March 4th, 2012 ~ Embrace Your Higher Self’s Power To Do Light Work ~


It is I, Lord Sananda, at your service, in Complete Oneness of the Unified Whole.  I first want to thank Meleriessee and Michael for bringing forth the information about what they’ve been through in the past week – we will explain more about this.  There has been an influx of changes in the past week, not just for them, not just with each of you but within the Planet, so we are upping the Frequencies to assist everyone.

We also want to dedicate this week to all the Souls that have been lost to the tragedies around the world.  There have been many tragedies in theUnited Stateswith the tornadoes and all the people that are homeless and feel as if they are victims.  We’re going to ask for these Frequencies of this week to go on to each of them so that they can feel some peace and love in their hearts.  If you’d like to connect with these Frequencies, tomorrow night with the Clarion Light Beings will be a special event in order to do this.

Let us now get to the matter at hand.  The matter at hand is to assist each and every one of you to bring forth the Frequencies within yourself at a much higher rate of vibration then you ever thought you could receive.  Due to the intensity of these calls, due to each of you being part of these Frequencies – your cellular level is incorporating these Elements within you, whether you realize it or not.  So tonight we’re going to make a special dispensation and within that dispensation, we’re going to ask that any of you that are going through any specific issues that may be associated with past timelines to fully bring them into Wholeness.  These associated issues may be your personal experiences, it may be how you’re feeling about yourself, your own pathway; it may have something to do with relationships in your life or wanting  to create new relationships or coming together with your Soul Family – it is  up to you as to what you want to bring forth.

What we’re going to do first is to ring the bowl and during that time, we’re going to connect with Master Thoth.  He has brought forth His energies for this week to fully take those timelines that you may be having a hard time with and putting them into Wholeness.  This can also represent your Manifestation – the struggles that you’re going through; your environments, or your professional pathways.  Whatever you are experiencing challenges with, we’re going to ask you to fully put it into Wholeness.  If you don’t feel that you’re having too many challenges, then you’re just going to ask for more prosperity and abundance to be activated from the Essence of your 5th Dimensional Body, to be activated within the Here and the Now, so that you can fully feel these Frequencies of Light.  Let’s take a moment with the bowl and do that.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonated for sometime}}}}

Let’s take a deep breath as we open up the Frequencies to Master Thoth.  He’s overlighting this Energy in this moment, from the 144th Level and Dimensional Frequency.  Put all your thoughts and your processes into His hands.  Allow that to come from the Dimensional Frequency you’re existing upon in this moment within your own Consciousness which can be anywhere from the 3rd to the 8th Dimensional Frequency.  Then move it up.  Breathing deeply as we move it up to the 50th Level, the 100th Level, the 110, 120, 130, 140, 141, 42, 43, 44.  Now feel that Frequency just being opened up to them from your cellular thoughts, your cellular emotions – feel it deeply through your entire structure of your Essence.  Feel the Essence of everything being put into Wholeness in this moment.  Now, what you receive in return is the reflection of that Wholeness in the Frequency of many Colors – Crystalline colors, High Frequencies.  Allow those Elements of Sparkles of Light now to return back to you from the 144th, 143rd, 142nd, 141st, 140th, 130, 120, 110, 100th down to the 50th,40, 30, 20, 10, 9, 8, 7,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.  Bring it in and Receive.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonated for sometime}}}}

As you receive this, feel it in your Unified Chakra, of your Heart, your Thymus, and your Solar Plexus that’s been activated with your Higher Self Energy.  We ask that activation to occur now.  If you know the name of your Higher Self, call upon Him or Her to be fully you in that vibration.  Or just use your given name, by stating the words “I Am [with your name]” and feel that Frequency fully enveloping within you.  Breathe.

We explained to you earlier in the year, when we first started this New Year 2012, that we would be going on deeper levels of Frequency and it’s very true, in these moments, of what we’re going to bring forth for you from this timeline forward.  It is now time for you to realize the potentiality within you, not being parts of yourself that do not reflect this Frequency of Light.  We want each of you to fully embrace the Elements that are occurring for you right now, within your Higher Mind and your Higher Heart, putting aside any physicality that may be trying to get in the way.  By those words I mean – thinking you’re not good enough; that you’re not ready; you’re not powerful enough; and allowing your Lower Ego to be fully removed.  We ask the Higher Ego to be activated fully with your Highest Consciousness of your Higher Self and your I Am Presence.  Your I Am Presence being the conglomerate of your Monad, of your 11 other Soul Personalities that you were created with and your 144 Soul Extensions.

As you feel that consciousness that assists you to now be put into the Frequency of Oneness of the Unified Whole.  As this is the Oneness that we are all about, we are not separate personalities, although we come as separate personalities, to give forth teachings and information and to allow our love to combine with your love.  Right now, feel the Essence of your I Am Presence more fully then you ever have in any other circumstance.

