March 18th, 2012 ~ A New Pathway of Frequency – The Spring Equinox


This is Lord Sananda, once again.  Thank you for being here with us for the Cosmic Oneness, with the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God and myself, imparting the energies of the Christ Consciousness.

It is a very exciting week, because the Planet is now coming into a new Frequency.  Each of you are fully in a new state of Consciousness and, even the ones that don’t even realize that they are, are doing so also.  There is great reflection in those moments because we’re in phase of coming onto a Higher Level of Frequency within the physical body.

What does this Frequency mean? It is not anything like we have experienced previously.  It is not a transition of electronics coming into your biological system – it truly is an acceptance, almost like turning on a light bulb when you come into a dark room.  The accessibility that is going on within your physical body is great, and your body is fully come into a new phase of Beingness.  I want each of you to fully feel this within yourself tonight, as we express unto you the ability to fully accept what you have been striving for.  It’s a new period and it’s a great period of Light; each of you are to be commended for coming through these moments of darkness as you have.  The previous month has been extreme.  It doesn’t mean that it is all going to go away as we would like it to – to turn into full acceptance of the Light onto this Planet, but it means that more and more are awakening unto the Light because of what you are doing personally, what you are sharing, and your own Beingness – just accepting everything that you’re learning about – because there are more tools that are going to become available to each of you because of the fact that you are opening yourselves up into the Source that You Are.

So we are all excited and, as we have said before, we understand that there is no way of teaching you to do this – so we are learning with you.  We are here to extend our energies, to extend our knowledges, teachings and our love, the deepness of your love; but what we really are looking forward to is to have each of you to aspire to your own greatness.  As I said in the body of Jeshua – you will do as I do but even greater, and we are fully coming into this time frame.

The Earth is shifting greatly.  There are many areas that are still going to be in darkness, but I want each of you, in these moments, to understand the capacity of what you have created.  It is powerful.  There are more and more new people awakening unto themselves, unto this pathway, unto the Frequency that they are – and they’re the ones that need the most love.  Why, because they’re the ones that are going to come out and say “I have all the answers.  I am Aware.  I have messages that come to me.  I speak to my guides and this is the way it should be done.”  Unfortunately, each of you is going to be running into these types of people.  So how do we best assist ourselves because each of you that have been doing this work and, whether  you’re on these calls or other calls, connecting with other individuals, you have been working diligently in your Consciousness, in your physical acceptance in these bodies and you are to be commended for that.  Through that process, you have learned what the Lower Ego is and what the Higher Ego is, even though you may not understand the concept of the terms.  So, inwardly, you really do understand and that’s what we want to assist you with tonight.  We want to help you with Acceptance.  We want to share with you how deeply you have transformed yourselves and to have a moment of reflection of the Purest Essence of your Heart.

Take a deep breath.  Give a sigh of relief that tonight, as we prepare ourselves for the Spring Equinox upon this Planet, it is now time to take a portion of yourself into  this body that you’ve been trying to accelerate and activate within your brainwaves, within your Heart.  So, how can we best assist you with this process? Forget you’re in a physical body in these moments.  Are we going to be easy on you and not give you a Higher Frequency this evening?  No, that will not happen.  As we’ve shared what has been happening with Dearest Meleriessee, it cannot be any other way.  What we want you to acknowledge is your Essence of what you have been trying to tap into and bring forth within you.  Your Highest Self, your Higher Frequency, you will eventually get to your I Am Presence in the conglomeration of Souls that each of us are a part of but let’s start with this stuff.

The last few months, since 11:11:11, has been tremendous and within these processes, there are great Elements that each of you are working towards and within yourself, and the Frequency of Light that you are.  Tonight we’re going to assist you a little bit more, to see the Light within you; to see the sun shining within you; to see the door wide open and reflect upon your Being and the Essence that you are.  I’m not going to bring forth any pre-meditated thoughts or Frequencies, we’re going to allow the Essence of the Divine Mother and Father God to do that for you, with the Essence of Meleriessee opening up her Frequency unto their Frequency.  This is really our goal – with this Energy that we bring forth to you in the Cosmic Oneness.  We want each of you to feel the Essence of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father within you, as she has done.

