Full Realization of the Self

5th dimens bodyThis is the written transmission of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God was shared Live in the Clarion Temple of Oneness on October 20th, 2014.  It includes information about the planetary changes in October 2014, but contains very pertinent tools for accepting changes within the four-body system.

I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM

I Am the Divine Mother – Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.

Many blessings to each of you as we bring forth the energetic exchange this evening that will assist you in bringing more elements into the focus of your existence within your consciousness, within your thoughts, within your emotions, and what you are experiencing in the physical body by allowing your Higher Self, your Monad, your I AM Presence to be in direct communication with your physical self.

The last month has been very transitional for each of you. The planet is going through a lot of changes since the Equinox, the Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse and now a Solar Eclipse. These energies that are coming into the planet are going into each of you deeply. The one part of you that would assist in this process is to UNDERSTAND.

We have conversed before how individuals have a tendency to put everything into one basket and saying, “this is my transformation” without looking at the little details they acquired during the transition. In order for that transition to occur within you, you had to go through some preliminary steps, and that is the part that each of you do not realize; what they are when you are going through them. Sometimes that is because if you knew what was happening on a deeper level that you would not allow yourself to feel those emotions or thoughts that are occurring within you. This is because it is part of the existence of being in a human body, that you stop that process. The lower self or lower mind can stop you. It does not matter what level of existence within your mastery initiations you are presently on; this process can still be an integral part of whom you are. It takes great courage; it takes great initiative to walk through these steps. That initiative is not given to you on a physical level; it is not your lower, your lower mind, or your dysfunctional self. It is your Higher Essence; it is part of you.

As each of you come onto these classes to learn more how to connect within yourself, but yet how many of you think about it when you are going through a challenge. The most important element with this is, “it is time you do think about it”.

This is because when you acknowledge it within yourself that you are going through a process of elimination and integration, as it is coming from a higher part of yourself, your physical body can accept this. The increments of light that are coming into your physical existence, through that parts that process is coming into your cellular memory, your physical structure, and all aspects of your physicality. But yet, when you are experience it, you don’t say, “This is coming into my cellular thoughts, or whom I was before.” You just know that it comes.

This is a question that I pose to you, How many of you allow yourself to stop and reflect when something like this is happening to say, “There is a better place for me to be; I need to go into a higher place, I need another aspect of my Divine Mind, my Divine Heart to come fully into me so it will help me through this process.”

So we ask you to look at the past three weeks and what you have experienced; we know that each of you have been challenged and you have changed. But are you holding onto those changes? Are you allowing them to be within yourself more fully?

This is the most important aspect. If you cannot hold onto the new essence that has arrived, then there are still more elements that need to be purged that are holding the old frequency within you.

This is true with every little thought that you have or every little aspect of your personality that you thought that was you. You will find that your personality will change greatly through this process. That is the beauty of it. You are no longer the dysfunctional self within, questioning yourself and everything that you do while having those lower thoughts either about yourself or others. You start to allow those higher essences to shift within you. Like anything else that occurs, it takes time. It takes time for them to be integrated.

Have you ever cooked or baked something and you have to let it sit for awhile to allow the ingredients to soak in before you bake, roast, grill it, or even eat it. It takes awhile for those ingredients to blend within to create what you are making. This is what is happening to each of you each time.

We bring this up tonight as we are at a very opportune time before the New Moon and Solar Eclipse that represents Self Mastery and the particles of yourself that no longer fit. It represents the next step you will be taking into your world. Not everyone is going to be taking the same step. Not everyone is at the same level of initiation, and it is important not to push this. Otherwise, you get into trouble. You fully cannot accept the new parts of yourself until the new parts have been fully removed. Otherwise, that becomes more of a dysfunctional mix within you. That is when confusion sets in. It happens when you don’t know what you are doing because the new particles are trying to find their way into the space where the old aspects were removed.

In the last week we have been in an adjustment period. This is exactly what has been happening because you were challenged with these other energies especially with the Lunar Eclipse. Now, as we move into the New Moon, you can fully ground what you desire within yourself to allow your totality that is ready to be incorporated within you at a deeper level. And many of you will try to grasp at many different straws.
We want you to pick one element that you need to fully ground within you. You may be surprised that one element will be the grounding force you have been searching for and will allow the transition of other elements to fall into place. Many times we are unable as humans to bring forth the new essence, the new thought, the new project into the self, because there are too many of them happening at the same time. There is always one piece that is much larger than the other. Within that piece that fits into your structure, there are additional pieces that will come quickly right afterwards.

