August 7th, 2011 ~ Spark of Our Soul’s Essence is Remembering

Good Evening,

This is Lord Sananda speaking.  It is wonderful to be connecting with you once again.

August is going to be very a motivational month, within the motivations, each of us are going to be feeling elements in quite a different way, and this keeps increasing, as has been stated.  It keeps increasing in the elements, the avenues, the pathways, the thought processes, the releasements, and the activations of being in the totality of your essence.  Some of you are feeling it completely, others are just getting glimpses of it, but it is becoming more and more active within each of your bodies.  As these activations occur, you start to accelerate yourself and to create the beauty that is within you.  As this beauty continues within you, it grows, you are only seeing a small sample of what you can be, and this is very important, it’s very important to have those frequencies within you.  The light particles that you are incorporating brings forth the elements to change in the deepness of your soul, because that’s exactly what is happening on these levels.  The depth of your soul is being shifted, is being integrated, and it’s time for you to embrace these elements.

So tonight in preparation for the pathways for each of you on coming upon this month, we want each of you to understand, as we have stated previously, that it is very important to embrace these frequencies to fully move forward with the elements that your soul has in place for you, that has been in place for you since the beginning of this lifetime.  When you fully decided that it was time for you to be within this body, that is the beauty of what is occurring in these moments.  So tonight we bring you a little bit of magic, we bring you the frequencies of the ascension energies from Mount Shasta, we bring you the frequencies of the Telosians, we bring you the frequencies of the Inter-Galactics, and most of all, we bring you the frequencies of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God to allow them to fully incorporate within your beings through Dearest One here.  She has been preparing for this in the last couple of days, everyone is excited because this is a first time event in Mount Shasta, in the frequencies that she has fully incorporated.

So just sit back and embrace, because you are about to acknowledge within you, the spark of light, the continuation of your spectrums of frequency that are part of your Soul’s Essence to come into being in these moments.

It is my divine pleasure as Lord Sananda to assist you in any way possible.


(((Angels sing)))

We are here to assist you to in the Frequency of the Light to fully embrace, for you to fully accept the divinity of your light as you ever have before, to allow this frequency to be fully within your being to say to yourself:

“Hello! I AM here!”

Take these moments to connect with your I Am Presence to fully bring in that light frequency, to have the full remembrance of the scope of the purity, the love, the joy, the acceptance, the truth, and the knowledge that is yours fully to be that multi-dimensional being in all frequencies of light, allow yourself to fully incorporate the energies in this moment.

Breathe deeply.

Breathe deeply.

I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM

Say these words to your self:

“I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM”

and they are not words, but are within the vibration.

Go deep within your Thymus area, and then down through your Heart, into your diaphragm.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

Breathe through these elements.

Breathe through the Frequency of the Light that You Are.

Tonight we give you an activation that is quite different from anything else, it is a crystalline energy, it is a frequency, it is a thought process, it is a movement into your Heart Center, it is a movement into your Thymus, it is a movement into your Solar Plexus.  Allow yourself to feel the vibration fully within these areas, how you are feeling it does not matter.  What truly matters is how you embrace it.

What is it that you are accepting in this moment because you are within these activation periods there is also a moment of remembrance, and the remembrance has nothing to do with this lifetime, it has nothing to do with the pathway that you are on presently.  What we want to incorporate within you in this moment, is the essence of your Soul.

The Essence of your Soul to come fully into complete knowingness.

Complete knowingness of the ability to accept the Divinity that is you.  As you move through the coming weeks, there are going to be massive changes upon the planet.  Within these massive changes, it’s going to be necessary for each of you to have the full capabilities within your divinity to accept the challenges that you are going to be faced.  Also, to fully accept that what is happening to others, is part of their experience, and to be kind and compassionate, but not to take on their emotions, their feelings, to have a basis of a grounding element within you; so that you can fully understand within your body, within your mind, and within your spirit, what exactly is your role in all of this.

What is your role in the activations of assisting others?

Sometimes, we truly do not understand that what we are doing has so much more consequence from your soul’s perspective, your I AM presence, the activation that is fully within you to accept the Divinity that is occurring.  When you accept the Divinity fully within you, that’s when you fully settle into it, and say, “Oh, okay”  It may only be a split second that you feel these energies.  It may only be in a period of time that is a flowing energy.  It may come into your meditation, or it may come when you go to sleep, or when you awake.  If it comes to you in your awake state, when your going about your day, that means you are becoming more multi-dimensional than you thought you were.  Because the process of this, as Souls in our bodies, are fully activating all elements of change.  With these elements of change, we need to adjust in each moment.

The blockage occurs when the Mental mind tries to stop us from having that full capability.  When we don’t have that full capability, then that is when the lower mind comes into play.  So we attune this evening with this vibration of the spark of your soul’s essence remembrance, and you’re not going to remember everything all at once.

