Oct 9th, 2011 ~ Be the Sponge!

Greetings, Greeting, Greetings!

This is Lord Sananda speaking it is a pleasure to be here once again to assist you in the Divinity and the Light and the frequency that we are all sharing with each other.  It is my utmost pleasure to bring forward to you this evening an Integration of Balancing Movement, but also to understand the frequencies that you are all bringing forth into your lives.  The Earth is changing greatly and each of you are doing the work that is so desperately needed.  It is important for you to remember, not only are you healing yourself, but your healing the all.

We are at a time that the energies are shifting once again.  So I say to you in these moments:

What is it that you desire to create?

What is that you desire to release?

What is that you desire to ground within you?

It’s very important for you to realize, that each of these elements are important in your Transformation.  As this transformation is growing within you, it is being centered around you in the Frequency and the Light of all that you are is being Actualized more deeply than ever before.   The elements circling outside of the Earth, into the Solar, the Galactic, the Universal, and the Cosmic Forces are coming in Unison, and allowing these elements to become more fully focalized in your lives.  If you have not already experienced this, you will be.

The deeper your prayers, the deeper your gratitude, the deeper your blessings; and  the greater the work that will be done.  I’m not talking about your own inner work and how you are processing the elements that are happening to you, I’m talking about the outside forces that are going to assist you greatly.  We speak to you this evening for the Christ Consciousness and the Creative Source of Oneness through the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Great Central Sun and the Cosmic Energies.  It is time for each of you to stand amongst others that are doing the same, and this frequency is a minority, but we want it to be a majority.

So how do we bring this forth unto others?  How do we allow ourselves to fully feel the capacity that is growing within each of us so that the energies can be opened up to share with other like-minded people?  The higher the frequency, the better the element of connection, this is very, very essential as you move through your days towards the 11.11.11.  Some may find that their plans are changing for this miraculous energetic event due to the Cosmic Forces within them and around them.  Some are changing their lives greatly at this time.  Some have already changed their lives, and are trying to adjust to the newer frequencies and ground them fully.  Some are just allowing the frequencies to come within them, as they adjust within their environments that they already are living within.  This process can be very challenging, because as you move into the Higher Forces of the Cosmic Energies, there is no reason, there is no capability to understand why, there just is.  As each of you are transforming yourselves into these Multidimensional InterGalactic Beings, you are Actualizing your Potentiality within your physical bodies.  These changes can happen quickly, and without notice.

So we say to you this evening, let us all share with one another in this frequency of light that is coming into each of you.  You are showing to so many, what it is to be in this frequency.  You are sharing within yourself the eventual changes that are occurring.  Allow them to blend outside of you.  Allow them to be in the frequency of All That Is, because that is what the basis of this communication call is about.  There is no other energy surge that is going to assist you in these moments except to allow your own Divinity to be within you.

This is the process; yes, we bring through these frequencies through Christine, but the full actualization that is how you integrate it, how you allow it to come into your body, how you allow your self to process after this occurs; it is your individual choice what you do with it.  All we are doing is allowing the frequency to access your own I AM Presence more fully within the physical body.  This is not an easy task, and we know this, and we commend you for doing so.  So I say to you, Open up your heart, allow your energies to expand, allow your Chakras to be totally open, beyond the seven levels and going up into the Higher Levels.  Allow yourself to feel the frequencies because it is your Divine Right to do so.  Within that Divinity, you fully accept yourself in a new capacity than you ever had previously.  It is now our time to understand this fully, within our Mind, our Heart, and our bodies.

It is a miraculous occurrence for each of you to experience in this way.  So I say to you in these moments, “Allow yourself not to think about what is occurring, allow your emotions to be put aside, and just be the sponge and allow all those little elements within your full energetic field to be soaked up by these frequencies.”  Then as they come into the different aspects of your Being, you will start to understand exactly what is occurring for you.  So I say to you, “Be the Sponge and soak up this Glorious frequency of light as it is about to be imbued within your Being more fully than it has been previously.”

I AM Lord Sananda at your service for the Christ Consciousness in the Cosmic Oneness.

Blessings and Namaste

(((Crystal Bowl Rings)))

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun to bring forth to you this evening this Frequency of Light that is going to be a combination of the Cosmic of the Multi-Universal, the Universal, the Galactic of the Solar and the Planetary to be fully integrated within your Being.  I ask of you right now just to be the receiving agent, allow the Solar energies and all the frequencies that are within you to combine as one being of light.  As we bring you the frequencies of the Rays of God, the frequencies of the Blues and Yellows, the Greens and Golds, and Violets and Pearlescent, and Higher Greens and Higher Golds, and Higher Yellows.  Allow the Essence that is to come in whatever way that you see them.

