Cosmic Great Central Sun ~ Restructuring the Physical Self

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Ascension Mastery Message from the Cosmic Great Central Sun of Divine Mother Father God received in the Clarion Temple of Oneness. 


Greetings, My Dearest Ones! I am Yamteleus. It seems like it has been a long time since we have gathered together in the presence of everyone within this temple.  

We have invited many souls into the temple in the last few months and we are seeing the presence of so many. Some had no idea of what this temple represented. It is healing many. And we thank you Mahlariessee, we thank Walking Terra Christa, and we thank all of you for being here. Let us continue with the energies.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


We, of the Angels of the Many Principalities, are deeply honored to be with each of you once again bringing forth our Angelic Essence into your hearts, opening up your own Solar Angels to become more aligned within your consciousness. We give you this gift in this moment to extend this Light energy unto you and into your Heart. Allow your Angelic wings to be part of your existence. As you accept the blessing that you desire to be to become more of your physical reality, breathe it in and become it. We thank you for allowing us to assist you as we gather together with the peace of a New Earth.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]




As we stand here in the beautiful presence of this temple, we look around us and see the beautiful essences of so many souls. that are coming into a space of renewal, of acceptance, learning within themselves to be greater and more aligned with their God Source of Light within themselves. 

We thank each of you that have come here this evening to fully embrace the Divine energies that we want to express unto each of you.

The challenges of the world have been great and each of you within your own reality of physicality are also experiencing great transformation. You may not see it as Transformation in these moments, but in truth when your pure consciousness goes through an existence that is quite different from what it was experiencing previously, then that is the state of transitioning into a State of Transformation. And this state can be very small, but at the same time it can also be very large.

The prospect of these energies is to allow you to know within your own consciousness through your Higher Light energy that you are going through a State of Transformation. It cannot be from your Physical Self; it cannot be from your Personality. It must be that combination of Light energies that you are working with within all the dimensional frequencies to come into your pure existence. It is working with the Rays of God to assist your chakras to become more aligned to your Soul’s Essence.

The more that you, as a Personality Self, fights this energy then it’s going to be more challenging. And many are doing so presently.

The world is in turmoil, so it is important that each of you here as those Initiates, as those Lightworkers that intend to be Initiates that want to move further up the Ascension Pathway with the purity of their Heart, with the Intention, without the Lower Ego, then I speak to you.

We speak to you for you to go deeper, be stronger, be more beautiful in your essence and realize the potential that you have within yourself. It is not about healing the world. That will come at a later time. Your souls have arrived within these teachings, within this Light energy to assist you to go to a deeper level than you ever have before.

Now your Physical Self may not be aware of this. There may be blockages or elements from your past timelines that get in the way and teach you other things that are not necessarily part of this energy. But when you become aware of them and you allow yourself to fully connect in a completely different manner than you did before, then that is true TRANSFORMATION.

As we stand here in this Light frequency of the 22 Rays of God, we send to you those elements of these rays. Many individuals, many lightworkers get excited about the prospect of feeling those rays, seeing those rays, but the most important element is To Intuit Them, To Become Them. That is what true mastery represents. And until you allow that to happen within your own system, then you will still be fighting the process or maybe thinking of elements in a different way.

Allow yourself to come into a presence of Divine Truth, not Inner Truth, but Divine Truth of your Higher Mind, your Higher Self, your Soul’s Essence, your God Source energy and allow that Divine Truth to filter within you.

When you do so, the magnificence of understanding what you are going through will become very apparent. It is, when you continually allow your Lower-Self Ego to control what you are experiencing, then it will get lost, and you will be confused.

The state of affairs of allowing yourself to heal on such a deep, deep level is an imperative part of your Reconstruction. Yes, we say Reconstruction.

We want you to know that that’s what is happening from the many lifetimes you have experienced previously. You are going through a phase of resurrecting the elements within yourself that did not fit. You find this a lot in individuals that are going through illnesses especially cancers where they have long-term care, and they have to go through these periods of not knowing what is happening, but they learn through the process to have more faith within themselves. That doesn’t come from the God that they think they are following. It comes from their own I Am Presence; it comes from that Source of Light which is the God Source within, which is what everyone of you are calling upon in every moment of your day if you allow it to be so.

