Feb 26th, 2012 ~ Bridge to the Body of the New Age


It is Lord Sananda speaking.  It is my deepest pleasure to be here once again with each of you.  This week we are going to be bringing forth the Bridge that will assist every one of bringing in the heavy duty activations into relaxing with the new frequencies that your Cellular Memories are accepting.

We are finding that many Lightworkers that are truly having a very difficult and challenging time in the physical body because the Cellular Structures are truly moving through the frequencies at a much deeper level than previously expected due to the work that each of you are doing.  So we want to say, “Congratulations.”  I know at times it does not feel like you want to be in celebration of what is happening for you as it can cause a lack of balance in the physical existence.  Tonight we want to assist each of you to bridge the two worlds in the frequencies you are experiencing presently.

This is not a permanent bridge; this is an element that you can utilize with this meditation this evening to assist you from getting to here and now into the present because you are fully accelerating yourselves in the Oneness in your full body system.  You are bringing forth into you the Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental are assisting the Spiritual level to be more fully activated within the cellular structure as the waves of frequency are opening up, but at times the physical body is not quite ready to receive the frequency that the Cellular Memory wants to fully incorporate within all essences.  Let’s speak a little bit about what the Cellular Memory actually entails.

The Cellular Memory contains pockets of information and frequency that are contained not only within your Physical body but within your Etheric Realm.  That Etheric Realms holds all those frequencies of light information from many lifetimes, many timelines from your past, present, and your futures.  It is about your Soul’s existence so when the elements start to become activated within your physical existence, the physical body has a very hard time dealing and accepting it fully.  No matter if it is something that you have acquired from a previous lifetime, meaning Timeline.  When we say, ‘timeline’, that is what we mean.  Or it may be something brand new that your soul is ready to incorporate from the knowledge based on your Missing Puzzle Piece that has been activated on a higher frequency but you have not fully activated it within the physical vehicle.  So there are many elements coming into play with these frequencies and that is why it can be different for each of you and want you are experiencing.

We would now like to assist you with the first element; take a deep breath and feel the essence your Etheric Realm.  As the body is sitting here accepting the vibrations that are coming to you within your breath in this moment, from your Soul’s capability and your I AM Presence to activate it within the totality that you are, it is important to take stock of where you may be.  So I ask you to put aside your Lower Mind and your Lower Heart while activating your Higher Mind and your Higher Heart through this meditation.  This is going to assist you completely.

We ask for a complete cleansing within the four-body system.  We are going to utilize the frequency of the Sea-Foam Green as that is going to activate your Higher Self while helping to cleanse all aspects within you that you fully are unable to do so on any other levels.

Breathe deeply and allow this energy to come within your entire structure starting at the Crown, into the brainwaves, into the memory patterns within the physical body, moving those essences through your sinus areas, through your eyes, the ears, nostrils, gum lines, the roots of your teeth, the entire structure of your head, moving that frequency into the back of your throat, the back of the neck, through the shoulders, down the arms, the fingertips.  As we go through all these areas, I want you to realize it into your bloodstream, all the systems associated with those parts of the body, moving into your chest, your upper back; as we move down into the shoulder blades, we fully feel the essence into the middle part of our back, the spinal column, into the Solar Plexus and deeply into all the organs that are associated with those areas.  Moving down to the Sacral and the lower back, then the Root, the Coccyx Bone, into the base, filtering the energy through the hips and the thighs, knees, shins, calves, ankles and the feet.

Feel the Sea-Foam Green swirling within us as it now it goes into our Earth Star centering the Etheric level clearing away any timelines that do not suit our purpose for the activation for these energies to fully come within.  We want to bridge the gap between both worlds.  As we breathe deeply, we feel the Sea Foam Green coming up on your feet around the outside of your body filtering towards the Crown and then coming back down towards the feet.  Allow the Sea Foam Green to permeate from the Etheric level into the Physical level as the Etheric and the Physical levels need to fully interact with one another.  We now move the energies of the Sea Foam Green outward into the Emotional body as the blending is now going to occur as the Physical and Etheric become one and moves into the Emotional body which is outside the Etheric.  Allow all emotions to be fully in balance.  We want you to have your feelings and accept them, but we don’t want them to be traumatized or of a lower nature.

