Full Realization of the Self

5th dimens bodyThis is the written transmission of the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God was shared Live in the Clarion Temple of Oneness on October 20th, 2014.  It includes information about the planetary changes in October 2014, but contains very pertinent tools for accepting changes within the four-body system.

I AM that I AM, I AM that I AM

I Am the Divine Mother – Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.

Many blessings to each of you as we bring forth the energetic exchange this evening that will assist you in bringing more elements into the focus of your existence within your consciousness, within your thoughts, within your emotions, and what you are experiencing in the physical body by allowing your Higher Self, your Monad, your I AM Presence to be in direct communication with your physical self.

The last month has been very transitional for each of you. The planet is going through a lot of changes since the Equinox, the Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse and now a Solar Eclipse. These energies that are coming into the planet are going into each of you deeply. The one part of you that would assist in this process is to UNDERSTAND.

We have conversed before how individuals have a tendency to put everything into one basket and saying, “this is my transformation” without looking at the little details they acquired during the transition. In order for that transition to occur within you, you had to go through some preliminary steps, and that is the part that each of you do not realize; what they are when you are going through them. Sometimes that is because if you knew what was happening on a deeper level that you would not allow yourself to feel those emotions or thoughts that are occurring within you. This is because it is part of the existence of being in a human body, that you stop that process. The lower self or lower mind can stop you. It does not matter what level of existence within your mastery initiations you are presently on; this process can still be an integral part of whom you are. It takes great courage; it takes great initiative to walk through these steps. That initiative is not given to you on a physical level; it is not your lower, your lower mind, or your dysfunctional self. It is your Higher Essence; it is part of you.

As each of you come onto these classes to learn more how to connect within yourself, but yet how many of you think about it when you are going through a challenge. The most important element with this is, “it is time you do think about it”.

This is because when you acknowledge it within yourself that you are going through a process of elimination and integration, as it is coming from a higher part of yourself, your physical body can accept this. The increments of light that are coming into your physical existence, through that parts that process is coming into your cellular memory, your physical structure, and all aspects of your physicality. But yet, when you are experience it, you don’t say, “This is coming into my cellular thoughts, or whom I was before.” You just know that it comes.

This is a question that I pose to you, How many of you allow yourself to stop and reflect when something like this is happening to say, “There is a better place for me to be; I need to go into a higher place, I need another aspect of my Divine Mind, my Divine Heart to come fully into me so it will help me through this process.”

So we ask you to look at the past three weeks and what you have experienced; we know that each of you have been challenged and you have changed. But are you holding onto those changes? Are you allowing them to be within yourself more fully?

This is the most important aspect. If you cannot hold onto the new essence that has arrived, then there are still more elements that need to be purged that are holding the old frequency within you.

This is true with every little thought that you have or every little aspect of your personality that you thought that was you. You will find that your personality will change greatly through this process. That is the beauty of it. You are no longer the dysfunctional self within, questioning yourself and everything that you do while having those lower thoughts either about yourself or others. You start to allow those higher essences to shift within you. Like anything else that occurs, it takes time. It takes time for them to be integrated.

Have you ever cooked or baked something and you have to let it sit for awhile to allow the ingredients to soak in before you bake, roast, grill it, or even eat it. It takes awhile for those ingredients to blend within to create what you are making. This is what is happening to each of you each time.

We bring this up tonight as we are at a very opportune time before the New Moon and Solar Eclipse that represents Self Mastery and the particles of yourself that no longer fit. It represents the next step you will be taking into your world. Not everyone is going to be taking the same step. Not everyone is at the same level of initiation, and it is important not to push this. Otherwise, you get into trouble. You fully cannot accept the new parts of yourself until the new parts have been fully removed. Otherwise, that becomes more of a dysfunctional mix within you. That is when confusion sets in. It happens when you don’t know what you are doing because the new particles are trying to find their way into the space where the old aspects were removed.

In the last week we have been in an adjustment period. This is exactly what has been happening because you were challenged with these other energies especially with the Lunar Eclipse. Now, as we move into the New Moon, you can fully ground what you desire within yourself to allow your totality that is ready to be incorporated within you at a deeper level. And many of you will try to grasp at many different straws.
We want you to pick one element that you need to fully ground within you. You may be surprised that one element will be the grounding force you have been searching for and will allow the transition of other elements to fall into place. Many times we are unable as humans to bring forth the new essence, the new thought, the new project into the self, because there are too many of them happening at the same time. There is always one piece that is much larger than the other. Within that piece that fits into your structure, there are additional pieces that will come quickly right afterwards.

Did you ever notice that when you are in a moment of synchronicity that other synchronistic events occur for you, things just fall into place?