What is it that you need to resurrect? What is it that you need to let go of?

Allow this time of this cycle that Walking Terra Christa is bringing forth to allow you to see that Divine Truth. And sometimes that Divine Truth will break the mirrors around you of what you thought you were working upon and that is the illusion. When you break the illusion that is the true blessing of your Soul’s Essence to be in your physical reality.

We give to you in this moment the kaleidoscope of the colors of the lights of the Blues, and the Greens, and the Violets, and the Pinks, the Golds, and the shades of the Blue like Seafoam and Blue Green, of mixtures of those colors, of Pearlescent. The defining energy of these flames blending within each other represents their ability to utilize the faculties that those flames represent to come into alignment with the other flames.

This is what you are learning to experience of coming into alignment with all things, coming into alignment of your Soul’s Essence of the remembrance of past timelines, no longer fitting you or the ones that you need to acquire, that have been lost in the process. All these elements are important and you, as that individual person, are not going to understand what you are going through until you get through it, and you see that TRANSFORMATION.

So, we extend unto you the blessing of Surrender, of letting go of those aspects within yourself that you no longer need to hold onto, because they are keeping you stuck from having the true reality of your Solar Light, of your Galactic Light, of your Cosmic Light. Allow yourself now to feel these Divine energies coming into your entire system as we bring forth a kaleidoscope of all of these flames to spin around the room to bring forth your own special remembrance. Breathing deeply, feeling these energies as we extend to you this blessing of our love.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Breathing deeply. The blessing that we are giving to you is to open up the frequencies of light within your Heart which will expand into all the other areas. Just allow it to do its beautiful work in your system. Just receive it. The continuation of the Divine Language Network Light Encoding represented a peacefulness at the end. I hope you acknowledge that within yourself.

As you walk through those doorways, it can be challenging. Utilizing this encoding will assist you to get to the highest of the highest. Then, embrace that integration into the physical self with a blessing of love. There is nothing else that is so beautiful when a soul can fully walk through that energy, face the consequences, embrace the patience, embrace the fear, and change it into strength, change it into courage of standing tall within these frequencies of light to help you go into another level than you were previously. This changes every time you access this light energy. It is a beautiful thing to occur. It’s beautiful for any soul of any level, but those of you that are walking upon the Earth at this time have to work harder at it. It is your job as the intended Initiate, Chela, whatever you want to call yourself, of walking these initiations through the challenges of your mental mind, your emotional Heart, of the Etheric Self and changing your chakras to be more aligned with the source of God’s Light that we extend. It takes great diligence; it takes great patience to continue the journey.

If there is nothing else that you receive from this message in this moment, we extend unto you the ability to push you, to push you further than you were before, to push you into those experiences that you say are too fearful, or that you cannot do it, or you are doing the best that you can.

Are you?

You’re not from your soul’s purpose. You may be doing it from your old self. So, you have to decide within yourself what is that Divine Truth that is coming into your system?

Working within these energies opening your Third Eye unto the Cosmic Level of acceleration is the most important task that you can take unto yourself. Because when you do so and you allow that to flow within you without your lower mind telling you what is occurring, then you become more aligned with the Source of Light, you become more aligned with your Solar Angel, you become more aligned to your Higher Self which in turn allows you to become more aligned to the Source of all that we are together.

We extend unto you a kaleidoscope of light colors feeling the beautiful essence of the Blue of the Will to have the Strength, of the Pink representing Patience with Divine Love.

As the Blue and Pink come together it represents our Sources of Divine Father and Divine Mother.

Allow that combination to come into you to give you the strength that you need.

