Movement of Remembrance

purpletulipThis transmission of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God was shared Live in the Clarion Temple of Oneness on July 21st, 2014.

We Are One, We Are One, We Are One Together, Together We Are One Of All The Angelic Principalities.

We extend our blessings to each of you during this great time of transformation, transitions and acceptance of whom you are. May the Light always be your guide as your angels wings unfold unto all that you are; bless those wings as they help you to remember whom you truly are.

I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM

I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun in unison.

{{{Divine Light Code Transmission}}

In the presence of this beautiful Temple Light with all these frequencies of the spectrum of colors coming into the entire room, we bring forth tonight the ability to understand from your soul’s perspective and from your physical perspective how to be more within yourself.

Some individuals may not understand why the transitions keep occurring through the process of your divinity to the process of your pathway that one day you awaken with an idea and a concept and the next day the idea may be lost. What happens through this process of living in the moment is the previous moments can become lost. So we talk to you about journaling, making notes, because it is due to your Higher Consciousness coming into your physical existence while having revelations and this change happens in each moment. You are just like a child does not remember their past from year-to-year, as they become an adult within the depth of thoughts of what happened to them. This is because the energy shifts and you are no longer in that time.

What creates that within you is a reflection of a “movement of remembrance” but you may fully not recall the exact details of those moments. It is very important to understand within yourself why this occurs. It occurs because of the world, it occurs because of the third, fourth exchange of duality, and it occurs because of what you are struggling with physically.

When you awaken with these great inspirations, it is your Higher Consciousness coming into the physical, you then start to go about your day and you forget who you were when you first awoke. This is due to so many changes happening that you start to reflect in the third dimensional essence or the fourth instead of the fifth, the tenth or even the twentieth of what you are accessing in your higher state of consciousness. Say that you are incorporating that Higher Consciousness within the physical body, the brainwaves can’t hold that Higher Consciousness and tonight we want to assist you with this. It is important to understand how we can sustain ourselves through the challenges that are occurring until the new Earth is the New Earth fully, until you are able to walk around freely and not encountering someone of a lower vibration.

Coming together in Oneness in thoughts, emotions and experiences is what everyone truly desires here. We know this, this is why you come every week to be rejuvenated to understand more about yourself then you possibly did not realize. Those are revelations and in those moments the realizations come to you, can go as quickly so it is important to take time to sit and make a notation; carry a notebook with you, or a piece of paper, or jot it down in your fancy little phone, however, you need to do it, do it. This will assist you to remember the parts of the puzzle that are being created within your consciousness; your physical mind is not ready for the Higher Mind to fully be active. Within that process what occurs are small particles of Light coming into you through processes. You may not understand it and you probably won’t; because it will be like pieces of a puzzle putting together as a part of yourself that you truly do not know exists and within your physical mind you may think that the beginning part is all there is.

But yet there are so many other parts; you may not find the ending part for quite some time. This is what happens when the higher Light forms start to filter into your physical mind for you to accept and process, but if you don’t learn how to tap into your Higher Mind through your breath, through the moment of existence of the frequencies of Light, or the color spectrums, then you become that third or fourth dimensional person very easily. It is a challenge and each of you are up to this challenge because you are here in these moments to do so; that is what we want to share with you tonight of how to be introspective within yourself; but also understanding the process that you are undergoing. Because what you are receiving, may be very important in your Light path what happens in most physical minds is that you remember a dream or you bring forth a thought upon awakening form sleep or a meditation and you understand the whole process as you are bringing the Higher Consciousness into your memory.

This can happen within ten minutes, half an hour or even later in the day; you may not remember all of it but within small portions, because your Lower Mind is fully not ready to take that essence, process it, and figure it out. It can’t do it on its own, so the Higher Mind must assist the Lower Mind. This is truly what we mean when we say to work with your Masculine and Feminine self’s. They are working within these areas to assist your physical body to understand the process through knowledge’s and wisdom.

I know Yamteleus has asked everyone to bring up their weakest link, what is the part of yourself that holds you back that you have been trying to work through. Believe me, this can be part of the process of the puzzle as you may be getting only small fragments so you can’t really put it together and see that picture in front of you; because you only have one, two, or a dozen pieces, it still ongoing and you are trying to figure out what are the pieces of the puzzle.

