Unification ~ Balance of the Male and Female ~ Dec 5th, 2010

The Angels singing

AHHHH, AHHHH, We are the angels, The Seraphim, Cherubim, the Ophanium, and the Elohim God of Hosts.  Welcome, to the Cosmic Energies of Light

I Am that I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father of God

We are here in this moment; we are here to bring forth the energies of a new beginning as the space that we are, that we receive, we reach out our hand to each of you, our children, of the Light. Breathe deeply, breathe deeply as the energy is now going to be infused within.

This evening we want to bring forth the energies of the Sea Foam Green, located in your 8th Chakra within the Thymus, the Seat of Your Soul.  The Sea Foam Green is the cleansing ray.  We are bringing this forth first to remove any debris of thought processes or energies that do not serve your highest purpose.  Breathe deeply into that area; the thymus between the throat and the Heart.  Allow the frequencies to expand within you.  Allow yourself to feel the acceptance that You Are and to bring forth this frequency within you.  As the Sea Foam Green comes fully into your Heart and expands into your Throat, it moves upwards into your Third Eye and your Crown.  Allow those areas to be fully infiltrated and allowing it to go into your brain cells, into the full infiltration of your cellular memory, into your ear canals, nasal passages, sinus area, into the jaw line, the Throat; allow yourself to breathe the energies that are fully into your Being.  Allow yourself to fully accept whom you are in this moment and allow it to filter down your shoulders and your fingertips as you fully allow elements to be released.

Let’s center the Seafoam Green across the chest, across the back and allow any pressure that has been put into your body to be fully released in this moment, to allow this light, to allow the essence that you are, to be fully accepted within you.  We now move the Seafoam Green down into the Heart, moving deeply into the Heart of the male and female balance.  Are your emotions in balance of the female?  Are your mental thoughts in balance of the male?  If not, let’s connect with that Seafoam Green – right now and bring it into those areas to fully allow the acceptance of your I AM Presence.

This evening we are going to be bringing forth that balance within so you can fully accept the Divinity that you are ~ so that you can fully allow this frequency to be within your Being.  Let’s move it into the Solar Plexus and the middle of the back, go deeply into that intestinal tract.  Are there any elements that you are holding onto in this frequency of your Will and your Power that are not allowing you to accept who you are in the present condition of circumstance?  Allow it to move further down into your Sacral area; allow your creativity and your sexual energies to be balanced.  Feel all your issues of your past elements that no longer serve you to be removed in the Seafoam Green.  Now we go into the root.  What about the fear, anger, and frustration?  Are those lower forms still activating with you?  If they are, let the Seafoam Green to cleanse.  Let’s bring in the grounding, creativity, the action within that Root area as the Seafoam Green moves into the limbs.  Are there any elements that you need to be taking care of in your bodily structure within  your muscles, tendons, and skeletal system.  Feel the frequencies within as it moves into your feet and allow your feet to be moving forward so that each step you take is supported by the rest of you.  Let your feet to be strong as you walk forward and allow the knees to be flexible.  Integrate the energy that we are bringing forth into the body as we center it down into the Earth Star.  Feel these energies moving into your Etheric level from the Physical level.  We will expand it upward around the right side of your body towards your Soul Star and then coming down the left side of the body back towards the Earth Star.  All the Etheric thought forms that can get stuck in that area – we ask them to be removed and reconditioned in this moment.  We now move into the Emotional level6”beyond the Etheric and allow those energies to be cleared and processed of any emotional thoughts, that seem out of balance, elements that have been happening to you in the last few days or this past week, we ask that cleansing to go all the way up into your Soul Star and then all the way down into your Earth Star.  Now we go into the Mental level.  What are those logical thoughts?  Are they too strong?  We ask them to be in full balance completely within your Being as the energy travels all the way up to your Soul Star and then back down on the left into your Earth Star.  Now there is a spinning function of all these bodies.  The Mental blends with the Emotional, the Emotional blends with the Etheric, and the Etheric blends with the Physical and blends with all as you are now One unified body of Light.  We now bring forth your Higher Self within the Thymus Chakra to allow the Seat of the Soul to be fully activated and blending these vibrational energies to fully take place allowing your Essence to be incorporated within your body.  This energy is now cleansing and processing everything in the same moment.  We are now going to infuse within you the Violet Flame. Within the Violet Flame we are going to transmute any elements that are bothering you or possibly ones that you are not aware of in this moment.  Breathe it deeply into your structure; do not think of it as a separate four body system; it is one system.  All chakras work as one chakra.  As we move the body into the higher frequencies to receive the higher chakras and to allow this element to be fully within you, we bring this forth in this moment.  Bring that element within you; allow that frequency to be fully activated as you breathe deeply; breathe deeply.  Feel the occurrence and the movement.