Let’s breathe deeply as the Sea Foam Green goes completely around the Emotional level and we connect to the Mental level.  As we do that, the Sea Foam Green, from the Physical, Etheric, and Emotional has reached out to the Mental as they blend together.  Allow any thought forms, any elements from previous timelines that can get in the way, even if they are from a month or a year ago.  They don’t have to be from this lifetime.  We want to put all of this into wholeness.  We want the full body to accept the transition that each of you is going through presently.  Breathe deeply into that feeling.

[Crystal Bowl Rings]

Now we have created the full four-body system to be One Unified Body to allow the connection of the Spiritual body, of the Higher Self to be more fully activated within the physical existence.  At this point, we are going to allow these energies to settle within, and bring in the frequency of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun to assist us with the rest of this journey.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service. Thank you for being with us.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service in this moment.  Let us all breathe together in Unison.

Feel yourself totally relaxing after the initiation phase of receiving within the four-body system to become One Unified Body of Light.  We ask each of you to put away any thought processes that may be going on with this or trying to understand exactly what you are experiencing in these moments.  It is not necessary to be in that space.  We fully want you to accept your essences on a higher level of frequency than you are presently doing in your Physical body.  We say to you in this moment, breathe deeply into your Heart.  Breathe deeply into your Solar Plexus and allow yourself to work only from your Highest Service in this moment of your Higher Self coming to you.  Allowing the body to dissipate within the Higher Self and allow the Higher Self to be your guide as this is truly what we want for each and every one of you.  Express onto yourself a deep breath of the Sea Foam Green ~ the purest most beautiful essence that you have received and go deeply within your Heart.  Allow yourself to say to yourself,


So right now we are in a state of fully accepting whatever it is you have receive previously so that the Higher Self can fully access within your Physical Essence any explanations, any feelings that you may be confused about.  As these frequencies can fully put your mind in tail spin; it is not where you need to be.  You need to be fully in the acceptance mode so that everything that you are receiving is from your Highest Sense.  So we say to you right now, call upon your Physical Self and say these words:  “I fully surrender unto my Higher Self and allow my Higher Self and Physical Self to be One.  But first there must be a passage way between both of us so that I, the Physical Self, am more confident and self-assured that all is well with what I Am receiving.”

Part of the process can be may be the fact that you are insecure about what is occurring because you do not understand it.  As we have said previously, there can be no understanding on these levels that you are accepting within your Being.  As you fully allow your breath to be in this space, of your Physical Essence, allow yourself to fully incorporate within your Heart or any other areas that you may feel that there is blockages or non-movement for you not to accept these frequencies.  At times, it is not always on the physical level that you can ascertain what is happening but it truly is for each of you.  Your physical body is not fully accepting the frequency that is occurring.  So let’s just sit in that element for a moment; take some deep breaths as we run the bowl to assist you to feel the vibration in whatever part of the body that may not be accepting it.

[Crystal Bowl Ringing]

Breathing deeply ~ is there an aspect within you physically that you feel needs more balance within those areas or it may just be within your Heart.  As we open up the Heart more fully, now you should feel as if you are totally open and the sun is shining down upon you and there is nothing to do but surrender into the next moment to receive the essence that is important for your acceptance.  As you breathe deeper into this area, allow yourself to incorporate your multi-dimensional abilities from your Higher Self.  Feel these frequencies coming to you as this is what each of you are experiencing on many different levels.  As you experience them on many different levels, you fully understand the process as your Higher Mind is being more fully activated in the acceptance within your Physical Body.

