July 24th, 2011 ~ Embrace What You Have Acquired


This is Lord Sananda speaking. It is a pleasure to be here with you this evening. Yes indeed, it is a special evening.  It’s not only a special evening because Christine is embarking upon this great journey; it truly represents each of you. Each of you is embarking upon your own journeys.  You may not even realize what your own journey entails.

The Light and the frequency that you are bringing forth within your existence, into your personal level, into your personal ascension process, is one of great responsibility.  This evening we would like to take a moment to allow each of you to have gratitude, for walking upon this path, for being in these moments, to accept the blessings and continuation of the existence of your Soul’s Light, physically within the vehicles that you are fully incorporating.

The frequencies that are coming forth in this month, as we come into a new aspect of your Divinity, is very, very important.  It is important because of all that is occurring within each of your lives.  It is important because of what you are doing within your own spiritual continuation.  It is important because of the frequencies that are happening – to help you to expand and accelerate the Beingness within you.

So tonight we would like to take a few moments to say “Embrace, Embrace what you have acquired. Embrace what you are about to acquire.  Embrace the journey that each of you are ready to embark upon”. We ask of you to take some moments, in this moment, to express within yourself this Divinity and this Love that is fully within your Being ~ To allow the acceptance and transference of energies that you’ve been incorporating, to allow yourself to take a rest.

Take a rest and allow your Being to have a moment in time of reflection, to totally embrace how far you have come, where you are now and where you are about to go, because I know each of you are feeling these aspects.  Your light is so very important upon this planet.  It’s important for you to incorporate it within you, to allow yourself to have the continuation of your life in the different manner then it has been previously ~ to learn how to accept and to be in the moment and to just surrender.  Surrender to all that is occurring and when you surrender to those moments of expressions of yourself, you start to feel the beauty that is you.  The beauty that is you will unfold within your Being, and it will allow it to expand outside of you, so that you can accept yourself as others will be accepting of your Ligh ~ Without a word, without a thought, just a moment of embracement.

Let us breathe deeply and allow ourselves to have this moment of embracement.

It is a time to fully relax with it.  If we don’t learn how to fully have the patience within ourselves, to allow these moments  of expression of whence you came, where you’re going, and where you are now, then you cannot reflect or change what is occurring within you.  So we ask of you in these next few moments, as the cosmic energies come fully within Dearest One here of the expression of All that Is, to allow yourselves to understand your own expression.  As I express to you in these moments, I feel each of your expressions, and I feel a sigh of relief.  I embrace you with all that you are acquiring, all that you are being, and I want myself to be a mirror to you in this moment.

So I send to you an expression of my deepest love, from the deepest part of my Essence, from all my lifetimes, to be expressed to you in all of your lifetimes, as we express to each other all that we ever have been.  Expand upon that, as we fully bring forth our desire to feel the deepness of love.  Allow myself to stand with each of you in these moments, so that you can see the reflection that I see in you and that we can all be in Oneness together as each of our souls are inter-connected in a way that neither of us understands. I am honored to be here in these moments with you, as you express so deeply, share, learn and grow, in the beauty that We Are.  Allowing that now to be fully within your body. I am in honor in these moments to be your Spokes-Being, for these moments of the Cosmic Oneness.

In the Christ Consciousness, I am Lord Sananda, at your service.




I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service, in this moment.

In the reflection that we are, we express to you the deepness of our hearts in a way that has not been expanded previously, we are in this moment of truth.  The truth is deepness within your Heart.  The truth is the essence of whom you are.  Let it expand with you, let it grow within you.  It is your expression of the Divine that you are.  Let it be within you, as it shows the deepness within your Hearts.  Let it be within all parts of your Being.  Allow it to expand outside of you in All That You Are, in the expression of your Love and your Light.

Embrace this moment of our inner sense of Beauty, as it shines to so many.  Allow us to share with you the Essence of our Light together, the Essence of our Growth together.  Oh the story unfolds so deeply, it unfolds so deeply within our Beings, as we share with each other for the eons of time.  Each of you are coming into a new presence within yourself that will allow you to expand into the greatness that you are, as this greatness continues to move forward, you shall feel the deepness of your Heart.  Feel the essence of your Soul, feel the continuation of your Light more deeply then you ever experienced previously. Breathe through this essence of the Light, as Lord Sananda is each of you in the expression of whom you are.  We expand this Light through the vibration right now.  Allow this vibration to be the sense of your own Beauty and Being at peace.  We extend to you in the peacefulness of your Heart, we expand to you the greatness that you are.  We accept who you are.  Are you ready to accept your continuation of your light as we see it unfold within you?

These are the elements that are important.  Breathe through that.  Breathe through that.  Breathe in to the continuation of your Light.  Breathe deeply in the essence that you are.  Breathe deeply in the frequency of all that is expanding in this moment.  Your Heart is like a shining sun and with the enfoldment of the Rays, it moves out of you,, and through you, and allows you to expand within you in a different way then it has before.  Allow this continuation of your Light.  Allow this movement of what you are unfolding within your being in the Physical, in the Mental, in the Emotional, in the Etheric.  As your Light body changes and grows in the deepness of your heart.

Let it be within you, let it shine within you.  Feel the Golden Flame of the Light unfolding within your Being.  See yourself enraptured in this light.  See yourself as you never have before, and as you expand it out of your body from your heart in front, from your sides and from your back – it creates the pathway that you are desiring to create within your life.

