1-11-222 Portal of Oneness

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Ascension Mastery Message from the Cosmic Great Central Sun of Divine Mother Father God received in the Clarion Temple of Oneness. 


Greetings My Dearest Ones! I am Yamteleus. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the Clarion Temple of Oneness.

This year we are opening up the doorway as always to the massive amount of Souls that are leaving the planet. We have received some of them. If there’s anyone that you know in this moment that needs to be brought forth into the temple, please state their name or call upon their Higher Self for healing.

Since the inception of this temple, it has been my pleasure to be part of these energies. I see such growth and the extension of such a beautiful power of Light coming within the temple to all the teachings and to each of you. I am deeply honored to be able to be in this position and to greet these Souls and tell them my story so that they can feel the confidence that this is the right place for them at this time. We thank all that have come to this temple, and we greet them in these moments.

Let us continue.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


We are the Angels of the Many Principalities overlighting the energies within the temple for each of you, opening up the doorway of Divine Mother/Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun. We want to give a special consideration for the energies for this day of 1-11-222. Miraculous love is opening up your heart. Allow it to shine within you as Divine Mother Father God give their dissertation of the opening of these energies. It is our blessing to bring forth our Wings of Light in rainbow colors within the temple in these moments. All of our blessings to each of you in the whisper of our wings.


I Am That I Am That I Am!

I Am the Divine Mother, the Divine Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

Hallelujah! It is a new year and here we are in this glorious Clarion Temple with so many Souls bringing forth their presence within these walls. Millions and millions of Souls come through these doors continually to receive the healing that we are bringing forth to the entire Cosmic Forces of Light through all the existences of all that we are together.

As we stand before you in these moments, we bring forth all of these flames that are beyond the 22 Flames going to the 330 Rays of God, colors upon colors swirling within this temple assisting each of you to feel an essence of your Divinity, your Truth, and the guidance that you desire to hold within yourself to allow it to become part of the true reality.

It is not just a vision; it is a feeling. Breathe it in My Dearest Ones. Allow it to come into your senses, allow it to be part of your pure existence, allow it to come into your physical creation. Allow the Light to be so strong that there is nothing that you can feel in this moment but the beautiful sparkles of rainbow colors settling within your brainwaves, settling within your Heart Essence, settling within your bodily system. Your chakras are spinning at a rate much higher than they have been before. As you allow this Light energy to come within you and go through you, feel the beautiful expression that we extend to you in these moments.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

As we gather together here in these moments what a beautiful way to start the year, to start the existence of a vibrancy of Light to give each of you the stabilization that you need within your reality. It is important to allow the silence to come to you. It is important to allow this vibration to center upon your pure existence from your I Am Presence through all of your Higher Light Bodies allowing it to come into your physical vehicle. Allow it to come into your heart. Allow it to come into all the aspects that you are.

FEEL THIS NOW My Dearest Ones. FEEL IT! Do not let the thoughts stop you. Use your breath to connect to your Soul’s Essence as it enters into your Heart Essence.

It is on this day that we celebrate the beginning particles of this year.

January being the first month, the 11th day and the year of 2022. Unity, Oneness, taking care of thyself, allowing that stability to come into your center and to realize the potential that you acquire within your consciousness is representative of that connection to your Higher Self, to your Higher Mind, to all the aspects beyond the physical reality that you hold so dear within yourself.

Allow yourself to just be in this floating essence that is stable, yet it is constantly moving, to bring forth an opening of a new doorway to your Higher Consciousness, the next step of your reality.

It does not matter how long you have traveled working within these energies, this year is a new beginning. It allows you to step even higher than you have before if you allow the vibrational essence of this day to give you the full acceptance that is necessary within your consciousness.

What is the new beginning that you desire to have? I ask you to answer this not from your personality self, but from what your Soul wants you to start anew.

What is the opening that is occurring for you, breaking the doors of duality, allowing yourself to really aspire to your greatest hope?

This hope is not of a physical manifestation; it is an energetic exchange within you. It is representative of your emotions. It is representative of your Soul’s personality. You may not know what that is because of the physicality getting in the way.

So, let us MOVE all of that; let us PUSH it all away so that the openness of what this day, in this month, in this year represents can bring forth that Divine miracle to occur within your physical self to remove the accolades, the mental elements that get in the way, to remove the emotional challenges that try to stop you, to move away from what you think your life should be as a person and allow your Higher Self to guide you.

Feeling your Solar Angel giving you this blessing that it is OK. You’re safe, it’s OK because it is time, it’s OK for you to exist in a higher plane of vibration to remove the parts that are stopping you.

So, let us call upon this energy presently as we bring forth this newly charged acceptance of Divine Light energy for this year. With the triple digits of 222 with a zero in between, zero is a Oneness allowing those essences of stability that is absolutely essential of your heart beating at an entirely different level than it ever has before. The expansion is growing within you. Allow it to be part of your reality.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Softly, softly, allow your breath to be opened to receive the Divine Light energies at a level that you can handle bringing forth that extension of strength within you to look at any difficulty that you face through the power of your own Light, through the power of your guidance assisting you, the power of each of us in the Higher Realms of the Cosmic Great Central Sun holding this to be true.

Let it filter within you now like a spiraling Light energy, very softly coming into your consciousness. Let it settle into your heart. What does that FEEL like? Embrace it, embrace this presence of energy, and allow yourself to be grounded with it so that it becomes more of your reality.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Take a moment and feel this Spark of Light in front of you. Hold it in front of your heart. Allow it to intertwine within your own Heart Essence so that you can allow yourself to step into a new world that you’re unsure of, but you feel safe. Allow this Divine energy to come to you now because this is the time, to fully allow what you need to do to be your True Reality.

Whatever has stopped you in the past no longer is represented by your consciousness.

Feel the FREEDOM OF THE BLESSING of what eleven represents. This is just the beginning; it is the true beginning. If you look at the numerology January 1 and then 11, 111, and then 222 stepping into that stability. The doorway is now open. The Light frequencies within this temple bring forth that purifying essence from the Heavens above like shining pillars coming down into the temple and fully illuminating all that YOU desire to bring forth in your world from your Higher Essence. You may have seen it in a dream, you many have seen it in a vision. Allow it to become part of your reality.

Now EMBRACE it, BECOMING this Divine Light energy. It is like a Golden Yellowish, Silverish, Platinum vibrancy of White Light shining down within the temple illuminating every Soul in this moment to step into a NEW beginning to feel these beautiful essences that are surrounded within the walls of this temple. The vibrational essences that are occurring with all the 330 Rays of God are vibrating within you and around you. FEEL the PRESENCE of this LIGHT.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

The illumination of the Light frequency from the Higher Realms above are coming down into the temple so that each of the columns with those Rays of God are vibrating at a higher level. The magnificent energy within the temple flows around and within EACH of us centering this Divine Light energy to represent a NEW beginning, a new beginning for your physical consciousness, your reality in the physical world as a doorway is now being opened to allow a portion of your Soul’s Essence, that Higher Realm of Light that you are, of the I Am Presence and all its components to give you a BLESSING of Love, of Light, of a majestic quality of existence. FEEL this coming your heart now, breathing into it, settling within this blessing that is being given to you from the Higher Realms above of the Creative Source of Oneness where we ALL come from.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

There’s now a stillness throughout the entire temple as every Soul that is here is fully being blessed by their Higher Essence, by the Creative Source of Oneness, by the I Am Presence, by ALL of the I Am Presences, and each of us as Divine Mother and Father God. Feel it in your heart, ground it within the soles of your feet and let it expand into all parts of yourself.

As we extend this beautiful blessing now DOWN through the dimensional frequencies to enter into the core of Gaia, the vibrancy of the Earth is now changing to receive these Light infractions. We thank all the Great Central Suns, not just us as the Cosmic but the Multi-Universal, the Universal, the Galactic, and the Solar to come together to bring this core of energy into the Earth at this time, on this day, in this year.