This is why the processes are so challenging – because we understand that this Frequency is not easy to handle, so we allow her to incorporate it within you.  We thank you for accepting.  We thank you for all that you are doing to allow this to happen within you – deeply and forevermore.  We thank Michael for holding this Energy because he is now a major counterpart of allowing this to be at this level.

Let us all just breathe deeply.  We’ll ring the bowl, and bring in the Frequency.  Allow it to unfold within you in whatever you chose to bring forth.  First, let’s all connect with our Higher Self and activate that Energy within us; within our Heart – of the balance.  Feel the Frequency of your Highest Essence being activated within your body.  Feel your body just dissipating into nothingness – the cells are all merging together and you feel the frequency of your Spirit, your Soul, being the guiding force.

{{{{Crystal Bowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

I Am Lord Sananda at your service, with the Christ Consciousness of the Cosmic Oneness.


I Am that I Am that I Am

I Am The Cosmic Great Central Sun of the  Divine Mother and the Divine Father God in this moment of Creation.

Breathe deeply and allow the Essence that is you to fully be incorporated within your Being as we bring forth this vibrational Frequency to assist the doorway to be more open.  We stand at a crossroads.  We stand as a Consciousness together, to allow the Frequencies of Light to fully incorporate within each of your Beings, in a higher level, then you have received previously.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, in this moment of Creation ask each of you to take a moment to breathe deeply.  Allow the Essence of your Higher Self to fully be more active within you then you ever have before.  We are opening pathways and walkways unto a new level of Frequency that you are not able to actualize within your physical body and your Higher Self will deem what is the necessary Frequency for you.  For some of you, it may just be a small fraction, for others it maybe a larger beam of light.  We ask you to put aside the mind, put aside the thoughts, when questioning what it is it may be, because you want to fully understand it  within the physical body.  So we’re going to take a little surging of Frequency to come within each of you now.

As you feel spiraling Energy of Light coming down from the top of your Crown – the spiraling Energy of Light has many colors, that represents all the Rays of God.  The ones that you know very well and then the Higher Frequency Rays – it can be no-colors and Crystalline colors, sparklets of colors, Frequencies of Golden White intertwined with the Many Colors, as it beams into your Crown Chakra from your Soul Star.  Your Soul Star is now going to command this Frequency.

Take a moment and say to your Higher Self – “Please assist me.  Please assist me in knowing exactly the Frequency that I am able to handle at this moment.  In this Frequency is a doorway, it’s an acknowledgment that is already part of my timeline to the Soul’s Essence that you are, but now, I want to feel part of it also.  So only give to me what I can handle in this moment, not too little and not too much, but just the correct amount of Balance of All That Is.”

Breathing deeply into that Frequency – allowing that Essence to come fully within you now, as your Higher Self, as your Guide, as your Mind starts to melt away and your body is just sinking deeper and deeper into where you are sitting.  You are becoming nothingness.  You are becoming formless, as your Soul’s Essence truly is on many states of Inter-Plane Levels.  Feel that Frequency now.  It is like when you just wake up from a dream and you’ve been floating through the sky – in those moments, you are in formless condition.  Allow yourself to be formless in this moment, to allow this Frequency of Light to fully come within you.  As the Frequency shifts, as you accept different phases of it – allow it to blend within your Crown area down through your upper body – your neck area and your brainwaves and allow it to, first, just relax you.  Relax you as you’re drifting off to sleep, allowing the body to relax into the Frequency as it moves down into your neck and your shoulders, down your arms and your finger-tips and it moves down into your mid-torso.  Breathing deeply, deeply.

