Oct 2nd, 2011 ~ Now Is The Time

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings,

This is Lord (Sananda) Adama speaking [Note on this call, we seemed to have connected with both Sananda & Adama].  The blessings of this evening are in the reflection of whom you are that you are bringing forth.  Many of you are aspiring to great movements in a different capacity than you were before.  This is so very wonderful to see.  As you bring forth these Frequencies of Light within you in the essence that is incorporating within your body, you start to see the changes.  The changes in your reactions, the changes in how you feel about things, and also the elements that are arising from those particles that can no longer hold those higher frequencies.

This week we are incorporating within each of you more of the same that we have been doing, but in a more balanced format.  I say to you, if you have been doing your work, and continually tuning into what is not with you, or what needs to be changed or accelerated, then these frequencies need to be more balanced within your system.  If you are feeling these elements arise out of you, and coming out of your four-body system, and maybe not even knowing what the elements may be, but knowing some kind of movement needs to be done, allow your Higher Self into the Physical Being and Accept the Divinity of your being that is occurring for you.  This is very, very important of what is occurring.  This is essentially an element that is necessary for you because what is happening within your own mindset, within your own Heart Essence within your Higher Self within your Higher Mind and your Higher Heart is your understanding that something doesn’t feel right.  When something doesn’t feel right, then that is when you have to take action.  The action may be as simple as a meditation, or it may be a cleansing process, or it may be a walk in nature, whatever it is, it needs to be done.

In the elements that are arising, you will see that it will cause the emotions to overreact, there may be nervousness, there may be anxiousness, there may be irritability because it’s going to react within you in the essence of what is happening in your physical being.  As you are accelerating yourself into these new processes of being a multidimensional being within these physical bodies, it can be very, very difficult to do so.  Your body is not used to the accumulation of higher light particles that you are acquiring within you.  As you are acquiring those higher light particles, there is a division that occurs between your lower body and your higher body.  Some of you have already accessed higher body and the lower body is not there, but what it does is create a remembrance.

Within that remembrance, if you don’t take care of it, that is when you can fall back to those lower bodies.  Why do these things occur when each of you are trying so desperately to move forward in the development of your ascension process?  Environmental conditions, working around others, being around others, the earth plane not being in a 5th dimensional frequency; all of these elements come into play.  As each of you are way-showers, and teachers and healers, its important for you to access the parts of yourself that need to be fully activated continually.

This is exactly what is occurring in these months ahead towards 11.11.11.  Each of you are moving into a new phase, of being within yourself, and within that phase of  Beingness there is a fluctuation and a change that is occurring within you.  It is important to always reflect within yourself to know your highest sense and your highest purpose to bring forth that reflection that is you.  Otherwise, it is going to pull you back down.  These frequencies are very, very intense that are coming to the earth.  Each of you are very, very intense, so it is important to take care of business.  This is what we want to assist you with.  We do this every week, at this time, to bring forth these frequencies for each of you to act upon them in your own experiences.  They are not something that you should do once, and then forget about.  If there are any parts within of what I speak of what the Great Central Sun brings forth, that you can utilize and conform in a concise format, please do so, because it is only going to accelerate in your essence even more so.

The process of speaking aloud, and allowing your words to go out into the avenues of the world around us is very important, because vibrations are going beyond the concept of your mind.  You keep them within your mind, and you communicate through your throats, that is very powerful, but we are trying to assist the earth plane.  So what is happening is that those reverberations that are occurring through your voice activation are going through to all levels surrounding the earth, into the Etheric earth and beyond.  Thought processes are very important, but the vibration needs to happen in all the essences and in all the creation of this Earth.

So we say to you this evening, we are going to vibrate within you these frequencies to assist you in the process of what you are going through.  I sit here, within this lovely lady’s body, and there are two other individuals that are here with her in Mount Shasta, and each of them are aspiring to these frequencies also, as each of you should.  Just because you cannot be in Mount  Shasta with the magical energies, does not mean that you cannot incorporate it within you.  What we are doing now is to allow these frequencies to come to you each of you individually, and it may not come with a word or a thought or a feeling, but it is a frequency.  Within the frequency is a vibration, and that is what this call is about.  So, we give to you the energy of the magical essence that is within the core of this mountain, and I am not speaking about Telosian city, I am speaking about the core of the mountain herself.  So as we bring forth this frequency within each of you, it will assist in the process of your divinity to allow that to flow so much easier than it has been previously.

So that is our message this evening, allow the vibration of these frequencies to be fully within your being in the Acceptance of All that You are.  My goal, as Lord Sananda has always been to bring forth the Christ Consciousness within each of you so that each of us can share with one another what these Divinities represent.  The thought processes within your lower mind cannot assimilate them, so we allow the vibration to now enter your being with that frequency within you.  Be prepared for a change this evening.

I love you deeply and thank you for being with us, I am happy to be the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness for the Cosmic Oneness.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Great Central Sun at your service.  We are here in this frequency of all that is that brings forth the elements of the changes that are necessary so that your frequency does not shift backwards.  Breathe for us and allow this essence of your being to be fully within the elements of your physicality.  Feel this frequency coming down into your cells, into your muscles, into your bone structure and allow the essence that is you to be fully prepared.  Feel this preparation move through you and allow this frequency to be the one essence of your Being.

There is nothing else that matters in this moment, except to allow these multidimensional aspects of your self to be fully activated within the physical self.  Breathe deeply into your solar plexus of your inner power and allow that to be fully imbued with the quality of Devotion.  We allow the Devotion to be fully in the aspect of your own devotion in this moment, not the devotion that you are sharing with each other, but of the direct line of communication from us to you.  We express this to you in this moment to allow you to feel the power that is within your solar plexus to allow this frequency to blend through you to accept the Divinity that is occurring.

Breathe~ Breathe~ Breathe~

As we bring forth the Deep Ruby Red in the frequency of this Ray.  Now let it go down in your Sacral, let it go to the Sacral area to allow the sexual organs, the creativity flow through you and move it down into your Root, the base of your structure of the physical body.  No matter what Chakras and Rays you have attuned within you, it will all blend with this frequency in this moment.  Now go to your Hearts, and feel the Heart expanding in the levels of light that is acceptable for you in this moment.  Then take it up about seven octaves and allow that frequency to move, feel the essence of this frequency in your Heart Center and let it spin in a clockwise manner.  Allow your Lotus Heart to blend with this frequency of this Ray that is your devotion.  Feel your Male and Female in balance as the marriage is occurring in your own Heart Center.