This is the space that each of you are going through. This New Moon is such a pivotal time of allowing your Will, your Power, your Structure, and your commanding energy of manifestation to be able to be grounded within you. But you must look deeply within the other particles that are arising; the mirrors that are shining at you, the thoughts or feelings that come up to you during the day. Write them down; look at them; transform them into light and if they are deeper levels of those characteristics plaguing you, go into those deeper levels. Take this opportunity at this time to fully allow yourself to be in alignment of whom you are supposed to be in this moment.

You must remember: everything happens at the right time, everything is in Divine Order, and you can’t push yourself to be in a higher initiation until you are ready to accept where you are as there are lessons to be learned in between.
So what have the lessons been for you presently?

This is what we ask you to look at, within your Heart, into the structure of your Beingness to allow them to be fully purged out of you, if it is time. You may not have anything that needs to be purged. You may be in complete alignment allowing all aspects to come into the creation that you are standing upon.

So as you breathe deeply within yourself, what is the first thought that comes to your mind that is the biggest project that is needed for you at this time to allow everything else to come into place?

It may be aspects of your old self, prosperity consciousness, aspects to create a new life for your-self, a new relationship, a new journey, or a new walk. Each of you is going through something completely brand new in this moment.

Let us fully breathe into that essence presently. Allow the purity of light that you are to fully intertwine within you, within this beautiful Temple of Light as we bring forth these essences to come into your Heart. As it does so, activate it within your Divine Mind and your Divine Heart as the Masculine and Feminine that you are. Allow it to all come together to accept the missing puzzle piece that you need to bring forth in your existence presently so that everything else will come together.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

We, as the Divine Mother and Father God of the Great Central Sun, command the frequency of Light of every individual participating in this moment to receive their Divining Essence of Light to assist them in the grounding of their Light Within the existence that They Are.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

We, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, brings forth the light of all the Great Central Suns into the purity and existence within this Clarion Temple of Light.

Feel the Frequency That You Are coming into you Now.

What does it feel like?

What occurring with you?

Expansion, Expansion of the next aspect of your life to be fully within you.

Feel it blending into all the particles of light within you, blending into all the aspects. As it merges within you, it will bring up of any elements that do not fit this basis that you need on this day, in this moment. Feel it coming all the way through your bodily system; feel it going into all chakras, into your Earth Star and all aspects beyond the physical, into your Etheric Body, the Emotional and Mental Body accessing your Soul Star.

We now command that every individual person be able to look at all elements within themselves that do not fit their next highest aspect. Be in this space that you are Now and Feel It.

Feel it blending and merging and purging; Be the Divine Light the You Are.

Be the Acceptance that You Are and pick one creation, only one, that you desire to be manifested upon this earth within this New Moon that represents your Self Mastery, your ability to step into the process of your Divinity of Light, your Higher Self that you are trying to acknowledge in all other elements.

Be it ~ Allow it to come ~

Allow it to come as the Light of the 330 Rays of God that are within this temple and circling within you. You cannot fail, because each of these rays represents a different aspect of your Being.

What is it that you need ~ Will and Power; Love and Wisdom, Heart Centeredness, Creation of Light, Harmony and Balance, do you need to understand the Science of the Rays. Do you need to devote these essences to yourself in order for you to accept your freedom to feel that creation, your basis that is underneath your Earth Star so that you can command it to be within this Earth and allow it to go deeply into GAIA.

When you ground it fully into GAIA, then it cannot go anywhere else. It goes into her essence because you are part of her. Breathe and allow this transformation to occur within you. As we initiate each of you, through this frequency of light, through your Higher Self and your Higher Essence to command within yourself whatever you desire deeply.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

Breathe and receive the Divinity of Light that You Are to fully come into you, and the rest will occur through your existence. Surrender to the process, surrender to what you are receiving and allow it to be fully within you.

So Mote It Be in the Light of the Christ That We Are. We Are One.
Adonai, Adonai, Adonai, Tzebayoth
Holy, Holy, Holy the Lord God of Hosts

Allow the Gods and Goddesses that you are to be fully embodied within you with all existences.

We of the Divine Mother and Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun fully acknowledge all that you are and wrap our arms around you in Love, in Peace, and Unity of our Hearts Together.

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The Clarion Temple of Oneness channeling can be accessed via http://clarionlightbeings911.com which contains the portion from the Guardians of Metatronic Light, October 20th, 2014.

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Becoming One With Your Higher Essence

Oneness-1-1This transmission was shared live in the Clarion Temple of Oneness October 28, 2013.