Let it expand outwards around the globe holding a veil of this beautiful Light energy around the Earth but also INSIDE the Earth so that every LIVING Soul can experience this frequency of Light. They may not know it consciously, but they may know it in their dream state, or they may FEEL a connection in just a moment. Feeling the blessing of these Light energies circling around all Souls allowing the Earth to come into a state of Unity and Oneness even if it’s just for one moment out of many moments of time. It is on this day that we have allowed this to occur.

That energy NOW comes back up towards us in the temple and within the 36th dimensional frequency it comes UP through the soles of everyone’s feet.

As each of us standing and sitting here within this glorious temple of Light NOW feel that deep connection to Gaia, there’s a sense of a re-connection to Gaia. There’s a sense of Unity, of not just of your thought process, but a FEELING. Allow it to come into your heart. Allow that beautiful essence of Gaia. She has great gratitude for each of you, gratitude for us, gratitude for what we are doing in these moments. EXPAND upon that within your breath. Let it go through your entire Full Body System. Allow the swirling of the energies to go completely around you from the left to the right putting you into a Vortex of Light that allows you to HOLD this miraculous movement within yourself to remind yourself that when you become more physical after this connection you will WALK with this energy. Notice what it feels like for you, notice the difference within your consciousness, within your healing process, physically, emotionally, mentally and etherically. Allow ALL that has not healed to come into a State of Wellness through this Divine Light energy.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

We are Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun. We want to thank all of these Great Central Suns for coming together. And we especially want to thank each of YOU for all that you are doing, for all that you are creating, and for all that you are being. We walk with you every step of the way.

I Am That I Am! I Am That I Am!

I Am the Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun in the Unity of Oneness for each of us together.

So Mote it Be; Let it Be Done.

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel; WalkingTerraChrista.com/January 11th, 2021; Cosmic  Oneness.

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Riding the Magic Carpet Ride with the Cosmic Great Central Sun


Ascension Mastery Message from the Cosmic Great Central Sun of Divine Mother Father God bringing forth an understanding of what the Wesak Moon will represent before, during, and within a three-month period which was received in the Clarion Temple of Oneness, April 13th, 2021.


We are very honored to be with each of you once again in this glorious temple. 

The onset of the energies that are occurring within the Earth plane presently is going to assist with the movement of more Divine Love to be expressed unto the planet.

It is up to each of you to hold this Divinity of Love within your own Heart to allow yourselves to fully accept what you are experiencing with the Divinity of Love and allow it to go into a deeper part of your reality.

This is a very crucial time before the onset of the Wesak energies when the Light on the planet becomes more instrumentally focused by the Higher Realms of Light in the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood of White Light focusing within each of the Great Central Suns of the Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal including our essence of the Cosmic Level. It encompasses the 352 levels of reality accessing each of the 330 Rays of God. It extends unto each of you, it extends unto every human, every animal, every plant, every mineral, every element upon the Earth that is vibrant with life. This year shall not be any different in fact it will be even more so.

Many of you may have been feeling great challenges in so many ways with the exchange of the Light energies that are being infused within the planet and within humanity. The power of this Light energy is beyond any words that we can express, because it must be felt vibrationally, it must be felt within your heart, it must be felt as an extension of your Soul’s essence becoming more aware within your physical consciousness of what you are experiencing in many different ways.

The process that is happening is Preparedness.

In order for the physical body to fully accept the Divinity of Light that comes from each of the Rays of God, each physical person within their consciousness must be ready to accept the next level of acceleration. And sometimes this can be very challenging to experience; in fact most oftentimes within the human capacity of the mind, to fully comprehend what is occurring.

The state of affairs is that every individual should not worry about WHY it is happening but that IT IS happening that there is a change occurring within each individual’s consciousness. There is a change in the way that they feel about their lives, there is a change in the way that they express themselves unto others.

The duality that is within the planet is being opened up in many different ways. A lot of these individuals, these Souls that are experiencing these energies, are going to be existing in a new sense of purpose and they may not know what they are experiencing. They do not KNOW what they are feeling, because it is going to be quite different from what their minds want to classify as an element of growth.

What comes with growth is the movement of one’s consciousness and Four Body System to experience a new way of existence even if that growth is just for one moment in time. But for many of you it will be much more than that.t

The Preparedness into Wesak is very important.

It allows for the entire nucleus of the Spiritual Hierarchy to work more directly with each of YOU energetically. It is the time of the year where the VEIL between the worlds is being lifted. But within that movement of the curtain rising there is in this case a sense of protection that comes from the Higher Realms of Light. And of course, the Intergalactics, the Ashtar Command, with the Federation of Light are there to assist each of you to be able to experience the movement of change and growth within your own life cycle. But within your own consciousness and awareness it is quite different than has ever been experienced before.

What is it as a human being of how you handle that situation when you feel yourself being pushed into a new direction but you, as that consciousness that you hold, does not understand what is happening?

Well, the most important thing is to not fight it and allow the growth that you are going through to take you into the new level of acceptance. But in truth, most of humanity will not do it in that manner because they are not able to let go of the past or to let go of the future and to be in that moment and feel the dynamics of the energetic exchanges that are occurring.

It is a gift for any Soul to be able to stand in the process of change and to have faith that all will be right, that there is a reason for the experience of that growth occurring within that person’s lifestyle, lifespan, and existence of whom they are as a Soul and not so much as a physical human being.

The human being part is your vehicle, which needs to go through a series of exchanges as some of you are already experiencing. The vibrancy within your cellular structure, the vibrancy that holds you in place, is going to shift dramatically if you allow it to be so. But you must accept that the changes that you are experiencing are for your highest good even though at times it may not feel like that is the case. Because, in order to get to the best part of your utmost desires to be manifested, you must go through the darkest parts that do not support that energy and to face up to them, to be the essence of the Will of God and then the Love of God to accept that exchange of energy to assist you in a completely different manner.

Now this is going to take your mind into a different place. It will not feel comfortable. But as long as you attain the desire to be more to yourself than your physical vehicle, your physical consciousness, then you will adhere to the dynamics of the energies that are going to be happening. This is very powerful.

The extension of these energies is beyond the capacity of what your mind can figure out. It is a vibrational essence that is going to be coming into the planet to assist every individual for the Wesak energies even though those individuals may not be preparing themselves consciously.

But every Soul upon the Earth is going through upheaval, is going through a spiritual change. That change may not have manifested in the physical form but within their Higher Light Bodies and within their travels on the Inner Plains during their dream-state, they definitely are being prepared to accept things differently than they previously were able to do.

So, what we are saying in this present moment is change is occurring and the more that you adhere to the blessing of that change and accept the fact that there will movement in a different direction for you, then you will be able to slide through that change like you are on a Magic Carpet that is taking you to your next destination.

Now what can happen through that process of that Magic Carpet flying through the air is that you will face inner demons within yourself or elements of your Etheric Self that you have not acknowledged. So, it is important to allow the Magic Carpet to guide you to that next destination.

Think of the Magic Carpet as US as Divine Mother and Father God holding you and taking you to that next form of reality so then the dynamics of the Wesak Moon can come into your physical body so that you can GROUND them.

In order to rise to a new level, which is what Wesak represents, you must adhere to the challenges that have stopped you from doing it previously. Now, you would not be going through these challenges if you were not ready to do so. Your Higher Self has deemed this appropriate for you even though in your physical consciousness you may think otherwise.

It is important to REFLECT upon this process for the next ten or more days, the next month, the next THREE months because Wesak does not stop when the ceremony is finished. It is a continual process. It is setting up the energies for the YEAR, for your preparedness as a Soul to step into the next level of acceptance. That is what initiations represent. You are being initiated onto a new level of acceptance through your Mental Body, your Emotional Body, your Etheric Body especially, and your Physical Body holding that energy.