Did you ever notice that when you are in a moment of synchronicity that other synchronistic events occur for you, things just fall into place?

This is the space that each of you are going through. This New Moon is such a pivotal time of allowing your Will, your Power, your Structure, and your commanding energy of manifestation to be able to be grounded within you. But you must look deeply within the other particles that are arising; the mirrors that are shining at you, the thoughts or feelings that come up to you during the day. Write them down; look at them; transform them into light and if they are deeper levels of those characteristics plaguing you, go into those deeper levels. Take this opportunity at this time to fully allow yourself to be in alignment of whom you are supposed to be in this moment.

You must remember: everything happens at the right time, everything is in Divine Order, and you can’t push yourself to be in a higher initiation until you are ready to accept where you are as there are lessons to be learned in between.
So what have the lessons been for you presently?

This is what we ask you to look at, within your Heart, into the structure of your Beingness to allow them to be fully purged out of you, if it is time. You may not have anything that needs to be purged. You may be in complete alignment allowing all aspects to come into the creation that you are standing upon.

So as you breathe deeply within yourself, what is the first thought that comes to your mind that is the biggest project that is needed for you at this time to allow everything else to come into place?

It may be aspects of your old self, prosperity consciousness, aspects to create a new life for your-self, a new relationship, a new journey, or a new walk. Each of you is going through something completely brand new in this moment.

Let us fully breathe into that essence presently. Allow the purity of light that you are to fully intertwine within you, within this beautiful Temple of Light as we bring forth these essences to come into your Heart. As it does so, activate it within your Divine Mind and your Divine Heart as the Masculine and Feminine that you are. Allow it to all come together to accept the missing puzzle piece that you need to bring forth in your existence presently so that everything else will come together.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

We, as the Divine Mother and Father God of the Great Central Sun, command the frequency of Light of every individual participating in this moment to receive their Divining Essence of Light to assist them in the grounding of their Light Within the existence that They Are.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

We, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, brings forth the light of all the Great Central Suns into the purity and existence within this Clarion Temple of Light.

Feel the Frequency That You Are coming into you Now.

What does it feel like?

What occurring with you?

Expansion, Expansion of the next aspect of your life to be fully within you.

Feel it blending into all the particles of light within you, blending into all the aspects. As it merges within you, it will bring up of any elements that do not fit this basis that you need on this day, in this moment. Feel it coming all the way through your bodily system; feel it going into all chakras, into your Earth Star and all aspects beyond the physical, into your Etheric Body, the Emotional and Mental Body accessing your Soul Star.

We now command that every individual person be able to look at all elements within themselves that do not fit their next highest aspect. Be in this space that you are Now and Feel It.

Feel it blending and merging and purging; Be the Divine Light the You Are.

Be the Acceptance that You Are and pick one creation, only one, that you desire to be manifested upon this earth within this New Moon that represents your Self Mastery, your ability to step into the process of your Divinity of Light, your Higher Self that you are trying to acknowledge in all other elements.

Be it ~ Allow it to come ~

Allow it to come as the Light of the 330 Rays of God that are within this temple and circling within you. You cannot fail, because each of these rays represents a different aspect of your Being.

What is it that you need ~ Will and Power; Love and Wisdom, Heart Centeredness, Creation of Light, Harmony and Balance, do you need to understand the Science of the Rays. Do you need to devote these essences to yourself in order for you to accept your freedom to feel that creation, your basis that is underneath your Earth Star so that you can command it to be within this Earth and allow it to go deeply into GAIA.

When you ground it fully into GAIA, then it cannot go anywhere else. It goes into her essence because you are part of her. Breathe and allow this transformation to occur within you. As we initiate each of you, through this frequency of light, through your Higher Self and your Higher Essence to command within yourself whatever you desire deeply.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

Breathe and receive the Divinity of Light that You Are to fully come into you, and the rest will occur through your existence. Surrender to the process, surrender to what you are receiving and allow it to be fully within you.

