Feb 12th, 2012 ~ Giving the Gift to Ourselves


This is Lord Sananda speaking.  It is my divine pleasure to here with you once again for the Cosmic Oneness, as the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness.  Let us all just breathe deeply and relax a little bit.  Just bring in those Frequencies.  We’re going through a lot of changes.  We’ve just experiences the Full Moon energies and now we’re moving towards a new month that will be activated very soon.  We want everyone to still feel the Balance, it is very important that we bring in that Balance to allow us to express within our Physicality in the Beingness that We Are.

Let’s just bring in this Essence of Change that is occurring for everyone.  We all want to bring in the Frequency of the Heart Centeredness, with Valentines Day.  I want everyone to realize that this creates a consciousness.  It is a consciousness, it’s not just about having a Valentine from a loved one bringing you affection – it’s about the consciousness of the Energetics, of bringing this onto the Earth Planes.  Oh, we’re going to bring that Frequency in a little bit this evening for the Heart Centeredness and bringing in that grounding Essence.  Because we’re all experiencing the Love Consciousness of the Higher Frequencies coming into us, the Planet is changing into these Elements as we express unto each other the Love that We Are within us and not of the Physical Love, but our Soul Love.  So we’re going to connect with that also this evening, and I think this week through the calls that Melereissee and Mike will be presenting.  It’s going to be a very powerful week for theHeartCenter.  So let’s have the Balance within that.  Let’s breathe deeply into the Heart.  I ask you to bring in the color of Magenta that represents the Heart, the Solar Plexus, and the Thymus, of the One Unified Chakra of the Fifth Dimensional Chakra Grid.  We’re going to really center upon the Fifth Dimensional Chakra  Grid – even though most of you are not activated  with this chakra grid, that’s okay.  We’re just going to allow it to come within us.  Feel this beam of Light of Magenta, a beautiful, beautiful color, swirling within you.  Feel that frequency as these three chakras are aligned on this level.  It’s also going to bring in the Essence within you to assist you in all the other levels that you’re trying to acknowledge through the Rays of God and, having the Wisdom and Knowledge that is yours.  That is yours and you’re just learning to open up to it, it’s there.  So we want to activate those Frequencies within this evening as we breathe deeply.

Take three deep breaths and allow yourself to just relax into this as the Magenta comes fully within your Being.  Allowing yourself to accept all aspects that are occurring for you in all the moments, even when the moments do not feel so good – assisting in grounding the balance within all these elements will assist you completely.  I express to you the accessibility within to tap into your fullest Presence, activating beyond the Higher Self into your I Am – which  means your Soul Connection, your Monad – the Frequency of all your acceptance of bringing in that I Am Presence.  I want you to feel your Higher Self within yourHeartCenterand in your Thymus area.  Feel that Essence within you, him or her, and if they’re not fully activated, we’re going to ask that they be, right now, that they be with you even if they’re not full with you 24 hours a day yet.  We’re going to activate that within your Physical Essence because, remember, this is the Commander of your Ship; this is the Consciousness you fully want to bring within you; this is going to bring you the High Vibrational Essences that you’re looking for – that Love Consciousness.

Now feel the Magenta really expanding within you.  As it goes to all parts of your body, allow it to go into your Cellular Structure, into your muscles, your organs and all the inner workings of your Physical body – the blood stream, the circulatory system, the spinal column.  Allow the nervous system to be activated with this Essence of Love in the Fifth Dimensional Frequency.  Feel that Heart Centeredness really expanding within you.  Feel your Higher Self bringing forth to your Physical Body the Joy and the Bliss that they are fully giving to the Physical Essence in this moment.

All those Elements to flow through you right now, through every part of you, especially parts that do not feel as comfortable as other parts of any emotions that may be arising or any frustrations, any mental thoughts.  We want to combine everything right now and bring in that totality of your Balance with the Male and the Female within you.  Allow that to come within yourHeartCenter.  Feel that Essence.