We are the Angels of all the principalities acknowledging you and blessing you as we open the doorway for Cosmic energies of the Great Central Sun of Divine Mother/Father God in unison of their Light.   Feel their essence emanating within the Temple, feeling theses frequencies blending, and purifying all parts of your being, feeling your Angelic presence, feeling your multi dimensional self, feeling all aspects of the Light that you are.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun. Oh! Blessings children, blessings children to each of you.

Oh! We are feeling the transition that is going on in each of your bodies as you are allowing the totality of your Higher Essence to come into your physical existence. We ask you in this moment to allow the integration to happen; this is the week to allow those energies to unfold within you as we move towards the Solar Eclipse.  It is going to be a very powerful experience upon the Earth so it is important that each of you be ready in your structure to go to the next level of acceleration or the next doorway that you are walking through.  It may be different for each of you in what you are experiencing.

So the balancing of the energies is very important to allow the initiation process to be within you.  By stating “initiation process” we are talking about the transference of your light body to be acknowledged within your physical existence.

As each of us now take a deep breath each of us through Meleriessee and each of you through your own essence, just feel the vibrational essence within the Temple shifting and changing. To allow for the Crystalline Light to be fully enfolded within your existence and what this Crystalline Light may mean for you. Changes are happening everywhere upon the planet; the most important element we want to discuss this evening is how best can we help you? How can we assist you in the process of your movement from one phase into another phase? We are within that last trimester of this year and allowing those essences unfolding within everyone’s physical existence is an important facet we want to consider.

We see acceleration happening in many different ways allowing the essences of true divine creation to unfold into each of your Beings.  We ask you in this moment, “What does that mean for you personally.”

So we ask you to take a deep breath into your Heart essence allowing your Higher Self to fully be within you to be part of your physical essence so that we can assist you in the transition from one creation into another creation.  Because as you see, we are always creating in human form continually allowing ourselves to understand what that creation means for us in the physical existence.

I ask of you in this moment to think about what it is that you desire to create in your world then feeling the obstacles that may be in front of you that is not allowing that creation to happen.

As the planet is shifting, at this time, it is important for you to understand that each of you is doing the same.  We understand that the life force upon the planet is stronger and each of you is adjusting to those energies within yourself. We don’t want them to adjust so much that you forget exactly how far you have come, what you have acquired, and then that can mold exactly where you are going.

There is a common misconception within the human mind that projection and focus can be done to get to that point no mater how long it takes you to get there but what happens in-between.  There are many roads that you can cross; you may take some detours of not getting to your desired destination, but always remember that it is not the destination that matters.  It is truly the journey itself.  As you reach that destination, there will be another destination within your focus of where you want to be.  So we ask each of you in this moment, “What it is within your Heart that you need to acquire to make your life easier, to make the path easier, to bring more acceptance into your present awareness?”

One of the elements that we do feel that each of you do have is a feeling that it is lonely on this pathway; you wish that there were more that would be open to the way that you are, to the way that everyone here is as within this gathering on a weekly basis.  This is so very true, but what you must understand is the fact that you have chosen to come into this world with knowledge’s and awareness that there is so much more available to you or else you would not be here with us in this moment.

Tonight we want to open up another doorway to help you to move into another space and time of your existence so that the pathway can become easier; just know, it will never be easy, believe me. But we can make it more graceful, we can allow the essence of the energies to bring more moments of peacefulness and serenity as we talk about this in an internalization of each of you.

In order to understand what you experienced in the last full moon, you must allow the silence to come fully within your consciousness.  It’s the thoughts that hinder the progress of healing of the Heart. That seems quite a challenge doesn’t it? Your Mental Mind gets in the way of allowing the heart to heal, because it is not healing from the physical aspects; it is healing from internalization within your Soul’s Essence. It just does not fit in who you are becoming but yet it can still be there so we take moments like this before an accelerated phase to relax and allow the energies to enfold within the human conditioning. We need this human conditioning to survive upon this Earth, but what we need is to allow the higher essences of the spiritual body to become more focused within the physical body.

The only way to do that is to surrender, to surrender unto each moment and allow that essence to enfold within you. If you have a sensibility about yourself, you may feel that something is about to change for you, maybe something minuet, maybe the way that you think about something or feel about someone else.  Yet if you allow those thoughts to get in the way, you will never get to that space where you receive that new essence of your energies that is coming in. So we have to help you to relax into each moment this is quite a challenge because the Mental Mind wants to be very active continually through out your day.  Then your mental mind says, “Okay, I will be silent for a little while; you can go and meditate and do your thing but I am still here.” The Mental Self might give you some inner chatter that is the essence of the lower self in a fear-based situation, afraid that he will not have an active role in the world that you live in, in the physical existence.

