Oct 2nd, 2011 ~ Now Is The Time

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings,

This is Lord (Sananda) Adama speaking [Note on this call, we seemed to have connected with both Sananda & Adama].  The blessings of this evening are in the reflection of whom you are that you are bringing forth.  Many of you are aspiring to great movements in a different capacity than you were before.  This is so very wonderful to see.  As you bring forth these Frequencies of Light within you in the essence that is incorporating within your body, you start to see the changes.  The changes in your reactions, the changes in how you feel about things, and also the elements that are arising from those particles that can no longer hold those higher frequencies.

This week we are incorporating within each of you more of the same that we have been doing, but in a more balanced format.  I say to you, if you have been doing your work, and continually tuning into what is not with you, or what needs to be changed or accelerated, then these frequencies need to be more balanced within your system.  If you are feeling these elements arise out of you, and coming out of your four-body system, and maybe not even knowing what the elements may be, but knowing some kind of movement needs to be done, allow your Higher Self into the Physical Being and Accept the Divinity of your being that is occurring for you.  This is very, very important of what is occurring.  This is essentially an element that is necessary for you because what is happening within your own mindset, within your own Heart Essence within your Higher Self within your Higher Mind and your Higher Heart is your understanding that something doesn’t feel right.  When something doesn’t feel right, then that is when you have to take action.  The action may be as simple as a meditation, or it may be a cleansing process, or it may be a walk in nature, whatever it is, it needs to be done.

In the elements that are arising, you will see that it will cause the emotions to overreact, there may be nervousness, there may be anxiousness, there may be irritability because it’s going to react within you in the essence of what is happening in your physical being.  As you are accelerating yourself into these new processes of being a multidimensional being within these physical bodies, it can be very, very difficult to do so.  Your body is not used to the accumulation of higher light particles that you are acquiring within you.  As you are acquiring those higher light particles, there is a division that occurs between your lower body and your higher body.  Some of you have already accessed higher body and the lower body is not there, but what it does is create a remembrance.

Within that remembrance, if you don’t take care of it, that is when you can fall back to those lower bodies.  Why do these things occur when each of you are trying so desperately to move forward in the development of your ascension process?  Environmental conditions, working around others, being around others, the earth plane not being in a 5th dimensional frequency; all of these elements come into play.  As each of you are way-showers, and teachers and healers, its important for you to access the parts of yourself that need to be fully activated continually.

This is exactly what is occurring in these months ahead towards 11.11.11.  Each of you are moving into a new phase, of being within yourself, and within that phase of  Beingness there is a fluctuation and a change that is occurring within you.  It is important to always reflect within yourself to know your highest sense and your highest purpose to bring forth that reflection that is you.  Otherwise, it is going to pull you back down.  These frequencies are very, very intense that are coming to the earth.  Each of you are very, very intense, so it is important to take care of business.  This is what we want to assist you with.  We do this every week, at this time, to bring forth these frequencies for each of you to act upon them in your own experiences.  They are not something that you should do once, and then forget about.  If there are any parts within of what I speak of what the Great Central Sun brings forth, that you can utilize and conform in a concise format, please do so, because it is only going to accelerate in your essence even more so.

The process of speaking aloud, and allowing your words to go out into the avenues of the world around us is very important, because vibrations are going beyond the concept of your mind.  You keep them within your mind, and you communicate through your throats, that is very powerful, but we are trying to assist the earth plane.  So what is happening is that those reverberations that are occurring through your voice activation are going through to all levels surrounding the earth, into the Etheric earth and beyond.  Thought processes are very important, but the vibration needs to happen in all the essences and in all the creation of this Earth.

So we say to you this evening, we are going to vibrate within you these frequencies to assist you in the process of what you are going through.  I sit here, within this lovely lady’s body, and there are two other individuals that are here with her in Mount Shasta, and each of them are aspiring to these frequencies also, as each of you should.  Just because you cannot be in Mount  Shasta with the magical energies, does not mean that you cannot incorporate it within you.  What we are doing now is to allow these frequencies to come to you each of you individually, and it may not come with a word or a thought or a feeling, but it is a frequency.  Within the frequency is a vibration, and that is what this call is about.  So, we give to you the energy of the magical essence that is within the core of this mountain, and I am not speaking about Telosian city, I am speaking about the core of the mountain herself.  So as we bring forth this frequency within each of you, it will assist in the process of your divinity to allow that to flow so much easier than it has been previously.