This may sound overwhelming to you, but you are already in that process. Each of you that are here in this moment bringing forth these energies allows you to have an Exchange of Light Frequency within you that is pushing you into that NEW direction which is taking you deeper into the CORE of the Light to allow the blessing of these energies to assist you, instead of your mind trying to make the decision for you, which can TRIP YOU UP because of the accolades that are stuck within your Subconscious Mind.

The Magic Carpet will help you to GLIDE through those accolades so that you do not experience the depth of despair that you have felt in previous timelines. They are being opened up to be changed. Allow them to go through this process with you as we fly together on the Magic Carpet Ride from one place unto another, experiencing the depth of the Purity of the Light moving you into that next direction.

This is where the elements of Faith, Trust, and Hope comes in. Because when you allow yourself to fully embody these qualities, then the Magic Carpet Ride will be a smooth process. When you go through those moments that are lower and you are stuck within your Etheric Self, the Magic Carpet will push you to go through them so that you do not have to stop and think, “Why am I going through this? What is the memory? Why don’t I remember what is going on? It must be important to remember.”

But we say, “NO, it is NOT important to remember at this moment, because you are being guided to fly THROUGH unto the next level of your Soul’s growth.”  This is what Wesak represents. 

We, as the Divine Mother Father God, fully want to assist you in this process to help you to go through these energies without much interference of your Lower Mind to be blessed with the frequency of Light from the higher existence.

As we stand here in this glorious Clarion Temple of Oneness in this moment with the Gold Flame, it represents all those abilities that are the first Eleven Rays that each of you are learning to incorporate within your own consciousness.

BE THE STRENGTH YOU DESIRE TO BE but BE THE LOVE and allow it to fly into your pure existence.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Allow the Magic Carpet to glide you as we GO TOGETHER, as we FLY THROUGH the dimensions that has not served your purpose to find the process of this Light within this temple in this moment to expand your Heart. Allow it to be experienced in a completely different manner to bring forth a sense of Peace, a sense of Understanding, a sense of Inner Power that this is the WAY for YOU to experience the changes in your life.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Feel the change that you desire to be and allow it to manifest within all parts of your vibrational essence Emotionally, Mentally, Intellectually, Physically. Feel this vibration to assist you to move and to accept what your Higher Self, your Soul’s presence desires for you in this physical experience.  Hold this now. Feel it deeply. Ground it, become it. 

Say unto yourself, “I accept whatever challenges that I may be faced with because Divine Mother and Father God are assisting me, walking with me and holding me to their Hearts as my Heart beats with their Heart. I feel the extension of the power of this exchange of Light coming within me and it helps me to remind myself to not hold myself back.” 

The blessing of this in this moment is beyond the words. There are no words Dearest Ones. There is just the feeling, there is just the vibration. Allow the words to dissipate. The acceptance is the feeling of just ‘Standing Tall’ and holding onto the strength becoming this pure essence that you desire to be.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Breathe deeply and feel that vibrational change occurring within you.

We would like the opportunity to assist every Soul in this way whether that Soul is awakened unto Ascension Mastery, whether that Soul is doing the work within their religions, or whether that Soul is believing the purpose within their self-knowledge and self-discipline.

We exchange this Light energy of the Gold Flame all the way down into the Core of Gaia to assist every sentient being, to assist Souls, to assist every human to have a moment of clarity, to have a moment of peace, to have a moment of exchanging their pure essence in the beautiful Lightforms that they are.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Feel the blessing of that Gold Flame coming up through the base of Gaia, coming up through the hemispheres around the Earth, coming up into the Higher Realms of Light. As it settles back within this temple where we are locating ourselves in this moment, feel the connectedness of this energy allowing it to flow into your Heart and knowing that each of you have participated, have created this energetic exchange to happen, which is part of your process to know, to know. Not what the past is but what this moment represents in your feeling level. It is expansive, it is vibrant, it brings forth the pure essence of all the Great Central Suns coming together in that Purity of Oneness to bring the Strength and Courage that is ABSOLUTELY crucial for the movement to occur.

As you move now into your Heart Center, feel the VIBRANCY of what you can experience and allow yourself to be on that Magic Carpet from this point forward so the exchanges that you will be experiencing will be life changing, will erupt a new sense of miraculous blessing into your world bringing a new sense of experience that you would not have allowed yourself to feel if you had not stepped out of your comfort zone.

BE THIS STRENGTH that we give unto you in this moment.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Ground it now. Breathe through it. Let it become part of your FULL reality. 

Say unto yourself, “I accept the Magic Carpet of Divine Mother Father God to guide me to my next safest destination to transform and to grow into the evolvement of my Soul’s essence in my physical vehicle.”

So Mote it Be. Let it Be Done Dearest Ones!

We of the Divine Mother Father God extend our Light energies unto you in this moment.

Oh, Blessed Be.

Hyos Ha Kadoish!

Hyos Ha Kadoish!

Hyos Ha Kadoish!

What a blessing it is to be with each of you.

In the exchange of our Light, we honor you deeply.

So Mote it Be. Let It Be Done.


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©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel
WalkingTerraChrista.com/April 13th, 2020; Clarion Temple of Oneness.

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Sincere Dedication to Self Truth

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Ascension Mastery Message from the Cosmic Great Central Sun of Divine Mother Father God received in the Clarion Temple of Oneness, March 9, 2020.

Yamteleus, The Spokesbeing for the Temple

Greetings my Dearest Ones! I am Yamteleus.  Thank you so much for being here and bringing forth the healing that is absolutely essential at this time.  We’ve had an increased number of souls coming into the Temple with the challenges of the Corona virus that has occurred, along with other tragedies upon the Earth.  We welcome them to see and to experience these Divine energies.

We thank each of you for arriving, for having the ability within your Heart Center to see that this is the place you should be.  Without further ado let us bring forward the energies.  I am Yamteleus at your service.

[Divine Language Network Light EncodingSM]

Angels of all Principalities

We are the Angels of all Principalities giving our blessing to each of you within this Temple and to all the souls that have arrived.  We wrap our wings around you to give you comfort, to give you love and compassion through the transition of becoming more than what you were in the previous moment.

Our Wings of Light flow through the Temple dropping the feathers of many different colors.  Embrace our energies as they shall help you to feel more contented within your own Divine Self.  All our blessings to each of you.

[Divine Language Network Light EncodingSM]

Divine Mother Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun

I Am that I Am!  I Am that I Am!  I Am the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

We thank each of you for joining us within the Clarion Temple of Oneness this evening, and we hope that you continue to do so.

There are always transitions that occur for every soul no matter whether you are within the body, or out of the body, or just moving from the physical existence into the spiritual existence.  There are always moments of change that need to occur bringing a sense of renewal.  Within each of your hearts it’s very important to realize within yourself to have that dedication to be this essence of your Higher Consciousness, of the spark of light, and embryonic state that you were eons and eons ago.  You have grown from place to place, from incarnation to incarnation, traveling to many worlds, traveling to many areas, bringing forth your Divine Essence.  Bringing forth your ability to fully allow the exchange of the flowing of the energies that were before and what is now.

For each of you here, as an Initiate, as a student that are existing in your own physical soul-self, this process that you are experiencing is a continual movement of allowing your Divine Self to become more of the God Essence in your physical existence.  It takes great dedication to do so.

In the moment that you realize within yourself that what you have been before, the awareness of being an Initiate, being a student of Mastery within your physical self, that it takes great dedication and concentration to keep telling yourself that this is the right Pathway for you.  Because your lower ego is going to try to tell you otherwise.  It’s very important to realize that these energies that you are experiencing upon the Earth presently are to assist you to become more of that God Source of Light within your own creation.

I think there is a statement that is said in your society, “That you need to get out of your own way.” 

This is so very true because it’s not just you as the person, it’s your physical consciousness.  That physical consciousness has to get out of the way in order for you to fully accept the spiritual consciousness.  You will go through many ups and downs through changes that don’t ALLOW you to experience the full dynamics that can occur by surrendering to the energies and not worrying about what is to be in the next moment.

It is important for each of you that come from the physical existence to realize within yourself that you have CHOSEN to open yourself up into a new space.