Breathe deeply, breathe deeply in this frequency of all that is to bring in those multi-dimensional levels, to bring in all those essences of all those lives that are now ready to be awakened in the frequency of All That You Are, of all the gifts that you bring forth.  Allow that to unfold within you, allow yourself to create the knowledges within your life, allow yourself to fully feel the totality, allow yourself to complete the essences that you are.  Feel it now circling within you as it comes down into your Chakra system, into your Central Canal, multi-colored energies spinning in a Diamond like fashion filtering down into your Crown, into your Third Eye.  As the light expands moving into your Throat, as the essence that you are to speak clearly into your Thymus, feel the activation of your Souls Essence of your Higher Self moving into your body, moving fully into your Heart, feel your Lotus Heart expanding in all ways.  Feel the frequency of the Love that is flowing through in all these vibrations, allowing it now to go down into your Solar Plexus.  Allow your Power, your Inner Power to be activated in this essence and then move it into the lower energies of the Sacral, and then moving down into the Root.

Feel it expanding, feel it expanding in the frequency that You Are.  Allow it now to move into your limbs, and into your Earth Star.  Now feel your Earth Star and your Soul Star spinning simultaneously with all these frequencies of light.  If you see one color that is more predominate that the other, that is just fine, that is what you need the most in this moment.  Just breathe and be the Essence that You Are in this body.  Express it fully within your breath.  Feel the breath, feel the essence that is you.

Breathe deeply and allow it to go down into your Core, and feel the Core Essence being expanded in the frequency of All That You Are.  Allow that frequency to flow through you.  Now, now let us see, let us see, what is that you need in this moment?  What is that you desire?  What is your most important aspect of yourself right now that needs assistance with?  Let’s take a breath, and let’s just intend for that frequency to be fully within.

(((Crystal Bowl rings)))

Feel the blessing, feel the blessing of your light, feel the blessing of your activation, feel the blessing of your Soul’s Essence, feel the blessing of your Angelic Self, feel the blessing of your Galactic Self, feel the blessing of your Interplanetary, into the Multiuniversal levels, into the Inner Plane level.  Bring those frequencies, bring those frequencies that you are into your body right now to assist you in your full dimensional capacity in order to receive the full dimensional capacity; you must be willing to expand yourself, to expand yourself into All that Is.  What is it, what is it within you that aspires to this level of Essence?

Allow the level of essence to flow through you, as it flows through you, you feel the level of expansion that is going into all the cellular structure, into all those areas in your body that may need it the most, wherever it is that is your weakest spot, allow it to go there now.  If you are having issues in your physical body any place, let it go to those areas.  Be the sponge, be the sponge, be the sponge so that the whole body is now embracing this Light That You Are.  The light of all the Essences, the Light Within.

See it shining brightly now, look deep within your Heart.  As you look deep within your Heart, you feel yourself expanding in a different way than you  have before, because now we have removed all the elements.  All these frequencies of colors mean many different things, they transform, they transmute, they release, they express, they embrace.  They do all these elements, they do every part of us, so right now you are bringing forth that frequency.

Now feel the Golden flame coming down deep, and suddenly into your Heart area.  Feel that 12th Ray and that 12th Chakra being activated as it never has before, because this is the activation that you need to fully accept your Divinity, to accept your Truth upon this Earth.  You already have it, your Soul has it, just allow yourself to feel that Soul Essence within you.  Allow it to expand through all that you are experiencing in this moment.

We ask that whatever your releasing, to be removed. ~ We ask that whatever your transmuting, to be dissipated.

We ask that whatever you are embracing, to feel it more fully than you ever have before.  Feel the essence of a Huge Embrace of Love, Compassion, Joy, Acceptance, and all that you come forth with.  Allow your knowledges from the past to be fully activated within your Pineal Gland.  Allow yourself to fully understand these processes.  How do you understand it?  You understand it from the Higher Mind, the Higher Self’s Mind, not the Physical Mind.  So we ask that the Higher Mind to be fully activated in this moment.  We ask for the Lower Mind to be fully dissipated and transformed into the Light Body that you are becoming.  Allow yourself to feel this now, because there is more.  There is so much more that you are going to be doing than you are doing in these moments.

Allow that to be expressed through you and then feel that in your Earth Star.  Allow your Earth Star to ground that.  It’s important to ground these frequencies through your body, and not just keep them in the Higher Levels.  Allow the Pineal Gland to bring forth those frequencies of those knowledges, and allow that to come down into your Throat so you can speak them.  Allow them to come down into your Heart so that you can feel them.  Allow them to come down into your Solar Plexus so that you can you empowered by them.  Allow them to come down fully to your lower bodies, and ground it to your Root.  Allow yourself to have the Creativity flow of these energies in your Sacral area.  All of these elements are occurring for you.  Now you are bringing the full faceted body that you have been asked to accept.