So Mote It Be in the Light of the Christ That We Are. We Are One.
Adonai, Adonai, Adonai, Tzebayoth
Holy, Holy, Holy the Lord God of Hosts

Allow the Gods and Goddesses that you are to be fully embodied within you with all existences.

We of the Divine Mother and Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun fully acknowledge all that you are and wrap our arms around you in Love, in Peace, and Unity of our Hearts Together.

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Divinity of the New Earth

earthangelThis transmission was shared in the Clarion Temple of Oneness Meditation on September 30th, 2013


We are the Angels, we are the Angels.   As we reflect unto each of you our essences from the heavens into the earth plane.  Oh! It is a glorious time as the reflections of the heavens are truly coming into your plane of existence.  Breathe deeply, breathe and receive.


We are deeply honored to walk with each of you at this amazing time of creation; be strong and hold within you the deepest qualities of your Light as you are being challenged within the physical creation.  So we envelope you, we embrace you, we are one with each of you in this moment of time.  We bless you deeply for taking on this pathway and this challenge.  Our Hearts are melding within you at this moment and forever more. 

We are the Angels upon the Angels of the Heavens.   We are blending our essences together to assist you in this process of creating Heaven upon Earth.   Our Hearts are filled with the exaltation of the Light that you are becoming.  Many blessings.

I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM

I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Great Cosmic Central Sun.   Holy blessings of Light that you are.   Breathe deeply, breathe deeply upon the colors upon colors within this Temple.  We honor you, we bless you, we thank you, we embrace you deeply.

Holy Light that we are together, Holy Beings of creation.   Feel the flow that you are, feel the grace that you embrace, feel the blessings that you are of the light.

We call, “Gaia, Gaia, Gaia, OHM”.

Our message this evening is one of great exaltation.   We have great reverence for all that you are experiencing, all that you are doing, and all that you are working through in the days of transition upon Gaia as the changes have come to a point of great excitement more then they ever have at any time frame.  This is when we learn to become stronger; we learn to allow God’s Will and God’s Power to be within the creation of the vehicle that we have created.  This is exactly what you have been doing as upon the experience of this equinox of 2013. At this time it is now fully embodied the Blue flame, the Blue flame of the power of God’s Will, of the Power of the strength and the courage to move mountains, to create the divinity in all aspects of experiences.

So we ask of you this evening to reflect upon this and how you have made changes within the internalization of your consciousness to come into your physical creation.  We must remember this is a great new beginning and there is going to be many more moments of exaltations, but we must be strong within each other.

So we of the Divine Mother and Father God are so pleased to be able to extend this essence unto you of the Blue flame of God’s Will and Power.  It is no mistake that it comes within the Throat Chakra, because you are going to be learning how to speak through that Will and that Power. Within that becomes compassion and love with the courage and the ability to move miracles; and to access the energetic exchanges of this flame.  This is not only in the internalization of your own essence but within your Throat Chakra as it expands through your world with all the other experiences that are intertwined within your lives.

So we ask you to call upon this essence to assist you more deeply because as you do this flame will become more stronger upon the Earth. You will see more moments of great courage around the world as individuals awakening but not to the levels that you are; but awakening to the fact that there is more to this world then what has been shown previously.  The great effects of this flame are the ability to bring that forth in a compassionate and non-aggressive manner. That is the highest aspect you will see as the legions of Archangel Michael and Faith will be very, very strong and the Elohim Masters of Hercules and Amazonia will be the strongest that they have ever been.  As the Master Chohan EL Morya will bring forth his essence to assist, Allah Gobi is also very powerful in this essence. It is almost like you will see them walking upon the land with you.  You will find that the veil between this essence and the Blue ray of the cosmic energy is going to be more grounded within the Earth.

This is why the powers of your manifestations are going to be getting deeper as you will have the ability to have the remembrance of your own essence of God’s Will that is within you, within your Power to make necessary changes.  It is a very powerful time, but you will be challenged as you hold this Light deeply within you.  You will feel a completely different experience of emotions and mental thoughts if you allow the calming of your mind.  The Blue ray is so representative of the masculine energies. It is very interesting to see how this flame is going to be integrated within the Earth and yet that masculine energy is blending more with the feminine.  So it’s not like it stands forth in it’s power, in it’s own identity but it truly comes forth as a continuation of acceptance to blend with the feminine aspects of the Divine Love.