Well, it is not the pieces of the puzzle; it is the entire puzzle itself by stopping and allowing the puzzle to come into fruition. You are in the middle of the puzzle, you as that soul as that Being of Light and all the other elements are coming into place to assist you from other timelines, from knowledge’s and wisdoms that are locked into your Higher Mind that are from your I AM Presence. Until you are ready to receive them, you cannot accept them.

This process of not remembering is because you simply did not allow yourself to feel the entirety of your Higher Essence within your physical self; it will have to be repeated. This is why we say make notations; it is important even to have a little notebook by your bed when you wake up in the middle of the night, just write that thought down, or in a meditation or during your day you may have a revelation from your dream state that comes into you. It is only going to be a portion of what you really need.

Again, it is because your memory cannot hold it all; your mind is processing so many things at so many times that it is important to stop and experience the serenity of each moment to come fully within you. What occurs through this process is what you encounter within your day will be part of what you are trying to process on the inner plane level, in your sleep state, meditative state, and your altered state of reality that is trying to come into focus. Assisting yourself through the process is going to help.

We talk a lot about surrendering lately and this is part of the surrendering, surrendering within your physical mind that you really don’t know what is occurring, that you are allowing yourself to continue the walk, because the frequencies of Light and the spiritual hierarchy and the entire beings of the God force will not allow you to fail. This is the true process that you are undergoing at this time.

There are a lot of transitions happening in the middle of this month as changes are being ignited through each of you. So we want to help you and so does Master Gandhi; he is here to assist you with this. If there is anything that you can do is to be in a state of grace when elements around you that do not reflect your consciousness. This is very, very important.

Let us take a moment and prepare each of you for these energies to allow them to come into your full focus so that you can accept yourself in a completely new way of Beingness. Breathe in deeply. I want you to feel the colors of the Violet allowing the thought process of your weakness to come to the surface so that it can be fully transmuted. When it gets transmuted, it sometimes breaks apart into many other pieces. Anything that you put into the Violet Fire to will break apart, so it is important to look at the other parts.

So let’s breathe together bring forth this essence of the Violet Flame and shades of the Purple will come later.

{{{Divine Light Code Transmissions}}}

Now all the parts have disintegrated the weakness that was you and some of those parts you will need those elements of frequency that are no longer are you.

What are you feeling in this moment?

What is the deepest center-edness within yourself?

As we take now the Pink flame to accelerate the Adoration and Love for the Self from your Higher Essence bringing that frequency down allowing divine Mother to fully embrace you in this moment.

{{{Divine Light Code Transmissions}}}

Now each of us, together of the Heart and Will of God of the Christed energies of the Cosmic Great Central Sun embrace you. This is at your highest point to allow yourself to move through the process of your divinity to fully come within you. Breathe and feel our essence, breathe and feel our connection with each of you through this process of Light within this beautiful Temple as we expand our arms to each of our children in the unison of Light that we are together.

Breathe and feel the Divine of your Masculine and Feminine; allow them to come together for acceptance, because it is at this point you are fully ready to experience more of your highest self, the part of you that remembers, reflections of your dream state, reflections of your meditative state, and reflections of your altered state of consciousness.

Hold this essence, hold this essence, be it, be it and it is your divine right.

It is our pleasure as the Cosmic Great Central Sun to fully come within your Heart Center within all that you are and all that you will be in all your future moments. We bless you and honor you, we bless you and honor you.

We are One ~ So Mote It be in the Light of the Christ That We Are.

Holy, Holy, Holy God of Host. We are one.

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Surrendering the Physical Body to the Soul


Transcript ~ July 15th, 2013 from the Clarion Temple of Oneness.


We are the Angels, of many principalities; blessings to each of you, blessings to the souls that are healing.  We embrace you with our love, compassion, and joy.  Breathe, feel your own Angel, feel your own Angelic Self coming within you, in you, OH OH OHM. Be at peace.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God in this consciousness that we are together.

OHM Holy Light that we are ~ let us fully be In the presence of All That We Are and all that we shall be in this moment. Let us breathe and feel the breath, feel the silence of the self in embodying you, embodying your physical creation.


