Surrender Into the Light You Are Now !

Spiritual (1)Transcription Dated March 21st, 2013  from the Clarion Temple of Oneness teleconference.



We are the Angelic Hosts of the Cherubim, Ophanium, the Seraphim, and the Elohim Councils of God.  It is our Divine Pleasure to be in unity with each of you in this moment to allow our essence to reflect in each of you.  Whether we represent the Archangels, or all the individual Angelic Presences, please allow our heart to combine with yours of the reflection that you truly are.  You truly are reflecting your Angelic Self in the ability of magnetizing more levels of energy within your physical structure.  It is a very exciting time as we watch each of you take these energies and blend them within yourself to balance in order to feel and restructure the totality of who you are in your physical existence.

It is with our deepest pleasure that we share your Joy; we share all that you have been experiencing, and yes, the times may not seem very synchronizing for you.  But allow our energy to help you arise your energies from your Angelic Self.  That is our goal to be One with each of you.  Many blessings and love from our heart to yours.



I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun overlighting the energy this evening of this beautiful Temple of Light.

As we look around at each of you, we are divinely moved by what you are incorporating within your own physicality.  It’s important to realize the expression that you are showing in these moments.  Take a deep breath and feel the changes that you have incorporated, feel what has happened to you in the last week to ten days and what does it feel like now? After the Spring Equinox, what does it feel like for each of you to experience a new folding of Joy within you, and realize that the moments of Joy do not last for moments and moments, as you would like them to be.

There is so much do to the pathway that you have chosen; we ask of you in this moment to look back in early March.  What did the energies feel like for you? What were you experiencing?  How is it being reflected within you?  These are the thoughts that you should think about; these are the changes that you are going through in which some of them are great challenges as must be so.  As a pioneer unto the New Earth energies, you are steeping into beautiful moments as you are creating a new pathway for so many.  We ask of you to think of these elements when you are at your darkest hour; it might only come for a mere moment but it does not mean that you will feel very foreboding within your consciousness.

As the integration of your Light frequencies occurs, the four-body system is moving into a new state of existence.  Think about those times when you personally experienced something that was completely different; you were excited but yet there were other thoughts that may have come into your consciousness that you’re not too sure about.  When you fully realize the potential that you have, you allow yourself to experience the new modality, the new frequency, the new light form that you are because you are walking through a new doorway.  You have a tendency to look behind you.  This helps you to keep moving forward.

This is what is exactly happening to each of you within your mental thoughts and your emotional feelings as they want their purpose in your life, because they are conditioned to have that focus.  And now as it changes, part of them is happy to have unification but the other part does not want to experience this doorway.  These are the parts from your old karmic lives.  These are the elements that you could not get through in a previous timeline so you had a non-acceptance without the Divine Essence being fully incorporated within you.  It is in the moment of pure transition that these thoughts arise, and these emotions come to the surface to remind you that is not who you are any longer.

The Spring Equinox was the representative of timelines coming into creation as new timelines were being created.  If you think about it, you will see frequency of timelines.  It almost like it was an electrical storm and they are all coming into one particle, into one form at the same time.  It can be very confusing to the form that needs to accept this.  So it is important to realize how far you have come in each transitionary stage so that you can realize the potential that you have.  This is a reflection of your inner self of allowing God’s Light to fully be in your own reality, but is way beyond us.  It’s beyond the intuitive frequency of Oneness of those light forms that we were together in unity.

This is a lot to take on within a physical body.  You can think about, you can desire about, you can write about it, you can want it to really experience it through your cellular structure, all your organs, the Etheric body that is changing greatly, the Emotional Body and the Mental Body who are becoming the Feminine and Masculine Divine fully activated.  It is a massive change not only in your consciousness but your physicality.  That is quite a bit to take on all at once, but you are doing it by accepting your role upon Gaia.

So tonight we express to you the ability how to create the foundation from what you have learned previously.  How do you express the structure that is necessary for what you have learned since 12-21, since your creation upon this Earth?  Take a quick overview of what you feel like in these moments from your childhood, into your adulthood, and whatever age that you are right now. All those timelines are also coming together.

