this potential frequency coming through your body can change in a moments notice, depending on the acceptance or the rejection.  This is very, very important to be in a State of Beingness.

As you are coming more into Mastership, you must allow yourself the process that you are going through.  This process can be a very difficult one, and within the process you may forget some of the elements that need to be actualizing.  What are these elements that you are not allowing to have the full potentiality within you?  It is different for each of you.

I say to you in this moment, Take a deep breath.  Within that deep breath, I want you to feel within your Heart.  What is your hearts desire in this moment?  Within that heart desire, I want you to tune into your emotional feelings

What does that Female side part of you say?  Do you feel the intuition?  Do you feel the acceptance within you?  Let’s take a deep breath.  What does the Female say to you?  Is there something that you need to be doing for your self to bring forth more acceptance within your Heart?

Let’s us now go to the Male side, which is the right side of the body, and allow yourself to connect to that male energy within you.  Is it analytical?  Is it categorizing elements?  Is it stopping you from fully walking into the pathway that is necessary?  This pathway may be just a small little conversation, it doesn’t mean that you are jumping fully off the cliff, but you are preparing to do the jump.  What is that you need to bring forth to allow this frequency to be within your Body, your Mind, and your Spirit in full balance, full balance within all those aspects?  If you are fully allowing your Mental side to take a back seat, and communicate with the Female side of what the elements that he feels needs to come up, and then the Female side reacts, doesn’t react, interjects her energy with the male side, there sometimes can be a dialogue between the male and the female.

What we are looking for in the coming month is BALANCE.  It’s going to be essentially important for each of you to understand what is occurring for you on many different levels.  Because you are becoming multi-dimensional beings  and within this multi-dimensional frequency, you need to accept all the different aspects that are occurring within you.  Some of the aspects you need to remove, and some of the aspects you need to activate.

This is what we are going to help you with this evening.  We want to help you to accept and activate what is necessary, and to release and reject what you no longer need and sometimes you cannot understand what that is because you are not fully in your complete balance state.  So let’s take a deep breath.  Within that deep breath we are going to open up the Thymus area.  We are going to ask that the Thymus Chakra spin in a clockwise direction, and as it does were going to bring in that Seafoam Green.

The Seafoam Green is representative of Lady Isis and Resurrection.  Allow that frequency of that Ray to come fully within your Thymus, like right in front of you, you see this beam of the Seafoam Green gentleness coming through you.  Breathe that into your Thymus area, and allow it to spin in a clockwise manner.  As it spins in a clockwise manner, it is going to filter down into your Heart, and allow the Heart and the Thymus to blend together.  Then we are going to filter it down into the Solar Plexus.  Now let the Solar Plexus, the Heart, and the Thymus to become one unified chakra, as it is on the 5th dimensional frequency within your body.  Allow those three elements, because we have the Solar Plexus: which is your Inner Power, we have the Heart: which is the activation your Male and your Female, and you’ve got the Thymus, which is the Communication.

So let’s take those three energies of your inner power, fully come into all the aspects, and then come into your Throat.  I want you to vibrate within your Throat, bring forth the sound of “AAH”.  So allow that to come through us, “AAH!”  I want you to start from your Solar Plexus, bringing the Seafoam Green up into your Heart, and then into your Thymus.


What do you feel?  Is it an acceptance, or rejection?


Just feel what is happening, not any mental thoughts, not any emotions, just feel the vibrations.  Let’s do the bowl for a couple of minutes and then we are going to bring in the cosmic energies to  continue this exercise.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Allow that vibration to fully incorporate into your entire frequency.  Allow the frequency that you are to be fully activated.  Take a deep breath.

(((Angels sing)))


I am the Great Cosmic Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service.  Breathe in this frequency, my children.  Bring in this Light that you are.  Breathe

As you bring forth this level of vibration, we want you to tune into your Solar Plexus.  As Lord Sananda has been sharing with the Seafoam Green, we want to balance these areas to prepare you to receive the higher levels that are part of the processes within you.  As you allow that to expand this within your being, you allow the frequency that you are to fully be in the acceptance mode.