Now we are preparing ourselves for the attunement from the Divine Mother and Divine Father God.  It is my pleasure to be here with you once again as Lord Sananda.



Holy God of Hosts that We Are, Holy God of Hosts that We Are in the Frequency.

I Am that I Am – I Am that I Am – I Am that I Am

I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God here once again to embrace you my Children.  Let us expand in this Frequency in the Oneness that We Are.  Let us come into Balance and feel the Heart Centeredness that We Are.  We embrace within you right now the Compassion and Love and the Joy and the Bliss and the Acceptance and the Purity, Charity – allow all these Elements to come within you now from the deepest part of your Higher Self as we extend to you the I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am.

In this Frequency of Light that We Are, we express to you the availability to bring forth this accessibility within your Being for you to accept the Divine Essence that You Are, for you to bring forth these Elements in the Frequency that We Are together.  Allow us to expand into the Essence of Our Heart, blending as One Heart as we bring forth this deepness.

We, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, bring unto you this evening the expression of each Element that you are striving towards, to bring forth the accessibility within your physical Essences.  Let us forget the fact that Valentines Day is part of a greeting card essentially and let’s bring forth the Frequency of the Light unto each of our Physical Beings.  As we sit here within Dearest One Melereissee, we feel the Essence of this acceptance happening upon this Plane.  So we ask of you, to extend to yourself the love that is necessary from your Higher Self.  This is truly what we want to extend to each of you this evening – to bring forth the acceptance that you are embracing your Light in a quietly different manner then you ever have before.  It is now time for you to express that love unto yourself ~ Expressing the love within you.  It is an Essence.  It is a Vibration.  It is not the word ‘Love’, it is not any words that we can impart to you – although we share words with you because that is the communication that we’re using to transcend the thoughts and the patterns within you.

But we ask of you, in this moment, to just open up your Heart unto the availability of a beautiful Light, coming into your Physical Being that is part of your Soul’s capability and the travels that your Soul has experienced on many levels of dimensions.  We bring in these levels of dimensions fully within everyone’s body at this moment.  Let us all come into Wholeness as we  bring in that 144th Dimensional Frequency that is so much a part of the Unification of this Oneness.  Within that Unification, we are all One together.  There is no-one any different, even us as the Mother and Father God.  Each of us comes into that Frequency of the Creative Source of Oneness, of the Creation that we are, deeply, within our Hearts.  If we express that unto ourselves right now, there is nothing more then to just receive.

I ask you now to receive the Frequency of Light, coming from your Highest part of yourself to bring in the vibrational Frequency for you to fully accept it.  As we express this Deepness, let’s chant with the sound of AAAHHH for you to receive.






Breathe in the AAAAHHHH – let it go deep into your Solar Plexus.  Allow it to expand within your Physical, your Emotional, your Mental, your Etheric and open up the cells within your memory to express within your body, the beauty that you are.  Breathe it in.  Feel it coming in waves of the deepest of Magenta – which is the deep Red.  Allow it to expand within you.  Allow yourself to feel the Essence that it is as it goes into all avenues within your Frequencies for you to accept your Divinity.  Breathe it in.  Breathe it in.  Your Soul is crying for Acceptance.  Allow this to be your Acceptance.  Embrace it.  Embrace it, embrace yourself deeply within.  As now you embrace this Element of Love, it is so deep, it is so deep, it permeates through your entire Being.  You feel the Frequency coming within you.  You feel yourself accepting the power that is you.  This is Love.  This is the Purity that we bring unto your Heart right now.  Feel it expanding through you.  Feel yourself accepting new ways of Being.  Feel yourself fully embracing the Light that You Are.  Breathe in this Essence.  Breathing deeply through your entire Being.  Breathe.

We now will bring the vibration through you.