We bring in the essence of understanding transitions as we have heard about a young gentleman that has transitioned into this plane of existence (Cory Monteith, from Glee-TV Show). We welcome him into our Hearts, we welcome him into the essence that we are together as each of you represent that Oneness.  We fully want to invite each of you to understand what you are experiencing and allowing the energies to come into your own self to understand exactly what it is that you experience through the mental thoughts, through the emotional feelings and allowing the processes to be fully cleared and rejuvenated.  It is a time of great transition as we have already seen; the events in the world, the darkness that is opening up the challenges that are occurring, the emotions flying high, along with the thoughts that may not be perceived as gentle but judgmental and aggressive.

It is all coming into fruition at this time.  There are major events happening planetary that is causing all elements to come into wholeness, and as this process is occurring it can cause great confliction until that wholeness has occurred. The sustainability of creating the essences of God to be embodied into each of you is a process that can be very challenging. What happens when these elements are occurring within your consciousness is that it must take form.  They are coming from your Super Consciousness of your Higher Self and they must take form into your physical creation.  If your belief system is not of the highest capability, then you have a tendency of seeing elements happening in your life that may not fully be actualized from the Higher Self to the physical self.

It is like you become two different individuals. You become this person who is highly attuned to your spiritual avenues and then you access other parts of your physicality. What is happening to through you is a blending that needs to occur and this represents Surrender ~  Surrender Of The Soul Unto The Physical ~ Surrender The Physical Body Unto The Soul as the two elements are coming into place within each other. If one is stronger then the other, than that integration of the merging process that is occurring within your physicality can be compromised.  This happens because one of the parties is not fully ready to allow that surrender to happen.

What you are experiencing presently is the surrendering of all aspects.  So it means that your physical aspect is surrendering, your soul’s aspects is surrendering into the physical self because on a higher consciousness level the ideas of your Higher Self are much more different then your physical creation. There are hopes and ideals on those higher dimensional frequencies but when they come down into the physical self that you are experiencing within the third and fourth dimension presently, it can become very confusing. You may see the highest vision but yet not fully accept that highest vision in your reality this is exactly what is occurring.

It is not until the physical body, the physical self, the physical mind, the lower mind, the lower heart, can say I must have more of what my soul brings unto me.  I know that I must surrender all those other parts of myself that do not fit and then the Higher Self says, “I am coming into this body but the aspect that I am seeing within the body does not fit with my highest purpose.”  This is where understanding comes in from the Higher Self and forgiveness will ensue, but in order to allow this integration to happen the Higher Self must be compassionate about the integration that is occurring within the physical body.  So if you take these two entities (we speak of them as separate individuals, which, they are in a sense) and they start to blend within each other, then they can start to do the dance of intimacy, of emotional stability, of understanding.

When the merging of the Three Minds occurred during the Solstice this is exactly what is occurring in those levels of the minds, consciousness and within the physical self actually feeling that essence.  Allowing your physical body to have the realization that the higher frequency of Light that you have been feeling is really in preparation of allowing the Higher Self to come into the full body system represents the fact that there are no longer individual parts of the body as has been perceived previously. It is a lot to understand and it takes a great bit of acceptance through all of your internalizations so as these elements are occurring there is a great shift that is happening which is not only within your consciousness but within your physical reality of how you perceive life.  There are many, at this time that cannot handle the perception as they are having a very difficult time of accepting that their life must change in order to receive more.  The changing of your light is a personal experience for each of you.

This is what is happening at this present time that can cause you to feel a spiraling effect of confusion of not sure what is occurring for you because until you fully stop and surrender you will create a dance that is not of intimacy but a dance of dysfunction within your own internalization of the self. It is a powerful time to fully understand that these elements are occurring within each individual soul.  Of course, each individual will feel it differently depending on their Higher Self because some higher selves are not ready to do this dance. So this is what you must decide at this point:  what is the dance that you want to create?  Is it a dance of continuity of complete union within the Self or is it a dance of aggression and dysfunction?

What you are feeling inside of you is what you are going to attract?  At this time, those powers of magnetism are beyond the comprehension that we can rate them.  It is extremely strong; so we want you to have the highest degree of acceptance occurring within your world.  So I ask of you ~ is there something that is happening that seems to be a challenge which maybe something very small, maybe something very large, it could be something tangible, or an emotional feeling that you are going through.  Let us have the integration that you are experiencing to be embraced in a peaceful and loving way of existence allowing it to come into waves and waves of Light.  Allow those waves of Light that Quan Yin talked about last week as you move from the old world to the new world.  Well, think of this as your old self not moving physically but allowing that integration to come in from your highest Self and just accept the peace with those energies.