Allow it to go into your Throat, and the communication.  Allow your Heart to expand in your Throat as you learn to communicate with Love, as you learn to say your feelings, as you learn to express what you wanted to say for such a long time in such a compassionate nature.  Moving that frequency up into your Third Eye, allow yourself to be Devoted to the Essence that you feel.  Allow your Beingness to come within you.  Allow that Essence to come into your Third Eye and blend, blend, and blend.  Now expand it into the Crown, and the Crown blends with the Third Eye, and the Throat, and the Heart, and the Solar Plexus, and the Sacral, and the Root, and you go into the Thymus and feel that Activation of your Higher Essence.  If he or she is not activated in your body right now, we ask for it to be fully activated.

Feel the Power of your Higher Mind of your Higher Ego of the Essence the You Are.

Bring it fully into your Thymus, and expand.  If he or she is already activated, we are just going to send that frequency into a Higher Level than it has been previously.  Feel the vibrations running through you, feel the Devotion that you have between you and God essence that we are.  Feel that line of Beauty coming through you.  Feel your Self expressing this within.

Now let it settle, now let it settle.

Let it go into your Etheric body, as it circles out from your feet and it goes around you and crosses into your Soul Star and comes across and down again.  Then we go into the Emotional, allow the Emotional body to feel this Devotion,.and the expression of your emotions and be able to share them freely with others.  Now move into your Mental body, and feel the expression coming through your mental level and allowing that frequency to run through you.  Now feel all these bodies blending together, and now the four-body system becomes One huge body of light, this is your Spiritual body.

This is the Activation of your Light Body.  Allow your light body to be fully activated.  Allow yourself to express within you.  Now I want you to think about a situation.  I want you to feel something that is necessary in your life, maybe you need to communicate it.  It does not have to be a releasement, it can be an activation of what you want to share with another.  Allow that to come through you now, allow that activation to move through you so that you can fully communicate through your voice, and express from your Heart what it is that you are expressing deeply within your Being.

It is the Love essence that you are, and allow this Love essence to be shared with another.  As you share this Love essence with another, you start to feel that frequency coming back to you, it is the beauty that is you.  The beauty is the sharing and it’s the movement and as you do, you feel the old elements that have been in your past.  It may be a past life, or many past lives, or maybe just little particles of anxiousness, or elements that do not feel quite right and they come to the surface.  As they come to the surface they exit out of your crown and they leave you and those elements are being dissipated out of your Crown, they go through your Soul Star, and it’s just pure light.  You go back into your Solar Plexus and you feel that emotional center.


As you feel that Devotion within you and as you express that Devotion that is within you, you start to feel the change that is occurring in your composition of your Physical Being, it goes into your Physical body.  It goes into elements that may be weak, maybe those are areas that are hurting right now, allow that Devotion to go because now you cleared, you’ve cleared the debris, you’ve cleared the elements that have been stopping you.  It may have been something so very small, but it was particles of elements that were not quite right for the New You.  Now you have moved your Essence into a Higher Octave, a Higher Frequency, we have moved the frequency up 20% than it was before.  Allow this frequency now to ground through you, move it down through your feet and allow it to go through your Earth Star, and allow yourself to be expressed in this.

Feel the body fuller, feel the frequency within you, feel your Essence whole, the elements, feel your muscles tighten, feel the Power and the Structure that is within you to allow yourself to feel the Divinity that You Are.  Express yourself fully now.  Feel that expression deeply, feel that expression deeply, and just settle with that.  I am going to use the bowl and now I want you to fully intuit what is the action that you need to do to assist the frequency you have received.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Breathing deeply, feel the elements changing within you.  Feel your cellular structure, feel your DNA activating on a much Higher Level.  It is your Multi-dimensional body that is being activated in this moment.

We the Divine Mother and Divine Father God express this to you.  It is our expression that is coming through for you.  It is an expression that you have intuited on your other levels of existence.  It is an expression of your Angelic Self.  It is an expression of your Form that was created in the very Beginning.  Allow yourself to embrace it.  If you are not quite ready to embrace all of it, it is okay, it will come when it is ready.

You must create the action for it to be fully moved through your entire being.  Now is the time, now is the time to fully step to where you need to be.  There is no time like the present.  There is no other time.  We do not have time, you do not have time.  So let us express this deeply within yourselves, ourselves, in the Oneness that we are all together.

WE the Divine Mother and Divine Father God embrace you for this pathway that you are walking upon because you are sharing with us exactly what you need to be doing.  You may not be sharing through your words, but you are expressing it through your elements.  You are expressing that light frequency, you are expressing yourself.  Your personal relationships are about to change, many are changing already, more of this expression is coming through.  Allow this expression to fully be within you, it is important to let go of the elements and the particles that do not exist in your capacity of this new light.

It is important for you to accept the new ones that are coming in.  It is important for you to have the full balance and to feel the Love and the expression of all that you are completely and totally all the time.  Allow this to be in the Essence of All that You Are, because this is the Beauty and the Acceptance.  This you will see will make the changes within your lifestyle, within the frequencies, within the manifestations that you are all desiring to Create.

Now is the Time, we are in the present, we are in the Harvest Month.  Allow that Harvest Month to fully come in you and bring in that expression of light, because it is the process of your Divinity that needs to be accumulated now.  There is no time.  Now is the time.  Now is the frequency.  Embrace this moment of Divinity, it is your Divinity, it is our Divinity, but it is your personal Devotion to yourself.  Devote some moments each day in the expression that you are, and you will see the changes that will result for you.

We the Cosmic Great Central Sun fully, fully understand the processes that you’re going through, and fully understand that now it is time for us to fully carry you in this Divinity and this Frequency that are bringing forth to you.  We honor you, we accept you, and we ask the same of yourselves.  Honor yourselves and Accept yourselves and all will change for you.

We of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun

I AM that I AM that I AM

We are One, We Are You, You Are Us, Let Us Be In The Unity and The Beauty That We Are.  Let us breathe and feel this frequency of Oneness.

Holy God of Hosts in the Name of the Christ We are One never to be separated again.

So Mote It Be In The Light Of The Christ As We Are One.


Greetings, this is Lord Sananda.  The message is strong, the frequency is high, but each of you are ready.  We all walk with you and embrace you and look forward to your enfoldment unto this Earth.  That is our blessing for each of you in this moment.


I Am Lord Sananda in the Light of the Christ that we are together.  We are One.