So this represents family members, friends that you have had in the past, friends of your present, and where you are now.  The structure of your foundation is changing as a very, very strong structure.  It is a structure based on the equality of Light and Love being put within your own creation as the Physical Being that you are by allowing the multi-dimensional self to come into existence.  First, you are experiencing it through altered states of reality through meditations, even in your dream states, when you first fall asleep and when you wake up.  You are bringing these timelines into the current existence into the mind form as your Higher Mind is learning to be the controlling agent and not the Lower Mind.

This is not an easy process but tonight we want to help you to create more of that foundation that you have experienced allowing the frequency of Light that have come into the planet and within each of you individually, to restructure how you live, how you think, how you feel, and whom you are.  That’s a lot to take on at once, but you are doing it because this is what you wanted to do from the beginning of creation, you wanted to be a part of this, and you wanted to show to the world to others how it is done by doing it yourself.  So let us just breathe in that part of you that is so very beautiful; it is blissful, it is ecstatic, it is flowing, and is moving through you.

I want you to think about how you create the balance within yourself.  What do you do for yourself? The old ways of existing are leaving your consciousness, the old ways of working 15 hours a day getting a little time for enjoyment or play or even taking care of yourself.  That is not the way anymore and the more that you try to do things in that manner, the more challenging it will be because you are pushing against a change in your consciousness that wants to be integrated within you.  It is like a push and a pull effect that is occurring for you.

So let us just surrender; let us just take a few moments tonight and allow your essence to change by just allowing it to be everything that will fall in to place even though your lower mind thinks that it will not.  But it truly will, because we are in the year of synchronization.  The more that you fight against synchronization, it will fight against you.  Allowing yourself to be in the flow and moving towards that goal is the most direct route to your destiny.  This is what we want to share with you this evening of how to bring in the ability to relax, relax into all aspect of yourself.  It is all divinely guided by allowing your Higher Self to fully infiltrate within you.

So let us take a deep breath and feel your Higher Self; feel her/him activating through the Thymus chakra which is the Seat of your Soul.  Feel the ability to allow that expression that is part of your Higher Self to be with you physically as it blends within you.  Allow this essence to move from the top of your Crown to the bottom of your feet, to your Soul Star and to your Earth Star as it moves into your mindset.  Allow your lower mind and lower ego to just relax; allow the emotions and the thoughts to relax.  This will help to activate the Masculine and the Feminine Divine.  Feel the energies of the Seafoam Green and allow those essences that area part of that frequency to blend within you.  It is a higher cleansing Ray so within the higher cleansing, it allows you to feel your Higher Self from the multi-dimensional self.  All the multi-dimensional self to come fully within your physical body; at times this is a challenge if you are not used to the frequency.  But tonight, let just breathe and feel it, breathe and feel it as you surrender really unto yourself, allowing your higher essence to come within your body fully from the top of your Crown.  Feel her/him coming through your face, your neck, your shoulders, and your arms.  Just take a deep breath and allow the energies to come out of you as you accept this frequency that is you to enfold into all parts of your body.

Feel it moving down into your mid-section, all your chakras, into your legs.  See the Seafoam Green swirling from your Soul Star to your Earth Star swirling around you.  Feel yourself in a pool of Seafoam Green; you try to speak but their are no words.  Just relax into the energies while you allow this change occur for you.






Feel the settling of the energies, as your Higher Self now becomes y the balance that you need.  This is helping you structure your foundation as you can now feel the structure underneath your Earth Star.  What does that feel like?  Do you feel strong?  Does it feel too fluid?  Does it feel weak?  Or do you feel purity and Light of the deep truth running through you?  Just breathe in deeply while you communicate with your Higher Self through vibrations, through Light forms, or through voice but surrender by allowing your emotions and thoughts to just relax.  Every time that you try to think, the swirling Sefoam Green comes into your consciousness allowing your Being to just swirl and swirl in the frequency of Light.





