August 21st, 2011 ~ The Essence of Magic

Castle Lake

Greetings, this is Lord Sananda speaking.

It is with great pleasure that I sit here within Meleriessee’s body, upon this beautiful mountain. The sun is shining down upon us in the early evening.  The glistening of the light is upon the trees, the magic of Lemuria is so strong within the Hearts and Minds with the individuals sitting here. I reflect to you tonight, to bring the magic to you – this is what we are going to be unfolding within this evening’s transmission.

What is it that can help you in your daily activity? What is it that you need, to feel the magic in each moment?  Not just the moment of a special occasion, an event, or a ceremony, that really assists you in so many ways, but allowing the magic to be fully within you.  In order to receive the magic we must allow the Mind and the Emotions to be fully in balance, because as this occurs, there is a transference of light energy within the physical body.  It can occur in a consciousness effort, it can occur in a meditation, it can occur in the activation or an attunement.

How do we fully allow that to be embodied within us?  In each physical existence? With each step that you take, with each person that you talk with, or with each individual that you look upon.  Allow the magic to be within the Oneness.  If we cannot be One within ourselves, how can we be One with others. We must feel it within ourselves, we must feel it within our Male and our Female.  We must allow the Trinity of the Golden Flame to be fully incorporated within our full body system.  This is the expression of what we are all experiencing in each moment, and sometimes we forget. It is part of the human condition. We just cannot help ourselves. Allow yourself to know, within this experience, to grow and grow and grow – that is the magnificence of the magic.

I watched four beautiful ladies today, as they swam across this magical lake, and they just kept swimming and swimming.  They allowed themselves to be in the moment and to feel the magic that was around them ~ of the mountains circling around them, of the trees, of the sun shining down upon them and the healing waters filtering through their Minds, their Bodies, and their Spirits.  Because truly they were in the acceptance of their own Oneness of the journey that they have been taking this week.

So we express to you the journey that they have embarked upon to go to each of  you, the magic that has been brought forth, as we sit upon this beautiful land, on this beautiful mountain.  Feel the wind whistling through the leaves, see the expression of the light of the sun, and hear a babbling brook in the distance.  This is the Beauty of the expression of your Light.  You have the magic within you, you have the whistling of the leaves within you, and you have the sun shining down upon you as your own expression of your own Inner Power.

Let us breathe deeply into the Solar Plexus, and bring in that Ruby Red, the Devotional energy.  This beautiful Ray that I embody.  I bring to you this Ray tonight because this is the existence of allowing the magic to unfold within you.  When you feel your own empowerment, you cannot help but feel the magic that occurs.  When you are in deep sadness or depression, you are not in your Power, so how can you allow the magic to occur?  You cannot, because the other energies are stopping you from allowing it to be.  Let us allow this frequency to come into your Solar Plexus and to expand into  your entire Being.  As this Ruby Red goes to the bottom of your body and then slowly goes up to the top – you embrace this Ruby Red color as you never have before.  It is your Devotion, it your connection to your Self, it is your connection to your Spirit, it is the connection to who you are and what you embody.  It is the connection to your Higher Self and I Am Presence ~ Allowing that to be fully within you. That is the expression that we bring forth to you in these moments.

I am Lord Sananda at your service and I am happy to be the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness in this moment.  Namaste.


Holy God of Hosts We Are, We Are  the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service.

I Am that I Am that I Am that I Am that I Am.

You Are You Are that You Are that You Are and We Are One together.

Breathe the frequency of the Light of the Ruby Red fully through your Being.  Allow yourself to express the Divinity that you are. Allow it to infiltrate any areas that do not feel balanced, that do not feel accepted- whether it is on a Cellular, Physical, Etheric, Emotional Mental or Spiritual level – let it all come together. Allow the blessings of the Light to expand within you so that the Power within you just grows and you feel the Essence of your Being more fully then you ever have before.  Allow yourself to expand and increase the vibrancy of the magic that is yours.  As you reach out your fingertips and you feel the sparkles of Light coming to you; you bring them into your Solar Plexus and take your fingers all the way up your body and allow yourself to feel it.  All around and back and down to your feet and coming up again.  Allow those sparkles of Light that are yours, that are outside of your field at most times, to come into you.  Breathe it through you.  Allow that frequency to fully come in.

Breathe the Essence that you are, the Expansion that is occurring deeply in your body. As your body expands to these frequencies, you start to understand exactly what is occurring because there is a total Essence within you that is allowing that magic to unfold.  If you look in front of you, you’ll see the magic that is there and you’ll say “Oh, I would like to receive that”, then you put out your hands; you allow your eyes to be wide open, you allow your ears to hear, you allow your throat to vibrate with this frequency deep within you.  As it goes all the way down into your feet and allow it to go to Gaia.  The energy just circles around you as we sit upon this land in this beautiful space of light.  The sun is shining brightly through the trees in this  moment, we fully feel the vibration of this Essence.  Fully feel the connection, that we are One in this moment, in the frequency that we are. Breathe that through.  Allow yourself to expand your light.  Allow yourself to feel the frequency of the magic of the glistening of the frequencies, of the Essences that sparkle through you and around you, deeply through you.