Allow this Frequency of Light to be within you and then, moving down into your lower torso; moving into your lower limbs, your upper limbs and your lower limbs, into your feet and your Earth Star.  Now your Earth Star and your Soul Star are spinning simultaneously with these Frequencies of Light.  As it spins simultaneously with these Energies, it moves into the Full Body System that you are, no matter how many bodies you have incorporated – whether it’s four or whether it’s more – it all becomes one body of Light.  If you were to look at yourself in the mirror, you would see yourself sparkling, like a beautiful star in the sky and the brightness that you are.  Breathe deeply into this.  Breathe deeply into the Essence that you are incorporating within you.

You see in front of yourself a pathway, this pathway goes uphill a little bit and it feels difficult at first because you’re not quite sure where you’re going but then the walkway, the pathway, that you’re taking – it could be winding, it could be straight – you decide, whatever it is through your Higher Self.  It may be up a mountain, it may be downhill, it may be flat – it is whatever you’re choosing of your visualization from your Highest Essence, coming through you in this moment.  Then you start to see the Sun shining in front of you, and the sparkles of Light that you are reflecting with the Frequency of a Cosmos.  Of a Cosmos of the Frequency and the Light – you see in front of you a very special Being.  This Being is you.  It is your Soul’s Essence coming to you to meet you and to share with you a part of yourself that needs to be activated in these moments.  It’s very important because, as we come into the Spring Equinox, there is an aspect of your Self that is going to Be quite differently then it has previously.

Open up your Heart and allow yourself to receive this Frequency  of Light that is blending through your entire Being.  Allow it to shine through the Essence that you are and, we bring in the Frequency of Light.  Your Higher Self shall deem what is appropriate for you to receive, so whatever it is that you are feeling in this moment, it is because you are accepting it.  Whatever you do not hear, in this Frequency, is not ready for you to have, so allow yourself to know that what you are feeling in these moments is the acceptance that you are ready to accept.  In another week you may re-listen and you may hear more.  So we bring in this Frequency of Light.

As you stand in this beautiful power of Essence that is you, allow it to shine brightly all around you in these Elements of change.  Allowing yourself now, to feel this Essence, as we bring it forth through the Crystalline bowl at first and then the Frequency of the Voice will shift.

{{{{Crystal bowl is struck and played for sometime.}}}}







Breathe the frequency within you.  Breathe the essence that You Are.  Allow it to be deeply within your Core Of Light.

In this moment – breathe deeply and allow the Frequencies to run through you.  Do not think.  Do not try to figure anything out.  Just be.  Allow this Frequency to be within you.  We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, impart unto you this ability for you to accept the new Frequencies that you are.  The Frequencies that you are ready to receive – they may be a combination of many timelines, they may be a combination of what your Soul has put aside for you to receive in these moments.

Think of these reflections as you come upon the Spring Equinox of 2012.  It is a very powerful time for the light of the Planet to come fully into your Being, not only upon the Earth, but to accept your Divinity in a different way then you have before.  We say to you in this moment – take these Frequencies and just breathe through them.  Breathe through them as you start to feel the Essence changing within you.  Then as you prepare for the Spring Equinox, you will start to feel the thoughts that your Higher Self is messaging unto you.  It must come from your Higher Self, it must not come from within your own Mind.  So it may come in a dream state, it may come upon waking from the dreamstate, it may come in a meditation, it may come  in a Nature walk, it may come in an expression that is just like “Whoa, that just came to me and I have no idea where it came from”.  Well guess who it is? Yes! It’s your Soul’s Essence.  It’s your Soul’s Essence coming more fully into your body to help you.

It may just be a small fraction of what you need to acquire within your life to bring you more of this joy and more of this purity that you are – not the physical Essence that you are.  As you bring that forth within you, the Physical Essence is going to change.  You are going to become younger.  Your body is going to get better – as long as you keep the thought processes in those moments, as long as you take care of yourself to move through those challenges that may want to stop you from not accepting the youthfulness that you are, that your Soul has within you, as you move through these processes of Dimensional Frequencies.

