Dec 4th, 2011 ~ Embracing All That You Are !

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Greetings, it is Lord Sananda speaking.  It is  a pleasure to be here, once again, as the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness, for the Cosmic Oneness.  Take a deep breath.  Allow yourself to open up to the Frequencies that are going to be coming through this evening.

There are great changes for Meleriessee, so again, she’s going to be going into a deeper level as these Frequencies are now becoming more balanced within her.  We are going to extend them onto each of you.  Thank you for being in on these live calls as they are very important for the integration of these Frequencies, in so many different ways.  Let’s take a deep breath through all of our Chakras.

Tonight we’re going to do the energies a little bit differently, we’re going to bring in a Crystalline Light into each Chakra – starting with the Root.  Just a breath and then the Sacral.  In and out –  Solar Plexus – Heart – Thymus – Throat – Third Eye and Crown.

Okay.  Now we want to concentrate right into the Thymus area.  We’re going to be concentrating on this more often.  As we’ve been saying previously, the Sea Foam Green – represented by Dearest Isis, resurrection and regeneration.  Feel that Sea Foam  Green coming into your Being, into your Thymus area.  It’s going to expand into the Frequencies deep into your cellular level.  We want to open up all  that cellular level to allow the Frequencies to run through you.  Breathing deeply.  Center it in the  middle of your chest, in the middle of your back –  many of you have issues with your shoulders and neck issues, of holding on too much debris from that Third Dimensional world.  Now allow that Sea Foam Green to through your entire structure.

I’m going to ask each of you tonight to intuit where you want to send it.  We’re not going to direct it either downwards or upwards.  We’re going to take several deep breaths.  We’re going to ask Christine to run the bowl.  You will be the commander of your ship with your Higher Self as this is a very important aspect of you fully intuiting what you need.

{{{{Crystalbowl resonates for some time}}}}

Allow the expression of this Resurrection and Regeneration to fully incorporate into all parts of your Beingness.  Allow yourself to move it to areas that you may be dealing with.  Allow yourself to incorporate in into your physical existences, emotional existences and mental existences.  As we open up the Thymus area, we ask for the activation of the Male and the Female to be fully in balance.  If it is not, use the Sea Foam Green NOW to fully bring it into alignment.  We ask each of your Higher Selves to be a major participant of this meditation.  Allow Him or Her to be fully active within your Physical Essence, as we express a few words to you.

We are now in a new month, the month of December – the last month of this year.  This has been a magnificent year for everyone energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally – in all ways.  Many of you have changed your lives deeply, some of you have relocated, some of you are working with others who you did not realize you would be working with.  Some of you are finding in yourself a new thought process and allowing that thought process to be fully within your Being.  This is all part of the changes that are a Master-plan.  The master-plan, meaning the Frequencies of each month, have continued to be very, very powerful.  Within these Frequencies you’re allowing yourself to embrace all that you are going through in the Essence and the Beauty of your Highest Essence.

So, we want to compliment each of you for the work that you have been doing, for the power that you have been bringing forth and making these changes deeply within your own Essences.  We know that it is a challenge.  We know that the Physical bodies are not always ready to receive these Frequencies but the time is at hand for each of you to realize that it must be done, because the more that you aspire to the Highest Greatness within your potentiality, the more that you will fully see the Frequency changing within you and  your life circumstances changing.  We express to you the Divine Love that is coming through this woman as she is  now expressing that fully within herself, with  the activations that she has received.  So we say unto you, allow yourself to receive this Divine Love.  As I express it to you through her Beingness, it is not just my Frequency – we are in this body together at this time in bringing forth this Essence.  You will see a great change in her work.  The great change is, she is now ready to fully embrace her Goddess Energy of her full Essence to share it with each of you.  We thank her for doing so because it’s only going to make the power more highly evolved for each of you.  We’d also like to say thank you to her for the changes that she has made and allowed herself to step back, and that her partner Mike is now taking over a lot of the areas that she was previously doing.  It is now time for her to relax into this and allow  the Frequency to be within her.  We state these things on a personal level to allow you to see what it is each of you may be going through – the pathway may be different than hers, but your own pathways are being accelerated in quite  a different way than ever thought possible.  This is due to all the fluctuations of each month, of the eclipses, of the Frequency of the 11:11:11, because now the Divine Feminine is more fully incorporated within each of you.  So I ask each of you to tune into your Essence of your Feminine Energy.