Feel swirling frequencies of Lights, infinity circles, and sparkles just circling around you; in front of you, above you, and behind you so that the foundation that your Higher Self is trying to incorporate within you.  Everything else does not matter in this moment.  Just allow the total surrender of your Light within your physicality.  Breathe deeply and allow this essence to blend fully within you; take a breath and thank your Self for accepting. Every time that you do this exercise, the deeper you will go and the more knowledge you will receive of your Will, Power, and your Love.  You will be the divine factor in your life.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, embrace you with this Frequency of Light as we are.

So Mote It Be In The Light Of The Christ That We Are In Oneness.

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August 28th, 2011 ~ State of Remembrance

Greetings, this is Lord Sananda speaking.

It’s a little bit different this evening.  We are bringing in the Highest Essence of the Elohim first, to allow that frequency of light to come fully into each of you, to connect with all of the Elohim masters and the Councils of God.  As we do this, allow yourself to be in a State ofRemembranceof your Soul’s Essence and working with each of these Masters in another time zone, in another area, in another frequency, as we bring forth the energies this evening.

There has been great disruption, there’s been many changes, there’s been a lot of fear, and a lot of expression within those fears of exactly what has been occurring.  There have been many hours of people looking at newscasts, listening to the radio, and feeding into that.  There’s been a tremendous amount of energies of Lightworkers expanding themselves in a new way then has ever occurred before.  It truly is representative of what has happened with this storm, and how the effects of the storm were not as disastrous as they could have been.  This is an appropriate awareness for each of you to realize that each of you are part  in your prayers, in your activations, in your thoughts, and all the work that you have been doing to assist in bringing the light unto the planet.  It does not go unnoticed in any way.

We come to you this evening with an expression of this frequency.  We want each of you to be more aware of the essence of your beings then you have previously.  Each time that we communicate, it is getting stronger and stronger.  These elements are truly assisting in many different capacities.  As these capacities are unfolding in your lives, there will be more states of actuality within your beings; you will be able to accept what it is you are doing in these inner plane levels.  We are coming to a time where there is going to be more activation and remembrances coming into the Mind’s Eye, coming into the representative of exactly what you are doing, and how you are getting through it; because each of you are experiencing it in a different manner than you have previously.

It is the power of light, it is the power of your light, and it is the power of each of our lights together.  We are coming together as we never have, we’ve always been together on the inner plane levels, but on a physical basis, you are becoming more aware of the energies and the activities of higher dimensional frequencies coming into your full existence.  This is truly what we want for you also.  We want this awareness; we want the frequency to be fully within you on a 24 hour basis.  So there is no forgetfulness any longer, so that there is always a remembrance.  So there is always in activation within your mind, and within your heart to fully allow these essences to unfold within you.  Allow yourself to know that this frequency of communication is changing greatly.  Within these changes, there is an acceptability of love deeply within each of our hearts for each of you, as our hearts are becoming one in all that is.  It is becoming more apparent, as these tragedies and elements have been occurring on the earth plane are going to be getting stronger and stronger.

You are the spiritual hierarchy of the New Earth energies are becoming stronger and stronger also.  This is the ability for you to fully activate these avenues to proactivate the essence that is occurring for you, and for you to empower yourself with the work that you are doing.  It is now time for that, it is now time for each of you to stand in your own power, and to realize the part that you are bringing forth, because each of you are bringing forth a piece of the puzzle.  We speak of the piece of the puzzle of everyone’s missing puzzle piece, because this is a piece of the puzzle of all of us together, of the hierarchies coming together and working in unison that each of us bring something different.

You, of the Earth Plane Hierarchy moving into the New Earth bring forth those experiences of the traumas, of the changes, and moving through those challenges deeply and accepting the prosperity that is occurring within your lives, because it is occurring, even though at this time it may feel like it’s a little bit slow, you will be seeing that it is going to be shifting very quickly.  This has been a very challenging month for each of you, it’s been a challenging month for the earth plane, it’s been a challenging month for Gaia, and all of us watching you and assisting you as best as we can.  We unfold to you tonight to increase this ability within each of us to work with each of you to help you to combat any ill feelings that may be lingering within you.