We will be going through many transitions upon the Earth to allow these rays to be fully embodied.  It is going to be very important to reflect what this means for each of you on an individual basis. How is your strength and courage being tested? Are you standing up to that essence within yourself so that you can be stronger so all the old aspects that you have carried with you through timelines and timelines no longer getting in the way?

It is our ability through the Divine Mother/Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun, and only the Great Cosmic Central Sun as the unity that we are, assists you in this process. Because how can we come to you just with the Mind of God (Father) or the Heart of God (Mother).  We must be one in the essence, because that is what we are asking each of you to be. So one is not greater than the other but together they create the combination of increased Power and Light within your physical creation.

See you must understand that this interaction o f the energies happen within your Higher Self of the higher level before it can be integrated within you.  This is why you may have one side stronger than the other because of the aspects that you have created and nurtured through timeline through timeline, because that is what your karmic debts are about.  We are now at a stage where those karmic debts are no longer important as they are being erased for you to find the multi-dimensional self within your entire Beingness.  That is the beauty of what is happening presently and this is why you will be challenged with the energetic exchanges incorporating within you.  You may feel differently from one moment to the next and from one day to the next; the changes that you are going to be experiencing are going to be quick and stabilizing at the same time so we ask you to allow the accumulation of this essence to be fully within you and to really reflect, journal and allow your lower mind to understand what this means to integrate this Blue flame.

Gaia is doing the same so you are not alone. You must understand that when you go out into nature; sit and reflect. She receives those essences as you bring them into yourself but yet also it is now part of her Power and Light.  She no longer has to be in the lower essence and the lower frequency of this ray as she has been with the earth’s aggression, of communities against each other. As elements are going to come together, some will split apart, because these are the qualities that must be adhered to in order to accept the Divinity of the new Earth of the new Being that you are becoming.  We are going through great growing pains together, but there is great beauty and joy of the new changes that are happening as they are actually changing the old parts of your- self to exit to allow new parts to be birthed.

So let us celebrate this evening; let us celebrate the fact that you can fully intuit this flame within you. Allow your voice to come through in compassion and love but yet power by sharing it to others.  First, express from your Higher Self to your lower self and be honest when this flame exalts its energy within you.  Call upon these magnificent Beings to assist you, because they will.

You area all forging a new pathway; you are all pilgrims on a magnificent journey. Each of you individually is doing your own part, but together it is magnificent of what you are creating.  Some of you may already know in working with the Rays of God that there are certain sounds to use with the Blue flame. We incorporate the sound of “I”.  So utilize this is your prayers, utilize this in your chants as you do you will hear all the other “I”s singing at the same time.  Because this planet is finally reaching into the Flame of Acceptance, there is the Will and Power of God’s Light is within this and is within each of you.  That is your creative source.








Be the Blue flame, be the power that you are, be the wonderful essence of great strength, courage, great compassion, and love for how far you have come.  Use that compassion and love towards others as they are going to go through enormous changes, enormous changes through the process of the Divinity of the New Earth that is being incorporated within Gaia.

It is our divine pleasure as the Cosmic Great Central Sun to bring forth these essences unto you, because you are ready to receive and to share.  Embrace it and allow it to flow within you in the Light of Christ that we are.

So Mote It Be In The Spirit Of Oneness.  We are United always.

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The Clarion Temple of Oneness channeling can be accessed via http://clarionlightbeings911.com which contains the portion from Lord Sanat Kumara, September 23rd, 2013.

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Jan 15th, 2012 ~ Grounding Our New Frequencies of 2012 Within



This is Lord Sananda speaking.  It is my divine pleasure to be here with you, in this moment, once again for the Cosmic Oneness as the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness.  We are now experiencing the changes that have resulted from the Elements of 2011.  As we come forward more deeply into 2012 it is an experience for each of us to understand on a Higher Level, that we fully need to bring in and accept our Divinity fully within the physical realm.  This is what this year is about and we are going to work with you very diligently through Dearest One here and through other Elements which you call upon to assist you in this process.