We impart unto you the Dimensional  Frequencies all the way up to the 10th Dimension in this moment.  Allow the 10th Gateway to be open up to each of you that are ready to receive.  It may just come in little sparkles of Light, it may come in a whirlwind, it may feel like you’re in a tidal wave – whatever it is, your Soul is expressing unto you in this moment, because it is time for you to be in the space of acceptance for you to do what is necessary in your life, for you to expand this Light far and wide through the process that you’re going through.

As we bring forth these energies, before the Spring Equinox,  it is fully coming through into your Being and preparing you for the time of your Creation.  Breathe deeply and allow this expression to go all the way down to your feet, into your Earth Star.  Allow it to expand within your physical body.  Allow it to go into your cellular structure.  Allow it to move through you as you have never moved through anything in your existence, but most of all, bring in the Frequency of Balance.  The Balance coming within you is  your Male and Female fully in balance.  Feel the Heart structure, feel the Thymus structure, feel the Solar Plexus – feel that Unification of that one large Chakra, all blending together in the Essence of your 5th Dimensional Creation.

Breathing deeply, allow this Frequency to be fully within you.  Fully within you and allow yourself to express unto yourself the ability to feel a new part of yourself that’s been tucked away.  We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  We bring forth this Essence unto you – it is a very beautiful time of celebration.  Celebrate yourselves.  Celebrate the Essence that you are.  Celebrate the  Frequency as you bring it forth into your Being, into all that you are and all that you will be and all that you can be.  Breathe in that Essence into all that you are and all that you will ever be.

In this moment of Creation as the pathway becomes stronger for you to receive more, we of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, impart this Frequency unto you and ask of you, to just take a breath with a sound of


Now just let it settle within you.  Don’t worry about what you’re going to do with it or what it is in this moment, you will know when the time is right.  You will know as you walk through into the Spring Equinox and the Frequencies of the new, as we come into the Spring.  We let go of the darkness that has occurred.  We let go of the Frequencies that you have been challenged by as you walk into the Newness that We Are Altogether.

It is our Divine pleasure to be here with you as the Cosmic Frequencies – the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, in All the We Are, in Oneness, in a Creative Source.

So Mote It Be.  As We Are One Together.


This is Lord Sananda.  Allow yourself to just take moments to embrace this as has been expressed – it is not for you to figure out in this moment, because it will come to you when the time is right.  The more activation that you have with your Higher Self, the better you will understand what has just occurred.  And do listen again, because the next time, you will receive more and then the times after that, more and more.  So we express it to you in this moment.  Welcome into your world, the world of Light, the world of joy and the world of pure ecstasy – you deserve it.  As we express unto you the ability to fully come into your full Creation.  It is my Divine Pleasure as Lord Sananda, to walk with you during this process.


Please join us on Sunday evenings, at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific as we connect with Lord Sananda and Divine Mother & Father God to receive the most powerful attunements available at this time.  MP3 downloads available via Walking Terra Christa,  Archives available via Life Station Earth,

Rev Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Vibratory Masters for the New Earth, Terra Christa


March 11th, 2012 ~ Embrace Your Angelic Self

Greetings, I am Lord Sananda at your service; it is my Divine Pleasure to be here once again with each of you.  We are accelerating the process, we’re stepping up the game, and we’re bringing in the frequency of Light at a much higher level of essence than we have done previously.  I know each of you have heard about the story of Christine and Michael, and what they are going through, and what each of you are experiencing with standing up within your power, and now is the time to do so.

This Power of Light that is yours, which is ours together, is beyond the comprehension of any other frequencies that cannot understand where each of us are in the pathway of the New Earth, and the pathway of allowing yourself to fully bring forth New Divinity unto your physical body and walk this pathway of acceptance as being a Lightworker; as being the frequency.  We are here to assist you in that process; we are here to stand with you to allow you to see that you are not alone and we want you to feel it.  We want you to allow it to be expressed within your Being.

