Cosmic Oneness is a monthly connection with like-minded Lightworkers that would like to experience the energies of the Cosmic Great Central Sun better known as Divine Mother and Father God.  We have combined this teaching with the Clarion Temple of Oneness which occurs Monday evenings.  Divine Mother & Father God share their message after we journey to the Clarion Temple on the first Monday of the month.

We are including the transcriptions for the energies of the Cosmic Great Central Sun on this blog.  We are posting the transcriptions as they become available but our goal is to have them on this blog as soon as possible.  We do have a backlog since late 2011 so you may see other posts that are not as current.  They will not be in sequential order as we previously were posting them.

Included are messages for the week, what to expect, and how we can best walk towards the New Era of Enlightenment.  Includes also are vibratory messages  The energetics of this call is beyond anything you have experienced.

Mahlariessee has been working with the Cosmic level of energies since 2005.  They came to her in her ascension group as the Heart of God and Will of God separately.  She was asked if she would be interested in working with them more directly but it would take about two years of integrating the energies.  She does not just channel them; they fully are activated within her.

This was a great transition but not only assisted her in her personal life but in others.  The power of this energy is our Divine Right and they come through her to assist others to do the same.  Hence, we came from Divine Mother and Father God, so it should be right for us to fully activate their energies within our Being.

The call was started for the 10-10-10 Portal; Mahlariessee was asked to initiate a weekly call for others to receive the energies.  She was at first unsure but knew that it was an important step.  In January 2011 we were gifted to receive the energies of Lord Sananda to overlight the Christ Consciousness to prepare people for the energetics that were coming through Meleriessee.  In April of 2012 Lord Sananda asked us to combine the energies of the Cosmic Oneness with the Clarion Light Beings of 911 & Beyond which is now called the Clarion Temple of Oneness.

The Cosmic Great Central Sun’s demeanor is very powerful.  They at times bellow with the words, the intensity is beyond words, and sometimes they sing the words.  This call is very intense and is not for someone that is just starting to meditate.  It will make intense changes in one’s composition to create the changes necessary and you will not be disappointed.

We hope you will decide to join us for this amazing activation being sent to you, in your private space.

We do provide a special membership price to join our weekly calls by paying per month at a fee that fits your financial situation.  Please check out the details on Walking Terra Christa. You may purchase these transcriptions separately, contact us to do so.

Donations Are Gladly Accepted Via Paypal

I look forward to connecting with you on the calls very soon !

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden & Rev. Michael Ara Hayden

Ascension Mastery Teachings for the New Earth


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I was working in a bush camp in northern Alberta,in January,2011…I was Meditating daily,and during my medtation,I was speaking to a guide..who I thought was Carma.My questions,and concerns were answered in an almost conversational style.I was told that I was to go and help 100’s of 1000’s of souls.I did not feel this calling lightly..it was a calling a man might get when he’s drawn to the Seminary.This WAS STRONG! On about the 15th of Feb.I was told that I was needed somewhere else.I basicly told my spirit-guide that I wouldn’t leave a $10,000 a month job.I didn’t want to give up that much money,,And the next day I got fired!
    I came home where I was told to just be by myself and rest,and just..BE..I went to sleep ,and slept for over 45 hours,straight!
    I woke up,fed the family..and slept from the middle of Feb.till about the middle of May!!..When I woke up,my muscles had almost started to atrophy,and Boy!..am I ever skinny!.

    This week there have been some very powerfull lchanges in my life..and it seems that I’m being made ready to take up my mission again,and I still don’t really know what it even is?
    She asked me if I had faith ,and I replied to her “I am yours”..she then told me that if I kept my faith ..everything will fall into place. I went to bed..and never spoke to her again.
    On June 5th.I was at a Conclave ,Here In Edmonton.One of the seers in attendance was .White Buffalo Calf Woman…During the time that her message was being channelled back she repeated VERBATIM!..what the spirit-guide had said to me..in my room..alone..in the bush…IN FEBRUARY!! everything from my disagreement to going home to what she said to me in responce!!
    I’m getting in touch with you,Christine,..because I think you can probably answer most of my questions about my mission,and where do I even begin?
    With everything else that’s happened this week,,I know that you have insights that can assist me,thank you so much for your time.
    Yours in spirit ,Rodger Morrison

    1. Rodger,
      What an amazing awakening and being guided to deeply by Spirit. You definitely needed to change your situation and when you were in fear, it was changed for you. Your Higher Self had the whole event orchestrated for you. White Buffalo Calf Woman probably was the guide you were receiving previously. It is challenging to figure out what our purpose is. For me it changed drastically through the 25 years I have been on this pathway.

      These energies are very strong as we need to be awakened to be the Leaders onto the Earth Hierarchy. That theme is very prevalent in my New Earth Consciousness Circle of Light Group. You might be interested in joining us as we have formed a small group of individuals that are finding we are all soul connected and working with each other. I have a couple of individuals from Canada through Skype. And I am happy to say, that the ratio of women/men is in balance. Finally…the men are being true to their pathways and sharing their Light onto the Earth and meeting with the Goddesses.

      I look forward to hearing from you…
      Many blessings, Christine

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