We know that as you are meditating, when you are in your highest presence, when you are doing the work more fully; that you are in this space, but in times when you have to go about your day, or have to deal with what you have been challenged with lately; those frequencies can change.  So, what we want for us, is to bring forth these elements to assist on an even keel basis, so that each of us is the same.  That we are not different, that we bring forth these avenues to assist as much as possible, because the combination of our circle of light is only going to increase and going to help so many more in the effects of the changes that we are all coming upon within this earth.

It is with great pleasure that I am your Spokes-Being.

I am not going to bring forth any energies this evening, we are going to let the Cosmic Great Central Sun to do that, so just allow yourself to bring in the State Of Remembrance and any pockets that within any parts of your body that are holding any lower energies that you haven’t been fully able to get rid of; put your intention out in these moments that these frequencies go into those areas.  What we want to assist you with greatly is to having the capability to being in full power of your physical body, but also be in full empowerment of your spiritual essence.

So we are going to be integrating those two essences this evening.

Let’s take a deep breath and I thank you for being here with us.


(((Angels sing)))

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, but we are more this evening.

We have asked the Elohim Council to embody us, we have asked the Mahatma to embody us; Lord Melchizedek and Lord Metatron of the Trinity.

So the affect of what you are going to be feeling may be quite different than it has been previously.  This is not going to be an occurrence each time, but truly what it is going to be, is the acceleration of you and your full remembrance.  We bring forth all these frequency of the 352 levels of initiations.

As each of you have been through all of this before and now it’s just a remembrance.

Don’t let the challenges stop you, because the frequency of light that you are experiencing in these moments, is beyond the capability of what you have integrated previously.  You have never done it in a body.  Many haven’t done it in a body.  Saint Germain only went to the 7th .

So take these moments of acceleration that we are going to be bringing you from the God Force, not just us from the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, but the underlying energies of the Elohim Council of God, all councils, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma.  What it is that you desire most in these moments to assist you in your pathway, in your service to the earth, into the capability of you fully acknowledging the power that is within you?  Because once you start to acknowledge that power that is within you, that is when you begin to access the prosperity and abundance.  Stay in those moments of that higher essence will bring forth the capability to make the changes that are necessary.

So we give to you this Frequency of Light in this moment.

(((Angels sing)))

Holy God Of Hosts That We Are Are

We bring forth the Light in the Holy Christ That We Are

In The Remembrance Of Whom We Are And What We Are BringingForth

Together accept yourself, accept yourself now with this frequency coming in.  See it as a spark of light, and the spark of light turns into many sparks of light and then the sparks of light turn into a flame.   Allow this flame to settle in your solar plexus, allow the frequency within your solar plexus to expand within you.  As it expands in you, it grows into the Heart and the Thymus, feel that continuation of your light.

In that 4th dimensional chakra grid, feel that acceptance of your higher self more fully than you have ever before.  Take a deep breath and allow him or her to be the accessibility that is necessary in these moments, not the physical part of you.  Allow it to blend within you, allow your higher self to fully create the divinity that is you.  Allow yourself to accept the power that you have, because on this level, on the 4th dimensional chakra grid your Higher Self is activated and the lower ego is removed.  You only have your Higher Ego, you have your Higher Mind, you cannot incorporate anything else.  Accept the frequency of the light that is right now, it is the power because you are part of the frequencies of light.

Breathe through this, breathe through this as it now goes into your lower body into the bottom chakras and up to the upper chakras as the 4th dimensional chakras blend within each other.  You feel the Golden, you feel the Peach, you feel the Sea Foam Green, you feel the Blues, and the Purples, and the Frequencies of Light, the Crystalline light, the White light, speckles of Green, speckles of Gold, of Pearlescent; and feel that frequency in the 4th dimensional chakra grid.  Allow yourself to expand right within the heart, as we open up the heart into the 12th chakra of the Golden Ray.

