Jan 8th, 2011 ~ Accepting Your Newborn Self ~ Activating Light Codes of Information Through Your Higher Self ~


It is my divine pleasure to be with you again this evening.  This is Lord Sananda at your service.  Welcome into the New Year of 2012, it’s going to be a great year for everyone.  There’s going to be great changes and these changes are going of the greatest Essence that you have ever experienced in your entire life.  I come as your Spokes-Being, of course, for the Cosmic Oneness of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.

First let us just settle into the energies deeply and allow this Frequency to fully come within each of you.  As you have walked into the New Year fully born in a newer way then was ever thought possible before.  As the Christ within you is being more fully activated then it ever has then at any other time of your existence, I ask each of you to just open up your arms – allow the Frequencies of your Essence to come through the palms of your hands.  Allow yourself to be infiltrated from your Soul Star, allow your Heart Center and your Thymus and your Solar Plexus to be fully in activation.

Allow yourself to see within the difference that has occurred for each of you.  As I sit here, within this Dearest Lady, I am very pleased with what she has acquired through the process of her own Divinity and I know each of you is going through similar pathways.  As I express through her, the expression is going to become deeper and deeper then it ever has before because she has allowed her own Essences of many, many lifetimes to fully come into balance.  So that is our existence this evening, the balance of our Essences fully combined in the Oneness that we are.  What a beautiful way of being.  What a beautiful way of existence – that is the power of the many, that is the power of the existence of each of us.

As each of us blends with our Physical selves and each of us blends with our Higher selves and each of us blends with our Over Soul selves and the existence of the I Am Presence and the existence of your capability to allow these incorporations within your physical existence to be activated and grounded in a way that was never thought possible.  Please know that your existence from this point forward is going to be quite different then it ever has at any other time and there is no way of knowing how you’re going to be affected because each of you are aspiring to a greater sense of your Being then you ever have before.  So there is no precedence, no-one has acquired this previously.  Please know that with what you’re experiencing, make sure that you make notations, make sure that you think about what is happening for you within.  Dearest One here may be able to assist you, in what she has been going through, but her way of Being is also not being shown by anyone else.  So we as a Spiritual Hierarchy, can only stand by and offer our support, our love and assistance.  I say keep doing what you’re doing, because you are the Way-Showers of this Planet, you are the New Earth Beings of Light that are going to assist the many through this process.

When you communicate with each other, then you can compare your notes and say “Yes I felt this.  Oh my gosh, I see that but now I don’t see that”.  Each one of you is going to be feeling things differently, depending on your life circumstances and depending on where you are in your pathway.  At this point the Christ Consciousness is coming into every human being upon this Planet but each individual is going to integrate it differently depending upon their passage-way, depending upon where they have been before, depending upon what they have been working with and what they are not working with.  So it can affect some individuals differently then others but please know this to be true – it is our time to come into the full creation of the Christ within.   It is now time for the Christ to be upon this Earth just  as my lifetime as Jeshua, I walked that Essence but nothing like what each of you are doing.  So I cannot even share with you how you are going to be feeling.  All I can say is, please share with us what it is you are expressing within you because it is going to be quite different for each of you.

It is important for you to realize and bring forth that Feminine Divine because that is part of the process of the Christ within.  Allow  that to unfold within you however you would like it to be – whether it is through your intuitive sense, whether it is through your feeling levels, allowing your heart to be more open then it ever has been previously or possibly, allowing it to unfold within you as the Goddess.  When that unfolds within, you will see that you a completely different Essence then you ever thought possible.  With this Essence, you will start to see the completeness of your Beingness.  As the balance of the God and the Goddess within you is more accepted, you will see both of them working together and not one being stronger than the other but the Essence blending within the completeness that you are.

So, let us begin.  Let us begin with these Frequencies to bring in this balance that is necessary for you in these moments.  We are in a process when it is important for you to connect with your Higher Self every day – if you’re not fully activated within your physical body, it is important for you to access it because without that accessibility, you will fall back.  Those thought forms will come, those Elements of Fears will come into your existence – not as fully as they did before because of what you have worked on, but they were within that cellular structure.  It is a new paradigm that each of you are walking upon and within this paradigm, it has to be structured within the structure of your Highest Essence continually within you.  So this is the process that needs to be done.  It is something that you cannot forget about any longer, it is not something that you can say “Well I don’t have time to meditate today” but I bet you have time to take a shower every morning.  Within that shower, you shall to express to your Highest Essence.  Say “Please come unto me in these moments and help to clear what needs to be clear and show me the way” and allow that Frequency to come into you fully.  Allow it to be your guide because that is  your guide, that is the Christ within.  The Christ within is using all of the bodies in bringing forth the full balance.