Accept it! Accept it! Accept it!

Say to yourself: “I accept all that I AM right now. I AM nothing less and I AM nothing more. I AM that I AM that I AM”

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You are embodying your I Presence this moment, allow yourself to be that totality of the sponge that is you in the totality and the expression that is within yourself so that you can fully anticipate, so that you can accept that you can bring forth the Divinity of all that is.  Breathe deeply in that.  Breathe deeply in the Essence and the Beingness that You Are and Accept.  Accept your Essence now, this is your Essence, this is not our Essence, it is not anyone else’s Essence, it is the Essence of your Soul’s Frequency.  Feel that now shining through your Heart and your Solar Plexus and your Thymus.  As you allow that to shine outwards, these three Chakras all blend together and you now become within the 5th Dimensional Chakra system.  Feel that Power within you, feel that power, it’s not an ego power, it’s just a power of acceptance.  It’s a Power to change and transform anything in your life that you choose to.

Accept this Power, Accept It Now.

Each of you are going through a transition, as we all know the transitions happen on a daily basis on a moment by moment basis.  Allow this frequency to ground all that you have not accepted within your physical body, and then it will expand outwardly and you will see.  You will see the Divinity that you are to be shown to another, and the full Divinity of your Essence.  As the Gods and the Godessess are coming together; they may not even realize it, but it is a beautiful Divine Love.  You must feel this Divine Love within yourself first in order to express it to another, this is essentially important.

You cannot let your mind get in the way, and you cannot let your emotions stop you, so the process of this can be very challenging because of your history on a physical plane.  Humanity has not been kind to you with this, so now we expand to you this Divinity and this Love that is you because we express it to you from the core essence.  Allow this birthing process to occur within your body as you fully accept all that you desire, all that you create, all that you manifest.  You have the ability, allow yourself to permeate it, and feel it in every essence of your Being.  Feel it deeply into your Physical structure, into your Etheric body, into your Emotional body, and your Mental body, and then your Spiritual body, and then they all swirl together and become One Body of Light.

There is no difference; you are just in the now.  You are allowing yourself to be.  This is the moment of your rebirth, feel that frequency within you.  Accept yourself as you never have previously.

We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, express these elements to you in this moment, because it is time; the time is coming to feel this more fully.  If you don’t quite feel it all the way, and you’re not quite sure what is occurring for you, continue with this, allow yourself to accept it.  In the process of All That Is, there is a shift that occurs, and within this shifting process allow it to be fully embodied within you, because this is the expression of your light, and allow it to expand outside of you as you share it with others.  That mirror image that you are expressing will come to you in the form of another.  When you find it, you will see, that there is nothing more powerful within those moments, than to be expressed in the frequency of All That Is, and then it will grow out to many others, and your gifts are going to be expanded within each of you.

As you expand to each other, it is a time of community.  First, remember, this is important for the Divinity of your Love to fully come into your body, personally and individually, and express that fully within you.  We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, fully express this essence in complete Unity and in complete Love, as the focus of our light is changing greatly as you accept it more fully within your own Physical Existence.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God here to serve you, hear the calling as your I AM presence is becoming more fully incorporated within you than ever thought before.  The possibilities are limitless, they just go on and on and on, unlimited completely.  Allow yourself to understand this, allow yourself to ground it through all these frequencies that we have given you this evening.  We are here in the Oneness to assist you in this process.  Our gratitude is to each of you for being the way-showers of this New Earth.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God and all our blessings to you in this moment.


This is Lord Sananda, words cannot express what you have been given this evening.  It is not a gift to be given, it is a gift to be received by each of you.  You deserve it, it is time.  Access it, process it.  Some may be a little more difficult than others, but all are ready that are here in this moment.

I thank you for allowing me to share with you, my Essence and to be the Spokes-Being of the Christ Consciousness for the Cosmic Oneness call.

Namaste and Blessings.


Author: Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden

Expert in Ascension Mastery 5D Body Healing & Attunement ~ Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Heliohah. As a Vibratory Ascension Master transmit required vibrations via voice communication, and energetics through their unique form of teaching. Rev. Mahlariessee (formerly spelled Meleriessee) is a 30-year trained Master in the accurate and correct development of Ascension Mastery having been ordained personally by Dr. Joshua David Stone (Master Joshua Stone). A Fully Integrated Transmitter of only the purest Divine Vibration to bring forth the highest frequencies currently available for humanity. Rev. Ara incorporates these elements to hold the grounding necessary for the transformational energies to be accessed upon Gaia. The energies act in unity to assist an individual realize the I AM presence and Higher Self within in ways not achieved through other forms of Spiritual practice or study. Mahlariessee's work includes skilled facilitation in both Shamanic Mastery and Integrated Healing Modalities.

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