Sept 25th, 2011 ~ Be The Eagle


This transcription is being dedicated to a very good and close friend of mine, Michael  Hayden.  He was in Mt. Shasta working through my program and his own inner frequencies.  He Became the Eagle during this time in Shasta and was gifted with a beautiful name that includes the Eagle.  We were also blessed with many eagles during our ceremonies.  Congratulations, Michael.  I have never seen anyone accelerate as you have done.  I am excited for your new Beinginess Within.  Love and Blessings, Meleriessee


Dearest Ones, it is Lord Sananda at your service.  Welcome to the Cosmic Oneness once again.  It is a pleasure to be here, and to speak with each of you in the frequency of through Meleriessee’s body into the State of Beingness that she is incorporating.

Acceptance, acceptance is our word , one of our words for this evening.  We have just going through a tremendous change with the Cosmic Convergence.  This is just the beginning my dear friends, this is just the beginning.  So allow yourself to be in the state of consciousness that is most necessary for you.  We need to accept what is occurring for you in this moment.

We take you into a new space of time and Beingness this evening.  The frequencies of all of us in coming together is coming closer and closer.  As that comes closer, there is a tremendous change that is occurring, and these changes can happen from moment-to-moment with whatever you are experiencing with others, yourself, your environment, and the ability to allow your soul’s essence to be the pilot of your life.  In order to do that, we must let go.  We must let go of the mental thoughts, and the emotional imbalances that keep us held onto the old belief system.  When this old belief system is not assisting us greatly, then we start to feel a fluctuation within us that doesn’t feel quite right.

That, my friends, is the command within you to do something about it, to feel insecurities, to feel as if others are not aligning with your energy, in a moment by moment basis.  Whatever is happening within you, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, those essences within you are not allowing you to fully be in the frequency that is trying to be integrated within you.  It’s like an airplane coming in for a landing and if the landing pad is not ready, and the lights are not on, then that landing can be very rough.   So what we want to assist you with is to open up the frequencies that are within you, that are already there, and to open up that essence even wider through your Central Canal.  This is why we assist you with bringing forth the higher vibrations of the Rays.  This is Christine’s way of doing it, there are many other ways of doing it.

So right now, we are going to bring forth that frequency in you to allow yourself to have a moment of reflection.  A Moment of Reflection of the totality of the Being that you are.  I’m not talking about who you are in this body, in this moment, in this consciousness, we want to talk about who you are at the higher frequency, that is what is truly going to assist you.  So in this expression that is coming through, there will be an adjustment.  Within this adjustment, you can allow it to be in a momentary basis, or you can struggle within yourself of not allowing it to be fully grounded through your Earth Star.

This is what we truly desire for each of you, to bring forth that Essence within you so the landing is very smooth, very synchronous, and very flowing within you.  So I express to you these words, what within yourselves, during this Cosmic Convergence, during this Fall Equinox, one stage of a frequency of light of the planetary, of the levels of changes coming onto the earth as the acceleration is changing within you.

What is it within you that you felt during this time?  If there are elements that needed to be fully opened up and to allow the internalization within you to be a softer landing, allow that to be right now.  Open up your arms wide!  Allow yourself to just express this frequency to come through to you and assist you greatly in possibly something you might not have even been realizing that you are not fully integrating.  The higher frequencies are you, the higher vibrations are you, but you haven’t been in the physical body.

This is the difference within you.  So this evening, we are going to ask the physical body to fully relax.  As the physical body relaxes in the essence that they are, you will see that they accept the frequencies of light within.  Breathe deeply, breathe deeply in the frequency that you are as we now will assist you.  I will start with some balancing energies, but then we are going to bring in the Cosmic Frequencies to assist you even further.  So take a deep breath with me.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

This evening we are going to start with the Ray of Balance and Harmony, within the Planetary level first, and then we are going to turn a switch and that moves into our Root chakra.  So if you are sitting, just feel a stream of light coming into you and it’s an Emerald Green color.  Feel that coming and swirling in the bottom of your chakra, and as it comes and swirls within you it’s also going to pull out anything that is not of balance.  Any lower thoughts, any lower emotions, any aggression, any anger, any hurts, anything that does not vibrate with the higher frequency.  As we see those elements being pulled out of you with the breath, keeping doing the breath, in and out, and in and out, the frequencies now going to change into a higher level of Green, almost a Lime Green as we move out of the Planetary level and go into the Solar level, and then we are going to move it up into the Galactic, and the Universal.

So you start to see fluctuations of White Light within those higher levels coming into you.  Now we are going to fluctuate into the Crystalline Light of the Cosmic Ray coming into your Root area.  We are going to visualize it like a funnelling light of frequency in a clockwise manner lined with Crystalline Light mixed with Green, mixed with higher Greens, mixed with some frequencies of Yellow and Gold ~ moving up into your Sacral Area.  As it moves up into your Sacral area, it moves into your Solar Plexus, and it is Balancing and opening the Central Canal, which is your Chakra system, wider and wider.  Move up into the Heart with all of these frequencies, and allow it to spin; and what it is doing is it’s Transmuting and Transferring the Balance and Harmony right within you.  It goes up into your Thymus, and your Throat, clockwise, and then moving up into your Third Eye and then your Crown, and then out to your Soul Star.

Now the Central Canal within you, with all those chakras are all spinning with all these colors of Balance and Harmony.  We want you to feel Peace, Love, Expression of yourself, Creativity flowing through all of these areas.  As we do that your Soul Star and Earth Star are spinning simultaneously with this frequency; just command to your Higher Self to expand the Light Frequency even deeper, as theCentralCanalwidens further and further.

Now let’s look into the Heart, what does it feel like?  It should feel a calmness, you should feel the Beauty of whom You Are being expressed through you and around you.  Allow that to expand as the Male and the Female now come into Balance.  What we have just done here is allowed the physical body and all the other bodies of your Etheric, Emotional, and Mental to fully be in conjunction with each other.  So now you are fully ready to receive the frequency.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service, and it is my deep pleasure to be here with you as the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness.


(((Angels sing)))

We are the Divine Light of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God as the Great Central Sun overlighting these energies in this moment.  Allow the reflection to be within you.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

I AM You.

Allow the frequency of light that we are now bringing forth to within you to be fully received.  Feel this light coming down into your Soul star from the Antakarana Bridge through your Central Canal of your Crown and your Third Eye.  Feel this frequency as we bring in the Platinum Ray of the 22nd Ray, feel the frequency of the Godhead fully within you.  Let it come deeply into your Throat ~ Let it come deeply into your Heart ~ Then into your Solar Plexus, and into your Sacral, and into your Root.  Moving down into your limbs, into your Earthstar.  Let it expand within you.