Take a moment and feel that Essence coming to you now.  Feel the Essence of your Highest Self fully focusing within your Heart and your Thymus and your Solar Plexus.  As we do that, we want to bring in the Pink Ray into the Heart area.  Breathe deeply into that Essence.  Then intuit the Golden Ray.  We want to bring in the Sea Foam Green of the Higher Cleansing of the Thymus area.  Allow that to rid yourself of any fears or worries of not being able to actively participate with your Higher Self.  Then fully connect with your Solar Plexus, of the Ruby Red, of your own devotion.  Next go into the Essence of the bridge to the New Age of the Pink Orange.  Allow that to infiltrate in you with the Golden Light.  Allow all those colors to blend together.  As now you activate your Higher Self more fully, you are opening the doorway for Him or Her to be more fully activated within your Being.

Within that, I am now going to step aside and allow the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God to give you the activation that is pertinent in this time frame for each of you.  Thank you dearly for being here with us and to bring forth the acceptance within your Physical self.  I am Lord Sananda, at your service.


I Am That I Am That I Am That I Am That I Am That I Am That I Am.  I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father of God at your service.

In these moments, allow your Frequency to fully embodied with the Light that you are.  As you have now opened up your Heart, your Solar Plexus, and your Thymus to be one Unified Being of Light within you.  Allow yourself to fully receive these Elements of truth and love and justice and joy and acceptance and the purity of your Soul’s Essence fully within.

We bring this attunement to you in this moment in a different frame of reference then we have previously due to the Frequency of the Dearest One here, as her elements have shifted greatly, as each of you have done so within your on pathway.  You are now ready to receive a Frequency of the Light that you have not fully incorporated at any other time.  If this call is new to you, you will receive exactly what you need.  Return to the recordings this year and you will see that the recordings will give you exactly the Frequency that you are ready to receive.  Do not be concerned that you cannot receive these Elements within you, because we are coming in a Higher Frequency through the Dear One here.  That is the beauty and the expression of what is occurring through her Being.

Allow yourself to receive exactly what you need – your Higher Self will be your guide.  Allow it to be in the Light and the Element of vibration that is right for you.  Allow yourself to just sit still as we bring in a new Essence that is now available for your Creative Source.


We Are One.  We Are One Moment in the expression of our Light.  Let us assist you in this moment of Creation as it settles into the Essence that you are – in your Solar Plexus, in your Heart, in your Thymus.  We express to you pathways and light frequencies to fully come within when you are ready to receive.  Feel this Essence of the Divine Creation that we are, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God to fully assist you in the Cosmic Frequencies of the Male and the Female of the Christ within.  Allow the sparkles of light and the Golden Hues, the Pink Orange, the Ruby Red, the Pearlescent, the Sea Foam Green and the Platinum Rays to filter within those areas.

Allow the Light formations to be fully within you, as these are packets of coding that will assist you as each moment you go through your feelings and your thoughts and the expression that you are.  When they are ready to be infiltrated through the rest of your body, it will come from the Cellular, into the Physical, into the Etheric, into the Emotional, the Mental and the Spiritual will arise a new sense of Being then you have before.  Allow this frequency to come within you.  Allow yourself to say “I Am Ready when I shall be ready to receive these Light Codes.”

Right now just allow the doorways to be open for it to come into the deepness of your Heart.  Allow it to go into your Lotus Heart and it will go deep into the Core of the Stem that you are.  It will filter into that cellular structure and as it filters through, the cellular structure will move into all Elements of your Being and will move into all aspects of yourself that need healing.