As we have stated before, we are in a new Paradigm of Existence.  The pathways are quite different then they ever have been before – the Light is more fully incorporated upon everyone within the Planet and on the Planet.  As we all bring forth the aspirations that are necessary, in the Frequencies of the Light, let us think about our experiences since 2012 has started.  We’re going to do more reflection every couple of weeks through this because we want each of you to realize how deeply you are changing in each moment as the Energy is shifting but each of you are moving into the Essence of your Beingness more fully then you ever have before.  So it’s an extension of our Frequencies that have aspired from a Higher Level to come fully grounded within the physical existence.

So let us think about, in this moment, how you are fully grounding these energies.  What are your experiences in the last week, since you’ve opened yourself up to more eventual continuation within your physical existence? Within your lives? Within the body which you’re inhabiting? We totally want to focus upon that – the physical body.  We want each of you to fully incorporate these Essences in the grounding phases because that is very imperative – to be able to hold the Light that is going to be coming down into the Planet.  Without these Elements of Frequency within, without allowing it to fully go into the cellular structure and into the physical existence, you will not be able to walk the pathways that you desire to be able to do.  The Earth is shifting, you are shifting, and we are shifting, as our expansion of the Spiritual Hierarchy is quite different than it ever has been before.

So I say to you in these moments, what is it within yourself that you intend – in this moment, not tomorrow, not yesterday.  I want you to think about in this moment, what you are experiencing, and how we can assist you to make it better in your grounding phases upon this Earth.  That is the most important aspect that needs to be created.  We need each of you to embrace your Higher Self and then your I Am Presence, but that is a process; within this process we want to assist you in that physical existence that you are experiencing, because it is going to change.

So, let us take deep breath.  Allow us to run the bowl for a moment so that everyone can put their intentions out about your grounding phases.  How can we best assist you in these Elements? We want everyone to think about this and bring this forth unto this group, because this is the Energy that we will pick up.  The Divine Mother and the Divine Father God are changing the format a little bit.  There is not a pre-destined thought process.  We want each of you to bring to us what you need to experience.  So this  is going to be a very personal interaction, from this point forward, then we have previously.

We have the ability to do that due to the Frequencies that are available, also to the openness of Dearest One here, as she surrenders this energy unto us and allows us to be exactly what we need to be unto each of you, is the fully capacity that is necessary.  So I ask of you right now, not to think of this as a channel; I ask you to think of this as a communication that will be coming deeper and deeper through each week that passes.  The Fluidness and the Frequency that is occurring in these moments will filter out to each of you.

Please know that being here in Mt. Shasta is truly the expression that has been needed to bring these communication calls down to a much deeper level then they have been previously.  Each of you are ready to receive it.  So we also say to you, do not worry that you may not be ready for the activation to come through because, you’re going to receive exactly what it is that is necessary for you, no higher and no lower then the body can handle, because we’re in a grounding phase.  So with that being said, let us now take a moment and reflect so we can receive your communication.

{{{{Crystal Bowl resonates for some time}}}}

Let us take a moment.  Let us take a moment to breathe deeply within this Frequency of Essence so that the Fluidness can fully come through the physical existence for each of you.  Allow the expression that you are, to be the embodiment within yourself in this moment.  No more and no less than the existence that we are together.  As I stand with you in this moment, envision me standing in front of you holding my hands out to you.  As I say to you, you are doing exactly what I knew that you could do.  Just allow yourself to surrender unto that Essence and it will greatly assist you in the Elements that are occurring in this moment.  Feeling a lot of thought forms coming from each of you.  Movements of lack of trust more from yourself then others.  The uncertainty of feeling if you can move forward with each step as it takes, although you truly are doing so.  This creates anxieties and maybe some frustrations.  So let us all bring that forth into the complete unity of Wholeness, as we call upon the Unified Whole, 000-144-000 Unified Whole Command On-Line.

We ask that every individual take forth the Elements that may be, not stopping them, but causing confliction within their minds and within their hearts, to be fully into Oneness.  We ask the Unified Whole to assist with this Energy right now as we bring forth these Frequencies.