On a personal note, I want to share that the Dearest One here is being combated with great energies of many different levels, but what they don’t realize, which is happening to her in this moment, her power has grown stronger.  The frequency of light from this point forward is beyond any comprehension of your thought processes.  I ask of you to put your thought process of the mind aside along with putting your lower bodies aside.

I ask of you now to bring in your Higher Self as you never have before) previously, to allow that activation to your Thymus gland, the Seat of your Soul; to allow your Highest Essence to create the Lightbody that is within you; to fully incorporate your Highest Presence in a frequency that is not of a physical essence yet, allow that consciousness to come onto you, and hold onto your seats, my friend.

As I, Lord Sananda sit here within the body of Christine, I allow her frequency to combine with my frequency to combine the Source of Light energy in her full composition; so she no longer needs to be a warrior that is fighting, and allow her to be a Torchbearer that has allowed herself to come into this space, and allow each of us to share with each of you, so that each of you can become those Torchbearers.  I honor her for allowing herself to be in this space.  I honor Michael for allowing it to be also as he becomes the grounding cord for her in this moment.  Now we bring in the frequencies in a different way than we have previously.

I ask each of you to connect with your essences as you will be feeling waves and waves of light frequency that will expand within you through this process.  In this frequency of Light that we are, we intuit the Source of Oneness in a new way than we have before; Divine Mother and Divine Father God are standing by with their message, and as Lord Sananda, in this moment I Am ready than I have ever been before, and this is the frequency of my I AM presence.

I ask of you what is the frequency of your I AM presence in this moment?

What is that you are incorporating within you, what are the waves of light that you are allowing yourself to feel and to see?

This is the process that we are all about to experience.  When Lady Meleriessee speaks of raising your vibration beyond the Mercury Retrograde, however that may be appropriate, because truly you are not of the planetary level any longer ~ you are not of the 3rd dimensional level, and now you are moving into the higher levels whether you are doing it in a consciously or physically, you are allowing it To Be. I ask of you not to question what it is you are feeling, allow your Self to just embrace it as that is the most important part in the Wave of Acceptance.

So let us continue with the Wave of the Energies, I AM (Lord Sananda, the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness; I Am All that You Are also.


(((Angels singing)))

We are the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God to bring forth this light.

Allow yourself to just feel the frequencies that You Are as we impart unto you the Essence fully in the experience of your Acceptance of all that You Are.  Allow this frequency of Light to be fully within you.  Allow yourself to bring forth within your physical being the Highest Force of your Essence than you ever have incorporated before.  Blend it down into your Physical Essence.

I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM

I speak to you in the Consciousness of the ONE but please speak to yourself

I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM

I AM the Consciousness of the ONE!

Feel the Power that you are!

Feel the Essence that you are!

Allow it to incorporate within you as it blends through your entire Being.  Your Heart accepts it!  The Essence That You Are.  The Remembrance of the Essence of your Angelic Self slowly floats down from 144th dimension.  We, as the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, have been created to bring forth these energies unto you, but there is so much more in the Oneness that we are together.

Feel the essence of the 144th level come slowly down in your creation, comes down 144, breathe 130, breathe 120, breathe 110, breathe 100, 90 breathe deeply, 80, 70, 60,50,49 now we are at the Cosmic Level of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God .

This is the creation that we came into human form, breathe it down as we count,

48,47,46,45,44,43,42,41,(30,)40,moving down into the (Universal)

{Galactic} Level 39, 38, 37, 36, 35,34 feel the Intergalactic,

33,32,31,30,29,28, moving deeply into the Solar


oh coming down,13,12,11,10,9,8, Earth energy, 7,6,5, we’re stopping at 5.

