May 29th, 2011 ~ Harmony & Balance

Blessings, this is Lord Sananda speaking.  I am very, very grateful once again to be here with each of you to bring forth the frequencies of the Christ Consciousness and to embrace the integration and development of your soul’s essence more fully within your body.

As the Christ within you continues to flourish in the physical existence, let us take some time this evening to allow the frequencies to fully be in balance with the physical body as we allow the higher activations that are happening for each of you to fully be more free-flowing through your physical existence.  This evening we truly want to work on your physical body and the cellular structure as we allow each of you to accept in the physical world exactly what is occurring for you.  Your Higher Self, your Spirit, and your Soul’s Essence fully know what is occurring but the physical mind and the developments of the Heart Center with all the changes that are happening in the lower chakras sometimes do not allow these integrations to fully take place.

We are coming into a very powerful month in June.  We want each of you to be prepared.  As each of you is going through your own personal challenges, the world is going through their own global challenges, locations are being hurt by the geographic changes within the Earth.  There are tremendous upheavals, there are areas in the world that are being woken up by the frequencies that are coming to the Earth by the debris that is being removed and then the ones that have chosen to stay have to deal with the challenges that are left.  This evening I would like to say a prayer for all of those on the Earthplane that are hurting very deeply from the upheaval of their lives that they fully awaken to their own divinity in a special way.  That is where each of you comes in.

As we do this call this week, and Christine is facilitating other calls for different reasons, there is one focal point between all of these calls is to help individuals to awaken.  As you expand your frequency within your own consciousness and within your own bodily functions, there is a broadening of the frequency of your energy.  I know each of you understand what Oneness is about ~ what we do to ourselves we are doing to others ~ but it is much more than that statement.

You are allowing your auric field to expand 10-20-30 times more than it is originally with each connection you have ~ each breath ~ each vibration that you bring into your Essence.  Within these vibrations, you are allowing yourself to feel the complete focus of the totality of oneness.  As you do that, those that you come in contact with are going to be effected by this Oneness.  They may not necessarily understand, but your frequencies are changing not only by being on these calls but by listening and reading.  It does not have to be in words.  So this evening we want to assist each of you to allow the vibrancy to occur more in your physical body than it has at any other time.  So we are going to be working on Harmony and Balance as we ask Paul the Venetian to come forward this evening as we bring in these frequencies.  We are going to be utilizing the Crystalline energies with speckles of Green focusing on the Green of the planetary level on the Root. We want each of you to focus not only on releasing your fears or your inner insecurities but to totally allow that to flow through your entire cellular structure as your physical body is releasing all that does not serve you, and anything that has been happening to you is being brought up in many different avenues.  Some of you may have been not feeling very well physically and the process of going through this is to embrace the energetics that is happening for you.  Please know that it is not a physical condition but a releasement of a physical condition.

This is our focus this evening of releasing the physical conditions that are stopping you from having the full awakening within the totality of your Light Body to allow those higher frequencies to come fully within the body.  If you are holding onto elements of happening to you in past lives, this lifetime, trauma, hurts, pains, and many of these you do not know about ~ they can be little pockets and it may just be a small little cellular spot within your body that is not being activated onto the Higher Realms.  It can cause you the imbalance that is occurring for you.  We want to assist you with this be cause as we come up in the next month with the New Moon that is occurring with the Eclipses, and the Solstice, it is a massive amount of change of frequency that is going to be happening.  So June is going to be another powerful month.  You may have noticed some areas of the world and geographic changes that have occurred which is a process of getting rid of the debris just like each of you are doing the same personally.  That process may be in the Mental, Emotional or the Physical or possibly all of them.  You must remember that you have to heal through all four bodies of the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual to bring forth the totality of the Light Body.

Take a deep breath.

We will now bring in the Crystalline Light with speckles of Green; let us concentrate on the Emerald Green of the Planetary Ray as we blend in a circular fashion in a clockwise manner into the Root Chakra feeling the Ray of Harmony and Balance.  As it blends within the Root, we will center it through the Etheric Level.  It will hit the base of the spine as it represents the basis of who you are keeping you grounded to the Earth.  So those of you having trouble not being fully grounded this is going to assist you also.  It is a spiraling motion that is going into the Coccyx area of your spinal column, blending in through your system as it expands vertically and horizontally in a clockwise manner as it expands into the Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual levels.  It is not just part of your physical structure it is going outside of your system.  As it is expanding we are moving it up vertically.  So now it will move up your body as it incases your Sacral area and your lower abdomen along with all the bodies of the Etheric, Emotional, Mental, and the Spiritual.  It is going to move out about one foot beyond your physical body.  Let’s now move it up through the Solar Plexus and outwardly ~ it is going up and going out ~then to the Heart, the Thymus, and then to the Throat.

Breathing deeply through all of this.