In this moment I want each of you to think about the first thought that you desire within your life; an element to create within your present circumstance that will make it easier.  To make it more abundant, more prosperous, more loving, and more accepting within yourself.  As we have just removed all of the debris and all the essences that are stopping you, we now bring in the frequency that will allow you to fully transform yourself.  And you are preparing for the Sacred Heart Activation – Allow that Sacred Heart to be fully within you, of the Christ Consciousness.  Open up your Heart center, allow your Lotus Heart to be fully open.  It is a small bud of a flower and with each breath you have taken, it is now flowering in many different colors and frequencies.  Allow that fully to be within you – all the acceptance that You Are.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, ask for a special dispensation for each person that is listening to this recording.  We ask for the frequency of the Christ Consciousness to be fully within them.  We bring within you the Golden Flame from the top of your Soul Star that will start from your Antakarana,RainbowBridge, into your Being and feel it focusing within you and around you.  Your body is one body of unified light; there is no separateness.  So allow yourself to feel the Oneness that You Are.  Allow yourself to feel the frequency of this Light; allow yourself to feel the peacefulness that is about to occur within this New Moon.  This New Moon of this frequency in the Light that you are allowing yourself to fully activate and reveal to your Heart what you truly are.  We give to you in this moment that essence of your Heart, that essence of your Beingness, that essence of Whom You Are as we share from our hearts as we are now going to separate into the frequency of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father.

I Am the Divine Mother at your service, I give you Pearls of Wisdom in the palm of your hand.  Put them into the left side of your heart, these Pearls of Wisdom that are part of your Goddess love and energy, your Emotional center, the aspect of your being that is the intuitive part of you, is the emotional part of you.  Within these Pearls of Wisdom, they will open up as you intuit yourself within the next week.  Allow the intuition within you to be fully blessed.  I give to my love, I give to you my consciousness which is  nurturing.  I want each of you to be nurtured in this moment.  I want each of you to take care of yourself.  The frequencies of the Light coming upon the planet in the next month are going to allow you to fully feel this love consciousness like you have never felt before.  You are going to accept the Divinity within you and know what to do with that Divinity.  Accept it and embrace it; accept it and embrace it; it is yours.  I Am the Divine Mother at your service.  Thank you for being here my child.  Thank you for being upon this Earth and doing the work that you are doing.

Good evening.  I am the Divine Father of God, the Will of God, and I am here to assist the male aspect, the God within you, the God within you of the power that you have to come together with the female within you, within that Emotional level.  I bring to you the thought forms to help you activate that Will within you and as I bring forth to you, in this moment, I want to center within you an essence of frequency.  I give you Golden Balls of Light which are the frequency of the Christ Consciousness to activate the thought processes so that they can move into the feminine aspect, the emotional side as you come together with your male and female .  Allow that aspect to be within you, as it is also a very nurturing aspect.  It is not a hardness; it is not a thinking logical aspect.  We bring in the Higher Mind and the Higher Emotions as the Divine Mother and myself, the Divine Father, come to you in the actualization to create the prosperity, the manifestation that is needed so desperately in each of your lives.  Each of you are coming into a Beingness within yourself as you have never received before.  Within this Beingness there are activations that need to be helped within that physical body.  Your physical body is changing greatly.  Embrace that right now as we ask the Physical body to attune itself to the frequency of your Mind, your Heart, and your Emotions.  Take these Golden Balls of Light and put them into the right side of your heart as they will blend with the Pearls of Wisdom from the left side of the heart.  Allow that essence to be the Christ Consciousness that is you.

