Being In The Receiving Mode ~ April 3rd, 2011

Greetings, Greetings, Greetings,

This is Lord Sananda once again for the cosmic Oneness as the spokes-being for the Christ Consciousness.  Let’s take a deep breath as we center ourselves first of the Golden Flame.  Bring it deeply into the Heart Center and allow that essence to blend with your Thymus of the Seat of Your Soul.  Allow the opening of a doorway to occur within your full body system.

As we feel this essence of the Ray of the Christ Consciousness to fully be within you, allow the Golden Light to transmute and transform anything that does not serve your highest purpose in these moments.  Breathe that deeply into your lower chakras, into your limbs, and into your feet and then upwards into your upper chakras going up into your Crown as the Soul Star and the Earth Star spin simultaneously bringing forth this beam of Golden Flame within your body to relax the body, to relax the organs, muscles, tendons, bloodstream, circuitry system, and the glandular system and all interworkings of the organs, the spinal column.  We ask for any dis-ease in any parts of the body to be regenerated into positive frequencies, a 100% healing within the physical body.  Let’s take a moment right now and just put out to the Universe exactly any issues you may be having physically, Emotionally, or Mentally.


We now ask for a transforming light to take over those areas that need to be healed.  We start first with the physical stating any conditions within the body; we ask for 100% healing in the physical body in this moment now.  We ask Lord Metatron’s angels to assist you on a 24-hour basis of any physical healing.  We now move into the Emotional levels.  Are there any Emotional upsets, instabilities, or feelings that you are centering upon at this time ~ we ask to be fully balanced.  We ask for Archangel Gabriel to send his energies and healing frequencies to come to you; the host of angels of Gabriel.  We now bring forth the Mental level ~ your Mental thoughts ~ a balance of the Mental body. We ask that the Mental body to be fully in balanced – the logical/analyzation that sometimes can occur which is a problem for a lot of people to let go of the whys and the wherefores.  We ask for Archangel Uriel to assist each of you.  Then we ask for any negative energies of debris, negative dross that is in the Etheric level.  We ask the Etheric level to be fully cleared at a 100% capacity of Crystalline light.  Now let’s ask for the integration of everyone’s Higher Self.  If you Higher Self is already fully integrated within your body, we now ask for an activation to energize the Higher Self fully integrated within the physical structure.  Feel that occurring now.

So now we fully ask for a complete opening of a doorway of your four-body system to be activated with your spiritual body of your Higher Self, your soul’s essence.  Allow that activation to be within you.  You are now ready to fully receive the energies this evening.  We are going to be bringing forth some frequencies in receiving all that you desire as this is the New Moon.  But it is more than the New Moon; there are new frequencies ~ it is a new month.  So within this month we fully want to activate the integration of your internalization that you have been asking to receive.  We are going to ask that your entire cellular structure and your vibrancy within all the four-body system that is one complete body, to receive the totality of that essence that is necessary.  So let us take a moment and allow that frequency to be within you.  Allow that activation to occur.

As we do that, we want to talk a little bit about what is happening this week.  The frequencies of light upon the planet, as you know, are increasing and with this increasing ability there is so much more happening within each individual and upon the planet with the changes that are resulting.  There is also a calmness that is starting to happen.  It is not within everyone – you are the ones, the Lightworkers, the individuals that we are asking to allow this calmness to be fully within you.  If you are having a difficult time in receiving calmness, we are going to assist you with this.  Tonight we fully want you to be a receiving agent.  We are going to try and not attune you to such a higher frequency, but for you to activate the receiving energies that are necessary.  Because in these receiving knowledges, you will start to understand what you have been working for is preparing you for these stages.  Many of you are being activated in higher levels in their physical body and many are being challenged.  Some are not ready for these challenges, because they have not done the inner work.  If you have had elements to arise in your life with relationships or difficulties with others, please know that they are in the time-line.  This is all the eventual purpose to allow these events to occur at this very time.  Some of you may have felt this in the past month in preparation for the newness of this month.  What we want to assist you with is to allow the magnetism that you are to receive instead of worrying about what you are supposed to be doing and where you are supposed to be going, and allow yourself to be the conduit of that receiving energy.  As you allow that conduit of the receiving energy to come within you, you will understand exactly what it is you are incorporating within you.  This incorporation is essential.  Don’t fight it.  Don’t fight what is happening to you in these present times.  I speak to you in the reference of the frequencies that are coming through to you and it can become uncomfortable.

Take a moment and do some deep breaths.  Bring in the Golden Flame; allow yourself to just incorporate it and know that you are becoming Cosmic Beings.  You need to become these Cosmic Beings to receive these energies.  It is going to assist you tremendously in the forward days; in the hours ahead because the more calmness you bring forth within you, the more calmness will occur on the planet and within the others that are not feeling calm.  So allow yourself to be the teachers in energetic fields.  This is what we want to assist you with.  As you bring forth these frequencies, you will be allowing yourself to fully access the light within you in a different way than you ever have previously.  It is a beautiful time and within that element, please know that the more you connect with the higher consciousness levels, the more you will receive the opening of the doorway you have been asking for.  If you do not allow yourself in the Receiving Mode, you cannot walk through these doorways, because the lower energies are going to zap you completely.  This is very, very imperative.  This is why some of you are finding times when you are having trouble as in waking up at certain times, going to sleep more, and food issues are changing.   It is imperative to learn what works best for you in your own grounding process and it is going to be different for each person.  This essentially important that the more you intuit these energies in a calm-like state and bring it forth into the essence of Gaia, that is going to assist her in the land masses and the vibrations that are going through her chakra system.

Let’s now take a deep breath and feel that Thymus area and the Heart centering upon the essence of the Golden Ray within your Heart Center.  We are anchoring the Christ Consciousness fully within you as you intuit your Higher Self fully within you.  Remember last week we worked on the Violet Pink Ray of Vibratory Communications.  Some of you may have been feeling that you are starting to feel vibrations from other son a higher level.  Everyone was activated in this area.  Now we want to move into the Third Eye this evening of the 14th Ray and intuit that chakra.  It is still on the fourth dimensional level and we are going to bring in the color of Deep Blue Violet as this has to do with allowing your Mental Mind to surrender.  It is going to integrate within your Third Eye.  Feel that coming within the Third Eye in a clock-wise circular fashion ~ a spinning of Light within the charka and allowing that to assist your Mental to relax.  This is going to help you within the Mental aspect in which some of you are having a difficult time.  Just feel the Mental Mind surrendering and you start to feel the Divine Plan that is part of your pathway.  You may not know what it is but allow it to filter within you.  Just relax ~ as we fully bring forth the energies.

I Am Lord Sananda, at your service, for the Christ Consciousness.  Relax and Embrace the energies.  Namaste!

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun

The Divine Mother and Father God at your service.

We are here to assist you in the pathway of your Divinity and allow yourself to fully embrace the energies this evening.  Breathe deeply…breathe deeply as these essences are fully coming within you to fully accept the changes that have been occurring inside of you.  Allow yourself to know that the Divine Plan that you are is fully activating within your physical being.  As you receive these light frequencies, you will start to the feel the essence and the calmness as it is coming down into your brain waves and allow your Mental Mind to relax as it blends with your Emotional body, feel the essence of the Deep Blue Violet permeating every aspect within you.  As it comes through within you, you start to see a change.  You see the essence that You Are in a new frequency as you RECEIVE.  Just RECEVE the energies in this moment.  Be like a Newborn child that is in the birth cycle as the old is now wiping away and you allow that frequency to fully pull away from you in the essence that you are.  Just allow yourself to fully feel that essence.  Allow yourself to fully feel the completeness that you are.  As you feel this completeness, you start to understand the essence of your Light.  Allow this essence to fully be a flowing body of water.  Feel yourself floating with the water as the water comes over top of you and it flows around you, goes out of you, and then comes back within you.  Allow yourself to be nurtured with the essence of this Light.  As you allow yourself to be nurtured in the frequency of the newborn conditioning process, allow the newness that you may be feeling to be filled up with this Blue-Violet Light and let’s bring in the Golden Light with the Pink-Orange, Pearlescent, Blue-Green, then the Sea foam green, activating all those levels in the fourth dimensional body.  Moving deeper now ~ let’s go into the Deep Purple, the Cherry Red, the Crystalline Light with Golden and Green, White Light with Speckles of Green, allow the deep pink to go deeply within you, accessing the Golden Yellow and the Blue.  Now as we blend all these levels of the frequencies of the fourteen chakras within you, you feel that essence that You Are.  Breathe…deeply…activate the Violet Pink that we activated last week and allow that to blend with the Deep-Blue Violet and just breathe all these colors within.  See them in front of you with an essence of a huge ball of light in all these different frequencies.  Now just take a deep breath.

Breathe and sigh, breathe and sigh…as you do that you are intuiting these frequencies of light fully within your four-body system.  It is going to the essence that you are and allow that vibrancy to be the peacefulness that you need.  As you acquire this calmness within you we now ask the deepness of your Being to fully allow the opening of the doorway of the Golden White into your Crown.  This is your doorway to Ascension.

As you take the deep breath into your Heart, feel your soul actualizing the essence within you and feel the presence of your Light fully activated within you but with a breath of an

Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh… and then


This is your Divinity that you are bringing forth in these moments.  You are allowing yourself to be activated within your physical body and just RECEIVE.  This week we ask for you to fully open yourself to these energies so that you can receive the Divinity that You Are.  For you to receive the physical gifts that are ready to be manifested within your life.  Feel the alchemy within you.  Feel the power of the magic that you have acquired.  Allow yourself to fully accept what it is you desire in this very moment.  Allow it to come ~ see it coming ~ it is rolling towards you ~ And, you open up your arms and you receive.  It is time to RECEIVE.  Within the receiving mode there is a calmness within you ~ an actualization that says “YES, I AM READY, YES, I HAVE ARRIVED, YES I HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED INTO THIS PRESENCE OF THIS LIGHT.”  Feel the wholeness that is occurring within you right now. Feel the Light of the frequency that is yours because you have worked very hard to receive this ~ RECEIVE ~ Feel it going down into your Root and into your Earth Star.  Ground it deeply.  It is now time to ground.  Feel the vibration but allow it to fully go into your feet and down into the ground, the core of the earth.  As you do, it vibrates into the land masses and you feel the calmness coming through to you.  We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, want to embrace you with the Light that We Are.  We reach out our arms to you in this moment and bathe you in a beautiful pink light of compassion and love.  Allow this Pink Light of compassion and love to fully be a blanket around you.  Feel this blanket totally around you from the bottom of your feet to the top of Crown.  Pull it around your Heart and breathe it in; allow the Pink to come fully ~ this is your manifestation to occur.  This is your active intelligence ~ allow the full manifestation of the calmness and receiving mode to fully be activated within your Being.  Now breathe it down into your Solar Plexus.  As you breathe it down into the lower chakras, it allows the changes to occur.  Allow the frequency to occur to be fully in the activation you are.  Just breathe this blanket of love.  It comes from our Heart ~ it comes from our Being to your Being of Light.  We embrace you with this love ~ it is your receiving mode.  Allow yourself to be embraced by the beauty of this Light.  Allow yourself to be activated in the blessing that you are.