Sometimes your body is just not ready to receive because of the elements that are occurring within you.  As these elements are occurring within you, it can cause great constriction and fluctuation.  As these constrictions happen, they totally are not in the balance of the male and the female.  This is what we are trying to bring forth to you in this moment.

Just breathe and receive.  Breathe and receive.  Breathe and receive the light that you are.

Feel the acceptance.  Feel your higher self now come fully into your body.  Feel him or her within your crown and settling in to your Third Eye, into your Throat, into your chest, into the Thymus, and into the Heart.  Feel the vibration in the Thymus.  Feel the essence that you are.  Feel your emotions and acceptance, and feel the male and the female in a blissful state of union.  Allow this blissful state to fully incorporate within your full body system.  Allow this frequency to come through your entire level.

Let it now go into the deepness of your heart into the core of your Lotus Heart.  Allow it to go into the cellular level and to remove any debris that is not compatible with this Frequency of Light.  Breathe deeply.  Breathe deeply acceptance is necessary in this moment.  Let us now go into the Solar Plexus.  Let us now feel the frequency within the Solar Plexus.

What is it that is occurring for you with the Seafoam Green in this vibration of the Light.  Allow it to go into your Solar Plexus, feel yourself empowered.  If it does not feel empowered, REJECT the emotion, REJECT the thought, let it leave the Solar Plexus.  Allow yourself to feel the empowerment that is you.

Breathe deeply into that area.  Breathe deep.

Now let’s go into the Heart and then up to the Thymus and feel those three chakras together; what we are going to do is allow that expansion to go completely around you in a clockwise manner.  Just feel the frequencies of the light changing into the full level of a huge ball of light of Seafoam Green and then it is going to go up to your Third Eye, and then down to your Sacral.  Allow it to incorporate all those energies, and then go up to your Crown and down your Root.  Allow yourself to be one ball of Seafoam Green.

Breathe through this acceptance.  Breathe through your beauty.  Breathe through your joy.  Breathe it in

If you feel any conflicting emotions or thoughts, allow the Seafoam Green to dissipate it, as the Female and the Male incorporate the beauty that you are of the sensibility and the frequency of the higher levels of your vibration.  Allow the mind to relax.  Allow yourself to just Accept, ACCEPTANCE is your word right now.  I want you to breathe and accept the energies as we use the bowl for a few moments.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Now allow that vibration to fully go down to your feet, and fully into your Soul Star, and down into your Earth Star.  Allow it now to spin on the outside of you, allow that frequency to be totally around you  ~ the Seafoam green is now fully within you, now let’s feel the frequency that We Are.  Feel the Purity and the Joy as now your Higher Self is activated within your Thymus, your Heart, and your Solar Plexus.

Breathe into that area, breathe into that frequency.  I want you to take a deep breath, within that deep breath; I want you to feel that essence of your soul.  I want you to feel your Higher Self; I want you to feel the frequency that you are on a higher level than you have ever felt before.  Allow him or her to whisper to you.  Feel the acceptance, as they are fully happy to be within your body.

Breathe ~ Breathe ~ Breathe and accept this Light that is you as we impart to you as the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.  Allow this to be the start of the balance that is necessary.  Now let us fully bring forth the frequencies of light of the Golden, feel that Golden Ray coming into your Heart of the Christ Consciousness that You Are.  Allow that to filter within you, into all aspects of your being of your physical, and it goes into the organs, and the cells, and the muscles and the tendons, into the bone structure, into all areas of your physical existence.  You are vibrating with the Golden and the Seafoam Green, cleansing in the purity of the Christ within you.