That space can be uncomfortable, it can be scary, and it can also be very beautiful.  Because once you allow yourself to fully embrace and enfold the energies that are surrounding you, you will allow them to come into your chakra system, open up the doorway for them to be part of your consciousness, to CHANGE the aspects within your subconscious mind that have held you in bondage from lifetime to lifetime.

But in between lifetimes, hopefully you have traveled to ashrams, you have done a lot of healing work, you’ve worked with each of us in the Office of the Christ so that the next time you embody you are more certain within yourself of what you want to do.  For some of you it becomes VERY uncertain within this reality.  You WANT it.  You awaken to higher energies but at times it may seem uncomfortable, it may seem too challenging because the other elements are so ingrained within your consciousness that it takes you quite some time to be able to push through and find the open doorway.  But that open doorway is always there.

It’s the part of you that doesn’t ALLOW you to SEE that open doorway because all you feel is a blockage.

It’s imperative for each of you to GRASP within your own consciousness what this may mean for you presently.  What element within yourself is the stronghold that stops you from breaking down that wall?  What is it within you that doesn’t ALLOW your higher consciousness to help you and to be STRONG and to be the WARRIOR of your own Divine Self?

These are aspects that need to be acknowledged by each of you.  The part of you that is not letting you become the higher integrated self and the part of that is trying to help you are in battle with one another.  By stepping into this Divine Energy is how you will be able to find a sense of purpose within your pathway to RENEW what has been lost.  It’s not GONE!  It just has been forgotten for some time.  It’s LOCKED away in your consciousness.

When you are ready to fully accept the challenge of pushing through those walls, then you realize within yourself the EMPOWERMENT that you have gained.  That’s truly what this cycle represents for each of you.  Finding the empowerment to say unto yourself, “I deserve this, I deserve to feel better, I deserve to HONOR my Spiritual self, I DESERVE to EMPOWER myself so that the pure reflection will be IN my outside world.” 

But it takes some getting used to through this process.  Because many times your lower self will not want to work as hard as you know you need to, will NOT be diligent, will NOT be respectful, will NOT be patient, will NOT have reverence for what you are experiencing.  That is truly the blessing of this Pathway.

In the beginning you have no idea what you’re doing.  Sometimes you don’t have any idea even when you’re going through these processes.  But what the difference is that in the beginning you’re afraid to understand it.  But as you move through the challenges you accept that you are learning from that process.  It’s freeing you UP from the elements that have stayed in place within your personality.  Because your personality is very similar to what it was before.  It transitions from lifetime to lifetime.

The whole process of that is to allow that personality to get better.  ALLOW that personality to be the God Source, to be MORE in tune with the Higher Light Body, the more in tune with everything that you are learning, the vibrancy of the Rays and what that means for you individually.  That is the true key to your healing individual awareness.

When you ALLOW yourself to have that individual awareness, you become more than you’ve ever been and could be.  That SHIFTS the deeper you to go through this process.  It’s important for each of you to realize within yourself that this process is not easy for ANY Initiate or Master, but it is necessary.  Because you’ve lost it, you’ve lost it from the beginnings of your Angelic presence.  That’s why it’s so important to connect to your Solar Angel.  

We bring forth that essence presently through the Temple, FEELING all the 22 Rays of God that represent moving into our essences of the God Source.  You think about it, the very 1st Ray is the Blue Flame to give you Fearlessness, to give you Strength and Courage and the last Flame is the Platinum to allow that Source of Light to become more integrated within your physical self than you’ve ever experienced before.

It’s a JOURNEY for the Initiate, that soul, to go through each of those Rays and to EMBODY those energies.  It is not just about bringing forth those Ray energies into your chakras and expanding those chakras, but it is to ALLOW your personality to experience a part of that aspect that is represented by those Rays.

Let’s call upon the Crystalline Flame.  The Crystalline Flame represents Resurrection.  What happens in the Resurrection?  Well, then you start to have hope, you start to bring forth a balance in being MORE harmonious.  It’s important for each of you to ACKNOWLEDGE the untruths within you.

I ask you to concentrate upon that right now with your breath as we go deeper and deeper.  We bring forth those Rays of God, the 22 Rays that we spoke about to bring forth that sense of purpose.  CONCENTRATE upon the ability to have more Strength and Courage to FACE that untruth, to LOOK at it, to BREAK DOWN that WALL.

We call upon the Crystalline Flame to break it down, to feel that Divine Energy being resurrected right within you without you having to do anything.  You just surrender to this Light Energy and it shall come to you.

The Flame that we have here within the Temple represents that Blue and that Crystalline Light.  FEEL that Blue and that Crystalline Light coming to you NOW circling within your entire structure.  It becomes part of you, it becomes part of your emotions, it becomes part of your thoughts and SWIRLS right within your Heart and your Solar Plexus and the Root chakra holding that damaging energy.  Let it GO!  Let the Blue and the Crystalline WORK within each other to help you become FREE of the damaging energy that has stopped you.

[Divine Language Network Light EncodingSM]

Now FEEL that Blue Flame coming into your ENTIRE Central Canal.  FEEL it in your Heart becoming the Strength that you desire to HOLD within you.  That the affliction of that lower energy is now being dissipated because the Crystalline Flame is BREAKING it apart.  It’s breaking it apart and it’s being dissipated through your ENTIRE structure.  FEEL this movement of the Blue and the Crystalline helping you.  BREATHE into that.  Let it GO and allow yourself to REALLY express within you the BEAUTY, the BEAUTY of this movement.  That is the most exquisite movement that you can CONCENTRATE on and not concentrate on removing and feeling the pain of that, but feeling the release of more balance to come into you.  As you BREATHE into that, feel the Resurrection within you.  Feel that STRENGTH.  You are becoming your own personal alchemist.

We bring forth the Violet and the Purple to soothe all aspects within yourself.  As you go deeper and deeper into the energies, now you feel the Pink.  Allow the Pink to just embrace you, allowing you to feel the act of COMPASSION of what you are doing.  You’re releasing those energies.  Feel the depth of the energies swirling within you and around you, EXPECTING MORE PEACE, surrendering with the Ruby Red and ALLOWING the flow of the energy that you concentrate and consecrate of the Green Golden White Light merging together.  It brings more of that into balance and ALLOWS your Higher Mind, it allows YOUR Divine Mind to come more fully into the creative process as now you become the illumination of your Higher Mind with the Golden Yellow.

All these flames swirl within you and the thoughts dissipate.  The emotion that’s associated with this is being released.  Feel the presence of your own Divine Self as the Seafoam Green comes in.  Bringing that Seafoam Green into ALL its aspects.  Now you have more CLARITY allowing yourself to SEE within you HOW you were thinking before and how DAMAGING it was to your ENTIRE personality.  FEEL that change occurring within you as we ALLOW the Blue Green the JOY and the HOPE and the movement of those energies.

The Pearlescent Flame of ALLOWING the Masculine and Feminine to work together so that your Emotional and Mental Body can heal. Allow them to MERGE within you as you accept the Pink Orange.  Bring that Pink Orange because now you’re moving.  Take that element that was a blockage and now see the doorway.  There’s a massive doorway that you’re walking through and it’s filled with the Light as the Gold, the Christ Consciousness, envelops you.  You NOW accept that you are a Christed Being of Light.  FEEL this energy within you.  FEEL it swirling and twisting in all directions.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now you allow the Higher Light energies of the Violet, Pink, and the Deep Blue Violet, and the Golden White, and the Light Violet White.  You start to move into accepting your own truth of beingness of the Multi-White Light, of the Pink Gold, the 5th Dimensional Divine intent.  FEEL those intentions of the 5th Dimensional level coming back into your consciousness.  You’re filling it up from your Higher Mind into your Physical Mind.  You’re accepting it, as now MORE and MORE occurs as the Magenta of Divine Inner Power and Divine Love comes in. FEEL this flowing within you.  FEEL it moving, not just in your Heart and Solar Plexus and Thymus, but your entire structure.  Let it GO to the Root, let it GO to the Crown, let it GO to all aspects of your beingness as you BECOME NOW that aspect you desire to hold.  FEEL this within you.  It’s a vibrational essence.