{{{{Crystal Bowl is played }}}}

Now just take some deep breaths.  Allow the deep breaths to be within the Frequency within you, to ground this Essence.  This is your Essence, this is your Soul expanding unto yourself.  Allow yourself to feel the Frequency of the Light.  Allow yourself to feel the Essence that you are.  Allow yourself to just embrace, embrace, embrace this moment.  Embrace this moment of the Love that you are and breathe through it.  Breathe deeply.  Feel the Essence of your Highest Frequency coming fully into your Heart.  Feel it going into your limbs.  Feel it going into your muscles.  Feel it permeating into that cellular memory.  Allow the cellular memory to fully accept this Frequency of Love – it is not from the physical sense, it is from your Highest Sense.  Allow that to come fully within.  Allow yourself to go beyond anything that you’re ever experienced before.

This is your Light.  You see this Light flurrying around you as if you’re in a star show and the stars are just fluttering but this is you.  This is the sparkles around you as now you’re accepting your Soul’s Essence in a Higher,  in a much deeper level then you ever have before.  Feel those sparkles of light coming into your body.  As it comes in, you feel the tingling and the Joy that is You.  This Is You.  This Is You.  This Is You, this is the Essence of all of us together.  We breathe deeply.  We breathe deeply as we feel these Frequencies moving around us as we bring in the Essence of All that We Are Together.  Breathing deeply.  Breathing deeply.

There is nothing more important in these moments then to give a gift to yourself.  This is the gift that we bring unto you.  It’s not us, we are just intuiting it through Melereissee, to bring it through unto you.  Each and everyone of you will probably feel it a little bit differently from each other because this is your Soul’s Essence unto yourself, it is a personal experience but it is a physical experience because you are opening up those memories within yourself to accept the Essence that you are that has been in traveling movements through all the Dimensional Frequencies.  We bring the Highest Dimensional Frequency of the 144th Dimension and bring it all the way down and circle it within your body.

Feel that Essence flowing within you, the deepness of you.  Now.  Now expand upon that, expand upon that.  Allow it to move out of you because now you’re going to be a mirror.  You’re going to be a mirror that’s going to reflect outward into the World – either through energetics, through thought processes, through your dream state or in the physicality of Actual – no words just this Frequency.  Allow yourself to blend it in and then blend it out, with your breath.  In and Out ~ and In ~ and out.  What you’re doing  is expanding it within yourself and then you’re allowing it to fully expand out of you so you’re creating a new circle of light within your Auric field because this is your Frequency, this is your Light, this is your special insignia of your Soul’s Essence within you.  Allow yourself to just center upon that, and if you need to, just put your hands across your chest and feel the Heart Essence within you.  Because this is you and this is what others will see in you.

You may expand upon it within words to another but you will find that the words will be different, they will be of a Higher Essence.  You will be fully bringing forth the Frequency of your Light within your Physical Body in a different way.  It is not a physical experience, it is a Spiritual  experience within the Physical Essence that you are.  As it expands into all those Elements and your cellular memory, that are now opening up and are now asking for it to be  filled up – because you’ve done enough releasing.  In these moments, we’re just going to expand this energy within you and feel the  love that you are.  Feel that Love Essence deeply.  This is your expansion.  This is your Light.  This is your Beauty.  This is who you are, as we are One together in these moments.

We, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God are so ecstatic to express to you in these moments, it is our gift to you – the gift of yourself.  We, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the I Am Cosmic Great Central Sun fully embrace this Essence unto you.

We Are that We Are

We Are You

I Am I Am, We are all One.



This is Lord Sananda once again, so we have another evening where you are fully embracing the Light that You Are, deeply within your Physical Essence, deeply all the way grounded into your feet, into your Earth Star and send this to Gaia.  As you bring forth your own Essence, She brings forth Her Essence – as we are all One.  Each of you walking upon this Earth at this time are so very important for the transitions that each of us are going through.

It is my Divine pleasure to be here with you as Lord Sananda, as your friend, as your companion.  Namaste.


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Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibratory Masters & Mentors for the New Earth, Terra Christa



Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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