Now we take this Pink Light and ask of to put your thought process fully in front of you as if it is a blanket or piece of beautiful cloth in this bright Pink color.  You put into the blanket your wishes of what you desire this week.  Only this  week ~ let’s not go forward.  Let’s fully allow your thought process to be in there.  Take a moment and just visualize in words, vision, or whatever you feel you need to embrace within the Pink Light ~ in this moment.


Then we visualize folding the blanket or cloth around your wishes and allow those desires to be manifested as the Pink Light is represented of the action occurring within you.  We take the Pink Light and breathe it down our legs into our feet as we ground it to our Earth Star for it to appear around us.  Allow our Merkabah vehicle to fully activate this and it comes back up and around us ~ around our Crown , around the essence of our chakras, of our Light Body.  This is your activation.  See the doorway opening ~ the doorway of the Newness occurring for you of this week.  Allow this frequency to be fully within you.  Allow yourself to know that you shall receive this week in a different way than you ever have before.  You will receive the Divinity of your wishes of the manifestation that is necessary for you to feel the balance that you need.  Breathe deeply as you feel that essence within your Heart.  As you feel it in your Thymus ~ as you feel it within your Solar Plexus ~ allow all those elements to blend into those areas as you feel the power within you.  You are New-Born Being in this body but you also are an old soul with wisdom and knowledge.  And as you receive, you shall embrace the wealth that you are.  The wealth of the being and the frequency to allow it to be fully within your body ~ within your life.  We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, fully ask that every person that is here in this moment, listening to this recording, or reading these words fully activate within them.  It is now time for each of these individuals to receive so they can share it on the Earth.  Share it deeply ~ allow every person to express themselves in the essence and the purity that they are.

We now ask that this activation come fully within your Beingness, within your life for the next three days.  Allow the activation to be motivated within your body, your mind your emotions, and your Spirit.  As you are now activated within one full body of Beingness, of your 4th dimensional body.  Allow that 4th dimensional body to be fully activated with all these colors that we have brought forth previously.  Fell the essence of the Light Golden White and the essence of the Deep Blue Violet and the Violet Pink, the Gold, the Pink Orange, the Pearlescent, the Blue-Green, the Seafoam Green, the Deep Purple, the Cherry Red, the Crystalline with Golden and Green, White Light with Green Sparkles, the deepness of the Pink, of the Golden Yellow and the Blue.  As you bring forth all of these frequencies in the balance of your 4th dimensional chakra grid.  We ask that every individual be able to activate this chakra grid.  Because why?  They are ready, they are listening and they activate it form their Higher Self, their Soul’s Essence, and now is the time to fully allow the embracement of the manifestation that they desire as each individual is being reborn in this moment, in this time of 2011 in this month of April in the New Moon.  Breathe and allow that frequency to be fully within you.  Allow yourself to fully receive.  Let it be so as it is done by the powers of the Light that each of you are.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun now ask that this activation fully be incorporated with these elements within your life as each of you are the Newborn elements of the Christ Consciousness within these bodies.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun

I AM your Mother and your Father and we embrace you in this moment of light and activation.  Let it be so.  Let it be done.  So it is.  As we bring Heaven to Earth right within your Being.  We are One; We are One; We are One.

This is Lord Sananda speaking again.  What you have just received is a blessing for the pathways that each of you are walking upon.  This week will be quite different than other weeks.  There is a great element of not just change, but frequency of being reborn.  So allow yourself to know that what you have been actualizing and putting your intentions out to fully embrace them within you with this activation, of the Deep Pink and allowing that to fully be your guide.  Each of you is being attuned to a different level of consciousness than you were before.  Expect changes to happen; they may be subtle~they may be strong.  It depends on what you are ready to receive and please know that it all happens in Divine Order even the times when they have been very challenging and painful.  But each of you are learning to aspire to higher frequencies within these bodies and is now time for you to fully accept the Divinity and the Acceptance within you.  We are proud to walk among you at this time and we are honored for the work that you are doing.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service in all moments of Creation.



Purity of the Heart ~ March 27th, 2011

Good evening.

This is Lord Sananda speaking.  It is a pleasure to be here in this moment and to bring forth the Christ Consciousness of the love and the continuation of life.

Well, the energies are continuing for each of you.  We are in a  very power essence time, and within that power essence time, egos are showing their way.  Unfortunately, this is what is happening with a lot of people out there, and we want to help each of you discern how to bring in your own power and essence within your beings so you can accept yourself more fully and when you communicate with others that may not understand who you are, it is important that we tap into the highest essence that we are.  As we fully do that there is going to be an acceptance within each of you that is going to allow you to bring forth those level of frequency within your mind, your heart, and your body and to bring that balance in that you truly desire to have.  It is very, very important that we understand what is happening within each of us because if there are interactions occurring with others, it is important for you to speak your truth.  Within that truth the communication can get lost time at times.  The communication gets lost because the emotions and the mental thoughts can get in the way of the pure essence that you truly are.

So what we want help you with is to fully integrate the Vibratory Communication.  We want you to accept within yourself how to bring forth those Vibratory Communications through your Throat area of the fourth dimensional level ~ so that you are not talking from the third dimensional level, and you may be actualizing from the fifth dimensional but how do you communicate to another.  Do you communicate within the Heart and Essence that you are?  Do you communicate within your Divinity but sometimes those essence/feelings, you cannot put fully into words because your concept on this level has not fully formulated into the words that are necessary.  Sometimes others cannot understand what it is that you are trying to communicate because as we have said relationships are changing greatly, and within these relationships, the higher frequency relationships are the ones that are going to last.  The ones that are not lasting are the ones that you have tried to have in your life which can cause a lack of understanding as you communicated.  Your intention is to speak in a higher level but can be misunderstood in a lower level. What happens with this is that sometimes the reaction that you will receive is not the one you expected.  But the most important thing is to continue with your Vibratory Communication on that higher fourth dimensional level so you can fully actualize the ability to communicate from your heart.  What is happening is that you are learning to fully communicate from the higher frequency and when it comes into your physical body it has not fully actualized to the higher frequency, it can get distorted.   And some that have that higher frequency that are trying to bring forth those energies to another, may not fully understand the essence is coming from ~ the Purity of your Heart is what is what is necessary.  So this is what we want to help you with is to bring in the Vibratory Communication but also to have the purity.  Within that purity what happens is to have the inner stability to have humility; because at these times you are being challenged.  The challenges are coming greatly.   The coming within others,  around you, the acceptance and the receiving mode.  All you can do is to totally communicate those thoughts in the way that you know best from your Highest Sense ~ from your God essence, from the purity that you are to others and if that is not received in the way that you expected it, it is not for you to take.  All you can do is share in the Purity of your Heart.   So this is what were going to help you with tonight is to open up your Vibratory Communication.  And we are going to open up that Throat chakra on that fourth dimensional level.  And as we do that, we are going to bring in the acceptance and the frequency that you are.

So let’s take a deep breath and within that deep breath we are fully going to bring in the essence and the beauty of the Vibratory Communication in Violet Pink.  Allow this now to be your guide.  Breathe deeply into your throat area.  Now the first thing we’re going to bring in the first seven rays on a Cosmic level.  So let’s breathe deeply the Blue into your Throat, for Personal Power and Will and now we bring in the Golden Yellow for Love and Wisdom into our Crown. Then we move into the Bright Pink into the Heart for Physical Action; this is where you do your manifestation into yourHeartCenter.  Ray Four is White Light mixed with Crystalline Light of the Harmony and Beauty into your Root.  Into your Third Eye we move into the colors of Green, Gold, and mixed with White Light for Science of Knowledge.  Feel that spinning and lightly bring in the aspects of these rays.  Ray Six of Devotion of which I am overlighting with of the Deep Cherry Red into the Solar Plexus.  Ray Seven of the Deep Purple of Ceremonial Magic and Transmutation into your Sacral chakra.  Ray Eight ~ Seafoam Green into the Seat of your Soul, your Thymus.

Let’s now take a deep breath and allow the Seafoam Green go to all of your chakras – all of your physical body.  Continuing into your Etheric level, moving into your Emotional body and your Mental body.  This is your illumination out into the world.  Then we move into the Blue-Green into your Root and mix it with the first colors, blended within.  This is Joy and the Attraction of the Body of Light. Then we move to the 10th Ray of Pearlescence of Anchoring the Body of Light into the Sacral chakra.  Next we move into the Pink Orange which represents the Bridge of the New Age into the Solar Plexus.  Lastly, now we move into the Anchoring of the Christ Consciousness of the Golden Ray into the Heart.  All of these rays allow them to blend within you.  Allow that frequency to be your guide.  Now that you have become a beam of light of the Blue, the Yellow, the Pink, the White mixed with Crystalline Light and speckles of Green, the Gold mixed with White Light and Green, Cherry Red, Deep Purple, Seafoam Green, Blue-Green, Pearlescence, Pink-Orange, and Gold.  Now they’re all blending together ~ not within their separate chakras.  Now we move into the Violet Pink which is manifesting the Vibratory Communication.  Let’s go deep within this into your Throat.  Allow that to be our guide right now.  We don’t want to go any further.  This is the start of your fourth dimensional chakras within these areas.  As we come into the Throat area, we feel the essence of that vibration within you.  Allow yourself to be fully activated and materialize elements that you have not been able to do so previously.  As the Violet Pink is now in the Throat, blend it through the rest of the chakras.  And allow your intuition to be your guide in this moment.  Allow yourself to just bring it upwards and downwards as it goes into your cellular structure, all aspects of your Being in your Physical body to all the organs, muscles, and tendons, the blood stream, circuitry system, glandular system, and then allowing all the vibrancy moving into your Etheric level, Emotional level, and your Mental level.  Let’s bring in the Spiritual level ~ the Essence of your Higher Self, if he or she is not already integrated.  Invite them into your Being, into your Thymus and your Heart.  Feel that essence and the purity that you are.  This is going to help you tremendously.

As we do that we are going to integrate the colors of the higher rays.  I am not going to tell you which chakras they are associated with but just blend them all together. Breathe in Deep Blue Violet, Light Golden Light, Light Violet White, Multi White, Pink Gold, Magenta, Violet Gold, Blue Gold, and then Platinum.  As you do that you feel the essence of your being more fully activated and allowing that to be your guide.  We have just brought in all 22 Rays of God to help you incorporate the Vibratory Communication and the essence and the purity that you are as you allow yourself to have that humility and humbleness to have the ability to bring in these aspects within you.  Breathe deeply, through those aspects and allow yourself to accept the Divinity That You Are in this moment.  You are now ready for the activation.

I am Lord Sananda, at your service, for the Christ Consciousness.

Blessings and Love to each of you.  Enjoy.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

The Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service.

We are One; We are One.

Blessings to you, blessings, I just want to say a nice welcome of Robin sitting here in Christine’s living room.  What a beautiful day it is ~ what a beautiful day as we all communicate and connect with each other of Vibratory Communication.  We are moving up everyone, ladies and gentlemen.  You are allowing our vibrations to move into a higher frequency or else we would not be bringing forth this information in this moment. So allow yourself to just breathe all these colors that we have been bringing into you from Lord Sananda.  Thank you, Lord Sananda, for bringing forth this frequency.

