Nov 27th, 2011 ~ Waking the Cellular Memory Unto Our Physical Existence

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It is my divine pleasure to be here as Lord Sananda, the Spokes-Being for the Cosmic Oneness for the Christ Consciousness.  Thank you so very much for being with us in this moment.  There has been great reflection for each of you occurring in all aspects of your Being.  Within these Elements of reflection, it’s very important to allow them to be removed.  Sometimes we don’t realize that all these aspects are not fully gone from our entire system.

Our goal this evening is to assist you to understand what it is that you may not be looking at, that truly is a part, of a detriment of not assisting you to move into the next phase of your growth and your pathway.  These can be little particles, they may not be something large – but they are locked away in the cellular memory.  So this evening we are going to wake up the cellular memory onto your Physical Being, because what we’re really doing here s to assist in the process of allowing those Frequencies to blend together.  We truly want the cellular memory to be opened up and allow those old Elements to be removed and the frequency that is incorporating within you, to be activated in a different way.

Please take a deep breath.  Within that deep breath, allow the activation – that you are one Being of Light and within, this one Being of Light, you’re allowing yourself to fully understand the processes on all levels, through the essential components, to fully come into balance.  Each of you has been aspiring to great things.  Each of you that are listening and are part of these recordings is fully in a state of movement.  Sometimes these states of movements can be slower or they can be swifter but what they need to be is constant.

It’s imperative that on each day, that when you awake, you do a connection.  Within this connection, you connect with your Higher Self, the Spiritual Hierarchy, or whichever guidance that you feel is very important to you in that moment.  Without this connection you’re not going to be able to actualize your life more fully within the Higher Self.  It’s important to bring this Essence unto your Physical Being.

As you do this, it will become an automatic element for you – that the connection between each of us and yourself, that there will be no separation.  But there needs to be a practice month and within this practice moon, you must totally allow those Frequencies to be within you, because the more that you tap into it in a Higher Consciousness or a deep meditative state, there is more of an understanding occurring.  This is what is filtering into your cellular memory.  So we’re activating the cellular memory unto the Physical Creation that you are.

Please take a deep breath as I run the bowl.

{{{{Crystalbowl is played}}}}

As I do that I want everyone to concentrate into your Solar Plexus, the Heart and the Thymus.  On the Fifth Dimensional Frequency the color of this Ray and the Chakra is Magenta.  First we’re going to center upon the Solar Plexus of the Third Dimensional of the Ruby Red.  You will see a beam of light in front of you, of the Ruby Red color coming into your Solar Plexus and this is your Divinity unto  yourself and then unto the world.  This is your Higher Frequency in the Third Dimensional, in a Cosmic Level.  Allow that to infiltrate within you.

Feel your Essences within starting to shift and change.  Because of this Cosmic Creation, the old elements cannot be activated on this Higher level.

Then we’re going  to go deeply into the Heart.  That is the Pink.  Go deeply within that Heart part of you with the Pink Ray of Compassion and Love.  Allow that balance to occur within you, whatever you may be feeling on other levels, we want it to be fully incorporated with the Pink Ray.  This is also your Ray of Manifestation and your Desires, because as long as you have Joy and Happiness within you, you can fully allow those Frequencies to filter within.

Now we’re going to move in to the Throat – of the Will and Power, of the Blue.  Allow that Will and Power Ray to fully be within you.  Then on the Forth Dimensional Frequency we bring in Pink Orange into the Solar Plexus.  The Pink Orange is the bridge to the New Age, so you’re moving from the old self-reflection onto the Higher Frequency of the New Age Science.  The Heart then filters into the Gold.  Feel that Gold Frequency fully being within you, of the Christ Consciousness.

We now activate the Thymus area, which is the Sea Foam Green.  Were going to pull in the vibratory communication of the throat, of the Forth Dimensional Ray, into the throat are – which is a violet Pink.  This is when you can transfer your thoughts unto others and you feel these Frequencies within you.

We have included the throat because it’s a very important aspect to be using the throat chakra through communication.  Now we’re going to pull all of them together.  We’re going to bring in the Magenta, as the Magenta creates one unified Chakra – of the Solar Plexus, the Heart and the Thymus.  The Throat is going to go into a higher vibratory color.  Allow that color to be a mixture of many colors, and to bring in the act of Beingness.