What does that mean for you?

Being able to intuit? Be sensitive?

Allowing yourself to flow?

Allowing yourself to create your life circumstances in quite a different way then you ever have before?

Allowing yourself to be involved with others that can assist you in a different way then you ever thought possible?

It is now time for Souls to come together to match their energies and their frequencies within one another but it is also very imperative that each of you understand that this cannot come to pass if you do not do the deep work on yourself.  This is what we are assisting you with on these calls, as each of you already understand that and are greatly affected by the work that she is doing.  And now Mike is doing also, because he brings in a different component that she could not actually tap into.  So we thank him for being here with us.

So let us take these Elements as each of us bring in our Male and our Female, into the Essence and the Beingness that each of us are incorporating within the full totality of our Frequencies of a vibrational level within the body.  I want you each to breathe very deeply.  I want you to feel your Higher Self more fully activated then it ever has before in the Physical because we’re bringing in this Frequency unto you.  Allow yourself to just sit back and receive the Energy.  Soak it up like a sponge because this is what you are supposed to be doing.

Breathing deeply ~  Allow that Essence to be fully within you in the Frequency of the Balance of the Male and the Female.  Allow the Essence and the communication to be fully through you.  Allow yourself to incorporate All That You Are in these moments.  Breathing deeply in the Frequency – Allowing yourself to settle into the moment of Creation.  Allow yourself to understand the Essence that you are and allow that to incorporate within your physical existence.  There is no other way, except to be in this moment of your Creation.  Feel the regeneration of the Sea Foam Green.  Feel that Essence within you.  Feel the Frequency that you are.

I express to you Compassion and Love with expression of myself to you in these moments, to allow yourself to sit and embrace the Divinity that is fully coming into your body.  Allow yourself to know that this is an expression of your Light more deeply then you ever have received before.  Take a deep breath and allow it to go deeply into all parts of your Being.  Allow yourself to feel the Essence that you are.

I will now step aside and allow the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God to fully come in with the activations for this evening.  It is my pleasure to be of assistance, of the Christ Consciousness.

I am Lord Sananda at your service.  Namaste.


Holy God Of Hosts That We Are, Holy God Of Hosts We Are – We Are One with you in this moment of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.

Oh what a pleasure to be here in these moments.  Oh what a pleasure to feel your Essences.  Allow yourself to just receive.  In this receiving we feel your Frequencies.  Just relaxing with the intensity of what is flowing in your cellular memory.  Allow yourself to expand.  Allow yourself to expand the Divinity that you are because this is the process of the completion that you are looking for.  Your Soul has come to this purpose, has come to this pathway, in the Frequency – allow yourself to fully be in the embracement of your physicality.  Feel that grounding effect coming through you as the Sea Foam Green is more activated within you.

Now we regenerate the Essence that is you.  Allow yourself to receive.  Allow yourself to receive.  Breathe in the Essence that you are.  Breathe in the Essence that you are.  Let all these Frequencies come into balance, that have been feeling out of sorts with your Essence and your physicality.  Feel the physical body relaxing with the Sea Foam Green.  Feel your muscles blending within your body and do some AAHH, AAHH, AAHH.  As you express this within you, start to feel the stress leaving all aspects of your Being.

Allow yourself to take this moment of expression of your Divinity to fully be within.  AAHH.  AAHH.  AAHH.

We express these moments of Frequency unto you to assist  you in allowing yourself to relax into the changes that you’re  going through.  We know that these changes are not easy.  We know that the body wants to say “No, I’m not ready.  I’m not ready” but yes, it is ready.  You must be the commander of your ship.

We ask each and everyone of you right now to tap into your Higher Self.  If you know your Higher Self, you call upon your Higher Self’s name.  If not, you just state your name to yourself and allow that Frequency to come within you.

Say “I ask for the acceptance of your Being into my physical self”.  Feel that physical self activating within you, in through your Soul Star, in through your Chakra column – allowing the full Essence to blend into the Thymus and the Heart.  Feel that Frequency of your Higher Self and allow Him or Her to blend their Essence down your limbs inside your cellular memory into your Being, into your Earth Star.  Allow the Earth Star and the Soul Star now to spin simultaneously.