This frequency of light right now is to assist you in learning how to communicate to others on a high vibrational level.  It is not just about manifesting; materializing and de-materializing; it is about the essence of being able to communicate through vibration.  As you communicate through vibration you will see that the words will change.  The words will not have a meaning as they previously did and when you understand that you will see what you have accepted in your life.  What you have accepted in your communication with others.  Some of these communications that are going to be coming forward from this point onward, are going to be very challenging; but a lot of them are very love-centered and bring forth the Purity of your Heart.

What is the Purity of Heart?  The Purity of your Heart is allowing your male and female to be totally balanced to bring forth the Christ Consciousness and also to allow yourself to accept the Divinity that you are.  So now as you integrate these energies within your body, you fully integrate the frequency around you, the frequency becomes a vibration.  It is no longer just your words.  As each of you are learning to accelerate yourself into new levels of frequency, you are moving into the essence of your being.  Within that essence of your being the frequency within you is changing.  How you may react, how you may feel, is going to be different.  At first, one can bring you down and within that downward spiraling, it can cause a lower vibration to happen to you.  But that is the old you.  You must remember, you must take a moment, and breathe.  You must allow yourself to say to yourself, “Whoa, whoa, this is not right.”  Even though a part of you may say, you must do it this way.  But then, you realize, no that is not what I would like to receive in return.  I must show this person the Purity of my Heart.

What is the Purity of Your Heart?  This is what the love consciousness is about, the Oneness is about, that each of us is longing to be within each other.  We are on different levels of communication.  We are all on different levels of consciousness, but we have one common goal.  We bring forth our essence of our Divinity that we are.  You are a spark of us, and we are a spark of you.  Nothing can ever change that – nothing ever can change that.  No matter what happens – in your life – nothing can change the fact that we are all part of each other.  Some of us may not like each other and that is because we are not from the same cellular group of energy.  Some of us need to look at others in that purity.  When you look at each other in the Purity of the Heart, then you will start to understand exactly what is occurring.  And within that understanding, the will be a Divinity within you ~ an eye-popping moment ~ Yes, I am becoming a Goddess, yes, I am becoming a God because in order to be as Gods and Goddesses, we must have the essence of our pureness fully embodied.  Without that embodiment, we cannot fully actualize the purity and this is the essence we want to bring forth to each of you this evening.  As we also have been working with the energies of the Violet Pink, allow that essence to fully come within you.  You will start to see how the creation of your pathway changes from time to time.  Now is the time; now are these moments.  You are now in the spring, you are now in the activation ~ Activate what you need.  All the rest will fall away, and you will see that it is not part of your reality.  And the ones that you feel so connected with on a physical level, you must realize that your vibration must still keep changing. Remember you are the most important aspect ~ I do not care if you are a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, an aunt or an uncle or a very close friend ~ the first thing you need to think about is your own Divine Spark.  Then, as you bring forth that Divine Spark, it will spread out to others.  And you will see how the essence that you are is going to be like liquid gold ~ flowing out of you, and allowing it to expand into other spaces. That is what is going to help you feel better about yourself. This is when you will see the rewards coming back to you.  Not through your mind, not through your emotions, it is going to be that purity of the wholeness that you are as we bring in those frequencies. Allow this to be your guide ~ nothing else.

We look at the Heart this evening in the Purity of the Heart as a mixture of the colors and not just the separateness as we have discussed previously.  It is now time to come into your wholeness and allow yourself to have that complete Divine Aspect within You to accept your Divinity.  This is your acceptance; allow the Purity of your Heart to be accepted.  It does not matter what the thought processes are; it does not matter what the emotional feelings are.  That is an earth experience.  What you need to remember is that you are Cosmic; you are Cosmic Beings in these bodies and they are being actualized in a completely different way than they ever have before.  So with that being said, let’s all take a deep breath.

Within that deep breath, we allow, as we have brought forth to you all of the Rays of God but especially up through the Throat of the fourth dimensional level, of the Violet Pink.  Allow the Violet Pink to be within you; the Violet of the Transmuting Flame and Pink of the compassion and Love. So if you think about that as you breathe in those colors all the way through the Violet Pink from the top of your Crown into the bottom of your feet and allow the Violet to be the transmuting flame.  Allow it to transmute any feelings, any thoughts that are not of the pureness that you express.  Allow this to be fully in flame now as we bring forth the Violet essence of the fourth dimensional level, and then we bring in the Bright Pink.  We bring in that Pink as a communicative force but also an essence of manifestation of many different levels with the compassion and love.  Beyond compassion and love which you have ever expressed is a compassion and love of all levels of the God Force of the 49 dimensions, of the 352 Levels of Creation to the highest aspect of the God Force allowing it to come from the Cosmic, the Multi-Universal, Universal, Galactic, and the Solar right into the Planetary coming into your physical body.  Feel it expanding right now ~ allow the Purity of your Heart to expand as it expands into your Throat and down into your Thymus, Heart, and Solar Plexus. Feel all the chakras becoming one chakra as you are just a beam of light of all these colors.  And allow yourself to just sit and open up your palms.

Receive the Vibratory Communication that is trying to come to you and assist you in the Divinity and the Balance that you are.  As you bring forth that Divinity and the Balance you start to accept.  You accept that you are a Cosmic Being in this body and allow it to integrate within you.  Allow the body to accept as you fully relax ~ relax and embrace the purity that you are.  Let it come into yourHeartCenter.  Let it go into all your emotions, into your lower chakras that are not accepting what you need to integrate.  Then you will be able to communicate from the purity that you are.  You may not like what you receive in return but eventually you will receive it and even from the same individual.  Because there will be a frequency that will accept you in a different manner than you ever have before.  Allow yourself to be still.  We ask that everyone receive the Purity within the Heart center with the Violet Pink. We ask for this Vibratory Communication to balance out everything else that is happening.  We ask each of you NOW to make a command, a wish, or desire within your being, within yourHeartCenterof what you need assistance with to help you to accept your Cosmic energies; to help you accept the Divinity that you are within this spark.  What is it that you need?  It may be something from another person.  It may just be an essence from Spirit?  It may be a frequency; it may be something material.  And let’s just breathe that in right now.  Let’s take a moment and send it out to each of us in the Cosmic Forces so we can help you to manifest this energy.  This is about you and feeling better.  Allow that to be within you now as we take a deep breath.  We now ask for an activation within theHeartCenteras we have brought in the Violet flame asking to transmute any lower energies that do not assist in the purity in everyone’s heart.  Allow this energy to activate you in a new level of frequency and remove – remove all discordant thoughts – remove all discordant chords – remove anything that does not serve the highest purpose in this moment, within thisHeartCenter, of the balance of the male and the female, the balance of the Christ Consciousness fully within theHeartCenter.  Breathe through that as you feel that being removed.  It may be something on the physical, it may be on the emotional, it may be on the mental.  We need to bring the balance with all the bodies together.  Now we ask for the Pink – the vibrancy of the Pink and the activation of compassion, love and Purity to fully be within thatHeartCenter– to fully allow the embracement and the receiving of these energies to occur.

We ask now for this activation to be within every being that is listening or reading this material in these moments.  There is no timeline on this – you can do this as many times as you want.  RECEIVE ~ RECEIVE ~ RECEIVE.  It is your time to Receive.  Feel it coming deep within you.  As you feel that essence within you, you feel it within your Heart, you feel it within your Solar Plexus and your Thymus and your Throat, the Vibratory Essence that you are is now being activated.  Allow this activation to sit deeply within you.  Your conversations, your communications, and your interaction with others is now going to be different.  Allow yourself to feel this purity within that you shall know in each moment what it is that you need to say or not to say and if you need to say something, and you are too upset with it, take a deep breath and bring in this Violet Pink light to assist you in the purity that you are.  This is the assistance; this is the frequency that is needed deeply within your being.  Breathe deeply and allow that to go down to your Earth Star and upwards to your Soul Star as you allow it to spin through you.  Allow it to spin through your Earth Star upwards through your chakra column into your Soul Star and then feel it spin outwards into your Etheric level, Emotional level, Mental level and then the Spiritual body is activated and you are all one huge body of light.  Allow these vibrations to be within you.  Now you are a pure conduit – much purer than you were before.  Accept the activation that you can move up the ladder quickly.  You can allow the vibration to be through you and accept the purity of your Heart deeply within your physical.  We of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God want to say thank you once again.  We cannot help but be in great gratitude of who you are and you being on the earth at this time ~ all of the Lightworkers that are activating these energies.  It is very important that everyone remove these lower egos and embrace the frequency of community.  Not just to be caretakers and take over others.  But to be in balance as equals.  Allow the equanimity that you are – that you were brought forth from the beginning to be activated through the Vibratory Communication.  This is what is going to assist you more than physical communication.  It will be an intertwining of the energies in the same moment ~ All blessings that we are together.  We thank you for being with us in this moment.  We, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the I AM Cosmic Presence, bring forth this creative energy from the Source of Oneness to our family, to our children upon the Earth, to our children in all planetary modes, to feel the cellular structure of us being all one embryo as we bring forth this vibrancy of the Violet Pink flame.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service and in your light ~ as you serve us, we serve you, and this is our honor to express our divinity in the purity of our hearts onto the purity of your hearts as we become one heart together.

In the name of the Holy God of Hosts

Adonai ‘Tzeboyoth

We Are One, We Are One, We Are One

This is Lord Sananda, once again.  I think that the message speaks for itself.  We are moving into the Vibratory Communication. We want each of you to bring forth the pureness of your heart and the deepness along with expressing it from the pureness of your heart.  This is essentially important with your relationships whether they are new relationships or old relationships ~ please know that when you do express yourself, you may receive not what you would like but in turn, we believe, that the purity within everyone’s hearts will be fully opened.  And if they are not opened, then they will be removed from your consciousness, from your lifestyle, or from your pathway.  We are now ready to accept all aspects of Oneness in all ways of working and playing within the community, within our hearts, and the acceptance that we all are together.

I Am Lord Sananda for the Christ Consciousness.  Blessings to you as we all vibrate our communications within each other.  Allow the Violet Pink to be your guide from this point forward.  I am in honor to be with you in these moments.  Namaste.

Stabilization of Activations ~ February 20th, 2011

This is Lord Sananda at your service.  It is a pleasure to be here once again with all of you.  I can see the group is growing.  It is a marvelous thing as each of you intuit these energies, you are sharing with so many, so so many.  Thank you for taking the challenge of being in this space, in this moment.

Yes, the frequencies of Light have been extremely strong and these frequencies of Light coming into each of you has been very empowering and very flowing.  Some of you may have been feeling it differently than others and it is all you need to receive in those moments.  Please remember that this can change in a moment’s notice so whatever you have been experiencing know that can create a new paradigm of frequency within you and as this frequency changes, you will start to see that there may be elements that are arising for you due to the influctuations of the frequencies and vibrations occurring within each of you individually and collectively.  The Earth is healing greatly because of what you are doing and you need to be commended with this aspect so allow yourself to fully know that you are bringing in this frequency to this allowance of movement within your physical body for you to show it to others.