This is where you are going to have the most accomplished energy of allowing yourself to be more fully accepting of the light that you are remember that you are a Multidimensional Being.  Within those dimensional selves which are all becoming apparent, have aspects that can stop you from fully from allowing the energies to be accepted in a new and completely different way.  So what we want to assist you with is to allow the fluidness to move through you so that you can have the acceptance within your own life which will bring great joy and compassion allowing the old elements of dysfunction that you have experienced previously to be removed as they cannot sustain themselves in this new higher energy.

So take a deep breath into this essence as your Higher Self is coming towards you.  As they integrate within you, feel that they are giving you a great gift which could be joy, compassion, love, acceptance, or it could be something you need tangibly ~ what if music is your way of being and they hand you a guitar for you to play music. What soothes your soul? What allows you to practice Beingness?  It maybe something tangible like that an outside energy that will help you get to the space of acceptance so that the Mental Mind will relax allowing the Masculine and Feminine divine to come together in unison.

As your Higher Self now comes toward you, feel their essence blending within you.  What is your first impression; is it something that you want to push away, or does it feel very comfortable? Take a few moments to allow that energy to come within you.  If it is something uncomfortable, then there is a blockage there that we need to assist you with so let’s bring in this attunement to help you surrender into the experience of blending your Masculine-Feminine Divine with your Higher Self.  If your lower self, at this point of the process, is being belligerent and not wanting to accept what is happening, that is because they feel that they are losing control; but YOU must help them to understand that it is not about control but about communion of the Self.







And just feel yourself just blending with your Higher Self in moments of grace, fluidness, and joy.


Breathe and feel this creation ~   feel the compassion within each of the Masculine and Feminine essence as they start to feel the peace of one another allowing the acceptance of these two beautiful essences to come into completeness.  Now as you do this your world will change; what you are creating will be more fluid, and compassionate but you must allow this to expand out of your body so that you can fully accept the Divinity of Light that you are to be fully embraced within you.

Blessings and Love.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

We want you to feel the presence of your I AM, I AM, I AM

I AM Love,

I AM Joy,

I AM Bliss,

I AM Accepting all the changes that are occurring within me.

I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM,

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun always, always awaiting, standing by and in great service to the all, many blessings to each of you.



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Nov 13th, 2011 ~ Getting to the Core of Your Being

Dearest Ones,

This is Lord Sananda speaking, once again, for the Christ Consciousness of the Cosmic Oneness.  It is my pleasure and divine acceptance to be present in this moment.  Allow us to just take a breath, and within that breath, feel the frequency that is fully coming into your being because there has been great changes happening upon this earth for many that have been doing the ceremonies and connecting to all frequencies of light, we thank you deeply.  We thank you deeply of what you have created and allowing the expression that you are to be fully within you.  I am here as a Spokes-being for the energies, but each of you is embodying these frequencies on your own.  It is your choice:  what is it that you are experiencing in these moments?

What is it that is the expression within your existence?

This is not just for what occurred on 11.11.11, because that was just the start.  Now you are fully in the Essence, you are fully in the completeness that you are and allow yourself to fully bring in the elements of change that are absolutely necessary.  So in these elements of change, you are going to be seeing a great shift in your own ability to understand the elements that have been occurring.  Within these elements, there is a shift in your consciousness, there is a shift in the way you are interacting with others, there is a shift in all elements.  As we know this frequency that was brought in, which have to do with the Feminine Divine, which is what all of you have been working with, but now it is being more fully grounded through the essences of Mount Shasta, through Sedona, through Arkansas, through Lake Titicaca in Peru, and to align with Machu Picchu to allow these elements of the frequencies of the Lemurian energies of the Female Essence to blend with the Male energies of the Atlantatean to come into completeness.  What does this mean for each of you personally, on a personal basis?  There are great elements that are occurring within the frequency that you are.  It is important for you to realize, what you do not take care of, the energies will shift greatly within you.  Some of you may be feeling physical symptoms, some of you may be feeling energizing symptoms, some of you may be feeling frequencies of many different levels, so in these elements that are occurring, please take care and embrace whatever it is that is occurring for you, in these movements of embracement, you will see, the activations go more smoothly and swifter for you in ease and grace.  So tonight we want to assist you with that, we want to assist you with of any pockets of frequencies that are not fully getting to the Inner Core of your Being, or not fully getting to your Lotus Heart, and not bringing the balance of the Male and the Female in those elements within you.