Allow it now to move from your Earth Star outwards into the Etheric level.  Allow that debris, and the dross, and the negativity that can be held in the Etheric level to be removed as now the energy just expands outwards from your Heart, your Solar Plexus, and your Thymus, and then it’s encompassing around you.  It’s going down, it’s going out, it’s going across, and behind you, and you feel this purity and this light of whom you are to be fully accepted within your being.  Now it moves farther out into your emotional level, and all the emotions that have been out of balance are fully going to come into the purity of the God Essence that you are.  You feel the activation of your soul’s presence more fully within your body than you ever have in your Emotions.  Now let it to go to the Mental, allow the mental thoughts to be dissipated, and allow the activation of the mental level of the Male Essence, the Yang that you are, to balance within the Female Emotion, as now the bodies are all blending together.

The Spiritual body is now activated, and we bring forth the light frequency to bring in the Spiritual with the Mental into the Emotional, the Etheric and the Physical.  So there is no separation in this moment.  You feel your Earth Star, you feel your Soul Star, they’re spinning together simultaneously as you activate all these frequencies in this moment and feel that blessing that you are.  Feel the frequency and the Light expand within you.  Feel now the acceptance within your Heart.  Feel your Thymus.  Feel it coming to your Throat.

See yourself in a situation in front of you and now you’re empowered so greatly, you’re able to speak your Heart and your Mind in a balanced manner, as you are now fully activated with your Soul’s Essence within your body!  Allow yourself to now feel that and to express it to another and others in all that You Are.  Express yourself now through the voice.  If you need to vibrate in the voice and the throat, do the AAAH! AAAH! AAAH! AAAH!

Now breathe, we bring the vibration all the way down to your Earth Star.  Allow the vibration to go through the feet into the ground below.  What we are going to do now is ground these energies, so it’s not such a high frequency and it throws you off.  I want you to ground it down into your Earth Star, feel the Earth Star spinning deeper and deeper into the ground, into the core of the earth as we send it to Gaia.  So we all become part of the oneness, and the higher frequencies of the God Essence that you are.  We are One in this moment.

As your Male and your Female are now fully activated in the balance and the frequency, you feel the love, you feel bliss, you feel joy, you feel acceptance.   There is no rejection anymore, because you have let go of those elements, you are fully in balance with your Male and your Female, completely within your Heart.  You feel the Core of your Heart.  You feel the Lotus, and the expansion of that flower that is you, as it expands outwardly out of you, and shines outward to the world.  You see yourself in front of the mirror, you see the beauty that You Are.  You feel this Essence, you see this Light Body, and this Light Body is filled with many different colors that is the frequencies that we have brought in.  Yet, it is so much more, so much more than you ever thought that you could receive.

Just expand with those thoughts, allow yourself to fully feel this Essence that You Are.  This is the essence that you incorporate when you visit us on the inner plane level.  Now we are bringing it more into your conscious space.  Allow that conscious space, and see it grow out beyond you of the location that you are, so that you send this out 15 feet outside of you.  Allow that expansion, now you bring it back in, and you allow yourself to close up the energies to be just you.  So this is exactly what you can do, you can take this expansion, and allow it to grow outwards when you are traveling, or when you are with others that you want to send the Light.  Feel this now, feel the essence of the 5th dimensional body being activated within you.

Breathe through that.  Breathe through this love.  Breathe through this joy, harmony, all the positive aspects of your light frequency fully embodied within your physical.

We are the Divine Mother Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun to assist you with this process, allow us to embrace you in this moment.  Allow yourself to embrace yourself, as you bring forth into your acceptance.

(((Angels sing)))

Breathe through that essence as you say to yourself:

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the full embodiment of my Soul’s Presence physically within this body

I now activate my Light Body in all aspects.

I AM Free, I Accept, I Rejoice

I AM that I AM

It is our divine pleasure to be with you in this moment. Embrace the Light that you are, as we see it shining so very brightly.

In the name of the Holy God of Host, in the name of YHWH, the Creative Source Of Oneness.

We are in honor of your awakening, and teaching others.