The uncomfortableness that some of you may have been feeling is due to the direct exchange of karmic debts of frequencies that need to be released so please do not be too hard on yourself with the elements that have been shifting within you.  Some of you have been feeling as if you are in a frequency of higher level, and this is because you are.  As these frequencies shift and change, you start to see the elements within you in a different way than you ever have before.  The process is always to reflect upon yourself each day and what you are doing is very, very important to have your own meditative state within your own guidance as best as you can to utilize your own tools of what you need to be doing.  This will assist you in understanding the processes that are happening within you personally.  As these processes happen with you, you will start to see a continuance within your physical life that you did not see before.  The doorways are being opened into a higher frequency to allow the essence of the beauty that you are to be fully incorporated within the body.  At times this can be very challenging.

This evening what we want to try and do is activate what everyone has been feeling in the last week especially with the full moon and solar flares and to stabilize the energies that have been occurring.  Once we stabilize these energies, you will start to feel that you are on a new level of completeness, accessibility because the changes that resulted in the full moon activation created aNew World- aNew Worldwithin yourself and within the people and the connections around you.  If you not seen this happening yet, you will.  Allow it to just enfold within you.

Let us all take a deep breath.  As we take that deep breath we totally want to open up our complete chakra column.  We are going to work with our Soul Star this evening by asking it to spin in a clockwise manner.  The Soul Star is going to spin right through your chakra column; as it is doing this it will bring in a Crystalline Light.  What we are doing with this is bringing the Soul Star through the whole chakra column to clear out the debris, the elements that are stopping the full activations, the thought forms that may be stopping you and allow everything to be clear in a defined basis.  Breathing deeply within that area, the Soul Star is now going to move from the Crown while clearing and opening up all elements within each of the chakras.  It moves into the Third Eye with the Crystaline Light, being very clear, many colors within the Crystalline Light, rainbows of colors moving down to the Throat allowing it to be fully clear.  We then connect with the Thymus of the Seat of the Soul and allow that to be clear; breathing deeply.  It comes now into the Solar Plexus and then into the Sacral, the Root, and moving down from your Root into your limbs and into your feet as the Earth Star and Soul Star are now meeting.  The entry of your soul to come into the column is now open.  As your soul is now going to come in through theAntakaranaBridge,RainbowBridge, in through your chakra column and allow your Higher Self to sit in your Thymus, Heart, and Solar Plexus.  The Soul Star and the Earth Star now spin and the Soul Star is now going to go outside of you and move upwards around you.  Visualize it coming from your feet, moving up in front of your body, and spinning in your Etheric Body.  As it comes upwards, it is going to be in its original position above the Crown.  Now there should be the Crystalline Light influencing within your Being and feel the beautiful light within you actualizing deeply.  Allow that to be intuited within all aspects of you as the Higher Self is now blending with the other four bodies as the Spiritual Body now comes through and around you.  As the lower four bodies become the Light Body feel that frequency within you.  That’s great and now breathe deeply within your Heart, Thymus, and Solar Plexus as they vibrate with the colors of Pink, Deep Cherry Red, and Seafoam Green.  Allow your Lotus Heart to be completely open.  Allow yourself to fully feel the essence of your Being as your Light Body has now been activated.  This is exactly what each of you were experiencing in the Solar Flares.  Your Light Body is being activated from the Solar level and allow that frequency to be fully within you.  You are the Light Body, the Light Body is you.  Embrace that energy now and allow it to ground through your Earth Star.  Vibrate those energies from your Earth Star into Gaia feeling strength of Light going deep into the core of the Earth to the crystal within the Earth.  Now you should feel a sense of completeness within you and the completeness is the activation of all of your bodies coming together within One Body.  Say to yourself:

I AM __________ (state your name, or your soul name if you know it), One Body.

I AM one unified body of Light.

I AM one with all my bodies.

Breathe through that.

Now it is time for us to feel the activation of Divine Mother and Father God.  I Am Lord Sananda at your service.  Thank you for being here with me.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God at your service.

In this moment, breathe deeply as we express our Divinity within you as you are expressing your Divinity within u,s as we come into the Oneness and the Creation That We Are.  We are One in all aspects of consciousness; We are One in all aspects of feeling, We are One in all aspects of thoughts.  Allow this frequency to be fully activated within your full body system.  Breathing deeply – breathing deeply.

It is our pleasure to be here once again.  This is the Divine Mother and Divine Father God to bring forth our unification of our light onto each other.  Each of experienced this light last week in the frequencies of so many activations.  As you experienced these frequencies, there has been an enveloping amount of continuance within your physical being and you may not even realize what is happening.  Some of you may not be aware of it, some of you may be very aware of it, and some of you may be partially aware of it.  The planet was infiltrated with great light forms last week.  It is an activation of a continuance of what has been continuing this whole month.  It is the heart-centeredness, it is the Divine spark of whom each of you are so that you can fully bring this Divine spark onto the planet.  So much is happening upon the planet as you can see and a lot of it is very positive; some of it is not very positive, but it is getting better.  And it is getting better because each of you are incorporating these energies within you.  It is our Divine pleasure this evening to say, “We are in gratitude for you being upon the Earth at this time.”  Embrace this gratitude; we want to send it to you.  Some of you are having a very challenging time, some of you are wishing to be elsewhere because you are already there.  Your bodies are being challenged and infiltrated, activated in ways that you never thought possible that none of us ever thought was possible.

This time in age is now upon us.  It is time for you to enjoy the moment that you can.  And the moments that are not as enjoyable infiltrate them with more light.  Allow them to filter through you.  The moments that you feel out of sorts, pain is coming into your body, vibrations are coming into your cellular memories, headaches can result, sleeplessness, too much sleep, it is a time to nurture.  Your society does not allow that to be in your daily work day.  So impress it upon yourself to make a change.  It is a time to be the way-shower within your own individuality and it is now time to wake up to exactly what you need to be doing in each moment.  And each moment can be different.  If you allow that frequency to be fully within you, you will start to see the changes and the integrations going a rate that is easier for you to handle.  Embrace these moments of time; embrace these moments of changes.  so tonight we impress upon you to fully allow them to run through you and activate you.  Within those aspects, you should start to feel the changes that are rising within because what exactly is happening, the Divine Feminine Principle, the activation of the Sacred Heart within your own heart is being more fully activated than previously.  We have been preparing you for this in the previous months.

This month was a beauty upon beauty upon this Earth.  Within this beauty there is this element of greatness and continuation of your spirits on those higher frequencies to come within your being.  It is important to put those thoughts aside.  It is important to put those emotions where they need to be.  Let them come out and if the tears are coming, let them flow.   I know it can be very debilitating and painful but when you are going through those processes, think about what you are letting go.  Think about is actually occurring within you.  That is the beauty of the tears.  That is the beauty of the pain being released and don’t worry about what the pain is.  It does not matter.  Do not say “I don’t know what’s going on” because you are not going to know what is happening.  You don’t have to know what’s going on, just allow it to be.  Allow yourself to infiltrate these frequencies within you for you to be whom you should be – Whom You Are, not what you think.  So embrace the thoughts of nothingness when this occurs.  Sit and allow the tears to come; allow the frustrations to be removed; let it flow out of you. Take the baths.  Get your bodies in water.  Allow the wind to take it away from you.  Allow the sun to burn down upon you and let you feel the warmth.  Whatever it is, express yourself onto the Earth as each of you are healing together.  It is not a separate element.  All is in unison at this time.  As this unification occurs, the frequency that is happening within you is allowing you to embrace the Divinity, the Light, the compassion, the Love, the joy that You Are.  Don’t allow any other thoughts to be there.  Express yourself in this joy to others, however, it may be with a touch, or a look, with an embrace, with words across a paper that are so loving that your old self would have said, “Why am I writing this?  I am making myself vulnerable.”  Yes, vulnerability is the key to compassion and love in your life.  Allow yourself to express this; allow yourself to fully BE You.  Not the physical you, the soul’s essence that is vibrating and permeating out of your body.  It is seeping out of the waves of your skin to share with others.

Let us now take a deep breath.  As you take this deep breath, you feel the Light body that has been activated by Lord Sananda.  As this Light Body has been activated, you are now ready to fully embrace the Divinity that You Are.  We call upon the energies of the Cosmic Oneness, of the Creative Source of All That Is to assist us in this activation in this moment as we of the Cosmic Great Central Sun embellish upon each individual listening, reading, or being here in this moment to receive this full activation – allowing each of these individuals to share within themselves the Light that is bright, the Love that is so encompassing, the compassion within their hearts to move through all elements within them. We ask, we ask the frequency of this Light to be fully within each individual.  As it moves into your Crown, allow it to move into your chakra column and going to every cellular structure, allow it to go to the Physical body, to the Etheric body, to the Emotional body, and to the Mental body.  Allow it to be in the Spiritual body.  The spiritual essence that you are is now showing to you within your heart this essence, this individuality the beauty that we see in each of you, allow it to shine, allow it to grow. It is bubbling from your feet.  Allow the bubbles to come up ~ the bubbles of love, joy, compassion, as it moves through your entire being as the Light comes down to your Crown it is bubbling up from your feet and it is meeting with each other.  It is allowing the frequencies of Light that you experienced from the previous week in this month to fully be activated in the pure essence that you are ~ not with pain, not with lack, but with abundance with encompensating love within you.  Feel those moments; feel the energy; feel the vibration; feel all these activations.  Everything you perceived centers upon your heart.  Feel the vibration within your Sacred Heart; feel the divine feminine that is within each of you. Allow that frequency of compassion and love and nurturing and the essence and beauty that you are.  Feel it vibrating into your back, into your bloodstream, your spinal column, and all your fluids, you are Love.  You are Joy and You are the expression of All That Is.  This is now activating within you.

We are now going to ask for an additional activation of energies that each of you now put an intention out to us.  What is it that you would like to receive right now for this week?  For this moment you are listening, what is it you desire for your life to become better, for the doorways to be open and your path to be illuminated with this beautiful light that you are.  Let us hear your plea as we take a moment and allow us to receive your message.


We now ask, we now command that each of you receive this wish, this command, this intention within your full body structure not in your Mental, Emotional, or your Spiritual, we ask it to be grounded within your feet. We ask that you receive the Divinity and this wish to be manifested within you.  Allow that to  occur for you in this moment.  Feel the activation moving through your entire being.  Have the embracement and no thoughts ~ you are a full Light Body so there are no lower thoughts; it’s only higher thoughts.  Feel that vibration coming to you now as it swirls around you colors of Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Crystalline, Rainbow colors and allow those to swirl completely around you.  Ground it through your Earth Star sending it to the core of the Earth, to the crystal for it to be fully manifested within that area.  It is important to ground your wishes so we ask that each individual listening or reading at any given time, there is no time frame on this, to fully activate this wish and if you choose to listen to this or read it again, make anew wish.  Allow the manifestations to be in your life; allow yourself to feel it deeply within your Solar Plexus right now as it is being activated with the Devotional Ray.  Allow the Devotional Ray to be fully incorporated within your Being as you feel it permeating into your cells into all aspects as your cellular is changing and your DNA is being activated.  Breathe deeply through that and feel the essence that you are.  Feel the power within you and the energy forms you felt last week are positive, not negative or lower forms even though it may have felt so.  Breathe that and send it down through your feet into Gaia, through the Earth Star as it is spinning  very deeply and moving those energies. Allow those wishes to be granted as they are your wishes, they are your commands, and you are the commander of Your Destiny and your Reality.