So that is our message this evening, allow the vibration of these frequencies to be fully within your being in the Acceptance of All that You are.  My goal, as Lord Sananda has always been to bring forth the Christ Consciousness within each of you so that each of us can share with one another what these Divinities represent.  The thought processes within your lower mind cannot assimilate them, so we allow the vibration to now enter your being with that frequency within you.  Be prepared for a change this evening.

I love you deeply and thank you for being with us, I am happy to be the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness for the Cosmic Oneness.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Great Central Sun at your service.  We are here in this frequency of all that is that brings forth the elements of the changes that are necessary so that your frequency does not shift backwards.  Breathe for us and allow this essence of your being to be fully within the elements of your physicality.  Feel this frequency coming down into your cells, into your muscles, into your bone structure and allow the essence that is you to be fully prepared.  Feel this preparation move through you and allow this frequency to be the one essence of your Being.

There is nothing else that matters in this moment, except to allow these multidimensional aspects of your self to be fully activated within the physical self.  Breathe deeply into your solar plexus of your inner power and allow that to be fully imbued with the quality of Devotion.  We allow the Devotion to be fully in the aspect of your own devotion in this moment, not the devotion that you are sharing with each other, but of the direct line of communication from us to you.  We express this to you in this moment to allow you to feel the power that is within your solar plexus to allow this frequency to blend through you to accept the Divinity that is occurring.

Breathe~ Breathe~ Breathe~

As we bring forth the Deep Ruby Red in the frequency of this Ray.  Now let it go down in your Sacral, let it go to the Sacral area to allow the sexual organs, the creativity flow through you and move it down into your Root, the base of your structure of the physical body.  No matter what Chakras and Rays you have attuned within you, it will all blend with this frequency in this moment.  Now go to your Hearts, and feel the Heart expanding in the levels of light that is acceptable for you in this moment.  Then take it up about seven octaves and allow that frequency to move, feel the essence of this frequency in your Heart Center and let it spin in a clockwise manner.  Allow your Lotus Heart to blend with this frequency of this Ray that is your devotion.  Feel your Male and Female in balance as the marriage is occurring in your own Heart Center.

Allow it to go into your Throat, and the communication.  Allow your Heart to expand in your Throat as you learn to communicate with Love, as you learn to say your feelings, as you learn to express what you wanted to say for such a long time in such a compassionate nature.  Moving that frequency up into your Third Eye, allow yourself to be Devoted to the Essence that you feel.  Allow your Beingness to come within you.  Allow that Essence to come into your Third Eye and blend, blend, and blend.  Now expand it into the Crown, and the Crown blends with the Third Eye, and the Throat, and the Heart, and the Solar Plexus, and the Sacral, and the Root, and you go into the Thymus and feel that Activation of your Higher Essence.  If he or she is not activated in your body right now, we ask for it to be fully activated.

Feel the Power of your Higher Mind of your Higher Ego of the Essence the You Are.

Bring it fully into your Thymus, and expand.  If he or she is already activated, we are just going to send that frequency into a Higher Level than it has been previously.  Feel the vibrations running through you, feel the Devotion that you have between you and God essence that we are.  Feel that line of Beauty coming through you.  Feel your Self expressing this within.

Now let it settle, now let it settle.

Let it go into your Etheric body, as it circles out from your feet and it goes around you and crosses into your Soul Star and comes across and down again.  Then we go into the Emotional, allow the Emotional body to feel this Devotion,.and the expression of your emotions and be able to share them freely with others.  Now move into your Mental body, and feel the expression coming through your mental level and allowing that frequency to run through you.  Now feel all these bodies blending together, and now the four-body system becomes One huge body of light, this is your Spiritual body.

This is the Activation of your Light Body.  Allow your light body to be fully activated.  Allow yourself to express within you.  Now I want you to think about a situation.  I want you to feel something that is necessary in your life, maybe you need to communicate it.  It does not have to be a releasement, it can be an activation of what you want to share with another.  Allow that to come through you now, allow that activation to move through you so that you can fully communicate through your voice, and express from your Heart what it is that you are expressing deeply within your Being.