[Divine Language Network Light EncodingSM]

As we go DEEPER and DEEPER into the Violet Gold, we get into those Higher Frequencies.  And the Blue Gold and the Platinum, you now become ONE within your Masculine and Feminine within you, the God Source.  You are that Spark of Light that we talked about earlier.  It’s a remembrance.  Allow that to be in your Heart.  FEEL this energy DEEPER and DEEPER and DEEPER within your consciousness.

Now, as we send all these Energies of this FULL integration of the 22 Flames down to Gaia through all the dimensions for Her to HOLD this.  We HOLD this energy within Her core as She extends it outward, everywhere around the world to all sentient beings, to all lifeforms, to all energies; to bring forth this Divine Light unto the ENTIRE planetary system.

[Divine Language Network Light EncodingSM]

Now FEEL those energies coming back into your Central Core.  Feeling your Heart, your Solar Plexus and all your chakras becoming One.  Your Full-Body system is One.

As we have gathered together in this magnificent Temple of Light, every soul that is here in this moment is connecting to that Source of Oneness, the Source of what WE represent as Divine Mother Father God, as the Creative Source of Oneness is Our Creator also.  That vibrancy energy from the 144th Dimension of ALL your souls and all your Monads coming together in the creative process of Oneness of all of your Light Bodies and all that you have BEEN and all that you WILL be comes into this Creative Source, this Light Frequency, this Love Frequency, this ability to be ALL that the Rays represent.  Bring that Divine Energy into your Heart essence.

[Divine Language Network Light EncodingSM]

Come back into your Heart Center with your breath and FEEL the beautiful integration that has occurred for each of you within your own consciousness.  Concentrate on that beautiful aspect you desire to be and feel the freedom of creating that balance within you.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, are deeply honored to extend this Light Frequency to each of you in these moments.

We Are, that We Are!
We Are, that We Are!
I Am, that I Am, that I Am,
As the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Christed Self.

So Mote it be!  Let it be done!  Let it be done, Dearest Ones.

Lady Mahlariessee 

Take a deep breath, as now we arise from our seats.  Allow these Light Frequencies to fully be within you as we walk up the steps, we follow Yamteleus.  We bid farewell, but you MAY return at any time.  Call upon your Higher Self to assist you within the Unified Whole Command to return to the Temple during your sleep state.

As we leave the Temple, we bid farewell to Archangel Michael’s Warriors.  As we step onto the garden pathway feeling the POWER that you have become within yourself, as a sense of purpose.

As we walk across the Rainbow Bridge, we gather together to create our group Merkabah, the Rainbow Colors of Light and we leave the 36th Dimensional frequency coming down into the 24th, coming down into the 11th and the 10th and then coming down into planetary creation as each of us now arrives into own Light Bodies into our physical location.  Grounding yourself deeply.

[Thank you to Carol M. for dedicating her transcription services to Walking Terra Christa.]

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This is the written transmission of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God that was shared Live in the Clarion Temple of Oneness on October 2, 2017 for Ascension Mastery Teaching. The Cosmic Great Central Sun shares a message on how we as Lightworkers can assist those souls that are hurting to receive healing through the energetic vibrations of Light.

As the temple is very full this evening with so many souls arriving here. We thank the souls that are coming who have recently transitioned or are going through a transitional process as it is an entry way for them to heal so deeply within their own soul bodies of light.


Namaste and Greetings, It is I, Yamteleus.

Hello, everyone. Thank you for being with us.

Yes, Meleriessee yes, we do have an entryway of so many souls that have arrived. Thank you for mentioning the tragedies that have been happening.

That is the one experience within this temple that even though so many souls are hurting and going through the transitions, they now have a place to come to right after the death experience to really have some moments of understanding the transition from the physical world into the spiritual world. We thank every one of them for being with us. I thank Archangel Michael as he has been very diligently to assist each of these souls along with the many other guardians of this temple to bring healing to every soul being of light.

Let us know continue with the energies.


{Divine Light Language Encoding}

We, of the Angels of all Principalities, embrace you deeply for the challenges you are experiencing and for all the souls that are here this evening. We reach out our Wings of Love and Light of Blessings. We desire to bring you strength, and courage to enfold upon you and all your loved ones, to enfold upon everyone that is here in this Temple in these moments, to bring even just one moment of peace and serenity within your heart that shall expand unto all the hearts to those on earth, to all of Humanity, to help them relax, to help them accept the Divinity of Love and the purpose of life no matter what form of existence that you hold within your consciousness.

We, of the Angels, bless all of you from our Heart to yours. May the wings of our love enfold around you and to assist you  to know that you are loved, to know that life continues to reach an experience of understanding.

Many blessings to each of you.


I AM that I AM that I AM.

I am the Divine Mother and Father God of the Great Central Sun also holding our hearts and each of your Hearts as One.

Thank you for the message from the Angelic communities.

It is a time of great transition and some of the changes that are occurring within those movements are very difficult to handle emotionally and mentally within the physical self. That is why we gather here so that we can celebrate the Spark of Light that each of you incorporate within yourself. The Spark of our Light that is within you that you have extended unto humanity to every person that you meet. to the Animal Kingdom to the Plant Kingdom to everything that flourishes upon the Earth, because right now there are many places around the world that are not able to fully feel this Divine love.

our role within the Temple this evening is to express this Divine love, and the one element that will assist each of you and the changes that you are experiencing is the movement of your Soul Essence changes greatly through each moment of expression.

You may have moments of deep gratitude, you may have moments of great  love, and moments of great thankfulness of the blessing that you are experiencing and then you have the opposite moments of grief, of sadness, of anger of not understanding why things are occurring as they are. It is very important for each of you to understand your own consciousness.

If you were taking a mental note of life and what you are experiencing presently to reflect upon because that moment of understanding is going to help you to see are you create things in your life and how you relate to tragedies and what happens through those experiences.

No human being wants to experience tragedy. The fact that your world is so scientific you know when things are happening somewhere else across the globe. It does not have to be right in your neighborhood due to media and social networking and what the internet has brought into the consciousness of all Minds and all Hearts of the Human Self. This can be a great gift, but it can also be a great detriment only because you know so much and your own consciousness is affected by what others are experiencing in other planes of existence around the world. Even though it may not be personal experience for you.

What happens through this process is so many souls that are awakening are so sensitive to this energies and some may say, “Why do I have to feel these things and why do I have to experience this energetic exchange when it is not my personal experience to be in that moment but yet I feel sometimes that I am there energetically?”

This is truly where discernment has to come into play in which every human being whether they are consciously aware of the sensitivity of the energies are not are having to be fully cognizant of their own energies. If you are not aware of how you feel about yourself in certain situations emotionally and mentally, then you will become intertwined with everything else that is going on in the outside world. So it is imperative as a conscious being that you have become to realize the potential that you have within yourself to assist energetically in these changes. Some may say, “I have to put my energy out there, I have to help heal the fires, the floods, the winds, I have to heal the people that are screaming for help that do not know how to help themselves.”

Most individuals that awaken themselves unto this energies realize that they here to be a healer, to assist humanity to wake up to the same kind of energies that can be beautiful, but yet the duality upon the planet right now is within that 4th dimensional level of experience. No soldier would go into battle without being trained to do so. That is why the military prepares individuals for war, to be strong physically, emotionally, and mentally.

It is the same for each of you to bring forth that experience of understanding how far you can go energetically and what it means to you to assist another individual through this process. But the misconception is that so many awakened souls such as yourself , very very beautiful souls that have learned that they have special gifts and have a tendency to focus only to assist this earth. But what if we have souls that are not ready to receive that assistance. Interfering within their energies creates a problem of the Free Will. That means that souls have not learned their lessons, because someone else is taking over for them. Some of you may be able to relate to these words because maybe in your own experiences you have felt others have tried to persuade you to be a certain way in a certain circumstance. Some may call this mentoring which is very helpful if that soul is ready to accept the challenge that needs to be undertaken.

