Dec 18th, 2011 ~ Celebrating Our Rebirth of the Christ Consciousness Within!

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings,

This is Lord Sananda speaking once again, thank you so much for being with us for the Cosmic Oneness.  I am the representative of the Christ Consciousness, to set  the stage for the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.

Let us all just take a deep breath.  Relax our Frequencies.  Allow us to fully bring in the Essences that we are feeling  within us and around us.  Allow those Elements to be within.  By allowing ourselves to full be in the activation of the Elements that are occurring for us, prepares our energies for the re-birthing process that happens every year, of the Chris Consciousness, in our physical bodies.  I stand before you as Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jeshua.  Within these Elements I reach out my hands unto you.  I ask you to please take my hands and let me know what it is that you desire deeply for yourself during this season.  Even though you may not celebrate Christmas, it is truly about the Christ Consciousness.  I ask you to reflect, within your own Christ Consciousness this evening.

We’re going to assist in bringing in a full remembrance of the Energies that we are, a full remembrance of the activations that we are, a full remembrance of allowing ourselves to feel the Essence.  As in 2012 it is very important to walk this Earth in a quite different way then we ever have previously.  Within these Elements we’re going to start accepting ourselves more deeply then we ever have before.  I ask of you now to breathe into your Solar Plexus.  Breathe into the Solar Plexus, the Ruby Red, which is the 6th Ray on a Cosmic Level, that is represented by my energies and Lady Nada.  Breathe deeply and I ask you to feel your own Devotional intent.  What it is that you need deeply, for yourself, within your physical existence – to help you get through the processes that are occurring around and within us?  It is a very important time of awakening and within this time, we are fully accepting our Divinity in a different way then we have previously.  I say to you in this moment, please accept all that you are receiving, all that you are feeling, all of it – even if it does not feel as if it is of the highest quality or what you would like it to feel.  Tonight we’re going to assist you in raising that vibration so that what you bring forward within your life is an acceptance of your own Divinity fully completely.  Allow yourself to understand the processes that you have been going through and the challenges – because the challenges are the most important elements that we receive fully, in the capacity that we are.

As I send you this Ruby Red Frequency, it is like a Dark Cherry Red – feel it swirling into your Solar Plexus and it swirls into your Solar Plexus.  We’re going  to open up that area to allow all devotion which you have acquired through all of your lifetimes to be fully activated within this body which you are incorporating.  It’s very important that you learn to accept these processes within you because within that acceptance you fully understand what it is you are going through.  Allow yourself to fully connect within that Essence in this moment.

I now stand aside as we bring in the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God energies for this evening.  Namaste.  I am Lord Sananda at your service.


I Am That I Am That I Am That I Am That I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service.

Breathe deeply.  We are in a process in this moment to assist you with what Lord Sananda has shown in the Solar Plexus area.  We want each of you to fully feel the Devotion that you are and the pathway that you have created in the Essences, to fully have a completion within that area of whom you are.  Breathe deeply in the Essence.  Breathe deeply in the Frequency.  As this Ruby Red color warms the Essence within you, allow it to surface deeply within your cellular level.  As many have an issue with their empowerment because of what they are holding in the Solar Plexus Frequencies.  Breathe.  Allow the breath to be the focal point.  As you see the Ruby Red coming fully within you lack a funnel of light that Lord Sananda sends to you in this moment.  Feel it permeating the Solar Plexus, feel it permeating the muscles and the organs in this area and allow the stomach to relax: allow all the organs, allow the bloodstream in this area to just take a break.

‘Receive’ is the mode that we want you to be in, in this moment – allow yourself to just accept the receiving part of your Essence deeply.  Deeply in all that you are.  Breathe ~ breathe ~ breathe and feel the Essence of your Soul fully accepting the Divinity that you are.  Allow yourself to now bring forth this Frequency of Light that is very important in the Essence that you are.  Breathe through the Essence.  Breathe through the Frequency.  Breathe in the Completeness that you are in this moment.  Feel it swirling in your Solar Plexus and now allow it to go up into the Heart; Allow it to go up into your Thymus: Let it go into your Throat, your Third Eye and your Crown and then below, in your Sacral and your Root.  Feel the deepness of this Red, feel the warmth that you are, feel the Essence and the completion coming into your Physical body as you receive the Divinity of your Light.  Breathe deeply.  Breathe deeply, breathe deeply and now allow that funneling Light to be in all aspects of your Being.

We want it to go deep into that cellular level, that memory and to remove any lack or doubt that you may be holding – it is imperative for the  re-birthing process to accept the Divinity that you are.  Breathe into that Essence.  Breathe into the Frequency of the completeness.  Breathe deeply, breathe deeply.

Now feel the warmth, feel the warmth that you are.  Feel the Essence.  See your Higher Self in front of you and He or She opens up their arms unto your arms and you feel the Beauty.  Allow the reflection to be fully within you as you accept yourself unto this Physical self you inhabit.  Allow the physical part of you to be fully integrated with your Highest Essence of your Divinity in these moments.  Feel that Essence walking towards you and, with the breath – you breathe Him or Her within you.  You feel your Heart expanding.  Feel your Essence changing with each breath that you take.  As you receive the Beauty that you are.  Breathe through it.  Breathe through this Essence that you are.  It is your right to fully accept the Highest part of your Being within you – breathe.

