Extending the Glorious Cosmic Heart of Divine Mother Father God


Ascension Mastery Message from the Cosmic Great Central Sun of Divine Mother Father God received in the Clarion Temple of Oneness, June 1st, 2020. This class was dedicated in memoriam of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.


We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

We thank Master Altebetahn for his beautiful sermon within this glorious Temple allowing us to bring forth the focal point to humanity and to each of YOUR hearts. (The transmission of Master Altebetahn (Higher Self of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) is available to read on the Clarion Temple of Oneness blog.  Please click this link.)

Every Soul that is going through this transition in these moments, and some of you may not have been so aware of it, but you’re going through your OWN transition.

The WORLD is on FIRE and that FIRE is BURNING in many different places.  It is creating forces of unrest to ARISE out of the flames to become a sense of NOT ALIGNING within the earth’s energies anymore.

Then it must be SHOWN.  You’re in a WAR zone. 

You HAVE been in a war zone with the pandemic and now you’re in a war zone with this RACIAL unrest which is UNHEARD of.  But what has happened down through the ages through SO many lifetimes of SO many people are that HEALING has to occur or else the earth cannot survive.

Our role with each of you in these moments is to help you to ASPIRE to the HIGHEST aspect as Master Altebetahn has so ELOQUENTLY shared to bring forth the Divine energies of the Office of the Christ and ALL of the Great Central Suns, to bring forth the Rainbow Arcs of Light of all the COLORS.

Let us take a moment and FEEL those vibrational FLAMES circling within this Temple in this moment.  Those Flames all represent all the aspects of PURITY and BEAUTY and PEACEFULNESS and COURAGE and FEARLESSNESS.  You are learning to REMOVE the angers, learning to REMOVE the lower elements.

We, in this moment, is that will be what we bring forth through the Divine Language Network Light Encoding to re-create the energies that are ERUPTING at this very moment, that may be ERUPTING within you personally.

CHANGE is happening.  We are in the month of the Festival of Humanity and we want to bring forth as much humane COMPASSIONATE LOVE onto the earth as POSSIBLE.  THAT is the service that needs to be done for each of you in these moments.

GIVE service to yourself by FEELING that you ARE the Divine consciousness of the Christed energies.  You ARE a daughter or a son of OUR essences, that you HOLD this frequency within you, and ALLOW the COMPASSION, and the PEACE, and the SERENITY to come into your HEARTS to help YOU, and then ALL will be assisted by this frequency of Light.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

ALLOW all the FLAMES that are here within the ENTIRE altar and around the ENTIRE Temple, the vibratory rate of ALL the 330 Rays of God, FEELING those VIBRATORY energies running through and around you, and being PART of your reality.

BREATHE THAT IN!  BREATHE the PEACE, BREATHE the EXPRESSION, and let us send this NOW down unto the earth.  LET us send it into the core of Gaia for HER to ERUPT it out of her energies around the WORLD.  Let us dissipate the FIRES, let us dissipate the VIOLENCE!

Let’s bring in more COMPASSIONATE LOVE, Let’s bring forth the PUREST essence that you DESIRE to HOLD within yourself and BE THAT ESSENCE!

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Imagine the embers of all the Flames going around the world circling in all the cities, through ALL the Souls, bringing the sense of PEACE, bringing forth a the sense of HOPE that ALL can be rectified by ALLOWING it to dissipate.  ALLOWING those energies to move OUT of the conflicted areas, ALLOW it to be out of the conflicted hearts, ALLOW it to MOVE NOW.

Now, come back into the Temple.  All the energies vibrate at the higher frequency of Light, swirling colors upon colors that represent ALL different aspects of LIFE, of BEING an initiate, of being in MASTERY, of bringing in that sense of PEACE into and around yourself.

FEEL this vibratory energy swirling within and around you.  BREATHE it in!  ALLOW it to dissipate, ALLOW it to dissipate the PAIN, the SORROW.  ALLOW it to dissipate the INCREASED ANGUISH of what is HAPPENING around the world.  YOU are going to be experiencing it.  So, protect yourself with this frequency of Light as we place a Shield of Protection around each of you, a VIBRATORY protection for YOU to BE in your OWN SPACE of vibratory energies.

BREATHE that in!  It BECOMES very translucent as the many colors of Light, the BLUES, and GREENS, and YELLOWS, and PURPLES, and VIOLETS, and GOLDS, and LIGHTER GREENS, and ORANGES, and CRYSTALLINE colors, and MIXTURES of the most BEAUTIFUL CRYSTALS you can think of.

You are BECOMING that frequency of Light.  ALLOW it to come FULLY within your ENTIRE being from you Soul Star down to your Earth Star.  GROUND IT!  It comes up again and it swirls around us.  BREATHE DEEPLY as we extend these light forms unto the earth as we asked Lord Ashtar for the assistance within ALL the Ascension Columns around the earth to bring forth THIS frequency of Light.

Now BREATHE DEEPLY and FEEL the presence of PEACE. 

Whatever you are experiencing personally ALLOW it to be dissipated.  Because, in this moment, there is NO WORRY of anything around you.  You MUST regenerate and allow this frequency of Light to SPIN THROUGH your ENTIRE central canal, through your bodily system, through your MIND, through your HEART, through your EMOTIONS, and your Etheric Self dissipates ALL that is connected to any past memories that YOU have experienced in TRAUMA or uneasiness.  FEEL that NOW come into your HEART and it GROWS.  FEEL that vibratory energy within your heart as your HEART is very connected to each of us.

We extend OUR HEART, the GLORIOUS COSMIC HEART of the Great Central Sun of the Cosmic level to be VIBRATING within your heart of all these FLAMES we have spoken about.

Let it just RUN through your ENTIRE essence FEELING the BEAUTY of this LOVE.  It is YOURS to HOLD.  REMIND yourself of this.  You may want to HOLD it with your fingertips and FEEL that vibration come into your heart to assist you at any time that you need to do so.

Remind yourself that you are an initiate and you are the one that needs to HOLD this frequency because there are so many others on the planet that do NOT understand it or that will ACCEPT it.

We ARE Divine Mother and Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Hyos Ha Kodiesh, Hyos Ha Kodiesh,

Holy, Holy, Holy, HOLY LIFE of ALL.

Holy, Holy, Holy Light of All.

We are the Divine Mother and Divine Father of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

We WALK with you in each moment.

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel
WalkingTerraChrista.com/June 1, 2020; Cosmic  Oneness.
(Transcription Services: Carol M.)

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