I will tell you that most of humanity is not ready. This means that we must allow these souls to go through what they are experiencing. We can assist in every way possible because there is a mixture of unawakened souls through the consciousness who are ready to be awakened for the experience that they have will be much more understood from their Highest Perspective.

What we are trying to say in this moment is with everything that happening around the world, it is important to realize your own Life Force and what it represents. I suggest to you to make an inventory of how you feel about your own consciousness which is imperative for you to do so especially before you start your day.

How do you feel about certain situations around the world? How do you feel about the leaders of the world and how do you feel about the people that are experiencing the challenges? What is your personal opinion within your own consciousness?

When you start to learn the foundation that is within you, then you can set up the boundaries of when to extend your energy and when not to do so. The truth of the matter is that anything you see or read can cause you to have a moment of an emotional reaction so that you are compassionate, or sympathetic to someone else going through something, that energy is going out into the airwaves and will be received by those individuals you were thinking about.

What happens in many enlightened individuals that they have a tendency of thinking from the Lower Mental Mind that they have to perceive these energies and have to concentrate upon them instead taking a moment of that reflection of their own consciousness within the Higher Self and I Am Presence by saying, “What is my role within this challenge of the earth?”

In most times the likely answer will be is to give an intention of healing to that area but the most  important element we want to get across is that many times so many individuals because of their gifts, because of whom they are as a soul, of wanting to heal this earth, put too much effort to those other energies and then they become quite afflicted with the same kind of emotions of sadness, not understanding, of getting into that space where anger will result, and resentment occurs. This is very very important.

This is the Fine Line that each of you must realize within yourself that you have to step across.

It is like a soul that has just been released from the physical world and that soul does not understand that no one can see them. This happens more times than not especially at funerals. Then, when they see that their loved ones cannot see them, some choose to stay in that space, meaning they get stuck to the earthplane and they do not allow themselves to move into their own journey. This is where that Fine Line was crossed when you learn to understand within yourself what is right for you, it is not being selfish, it is taking care of yourself.

If every soul upon this earth was able to fully embrace those energies of self-compassion, then this world would be in a much better place than it is presently. It is because so many individuals are inner-meshed with other individuals, and the emotional issues that any one individual person experiences, can be picked upon by many other individuals just by tapping into that energy.

Some of you may be very aware how this happens. As an individual that is fully awakened within their consciousness of other worlds and other dimensions, those energies that can come to them can be a mixture of good and bad. It is very important that no one in the physical self, of being very awakened, takes that job on themselves unless this person is a healer, mentor, or teacher and is working with a certain individual in a certain timeframe like you would call a ‘session’. But globally, it is very important that every soul upon the earth be able to understand whom they are in their own consciousness so that they don’t overstep their own boundaries and pick up another’s energy that is not necessary to receive. In times like this when there is great turmoil and challenges all around the world, as I said the social media that is now available, those thought forms are even more intensified.

How do you as an individual self-protect your own energy field so that you don’t pick up on other thought forms?

It is of knowing your own consciousness and what is within that energy, what is in your sensitivity or feeling levels. What is within your Heart Center?. What thought processes are you having? Just like you are picking up on other thought forms, others can pick up from you.

It is important to really understand and realize the potential you have to assist this Earth by allowing yourself to have your own boundaries of your thinking process, your growing process, and your healing process that is occurring within your world. As when you get beyond and step over that line and move into that outer existence, you are taking those energies that you are feeling into the outside world. It is picked up by environmental conditions, its picked up by people, by animals, by every living organism that is upon this Earth.

What we are trying to say in this dissertation is to assist each of you to know that the healing of this earth depends upon your own individual consciousness and that every person upon this Earth has a responsibility. You took on that responsibility when you came into body but it has been lost through the process. So it is important to understand what you are feeling, what you are thinking, and where do you want to send out those vibrations, or not send them out. Be very cognizant of your own consciousness every day.

For example, you start your day by reflecting upon how you feel about yourself. What emotions are you feeling about your loved ones, your dog or your cat, how do you feel about life? What is occurring within this process is that there is a multidimensional experience of understanding, coming from your entire Etheric Self of the many different lifetimes you have had as another person.

You would probably understand this if you have gone through an experience and have a conviction about a certain way of living. Then, all of a sudden, things change in your life and that way of living does not seem as important any longer. That is allowing the Etheric Self to release the confines of that previous timeline or lifetime that was put upon your soul, so then you start to look at things a little bit differently than before.

This is exactly when individuals awaken; they start to look at their lives in a completely different manner than they did before, but a lot of times the Lower Ego is so much intact that they do not know how to go about making those changes. So they are taking that old Etheric Self, the Physical Self that is changing and then the Higher Self that is coming into that consciousness and it is having a muddled effect within your consciousness. It becomes very confusing; there may be moments that you feel one thing in one way and then differently in another way. This is exactly what is occurring for you.

The multidimensional self is coming into focus but you being in your lower Mental Mind do not know how to let go of those elements in order for the new processes to come into existence.

This is exactly what is happening upon the earth presently.

Even though the controls of the dark side are still very much in place and are trying to attack the people of the earth, attack the minds and the hearts, it is through the strength of those occurrences, which we have seen in many individuals of reaching out to others and assisting one another through that process is allowing their Higher Self to work with them in a more focused manner.

So please note that what is happening upon the earth presently is all part of the Divine Plan; not to the point that it is when so many individuals are hurting and ceasing to exist upon the earth. This is not anything what we desire from the Higher Consciousness that we see upon the Earth, but it is up to every soul individually. Their Higher Selves are working very diligently within each soul upon this Earth even though that person may not be consciously aware of it.

We know we have been talking a lot ~ we think it is important with what is happening presently. There is muddled information with thoughts and feelings that are occurring. That adds injury to the whole process. It creates more confliction to occur. So it is important that we share this information with each of you.

You have the power within yourself to heal this Earth instead of allowing it to be one catastrophe after another – to bring forth the highest frequency of light, the blessing of love and adoration, the blessing that you are incorporating within the Rays of God to become one within you.

Unity is the word and it has to occur within yourselves. You must realize theotential that you have to allow the movement of healing to occur within your Heart. As you experience this more within your internal system, it is going to be emitted into the outside of your field. It will move out of you energetically so that all molecules, elements, and cells of this Earth will start to feel that energy.

The most important tool through this process is to consistently remind yourself that you are on a transitionary planet, and it is going through an immense amount of healing. The best way that you can assist is to help yourself, because every soul upon this Earth is very confused.

All souls are multidimensional and need to learn as much as they can but the only way they can do this is through the integration of their Higher Essence into their physical self. This means it needs to occur for Every Soul Upon this Earth.

Just as each Master of the Spiritual Hierarchy goes through the 352 levels of the Mahatma every person on the Earth will do the same. But yet, most of those souls are at such a low level of initiation (or haven’t even stepped unto that pathway) that their Lower Egos are still controlling the way it should be.

What we bring unto you tonight, in this glorious Temple of Light is to bring all the Rays of God, to bring all the purity, to bring all the blessing, to bring the extension of the most highest of the highest to come into your Heart. To bring forth that pure existence so that everything else that is just the opposite dissipates. This is what we desire in these moments.

We want everyone to know that we truly understand and that we are here as Divine Mother Father God to assist every soul upon this Earth especially the Ones that are hurting more than others, and that there is way that we can change this Earth into the Higher Earth, but it has to be done individually and collectively. We have to come together and we have to share with you that our tears are your tears, that your sadness is our sadness and that your anger is our anger.