Now the energy is moving up past your neck, your shoulders and into your Third Eye, then up to your Crown.  In this moment you are one spiraling light of Crystalline colors mixed in with Green.  It is fully within the deepness of the Physical level.  It is deep into the interworking of your physical structure.  It is going to be part of the cellular memory, and we ask it to go into each of those cells along with those pockets of information that are locked away within you.  Allow the Crystalline and Green energies to go through and around you, into the blood stream, into all the systems that make up the body:  the glandular, the circuitry, the endocrine system and lymphatic system, all the glands, the organs and the interworking within each other, all the muscles, tendons, joints and through your entire physical structure.  Allow it to go into your feet and within the Earthstar as it will transmute it as it spins around.  Feel yourself being incased within you.  It is outside of you and it is inside of you. Feel the vibrancy of this ray filtering through your entire being breathing deeply.  There should be more of a balance of the energy tonight so we can prepare you for the attunement of Divine Mother and Divine Father God.

Breathe and allow that to be within you as you feel it centering within your Heart, your Thymus, and your Solar Plexus.  Allow yourself to feel the balance that is happening right now ~feeling centered.  The Crystalline Light is helping to transmute and regenerate at the same time.  Just let it all go completely out of you.  So now we are all prepared.

I thank  each of you for being here with me this evening and dearest Meleriessee.  Thank you for continuing the work that you are doing.  I Am Lord Sananda at your service.  Namaste!


I Am that I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service.

Breathe deeply in the frequency of the Crystalline Light.

Breathe deeply.

Feel the essence of the balance and the continuation of your life in a different circumstance than you have experienced previously.  Allow this to flow through you. Allow yourself to be in the complete harmony and balance that is necessary. R ight now we are going to infiltrate these frequencies fully within you.  Allow yourself to breathe, and allow the continuation of your life in this circumstance, in these moments, to fully increase within you.  I want you now to bring the gifts of security, of balance, of love, of expression of whom you are, the ability to speak this expression to others, and to feel the totality of your Soul’s  Essence.  As it is being nurtured, there will be no distortments of any kind to cause the elements to become off-center. We totally want to balance you out this evening to prepare you for these challenges that are coming across.  As we bring forth these activations through your body each week ~ as you breathe in this frequency and you hear the voice ~ it is just a vibration coming through you.  If you allow the vibration to come through it, cannot do anything but fully transition into the essence of your Soul’s development as this is what we are basically assisting you to feel the vibration of the love and the continuance within your Being.  Allow this love and continuance within you to fully create the frequency that is necessary for you to now embrace just as Mother Earth is going through her transition, each of you are going through your transition.  So let’s take the positive parts of Mother Earth and center ourselves upon those energies of her Essence as you bring forth the Essence within you.  Let’s transform all that does not serve you.

Now we want to put it out to us this evening as you sit in your private space, if you have the ability to speak aloud, please do so, what you need to transform and be released.  Tonight is a releasement of all those elements that have kept you back because June is going to be a transition into the highest frequency so far.  As they become higher and higher within your Being, you are actualizing it.  We want to ground it. So tonight let’s just release.

We also want to call upon the Violet Flame ~ Saint Germain is working with each of you individually right now.  We are bringing forth more of a continuation this evening of the frequencies of these beings that are assisting you presently.  Feel the presence of this Violet Flame as we intermix it with the Crystalline Light.  Breathe that through and feel that transmutation coming through your Being.  Breathe it from the top of your Crown all the way down into your full body into your Heart and your lower body through your Root.  Allow that Root to be on fire as it transforms the fear ~ it transforms any thoughts that do not serve your Highest Purpose ~it transforms insecurities as you bring forth the Power, the Will, the Beauty of Love and your Heart’s Desire fully within you.

This is the power of the flame.  Allow the flame to run through you.  Allow yourself to feel the essence of the balance and we bring forth that beauty of the Harmony.  Feel the harmonization going on right within your Root as it is mixed with the Crystalline Light.  Let’s bring in more streaks of Emerald Green.  Feel it shooting upwards through your whole chakra column, moving up into the top of your Crown and coming back down in a vertical manner.  It just centers within you as you feel the Essence that you are in which you worked on earlier with Lord Sananda as it filters down your field.  We ask your aura to be integrated with the Oneness of the Light Body that you are and expand three-four-five times wider than it was before.  If you look at it with your Mind’s Eye, you have the ability to see which all of you do, it expands around you five-ten feet.  Allow that breath, allow that breath to be the vibration to come within you ~ to feel that balance.

Now breathe deeply and feel that essence of your Root, of your Sacral, of your Solar Plexus and feel the centeredness of the calm that is coming through.  Feel yourself relaxing deeply in your muscles and your tendons and your joints.  We ask all the element of dis-ease to be removed. Allow any influctuations of lower vibratory energies to be gone and feel the peacefulness of your Being floating within you.

Breathe it in.  Breathe it in deeply… you express to your physical self.  Allow the physical self to now embrace the calmness, the serenity, and the joy that is yours.  Blend it down through your body; allow yourself to feel it softly and gently as you are receiving energetic massage.