I AM the Divine Father at your service.

We now come together in the frequency of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father, the I AM, the Cosmic Great Central Sun, however, you would like to call us.  We are here to assist you with this process now.  As we have given you the Golden Balls of Light, we have given you the Pearls of Wisdom, they are now going to meld together within you.  Feel this melding happening as the male comes together with the female.  The male takes the Golden Balls of Light and puts them into the female and the female takes the Pearls of Wisdom and puts them into the male.  They are going to blend together because what is going to happen is a Unification within your Heart Center of Male and Female within the balance.  Breathe deeply.  As we bring forth this attunement, we ask for every person that is listening to this recording , at whatever time they are doing it, that they receive this activation within the physical essence within them to fully activate the bridge that is necessary.

For the I AM Presence to be fully activated within the body.

As the body is changing, please be gentle with these people.  Please be gentle with their physical bodies.  They are hurting; they are having a hard time.  Their emotions are distraught; their thoughts are reeling; their sleep patterns are uneasy. Everything is happening all at once.  Let’s just take a deep breath and allow the combination of the Male and Female within you come together as these Golden Balls and Pearls of Wisdom blend together.  Allow the balance to be fully within you; to allow the acceptance that you fully are because you are about to receive a gift.  Within this gift, this New Moon is helping each and everyone to accept the Sacred Heart within you.  Eons ago you had the Sacred Heart but now it is going to be activated because it is time.  We are ready.  The planet is ready to receive.  You, as the Light Workers, the Way-Showers, as the Leaders, as the Teachers, as the Healers, everyone of you need to fully activate this energy before you can do the work that is necessary.  You can do the Work but you must activate this in order to allow the essence of the higher frequencies within the physical body.  Yes, it can become uncomfortable but we are giving you compassion, love, joy, acceptance, faith and trust.  Trust in us and you will trust in yourself.  Breathe deeply as you feel this trust; breathe deeply as you feel this faith; breathe deeply as you feel the Love coming to you that is You.  It is Us; it is All of Us together.  As we are One; we are one essence and we are nearer to you right now.

Now the balance between the male and female occurs.  You feel the balance within yourself and allow that balance to fully work through your emotions and your thoughts; you will be finding your relationships will be better this week.  You will be able to speak clearer.  Your emotions will be more balanced and if you are finding that you are emotional, let it come.  Let the floods go; let it breathe out of you because what’s behind it, is the sun.  The sun is shining brightly within each of your hearts as this beauty that is within you is being activated.  It’s being activated in ways that you never thought possible and now is the time.  Now is the time for everyone to breathe deeply; to remember their essence as we mirror to each of you in this moment.  This essence and purity of Heart.  Visualize yourself in front of a crystalline pool.  Within this crystalline pool, the reflection that you are, is shining back to you.  Embrace this reflection in this moment.  Embrace the light that you are as you fully activate this essence.  This essence within that is You, that is Us, that is all in Oneness.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, have our highest esteem for each of you that are walking this path before so many others.  It is an amazing grace that we are seeing.  We walk with you during this time and in this month of December it will be an amazing rebirth for each of you.  Your Christ Consciousness is becoming into an enfoldment beyond your wildest dreams.  It is the time for you to embrace – it is the time for you to fully love yourself. Remember this reflection that you have seen in the pool.  It is the reflection that others see of you.  This crystalline reflection is vibrating now within yourHeartCenter, within the Seat of your Soul, within your entire being as your full I AM Presence is now being activated into the acceptance of your physical body.  Embrace this moment; Embrace; this is a rebirth – it is a process.  Know that you embrace these energies in the next couple of weeks there may be fluctuations, there may be changes, there may be emotions, there may be thought forms, but December 25th will be an enormous day because it is the Rebirth of the Christ Consciousness.  Not the celebration of Jesus Christ but the celebration of each of You and each of Us together.