We really want to center on the Magenta at this point.  As we bring in the Magenta, we want to access the Fifth Dimensional level of this Ray and this Chakra.  The Magenta is the balance between all these three Chakras – of the Thymus, the Heart and the Solar Plexus – and within that, you have your Will & Power, you have your Activation occurring.  Within the empowerment, you have your Heart Center, which is totally balanced and full of Love.  You have the Sea Foam Green, which is the Higher Cleansing Ray, but it means that your Higher Self is now fully activated within those areas.  Allow Him or Her to feel this Essence.

Now we’re going to ask the Higher Self to assist and open up all avenues into the deep cellular memory that is necessary within your Physical Essence.  So we’re going to move into the Etheric Level with these colors, of the Magenta and the Sea Foam Green.  Allow the Frequency to be fully activated as now we prepare for the Cosmic Energies of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.  It is my pleasure to be here as your Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness.  I am Lord Sananda at your service.


I Am that I Am that I Am that I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun and the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.  We are the Heart of God and the Will of God, in the combination of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

Allow your energies to now receive the Frequency of the Light to assist in your Beingness, in the Frequency of All That Is.  Breathe deeply as we will fully activate the Magenta in your three Chakra System of the Fifth Dimension.  Feel the deepness of this color swirling within you as it is a deep Rosy Pink.  Moving into the Higher Frequencies that you desire, let it bore a hole right in the Solar Plexus in this moment.  Allow the full infiltration, as this is your Empowerment.  This is your core of activation of vibrancy.  Allow that to be within you, in the deepness, as it blends with the Pink Orange and the Ruby Red.  See those colors blending within you as it moves into the Solar Plexus, now it moves into the  Essence of the core of your Being and  your cellular memory and  moving into the Etheric level.  That is going to assist any debris that needs to be removed.  Breathe through that.  Breathe through that.  Breathe through that Essence.  Breathe through the Frequency that you are.

Allow the palpitations within the Solar Plexus to be activated.  Feel the beauty that you are.  We ask for the removal of all Elements that do not serve your empowerment.  We ask for these Frequencies to move out of you in all that you are, in all that you are and becoming.  Breathe through that and feel it blending within you.  Feel the Essence of all that you are in this deep moment of creation ~ Allowing the Devotion and the access to the Higher Realms of the New Age to be fully within your Solar Plexus so that you can activate it in your physical sense.  Breathe through this.

Breathe through this as now we move into the Heart.  Feel the deepness of the Pink, of the Compassion and Love and your Manifestations, to grow deeper and deeper within you.  Allow it to move into all aspects.  We ask for any ill feelings of lack or in poverty consciousness, to be fully removed through the Frequency of the Pink Ray, through the Frequency and the deepness of the Core of your Being – you can feel your Heart accepting this Frequency.

Now we ask for the expansion of the Heart chakra – deeper, deeper then it ever has been – as if it is boring a hole within your back.  Allow that to expand as the Lotus Heart now opens unto the Golden Flame that is now the Forth Dimensional Ray of the Christ Consciousness that you are.  Allow your Higher Self to be your guide at this moment as you bring in these Essences.  You bring in the inflection of what your Soul desires, not the physical.  Let it blend into the Etheric and allow that to move through your entire physical body.  Breathe deeply in that Essence.  Breathe deeply.

Now let’s move to the Thymus.  Feel your Souls Essence as He or She is now allowing the activation to occur more deeply because you are opening up your senses unto the cellular memory.  Allow the physical to relax with these Higher colours.  Feel the pleasure of your Souls Essence in the Thymus but allow it to move down through the rest of your body as we incorporate the Ray of Sea Foam Green.  Now let the Sea Foam Green go into all areas of your body, all the muscles and the tendons, any areas that may be hurting deeply.  Allow it to go into the bone structure.  Allow it to go into the skeletal structure.  Allow it to go into the circulatory system and all the inner workings of the spinal column.  Allow these Frequencies to all blend together into one large component of Light.  Breathing deeply now, as the Sea Foam Green is activating the Frequencies that you are allowing yourself to feel.  We ask for the cleansing and the processing of all Elements that do not serve your Highest Purpose in these moments.  We call upon the Frequencies of the Light to fully infiltrate your Being right now.  Whatever it is that you asked for, put it out in this moment so that we can assist you.