Greetings, this is Lord Sananda

This is quite an activation; it is one that can be used again and again to help you balance the energies in the next month as you come across your challenges, because there are going to be challenges.  The challenges are about your own pathway, it may be a personal level, if that’s where you are in your initiation process.  It may be a professional level, it may be able to speak your truth with love and compassion.  Allow this to unfold within you, and you will see a great difference in how you interact and accept all that you are.

It is my pleasure to be the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness.  I am honored to be with each one of you as we are together in oneness.


The Soul’s Nucleus ~ July 10th, 2011

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings.

This is  Lord Sananda speaking, it is wonderful to be here in this moment.  Tonight, we are not going to create a lot of energizing activations, we are going to settle in with the energies, and we are going to let everyone prepare themselves for the Full Moon that is coming up at the end of the week.  We want everyone to relax and embrace their full essence to bring in within your physical being and allow your physical body to actualize what it has not been able to do so previously.

So we are going to give you a little assistance this evening.  We are going to allow what you already have been working with to be more fully integrated within you.  Sometimes, one just needs to know that what they are doing in any given moment is the right pathway.  So the energy this evening is going to bring forth that frequency within you.  As you do so, there will be more of an expansion and allowing that expansion to flow through you.  Since the onset of the June activations, and we’ve spoken about everyone being at a crossroads, now is your time.  Whatever it is that you have been aspiring to be, now is the time to take a part of that energy.  Allow it to filter within your Being.  There cannot be any hesitation any longer.  These moments of activation are going to continue.

This does not mean that now you’re in an activation and everything is going to be perfect and uniform, and you’re all going to be fully activated with your I AM presence.  Know there are stages to your growth, and each of you are actualizing these energies on a different level.  So we ask of you in this moment, what it is that you desire most?

In this moment, I want you to take a deep breath.  Feel the infiltration of the frequency that is coming through now.  Go into yourHeartCenter, and go into your Solar Plexus.  We want you to be fully empowered, because if you are not fully empowered than you cannot allow the frequency of the light to activate the physical movement that is necessary.  What happens is that it just filters through your mind, and your emotions can become imbalanced.  So it is imperative for each of us to understand, that these are processes.

We are here to help you with those processes.  There is great movement happening within each of you, and I believe it is probably very multidimensional.  Let us take the energy this evening, to bring it down into a nucleus.  Allow that nucleus to be many facets of what you are experiencing.  Allow yourself to have more of a focus, because what can happen if you bring forth too much of the multi-dimensional level within the aspect of your Being before you are ready to accept all of those aspects, it can be confusing, it can be frustrating, there can be anxiety, and there could be lack of movement.  This is not what we want for you.  We fully want you to embrace these frequencies to allow you to move to your next step.  This may include mental thoughts, it may include anxieties that you have been thinking about, fear of movements, finding the power within you to do what is necessary, because the doorways are opening.

This Full Moon of this month is another element of surprise, and within that surprise, we want you to be fully ready to take those surprises by the hand.  Let’s think about what you have been working on in the last month.

  • Is it relationships?
  • Is it your own inner power?
  • Is it your own love?
  • Is it your career?
  • Is it your children? Your spouse? Your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • Or is it the complete centeredness within you of your totality, of your self assertiveness, your self completeness, or the empowerment within you.

It may be all these or some of these together.

There may be other elements that I am not even touching base on.  So let’s look within our Solar Plexus and feel that Essence right now.  I bring to you the Deep Cherry Red of the ray of the Solar Plexus, the Ray of the Divine Aspect within you, of the unity of the Christ Within.  Allow that to center into your solar plexus, and feel the frequency of the light coming in a spindle of light, very lightly, like a small thread coming into your solar Plexus and allow it to filter through you.  As it filters through you, it becomes a conglomerate, this is your Higher Wisdom that is being activated in your Solar Plexus.  Within that Solar Plexus we also want  to have your Inner Power.  We are going to ask for the Transmuting Flame of the Violet Ray to intertwine with Deep Cherry Red so we can transmute; we can activate the higher frequency all at the same time.