We, of the Cosmic I AM Presence, the Great Central Sun, want to thank you for coming this evening and participating in this energy.  For those of you that are listening in the later time, let it be known that you are the Ones that are activating these energies onto others; but first you must activate it upon yourself and then within yourself.  Embrace it; envision it; it is yours.  And see within the next three days of this New Moon, attune this energy within you; allow yourself to fully feel the activation and you shall see a change whether it’s in youir circumstance, in your thoughts, in your activation that is about to occur for you, this frequency of this Light is now fully integrated within you.  Allow it to shine all the way through your Being.  Allow it to go through the processes that need to be healed.  Allow it to be imbued within the Light that You Are.

We are the Great Central Sun, the Cosmic energy of the Christ Consciousness coming to you in this moment and thank you for being part of our earth family along with the remembrance that you are having as we all come together in Unity upon this planet and move into these higher frequencies together as we share the Light that We Are

We Are that We Are, You Are that You Are, We Are the Oneness

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun, I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father

Thank you for being of service to this earth.

Holy, Holy God of Hosts

Holy, Holy God of Hosts

Adonai ‘Tzsebayoth

Allow the vibration to be fully activated within this moment.

So Mote It Be in the Name of the Christ, I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.


Accessing the Light Body ~ November 14th, 2010

Ahhh, Ahhh, We are the Light

We are One, We are One, Ahhh, Ahhh

We are the Angels of Light,

The Cherubim, the Seraphim, the Ophanium, and the Elohim God of Hosts

The Angels now open so you can receive the Cosmic Energies

I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service in this moment.  Allow yourself to please relax with the energies and allow yourself to focus in what you desire to acquire.  Deep within the core of your Heart there is a massive amount of energy in the focusing whom YOU are.  There have been great activations occurring.  There have been great movements.  Allow yourself to just settle within the vibration as we become One together in this moment of Light.

I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM, say these words to yourself.  I AM that I AM, that I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM.  Allow yourself to incorporate the frequency of your I AM.  Allow yourself to connect with the other 11 soul personalities of your I AM.  Feel this focusing, feel it deep within your heart as you feel the actualizations of the moment that is occurring.  As you allow this to be and bring in this frequency in the Oneness and Creative Source that You are; that each of us is a part of the greater whole.  I want you to feel this essence.  This is the part of you that needs to be acknowledged deeply.  Now as you breathe deeper let it go down into your Solar Plexus and feel the deeply within your Will and Power.  This is where your power is going to come from.  In this moment say, I AM that I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM and allow that to vibrate through your entire being.  Allow yourself now to move it down into your Sacral, allow those lower energies in your Sacral area, in your lower back and your sexual organs to be fully vitalized.  I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM and feel the vibration in that lower area.  Now let’s go to the base.  Let’s go to the Coccyx area and vibrate the frequencies of these energies that can hold one from moving forward.  Any of the energies that are not part of the Creative Source, that is not part of the entirety of whom you are, but it is stuck in what was, allow that to come out now in the words:  I AM that I AM that I AM.  Ground it – I AM that I AM that I AM – Ground It – I AM that I AM that I AM.  Feel that vibration deep into your base and allow it to transmute any faculties, any particles of yourself that do not fit into the wholeness that you are as you bring forth that wholeness within your Being you will start to see a new paradigm in your life.  This is exactly what needs to occur.  Let’s take a deep breath.  Let’s allow these frequencies to be fully vibrated on higher level as we b ring in the Cosmic Energies of the 22 Rays of God.  Allow yourself to feel the energies of the Silvery White Light, of the Light Blue, of the Deep Purple, of the Cherry Red, of bright Golden colors, the hot deep Pink and the vibrancy into the Violet Gold’s into the Light Gold’s, into the Silvery Gold’s, into the Lavender’s and the frequencies of all levels.  Allow all of those colors to come to you now.  Allow the Platinum’s and the Gold’s and all the frequencies to be part of your Beingness and allow it to be in yourHeartCenter.

Your HeartCenteris now combined with your Solar Plexus on the 5th dimensional frequency and allow this to be incorporated into your physical body. Allow this frequency to NOW be YOU.  Take a deep breath and feel the balance.  The balance of this frequency fully being within your entire bodily functions as you incorporate 22 Rays and 22 Chakras fully incorporated within your physical makeup.  Allow that frequency to be the deciding factor of what is occurring for you. Breathe those frequencies fully within you.  Allow yourself Now to express yourself.  As we bring forth more energetics that will assist you in this process.

