Embracing the Deeper State of your Consciousness

esoteric woman water templeThis activation was shared in The Clarion Temple of Oneness, September 9th, 2013

Holy Being, God of Light, we are the Angels of all the principalities.  

We honor you; we deeply honor each and every one of you for this pathway of awakening, for this pathway of growth that you are experiencing. It is such a beauty to see each of you with us this evening.  We are deeply honored to have Mother Mary as the guest speaker this evening so we extend to you her essence as an Archangel to sit by you and take away any of your wounds that are surfacing within your consciousness, through your emotions, or your mental thoughts. Just have her essence blend within you deeply.

It is our pleasure to bring forth the Divine Mother and Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.



I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Great Cosmic Central Sun in the Unity of that we are together. I give to you in this moment this blessing. 

Just take a breath and allow these onset of my breath to come to you from our essence as we expand into you the beauty and the joy that you are.  We know that many of you do not see this, maybe you do at different times, but not on a continual basis of allowing the full presence of your Light being incorporated within your body. It is growing; this, we know as there is more depth to your Being then ever has been previously in any of your incarnations and that is what the beauty of this evening represents.

We come to assist you in this process of accepting the changes that are happening within your consciousness.  You see they must happen as there is a continual shifting from one experience to another; one thought process, one feeling, one expression, because until it is done on an internal basis it cannot be experienced in your outer world. Some have an inner sense that these elements are going to happen to them before they do; these are the ones that are very gifted and can tap into their higher consciousness before it truly occurs. Some may see it as a vision, some may see it as a feeling, or an outward expression that makes them realize that something is about to change but yet they do not always know what that change will bring. Many individuals will step back and not allow the process of the change to occur within their world, because that is when fear sets in.

It is an important factor to remember that the fear stops the process of allowing the flowing energy to come into your being. It is a mechanism of the physical body that has served its purpose at times, but, yet at this time, it does not serve any purpose except to stop you from fully accepting the new experience to be enfolded within you.

So it is important to always be as reflective as you can to allow the essences of change to grow within you so that when you walk through the next doorway, you will be ready. Now this awareness does not happen on a consciousness level unless you have a reactive situation within your body or consciousness for you to realize that you are changing; and it maybe something very subtle; it may be a releasement, it maybe something you have to look at on a deeper level. Whatever it is, it is a magnificent gift to be able to know within your consciousness that your world is about to shift into a higher level of expression.

When the human mind and the human heart stay on the same level, that is, when events happen that are very shocking.  So preparedness is important on all levels of new creation.  You may be saying right now, “How do I prepare myself for something that I don’t know what is going to happen?” Prepare yourself in each moment by continually accepting your Higher Essences to come within you and it is not something that you can say, “Well, I have achieved this and I am going to stay at this level.”  It is an ongoing process, a continual journey of your consciousness changing within your physical existence. It is like traveling through the realms of Light in your sleep state or in your meditation and you go to many different places.  This is exactly what you are experiencing within your physical creation.

The ability to fully accept your divinity of your Light in the creation of human form is quite an accomplishment.  To be at this level of your physical existence and to understand that there is more to the outer world that are represented through all your aspects, to come into the creation of your consciousness, as you know it now is quite an achievement.

So what we are saying is that the consciousness continually changes; it changes by the acceptance of what is coming into your world, the experiences and how you bring forth the new creation. It is like walking across a stream rock-by-rock. Some of the rocks are little and steady and others are very unstable. When you find the stable ones, you stand there for a moment and allow yourself to feel the energy that has just come to you.  When it is time to move on, you shall; and some of the other stones maybe a little unsteady.  So you continue along your journey because they are not the ones provide a stabilization for awhile; they are the ones that assist you to get to a higher existence.

This is exactly what each of you is experiencing.  You are walking through the plateaus of the highs and lows. As you are doing so, you are bringing in the aspects of the lows, the parts of yourself that have been lodged away in your Etheric or Astral realms that have not fully been accepted because of moments of remembrances that instill fear, jealousy, envy and all the lower energies that you are trying to combat that you no longer need to feel. Because, once you tap into those essences that at one time made you very afraid no longer affect you in that way because of your strength.

We are at another stage of growth within this month which represents the ability to fully accept the divinity of our Light on the level that is ascertainable through our physical existence. So your higher self is working with you very diligently along with your I AM Presence to ascertain the availability of frequency that you can handle so that you can walk through these doorways and accept that your strength comes from knowing your Higher Presence which is all part of us.

In those moments of reflection you find that you are no longer alone; you find the strength and the courage to fully face any aliments that previously would have stopped you or put you in a lower place.  

This is the power of your work. This is the power of your studying and understanding your Higher Self and I AM Presence activating through your physical body.  This is the process of allowing the lower self to relinquish control as the Higher Self becomes more in tune with the whole totality that you are, and not just this lifetime, but all the other aspects coming together. This is a beautiful thing.

This is what each of you are experiencing this week as you will go into a deeper state of your consciousness even if you are not aware of it.  It is the process of allowing your Higher Self to guide you so that you can understand it more fully.  It will give you the wisdom and the knowledge that you need. This represent the Science of God, this represents Archangel Mary as she and Raphael work very deeply to accelerate these phases within each individual soul.

So we honor Mary this evening not only for her mastership qualities but also for her ability as an Angel to assist humanity to understand that the deeper that they dive into their lower essences, the more strength that they will find.  That is exactly what is occurring in these moments of time to help you go into a deeper part of your essences in preparation for the next stages in this month.

So rejoice, rejoice upon yourself to allow the continuation of your souls essence to show you more and more that you never thought that you could attain.

Let us take a moment and relax so that each of you can receive these essences to prepare you for the next stage of your journey.




Allow your thoughts to fully open the Lotus Flower.  Allow the essences to go deeper within you so that you can see the depth of your soul and to remove those outer surfaces that have protected you but yet have kept you in bondage to be fully released.




Now feel the depth of your Heart, the Lotus Essence being so very open to allow the continuation of Light that Archangel Mary and Raphael send to you. This is a journey taking you into a deeper level of your wisdom, your knowledge, and your truth so it may be revealed unto you at the level that you are experiencing.  You will understand more of yourself than you ever have before.

We, of the Divine Mother and Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, fully embrace, embrace you and hold your essence within this creation to breathe and accept the beauty that you are, the power that you are, the exquisite being of Light manifested within you. Our deepest pleasure and love unto each of you.

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