Breathe deeply.

As those two spectrums of light blend within your Solar Plexus.  The transmuting flame will move any lower frequencies.  Feel the fire of the transmutation fully within your Solar Plexus.  Then feel the deep Cherry Red as within these two colors we see the frequency as they intertwine deep into the Solar Plexus.  Take a deep breath into that area.

Feel the power that is going on within you, your own Inner Power.  That is what we want to fully activate this evening.  So that you are ready for the surprises that are going to becoming forth.  Allow these surprises to be fully within you.  Allow your self to fully activate in all aspects of your Being.  Allow yourself to know that the frequencies are part of the transitions you have been going through, and continue to go through, but is the basis of your new world.

Let us step into the new world on this Full Moon!  Let us remove all the old aspects, the thoughts, the emotions, that are keeping you stuck ~ the fear, the anxieties, the frustrations, maybe some angers.  Whatever it is we want to transmute it, and bring in the Divine Complement that is you of the beautiful essence of this ray that I embody myself.  So I would like you to fully embrace that, and as it embraces within you, allow it to go to your Heart, allow it to go to your Sacral, then allow it to go to your Throat, into your Root, down your limbs, and then up your Third Eye, down your feet, and into your Crown and your Soul Star.

Feel the essence of these two frequencies because they work very well together of the transmutation and the divine wisdom that you are.  Allow that to be within you.  Allow your self to understand what it is we are all doing in this moment.  We are receiving, we are receiving our highest essence.  WE are receiving the totality that we are ready to accept in our physical existence.  I AM here with you to assist you in this process.  Let us now be ready to receive all that you desire and also to remove all that you no longer need to hold onto.  Express yourself in many ways, because each of you are about ready to walk through manifestations, elements of activations in your physical world.  You know what they are, you’ve been intending them, you’ve been writing them, you’ve been affirming them, you have been listening to your heart, and sometimes you can not fully understand how you are going to get to that space.  Allow your self to be in these moments.  Allow that to accept within your full frequency.  Because your frequencies are changing with these energies.

Breathe Deeply!  Breathe Deeply in that frequency!

We now ask for the entryway of your Higher Self to be fully activated within your Heart and your Thymus.  Feel him or her fully, the participation within your physical existence in this moment.  Allow yourself to receive any messages, any thoughts, any feeling from your Higher Self, that Essence of your Soul, and feel that frequency as you are now ready to embark upon a new journey this week.  Allow that to happen for you.

I am Lord Sananda at your service.

Let us now take a deep breath and allow the activations of these frequencies.  They are not new activations, they were just a continual movement of what you already know so that you can be assisted and allow the focus to happen within you.

Love and Blessings to you, Namaste!

(((Angels sing)))


I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun, at your service, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.  Welcome in this moment to the frequency of Your Self.  Feel your Heart, feel your Essence, vibrating with the Flames of the Violet and the Deep Cherry Red.  Allow it to blend within you.

Be whom you are ~ Be whom you want to create ~ Breathe it down.  Breathe it down now into the Essence of your Being.  Breathe it down and allow it to be of the frequency of your Light as it never has before.

WE come to you in this moment to allow you to express your self in the Divinity that you are of what we see within you in your Soul’s Essence.  WE want each of you to understand to bring this focus together.  Let us not separate all the different elements that you have been going through.  Let’s bring it forth into this bowl of light that includes the Violet Flame into the Cherry Red and then it goes deeper into the Magenta, which is the 5th dimensional frequency in this area.  Allow that to come within you.

Allow it to filter through your entire Being, and allow your Solar Plexus to be warm, and expressive.  As you move to your Heart, allow your Heart to expand with it.  Feel it in your Thymus and your Soul’s Essence is rejoicing in this moment.  Allow yourself to rejoice in the frequency that you are.  Breathe it down fully through your Being.  Ground it into your feet and your Earth Star.  Allow the Earth Star to spin with all the frequencies of Light that you are!  The beauty that we see within you is being expressed in your life.  If you have not seen it occur, embrace it now, embrace it in these moments.  They are the frequency that is You.