As the Divine Mother and the Divine Father of God we see how hard each of you are working and acquiring the skills that are necessary to fully come into complete actualization of your spiritual bodies within these physical bodies. This task is not easy; it is very overpowering and over flowing in the changes that can totally take over one’s composition is great.  Within this composition you can go through many changes and thought processes. Within these thought processes that you are bringing into you reflects upon you greatly and also what you are taking out of you into others.  In the meantime, as you are integrating these energies within your Being, you start to feel a fluctuation within you that was quite different than you had previously and it can change from moment-to-moment.  It is what you need in each moment.  So remember this during your day when you are feeling very out of sync in certain moments, take a deep breath and allow yourself to say the words, “I AM THAT I AM, THAT I AM” and we want you to feel it in your Solar Plexus as it blends into your Heart Center.  We want you to make that one unified structure.  That is our goal this week.  That is our goal to assist you in this process so that you can fully feel the actualizations and the activations that are occurring within the processing of Allowing Yourself to be Whom You Are.

As you allow this to occur, you start to see a condition and movement within you that is quite different than you ever have before.  You will start to be able to move from moment-to-moment very swiftly and easier than you have previously.  But it is not until you fully activate these two chakras as one blended chakra that it can be done in an effortless way.  Because when this occurs; the lower energies get in the way, and it stops you from having full actualization.  You’ll start to see this when you move through these processes that doorways will open up for you much easier than they have in previous circumstances and moments.  In the new moments that are occurring for you, you will see a great activation within your being.  Within this activation, you will start to see a process and an involvement within you that is quite different than you have before.

You have just gone through another very eventful day of the 11:11on November 11th and this is continuing this month, the11:11; so activate the doorways as much as possible when you see yourself moving into the11:11 phases.  Allow the11:11 phases to continue through the end of the month and you will start to see a correlation and a change within you that is quite different than before.  Your relationships are going to be quite different and within these relationships, the fact that you are going to be starting to see individuals opening up further than they were previously.  And how are you going to do this?  Some of you may be asking  for certain individuals in your life to open up into what you are believing and bringing forth into your life.  You have to remember where you were in the beginning stages of your awakening.  Within that awakening it is very important to have patience because the energy is going to help, not with words.  The energetics and this frequency that is coming through to these calls presently is going to assist you into moving into that next step of continuance that is necessary.  When you utilize too much communication with words, you will see the thought forms get in the way of the actual movement of the challenge, and the change that needs to be created within one’s pathway.  As the challenges and the changes are now being created as you walk through new doorways.  Continue to do so.  Each of your days is going to be quite different in each week because each of the moments is going to be quite different and you change from moment-to-moment depending upon what other work you are doing within yourself.  If you are doing meditations, communication with the higher realms, if you are actualizing to work with the Innerplane activities and ashrams while you sleep, these are all going to be parts of yourself that are going to be changing greatly and this great change is going to create a correlation of light within your own bodily functions.

As these bodily functions are created, you are going to see a much higher frequency within your body.  More health and wealth, a higher frequency in your emotional center, in your mental center and more of a balancing affect.  This, in turn, is going to help the relationships that are interactive within you and even ones that are not quite as interactive are now going to start to come forward.  Remember the ones that no longer need to serve its purpose in your personal pathway at this point will decide to move away from you, but it may not be immediate.  But you will see a magnetism coming for souls to come together in the frequency of All That Is within your own lifestyle because now is the time for this to happen. This is a major part of what the doorways were about and a lot of male and female relationships are going to be coming together in unison-to bring forth partnerships that are supposed to be working with each other from Heart centeredness and not Mental or Emotional centeredness.  There is going to be a balance within all of that.  Remember that when you start to find your own balance then those balances will come fully into the aspects that you have been trying to create.  So it is a very powerful time this week.  Powerful time is integration time of the doorways.  It is also a powerful time of actualization of these events to occur.  So prepare yourself for whatever aspects that are necessary in your life.  Put your intentions out there on a daily basis with Your I AM Presence and to each of us along with the Mother and Father God of the Universal and Cosmic structures and the Cosmic Source of Oneness.  It will be reverberated back to you.  Another element that is important is for you to get out into nature and do any of this work would be exceptionally helpful in the frequency that you are.