So I say to you, sit back and allow yourself to receive.   In the frequency of what has occurred for the Dearest One here, I believe her energetics are going to be quite different because of what she has experienced through this process and I want to acknowledge her because its going to make her work even more powerful.  I say to you, you will fluidness of energies; you will feel the frequencies because she has fully allowed herself to bring in the Feminine Divine in a different way than she ever thought possible.  I want to acknowledge her for that, she fully erased a lot of elements within her karmic issues that she was holding on, and had held onto for many years, and now that shift is changing.  So I believe you are going to be feeling an expression of the Divine Mother more fully than you ever have before.  The Divine Father will still be incorporated but it will be a different effect because now she has stepped aside and allowed this frequency to come fully within her Being.  It definitely is easier for me this evening through the deepness and the essence of her frequencies are allowing the fine tuning that is necessary from the highest frequencies to come fully within her body, and allow myself to use her voice in the expression that I AM.  I say to you in these moments, allow this to be your experience also.  Allow each of you to incorporate the embodiment that has occurred onto this planet into your beings onto the Earth to assist as much as possible.

So let us all take a deep breath.  Within that deep breath, we want to give you the expression of the Devotional Ray of Ruby Red and feel that Devotion flowing through into your body, feeling the Essence of your Soul’s presence and your Higher Self being the Full Director in the full completeness within you.   As you allow that expression within you, we then move to the Pink-Orange, which is the Fourth Dimensional Ray into the Solar Plexus, which is aligned with the Ruby Red.  Then we move into the Magenta, and the Magenta will blend with the Solar Plexus and to the Heart, and to the Thymus, so that becomes one unified Chakra.  We are probably going to be centering more upon the Higher Chakras in these calls than we have previously.  Now it is time, it is time to more fully embrace and incorporate these frequencies within your being.

Take a deep breath.  As you breathe deeply through that essence, feel the third, and the fourth, and the fifth bodies being activated within your physical existence.  Allow yourself to be expressed within this manner because it is your divine purpose to do so.  With that, I am now going to step aside and allow the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun  is fully going to bring in the frequency.  I am honored to walk with you in this time, and to bring in this acceptance within your Being.

(((angels sing)))

We are the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun in the expression of the One Within.  Feel the Oneness within yourself, feel the frequency that you are as you tap into your I AM presence more fully than you have before.  Feel this essence that is part of your frequency, feel this essence that is part of us.  Feel this frequency that is part of all endeavours of your Soul’s Purpose.

Breathing deeply.  Breathing deeply in the essence that you are and the completion in All That You Are, and All That You Will Be and all the frequencies of light.

Breathe…Breathe…  As we send to you waves of the Ruby Red, the Pink Orange, and the Magenta for you to fully incorporate this light and this frequency within.  We express to you in this moment of the frequency that has occurred upon the plane of the earth of the 11:11:11 is beyond your comprehension.  Yes, Yes changes have been made, changes are being created and words can fill you up and help you understand the process that you have been going through, but you cannot fully understand unless you tap into this Frequency Of Light, you must tap into the essence that is coming through the beauty of this voice in this moment.  Allow yourself to feel the waves of the light, allow yourself to feel the vibrations of the complete oneness that she is incorporating from us to you.

Breathe it in….Breathe in…Breathe it in…  Breathe it into the essence that you are.

Allow yourself to just expand upon this moment of creation that has occurred for you that each of you have now walked up the mountain and you feel the essence of what has occurred.  As this essence has occurred you start to see changes, many changes that need to be made.  I ask of you right now…Don’t think!

I ask of you right now…Not to feel the lower body!