It has been our pleasure of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God to embellish upon you these wishes within you.  All we are is the activator, you are the instigator.  You are the ones that are fully activating it.  All we are is allowing it to happen and giving you frequency to receive because as you receive, we will receive as we mirror one another in the Creation of Oneness.  May blessings be bestowed upon your Being this moment.

I AM that I AM that I AM tht I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun

I AM the Lord God Hosts at your Service

Blessings in the name of YHWH


This is Lord Sananda again.  Embrace it, activate it, and allow it to be.  It is your time to shine.  It is your time to embrace and share this light with the Earth and with others.  It will permeate through your entire being, through your auric field, and allow that auric field to expand in waves of Love, in waves of Light, and waves of Expression of whom you are.

I am Lord Sananda at your service as the spokesperson for the Christ Consciousness.  We are One in the Golden Flame.

The Golden Flame Within ~ January 30th, 2011

Good Evening,

This is Lord Sananda speaking.  Tonight is a very special night.  You are at the end of a cycle of January and moving into a cycle of February.  So what we would like to assist you with this evening is to allow the frequency that is flowing within you and around you to be fully balanced.  We also want to prepare you for the new energies that are going to be coming in.

Christine, is correct, the February energies are going to be more heart-centered as you allow yourself to fully balance the frequencies of your Heart, within your Male and Female, as this is becoming stronger every month, every day, every moment in the frequency of All That Is which is part of whom you are.  As we are in this frequency of love, we want to assist you with any debris that needs to be removed.  We want you to take a deep breath and within the breath we want you to think about this January, the first month of this new year of 2011 and what it has been to you.  We want you to go into your Mental thoughts and go into your Emotional thoughts and allow them to be fully released of any aspects of yourself that have not been taken care of, that you no longer want to hold onto.  As we do that, we bring forth to you the Golden Flame, first into the Emotional level; we want to bring it into the left side of your body.  Allow the emotional level to be fully free and clear; ready to be attuned to a higher frequency.  As you will be in preparation for the new energies, that are about to come forward in a few days.  Think of your feelings, think about emotions, sadness, happiness, joyfulness, blissfulness – do you have more of a balance.  Did you have issues within you that were staying too long?

So let’s just breathe in that Golden energy; feel it centering within the left side of your body, feel it centering within your Heart area on the left side.  Let’s only bring in the joy, blissfulness, and serenity along with the nurturing you need along with the acceptance of who you are.  Allow that to be on the left side.  Feel vibrancy within the left side and now we move into the right side of your Being, as we connect with the Male energy, the thought forms, the logic, the merry-go-round of the mind.  What is that male side telling you right now?  What is it that you need to let go of?  Have there been any thoughts going around within your Being that have not been fully balanced?  Possibly you have thoughts in your Mental level that were emotions of the past and seem to be surfacing.  Allow this side of your body to be fully embraced with the Golden Flame.  The Golden Flame will ignite it, remove it, and activate it all at the same time of the higher frequency.  Allow the Male frequency to be fully activated.  How do your shoulders and the shoulder-blades feel with this energy?  Both should be at the same level at this point.  Breathe deeply within that.  Allow the Golden Flame to go across your Heart to create a bridge between both as the Emotional and Mental levels come together in unison.  Breathe deeply through that element.  Right now we want everyone to be an open vessel to receive the attunement from the Cosmic Great Central Sun, and this is what we are doing right now.  We are clearing all the attitudes and thoughts.  Let’s take a moment and breathe into that as we have a moment of Silence and put your intentions out of what you would like to receive this evening in preparation for the new energies coming in to you.


Now that your intentions have been put out into the Universe, allow yourself to fully embrace all aspects that are about to occur within your Being.  Feel it into your Physical, feel it into your Etheric, feel it into your Emotional, feel it into your Mental as this body becomes ONE body of Light.  We would like you to feel in this moment the peacefulness that is occurring in Unison between each you.  For everyone that listens to this recording or reads the words, allow the essence to be embellished upon you:

I AM a Being of Light

I Actualize the Golden Flame within me to create Peace, to create Joy, to create the Expression of


Feel that coming within you as we express onto each other the essence of purity and love that we are.

I AM Lord Sananda, at your service.  Thank You.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.

Welcome to this space.  Welcome within your Heart as you receive; as there is nothing impeding the process of your Divinity.  Allow yourself to just surrender to the moment of this frequency of Light.  Allow yourself to be in the presence of your Heart, of the Will and Strength and the Love of the Heart together as the Male and the Female are now One.  Embrace this moment.  Embrace the moment of Divinity that You Are.

In the process of the experience of your integration of the Divine Complement that is now coming forth as we come into the new month of Heart Centeredness.  The Heart Centeredness of having the strength and the beauty of the Male and the Female coming together which creates the balance that is occurring that is within each of you.  This previous month has been preparing you for this fact.  If you have not realized you have been prepared, now you are going to get a little surprise; and those of you that Know you have been prepared, because of what you have been experiencing and accepting into your lives, you will start to see the changes enfold within your present circumstance.

I want each of you in this moment to think about an element that has occurred for you in this month of January.  Something possibly that you have desired, something that possibly was a surprise, something that it may be just a feeling and not a full activation in which you saw a miracle happen in your life.  It may not be a big miracle, but it’s a heart miracle.  I want each of you think about this element right now.  Now what else occurred for you to think that it was not in its truest form or that you were not fully ready to receive although you did not think you weren’t fully ready to receive.  Maybe it is an activation that is occurring within you that puts up a red flag in front of you and made you look at some issues you have been holding onto.  What I am trying to convey to you is that the beauty of your manifestation and your Divinity is coming into your life, but at times there are parts of you which are not allowing it to be fully actualized.  This may be because there are aspects that you thought you had taken care of, but you fully have not taken care of.  This is exactly what is happening in preparation as we move into the month of February this year, 2011.  Each month this year is going to increase in the capability of the essence of your Being to fully accept the Divinity that you have set forth for yourself.  Each of you have done this.  Each of you are aspiring to the greatness within these bodies and now you are experiencing small fragments of this occurring and sometimes you may be surprised.  Then at other times, you are not quite sure what it is that is occurring within your life because there may be other people that are involved in this element.  Then you look back and say, “Wow, that was quite an experience; I desire more of that.”

So right in these moments, of this evening, we truly want to assist you in accepting the Divinity that is occurring because these little miracles are going to pile up and get better, get better and better.  There may be infractions of lower aspects within there at the same time, and this is for you to wake up and look.  Wake up and look to see what is occurring within you, and how you can change the Divinity of your Expression.  The Divinity of your Expression is the ability to fully accept the processes that are occurring within your Body, your Mind, and your Spirit.  You are formulating your pathway; you are formulating your lives.  You are allowing yourself to fully accept the changes that you have been working through and working towards because this is the year that it is going to become more active than it ever has before.

So if you just envision yourself to stand out onto the Ocean.  See yourself standing on the beach, on the sand, and you have your hands wide open, the sun is shining brightly the sky is bright blue, the water is blue-green; it is calm as a lake and the beauty of the essence of your Divinity is fully being mirrored onto the land, onto the nature, onto all that you are, and allow this expression that you are feeling right now to fully be within your body, within your mind, within your emotions; your full body system that has now been activated with Lord Sananda.  Allow that full body system to vibrate, not in its separate components, but in the existence of ALL.  The existence of the frequency of allowing the essence that you have brought forth within you to be fully embodied of who you are.  Allow yourself to feel that now.

Take a deep breath.  We are going to send you rays upon rays of frequency.  We are going to center upon the Silvery colors of Blue, very light Blue, Electric Blue; the frequency of these Blues to bring forth the essence of Divinity within you.  We want you to feel as if it is an essence of an electrical storm but not the overpowering energy of an electrical storm.  Feel these waves of light, of the Blue and Silver coming towards you and flowing around you.  Allowing these streams of light as you envision them as wires of light.  As they come around you, you slowly start to feel a little spark.  They come across your body; one goes to the left and one to the right as they swirl around you.  You feel your Light Body expanding.  You feel the expansion of the beauty That You Are as this frequency of Light is preparing you to open yourself up into a new level of existence.  This new level of existence is working in the balance of your Heart not one side or the other.  It is working in the essence of your core being full ready to receive because there is NO DEBRIS to stop it.  There is nothing in this moment that is going to stop this frequency from coming into you and create your life circumstance as you need to be in these moments.  Breathe deeply as these energies come through to you, because you are being embodied with your Divinity right now.  This is an aspect that is coming from your I AM Presence into your Light Body to assist you in the process in your journey and what your journey means in your life situation.  Allow that to come into you Now.

Now I want you to think about “What is it this week that you desire, what is it that you desire to create”.  Is it a conversation, a thought, a gift, a job,, funds, love, whatever it is ~ whatever it is and it is going to come closer to you than it ever has before.  So right now with your arms out wide on the beach and the sun beaming down, with the waves coming towards you:



And allow that to vibrate into your Solar Plexus as it is your Strength, your Will, your Power and this is your Power House.  Allow those emotions in the Solar Plexus to reflect what it is that you desire.  What is it that you desire this week for preparation for the next week?  Allow the new beginnings to occur.  New beginnings are coming to you and as you look out upon the shore into the water, you see the Dolphins and the Whales as they are expressing their love in Unison.  As the Universe is coming together, as everything is coming together to accept the Divinity That You Are.  Embrace this; embrace these aspects within yourself to fully feel your essence as you have never felt it before.  Allow it fully to come down and ground it into your Earth Star.  Ground it into Gaia and let her feel the expression of you.  Let her feel the essence that is you that beauty that is you.  The acceptance that is about to enfold within your life circumstance.  Breathe deeply.  We, of the Divine Mother and Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, embellish this upon you.  We embrace you as we are all One ~ being the Divinity of your lives changing greatly ~ To assist the planet, to assist the beauty that you are.  See yourself back within your body; away from the beach but take that memory of what you have experienced upon the shore and reflect upon that as the water moves within the tides, so does everything that you are going through.  Let’s now bring forth that bliss, joy, acceptance, and experiences within your Heart to be more fully balanced than you ever had before.  Now is the time of the rebirth; now is the time of the Love and fully expand within your Heart.  The Beloveds are coming together; the groups of people are meeting; soul brothers and sisters are finding themselves.  Allow the aspects of all that you are to be experienced within your life circumstance now.  To be manifested in the physical NOW as we express to you these moments of pleasure.  Breathe deeply and allow this activation to be fully within your Being as it has never been previously.