{{{{Crystalbowl resonates for some time}}}}

I come to you as the Heart of God, as the Divine Mother, please accept the blessing I enfold upon you in this moment.  As I express the Female Divine through the Essence of this woman.  Let yourself go within and feel the Essence that you need to assist you in these Elements you need to release.  Allow yourself to walk through a doorway that is filled with the purest sense of Magenta.  Feel the beauty of the Pink Orange and the Gold and the Pink and the Ruby Red and the Sea Foam Green.  Now you are one swirling color of Light within you, around you, inside of you, outside of you – in the frequency and the expression that you are.  I embrace within you, a whisper, a whisper that you need in any of these hearts of your body.  Receive, my children, receive.  As we change your cellular structure, allow the memories to be filled with great nurturing.  Nurturing.  Deepness of my Essence as I embrace it unto you.  Breathe and allow yourself to receive.

{{{{Crystalbowl resonates for some time}}}}

I now come to you from the Will of God.  I come to you from the Masculine Divine to assist you to find your empowerment as you have been nurtured by the Divine Mother, I now will assist you in your strength.  Within that strength, it must bring forth the assistance of nurturing and softness that is necessary for the strength to really be in the capacity that is in the Higher Realms.  I express to you right now, I hand you my Golden Light.  As I hand you my Golden Light, feel the cementing of all your vulnerabilities to be flowing through your Being, because within those aspects, you fully have all Elements of feeling the Love deeply, but expressing it even more deeply.  Let it run through your veins.  Let it run through your system.  Allow the cellular memory to see that you have the strength within you.

When you embrace this aspect, you will see a difference in how you relate to all that you are encountering upon your pathway in each moment – whether it is a challenge or whether it is a pleasure, I extend unto you the ability to find your Divine Will.  As you find this Divine Will in your Solar Plexus, with the nurturing that has been given, we blend it together.  It moves to your Heart and it flows deeply within you.  Now your Higher Self is activating the power that He or She has enabled.  Let it flow in your Physical now.

{{{{Crystalbowl resonates for some time}}}}

As we now come to you as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God in the expression of the Oneness of the Strength and the Heart coming together, finding that ability to walk through the processes that enable to you to feel and express the love but also see the strength and the walk that you are taking.  You can handle any element that is coming across your path.  You take a deep breath now and feel these Frequencies in all the Elements within your body.  You start to feel them memories, the memories of your power, the memories of your gifts fully surfacing out of you because the other elements that were hiding it are now removed in this reflection of what we have given to you.  Allow yourself to embrace this moment.  Allow yourself to feel the Essence.  Allow yourself to understand the capacity of love that you embrace within you from your Souls Essence.  Now deeply, deeply feel it.  Deeply feel it into your core.  Allow these Frequencies to go into your Root and ground them deeply.  Ground them through your limbs into your Earth Star.  Allow it to surface in your Sacral area.  Allow it to move up to your Throat so you can express it through your voice.  Allow it to move to your Third Eye so you can perceive all that you are expanding.  And your Crown is fully embracing the Divine Love that you are, as you come into balance.  As you come into reflection that you are – not what your memory has put upon your mind.

As the mind and the heart are now balanced together, you feel these Frequencies blending in the Essence that you are.  Breathing deeply.  Breathing deeply and allowing it to settle deeply within you.  Get used to this.  Practice this because it will assist you in each moment that you transform yourself.  Allow the cellular level to fully expand unto what you are receiving.  Let it move into the physical.  Let it blend with all Elements as you now become one full body of Light.  This is the expression we desire for each of you.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God in the expression of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, at your service.  We are honored to be here in this moment to assist you in this process of this Divinity that you are.  Allow yourself to expand within it and to receive it deeply.  Deeply.  We Are One.  Always have been and always will be.  Now we are activating it consciously.

So Mote It Be In The Light Of The Christ.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.


This is Lord Sananda once again, it is a blessing to receive in this way.  It is a blessing to allow these Divinities to fully be within you so that you can accept the challenges and the hills that you have to walk and they will walk down the hill – feel the exhilaration of what you have accomplished.  Tonight is a night of accomplishment.  Allow yourself to embrace this Essence that we are embodying unto you.  It is my pleasure to be here with you as Lord Sananda.


If you would be interested in listening to the audio recording of this call as it was very powerful and can be utilized repeatedly, see Audio Recordings, Cosmic Oneness, November 27th, 2011 to download the recording.  Cosmic Oneness is one of three calls per week that take place via teleconference and joining live will fully accelerate an individual’s physical existence.  Please see LifeStationEarth, Conference Calls  for more details.  All are welcome to join in as no one is turned away.  Please see our policy on Terms of Suggested Exchange,


Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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