Allow the expansion to be fully within your Etheric level.  Allow the Etheric level to feel this vibrancy of light of the Platinum Ray to allow yourself to see what you have been going through in a vision or a thought, an experience, an expression, of feeling of light.  Allow yourself to bring this forward within you.  As the Etheric level is now being filled up with the Platinum Ray, you feel it going up the bottom of your feet and going through your body, and it’s now meeting your Soul Star and then going down the left side to your feet.  Allow all that Etheric debris to be fully cleared.

(((Crystalbowl rings)))

Let us now move it.  Let us now move it from the Base of your feet, all around to the Right Side of the Emotional Body to be Purified and Accelerated to this Platinum Ray.  Allow it to come down to the left side of your body, back in your feet, whatever emotions you have been feeling for the past three days from the Cosmic Frequencies, let them move into this level of Acceptance.  Now we take one more pass and we go around from your feet up to your right around into the Mental level.  Allow the Mental thoughts to be in the Highest Concept of your Beingness, and feel it coming down into the left side of your body into your feet.  Now we take our hands around you, and we push your Auric field all together.  So this becomes your Light Body.

Feel that frequency around you now, the Essence of your Being, is the Essence of your Essence of your Spiritual Body is now vibrating these frequencies that you are.

Accept this!  Accept this Love!  Accept this frequency within you as you expand yourself within you.

Feel it within your Heart.  Feel it in the Core of your Lotus as the flower is now expanding with this Platinum frequency.  It is the Purest form of Essence, it’s not just us, Divine Mother and Divine Father God, it is your I AM.  Allow your I AM to be fully focused within this element.  As the other bodies are experiencing this frequency, and you start to realize you are accepting.

Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.

Feel the body accepting this frequency.  Feel the thought forms, and feel the wavelengths, feel all the essence of your body.  Feel the frequency and all the inner workings of the frequencies of the physical realm now relaxing.  A healing is taking place in the physical body, allow it to go to any elements that fully need assistance that are so much a part of the Ascension process.  It is coming from the fact that the body is resisting.  Allow yourself to just infiltrate the Essence that You Are, the frequency of All That You Are.  This is the Beauty of this moment as you allow yourself to be in total surrender.

Your Soul Essence is in command ~ Your I AM presence is now coming fully in your body.  Feel it in your Heart, and feel it in your Thymus, but not only that, you feel the essence of your Wings of the Angelic Beings that you are.  Feel the frequency of the Creative Source that you are since the beginning of time.  This is what we want to fully infiltrate within you.

Breathe and allow that to happen.  Breathe and allow yourself to express.  Take a moment and say some AAAHHH’s ~ AAAHHH ~ AAAHHH

As you do this, you start to relax, and feel the frequency of your Light.  Just sit back and allow us to speak for a moment of what we are feeling in these frequencies.

Allow yourself to know that the Eagle has landed.  The Eagle has landed within you.

Allow yourself to be the entryway that You Are.  Allow yourself to feel the Essence and the totality and the feelings, and allow your Third Eye to be totally opened.  Allow you to have a sensory experience around you.  Express this within you.  Express it and expand it.  The Cosmic Convergence is one that is of great magnitude.  This is the magnitude of the elements all coming together in the frequency of the Inner Earth Hierarchy, of the Inter-Galactic Hierarchy, and all those elements of the synchronous events that are occurring.  You’ve seen them occur, they are already occurring.  Don’t question when they are going to be.  Allow yourself to just accept that you are the Commander of your Destiny as we have brought forth for you in this attunement.

In this moment is for You to Receive.  Allow yourself to receive it in your Thymus area, because your Thymus area is the Active Participation of your Soul’s Essence.  Allow that to work through you, because it works in between your Heart and your Throat of your communication and your heart of expressing who You Are.  Allow that expression to be within you.  Allow it to flow through you.  Allow yourself to understand.

In this moment, in this moment in time that you are feeling these frequencies through this voice, you are just expanding yourself.  Whatever you do in the next moment when you are finished is fine, but allow yourself to BE THE EAGLE that you are.  Allow it to fully integrate within you.  See the commands change.  The commands will change and help you to see that you fully need to express yourself in a different way than you have before.

Others will not like it.  Others you have not for quite a while, and others you have known for just a short time, but those close relationships are ending because they are not ready.  We are in an acceleration time right now, and right in these moments it is very, very important for you to embrace these elements more fully than you ever have before.  There is no more time to say: maybe tomorrow.

Allow the Eagle to show you the way!  From Mountain top to Mountain top, from Cliff to Cliff, from sliding down into other areas and rising above again.  Do Not Stay down in that frequency!  Do not allow the lower frequencies to pull you back!  Because they will.  Please understand that you are the only one who can fully comprehend who you are in your ascension process of where you are in your vibratory rate.  Others will resonate toward you.

You will see it happening when you finally allow yourself to be the eagle and to fly off of that cliff, no matter what you leave behind you.  You will fly, and you will breeze through the air, and you will allow yourself to express different facets of your being that you didn’t even know existed.  It is all there waiting for you in the higher vibration.

Accept it!  Accept it!  Accept it!

Accept that fact that you are now bringing forth the attributes of the Eagle.  As we now move into the Fall Equinox, as we now move into the Harvest, this is the month.  This is the month, don’t think about it, do it.  Allow those frequencies to be fully within you, and feel it!

Breathe it in!  Allow yourself to express.  Share your thoughts to the Universe, to the World, to Nature, to the Trees, to the Mountains, to the Waters, to all the areas that you sit upon.  Take time each day, to say a prayer, and not only for the earth, but for yourself, because you are the Way-Showers.  You are the Way-Showers that are moving us into this phase of the New Earth.

You are allowing all things to come into being.  You are the chosen ones.  You have come upon this planet to fully accept that role that has been given to you with great honor.  We of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God are in great honor of the work that you are doing, and the you are about to be doing.

Fly Eagles!  Fly Eagles!

You shall see that there are many of you coming together, in All That We Are in this moment.  We of the Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God fully express these frequencies to you in this moment, and every moment that you choose to connect with your Higher Realms.

It is a moment of Remembrance, it is a moment of Acceptance.  It is a moment of Responsibility.

(((Angels sing)))

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM One With You

Never, never, ever forget in the Oneness That We Are.

So Mote It Be In The Light Of The Christ That We Are.

Adonai ‘Tzebayoth

Blessing in all ways ~ Blessings


This is Lord Sananda once again.  I think the message speaks for itself.  I feel that each of you are embracing these frequencies, or else you would not be here.  It is just another step of Acceptance because each day that gets closer to 11-11-11 and the new year of 2012, you are going to be accelerating yourself.  So please do ask, as has been asked, to make the connections that are necessary and you will see that the frequencies that you embody will be unbelievably synchronous, and your life is going to change greatly.  But, but please know, you must release and you must stand up for yourself, and you must allow yourself to be fully empowered in all that you are doing, and the Ones that are supposed to be with you will arrive.  Please know this to be true.