The only way to really change what is occurring is to bring forth the greatest blessing of all and that is Divine Love, to assist you in your Divine Will, to create your Divine Power to enfold individually and collectively. To bring forth this source of Light that we extend to you right now as we bring forth the Cosmic Great Central Sun, the 5th Great Central Sun. We call upon all of the Great Central Suns of the Multi-Universal, the Universal, the Galactic, and the Solar to expand their energies within this Temple in this moment, to assist in the power of Love, to assist in the Power of Unity, to assist in the Power of Divine Will and bring that into your consciousness now, through your breath.

Feel this Divine Will flowing within your Heart Center and expand your entire bodily system and any element that does not fit this highest love, this highest wisdom will dissipate – will completely dissipate. Just allow yourself to embrace this light energy of all the Great Central Suns, to come into your Heart Essence, to warm what has been cold, to bless you of what has been lost, to bring forth the highest beautification of light that you have ever experienced in your consciousness within a physical self. You know this consciousness in your Etheric Self. Allow your Etheric Self to assist you now to bring forth those multi-dimensional timelines to expand it into your Heart, to allow you to become more focused of whom you truly are, in the Light and the Love bringing forth this pure existence that you are.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

Feel the reverberation within this Temple – within the walls to come into each of your hearts to expand upon it and bring it into the highest as if you have one beautiful sun within your heart. Feel that warmth, feel that blessing, feel the power and the light, feel the extension of all that can be and all that will be by allowing yourself to become this Will of Love, this Will of Light and this Will of Power within your purest existence. Hold that within you; feel it. Allow it to go into all parts of your physical existence and all organs, all interworkings of the bodily system, into the cellular structure, into the memories of the Etheric Self, into the Feminine Divine bringing forth the purity of nurturing, into the Masculine Divine supporting the Divine Essence of the Wisdom of God bringing forth that extension of your Higher Being of Light fully within you.

Breathing deeply, allow the vibration to continue through your pure existence and ground it. You are a huge ball of Golden Light. This Golden Light has infractions of all the other flames, of multicolors of light, mixtures of light, sparkles of light, vibrating through your entire full body system. Let us now extend this energy unto the Earth through all the five Great Central Suns. We bring forth this energy into the heart of Gaia as she becomes the enormous light of the sun, as she is blessed with Unity of the Masculine Divine within her Feminine Divine and it extends through all of her environmental conditions bringing forth the most exquisite moment of Peace, of Love and allowing this energy to flow every human soul, through every soul of the animals, through the plant kingdom, and the mineral kingdom, going into all elements of the waters, the mountains, the desert and everywhere around the earth is being blessed by this Divine Light coming back now into your own center as the entire structure of the earth is more connected to this Temple than it ever has been before.

We bless every soul that has arrived within this TEMPLE with this enormous extension of light, of love, of feeling the Divinity of Peace that brings forth the Divinity of Power, not a mental power, not a physical power but the power of Universes to come into Unity, into the Light Forms of the Unified Whole Energies of the 144th dimension of all existences that have ever been to come into community to come into peace, to come into the pure existence that has ever occurred in any other inter-planetary form of life. Feel this extension of light within you now.

Take a moment to reflect upon your consciousness. You may be feeling light headed, you may have some electrical charges, your fingertips may be a little chilly. The vibration of the energies is running through your entire structure. You may even be sleepy. Just allow this energetic exchange of the five Great Central Suns to fully bless you with their pure existences to come into the Oneness that all that We Are and all that we can be in the purest form of light.

We, of Divine Mother Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, are deeply honored and grateful to be able to extend this movement of light frequency within the Clarion Temple of Oneness, within all souls within all levels of existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy, of the angels of the Intergalactics, of the many masters that assist, of the many beings of light into the frequency of light into the Agarthian Council of Light and all of the Agartha Cities that hold this frequency within the Earth as we all become One in this moment of this pure existence.

We, of Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun take one last blessing unto each of you.

In the Light of the Christ that we are together,


Remember this invocation, this moment that you, too, in your personal journey can take a moment of reflection and bring this energy right back to yourself. Let it bring forth that energetic movement for you to feel it in your Heart Center, to be a part of you in good times and in bad to bring forth the coexistences that do not exist together into the Unity of the Light and the Unity of the Love and the Unity of kingdoms of light coming together in pure Oneness.

{Divine Light Language Encoding}

As you each of you are this Golden Light with many infractions of light within you, feel the power of this, feel the love of it, and feel the blessing of it and allow yourself to heal, to heal, and to release what is no longer a part of your consciousness. Let it all go. Let it come into the fruition of your Divine Self in this glorious moment of our creation.

In the Light of the Christ that We are,

So Mote it Be

It is Done.

We walk as a global network always to be remembered and called upon.

In the Light of the Christ That We Are,

We are Divine Mother and Father God

Representing all the Great Central Suns, and of course, the Cosmic Great Central Sun being part of your pure existences of this moment of our creation, in this process of evolving light.

I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM

So Mote it Be my Dearest Children

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

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Kaleidoscope of Cosmic Light Blessings

klaideoscope of colors1

This written transmission of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God was shared Live in the Clarion Temple of Oneness on May 2, 2016. The Cosmic Great Central Sun gave a special heart-felt message about Prince who passed away in late April 2016.

Greetings, Greetings My Dearest Beloveds,

I am Yamteleus, the spokes-being for the Clarion Temple of Oneness.

I am so happy to be with each of you. The energies within the temple for the last few weeks have been very powerful with the Wesak energies we are all experiencing on the inner and outer plane. It is a beautiful time to see how each of you are getting through your challenges and understanding of the higher realms. I think tonight with Divine Mother Father God they will be bringing forth a new aspect of themselves that has not been brought forth previously due to Meleriessee’s initiation levels and her ability to tap into the higher light quotients. I think it will be a very beautiful experience so let’s get started.

Thank you for being with us. Namaste!

Blessings of the Angelic Hosts:

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

We are the angels of all the principalities, and we come tonight to present the energies for Divine and Mother Father God but to also connect with each of you, are comrades upon the Earth, the Angels upon the Earth, as you bring forth the sensitivity the love, the experiences of eternal movement of light, within your hearts and allow it to flow within you to bring the peace and the divinity of light that you truly are on the higher levels to come into your physical experience.

We are honored to be here this evening as we bring forth those elements of light through this glorious temple with all its colors and the frequencies that represent the Cosmic Great Central Sun. We now open up the energies to their existence and we thank you for opening up your hearts.


I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, the Heart and the Will of God, in the integration of the Great Central Sun, of the Cosmic Frequency of Light, and unto each of you in these moments.

Our role this evening is to extend to you more of what you desire to be, to bring forth the higher vibrational essences that you have received since the Wesak energies and continuing this month which allows the particles of light to infiltrate within your physical essence for you to accept yourself in a new and completely different way than you have previously. Allow this extension of your Higher Presence to be more fully within your physical existence through your breath, through the energies that we bring forth in the temple this evening. It is a glorious moment in time as we see so many willing to stand tall and accept themselves es into a completely different arena of experience than they have in previous timelines. That is what is happening upon the earth presently.

Since the Wesak energies there has been an opening of the grid to allow more transformation to occur. We thank Lady Portia and the Elders of the Violet and Purple Flame of the Cosmic level to be ignited.

We also have to thank a certain soul that left the plane because he did ignite this energy. You know him well as PRINCE. We know him as a soul inhabited within a physical body that brought forth great challenges, but what happened through his own essence was his truth that was ignited as he left the physical plane. It is not the extension of his life as it was and what he brought forth, but the people that honored him and listened to his music. That allowed the Violet/Purple flame to become more embodied within the earth.

As we know we are no coincidences of any form or any kind so it allows those individuals, especially very unawakened souls, to receive those light infractions within them without knowing that their consciousness has been ready for it. Their higher consciousness is coming into their physical consciousness. So it was a raw beginning to assist in that process, and it is wonderful.

We want to thank his soul for what he did achieve upon the earth. We know he had many challenges that he had to deal with but through his music he was able to bring forth the essence of his soul.