We are, the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God, expressing to you the Cosmic Love Energies onto your Being.  Our children, you will expand yourself as we see the expansion growing quickly every moment that we watch over you.

In the Name of the Holy God of Hosts we are the Divine Mother and Father God at your service.

We Are that We Are

We Are that We Are

The I AM Cosmic Energies as we bring forth your own I AM in this moment

HALLELUJAH, it is coming to the Earth.  You are Ones that are sharing it; You are the Ones that are showing it; You Are the Ones that are expressing it.

So Mote It Be in the Name of the Christ

This is Lord Sananda.  Take a deep breath and allow this frequency to be fully in your full body structure.  Allow yourself to fully think of these elements as it is occurring in this moment.  Reflect once again upon your desire and your intent and it shall be.  It is my pleasure to be here as the Spokesperson of the Christ Consciousness to fully embrace each of you as you are doing so much more that we ever thought you could.

We are Lord Sananda at your service

Holy God of Hosts That We Are, So Mote It Be in the Name of the Christ


Rebirth ~ January 2nd, 2011

The Angels Overlight the Energies

Holy God of Hosts that We Are, Holy God Hosts of the Light

As we open up the Doorways of Creation of Oneness

We are the Angels of the Seraphim, Cherubim, Ophanium and Elohim God of Hosts

Greetings, it is Lord Sananda at your service.  Thank you dearest One, Meleriessee, for introducing my energies, not only my energies of the Christ Consciousness, and yes, I will be part of this weekly call to bring in the frequency to just assist everyone in the balancing and energies that are going to be taking effect into each person’s being.

Let’s take a deep breath and within that breath I want you to center upon your Sacred Heart.  Allow the Sacred Heart to be totally open, embrace your Male and Female to be totally in balance by accepting the pink and the blue to come together.  Then receive the Pink of the Female and the Blue of the Male across yourHeartCenterand allow the full entry way of the frequency and the Christ Consciousness to be fully within your Being.  Allow this to enfold within you in this moment.  Breathe deeply as this occurs.

We would like to take a moment in this presence of frequency that has occurred in 2011, you are now ready to activate the frequency of Light that is necessary for the totality of your Being.  If you are not fully ready in the Physical, Emotional or the Mental, you are going through the processes, believe me.  And within these processes, we give to you the ability to fully actualize and complete the Divinity that is within you.  As you complete this Divinity that is within you, you are going to be going through different stages.  These stages of growth are allowing the acceleration within your Being to be fully be activated into the physical structure.  You are being assisted by these processes by many different avenues.  Some of these avenues are:  planetary changes, emotional, mental, and physical changes, environmental changes, lifestyle changes, or how you correlate the ascension process within your physical body.  By that we mean what do you do for yourself during the day to keep the balance and the grounding of the acceleration that is occurring?  This is very, very important.  Also, what is your Soul’s purpose, and I know many of you may not understand that on a physical level, but your Higher Self does.  The best advice that I can give you is for you not to push away the entryway of all of these elements, because you do not understand.  It is very, very important that you bring forth the acceptance within your Being to fully understand what is happening.  Once it occurs you start to understand because then you will be reaching into your Higher Mind. The Higher Mind will take affect with the balance of the Sacred Heart within your physical body.

Let’s all take a deep breath within this moment and within this breath, we fully want you to activate the Golden Flame fully starting at your Earth Star.  Allow your Earth Star to be vibrant within the Golden Flame of the Christ Consciousness and allowing it to grow upwards within you first, up into your joints form your Earth Star into your toes, your feet, and moving up into your limbs, into your knees and your hips.  Breathing deeply into the Cellular levels of all those organs, the elements of your ligaments, tendons, muscles, the bloodstream, the circuitry system through the veins, allowing those processes to occur for you will allow you to fully activate everything.  The physical body has to be ready to receive this frequency.  As we move that up, we want to go deep into the structures of the body. We want to go deep into your sexual organs and your lower, middle, and upper back into the spinal column.  Moving it into the bloodstream, and all the systems that interwork with each other; the glandular systems, the circuitry system, moving into the organs, your intestinal tract, and all the inner workings that interact within your body.  The Heart – allow it to go deep into the physical heart, not the soul’s heart but the physical organ allowing the structure of the valves and everything interworking in the physical body.  Now going deep into the throat, allowing the energy to move into the joints of your shoulders and your neck; allow yourself to relax.

The Golden Flame will transmute as the issue comes up and processed within the Christ Consciousness immediately.  Feel it down into your fingertips, your joints, and your nails; up into your jaw line and into your teeth, your sinus cavities, your ear canals, your eyes and your vision; moving into your brainwaves and all aspects of your physical body.  Breathe deeply within that now as you feel the vibratory change occurring within you.  Now the Golden Flame moves from the Physical into the Etheric Body.  Allow to go outside your body into the feeling level into where you get the sensations from the physical travel into the other realms where you can hold onto debris in the Etheric body.  It now moves into all those feeling levels within the Etheric level of anything that has occurred within your physical body as it traveled into your brain waves and thought processes.  Let’s cleanse and purify that area now.

As you feel it go outwards, as you are expanding the energy into your Emotional body.  All these emotions that have been coming up as a result of all of the activations that have occurred of the Sacred Heart energies now move outside of you into the Emotional body to purify.

Then it moves into the Mental body of the thought processes of the logic.  As the Golden Flame now purifies and moves back down ~ allow the Mental, Emotional, Etheric and the Physical now become One body.  You are One Body of Light.  You are now ready to receive the frequency as you now have prepared your physical body for the Christ Consciousness.

It is our desire to really bring forth these energies in this way to assist you in the process.  As 2011 is here, you have now fully arrived.  It’s time for each individual person to take a moment and to think, to feel, to express within themselves what 2011 means at this point.  Not what it may mean six months from now but what does it mean NOW after you have gone through these tremendous changes from the December activations to allow the arrival of the pure presence of your Light, the pure presence of your purity, the pure presence of the expression that You Are to be fully within you.  Breathe that in now as you are one centered body.  As we now ask for your Soul’s Essence of your Spiritual Body to blend with the other four bodies so they become one Unified Body of Light as the Golden Flame now moves across yourHeartCenter.  Feel the vibrancy of that Golden Heart within the vibrancy of your own Heart as it all blends together in the frequency of the Christ that We Are in Oneness.  Breathe deeply as you are the flame of the flames.  As these flames occur within you, you start to see a shift and a movement to occur within your Being.  We now open up the entryway for the Cosmic Energies to fully come in of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father, I will finish off the energies in the extension of I AM to your I AM we are One.

I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your Service

We are One in this moment of the frequency of All that Is

Thank you, Lord Sananda, for bringing forth the Christ energy in a physical manner for each individual person that is part of these energies in this moment and the future.  Allow this frequency to be fully within you.  Allow yourself to feel the essence that you are, because you are the One.  You are the One that is about to change your world.  You are the One that is the embodiment of your activation to create the essence that is the power within you and within this power within you, the Rebirth is occurring.  As we come upon the Lunar Eclipse from December into the Solar Eclipse of January, you now have gone through the releasements.  You have allowed the emotions to come up, you have allowed the thoughts to arise, and if you are continuing with the work and the processes, along with putting your intentions out there before you go to sleep, allowing each of the energies of the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist you in whatever manner then you are doing the right thing.  The preparation of this New Moon is the rebirth of more an activation than it has been previously.  Some of you may be releasing in different ways.  Possibly you are releasing Physically, Emotionally or Mentally.  Some of you have been in family situations in the past couple of weeks that have been very, very difficult for you to handle but yet some of you are seeing these relationships getting better.  Some of you are seeing others around you changing and within those changes, it is upsetting you but yet the changes are going to be positive.  Some of you are going to be seeing that certain individuals that have not agreed to whom you are, and now going to come into your circle and agree with what you have become.  Some of you are going to see others so distraught with what has been happening with them and they are going to make major changes within their lives which all of a sudden, they appear in your life as the Being you would truly like them to be or striving to be.  Changes are happening within each individual soul; the changes are occurring with each of you in all different manners.  Some of you are excited about this New Year; some of you are ready to embark; some of you are ready to forget the old; and some of you are actually not quite sure what you are feeling.  So right now what we would like to do is bring forth that continuation that you have been experiencing into this New Year and know that we are here to assist you in the process of your Divinity.  As you bring forth the grounding within you, you can assist so many others in this frequency.

Within this week, let’s concentrate on the rebirth that is about to occur for each of you.  If you have not felt it before, the capacity you are going to be feeling is much greater than you have.  Within this capability of the frequencies occurring within your physical being, allow yourself to receive.  Some of you may have been feeling you are depleted for the last week or so.  And that is also part of the releasements.  Some of you were sad over the New Year’s holiday ~ that is part of the releasements.  Some of you knew that the endings were going to be the last that you were going to have to deal with and the whole new aspect of 2011 was going to fully bring you forth into the availability of the people you desire to have in your life, and some of you walking out into the world are going to be sharing Words of Wisdom that will be unbelievably powerful for others to hear.  All of you are being watched and nurtured.  Each of you is being guided in various ways onto the pathway you are embarking upon.  Know this to be so.

So in this moment what we bring to you is the Cosmic Energies of the Platinum Ray which is the silvery hues and the frequency of crystalline colors and all colors and no colors all at the same time as they circle around you in all vibrancies.  As they circle around you in these different vibrancies, you start to see a transition occurring within you.  Allow yourself to receive this right now within yourHeartCenter.  Allow the frequency that you are ready to receive in this moment for the Rebirth that is occurring for you to be fully activated.  As we activate and bring forth these frequencies, you start to see a change.  You start to see an element of adaptability that you did not have before.  Allow yourself to embrace what is occurring and as you fully embrace this, you will start to see how it is all coming together – the pieces of the puzzle are coming into place.  You will arise to the occasion within the occasion as you bring this essence of stability within you.

We incorporate within each of you right now the stability that is necessary for you to continue upon the pathway that you are striving for ` that every individual that is listening to receive the financial abundance that is necessary for their pathway ~ that they receive the Divine Love from others whether it is from colleagues, friends, family, a beloved ~ we ask them to open up their Hearts to receive the Beloveds in their life, to open up that frequency within them, to receive – to allow themselves to be fully vulnerable in the essence that they are as they no longer will have fear because the fear stops the completeness of the Beloveds that are waiting.  We ask for the pathways to be open for this rebirth ~ for every individual to be able to do service to this Earth in whatever way is necessary and that they are guided, given the opportunities for financial wealth, to travel, to do whatever is necessary to spread the word of their wisdom to others.  As we come together in Unison right now, allow us to be One Heart within all Hearts as we bring forth the Oneness of the Creative Source within the frequency that we are all together.

Allow yourself now to receive this attunement, allow yourself to receive this activation fully within your Heart’s center.  Allow it to vibrate through your Mental, your Emotional, and your Etheric and your physical.  Allow it to go into the cellular memory and allow yourself to REMEMBER.  Allow yourself to receive; allow yourself to accept; to accept the Divinity of your Life’s Purpose as it was intended in the beginning.  We are that we Are, We are One together, We bring forth this Oneness in this moment as we bring the Cosmic Energy through the Multi Universal into the Universal through Galactic, the Solar and down into the Planetary so that all the elements of the Spiritual Hierarchy are One Within the Source of our Hearts.