It is my divine pleasure to be here with you once again as a Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness and All That We Are together, I AM Lord Sananda at your service.

Namaste and blessings for a beautiful week.

Sept 18th, 2011 ~ Preparation for Activation & Integration in Each Moment


This is Lord Sananda speaking, it is a pleasure to be here once again to bring in the frequencies of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.

We are presently in mode of continuation, within this mode of continuation, there are going to be many elements that come to the surface, as some of you already may have been feeling.  Within these elements, there are frequencies of light that are changing ~ there are continuances of anything that has not been worked on before is coming up, it’s time for you to look at them, it’s time for you to embrace the higher frequencies within you, it’s a time for you to fully feel the actualizations more fully than you have before.

So prepare yourself in the next week, 10 days to 2 weeks, there may be relationship changes, there may be elements in your life, people who you thought were going to be part of your life are going to shift and change, some are not going to be happy, some are standing still in where they are, some of them are allowing their egos to get in the way but they don’t know that it’s their egos because it is just a portion of that ego energy.  The lower energies need to be incorporated, and if we don’t work on these things after these calls, they are not going to be taken care of.  It’s very, very important that each of you understand, the continuance of these calls does go into your dream state and your sleep state, but you still have to process what is occurring.  It is important to process through the soul psychology tools that you have in the frequency of the elements that are occurring.

There is going to be more information that Christine is going to be bringing forward in reference to assist individuals through these processes on higher levels.  So we are all here to assist each other to go through these, because what’s happening is the challenges of the earth are changing.  Within those challenges of what you are experiencing within the planes of existence are different for each of you, they are going to be different for you because of your environmental conditions, where you are living, the frequencies that you are bringing into your body, your house situation.

Is it clear enough?

Are you fully bringing in the ascension energies in the house?

Are you cleansing your house?

Are you allowing these frequencies to be cleared continually?

This is something that is essentially important, just because you may have done it at one time doesn’t mean that you should not keep it up.

At this point, we need to keep it up on a weekly basis, and this is for everyone.

Doesn’t matter where you are on your pathway, you need to fully bring in the higher frequencies within you because your bodies are going to be affected.

Your physical body is changing, in masses and doses; it is beyond the comprehension of your mind.

As you are doing this changing, there also needs to be an incorporation within the aspects of your Self.

You have to start to command within yourself how to utilize the Rays of God, how to bring in the frequencies so that you are fully activating the elements on a completely different basis than you ever have before.  So its important that each of us, as we are shifting and changing, its important that we bring in the continuance on a higher level because as you bring in the higher frequencies your wisdom and knowledge is going to be changing.

What worked for you yesterday is not going to work for you tomorrow.  So you need to shift with every part of the elements that are occurring.  As you shift with these elements, you will start to see that you will become more balanced.  The integrations that are happening are very powerful, and within these integrations we need to assist you to bring in the balance that is necessary, but also to understand that we are enlightened beings in physical bodies.  In these enlightenments, we need to find the Power within us to accept the changes that are occurring around us.  It could be in many different ways, it could be in your environment, in your home, in your family, in your relationships, work people, or strangers; meeting strangers on the street.  As we know, changes can happen on a flick of the dime, and they are happening on that way.  So we want to prepare you, that’s what this call is about tonight.

Preparation for the Actualization and Integration for each moment as it occurs, that’s a mouthful, that’s a total mouthful, if it’s just a mouthful verbally, think about what it is to Integrate it.

So we say to you right now, express yourself fully in your Own Divinity.  What is your Divinity in this present moment, because it’s going to change, and it’s going to change rapidly.  As it changes, you will see that the elements around you will be clearing and optimistic, but they will also be hard on the emotional levels, and this is the part that totally needs to be integrated, because we need those four lower bodies to be in a capacity of complete continuancy within the Body of Light.

So we say to you, breathe deeply and allow the frequencies to come through to you this evening.  They are going to be swift, they are going to be quick, but they are also going to be very balancing as well, it will be quite a different energy than we have brought through previously.

So it is my pleasure, as Lord Sananda, to be here with you in this moment to bring forth this acceptance that is about to occur for you.  Allow your mind to be wide open and ready to receive all that is occurring.

With all my blessings, and all my light, I am Lord Sananda, Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness.



I AM that I AM that I AM

I Am the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM in the frequency of this light to blend with this frequency of this light that is you.  We are in this frequency to share with you the essence that We Are, that is all in the Essence and the Beingness of the frequency of the light that we share.

Take a deep breath, take a deep breath and allow this to expand if you just turned on a light bulb.  Feel the base in the bottom of your Earth Star; the power starts to surge in your Earth Star and then it starts to spin upwards.  Feeling the frequency coming into your Root, then going up into your Sacral, up into your Solar Plexus, and feeling the frequency in your Heart.  Feel the expansion in the Heart.  Allow it to go to the Throat, the Third Eye, and the Crown, meeting at your Soul Star.

Breathe that in now and feel this frequency expanding within you and around you.  Breathe.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Feel your Soul Star in the expansion process, feel that frequency flowing through you as now we open up the door to the Antakaranah Bridge and ask for your Higher Self to fully come within.  If he or she is already activated, then we ask that activation to be stronger.  Feel the Thymus, feel the Heart, and feel the Solar Plexus all blending within each other.  Breathing deeply, breathing deeply, and ever so swiftly.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM One with You

I AM One with You in this moment

See the reflection within Me within You?  As now the expansion of the frequency now moves out of your body.  Feel your Etheric vibrating with the thought processes that have been bothering you, with a flick of the switch it all changes.  We bring forth the Golden Flame.  As the Golden Flame centers within your Heart, now expands in all areas of your Being.  Allow it to go into the Physical Essence, and all organs, and all inner workings of the body, the cellular level, allow it to go into all aspects of your physical existence.  Feel it in your toes, feel it in your fingertips, feel it in your heart, feel it in your throat, feel the vibration flow through as all the fluid levels blend with this frequency of light.

The Golden Light is a very healing light because it will transmute and put the Christ Consciousness right within it.  Feel that frequency running through your Being and feel yourself being activated in a different way than before.  Let it go into the Emotional level, and allow those frequencies to run through you.  Feel the Emotional Essence now balancing with the Golden Flame.