Let’s filter, let’s open ourselves, and take a deep breath.

In that deep breath, we want you to fully breathe deeply into your Throat, into your Thymus and into your Heart to fully accept your Divinity down into your Solar Plexus, because this is where your power, your inner power is going to come from.  It does not come from Mind, it does not come from those thoughts, it comes from your feeling deep inside of you.  Some may say it’s a gut instinct, but it’s much more than that, because it’s the Essence of your Soul activating your highest presence within the power of acceptance in that area.

This is your inner power, this is your inner strength, and this is your divinity.  So if we incorporate in this moment the Ruby Red of the Devotional Ray into that area, it will help to activate those remembrances.  So let’s take a deep breath and feel those spectrums of light coming into you from into your Solar Plexus, and allow those elements to assist you to finding that inner power that is within you.

When I say inner power, we don’t necessarily mean what it is you need to do in your physical life, it’s your inner power of the acceptance of your acceleration of your pathway fully understanding and acknowledging this to others in the beauty and the harmony that you are.  Once you accept this to be, than you start to understand the processes that you have been going through.  These processes can be great, allow us to breathe in the Ruby Red as Lord Sananda assists each of you to bring forth the vibration.  Allow him to be your mirror in this moment.

Look into the essence of his Being, and look and see what he sees within you.  As we allow the spark of remembrance, as we allow the spark of your soul’s essence to fully come into play.  Each of you are walking pathways that you never have before, it has now time to accept those remembrances.  It is now time to acknowledge what you did not achieve previously and you are ready to achieve.   The sparklets of light that we bring to you, come forth from the electrons of the mountain of Shasta that Christine is sitting upon.  These frequencies of light are now coming to each of you for you to fully accept your Divinity, for you to fully allow the acceptance to come into your existence.

It is now time to do so.  Allow, allow yourself to accept those moments of remembrance.  Breathe deeply within that as we express within ourselves the acceptability of the spark that we are, the essence that we are, the beauty that we are, and the frequency of all that is.  As we bring forth this to ourselves, we bring it forth to all that we incorporate around us, we bring it forth to the essences around us, and the thought forms go out to many levels of frequency as we connect with the Spiritual Hierarchy, as we connect with the Intergalactics, as we connect with the Inner Earth, as we are ALL ONE.  Allow us to feel that oneness within ourselves fully in this moment, that spark that we are from the very beginning.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God and truly want you to accept this role in this body, because now it is time.  It is time, and it is very, very important, not to speak about it so much, but just to BE IT.  Allow yourself to embrace it.  Allow yourself to feel these sparkles of light of the Ruby Red, the Silver, the Crystalline Frequencies, the Goldens, and all levels of Light Frequencies coming fully into your being.

Allow yourself to incorporate within it.  Allow it to go into your cellular level, allow it to go into your bloodstream, into all the organs, into the inner workings of the body.  Let it go deep into your Soul’s Essence, and as your soul is being activated more fully in your Thymus, that soul element of these sparks, it filters through your Heart, it filters through your Throat, it filters and just breathe.  Feel the essence and now it comes into your Etheric body, and comes out into your Mental body, and then to your Emotional, and into your whole body system, your Spiritual body.

Now you are one being of light of the Ruby Red of Devotion, and there is a window that comes, there is an opening to a window.  Within this window you feel this frequency, you may see a vision, you may feel a thought-form, allow it to come into you, allow yourself to see it, it expands around you, and you see what your next step is for this week.  Let’s just stay within this week’s purpose as we activate these energies within you for you to acknowledge what is the most important aspect within you.

Not what your daily tasks are, not your clients, not what it is you are doing for other.  What it is that you are bringing forth into you to have a fulfilling life, to accept you to bring forth these frequencies onto others just by Being.  ~ Just by being in the frequency Of All That Is.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, incorporate these frequencies as we stand with you, as we embrace you with these frequencies of light.  We embrace you with our love, our joy, and our acceptance, as we know that you send it back to us because we feel it so deeply.  So in this moment, in this time that we have together, that we can communicate in this way, let us share with one another the Beauty and the Love that we are.

We are honored that you are walking this path, in these bodies, in these moments.  It is assisting so greatly, and the challenges are coming, but believe me, the Beauty of these challenges is to be more deeply embraced than anything else you have ever experienced.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, fully embrace you in these moments with Lord Sananda.

(((Angels sing)))

This is Lord Sananda, I AM here, as is the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.

As each of you are becoming upon the Path of Mastership more deeply than you ever have previously.  It is with great pleasure that we bring forth to you these Sparklets of miracles of Light for you to embrace within you for you to fully activate all that is about to occur in the next week.  Allow yourself to be in each moment, and to feel the Beingness that You Are.

I AM Lord Sananda, At Your Service.




Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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