Breathing deeply in that Essence.  We’re coming into a time when the Earth needs these Frequencies; each of you needs to embrace these Frequencies.  You are Lightworkers.  The more that you embrace the Highest Vibrational level that is coming into your structure, you will see the strength that you have.  What has occurred this week, with the darkness showing its face – in the face of adversity many will spring forth into the Light that they are, it makes you more powerful.  It makes you more powerful because of the circumstance and the Elements that you have brought in to your Full Body System, of your Highest Presence of your Soul.  This is your Soul.  This is the ability to create within your physical body, the Essence that you are.

So take a deep breath.  Feel that Essence coming unto you in this moment.  As I, Lord Sananda, stand before you now, you are not any less than me, you are not any more then me – We Are One in this Frequency of Light.  Each of you have many gifts to share upon this Earth and each of you will share with one another in these times of change.  As we come together in this Frequency of Light, we ask the Earth, all inhabitants upon the Earth, to feel this Frequency of Oneness, as we are feeling it in this moment.  As the Unified Whole is opening up the doorways in this moment for it to be imbued upon every Being, every personality upon this Planet within the land and with Gaia as we come into the Oneness and to bring this Frequency into full Wholeness as We All Are.

Let us take a deep breath and feel our own individuality, because a part of each of us is going to assist this Frequency and that is what The Unified Whole is about.  It is about all Pantheons of the past, of religious icons to be fully removed so that the Ego is removed and what is left is the Teachings, is the power of those Teachings and the Wisdom and the Knowledge.  So we are opening up that doorway for each of you to embrace these Frequencies unto yourself.  Each of you is a part of those knowledges, of all your past timelines.  So we’re going to ask that everyone’s past timeline, associated with these Frequencies to be fully put into wholeness as you will be able to pull upon those levels of creation that are important to you in this timeline that you’re living in this present moment, of this day.

Allow us to embrace each of those Frequencies upon our own Essences, as it’s only going to empower each of you more deeply as we are more than grateful to share this unto each of you.  Let us breathe deeply and allow that Frequency to come into our Beings.  As now I, as Lord Sananda, will step aside as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God give forth their attunement for this evening.

Many Blessings and Namaste with each of you.


I Am that I Am that I Am

I Am that I Am that I Am

I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God fully embracing each of your Frequencies in this moment. as we stand in the Essence of complete Oneness with each of you.  Breathe deeply as we impart unto you the Frequencies that are coming into the Essence of all that we are and all that we ever shall be.  Let us feel it in our physical existence – allow us to express unto each of you the deepness of our hearts of what each of you are experiencing in this moment.  Take a breath.

Breathing deeply, deeper, and with each breath that you take and with each moment of your out-breath, it goes miles and miles and miles around you, around the Earth – for every inhabitant to express in the level of Frequency.  As we bring it down from the 144th Dimension all the way down to the 3rd Dimension of Reality of the Earth.  It’s going to affect many levels of Frequency of Light, of expressing the Light that we are all together – just breathe that in.  As all your timelines are coming into Creation.  Feel it within your Heart, feel it within your Solar Plexus, feel it within your Thymus and your vibration of your Higher Self.  Now feel the Essence of your I Am Presence embodying within you as you never have before.  Breathing into that Essence, breathing into that process.  Feel each of us being home, within our bodies.  The body now is accepting this Frequency much easier then it has before.

As we have connected the timelines that are necessary for the Essence of your continuity upon this Earth and the power that you are, the power of the Light that you embody from your first single existence.  As we all were One together, you in the Angelic form that you were and some of you have been very powerful in the Light and then you moved into your Soul Essence; you moved into embodying yourself upon Planets, upon Planets.  Now is your time for remembrance.  Now is your time to accept.  Now is your time for your power to be fully within the Being that you are.  Once again state your name.  I Am [name].  I Am [name]. 

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God so we are the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  What is your name? State it to yourself.  Allow it to come out of you.  Allow it to permeate through all your self’s.  Allow it to move into the Essence that you are because this is your reality, this is the Truth – there is no illusion.  There is no illusion in this moment, there is only of the Truth of the Frequency of that we are together.  But individually, we want each of you to  feel the Essence and the vibration that is coming through your entire Being.  Feel this vibration of many colors of light – sparkles of light, no colors, blending with Lavenders ~ Gold ~ Violets ~ Greens ~ Yellows ~ Blues ~ Silvers.  Bring that Essence fully within your body now.  This is you.  This is you.  This is you.  This is the power that you are, not what your body thinks.  This is the power and the frequency of the Light that you are, of a child of the Divine Essence of God as we are all One in this Frequency of Light.