Allow yourself to just be the conduit in this moment.  You are the conduit of your Higher Self – allow your Higher Self to guide you into the existence that you are.  There is nothing more and nothing less.  You are who you are in this moment.  Surrender unto those beautiful feelings of love, compassion, joy, and bliss of all that you are.  We ask for everyone’s Higher Self to be fully activated within the Essence of their Thymus.  Feel the Frequency activating within your Being in this moment, you are Him or Her.  He or She is you – there is no separation, there is only complete Wholeness.  Thank you Unified Command.

I will now step aside and allow the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God to bring  forth the attunement and the activation for you along with some words of compassion and love for each of you.  It is my Divine pleasure and honor to be here with you, as I see each of you changing deeply, as I commit to a personal relationship with each of you, through the Essence of Meleriessee.

I am Lord Sananda at your service.


I AM that I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM that I AM

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun in the Frequency of All That Is, bring forth this vibration to assist you to fully feel the effects of your changes within your Physical Essence.  Breathe through your Solar Plexus.  Breathe into your inner power, breathe into the Frequency that you are.  Breathe in the deepness.  Breathe in the Essence.  Breathe in the Frequency of who you are.  Feel this Energy come into your body – allow it to move into your Lower Essence within the physical.  Allow us to expand and reflect.

Each of you is changing very deeply in the Frequencies of your Body, the Frequencies of your Mind, and the Frequencies of your Spirit.  It is a very powerful time, but within this powerful time, it is a time to fully embrace exactly what you are experiencing.  There is no more, no less – there is just now.  There are the Elements to bring forth that Essence that you have been striving towards.  Within that Frequency, it is important in this time-zone that we bring forth, in this timeline, in this moment – a grounding phase.

There are going to be more shifts, a creation of Higher Frequencies, that will occur for you in your Physical Essence.  So in order to fully create that foundation that is needed, of what each of you are experiencing within your own lifestyle, within your own Essences, within the changes that you are incorporating – it is time to sit and just relax for this moment, in this moment in time.  Whatever this moment in time is when you are listening to this recording – that is the moment that you need to fully ground the Frequencies.

We truly want to assist you in bringing in the Cosmic Energies; but we do not want to overload you, so that you become confused and frustrated because of bringing too many Higher Energies into the Higher Essences and then not grounding through the Lower parts of your Being.  It is essentially important that you understand this.  This is why we have chosen this one that speaks with us, due to the Earthwork that she has been doing for eons of time; this is why these Frequencies assist you so deeply, because there is a balancing that is occurring.  So we ask each of you now to breathe deeply within your Solar Plexus and to reflect on the last couple of weeks of what has happened to you to assist you in feeling the Energies on a deeper level then previously.  What changed? Was it the ability to re-birth yourself through the process of the end of 2011, which is so representative of that re-birthing process? Was it our last call where we assisted you in allowing that re-birth to fully come within your Being?

Tonight we ask that you fully allow yourself to accept it.  We’re not going to raise your vibration this evening, we’re just going to allow it to center within you.  So, let us take a deep breath as you breathe deeply into the Solar Plexus.  On the out-breath – feel the Elements within you, feel that Inner Power that is so strong within your Solar Plexus.  I ask that you take that Inner Power, that is part of your Highest Essence and visualize our Higher Self standing in front of you, not within you at this point, but standing in front of you as He or She is reaching out their hands unto your hands.  Your eyes meet each other.  Your vibrations meet each other, but in order for the existence of your Higher Essence to be fully within your Body, you must allow it to come into the Lower part of you that can hold onto these Elements, that do not feel safe.  The most important aspect that you can bring forth, freeing you in these Elements, is to look at them.  Allow them to be the mirror in front of you.  Breathe deeply as you stand in front of your Higher Self in this moment.

We’re going to ring the crystal bowl to bring in those Frequencies of your Higher Self for you to feel within the Physical and to see within your Higher Self, what the Frequencies need to intertwine within you.  The balance of the Male and the Female within you is imperative, as each of you know; this is a main focal point of our work with each of you – the balance of these Elements out in the Physical existence, so that you can fully embody yourself with the Christ within.  I want you just to breathe and feel these Frequencies which will communicate, either through eyes, through voice, through vibration or just feeling this, of what you need to intuit – as we have removed all Elements of a Lower vibration that may be stopping this process.