Now the Golden Flame goes further, into the Mental level, feel all those thoughts being dissipated.  Feel all those thoughts within you just relaxing in all that you are.  Feel the Essence.  Feel the Emotional and the Mental, now feel the Balance that is occurring in your Heart as the Male and the Female of the Mental and the Emotional are fully being fed and nurtured and intertwined within each other as now you feel the Golden Flame of your Heart of the Trinity within you.

Let the three-fold flame now expand within you and outside of you, now You Are the Flame! ~ You are the flame! ~ You feel the flame!

It burns brightly in all aspects of your Being.  Breathe deeply through that Essence.  Breathe deeply.  Allow it to expand further outside of you.  Let us now take a moment, take a moment, and reflect of anything that has occurred for you in the last day, moment, yesterday, through the week that you need to transmute and to bring forth the Golden Flame within you.

Let’s take that moment, we will ring the bowl.

(((Crystal Bowl Rings)))

Now the flame is shining very brightly, this is your flame now, you have transmuted any emotions, any thoughts, any Etheric dross that is keeping you from being accelerated.  Feel the frequency of this Light, it is Your Light, it is Your Light.  Feel it burn higher, and higher, and higher and the expansion of your light grows outside of you, the diameter around you is beyond your minds comprehension.

Allow It To Be, Allow It To Be, Allow It To Be!

As the flame burns brighter and brighter and brighter, allow that expansion to flow through you, and it burns away anything else that may be trying to come towards you.  Let it flow within you, let it flow within the processes deeply now.  Feel the integration of the higher flames of light that are coming to you from your Monad, feel those Soul Extensions that are working with you, and feel the beautiful connection.  Feel the connection of all these souls that are here ascending with you as you are fully incorporating it physically, you are doing the work.  You are doing the work for so many, and you are to be commended.  Allow that to flow within you as it grows, and grows, and grows.  All the expansion is beautiful because now you feel the other flickers of your Soul Family of the 144 souls, and everyone is flickering together with the Golden Flame.  As everyone comes together in your 144 souls of your Soul Family, and you come into One Beingness of ALL THAT IS.

Allow yourself to be expressed in these moments, allow yourself to feel the expression that you are, allow yourself to feel the beauty within you.  Feel it expressing in all aspects.  Allow yourself to feel Joy and Bliss and Passion and Love, more Love and more Love and more Love than you have ever incorporated within you before.  Allow yourself to take this within you, deep within your Solar Plexus, within your Power, and allow yourself to be expressed in this Divinity that you are!

Oh, what a Beauty that you are with the Essence that the Flame is growing and the protection and the guidance that is coming to you from all these other Beings is unbelievable.  So just allow it to expand within you, take a deep breath.  Breathe deeply, breathe deeply and feel the expression of all that you are, feel the expression of your light, feel the expression of the divinity that you are bringing forth in your element.

What it is, what is that you desire in this moment, what is it that is going to assist you to give you the Balance that is needed?  Let’s breathe, breathe deeply as the frequencies are fully coming within you now, breathe deeply and feel the Essence.  Feel yourself in front of a mirror, and in front of the mirror see the Beauty that you are with this Golden Light and feel the frequency of all the other Souls that are assisting you.  Feel the Compassion and feel the Love.  Feel the Beauty, feel the Acceptance, feel the Joy, feel the Compassion, of all these elements and more.

Whatever you can think of right now, express it.  Express it through your breath, and then AAAHHH!


Then say to yourself, “I am now prepared for the next step.  I am now prepared, because now I have cleared, now I have fully allowed my full Beingness to be the full essence that I AM the Beauty and the flame that is within me.  It is deep within me, I feel the Warmth and the Passion and the Love that is being expressed within me in this flame in this moment.

Take a deep breath.

When you take the out-breath, send it to all these other souls that are assisting you as you are assisting them, and say the words,

“I AM that I AM that I AM, I AM You, You Are Me, We Are One. I AM in gratitude of your assistance, I embrace this assistance right now and all the aspects that you are giving me, and within my breath, and my AAAHH and my breath, I send it back to you.  As we are mirror reflections  of each other, let us share with each other, let us be in our Pure Essence, and the Beauty that we are, and there is nothing more or less in this moment.  It is just us in the Oneness that We Are.  I take this into my physical body, I allow it to be full within me, and I  put it into practice.  I put this element of the Flame that has been growing inside of me in the last few moments, to expand in the tasks that need to be done.  I allow it to filter through the people who I communicate with.  I allow it to go to the ones that I pass on the street.  I AM the Flame of the God Essence.  You are the Flame of the God Essence.  We are the Flame of the God Essence. ”

We the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God bring this forward to you in these moments to be in the expression of all that you are.  As you allow your vibration to be in this vibration, there is nothing that can stop you, because you are in the Purest Essence of your Light.  Breathe that deeply again, and feel that vibrancy coming through you, and send it down to your Earth Star.  Allow it to go through your Earth Star, and expand it through your entire Being.

You Are the Flame with-in and You Are the Flame with-out.

As you express that, your field grows beyond feet, allow it to move outside of you, beyond and beyond, for it to be expressed.  I ask of you right now, if there is a particular event or being that you would like to send this to, a friend or a foe, an experience, let us expand this Flame deeply to this element in this moment.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Breathe it out to this element, person, place, or event, and feel it changing, feel it changing, and feel the base around you getting larger as the frequency becomes large.  You feel those elements within you, breathe deeply.  Breathe deeply, breathe deeply.  You are the flame.

Say to yourself, “I AM the Flame, I AM the Light Divine, I AM that I AM, I AM One but I AM more.  I AM You and You Are Me and We Are One.”

We of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun fully imbue you with this Golden Flame.  Allow yourself to fully incorporate it within your Physical Being.  Utilize this exercise, utilize this exercise as much as possible.  This is going to assist, it is going to assist yourself and so many, allowing yourself to be in the Flame Within.

We are the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun honored to bring forth these frequencies in this moment.

(((Angels sing)))

We are the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun in the frequencies of All That Is, in the frequencies of the Elohim Masters, and the frequencies of the Golden Angels Lord Metatron,  Lord Melchizedek, and the Mahatma as Universal Consciousness in this moment.

Blessings Be, We are One.

(((Angels sing)))

This is Lord Sananda.

The expressions that you have just received are the expressions of your Soul, of all our Souls together, may you continue with these expressions through the week as they will assist you tremendously and all that you are doing.  We are so deeply in honor of walking with you upon this earth in this miraculous time.

I Am Lord Sananda, Your Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness


Sept 11th, 2011 ~ Reflect & Receive

Greetings, this is Lord Sananda speaking. Thank you so much for being with us on this special day. It truly is a difference, people have really been activating themselves. If they are remembering the souls that have been lost, that is fine because it is bringing in that connection that we so desperately need to have on this planet.