Allow this to be your gift this evening as we wrap our arms around you in the peacefulness of the Green Ray from the Planetary to the Solar it becomes higher and turns into higher frequencies into the Galactic and the Universal as it goes upwards until it gets brighter and brighter.  Then it gets so light it becomes Crystalline in the Multi-Universal, Universal and the Cosmic.  Then we bring forth the frequencies of the Crystalline light.  Now there is speckles of Green within you as you embrace the balance that has occurred.  The Violet Fire now changes into a deep Purple and you feel the essence of the transmutation but more magic.  Allow the magic of the deepness of the Purple to be within you and embrace that now.

I ask of you to bring forth to us this evening in this very moment what it is you desire for your balance.   We will fully activate the Crystalline Bowl and just put your wishes out there.  Breathe through that. Breathe…

[Crystalline Bowl being played]

Feel the vibration now come to you of the receiving frequency as the magic you have integrated of the light.  Feel your alchemy integrated within you right now for you to receive these gifts no matter how tangible or intangible they may be ~ they are very import to you.

Embrace this; Embrace these elements to come fully within you.

We fully activate this frequency at this level.  The deepness of this is very strong ~ it is just very subtle.  Allow it to go into your cellular structure; feel it in your skin; feel it in your body.  As it starts tingling at a lower octave, so it is not of the frequency that you thought it was to be.

Breathe through that…breathe…Allow it to be balanced in your feet.  Allow it to be in all aspects within your body; allow it to be in your spinal column, in your joints and your fingertips.  Just allow it be a subtle but a very grounding energy as we bring this forth to you right now.

Holy God of Hosts that We Are

We bring this frequency within you very deeply.  Allow it to effervesce within your Being.  Now send it to your Heart.  Feel the vibrancy of your balance of your Male and Female as they come together.  Feel both your Male and your Female in unison with each other and they are so happy.  Bring this balance within you, and you will be able to attract exactly what you wishes have been put out.  Feel it come back with you.  Feel it vibrate through you.

[Crystal Bowl playing]

Deeply within the essence that you are ~ Deeply bring forth the frequency of light.  Feel your complete essence combining with your Soul’s purpose and your physical existence.  Feel it in your Root and allow the deepness of your soul and feel the conditioning factors in your physical body.  Allow yourself to embrace these moments of creation as both worlds now come together of Heaven and Earth right within your Being.  Feel it in your Solar Plexus as you fully relax.

We are preparing you for upcoming activations and the exhilaration of the energies coming into the planet.  You are about to embraced with so much light and higher energies  in your life with the Solstice.. Breathe…be very diligent in your studies and your activations and your balance during this time.  The Solstice is going to be bringing in a renewal of these grounding effects within you.  Allow yourself to fully activate these energies more fully in your body than you ever have before.  Allow yourself to bring forth vibratory energies and chanting, singing, just bringing in the vibration and it must come from your diaphragm.


As we come up on the energies of the New Moon please know that your wishes will be granted but you must believe…you must believe and never have a thought that says anything else.  You must allow these frequencies to be fully within your Being for you to accept what is occurring for you deeply.

Breathe this now…breathe in and believe…breathe in the magic…breathe in the ability to actualize and be the true alchemist within.  Breathe……….

Allow these energies to fully settle within you.  They are very powerful but very subtle tonight, but this is going to assist you greatly.  Filter these energies down into your feet.  Ground them into your Earthstar so that you fully allow the integration to occur on all levels of your Physical, your Etheric, your Emotional, your Mental, and your Spiritual as you are becoming one body of Light.  Allow that to be your guide.  Allow the frequencies that are on the outside of you filtering to the inside within your Heart, within your Thymus, within your Solar Plexus and allow the vibrations to come through your voice.  Share it with others when it needs to be shared and when it does not need to be shared allow the silence to be your guide.  It is going to be the guide that you need as you allow these frequencies to be fully activated within you.

We now as the Divine Mother and Divine Father God fully activate all of these frequencies in the balance and continuity for every individual for their Highest Purpose at the perfect time that is available in the perfect moment for each individual person.  We ask this attunement to be within you for this New Moon activation as the magic is now going to be fully activated within you.  Not just within your mind or within your Heart but within your Physical body.  Allow that magic to be fully within you because each of you are about to blossom in beautiful and new ways.

We are the Divine Mother and Divine Father God at your service.  Allow yourself to relax with these energies as we go through the week together in each moment.  You are the blessing upon this Earth embrace those thoughts within you.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God at your service.

In the Holy God of Hosts that We Are

We embrace you and love you dearly from your Hearts to your Hearts as our Hearts beat as One.  Allow this vibration to be in the physical sense and you will be assisting Gaia so deeply; you will be assisting others more deeply than you can ever know.  In All That We Are Together, We are One.


This is Lord Sananda speaking.  Thank you for being here in these very moments and thank you for continually ground and allow the frequencies to run through your Being along with sharing so deeply.  It is my blessing to be with you not only in these moments of vibration but all moments as we are One as we never have been in more Oneness in a physical sense as We Are Right Now.