Allow your Higher Self now to stand before you.  He or she is imparting these frequencies unto you; please know we have your best interests at heart and will not bring anything into that you are not ready to receive.  But the physical body must heal, it must accept the higher levels of energies and at times, that physical body is unaware of the ability to move into a higher level of existence.  It feels like it is dying so we ask each of you to fully take a deep breath as we bring in the Bridge to the New Age which is the Pink-Orange Ray.  Feel this ray coming from your Higher Self unto your Heart.  As this is the connection that is needed for you to fully embody it, it comes into your Solar Plexus and your Heart.  Allow your inner power to see the ability to fully accept this frequency of Light unto You.  As many of you experience jumping from one to the other before the other, this ray of accessibility of the Pink-Orange will assist you in your own Inner Power of the Solar Plexus.  It will assist you to accept yourself as you fully have incorporated the Devotional Ray, 3rd Dimensional Ray which is in the Solar Plexus as that infiltrates within you.  As the Bridge to access the knowledge from your Highest Essence is now being activated through your Higher Self; he or she stands in front of you and brings forth this ray into your Solar Plexus.

Feel this frequency coming towards you which may be in waves of love, waves of information, or waves of acceptance.  As it flows, you feel this Pink-Orange coming into your Heart and the rest of your body.  As we have activated the four-body system into a full essence to receive the Lightbody, the Higher Self is now more readily and easily acceptable to come into this space of Beingness.  Filter that within your physical body at this point.  We are going very slow tonight because we want you to feel the effects of what can happen when you fully allow it to be in slow motion and not a quick jump into the new frequency of Light.  Feel the essence that is occurring for you now and connect to any thought processes or feelings.  What does this wave of energy feel like?  It should feel more balancing, calming, and it will bring forth the ability for you to the Divine Love that is necessary for you to receive your Highest Essence within your physical body as he or she is bringing forth to you frequencies of Light that your body has not been accustomed to receiving.

Allow these waves of frequency of the Pink-Orange to flow through you.  As they come within, you feel an acceptance occurring within your Physical Essence and just breathe out the words, “AAHHHH, AAHHHH, AAHHHH, AAHHH, AAAHH.”  Now the frequency of the Pink-Orange Ray is flowing through your entire being as your Higher Self stands in front of you as you are now ready to receive the activations that are necessary for your pathway in your present moments.  They may just be little particles or larger ones than that depending upon your individual choice as the acceptance of your physical self and the integration of your higher self occurs, the flow of this frequency of light is going to assist to allow it to be integrated in a fluidness that is acceptable to your physical body.  As your Higher Self stands in front of you, allow yourself to see many colors that your Higher Self may represent.  It depends upon your choice and what you want to receive in these moments.  You may already have been receiving these frequencies of Light.  It is just that you may have been unsure of what is occurring.  Let us breathe deeply as we see Sparkles of Light of many different colors and allowing the frequency to fully come within you of all these different levels.  Being a multi-dimensional being of light you are fully accessing many frequencies beyond the consciousness of the God Force so it can be a pre-determined factor or it can be something that is chosen by your Higher Self to fully receive in this moment.  Let us do some breath work and bring in the frequencies for you to now receive the stability that is necessary in your physical body.  Waves and waves of colors ~ We of the Divine Mother and Father God guide each of your Higher Self’s, the souls that we know so very well, to be fully activated in your physical body at the level that is necessary for you in this moment.  Not too little and not too much, but all in balance as the bridge of the Pink-Orange Ray is now activated between you.  You start to feel the fluidness that is part of your Highest Essence into the physical.  Feel these sparklets of colors of light in Blues, Greens, Yellows, Goldens, and higher colors along with many other frequencies as the timelines that you are trying to access in your dream-state or now going to be more aware to you that will assist you in the pathway that is occurring in these moments.  Let’s breathe deeply and receive this activation.

We, the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, impart to each individual at this time to receive the packets of light-code information that is necessary but in the balanced state that the physical self needs to fully understand and process.  Breathe deeply we bring forth this essence of continuance for each of you in the particles of Light opening up your pathway unto abundance, prosperity, love, joy, charity, deepness within your soul, and acceptance of All that You Are in the portion that is readily available to you in these moments.