Feel the essence of Lord Metatron as he brings forth that beam of light that represent the Christ Consciousness but so much more, as he extends his hands out to you as you receive this frequency of light within you.  Feel your Higher Self, the Soul Essence blending with the rest of you, and feel the particles all moving together as you blend within one another.  Breathe through that as we bring forth the Frequencies of the Elohim, feel your connection to all these elements in the higher sense that you are.  Breathe into that acceptance that you are to bring forth this frequency of light.

Allow yourself to fully incorporate the essence and the beauty that you are.  Breathe through that, as now the colors within colors are all swirling around you, and you feel that power that is you, it is not of a physical power, it is an internal power.  As you breathe into these aspects, and allow the frequency to be fully within you it brings a remembrance.  It may just be a flicker, it may just be a feeling, it may just be a light formation, but allow that to incorporate within you.

Breathing deeply, breathing deeply.

Through that essence that you, that essence is embodied within you, you see the frequency changing, all the particles that were within you that are not feeling at peace, are now coming together, coming together in the frequency of all.  Breathe through this, breathe through this and accept it within your heart, within your mind, within your presence of light and just sit with it, don’t try to figure it out, just embrace it, just feel the frequency that is you.  Feel that essence and that purity that is blending in your heart.

Now feel it in your Solar Plexus, feel it in your Heart, as it blends into your Thymus.  Take a moment, take a moment and receive a message from your Higher Self, your Soul Essence, feel him and her integrating and feel the joy in that.

We will now use the bowl as you connect together.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Allow that frequency that you are feeling, to be you.  It is you, your Highest Essence of your being, remember the message that you received, or maybe it was not in words, but just a thought transference or a just a frequency.  Embrace that fully within you now and allow yourself to fully be embodied with this essence, it is your moment of remembrance.  Feel him or her, feel them, and feel what they bring to you  ~ The joy and the ecstasy, and the peacefulness of your highest essence into your physical body.

Let it go into your cellular level, into your brainwaves, into your thought processes, into your heart, into your emotions.  Let it go into any parts of your body that seem to be hurting, just breathe it in now.

Breathe it in, allow it to integrate fully within you.

This is what is going to fully accept you in bringing forth the frequency of your light.  Let it flow within you, let it flow in that essence.  Breathe it through all the way to your toes, your feet, into your Earth Star.  Feel it from the top of your Soul Essence, and fully incorporate it within you.  Breathe deeply, breathe deeply, as now you are One.  You are not only one with your Soul’s Essence, you are one with Lord Metatron, with Lord Melchizedek, and the Mahatma, all 352 levels of initiations of the Elohim, and the Divine Mother and Divine Father God That We Are.  We are One with You in this moment.  Let us take a moment and embrace this frequency, it is a beautiful time, it is a beautiful element, it is a beautiful experience.

We, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, are so very grateful to be here with you in this moment to assist you in this process. The steps are getting deeper, and deeper, and deeper as we move forward.   We are so happy that we are here with you in this mode of communication, it truly is an acceptance of the light that we are together.  Thank you once again for stepping out into the unknown, for doing this work, for embracing who you are in these moments.  As we assist you even deeper to do it more fully.

In the Light of the Christ That We Are, So Mote It Be.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.

(((Angels sing)))

I Am That I AM That I Am

I Am All To You As You Are All To Me

I AM That I Am That I Am

What a blessing in this moment of our creation.  Walk in beauty.  The Light of Love is fully within you.

Adonai Tzeboyoth In The Name Of YHWH We Are One

This is Lord Sananda

We wanted to save the frequency for the energetics of Divine Mother and Divine Father God because of the cosmic energies this evening.  Please know that we are moving even deeper in all the expression that we are, it’s only going to get better and I can feel Christine saying to herself “how much deeper can we go?”  You have no idea, in your Mind’s Eye you cannot fathom.  This is just the beginning of all of us in the Oneness that We Are.

It is my pleasure to be the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness, I walk with you in each moment.

I AM Lord Sananda, at your service.

(((Angels sing)))

Oh Holy God Of The Hosts That We Are

We Are One, We Are One ~ Together more than ever before

In The Light, In The Frequency Of All Frequencies, We Are One