Let’s keep it up!

That is our goal, that is our goal in these moments, to please keep up these frequencies to allow every one of you to not only send out these energies, but to receive them, and we ask that to come into to Beingness because that’s what these calls are so representative of; the frequency of our connection with each other. So as we come together on this great occasion, tonight is an activation to assist in this process to keep it going.

We truly want to a continuance of what everyone is putting out there; we put out these activations in the aspects of the divinity that we are, and we start to see a change. These changes won’t be in attitude but will be in our interactions with others, the changes will be lifestyles, people are going to start to think to themselves what it is that they are doing, and what it is they need to be doing to continue with these frequencies. That is our goal this evening.

Our goal is to stabilize what has occurred today of the blessings of the joy of the remembrance and also to express to each other that life is eternal. Life is eternal and goes on for quite a long time, forever and ever and ever, some do not realize this. Today people are thinking about other things than themselves, and that is the beauty of today. That is fully what is occurring as every individual was expressing their prayers of this tragedy on this Earth and it was a remembrance of how short life can be.

So we truly want this to continue, we want others to realize that it is not just their own little world that can make such a difference, it is the worlds coming together into the nucleus of the circle that we are. It is important for us to realize, that as we converse with others, these elements can occur very deeply. So let’s breathe deeply through our Hearts. What was your most intense prayer today? What was the aspect that you took out of yourself and gave it to the universe, or gave it to another, or gave it to the souls of 9/11 and also beyond of the war and everything that else that has occurred since that time, because it is just a domino effect. I say to you, think of a frequency, I am going to make you work a little bit. Think of a frequency of what this thought, or this prayer would represent.

Was it a Pink Ray?
Was it devotion?
Was it transmutation?
Was it balance?
Was it God Essence?
Was it all the rays together?
Was it the frequency of the light to send it out?

If you are thinking of Oneness, let’s think of the Essence of God’s light, of Crystalline Light being all colors and many colors.

I want you now to send that back to you, not that the thoughts, but the frequency. I want you to mirror that back to you, feel that mirroring effect in you now. Breathe deeply in that. As you do that embrace that in your Heart, embrace in this element, because I believe that what you sent out today is also important for you to receive yourself. So in order to give, we must also receive, and in this circumstance we are giving first and then we are receiving. So we are allowing the mirrors of the Universal level to go fully out of us and then coming back to us, feel that reverberation.

I will say to you that whatever occurred for you this day, after you did any kind of connection during the day, that it probably reflected what you sent out. I use Christine as a an example of this, she mirror out into the world, although she didn’t connect with anyone person at that time, she connected with others, and she connected with nature, with the eagle, and the deer, and the dragonfly, and the water, and the fire, and the air, and the earth.

What is it that you felt on this day? This is truly what I want each of you to think about, I want you to not just think about it, I want you to connect with that. Allow yourself to express that Divinity because it is yours, this is an aspect of yourself that you sent out of you to assist the planet or others and let’s bring that forth now. So I ask you to open up your Heart Center, and allow that Heart Center to spin in a clockwise manner as the Lotus Heart totally opens up. So allow this Core Essence, allow your intuitive sense to see whatever colors that are coming to you in this moment.

Are you seeing Violets, Blues, Greens, Goldens, or Silver, Platinum, mixture of colors, maybe you are seeing basic colors of reds or oranges mixed with the other colors, deep Reds, Bright Reds, Hot Pink, and all variations. Whatever it is that you want to intuit, see them coming in streams of light coming into your Heart, and feel that centering through you. As you are feeling it center in you, you begin to feel the Divinity that is you. It is almost like someone is standing in front of you and sending you these frequencies just as you did to others today, it is the mirror effect.

Allow your Higher Self to embrace what you were receiving. Allow those elements to be fully within you, because what you will see is that what you bring forth is truly what you need most, and this is what we want to bring forth, is the balance in this moment. So now I ask of you just to receive all the colors that I am going to state.

We are going to bring in Reds, Greens, Oranges and Yellows ;we are going to bring in the frequencies of all these moments, of Platinums, Golds, Violets, Blues, Silvers and Crystalline colors, and Multi colors, and the Platinum Ray mixed in with all these. They are like streams of light, just soft like sparkles of light coming into your Heart, and then centering into the rest of your body. Feel that focusing in your body and allow it to go up and down, and allow it to go up and go down, and within you and around you. As it moves into your Etheric level, into the emotional level, and into the Mental level. All these frequencies are now blending into each other.

So I say to you now, just relax into this, these are your aspects of your divinity that are necessary for you to fully feel the effects of what is occurring for you. It is my pleasure to be with you here in these moments. This is going to help you create the balance that is necessary.


In the Frequency Of All That Is, I AM Lord Sananda

(((Angels sing)))
I AM that I AM that I AM.

I AM The Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

Let us take a breath and feel this essence. Let us fully the divinity that is coming into you in this moment. What Lord Sananda has shared with you in this exact moment is more powerful than each of us giving you an attunement, because what you are receiving is your Divinity back within your physical body. This is the purest form of essence that you can bring to you, so now what we are going to do is we are going to vibrate that to a higher level. So we are going to take this up a few notches so that you can allow yourself to be more fully you than you have previously.

It is always easy to share with another, than it is to give to yourself, and this is the lesson today. We honor each of you so very deeply. We are so filled with so much love and joy and compassion for everyone on the earth for what they have put forth. Many of you have shared with others the work that has been done, many of you have done the work with others, many of you are accelerating yourselves in different ways than you have previously because of the work that you are doing with others.



So I ask of you in this moment, I ask of you to just sit and relax and allow these frequencies to be fully within your being. As you bring forth a new level of understanding within you, I ask you of you to feel that Heart Center, feel that Lotus Heart now, it is blossoming with a beautiful flower. What does that flower represent to you? Where do those petals go? Do they filter into the other areas of your Being? Are they centering upon the cellular level so the tingling of the movement within your body is continuing? Are you allowing it to move into your Etheric level and to clear out all the debris that is necessary? All that debris in comes from many lifetimes that your Soul has carried. Your Soul needs this cleansing, it is very imperative.

So we say to you this evening, allow the cleansing to begin. Allow the acceptance and the integration to begin. Allow yourself to know that there is so much for you than you can ever realize. Within this frequency of light you bring forth the acceptance and the love that is within you. Let us expand that Lotus Heart even further. As we do that I want everyone to take a deep breath.  As you bring forth the cleansing that is necessary, allow these elements to come fully into your Lotus Heart. Feel the frequency of the Silvers, the Blues, the Golds, the Oranges, the Greens, the Violets, the Golden Violets, and the High Blues, and the High Lavenders, and all the frequencies of the Golden mixed with all the colors, and the Pearlescent, and allowing yourself to bring forth this frequency.