Breathe and use the chant of AAHHHH, AAHHHH

As you receive, AAHHHH, AAHHHH

Feel now the frequency coming into your Solar Plexus blending with the Pink-Orange Ray with all the frequencies as your Higher Self has been activated more fully in your Thymus as it blends with the Heart and Solar Plexus as One.  These frequencies now move down in your legs, into your feet and onto your Earth Star as it moves upwards into your higher frequency.  Let the colors of the Ruby Red, Pink-Orange, and Magenta with Deep Pink and Sea Foam Green all blend together as they all represent each of these aspects but bring forth the combination of all the energies of Higher Self and the Physical.  Allow these elements to go to any parts of yourself that fully need the reflection that is within you.

Feel this essence moving through you; feel it grounding into your Earth Star which is going to spin in a clock-wise manner.  As it spins, it is going to move down more fully into the core of the Earth.  Feel yourself almost becoming taller with these frequencies because you are expanding from your Highest Essence into the lower part of your body through your Physical Essence into the deepness of Gaia.  Breathe deeply; now feel the elements that may have been bothering you previously.  Feel the connection that you have with your Earth Star and the deepness of Gaia as it moves into your Solar Plexus, your Heart and your Thymus.  Then feel the higher frequencies of the higher chakras being more fully grounded within the physical.  It is almost like the frequency of the Pink-Orange Ray is fully pushing you backwards and there is a stability force behind you that allows you to sit and receive it..  SIT AND RECEIVE IT.  SIT AND RECEIVE IT.  It will go through all the elements in your physical existence ~ any organs, any brainwaves, any thought processes , any parts of your bodies that are not accepting the frequencies of light and it will help them to heal as now they are going to relax.  Allow this relaxation to go all the way into your Coccyx Bone, feeling yourself just sitting and accepting this Frequency of Light.

We, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, have brought forth a new wave of attunement this evening to assist each and every one of you as we know that many of you are being affected on a physical basis at this time due to many elements that could be from lower elements being released, higher elements trying to integrate, or other elements that are in your environmental conditions.  Whatever it is right now, you are in the safety and the frequency of your Higher Self and God’s Light of Divine Mother and Father God imparting these frequencies unto You to let you know that we totally understand what it is you are going through, but understand that each of your experiences are different.  The core of them is the same.  Let us breathe through this element and allow it to just flow through you in waves and waves of Light.

[Crystal Bowl Ringing]

Breathing deeply you should now start to feel a deep connection with All That You Are and allow these timelines to all connect into the frequency of Oneness That You Are, That We Are All Together.  We of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, are eternally grateful for the pathway that you are upon and are here to assist you in realizing your frequencies within your physical essence.

So Mote It Be in the Light of the Christ.  May we all walk together in the consciousness of this light of this Earth.  In the Name of YHWH and All That We Are.

This is Lord Sananda speaking once again.  This definitely was a different kind of frequency for Divine Mother and Father God to bring forth.  They are realizing what each of you are experiencing on many different levels, as we fully want to balance these frequencies unto you so there will be more techniques opened up as we go further into this process.  It is our Divine Desire to assist you as much as possible and we are learning greatly from each of your experiences so do please connect with us as you have been doing.  This is allowing us to bring forth more levels of understanding than we previously have been doing, because within these frequencies we are allowing all levels to be activated and this is one way we are doing so in these moments.  I cannot tell you what it means to me to share these words and these frequencies as I fully walk with you unto this pathway.  It is with great honor that I do so.

I Am Lord Sananda, Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness of the Cosmic Great Central Sun frequencies.


Join us on Sunday evenings at 5 PM Pacific to receive these high vibrational energies via the live calls, http://lifestationearth.com/cosmiconeness_141.html.

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibrational Masters & Mentors for the New Earth, Terra Christa



Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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