Allow yourself to embrace the fluidness of what the fifth dimension means to you physically.

What you are basically doing is allowing your I AM presence and your Higher Self to come into one Unification within your physical body, this is why the fifth is so loving, this why there is such a beautiful interaction.  This is the essence that you are. We, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, are just here to show you the way.

As we express to you, as we express to you this frequency, it is you, it is you, it is you!  Feel this essence fully being in your physical body.  Embrace yours across your Heart allow yourself to feel the Love that you are.  Feel this Power and this Light as we do this together now.   Expands diagonally, it expands horizontally, and not just vertically.  The essence of the bubble of light around us completely goes around the Earth.  Moving it into the Essence that we are, now sit for a moment and fully feel your I AM presence, your Higher Self in your light body, and deeply breathe and feel your Power.

Feel your Inner Power in your Solar Plexus.  Feel the Waves of Light coming to you.  To and Fro, feel the Essence of the Crystalline Colors and all the Rainbows of Light because this is the beauty of what happens in your frequency.  Breathe that down and feel it, feel the smile  that is your Angelic Self, now imparts to you as he/she feels the blessing being in the physical body as never before.  You look above and you see heavens and heavens of light, clouds and beauty because now your bringing it down into your frequency and you feel the bubble of light.  Feel that essence that You Are.

Let it expand it within you.  Let that Essence be with you.  Allow yourself the Power.  Allow yourself the Strength.  But first of all allow yourself the Beauty that You Are.  Then no one, no one, that can ever take it away.  So breathe these Essences onto you, into a part of your body that may be weak.  We want to make sure your auras are strong and powerful.

Breathe it in.  ~  Breathe it in.  ~  Breathe it in.  Breathe it in as we are the Oneness.

I Am, I Am, I Am Oneness.

These are the words you fully need to bring into your essence.





We sit in complete honor of each of you; and please know that this is just the beginning, this is just the beginning of our Essence onto each of us.  Know that nothing can penetrate this essence that we bring forth in this moment, it is blessing as each of us awaken onto each other.  Yes, consciousness is now remembering ~ consciousness is now aware.  As we do these frequencies, it blends out into the hemisphere to assist and break away the lower to bring in the balance of all that we are together.

Let us breathe!  Let us breathe!

We hold you in our arms, and in our Light, in the Essence that We Are.  Know there is no power that is as great that is in each of us within each of us.  We Are One, We Are One, We Are ONE!

We are the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun to fully allow you to feel this power we have to give together, and allowing this Frequency to blend beyond us unto the many frequencies of light.

(((Angelic singing)))

We are here always with you, we are here in each of your eyes, I AM that I AM that I AM.

I AM One Being Of Light, One Source Of Creation.

We, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, are so honored to be able to share with you this knowledge that we are in the reunion of all our spirits of Light!  Blessings to each of you as these frequencies come fully within you.

In the Name of Oneness, and All That We Are.

So Mote It Be, So Mote It Be For All Of Eternity.


This is Lord Sananda, once again.

I don’t need to explain, I just want each of you to feel this frequency, because this is just the beginning.  So open up your hearts to the own level of compassion, acceptance, and joy that is from your own Source of  Beingness, and you shall aspire to the greatest part of your self.  Stand up and show your Power.

I AM in deep honor for this moment with each of you as I walk with you in the Oneness that I AM as you share the Oneness that you are unto each of us.  I love each of you very deeply, and this is a moment in time.  It is a timeline for each of you to embrace.

Namaste and many blessings.

I am the Spokes-Being of the Christ Consciousness for the Cosmic Oneness.

I AM that I AM

Please join us on Sunday evenings, at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific as we connect with Lord Sananda and Divine Mother & Father God to receive the most powerful attunements available at this time.  MP3 downloads available via Walking Terra Christa,  Archives available via Life Station Earth,

Rev Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Vibratory Masters for the New Earth, Terra Christa