As we now travel together up to the 144th Dimensional level of the Unified Whole – this is our beginning but also within this unification, is all that we have been altogether in all timelines of creation.  Breathe and feel the enormity of the power of this Essence that is you, that is us, that is everyone in this expansion – all the Masters that you connect with, all the Light Beings, all the Inter-Galactics, all the Inner Earth, all the inter-Planetary Essences, all the Multi-Universals, all the Cosmic Energies that all of us have embodied at any time in any space – is now in the conglomerate that we are, in the Oneness, in the creation that we are.  Breathing deeply through that Essence ~  Breathing deeply into your heart.  Breathing deeply into your I Am merged with your Higher Self and the physical Being that you are.  Breathe it deeply.

Now we bring this Essence into the physicality.  Feel the awareness that has opened up for you – this is the awareness of who you are.  Allow yourself to express unto yourself, the beauty that you are because within this beauty there is great power and you shall stand fully in the light that you are, as the Flame within you burns brightly.  Breathe.  Breathe.

Feel the Golden Flame within your Heart, within your Thymus, within your Solar Plexus.  Feel the Unified Oneness that you are because this is the Unification.  This is the Frequency of Light and all the rest shall fall away.  Keep walking, walking my children, keep walking through the doorways.  Don’t let them stop you, don’t let them stop you at any time.  We are here for your assistance.  We understand this is a challenge.  We understand that it is not easy, but it is not unobtainable in the way that you think it is – it is very obtainable.  It is a Frequency of not being able to obtain things, that is the thought processes of the old.  The thought processes of the old timelines of the old effects that you were, that you fully could not incorporate but now, now we call upon each of you because you have a pathway to create within your life.  These pathways are new.  They are a conglomerate of all that you have been previously.

So we ask all these timelines to come into you to just give you a little bit of a vision, or to give you a little bit of thought or a little bit of a feeling of what is to come for you and then you shall walk through doorways and doorways and doorways of this Frequency of the 144th Level of the Unified Whole, of which we are all part – in the Frequency of the Oneness.

We call upon Master Thoth, who is considered the over-lighting energy of the power of the Unified Oneness, although he is a conglomerate of many consciousness’ frequencies.  He brings unto us the ability to move through major doorways, major doorways of the past -as he has done on his own.  As we bring forth this Frequency of Light that we are in all that we are in this moment of creation.

Feel this creation within you.  Feel this Frequency of light as it now is embodied fully into your Cellular Memory.  It may feel new, it may feel old – whatever it is, it’s a unification that is occurring within your Being in this very moment.  As we are One, you are One, in this simplified essence of your Humanity upon this Earth.  Allowing this humanity, this growth of your physical structure to continue with the level, no matter what age you are.  Your age of the physicality is not important as immortality is the opening of the doorway of the Frequency of Light.  Allow us to embody this unto you right now as we will bring in this Frequency unto you.






Breathing deeply into your feet; breathing deeply onto your Earth Star and send it down into the core of the Earth.  This frequency is going to assist the planet.  This is the planet of bringing in more Light.  These are the elements of every human being, of every animal, of every living essence upon this Earth to feel more Light than they have before to assist through the darkness.  To assist ~ and the dark is not as dark as it was ~ it is much lighter and moving through this process.

So rejoice of the candle of the flame that you are within your own Essence as it shines brightly as we bring forth unto you to shine deeply as we have shown our flame unto you for eons of time.  Allow us to expand that frequency unto each other into the breath that We Are.

[Crystal Bowl Ringing]

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.  We Are You, You Are Us.  Now we are becoming closer and closer than we ever have before in this frequency of Light that We Are.  Do not be discouraged of the challenges you encounter.  It only means that you are lighter and lighter than you ever have before.

I Am that I AM that I AM

I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God embracing each of you, our Children of the Light, in great gratitude and great love, in great joy that We Are in Oneness.

So Mote It Be in the Light of the Christ, in the Light of the Unified Whole.



This is Lord Sananda with you once again.  I have with me, Master Thoth.  His energy is very strong within Christine.  He will be highlighting the energies tomorrow evening.  We hope you will join us as it will be quite magnificent.  I want to thank you for walking this pathway; I want to thank you for being with us on these calls and continue to spread the word as far and wide as possible.  This is one of the highest vibrational frequencies that you can tap into and we are grateful that each of you is with us.  We are grateful for Michael and Christine Meleriessee and they are the wayshowers as each of you are the Pioneers behind each of them.  You are Light is expanding much wider than you ever thought possible and I am deeply grateful to be the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness of the Cosmic Oneness.

Always my Light with Your Light, We shall shine together.


Join us on Sunday evenings at 5 PM Pacific to receive these high vibrational energies via the live calls,

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibrational Masters & Mentors for the New Earth, Terra Christa



Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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