It is the Love essence that you are, and allow this Love essence to be shared with another.  As you share this Love essence with another, you start to feel that frequency coming back to you, it is the beauty that is you.  The beauty is the sharing and it’s the movement and as you do, you feel the old elements that have been in your past.  It may be a past life, or many past lives, or maybe just little particles of anxiousness, or elements that do not feel quite right and they come to the surface.  As they come to the surface they exit out of your crown and they leave you and those elements are being dissipated out of your Crown, they go through your Soul Star, and it’s just pure light.  You go back into your Solar Plexus and you feel that emotional center.


As you feel that Devotion within you and as you express that Devotion that is within you, you start to feel the change that is occurring in your composition of your Physical Being, it goes into your Physical body.  It goes into elements that may be weak, maybe those are areas that are hurting right now, allow that Devotion to go because now you cleared, you’ve cleared the debris, you’ve cleared the elements that have been stopping you.  It may have been something so very small, but it was particles of elements that were not quite right for the New You.  Now you have moved your Essence into a Higher Octave, a Higher Frequency, we have moved the frequency up 20% than it was before.  Allow this frequency now to ground through you, move it down through your feet and allow it to go through your Earth Star, and allow yourself to be expressed in this.

Feel the body fuller, feel the frequency within you, feel your Essence whole, the elements, feel your muscles tighten, feel the Power and the Structure that is within you to allow yourself to feel the Divinity that You Are.  Express yourself fully now.  Feel that expression deeply, feel that expression deeply, and just settle with that.  I am going to use the bowl and now I want you to fully intuit what is the action that you need to do to assist the frequency you have received.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Breathing deeply, feel the elements changing within you.  Feel your cellular structure, feel your DNA activating on a much Higher Level.  It is your Multi-dimensional body that is being activated in this moment.

We the Divine Mother and Divine Father God express this to you.  It is our expression that is coming through for you.  It is an expression that you have intuited on your other levels of existence.  It is an expression of your Angelic Self.  It is an expression of your Form that was created in the very Beginning.  Allow yourself to embrace it.  If you are not quite ready to embrace all of it, it is okay, it will come when it is ready.

You must create the action for it to be fully moved through your entire being.  Now is the time, now is the time to fully step to where you need to be.  There is no time like the present.  There is no other time.  We do not have time, you do not have time.  So let us express this deeply within yourselves, ourselves, in the Oneness that we are all together.

WE the Divine Mother and Divine Father God embrace you for this pathway that you are walking upon because you are sharing with us exactly what you need to be doing.  You may not be sharing through your words, but you are expressing it through your elements.  You are expressing that light frequency, you are expressing yourself.  Your personal relationships are about to change, many are changing already, more of this expression is coming through.  Allow this expression to fully be within you, it is important to let go of the elements and the particles that do not exist in your capacity of this new light.

It is important for you to accept the new ones that are coming in.  It is important for you to have the full balance and to feel the Love and the expression of all that you are completely and totally all the time.  Allow this to be in the Essence of All that You Are, because this is the Beauty and the Acceptance.  This you will see will make the changes within your lifestyle, within the frequencies, within the manifestations that you are all desiring to Create.

Now is the Time, we are in the present, we are in the Harvest Month.  Allow that Harvest Month to fully come in you and bring in that expression of light, because it is the process of your Divinity that needs to be accumulated now.  There is no time.  Now is the time.  Now is the frequency.  Embrace this moment of Divinity, it is your Divinity, it is our Divinity, but it is your personal Devotion to yourself.  Devote some moments each day in the expression that you are, and you will see the changes that will result for you.

We the Cosmic Great Central Sun fully, fully understand the processes that you’re going through, and fully understand that now it is time for us to fully carry you in this Divinity and this Frequency that are bringing forth to you.  We honor you, we accept you, and we ask the same of yourselves.  Honor yourselves and Accept yourselves and all will change for you.

We of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun

I AM that I AM that I AM

We are One, We Are You, You Are Us, Let Us Be In The Unity and The Beauty That We Are.  Let us breathe and feel this frequency of Oneness.

Holy God of Hosts in the Name of the Christ We are One never to be separated again.

So Mote It Be In The Light Of The Christ As We Are One.


Greetings, this is Lord Sananda.  The message is strong, the frequency is high, but each of you are ready.  We all walk with you and embrace you and look forward to your enfoldment unto this Earth.  That is our blessing for each of you in this moment.


I Am Lord Sananda in the Light of the Christ that we are together.  We are One.



Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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