See the Golden Ray, see the Golden Ray in front of you and allow yourself to walk through the pathway that is now in front of you.  It is open.  It is open, it is clear.  Allow it to unfold.  You have nothing to fear. Run.  Run and move it, run and move it deeply in your Heart.  Let it go, because the vibration of whom you are is about to be born – in a new way of being, in a new way of existence.  Breathe  through it, feel it.  As you walk down this Golden Pathway, you see the people, you see the souls that are coming to you, you may know them, you may not know them. You see the pathway opening up so much clearer then you ever did before. Breathe through that. Breathe through it. See it, see it. Experience it. Allow it to expand within your Being, because in this moment, the Now of what you are about to create is the enfoldment of your life.  Breathe.  Breathe.

Feel the Beauty, feel the Bliss.  Feel the essence that is you.  Now sit within this moment, feel the expansion of your Being, feel the Essence that is coming through to you right now, because each of you are about to make a change that will benefit you in many levels of existence that you did not fully realize that you had the ability to do so.  Whatever it is that you need to unfold within you, you now have the courage, because you have faith, you have trust, and you have the Golden Ray fully within you.  Breathe.  Breathe deeply feel this Essence within you.  Breathe.  Breathe.

You are the Golden/Ray.  It is emanating around you.  Everything you touch turns to Gold, everything you think is increased.  Let it flow what it is that you need in this moment, that will assist you in your life circumstances.  Feel it now.  Put that wish out into the Universe, allow it to be commanded for you to receive.  Breathe it in.

Now make another command, we will do three of them.

Take a breath and feel the existence of this coming into your present pathway, in the Golden Flame right now.  Breathe that in.  Again, feel the expansion and now we ask you one more wish, one thought, one more command – put it out to us so that we can assist you in turning it into Gold in your Alchemy. Breathe it out and then in.

It is yours.  These commands are yours.  But you must embrace it.  You must allow it to be.  Allow yourself to incorporate the Light in the level that you need.  Breathe deeply.  Breathe deeply, in the essence of your Being.

All now, these three commands, are now yours to be received within your Being but you must accept it that it is yours.  You must have the trust, the faith, and the ability to acquire these levels of creation right now.  Feel it come with a Golden Flame, you are the Golden Flame.  You are the Divine Light that you are.  Breathe through that.

Breathe through that and the acceptance that you are because now we fully activate these things for you to have.  Allow yourself to express it.  Allow yourself to feel it.  Allow yourself to expand upon it – breathe  deeply with that essence that is now flowing through you, in your Mind, in your Body, in your Emotions and your Spirit, as it expands outward beyond you.  Let it grow.  Let it be the growth that is needed.  It expands outward to the many.  Allow us now just to embrace these moments of expansion.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.

We are, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, this has been a special activation.  It’s been a special activation to fully allow each of you to create your alchemy abilities within your Being.  For you to fully accept that what you are putting out there, is now the factual truth of what is happening within you. as you allow this to expand within you and allow yourself to see the acceptance.  It needs to be your truth, but your truth needs to come from the Highest part of your Being and this is a very, very important, to  allow this to grow within you ~ To allow the essence and allow the acceptance of all that is occurring for you.  Allow yourself to expand within this.

We bring this forth to you for several reasons.  It is now time for everyone to step into their own awakening of the Golden Flame.  That helps each of you to acquire your facets within your life, to assist this planet, to assist yourself and to have your Divine Acceptance fully incorporated within you.

We give this to you on this day, because of the work that each of you are doing and we honor each of you. We ask each of you to be in fully receiving mode, to fully allow these frequencies to be within your Being, so that your pathways open up so deeply and widely and warmly, just as Dearest One here has done.

So let us all come together in these moments and see that this is contagious.  This is a very contagious moment. ~ Not to think about it but to feel it. I want you to feel it.  We want you to feel it within your Heart ~ Not to process it within your brain.  As we leave you tonight, know that this is what we desire most for you – is for you to feel it and to embrace it and not  to think about it and every time you have a thought about it, I want you to take a deep breath and allow the expansion  to be within you.

A True Master is one that fully allows the frequency to open up unto them, because of the work that they have done, for it to be acquired. If you had not acquired it, you would not be in this space; you would not be on this phone call.  You would not be listening or you would not be reading.  It is all in the power of your Light and to express that with the Divine compliment of the Golden Flame.  We, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, ask that you  embrace this light fully, without thought, and be the expression that you are.  Because it is time.  The pathways are opening up all over.

Dearest Christine has opened up her own pathway that is assisting so many of you.  Allow your pathways now to be fully open.  Wherever it takes you, wherever you feel is the expression of your Divine Light within you – allow that to flow, through you and around you.

We are, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service, we embrace you during this time and we look forward to connecting again soon, once Christine meets her destination. But it is a journey and each of you is walking this journey with her.

So, allow this Golden Flame to fully encased within you and around you, as each of you are now journeying in a different way then you ever thought possible.  We honor you in each moment.  Allow this expression to be within, and around, as the Planet is now encased the beautiful Golden Flame.  We, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun are in great honor of you. You make us very proud.







This is Lord Sananda once again. We honor you in so many ways.  We walk with you and we surround you with the expressions that you are embodying in each moment.  Allow the Light of the day to be a new day each moment, as your expression of your spiritual connection your Divine Being that you are, to be more capable of showing itself within your physical being and sharing with others – the magic is just beginning.


I am Lord Sananda at your service. Please know that, even  though we’re not meeting for a couple of weeks, we will be meeting with each of you within your Hearts, within your Minds, in the Expression of All That We Are, Together in Oneness.

Holy God of Hosts, Holy God of Hosts, Holy God of Hosts That We Are.

We are One in the Expression of this Light, in the expression of all we bring forth in all moments of creation, we are the Angels of the Light.  Blessings My Children, Blessings.

This is Reverend Christine. Thank you so much for being with me.  Until next time, I will be talking to you from Mount Shasta. Namaste.



Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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