It is our pleasure right now to bring forth this activation of the Cosmic Energies into your physical being for you to fully ground it all the way down into your toes and centering it into all aspects of your Being through your fingertips and your Crown.  Allow those frequencies to permeate health, wealth, abundance, prosperity, acceptance love, joy, serenity, completely, compassion, bliss, and acceptance with You.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun

Of the Divine Mother and Father god at your Service

May blessings be bestowed upon you within each moment of your Creation

Breathe deeply within that and allow it to be.

This is Lord Sananda.  Let’s just take a deep breath and allow those frequencies that have been attuned to your Being to fully incorporate within you and allow yourself to be fully activated.  Accept the activation and embrace the activation; allow yourself to be fully embraced with love, joy, and bliss as you have brought forth the remembrance of your Soul’s essence within your physical body in this moment.  Breathe and have gratitude that you are here to receive in this moment- that you have the awakening, and that you be able to share this awakening with others.

We bless you during this New Moon of this week of allowing this rebirth to fully be within you.  Nurture yourself, embrace yourself, and allow yourself to fully know that you are the Creator and the destiny that is enfolding within your life.

We, of the Christ Consciousness, embue these energies onto you for you also to remember and to share with others.

In the Light of the Christ, I Am Lord Sananda at your Service.

Holy God of Hosts that We Are

Holy God of Hosts that We Are

Blessings to each of you,

Blessings as the integration p[process is continuing

You are Love, We are Love, We are all love


The Angels of Light

10-10-10 Portal ~ The Beginning

Take a deep breath.  Let’s start in our root and allow all debris to be removed of any issues within that area, moving it up into the Sacral, then the Solar Plexus of our Will and Strength, moving up into the Heart, the Throat, the Third Eye and the Crown.  Let it encase into our cellular level, into our physical being, into our organs, our muscles, our tendons, our skeletal system, the blood stream, our glandular system and all organs.  Let it be into the emotional level, the Etheric level, all those emotions that we hold within us.  They do not help the physical body.  Allow them all to be purged at this moment.  We are now moving to the mental body and let the mental energies to be fully released, all those thought forms that keep us stuck, the wheel that goes around in our brain.  We want all these levels, the Mental, Emotional, Etheric and the Physical to blend into One Essence. We want the male and the female inside of us, the God of the male level and the Goddess of the female level to be in balance.  We want them to come together in a marriage that is us within us so that we can fully allow our totality of our I Am Presence to be fully intertwined within our physical vehicle.  Breathe deeply.

We are now going to incorporate the 22 Rays of God.  I do teach about the all the Rays that on the physical level on the Planetary level, but these are all going to be on the Cosmic level.  I just want you to breathe deeply as I mention each Chakra that is associated with.

We call upon personal Power and Will in the color of Deep Blue into our Throat.  We work with El Morya, Archangels Michael and Faith and Elohim Masters Hercules and Amazonia.  Feel that deeply into our Throat area.

We now call upon the energies of the Love and Wisdom in the Golden Yellow color which will move into out Crown.  We work with Master Kuthumi, the Office of the Christ, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, Archangels Jophiel and Christine and Elohim Masters Apollo and Lumina.  Breathe deeply into your Crown area.

We now call upon the energies of the Creative Intelligence and Physical Action.  It is the color of Bright Pink and it goes into our Heart center.  We call upon Paul the Venetian, St. Germain, Archangels Chamuel and Charity and Elohim Masters Heros and Amora.

We call upon the energies of the Harmony and Beauty which is Crystalline Light mixed with speckles of Green into our Root area.  Serapis Bay is the Chohan, Archangels Gabriel and Hope and Elohim Masters Purity and Astrea.

We now call upon the energies of Science and Knowledge which is in our Third Eye.  The color will be a mixture of Green Gold mixed with White light.  Breathe deeply into your Third Eye.  We call upon Master Hilarion, Archangels Mother Mary and Raphael, and Elohim Masters Cyclopea and Virginia.

We call upon the energies of Devotion and Spiritual Aspect of Idealism into our Solar Plexus in the color of Cherry Red.  We call upon Lord Sananda, Archangels Uriel and Aurora. and Elohim Masters Peace and Aloha, breathing deeply into our Solar Plexus.

We call upon the energies of Ceremonial Order and Magic of Transmutation into our Sacral Chakra and it is the color Deep Purple.  We call upon St. Germain and Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst, and Elohim Masters Arcturus and Victoria.

We now move into the 8th Ray which is the color of Sea Foam Green and it goes into our Thymus Chakra which is actually the Seat of our Soul.  This Chakra is Illumination out into the world.  Breathe deeply as it is overlighted by Lady Isis of Resurrection and Recreation and the Angel overlighting is Ramiel, the Angel of Clarity.

We now move into the 9th Chakra and the Ray of the color of Blue Green for Joy and Attraction to the body of Light.  It integrates with our Base Chakra.  We are now moving into the 4th Dimensional Chakras.  The 9th Ray is overlighted by Lady Nada, Creation and Disillusion and Mother Mary of Acceptance and Joy.

We now call upon the energies of the 10th Chakra.  The color of Pearlescent is for anchoring the body of light, inviting the soul merge along with the male and female energies to be intertwined.  This 10th Ray is overlighted by Master Valencia of Andromeda and Archangel Ariel, the female counterpart of Uriel, for DNA encoding and Clearance.  This goes into the Polarity Chakra.

We now move into the 11th Ray and Chakra and the color is Pink Orange. This goes into our Solar Plexus and it’s the Bridge to the New Age integrating the energy within us.  It is overlighted by Lady Quan Yin of Grace, Compassion and Mercy along with Rachelle, Guardian Angel of the Divine Self.  Breathe deeply now.

As we move into the Heart area, we call upon the color Gold for anchoring of the New Age and Christ Consciousness.  This is overlighted by Pallas Athena representing Truth and Wisdom with Lord Maitreya Office of the Christ.  The Angel overlighting this Ray is Archangel Azreal, Guarding of the Great Central Sun of the Universe.

We now move into the 13th Ray which is the color of Violet Pink into the Throat center which has to do with manifesting vibratory communication and is used in materializing and dematerializing items.

Breathing deeply we call in the color of Deep Blue Violet into the Third eye.  This is the 14th Ray and Chakra which has to do with the Divine Plan and allows the mental mind to surrender.  Breathe deeply into that.

We now move into the 15th Ray and Chakra which is the color of Light Golden White and is the doorway to our Ascension.  We feel it blending into our Crown Chakra.

We now move into the 16th Ray and Chakra and the color of Light Violet White and it has to do with Ascension, becoming one Universal Being.  It blends in the Crown area blending all the previous Chakras to become one.

We are now moving into the 5th Dimensional Chakras.  The 17th Ray and Chakra in the color of Multi White and this has to do with Universal Light integrating the first two Chakras into the Root.

We now breathe in the 18th Ray and Chakra in the color of Pink Gold and it has to do with the 5th Dimensional Divine Intent.  This goes into the Polarity Chakra.

The Solar Plexus now blends within the Heart area to become one unified Chakra representing our Inner Power and Divine Love and Wisdom.

The 19th Ray and Chakra in the color of Magenta has to do with Universal Energy into our Solar Plexus integrating into the Heart center blending with the 12th Ray so the Solar Plexus and the Heart are now one in the color of Magenta along with the other Chakras that were infused earlier.

We now call upon the color of Violet Gold and this has to do with Beingness and this goes into our Throat area and all the other Chakras blend into one.

The 21st Ray and Chakra is Blue Gold and it has to do with Divine Structure integrating within our Third Eye and blending with the previous Chakras within the Third Eye.

The 22nd Ray and Chakra has to do with the color of Platinum and it has the Source and God Head connection.  This now goes into our Crown as all the Chakras within our crown are now one unified being.

We now bring forth the energies of the Unification of our Light Body. Breathe deeply.  As we bring in that 5th Dimensional frequency fully within the beingness that we are.

As we now stand in the presence of our physical being we have allowed our emotions, our mental thoughts and our physical being to become one, to allow one unification of the light within us.  Our male and female are now balanced within the Heart center and now we allow for the entry of our I Am Presence to be fully within the physical.

We have been tapping into the energy of our Higher Consciousness for a very long time, but now it is time to fully accept the Divinity that we are.

As we do this we ask for the Veil of Forgetfulness to now be removed.  We shall remember all our past lives that are the good ones.  We fully bring in the gifts that we have acquired from all the past lives to come into this life time, for us to be healers, the counselors, the teachers, the wayshowers, the light bearers, the grid makers, whatever your gift feels that you are moving towards are going to be magnified after this evening.  Allow yourself to know that you are fully embracing you I Am Presence and that this is a Group Consciousness that we were all once a part of.  It is now fully integrated into your being.  We bring forth Truth, Justice, Acceptance, Joy, Love and more Love and more Love and more Love until we are so filled up with Love we are not too sure how we are interacting without Love.  There is no other way. We bring forth the memories of our Lemurian times of the beautiful beings that we were the Gods and the Goddesses.  As men and women we learn to respect one another.  We learn to honor each other. We feel the essence within us.  The men open up into their intuitive gifts and allow their emotions to show to the women.  The women are very empowered, and they are so very happy that the men are opening up to themselves and the new way of being.  We are coming out of the Veil of Forgetfulness together.  Each of us has been downplayed in certain ways. We are now whole once again.  We can honor each other as we did in the beginning.  Our images of our Atlantean times were full of technology, full of love, but often full of too much power of the ego.  We are now able to release that ego, but we also empower ourselves with the knowledge that we had.  That’s where we come in with the Scientific Ray.  Those of you who are very actualized in this level bring it forth, but you now will bring it forth with compassion and love like you never did before.  We are all coming into being.  The energies of the Rays, the separateness of the Rays that have occurred are now coming into full unifications as it was during the Lemurian times eons and eons ago.  It was separated because it was necessary.  Sanat Kumara opened up the Brotherhood of White Light, the Sisterhood of White Light so we could come together, that we needed assistance from the ones that have walked before us, but now we stand with the Masters, now we stand with the Angels, now we stand with all the Light Beings because we are in our Power fully in our physical creation.  It is a great event which is happening to us.  Embrace this moment as we stand within this portal.   Allow this frequency to be fully within you in this moment.  Breathe deeply and feel this unification coming from your Soul Star at the top of your Crown into your Earth Star at the bottom, into the system of your Heart, of your male and female.  Allow the balance to be between Heaven and Earth.  We are the Wayshowers.  We are the frequencies of Light to bring forth those frequencies of light within us.  This is the power that we need to bring forth.  It is an inner power.  Allow this frequency to be fully within you now.  Take a deep breath and allow yourself to just settle as we just sit.

Now we will bring forth Divine Mother and Divine Father of God to assist us in this process.





I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  We are a combination of energies of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father at your service.