I want you to breathe deeper now.  I want you to breathe deeper into the Core of your Being, into the Core of your Heart, and feel that Lotus expanding, expanding, expanding across your chest.  Go deeper in there.  Feel the breath!  Feel the breath, within that breath allow yourself to express all the elements that bring forth all pieces  of yourself together.  The beauty of you, the expression of you, the frequency of you, whom you are now, whom you choose to become, and let’s let go of what does not serve us.  You’ve held on to it for such a long time and now is your time!

You are at a new crossroads!  Allow this crossroads to be fully within you!  Allow yourself to be expressed in this moment of divinity.  It is the spark of your Light, and it spins within you, and its spins deeper, and deeper, and deeper.  Now allow it to go into your Root!  Allow it to remove those essences that you no longer need.  Anxiousness, movement, of others in your life who do not serve your highest purpose, this you know.  So we ask for the frequencies to help you with this, because part of you cannot accept what is occurring.  So let it be in there!

Let it go!  Let go of the judgments, let go of the all those areas in that Root.  We want to be the Base Chakra to be the grounding cord.  You need to have the grounding, allow that frequency to be fully in your Root.  Allow the Sacral to blend with those energies.  Allow that sexuality that you are, the Kundalini that blends within you, the male and the female that creates the creativity that is needed.

Allow the empowerment within your Solar Plexus that you are to be fully  being expressed through your voice, through your eyes, through your ears, through the essence that you are everywhere that you express within you.  See yourself manifesting.  See yourself sitting and writing, and the works are coming through to you.

Maybe it’s song.  ~ Maybe it’s breath. ~ Maybe it’s a vibration. ~ Maybe it’s just sharing who You Are!

We ask this frequency, we ask for the 4th Dimensional Chakra Grid to be more fully activated, and this is occurred because your Higher Self is more active than ever it has before.   You listen, you listen to those thoughts that come into you.  Those periods of inspiration, are your Soul’s Essence trying to tell you, NOW is the time!

Now is the time!  ~  It must happen now!

It must be activated in the sense of the Beingness that we are together!  Feel these frequencies flow through you.  As they flow through you, feel what is behind you.  See yourself walking through a beautiful doorway, and this doorway is gated with ivy, and white flowers.  AS  you walk through this doorway, it is a  pathway,  and it is illuminated with the purest light that you have ever seen in your entire life.  It is shining down upon you, and you look behind you and there is just a trail of what you no longer need of all those areas of pain, all those aggressions that you are leaving behind.

You are walking into the totality of your gratefulness and your gratitude of whom you are and what you are becoming and you express that to others!  As you walk through this pathway, you see beautiful  flower petals flowing all around you.  The flower petals represent all the love and the blessings of the Lady Masters.  Feel that blessing of your female energy flowing through you, and allow it to combine through you.  You feel that compassion that you are, and allow that compassion within you.  You may see many masters, lady masters accepting you and embracing you.

Quan Yin, Lady, so many Lady Masters, the Blessed Mother, Isis, so many.

Allow your female energies to be blessed in this moment, to use this as the creativity that you need.  Allow that creativity to flow through you.  Then the door opens wide and we see the male masters.

Master Kuthumi, Lord Sananda, Serapis Bey, El Morya, Allah Gobi, Hillarion, Saint Germain, Lord Buddha, and Sanat Kumara.

Then the Lady Masters and the Male Masters come together.  They come together with their Essence in front of you.  Now walk through this frequency, you feel the balance that they are.  Feel that balance and you walk through that and feel that frequency within you, because now you feel more of a balance.  Now the empowerment can occur, because the balance is occurring within your body.