Expand ~ Expand ~ Expand.  You are One with All, we are One with you.

We are not two Beings separated at any given time any more – this is the expression that you are. Allow yourself to bring it into your field – the Light, feel the Essence.  Feel the life of all that is here in the forest as we bring this frequency to the Earth.  Allow yourself to filter it through you so that you can share with others, because the magic is deeply within you.  The magic flows through you, You Are the Magic. Breathe it deeply.  Breathe ~ Breathe ~ Breathe

We are here in this moment to express this frequency because we stand here with you with the essence of being in the outside circumstances of the levels of beautiful magic upon this land.  The magic is not just in this land, it is within each of you and this is what we truly want to express in these moments.  We truly want you to realize that you create the  magic.  Everywhere that you go you are creating the magic in the essence, in the totality of your expression – we have seen it.  We have seen it this week, we’ve seen it in many times, we’ve seen it in each of you as you’re going through your own challenges, as you’re going through your own expressions and going through your own lessons of allowing the expansion to occur in a way that has never been able to do so.  We are at a very crucial point and in this crucial point we are in one moment of time in this moment of time, there is nothing else but to receive – in the next moment you shall share with another. In the next moment you shall receive again then be in the expression of All That Is.  If you allow yourself to look at this in this moment, feel this essence that is coming through to each of you, it will help each of you to expand within the days ahead.

There is much occurring.  There is so much occurring in each of your lives, with each of your daily activities, with each of your thought processes.  If you take a moment and you just allow this magic and this circulation of these Sparkles of Light that are you.  Put out your hands in front of you and allow them to come into you and then bring it into the Core of your Being so they are not outside of your field but they are inside your field.  You will see the change occurring deeply within you.  Allow those fingertips to go to any part of your body that does not feel in balance and you will see a change occurring.  You will see the frequency, it is all about allowing the frequency to be fully within you.  Each of you are sharing your knowledge’s in many different ways, but it’s not always with the voice (as we have expressed previously).

We feel the expansion of this Light in this moment – allow it to flow through you from the top of your Being to the bottom of your Being, let the fluidness run through you. Allow it to expand into the essence that you are.  You shall allow the frequency of your I Am Presence to be fully the active agent within your life.  You will see that expansion growing and growing and growing beyond you and within you, to allow the Magic of your Soul’s Essence.  You are bringing it to you now.  You create this livelihood upon this Earth and to expand the Light so deeply in areas that did not accept it.  The acceptance is so pure in these moments.  As we sit here and we look  around at the sky ~ at the trees ~ the mountain ~ the sun ~ we hear the birds.  This is the magic.  This is the magic of this moment, in the frequency of light that we are.

Breathe deeply and allow this Frequency of the Light.  Breathe it fully within you.  Allow yourself to vibrate to the elements because the frequency of the Light can change at any moment.  It can be high, it can be low, it can be in the middle.  Being aware of what it is in the moment and what you need to do with that Magic through your Being.  Allow your Being to accept yourself even more in your totality then you ever have previously.  Breathe through this – breathe through the Essence.  Breathe through the acceptance, breathe through it all.  We all are here to allow you this assistance as you are now the Masters of the New Earth.  As you walk with the Spiritual Hierarchy, as you walk with the Inner Earth Beings, as you walk with  the Inter-Galactics – you all come together in the Oneness that we have always wanted but now it is a physical existence!  And that is the magic as it flows through you.  Feel that expansion DEEP within your Solar Plexus and allow it to filter to the rest of you ~  you will be able to know what to do with it.  Allow this to flow through you and ACCEPT ~ ACCEPT ~ ACCEPT.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun,  here to express our Divinity unto you in words this evening.  It is a pleasure to be here with you to express these thoughts of all that we are and all that you are to each of us in a physical form.  In spiritual form, we all know we are all One together.  Let us expand ourselves and feel that frequency together and the Love that we are. In the Divine Essence of our expression unto you, we honor you for all that you are doing and allowing the magic to flow through you in unbelievable ways.  The gifts are coming- open up your Heart, open up your hands and allow yourself to see a special gift in the magic right now.  The gift will be manifested this week.  Allow this gift to come to you, pull it  to your heart.  Allow it to expand in you when you are  ready to receive it, you will see it.  Allow yourself to know that you are now in the presence of your Light, of your I Am in the continuancy of Oneness in physical form.  We, the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, bless you with this gift.  Please receive it, it is yours from our Heart to Yours.

In the name of the Holy God of Hosts That We Are,

In the name of YHWH and All That Is, We Are One.

I Am that I Am that I Am t

I Am that I Am that I Am that I Am –

The Divine Mother and the Divine Father God at your service.

This is Lord Sananda.  I give to you an extension of that gift.  IT is part of something that you have been working on and accelerating within your own physical light which you haven’t physically received.  Allow it to come into Beingness.  Do not try and mold it, just accept it for what it is.

It is our blessing to be with you in these moments.  Namaste.