As you bring forth this frequency, you start to understand what it is that is occurring. Within this occurrence, you start to understand there is a Frequency and a Love fully being connected with in you being. Allow the frequencies to bring you to a new level of your creation. Allow your Soul’s Essence to expand to you what it is fully, not in words, but just in feelings and vibrations to bring forth these energies into the experiences of your light. As you bring forth the experiences of your Light into the physical body, the transition is starting to occur. Each of you gave deeply today, and now we give to you in return. Your Soul gives you in return exactly what you need. In this frequency of energy, you start to understand the essence that is happening. The Essence of your Divinity, the essence of your frequency, it is not an understanding of your mind, but your higher mind fully accepts this. Your Higher Heart is experiencing all the frequencies of light to come through you.

Breathe that in now, breathe that in, and as you do that your wisdom is going to expand. You must allow your intuitive side, your female side to fully activate it. Sit, sit and receive, sit and receive, and allow that essence that is you to be fully within you. You shall experience life in a different manner than you ever have before. As you do that you start to see the expression and all that you are, this is the beauty that is occurring. It is a remembrance; it is a remembrance that we have been talking about for such a long time. It is finally coming in.

The planet today was increasing the light just by expanding their love to the souls that had perished during the Twin Tower tragedies, and not just the Twin Tower, but the war and everything else that has occurred. That domino effect has been moving further and further. Let us now today, we saw a closing of a door of light of compassion and love.

Now I ask each of you, we ask each of you as the Mother and Father God, to sit and receive this light. It is your time, it is your time this evening to fully express this within you, you deserve it. Take this information and utilize it anytime you choose to. It will envelope you, it will allow you to fully feel that frequency fully within you. You must allow it to come, and not push it way by trying to express too much. You must always take care of yourself, this is the expression of what is occurring right now, that is the balance.

It is very, very important that balance comes in many ways, it comes in the male and the female, it comes in the giving and the receiving, it comes within the acceptance fully within your physical body, because without that acceptance, you cannot transpire yourself to that higher level of frequency. Stop in this moment, and reflect what it is you are receiving right now. Try to see a vision, if you could feel a word, or feel a vision, or feel an experience of what this means for you. See yourself in the expression of all that is.
See us together, all swimming around in a pool of light, and there is nothing but bliss, and joy, and experiences of love flowing in us and around us to bring forth that capacity to accept our soul’s essence, our purpose. Do not let your lower mind try and figure it out, it can not be figured out from that state of mind. It must flow through you, it must move through you into the expression that you fully are so that it fully goes into the experience of all.


Feel that permeating every part of your body at this moment. It’s going into your physical body, into your cells, into your organs and your muscles, into your bloodstream, and into all of the inner workings of your body. Allow it to go into the fluid levels, allow it to balance out anything that needs balancing in this moment. We ask for all dis-ease to be removed with these aspects of light frequency. We move it into the Etheric level so the Etheric level becomes much clearer and those thought processes that have been stopping you are totally moved away. We ask for the karmic bonds to be released, so that the interactions with others is of a soul relationship and not a karmic issue, that the 3rd dimensional frequency between relationships does not continue anymore.

If you find yourself, you need to clear more, take your hands and move them in front of your heart, put your palms towards your heart, and move your hands up and down and just swish them away. Use that Golden Machete that you received, and allow yourself to be relieved of all of the pressure of all that has been occurring. Allow the Emotional to be filled with so much love and acceptance, and not the pain that we have had for eons and eons. Feel that Joy and that Bliss more fully, and feel that mental level interacting with the emotional level using your higher mind and that higher wisdom and just getting ideas, and you’re not sure where they are coming from but you are allowing your higher mind and that is your male side in its highest capacity.

We bring all of these aspects to you right now to fully accept that you are moving to a New Paradigm, today was a turning point upon this earth, many do not realize it. The ones that talk about the whys, the wherefores will not accelerate themselves in this way, they will be stuck in the dogma. Everything has been occurring as it is supposed to occur. Yes, it’s painful, and yes, it’s horrible but each of you place yourselves in places where you are supposed to be. So please know this, know that each of your souls are working triple, quadruple time to fully put you in place. Don’t let your mind and your emotions to stop you, don’t let the body that is hurting so bad to stop you, use these frequencies to move you into a new level of your existence.

Allow this day to not be a day of remembrance, let’s allow it to be a day of acceleration for everyone, and each of us together as we move through these changes. Yes, the changes are challenging, it’s important to stop talking about them so much. It’s not going to assist you in the process. Raise your vibration into the Higher Frequency! Allow yourself to be in the moment and feel that essence of the moment as we feel right now together. We bring to you this acceptance and this continuation of Love into your lives that YOU ARE SO DESERVING OF.

Breathe deeply through that. Let it go through your entire structure. Breathe it down your Crown and let it go down all the way into your Root and into your feet. Let it swirl around you, let it swim in the beauty of the bliss and the joy that all experiences are on these levels.

Today is the day for you to receive ~ Today is the day for you to accelerate.

Today is the day that you are being assisted by the Divine Mother and Divine Father God for the work that you have been doing. We are in deep honor and gratitude that you are continuing upon these pathways deeper, and deeper, and deeper.
Thank you for being with us.

Thank you dearest Meleriessee for allowing us to be with you.

As we all come together in Oneness, and the Creation Of Source Of All That Is.

We are the Divine Mother and Divine Father God here to embrace you in these moments and to accelerate your essence into a new paradigm experience. May the light of God always be within you deeply within your body, not just your consciousness? Feel that flame deeply growing within your Solar Plexus and it’s getting warmer, and warmer, and warmer. You are attracting more and more bliss and frequencies of light.
I AM that I AM that I AM
I AM the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.
Blessings and Love and Light, Allowing the Frequency Of All That Is to be fully activated within you physically as we become one in the physical world together.
So Mote It Be, It Is Done.

Greetings, This is Lord Sananda once again.

We have been giving you this gift because we feel it is time to realize the depth to your work and how you are assisting so many and what a perfect time on this day when all humanity can not help but say some prayers for this tragedy that occurred. It is a moment in time of peace and love. Let’s continue it together. We have a long journey, but today is a reflection of each of us.
I am honored to be here with you in this moment.
I AM Lord Sananda Spokes-Being of the Christ Consciousness