You continue to walk upon this pathway, and more flowers are falling around you, in the essence and the purity and there is many colors of the Spectrums of Light as the Rays are being activated through your whole body, as you become more Crystalline than you ever felt possible.  The sun is shining down brightly, and their is illumination of pure White Light all around you.  You walk through this gateway, and you continue to walk.  You look out, and there is infinity.  There is the sky, there’s the essence of beyond, beyond, beyond.

Right now your standing there and you feel your physical body, you feel infinity, but you are within your body.  You have the soul activated, feel that frequency coming in you now.  Let us all gather together, as we feel this Essence of Oneness.  You see yourself walking further, and into this beautiful arena, where many beings are coming together, and the scope of oneness that we are.

We are this frequency.  Your soul family is being reunited, and feel the beauty, and the love, and the compassion, and the acceptance, all coming together all at once.  There is no turning back, it is just as it is.  This is your focus, we are all parts of the pieces of the puzzle you’ve been trying to put together.  Let them come together!

Feel that bowl of light within you!  Feel that balance of the Male and the Female as you have been represented by the many masters that have walked before you.

I AM, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, embrace you for coming into  this space.  Feel the beauty that you are!  Feel the essence and the completeness occurring around you.  Allow this movement to be you.  There is no past, there is no future, there is just now.  Allow that to be within you.  Allow yourself to accept the frequency that You Are.  Feel the vibration, feel the love, and feel the acceptance.  As you see the pathway opening up, even more as we all connect with each other.  As we all bring forth the Soul Family of Light.

We are the soul family of light, and many are now leaving us.  It is now time, it is now time, just allow it to happen.  Allow it to happen, there is nothing else to do, but accept.  Accept where you are now, because that is the beauty and the grace of your Soul’s Essence.

Take a deep breath now.

We are going to utilize the bowl once again, and allow the frequencies to be fully within you, as you now reflect on Who You Have Become, because of the wholeness that you are incorporating.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Breathe deeply.  Breathe deeply of the frequency you are now accepting within you.  I ask each of you right now to have a command of yourself of what it is you desire most.  Take a moment.  Breathe deeply.  Don’t think about it, and see it.  See the frequency coming in of what you desire most in your life.  It can be something tangible, intangible, could be a person or place, it could be a trip, it could be a movement, or it could be a journey.  It could be a journey of your Self within your Self.  Allow yourself to breathe deeply and bring forth that frequency in this moment.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

It is done!  ~ It is done!

As we stand here together, in this frequency of this beautiful place of Oneness.  We’re all allowing the Light of the White Crystalline energies to come through us and around us.  We now come together, the souls all coming together, just as your focusing within you.  Let us all come together and feel the conglomerate of the Oneness.  Feel that beauty that is around you!

Feel the acceptance! ~ Feel the friendship! ~ Feel the Love! ~ Feel the continuance within your Heart!

Allow yourself to feel this special beauty that you are, and see it in the eyes all around you.  There may be one, two, three, or many other beings that you want to connect with, with this energy, in this moment.  See their eyes and allow the vision of nearing between you, as you face, turn, and walk clockwise going completely around.  You are not alone.  You were never alone.  Let us feel this completeness and continuity of light that we are!

Allow this to be your focus this week.  This is exactly the Being of Light that you are.

(((Angels sing))

Holy God of Hosts that WE are of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God assisting you in the process in the continuation upon this earth!  WE are so excited for what you are incorporating within your being!  Breathe it down, as you feel our love around you, breathe it down, as you feel the love of the many of the Spiritual Hierarchy being with you as One Being of Light.

Holy God of Hosts that WE Are, in the Name of YHWH, Adonai ‘Tzebayoth

Holy, Holy, Holy God of Hosts We are One

We are One.


This is Lord Sananda, once again.

We are One.  Allow yourself to feel this, express it, utilize this according as much as you need to, to help you to remember as you are accessing so many levels of frequency within you.  I am honored to be here in these moments, and to walk with you hand in hand.  This is my blessing, our blessing this evening for each of you to remember these frequencies, as We Are One.

In the frequency of All That Is, as the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness, I Am Lord Sananda, at your service.