I say unto you right now, what is it on the physical level that you need the healing? We will run the Crystalline Energies and put that out through your Higher Self unto each of us in this moment to assist you with this healing on the physical level.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

Take a deep breath and allow that now to filter through your Being.  As now we move into the Emotional Essence that we are.  Breathe deeply of the Essence that we Are through the Emotional Frequency.  As now the Light Codes will be aligned with what you need in your Emotional Frequency.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

Now let’s move into the Mental level.  Any thought forms or any processes in your Mental merry-go-round that occurs within you, that stops the process of the full integration of your Christ within to be fully activated when you are ready.  Breathe.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonates for some time}}}}

We now ask that the Etheric level, which is really the integration and the processing of the physical and the thought forms and the emotions and all of these Elements we have been discussing, to be fully into balance.  As the doorways will be opened in the process, this is an activation that will assist you in the next few months.  It can be activated at any time.  So let us now take a deep breath and allow your Higher Self to be your guide when you receive these Light Packets and allow it to be integrated through those levels that need it – in the Physical, the Etheric , the Emotional or the Mental.  Breathe.


Now we ask that the structure within your Heart to  allow these Light Packets to filter through you when the moment is right as you breathe through it.  When you are ready, you will say these words unto your Higher Self and you can do this daily if you so choose “I Am Ready to receive the Light Frequency and open up the packets unto myself for my Physical, my Emotional, my Mental, or my Spiritual balance”.  You can also add the conjunction of ‘and’ instead of ‘or’ if you are ready to receive, but please connect with your Higher Self, as He/She will know exactly what you can receive.  Sit back and allow the infiltration of these Elements to be within you in these moments as we move to another state of Being.

We honor you.  We bless you in the Light that you are.  We are you.  We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father of God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun are in the moment of the blessing within.  Let us all express a moment of Oneness within by allowing ourselves to just breathe and feel the Light We Are as One.  Use the expression of “AAAHHH – AAAHHH – AAAHHH – AAAHHH – We Are One.  We are the Christ Within.  We Are The Light Within.  Holy God of Hosts we are, in the name of YHWH.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father of God, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, fully embrace each of you in all these moments of creation.  Let it be.  Let it be.  Let it be.  We Are One.


This is Lord Sananda once again.  What you have just received are many levels of Light Frequencies that will be activated through the processes of the days ahead.  As has been expressed, they do not all have to be opened at the same time and many of you cannot open them at the same time, so it is imperative to use the connection of your Higher Self.  If you cannot fully communicate with your Higher Self, all you have to do is allow the Frequency to come to you and allow your Higher Self to bring them forward for you by just saying “I call upon my Higher Self to be the activating role of these activation codes of light.  Thank you.  So Mote It Be.” And it shall be, because that will be the guide.  Your Higher Self will know whether you can handle it physically or not handle it physically – what is very important for each of you in these moments to know, your physical body is not the commander of your ship.  The physical mind and the physical mind are not the commanders of your ship, so it is important for you to surrender unto your Higher Self.

These activations that we will be bringing forth unto each of you this year are going to be getting deeper and deeper into this.  We thank you for allowing yourself to fully lead the activating element, to open up the doorways of your Higher Self to be the commander of your ship.  This is truly the Christ within.

As you start to do this, your I Am presence will be more activated within you then you ever thought possible.  Question yourself, and it will stop the process.  It is not something to be judged – it is something that each individual person will be at each individual time.  ~ Please know, as we have expressed earlier, every individual upon the Planet is receiving these Light Codes of information through different and different levels – what we are giving you, through Dearest Lady Meleriessee, is something that is not being done by anyone else because of the Frequency of Light that she has acquired through the process of her partnership and what she is doing presently.  She is the conduit for it to fully come through her unto you.  What you do with it is your own choice.  We know each of you will choose wisely.

We know each of you is on this path to open up yourself to assist yourself and to assist others deeply.  Please know this is what is going to be happening.  I now ask of you, to fully ground yourself through this process because what has occurred this evening is something that is quite deep and quite strong.  I ask each of you to use the words that have been given to you by Lord Adama.  OHM MAH MAHM’ when you’ve finished with the call.  Let’s do some of those right now.

Ohm Mah Mahm.  You should start to feel the Frequency moving down into your feet.  Use the cords and move them down into the ground.  It is my Divine Pleasure to be here as Lord Sananda, to be  such a participant and such an overseer of the Frequencies of Light that are occurring in each of you in this time of acceleration.  We know each of you are doing your part.  We look forward to walking with you deeply, we honor you for what you have been doing because this has never been done previously.  None of us has ever done this previously in physical bodies.  It is my deepest pleasure to be here with you in these moments in the Essence that I Am as Lord Sananda.

So Mote It Be, In The Pathway Of Light We Are Together.

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