I ask of you to just receive, embrace this frequency that is the essence that has been asking to be born.  Allow that to be within you in this moment, between the Heart, the Solar Plexus, and the Thymus ~ your Power, your centeredness of Compassion, and your frequency of your Light.  It is a vibration that is beyond the capacity of the thought realms.  It is a vibration to come fully into the Essence That You Are, allow that to be the beginning.

This is the beginning, this is the process, these are the elements.  As we stand in front of each of you, feel us embracing you, and allow that frequency to be these colors, allow the Ruby Red and the Pink Orange, and the Magenta blend in front of you.  As we embrace you, we put our arms around you and we encircle you with this beautiful essence of light, pouring through your Being.  Allow yourself to feel the deepness of your vibration of the frequency as it was in the beginning that has never been manifested upon this earth plane before.  You are an embryo, allow that embryo to be within you, feel the Solar Plexus, the Heart, and the Thymus.  Feel your Power, feel the Essence That You Are, feel your essence expanding in your Heart, and feel the Passion, and the Joy, the Purity, and the Grace and all that is yours to be fully in complete within your being.  Allow yourself to expand beyond that, allow your essence to be in the frequency that you are.  This is what we embrace onto you in this moment, this is what we bring forth onto you and we send it to you as we stand in front of you in complete union.  What is the union that is occurring within you?

Do you feel the union deeply within your essence?

Do you feel your Male and your Female coming into the Divine?

Step into the Divine, even if it is just for a split second if you are having a hard time with this.  We ask that the Male and the Female now come and they embrace each other in your Heart Center and feel that beauty that is flowing through you with these colors of the Ruby Red, the Pink Orange, and the Magenta, as they all blend in a big rainbow of light of a circle light and that if flowing through your Being in the Essence That You Are.  Feel that completeness, this is the frequency that you fully want to bring within you; now let it flow down your legs into your Earth Star, let it flow to your Soul Star, let it blend in front of you, and in the back of you, and around your sides and it goes into the Earth Star and it spins outwards, outwards into all your fields.

We ask that all the dislocated bodies now come into blending of the Physical, the Etheric, the Emotional, the Mental, and the Spiritual now, glows in the Essence That You Are.  Feel that essence coming around you and feeling the completeness as its down at your Earth Star and at the top of your Soul Star, you are a complete blending of all three bodies, all three rays, all the essence of fully embracing your fifth dimensional frequency.  Allow your Light Body to be fully activated, allow the essence, and now let’s take a deep breath.

In that deep breath, what is it that you feel, because now you are coming from your Higher Heart, and your Higher Mind, and feel the frequency running through, through your bloodstream, through your muscles, through the expression in every physical parts.  Feel it running in all essences that you are.  As the Oneness is within your Physical, your Etheric, your Emotional, your Mental and your Spiritual as one huge blob of light.  Breathe and feel this essence.  Breathe and feel this completeness.

Breathe deeply, deeply, deeply.  Now feel the expression within your Solar Plexus.  We want you to feel your power more fully than you have ever felt it before.  We are asking for all dislocated elements that have not allowed you to create your gifts from all of those lifetimes that could have been outside of your field, because you weren’t powerful enough, you weren’t successful enough, because you weren’t empowered enough.  We now ask for the empowerment to fully be within you as each of these frequencies are now going to come within you, because now you are a full body system, your not dislocated from each other.  Allow yourself to feel that in your Solar Plexus, and your Heart, and your Thymus, and allow it to go to your Throat and all through all of your Chakras are now blended as you receive the 22 chakras incorporated with the 22 rays of God.

You are a full enlightened complete being within this Physical body and feeling the completeness that you are, that you are.  We of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God gratefully express this creation onto you as it is our creation together.  I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God at your service.  Love and blessings, embracing you in the frequency that you are.

Blessings of YHWH

So Mote It Be In The Light Of The Christ, As We Are One Together.


This is Lord Sananda back again, as the Spokes-Being.  Just settle into these frequencies, and allow yourself to feel the expression.  We all know that you have been going through changes, and the wonderful experiences of11:11:11, this is just the beginning my friends.  This is just the beginning of walking onto your pathways, walking into your existence, removing the fears, removing the worries, removing all those discordant elements that have stopped you for eons of time, it is now time for the complete integration of the Feminine and the Masculine Divinity Within.

It is my blessing to be here with you in this moment to share these words, to share these frequencies.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service