The Golden Yellow brings the Illumination, it brings that blessing of Love and Wisdom that what you are doing is perfect for your existence. Because your existence is going to change every moment. That reality is a true statement. Change is the one element that is part of your existence. So, embrace it, become it. Do not be afraid of it. Extend this light frequency into all parts of your existence.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now it is at this point that you call upon the Crystalline Flame. Allow that Crystalline Flame to purge the elements that you no longer need and feel that change coming within you. It’s being wiped away just with your breath. The Crystalline Light is the most beautiful crystal. Feel it in your Heart Center. It will bring you into a state of Balance and Harmony within yourself. Allow endings to flow more easily.

This is when you fully command the energy of the Green Golden White of the Science of God to assist you in opening up your Third Eye. This is your Divine Mind. Feeling that Green Golden White giving you Truth, giving you the ability to be strong and concentrate on receiving that within yourself.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now the intention that you’ve been asking for since you started this call, allow it to be there. This is your intention. Allow your Higher Mind to come fully within you as you surrender to the Lower Mind. Use the breath, open up those energies, breathe deeper into that essence.

Now we call upon the Ruby Red and Gold Flame to bring the Devotion to yourself. This is the process of you fully accepting the challenge to go through these particles of light allowing you to fully be devoted to your Higher Self as it blends within the physical self. All your personalities come together. Allow them to blend into the true Oneness and ground it. The Ruby Red and Gold is the Serenity that you have achieved – something that you have been desiring to experience.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

And now the Violet-Purple. We call upon the Violet-Purple to come into your existence to Transmute any other elements that don’t seem right because this is how you create Transformation to be the alchemist of your intention, to bring that ceremonial structure of the Violet and Purple into your reality. Let it flow within you. Let it become One within you. These are the Seven Flames, and they are so very important to be grounded deeply within you.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

We, as Divine Mother and Father God now intend to bring forth more of the higher flames those cosmic colors of light.

We bring forth the Seafoam Green to assist in receiving your Higher Self. Now it’s time to see the clarity that you couldn’t see before, because you weren’t allowing yourself to go through this process to remove the challenges, to accept the changes, and you become more of what your Soul’s Presence desires you to be. Feel that existence.

It’s an absolutely beautiful occurrence when you allow yourself to become One with your Solar Angel and then your Higher Self. And when you’re ready, your Solar Angel will blend with your Higher Self. But in the beginning it is your bridge, it is your bridge to get to the Higher Self Light. And you can’t control it, you can’t mentally access it, you can’t allow it to come into your system without surrendering. Feeling that surrendering light energy this is how you access Divine Truth.

The higher light colors of the Cosmic frequencies now just settle in and help you to really be blessed. Allowing the higher light frequencies, and of course the Seven Rays, to walk the Earth. And when you are ready, you’ll be able to fully access the other higher rays. The Blue-Green and the Pearlescent and the Pink Orange to fully become the Christed Self of the Gold Flame. Then the Violet Pink, the Deep Blue Violet, the Light Golden White, the Light Violet White, the Multi-White Light, Pink-Gold, Magenta, Violet-Gold, Blue-Gold, and the Platinum. We extend all these flames unto you right now within this room in this kaleidoscope of energy feeling it swirling around the room becoming One with you.

You are not separate from these flames. You must think of yourself as an integral part of becoming the essence of that flame. And that is how those aspects will become a change for you, that you will be able to feel all that we have shared within these moments.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Allow yourself to be a blessing to your physical self. Intertwine those energies of your Spiritual Self and your Physical Self. Allow them to work together and not separately.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

And feel that blessing that you are becoming. Allow yourself to chant the “OM” and allow the “AHHHH” to come within you as everything else that we have given you today is already being downloaded and actualized within your consciousness.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

We, of the Divine Mother Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, are deeply honored to share these energies with each of you as we walk with you. Allow this moment of Oneness within this glorious temple to be a remembrance for you to call upon this moment any time that you need to, and we shall be there to assist.

I Am That I Am. I Am That I Am.

I Am the Divine Mother, the Divine Father God In All That We Are of the God Source of Light.

So, Mote it Be;

Let it Be Done My Children.

Hold on to it, become it and bless it.

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 21, 2021; Cosmic  Oneness.
(Transcription Services: Carol M.)
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