What a blessing, what a beautiful blessing to be here with you today.  We will be bringing forth an attunement to help you to balance these energies because they have been very strong as they will be very fluctuating.  Please know that whatever you are going through personally within your own being, if there are any thought processes or emotions or elements that you have been holding onto, they will be removed.  We are going to help you to remove these.  We are going to help you to raise the consciousness within your physical body.  It is now time to fully feel the acceptance of whom you are.  It is our pleasure to be here with you.  We are here with you, we are not here as your guides, as your teachers, we are here to stand amongst the many, to stand amongst the many of souls that have truly taken the time to come into these bodies, to be the Wayshowers, to do the work that is necessary.  We are in honor of whom you are in this moment and we are here because we want to acknowledge you.

First of all, and we do have to thank our hostess for allowing this energy to come through to her because this was not an easy task several years ago and it is now time to show ourselves to you fully.  You may be acknowledging us in your own way.  She is acknowledging us through her voice, through her vibration because that is where she is and she has acquired the status because of the work that she has done for herself.

We are going to help each and every one of you that chooses to receive this energy, whether you receive this on the live call, whether you listen to the recording, or whether you just feel it coming into your heart.  Allow it to be in the presence that you are because you are a light.  You are the beacon in this moment.

This day has been a tremendous day.  We are now fully within the Cosmic energies on the East Coast.  There are other parts of the world that are in different areas that have gone through the portals and are just actualizing them. If anyone listens to this, then they will be able to actualize it more fully.  This is a call that you can listen to again.  It is not something that is over within the time and the elements in which it is occurring.  So as we stand before you in the frequency of All that We Are, that frequency is you also.  So we want each of you to take a deep breath and feel that frequency.  We want you to fully not realize your physical body.  Some of you do this very easily.  Some of you don’t do it very easily.  It is very important that these lower bodies be blended and integrated in order for your I Am Presence to be fully active within your physical being.  Utilizing the Rays which Christine has brought forth this evening will truly help to transfer any elements that are not fully in the active stage to be fully released into the frequency of all that is.  We bring forth these Cosmic energies as the portal has now been opened in the area where we are sitting with Christine.  As we bring forth the portal energies, what do the portal energies mean?  The portal energies mean we are now fully into the Cosmic level upon the Earth Plane.  Areas will be able to be more healed than ever before.  People will be opened up to their gifts more than they ever did before and new ones are going to be awakened.  What happens to the new ones that are going to be awakened, you are going to be shown different elements and that is where each of you come in that have been on the path longer than they have.  It is very, very important that everyone understand this process; that everyone has to go through certain processes although the energies are at a very high vibratory rate, which is going to allow each and every individual to fully accept the Divinity that is them.  As they bring forth the Divinity that is Them, they are going to be bringing forth the actualization of the energies that they haven’t fully accepted previously.  This is what this portal means. The portal is open now where we are standing.  The portal will open soon, maybe in your area or maybe it has already has passed for you and you are just actualizing it within your body.  It is very important that you bring forth that peace, serenity and love that is so much a part of this.  So we ask that as you sit here listening to these words that you take a deep breath; and as you take a deep breath, you feel a light formation above your Crown and within this light formation, there is going to be a swirling energy that comes down through your Soul Star, through your Antakarana Bridge through your Soul and your I Am Presence.  This is going to be a swirling energy in a clockwise manner like it is a tornado, but it’s going to be a pure Crystalline Light infused with many colors with the colors that have been spoken about previously, Violets, Golds, Silvers, Pearlescent, Yellows, Reds, Lavenders, the frequencies of all the colors of Green, sparkles of Oranges.  Allow that frequency now to blend inside of you.  It is a swirling energy that is going to come down into your Chakra column.  As it comes down into our Third Eye you feel your Third Eye being opened and bursting open and feel the frequencies of this light to fully accept the beingness that you are.  It moves down into your Throat and the vibratory rate of your speaking ability and the compassion that will come out of your mouth will be an amazing event.  Moving it down into the Heart, allow that frequency to be in the Heart center.  There is love coming in and there is love coming out.  There is an unending amount of a circling of energy in you, moving downwards into the Solar Plexus.  Feel the power within you, this beautiful power, a personal power, a loving power.  Allow that frequency to be fully within you as you bring forth those energies.  As it comes down further, it comes down in to your Polarity Chakra and comes down into your Root.  Allow all these bodies of your Physical, your Etheric, your Emotional and your Mental as they are all blending together as the energy now comes down into your feet landing within your Earth Star.  It comes outside of your body, completely outside of your body and the earth is spinning outside of you and now it is outside of you.   It has been inside of you in all the levels of creation, from your auric field, from your Physical to your Etheric into your Emotional and within your Mental.  They are all swirling together until you are one ball of light, and it is just swirling and swirling and swirling; then all of a sudden there is an entry way and your I Am Presence of the Soul Group of Consciousness that you work with, the other 11 souls that came into being that split apart are now going to work with you more fully into your Physical vehicle.  Feel that coming down into your Heart and feel the bridge across your heart from your male and female, the Goddess and God that is within you.  Feel the complete acceptance within your body as you feel the totality of yourself.  You feel the essence as the 5th Dimensional body is now activated which was activated with the Chakras, you are now activated with the Rays and with your I Am Presence. Just sit for a moment and let this peace occur within you.  Feel the peace of the Love that you are.  Feel the peace that you were from the beginning. Feel the peace of the acceptance of beingness.  Breathe deeply, breathe deeply, breathe deeply.

We come to you in this moment with the activation to allow the Veil of Forgetfulness to be fully removed.  We can say the words, but sometimes the words cannot be so.  As we bring in the vibration of the Cosmic energies for you, it is a remembrance of what it felt like in the beginning, the separation between all of us was very challenging, but we had to do it.  We had a part to play upon the earth’s existence, as you chose to take those separations and you knew that we would all return together.  This is the moment of our returning in space and continuum that we are.  Allow the frequency of All That You Are, All That We Are, That All That We Are Together.  We stand in front of you, we stand with you, we allow this frequency to be us.  You are now aligned with the Cosmic energies from the portal.  Allow that to be fully within your body.  Allow yourself to feel that totality.  Allow yourself to feel whom you are, whom you are, not what you thought you were, but whom you are.  I Am That I Am That I Am.  Just say those words to yourself, I Am That I Am That I Am.  I Am That I Am That I Am.  Breathe deeply and allow this frequency to be within you.

Now we tell a little story.  This story is the beginning of who we were in the beginning and how we were such a beautiful family, sparkles of light dancing around the Cosmic levels, going to different planes of existence and feeling the joy and the light that we were.  Feel that now.  I want you to feel those sparkles of light.  See yourself coming to the Divine Mother and see the essence that she is.

Greetings.  I come to you with the essence of the Divine Mother that I Am and the Divine Child that you are.  It is ok to feel, it is ok to embrace, it’s ok to be vulnerable.  Embrace this now. Embrace this within yourselves so that you fully feel the acceptance that you are.  I ask of you, the men on this planet, to fully embrace this more fully than the women as the women truly already know how to do this more fully than many of the men. Embrace your intuition, embrace your thoughts, and embrace the emotions that each of you feel.  You will start to understand exactly what has been occurring.  I am the Heart of God.  I send you my Heart to your Heart and allow it to vibrate.

I now come to you from the Divine Father, the Will of God, Strength, the Activeness.  I come to you as the mode to work with female side of you, the emotions inside of you.  We need to work together.  I would be nothing if it wasn’t for the Divine Mother.  She is the birthing process as within you, the female part of you is the birthing process.  It is the bridge to allow the I Am to come through.  I will give you the idea, I will give you the strength and I will show you what action needs to be taken, but you must let her do it.  Show her the way.  She is the one that has to move the power. Without that aspect, it will be lost and the lower ego will take over.  So we stand in acceptance of each other.  I, the Divine Father, bring to you the Divine Mother.  As we bring our heart together in balance to each of you, to embrace yourself in the frequency of all that you are and all that you can be and all that you will.  Breathe deeply.

We now come to you in the Consciousness of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, the I Am of the Creative Source of the Universe.  Your I Am is now fully incorporated within your physical being.  Feel that now, feel the pressure leave you.  Feel the presence of your light to give you joy, give you immense serenity  more than you have ever felt previously.   Use this Higher consciousness to assist you in your daily living and you will see the fluidness and the openness that is occurring within you in all aspects of your Divinity. We call forth a special dispensation to every individual that is listening to this recording , that is here on this call, to be fully activated to higher levels than they have ever seen before.   This portal today allows this opening of the doorway to fully actualize the peace and the strength and the ability to formulate their lives in a different paradigm that has been instated into society of the Planet of Earth. The society of Planet Earth will now be changed, and the people are going to change as it will flow through the people.  It will flow not by saying anything, but just by Being.  Allow the beingness that you are to bring forth that frequency, and you will see the essence of the balance within you, the totality of the soul that you are, the totality of your Highest God Consciousness.  It is your Divine Right to accept this right now. Allow it To Be, as you fully embrace this energy.  As you fully embrace you, it is you, not us, it is you, it is the Group Consciousness of All That We Are together.  There is no separateness anymore in this moment.

Breathe deeply and allow this attunement energy to fully come within you. Bring it all the way down to your feet and allow yourself to be physically active in this moment.  Feel the essence that is you.  Feel your Heart, feel your Throat, feel your Mind’s Eye.  It is different.  The vibration has changed and you are the one that has changed it.  The energy has been part of you, but this fully has been changed into this frequency.

We are here, as the Cosmic Great Central Sun, to assist you in this process. Please do call upon us and please do join us for the following calls that will be happening on a weekly basis.  We are very, very happy to bring forth this energy.  We will bring you updates of what is happening with the energy and we want you to just feel balance.  Remember this is a portal. What does that mean?  The energy is being opened for you to move into a different thought process than you ever thought possible, but it may take some time for it to be fully activated physically within you.  Be very gentle with yourselves.  Allow the frequency to come in.  If you have moments where you feel uncomfortable, embrace it.  If you need the assistance of a healer, a friend, someone, an energy worker, utilize whatever you can to assist you in the process.  Even if they don’t understand what you are experiencing  you may find that you meet others that are on different conscious levels than yourselves, but in this moment the people that are coming together, the Soul brothers and sisters, the 144 souls of your family are going to be united within you.  Open yourself up to the frequency of these levels and allow it To Be within you.  See it enfold within you, try not to put any thought forms into it.  Try not to put your emotions into it.  Feel each moment as it is.  Being in the moment is a no-time zone.  Being in the moment is to embrace yourself fully in the active participation of your light.

It is our pleasure to be here with you in this moment.  Thank you, dearest Christine, for opening up the doorways to assist so many others in a verbal communication.  It truly is a rebirthing day for each of us and especially from the Divine Mother and the Divine Father.   Blessings and gratitude in the frequency of all that is, in the Holy God of Host, WE ARE THAT WE ARE, WE ARE THAT WE ARE THAT WE ARE.  I am the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.  Allow this frequency to be fully within you, allow it to be within.  We are all one in this moment and embrace yourself in all that is.

So mote it be.

In the name of the Christ.