We are now going to run the bowl and as you’re running the bowl, we want you to feel this Frequency coming within you but at the same time, do the breaths of the AAAHHH, because as you allow the body to relax, the Frequency will come deeper into the core of the Essence that you are.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

Now, with the breath of the AAAHHH, feel it go deeper.  AAAHHH – feel it down your Root.  AAAHHH.  AAAHHH – allow that to expand within you, allow yourself to feel the processes.  Allow yourself to bring forth the Frequencies that you are.  Now open up your Thymus – as this is the seat of your soul, we ask Lady Isis to assist you because She is the Keeper of this Ray  of the Sea Foam Green.

We feel the Sea Foam Green coming in through the Thymus and allow it to permeate through all the organs, and the muscles, and the tendons, and all the inner workings of the body.  Allow it to go to the Etheric Level.  Allow it to go the Emotional level.  Allow it to go to the Mental.  Breathing deeply, we feel the Sea Foam Green swirling in the Thymus between the Heart and the Throat.  It connects with the Heart and the Solar Plexus.  Feel the combination of those Chakras all blending into the Oneness that you are.  Now your Highest Self is ready to accept the Beingness of your Physicality.  I want you to feel what you have been going through – any challenges that you had to look at or stand up to, whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual because all of these tests are coming in all at the same time.  We don’t like to say tests, but they’re challenges because you are ready to walk through the doorways that have been closed for eons of time.  Let yourself now feel the acceptance through the Ruby Red of the Devotion and the Sea Foam Green.  As your Higher Self now sits in this beauty – let Him or Her filter downward through your body.  Feel it in your lower chakras.  Now move the Essence through your limbs, as if your legs were hollow.  Feel that Frequency moving down into your knees – of your flexibility in your ankles, of your stability and into your feet.

Moving forward, now embrace the doorway that is in front of you.  You open up the wide doorways of the Golden Light and you stand in this Frequency and say “I am ready I am ready for the next phase of my journey.  I am empowered, I am strengthened.  I feel the Essence of the Feminine Divine.  I feel the Essence of the Masculine Divine.  I am balanced within me.  I feel all these things coming to fruition.”

Breathing deeply into that your body is tingling with this Frequency of the Light.  We ask for the Unified Whole to assist us and make sure that there is nothing stopping us from receiving these Elements that are deserving in our Physicality.  000144000 We ask for all Elements that are in the way of the full activation of the full activation of our Higher Self to be fully embodied to now go into Wholeness.  Everything is moving into Wholeness.  Now you feel that Wholeness within you.  Breathe and say “I Am being born of the Light that I Am.  I Am being born of the Light that I Am and I fully embodying it, fully accepting it.”

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God embrace you in these moments because this is the reflection that we see of your light.  Allow yourself to fully feel it in all aspects in your Heart, your Solar Plexus, all those parts of yourself that sometimes are not of the Highest vibration.  Now, we send you the Frequency of the Golden Light which is the 12th Ray, with your Heart.  Feel that Frequency of the Consciousness that you are of the Christ within, feel that activating within the Essence that you are.  Breathe it in as it blends with the other colors that we have infiltrated.  They all blend together in many colors within.  Breathing deeply.  Breathing deeply.

Allow yourself to expand in the Oneness that you are.  Allow yourself to have the remembrance of your Heart in your Highest Sense and it blends into the physical Essence, it blends into the Beauty that you are.  Breathing deeper.  Deeper until there is no difference between your physical and your spiritual – you are One within One.  Breathe.

It is our divine pleasure, as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God to bring this expression of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, which represents the Oneness that We Are.  Feel this fully within your Being because it is your Divine Right.  It is your Acceptance.  It is your time to fully allow these Elements to be the activation that is you.  Accept.  Accept.  Accept.

I Am that I Am that I Am, I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God in the Oneness.  I embrace you in this moment of integration.  As  you reach out your hands unto us, we see these Frequencies of light that have been fully imbued within your Being – allow yourself to continue the Frequency of the Light and you will see the birth of your Essence unto your physicality more deeply then you ever thought possible.  Believe and it shall be.  Believe and it shall be.  It shall be One in the Frequency that We Are.  We Are One with you in this moment, never to be separated.

So Mote It Be In The Name Of The Christ That We Are Together In The Consciousness Of The One.


This is Lord Sananda once again.  Thank you for accepting these Frequencies, they’re going to be getting deeper, they’re going to be allowing you feel the Elements of your Highest Essence more fully then you ever have before – all you need to do is allow the acceptance to occur.  Put your thoughts aside.  When the emotions arise, allow them to be embraced by the Frequency of the Oneness that you are.  It is my Divine pleasure to be here with each of you and I do walk with each of you through this process and I look forward to feeling the reflection that each of you are embodying within each of yourselves, as it truly is assisting this Earth, so deeply – more than you can ever realize.  So dream on my Dearest Ones, dream on because the dreams come true if you allow them to be in the Highest Frequency that You Are.

I Am Lord Sananda, the spokes-being for the Christ Consciousness for Cosmic Oneness.  I walk with each of you.  Namaste.

If you would be interested in listening to the audio recording of this call as it was very powerful, see Audio Recordings,… Cosmic Oneness, November 27th, 2011 to download the recording. Cosmic Oneness is one of three calls per week that take place via teleconference and joining live will fully accelerate an individual’s physical existence. Please see LifeStationEarth, Conference Calls,, for more details. All are welcome to join in as no one is turned away. Please see our policy on Terms of Suggested Exchange,… 



Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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