Let’s all take a deep breath.  We have brought you the words, let’s now bring you the energetics with this.  This is the frequency that is going to help to change your life into a positive and most desirable outcome.

AHHHHHH, AHHHHHH, Holy God of Hosts We are the Divine Presence of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  Fully incorporate the energies of the Creative Source of Oneness that is listening into this energetic movement to allow the focus.  As they blend within the Solar Plexus and their Heart Chakra they can blend it into one chakra.  We ask this attunement to now be activated within each of you.  Allow yourself now to have the intent of what you want to change, what you want to balance, and what you want to create because it shall be so.  It shall be so, it shall be so. because it is the way that is the way of the Creative Source.  It is the way of Oneness as you open up hearts you allow your Heart Chakra to blend with your Solar Plexus into that Oneness of All That Is.

You start to see a movement within you so move the energies into a higher frequency, a higher level of expression and as you allow this expression to occur within, you allow yourself to fully see the activation that is within your soul’s purpose.  Your soul’s purpose is what we want to activate right now.  What is your soul’s purpose right now?  What is your soul purpose – breathe it in.  You may not know.  Do not use your logic.  Do not use your emotions.  Allow the balance of your I AM to be fully within you, breathe, breathe, across your Heart with the Golden flame. Allow the Golden flame to be your guide.  Your pathway…it is a knowingness that is very important to your Being.  Allow this presence that You are to be fully within you and accept those elements.  Accept those elements of truth; accept those elements of clarity, accept those elements of purity.  YOU ARE THAT YOU ARE in this moment and you will change.  You will change greatly in the next 72 hours.  Allow the change to be incorporated within you and as you allow these changes to occur, process exactly what you desire to create.  NOT WHAT YOU DESIRE TO RELEASE, let’s do creation. Which is bringing in the Creative Source right now and allow this Creative Source to make the changes that are necessary.  Let’s take a deep breath.  Let’s have a moment of silence as you put out your intentions.  Be specific in what you would like to have- Fully within your life this week.

Now allow this frequency to be within your Solar Plexus.  Allow this frequency so that it now surfaces into your Heart.  Allow yourself to speak it, to feel it, to express it.  In this frequency that is now occurring you are expressing yourself as a new paradigm of frequency than you have previously.  Allow this frequency to be fully within your body and let it go to your Soul Star and then your Earth Star.  Let it spin outside of you; you not only spin it inside of you but created outside of you.  As your Soul Star and your Earth Star spin in a simultaneous movement, it sends out the vibrations out into the world for you to receive.   Allow the receiving to occur.  Allow the receiving – the spinning is going on within and outside of you through your Heart and Solar Plexus and your Male and Female fully know how to go about in the next step and the next process that you need to incorporate within your Being.  Take a deep breath and allow this frequency to be fully within you.

The Cosmic Great Central Sun, we represent the Cosmic Oneness, we represent your Cosmic Oneness, our Cosmic Oneness, the entire focus of the Cosmic energies and the entire structure to allow these frequencies to be fully within you. To Allow yourself to actualize and be whom you are supposed to be in this world, not what your karma has created you to be.  We allow this to occur Right Now.  We allow this frequency of the Divine Mother and theDivine Father of All That Is; our children, we want to see our children express themselves in the Love and the Divinity of that they are.  Allow this Divinity to be fully within you Now.  Allow yourself to fully accept the aspirations and the life challenges and the acceptance within You with no reservations.  Move forward.  Allow yourself to allow this spark of Light to be within you Now.




Of the I AM Presence of the Cosmic Energies

Representing Divine Mother and Divine Father God at your service

Many blessings bestowed upon you in the Creative Source of Oneness in the

Holy God of Hosts That We Are

Adonai, Adonai ‘Tzebayoth

We Are One

So Mote It Be in the Name of the Christ

Ahhh, Holy God of Hosts We are

We are the Angels, We are the Angels of Light

Thank you for being with us.  Thank you…..