{{{{Crystal bowl is struck twice and resonates for sometime}}}}

Feel the vibration.  Feel the vibration of the Essence that you are, to fully infiltrate within you.  We ask Him or Her to fully center upon your Inner Power within your Solar Plexus and to filter that down into the Lower Chakras of the Sacral – of the Creativity and your Sexuality and then your Root, as this is your grounding Essence.  Feeling this grounding Essence fully coming into your Root area -allow your Higher Self to be commander of your ship in this moment.  Remember, you are surrendering.

You need to visualize yourself laying out on a beach with your arms open to the Sun.  Feel the Frequency of the Sun and hear the waves flowing within you.  Allow the waves to be the fluidness.  Allow the Sun to be the heat that you are, the Essence of your Highest Self fully coming within your full totality of your Physical body.  Allow that now to move into your limbs and allow that to go down into your feet, as we bring forth another Frequency that’s going  to assist you in this grounding Element.

{{High Vibrational Chanting}}

Allow yourself to breathe deeply and feel the integration in the lower Essence.  Breathe deeply and allow the grounding that you need.  As you have been accelerating yourself in Higher Vibrations to assist in your pathway, now allow it to move into your feet.  Feel it deeply as you ground it through you into your Earth Star.  Allow your Earth Star to move deeper, beyond the position of the six inches and go deeper down into the Earth.  It is now going to be bringing forth grounding packets of Light, way below your feet to assist you in this Frequency to bring forth the Elements that you need.  Now feel your Higher Self as He or She stands in front of you now blends within you.  Feel the Frequency moving down into your lower limbs, into the lower part of your body.  Feel that Essence really being part of your Physical, your Emotional, your Mental, and your Spiritual.  Breathe and allow this Essence to fully be part of your experience.  Allow yourself to express within you, the ability to fully embrace yourself in the physical world.  Breathe in the moment.  Breathe in that Essence that is you.

Now feel your Heart Essence.  Feel the enveloping Light within your Heart.  As it moves out of you, you feel the Essence of your Higher Self.  Feel the soul that you are.  Feel the birthing that you have been activating, now being grounded within you.  Breathe softly.  Breathe.  Allow the Essence that you are to blend through your entire Being.  Breathing deeply.

We now bring forth the Angels of Light, as each of you are from these Realms.  Feel our Essences together in the Frequency of the Angelic Host.  Feel it in your Heart and feel yourself relaxing.  This is a remembrance of whom you are.  Let it be in your Heart.  Let it be in your Heart.

{{High Vibrational Chanting}}

We are One in the Frequency, all together.  Feel the remembrance.  Feel the Love That We Are.  We Are One.  We are One.  Let it now move deep within your Cellular Essence.  Allow yourself to vibrate within grounding this Essence, but feel the totality of all that you are in this moment as it incorporates within your physical.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Take the breath of breathing and say it as you breathe.

“Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.”

This is an Essence that we have given to assist you in the grounding.  Use the word of “Breath” and chant it as you breathe.  You will feel an acceptance happening in your Solar Plexus.  Let that be in your core.  Allow it to be in all the Essences that you are in this moment.  It is our divine pleasure to be here with you, as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, as the Cosmic Great Central Sun, to say unto you – we honor you and we know that it is getting closer for many of you as you aspire unto the aspects of your gifts unto the World, we hold you in our hearts.  We hold you in our hands as we combine our Energies into the Frequency of All That Is.


We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  We thank you for allowing yourself to ground your Frequencies fully within the body.  Allow this moment of no thoughts, to be the moment of the change that you need, the change that you’ve been looking for, the change to be fully within your Body.  It is our divine pleasure to be here with you in these moments.

I Am that I Am that I Am, I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  I Am that I Am.

We Are that We Are in Oneness together.

So Mote It Be In The Light Of The Christ, Of All That We Are In Oneness.


This is Lord Sananda.  This is an experience that shall assist you greatly.  This is another recording to be utilized time and time again because with each Frequency of Light that you bring forth into your Body – it is necessary to fully ground it into your Full Essence, So Very Important.  We must stress this deeply within each of you as the Frequencies occur, the Grace will flow through you and you will accept yourself more fully.  As you walk upon the New Earth, it is necessary to fully understand the processes that you are going through, and we will assist you as deeply as we can.  It is my divine pleasure to be here with you as Lord Sananda.