We now ask for the remembrance of your Higher Self to be fully within you; remembrance of all those times when you were fully in your Divine Essence.  Allow this Divine Essence to be activated within you.  We now activate this right now.  We activate the Divinity that you are but the Essence of that Love.

So we go back to the beginning stages, we go back to the circumstances when each of us were born unto the Essence that we are right now.  We of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God embrace you – you are our children.  Allow yourself to be rebirthed in this moment.  Feel this rebirth flowing through you in the Essence that you are.  Breathe deeply as you go into the Thymus and the Heart.  Feel the Essence.  Feel the Male and the Female as it is, as it was in the beginning, not what it has been for you.  So you can feel that combination of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, with the Essence within you of your Threefold Flame – the Golden Flame that You Are.  This is your I Am Presence fully being activated.

So, we’re now activating your Higher Self and the I Am.  The I Am, of All that We Are connected with and feel that Essence.  You can feel the Divine Love within you.  I want you to breathe deeply now unto the Heart.  Breathe deeply into the Heart and feel this expression of the balance fully within you.  Allow any Elements – let’s start with the Emotional feelings.  Are there any emotions that feel uncomfortable right now, that you’re not fully balanced.  There’s an Essence glowing within you – put it into that Essence.  Put it into the Threefold Flame, of the Golden Flame and let your I Am Presence dissipate it for you.  As the Golden Flame will transmute and it will regenerate it at the same time.  Feel that Essence being burnt up but  in response, you receive exactly what you need.

I say unto you right now, say unto your own Higher Self and I Am, what it is that you desperately need in this moment.

{{{{Crystalblowl resonates for some time}}}}

Now feel the activation of the extension of your Highest Essence and your I Am, to fully assist you so that you receive exactly what you need.  Feel that coming through.  Now we move into the Mental Level – what are the thoughts? Are there any lower vibrations that are stopping you from flowing in each moment? Allow yourself now to transmute this through the Golden Flame of your I Am Presence.  Allow that to run through you.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonates}}}}

Breathe deeply now.  Bring in and feel the Essences from your I Am Presence as He or She fully brings it to you into your Physical Essence to create the Manifestation within you.  We now move into the Solar Plexus as on the Fifth Dimensional level blends with the Heart and the Thymus, in the color of Magenta.  Allow that Magenta to fully be within you and feel your Empowerment, because if you activate it within your heart first then allow it to move into your Solar Plexus, you’ll be able to create your Desires and the manifestation so deeply because you’re running it from your Highest Self and not from your Lowest Self – of your lower mind or your lower heart.  Let us just breathe into this Essence right now.

Now we ask for an activation, a command from the Creative Source of Oneness to assist.  We ask for the Frequency for the Unified Whole in this moment.  000-144-000 Unified Whole Command online.  We ask for the Unified Whole to bring everything into wholeness that you have not been able to at this point.  So we send you these Frequencies from the Creative Source of Oneness, which is the Unified Whole that we are all a part of.  We ask all those particles that have been stopping us from not receiving exactly what we desire, to come in many different forms.  It does not matter what form it is, but just allow it to come fully within your Essence.  Allow this to happen now.  Let’s just take a couple of minutes.

Breathe deeply.  Breathe deeply.  Allow that Frequency to fully be within you.  As we bring up these Frequencies through Dearest One here and she will transmit it through her voice.


Breathing deeply, breathing deeply.  Thank you Unified Whole.  Thank you Creative Source of Oneness.  000-144-000 offline.  Feel the Frequency now.

We, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, now embrace you with the Flames of all the Rays – beyond the 22 Rays, into all the colours and no colours and multicolours.  Allow yourself to feel these Frequencies within you to allow this activation to fully go deeply within all Essences.  We now move it deeply through your Sacral and into your Root.  Allow yourself to ground it through your feet.  Feel the grounding now taking place.