We honor PRINCE tonight within the Temple so that he can heal from the particles that were not in those light infractions just as any soul has to do.

We want to thank each of you that participated in the energies as it is continuing through this month intensely as many spiritual groups are celebrating Wesak in the next full moon. So what each of you have been part of is the new precedence of allowing those energies to come through you first and foremost upon the Earth to prepare the rest of humanity. Not only are you extending these energies within yourself, but it is flowing outwardly through you.

Our goal is this evening is to bless you for the work that you are doing for the frequency of light you are bringing forth so that many others can feel the same. It is very sad that in one individual person as in Prince had to leave the planet for others to receive, but this is the exchange of energy that occurs within the frequencies of light through this Earth to the Universal structures into the Cosmic levels to allow the frequency to change from the Violet to Purple. It will allow both of them to meld together which represents the Feminine and Masculine Divine coming into Oneness.

So I ask each of you to look into your heart.

How does that feel for you individually?

How does it feel to bring forth the Feminine and Masculine together in that core essence that you are?

Think about your chakra grid, think about your central canal of energy, and that channel of light that you bring through your breath into your Soul Star in your physical structure. Allow that energy to really feel the blessing and to relax, each of you; because many of you, if not all of you, have been challenged by certain elements during this time. There is so much debris that is being removed that the energy systems are being overloaded with these moments of darkness that are purging out of micro-organisms through the cellular structure of the earth, through the elements. You may not even know the result of this for several months because the process is on-going. It brings forth those energies within yourself in a completely different manner.

So we ask each of you to breathe deeply through this process, as both of us of the Heart and the Will of God, bring forth that essence of oneness, bring forth the compatibility, bring forth the extension of the feminine of the heart and the blessings, the intuitive sense, the nurturing and the love, and the ease and grace with the Masculine of that Will of that Strength and understanding that process.

This allows those two elements to come together within your heart to bring forth those energies. Within the next full moon it is going to be even more powerful of what you are feeling with the masculine and the feminine.

We want this energy to now intertwine almost like a spiraling vertical light within you. So it circles within your consciousness, within whom you are becoming, and allowing the circling energy to assist you within what you are experiencing.

It is important to take time such as this to allow yourself to relax and bring in the energies; to let elements happen as they will and not be so concerned in how it should occur or what you should be thinking about, or what you should be processing. It is very important throughout your day to take time like this and to sit back and allow the energies to assist you.

Allow yourself to blend within those frequencies as you become One within that essence that you are.

So we bring this unto you in these moments within the colors and colors that are in the Temple with the Goldens, the Blues, the Greens, and the Purples, the White, the clear essences, along with the Pearlescent with lighter colors blending together creating a collage of beautiful energies coming within you as you become part of all the rays. As you become part of your own extension of light, as you become part of this essence you desire to be.

We take a moment and allow the Language Of Light to bring forth this essence to you, to assist you in that relaxation. It is very important. Relaxation can take you into another space as you feel yourself relaxing so much that you go into the ethers, the beyond creation. That is okay but sometimes you need to be aware so you have to concentrate within your breath so that you allow the merging of your Higher Essence within your Physical Essence. This is so the higher mind merges with the personality and makes those necessary changes of balance to come within your existence as a physical being.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

Now the spiraling lights of the multi-colors spinning within your Central Canal gets wider and wider so it moves through your physical essence, into your bodily functions through all the organs, the muscles, the tendons, the brain waves, your spinal column and it becomes larger and larger. Then the Earth Star and the Soul Star blend out of you as you become intertwined within the spiraling light. It is inside of you but also outside of you. As it spirals within, it is just like a kaleidoscope of multi-colors blending within you. It moves into your physical body.

Remember what we are bringing forth is a BLESSING.

We want you to feel your own depth of what you have experienced and have gratitude for what you are going through. It now moves into your Emotional Body so that it becomes the FEMININE Divine until you fully access your femininity of the physical self and allow it to be a predominant factor; it is not the Feminine Divine, it is just an emotional body. When it is within the lower form, that is what it is within the emotional level.

So we bring the higher essence and allow it to spin within your Emotional Body, then into the Mental Body. The MASCULINE DIVINE can be more predominant. So you move the energies of arrogance, lack of understanding, trying to figure things out to be blessed by this light of the multi colors. Now it is spinning outside of you, yards and yards of light frequencies around you.

Breathe all that into your Heart as you become part of this entire experience from the outside along with all the aspects of the body as it moves to the inside of your essence within your physical conditioning. Breathe into that.

Feel the blessing that we give unto you on this day. Feel the acceptance that is you. Feel the power that is you. Feel the Love that is you. Feel the light and attract that to you with each breath, with each movement, with each element.

As you become your highest essence into the physical essence it expands out of you so that the creation of your light becomes stronger and stronger and stronger. This means your ability to have abundance through every thought, through every feeling, through every movement that you bring forth is yours. It is Yours and you feel the blessing that we give to you in this moment of the Heart and Will of God to come fully within you. Feel it stronger, feel it become you. It is no longer outside of you and you feel your Masculine and Feminine inside. They feel the connection within each other as this essence starts to become you. Hold it to you and allow it to be.

We now bring forth this essence unto the earth.

Extend it from the highest frequencies of light as we sit in this temple of the 36th dimension as we slowly allow the spinning of our spiraling kaleidoscope of colors to move down through your Earth Star as it centers through the structures of the multi-universes. As it moves into the Galactic energies, it cleanses and purifies Solar Systems and movements of planets, as it takes this energy deeper into the core of Gaia and allows her to feel this frequency of light. As it blends within her, she becomes the spiraling light. It moves inside of her and outside of her so humanity can feel these effects that we are projecting unto ourselves.

I ask you now not to think about the Gratitude that you have for Gaia, but the gratitude for yourself to be able to tune into these energies, to be part of this frequency of light because you are that PILLAR OF LIGHT, you are that SOURCE. Right now you are internally and externally being that source of light.

Now come back into your consciousness of yourself, of your Heart, and feel the blessing you are to yourself. Allow it to spin within you, to relax you, to become you so that you can fully access your Divinity of Light that you are in the full spectrum of allowing all elements of all dimensions to assist you in the process of your physical dimension, of the reality that you are, that the gravity you have within you to become that Purification, to become that Light.

We ask you now to blend within this.

What does it feel like for you?

What does the purest essence of the light bring unto you now?

Unto you now and expand that essence through every element you are experiencing in the sensations of your body, in the sensations of relaxation, in the sensations of your emotions of what you are feeling, and those thoughts.

Now you become your Divine Mind. This is the Super Conscious.

Allow the Super Consciousness to blend into the Subconscious and your Physical Consciousness so that the Three Minds come together as one. Within this process you become the Divine Being that You Are. Embrace yourself with the ability to accept it into your own consciousness of light. It may take some time to get used to it. It will come, it will come.

We extend these energies to fully ground it in the Divine Light that you are, you call upon the spectrums of the colors of the 330 rays of God to be fully be within you, through you, in all frequencies in light and in all understanding of all that you feel and sense. Become this essence within yourself, be this process of light that you are.




{Divine Language Light Encoding}

Breathe and feel the exchange of energies assisting you, feeling the blessing of your Higher Essence unto your Physical Self. Allow it to intertwine within you; allow it to be you. Be One within this essence as you become the Heart and the Will of the Divine Essence You Are. You become the Goddess and the God. You become all things in creation.

We extend to you now the Platinum Flame of the 22nd Ray to infuse within each of you, to assist you in the balance of the creative process of your Masculine and Feminine to come into the Unity, to come into your heart, to be one within you as in all things should be.

Breathe deeply and allow it to be grounded all the way through you, as you become this Essence. Practice this; the more practice the more you will experience it. Allow yourself to go through the doorway of your own blessing unto yourself.

In the Light of the Christ We are,

So Mote It Be,

Let it Be, Let It Be,

It is done my Dearest Ones

It is done as we become One;

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM One with Each of You.

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