As, we the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God bring forth this attunement to assist you in the Creation of your manifestations to make your life easier, to make life your life on Earth because each of you are Way-Showers and we want  to assist you deeply in the Frequency to Accept ~ Accept ~ Accept ~ Accept ~ Accept ~ Accept.  Accept this Light.  Accept this balance.  Accept all that we are giving to you in this moment because it is yours, it is not something that we have been holding away from you.  It is yours, of your Divine Essence, allow that Divine Essence and Divine Love now grow within your Heart.  Feel the Heartbeat, feel the Frequency that you are.  Feel the Highest Sense that you are, fully coming through within you as you breathe and relax onto it.  Breathe and relax unto it and allow this Essence to be fully within you.  Breathing deeply.  Breathing deeply and with three chants of AAHH, AAHH, AAHH.

Feel the vibration settling within you now.  As now it’s becoming a very integral part of your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, and all Essences blending within you.  All Essences.  Allow yourself to fully feel the Creative Source Energy that you are.  We command unto you to receive all that you desire and give you a special gift this evening.  The special gift that we give you is a surprise.  We’re going to give you a surprise this week.  Allow yourself to open up to what the surprise is – it is effectively what you are asking for.  So, allow that to be in the Frequency that you are right now because this is your manifestation – all we are doing is allowing it to be.  Be in the Divine Love that you are and feel that Essence of the Pink Love from your Highest Self, from your I Am Presence to be fully activated within you.  Breathe into that and ground it down through your feet and into your Earth Star.  Feel the Earth Star spinning with the Soul Star.  The Soul Star representing the Higher Realms, the Earth Star representing the Physical Realms.  Allow those realms to meet now within your Heart Center, within your Thymus, within your Solar Plexus.  Breathing deeply, deeply, deeply.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God bringing forth the Essences in all of creation, allowing you to just embrace what you desire and what it is that is so representative of your life.  Allow that to be in your Essence in these moments.  We, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, greatly bestow these blessings upon you in this moment.

So Mote It Be, In The Light Of The Christ.  We Are One.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Greetings.  This is Lord Sananda once again.  Just take some moments and allow yourself to integrate.  Take some deep breaths, center it into every part of your body – your physical body especially.  Allow all the muscles and the tendons and the joints and everything of the inner workings of your physical existence to blend into the Highest part of yourself.  Allowing yourself to be in this Frequency of Light.

It is  my pleasure to be here in this moment in the Frequency of All That Is.  I have one more message.  Christine Meleriessee has increased her energy greatly and with the work that her and Mike have been doing here in Mt. Shasta, you will be finding that the Frequencies are really in that Fifth Dimensional and beyond area.   I know some of the calls have been hard for some of you to hear, so we are asking with the work with the Telosian Command Centerto assist in bringing in these Frequencies because the conferencing service is not on this level.  So now what we’re doing – we’re going to bring in the Unified Whole Command, through Christine, to assist in this process.  000-144-000 Unified Whole Command online.  We ask, this is Lord Sananda in the wholeness that we are together, we ask that these lines be open to the Fifth Dimensional Frequency, that Christine and Mike are utilizing so that everyone can hear explicitly all the time, of the Frequencies that are coming through.  We ask that everyone be able to receive these Frequencies within themselves, to assist them in their Fifth Dimensional body.

Your request is being granted and already has been done so by Mike earlier today but we will continue it on a moment-by-moment basis and continually on a 24- hour basis -allowing you to fully have these Frequencies.  And so it is.  Blessings Unified Whole Command offline.

This is Lord Sananda.  I know that Mike is receiving  information to work in this way but we felt that we needed to bring everything into Wholeness and that each of you understand the process he’s going through.  So, we look forward to many more calls and open communication.  Thank you so much for opening yourself unto these energies, allowing yourself just to receive and be this sponge that you are.  The Divine love to each of you.

I Am Lord Sananda, at your service.  Namaste.

If you would be interested in listening to the audio recording of this call as it was very powerful and can be utilized repeatedly, see Audio Recordings,… Cosmic Oneness, November 27th, 2011 to download the recording. Cosmic Oneness is one of three calls per week that take place via teleconference and joining live will fully accelerate an individual’s physical existence. Please see LifeStationEarth, Conference Calls,, for more details. All are welcome to join in as no one is turned away. Please see our policy on Terms of Suggested Exchange,… 

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden
Vibratory Masters of Ascension


Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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