So we need to do is to take moments in time through out the day to breathe deeply in through your nose and allow the essence of your higher Light in infiltrate within your physical body.  Fill up your diaphragm and then release it. On the releasing aspect allow those feelings or those thoughts that do not fit that moment of that breath of that Light infraction that you are bringing forth into your body to be released. It is as simple as that to allow the Higher Essence to come in into the lower essence, and then that lower essence is exalted through the breath outside of you.

Lets try that now with some breaths; hold and release say to yourself in this moment “I release all thoughts and feelings that do not fit my highest presence that is coming into my body though the breath.” When you have that moment in your diaphragm when you hold it for just a second, allow that to be the no time space and continuum.

What is happening here is your Higher Essence in the energetic form is coming within you through the breath. You are commanding it to be by starting the breath and by connecting to the Light that you are as you allow that to come within you.  You will fill up your Chakra system through your diaphragm for just a moment then what transfers is those lower elements being exited out of your body through the out-breath.  Breathing thorough the nose and out the nose will assist because you’re using the same force of pathway. It’s like taking a trip and you travel on the same road both ways.  Isn’t the travel easier on the return trip than on the trip going out? So if you think about it, and bring that essence into yourself, the higher frequency that you are will enfold within you as hold it; and then on the out breath, let it go.  It is taking those particles within you that do not fit your Higher Essence.

At the same time, it calms your body as it relaxes, and to go into the outer forms of you auric fields through the Etheric, the Emotional, the Mental and the Spiritual bodies on the outside of your body. So then the merging process can happen for you.  We share this exercise because we feel it will help you to realize the potentiality that you have on the Higher Essence and to bring it into your Lower Essence.  This allows the merging to occur just with the breath, just with the frequency of Light, just with the chi energy or whatever you want to call it.  It is that moment in time when you become One with your higher essence.  The Higher Essence, your Higher Self of your Monad and I AM Presence allows you to become one in that moment without thinking about it, without judging it, or without criticizing it.  It is your moment in time where your physical existence becomes obsolete, and you become the body of Light.

It is important to understand about the process but now let’s do this together.

Breathe in, hold and breathe out; in, hold and out; and then in, hold and out.

In this moment just allow yourself to be in that silence where nothing exists but the frequency of Light.  You feel the essences of Love and peace around you that is not put in a physical essence, it is the pure Light. What you are expressing through this process is exactly what you experience on the inner Plane Level.  It is exactly what you experience through life times.  This is what it feels like without the physical body incumbering the essence of Divine Creation. So if we allow ourselves within this physical existence to blend through this essence and then add the vibrational notes it will make the higher vibration essence to be within you.  so I am going to ask you to do it on your own and allow it to expand within you as you allow anything that comes up for you to go out with the breath.  Do not think about it, do not project it; whatever it is, just allow it to flow.





Now just be in that space of feeling the essence.




Allow yourself to relax and feel particles of the essence that you are to come within your physical existence. allow yourself to feel the peace in this moment with serenity and just be in the space.

This exercise will assist you in removing any particles that may be getting in the way of your next journey upon the pathway of acceleration.  It is a calming energy; it allows your mind to relax, allows your Heart to just settle into this frequency, and it also gives you the opportunity to really work fully with your Higher Self.  Allow him or her to be within your full body structure.

Utilize this exercise this week or any time you are going through heavy accelerations, and you will see that you will arise above Mercury Retrograde, you will arise above anything that is encumbering you, you will remove any thoughts or emotions that are trying to stop you from your Higher Presence coming more fully into your existence.  Then, if elements are coming up for you, write them down and use the breath to get ride of them through this process.  This is going to prepare you for the next step of your journey.

We, of the Divine Mother/Father God give you this essence this evening that will create more calming frequency to assist you in this process.  You are getting further along so we want to assist you to understand that it doesn’t always have to be a huge challenge to get through these doorways of accepting these changes and to allow them to happen at the rate that is perfect between you and your Higher Self.

We, of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, bless you; embrace you during these moments of deep acceleration in the Light of the Christ that we are.

In the name of YHWH, in all that is, We Are One.

I AM that I AM that I AM,

I AM that I AM that I AM,

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God at your service.

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March 4th, 2012 ~ Embrace Your Higher Self’s Power To Do Light Work ~


It is I, Lord Sananda, at your service, in Complete Oneness of the Unified Whole.  I first want to thank Meleriessee and Michael for bringing forth the information about what they’ve been through in the past week – we will explain more about this.  There has been an influx of changes in the past week, not just for them, not just with each of you but within the Planet, so we are upping the Frequencies to assist everyone.

We also want to dedicate this week to all the Souls that have been lost to the tragedies around the world.  There have been many tragedies in theUnited Stateswith the tornadoes and all the people that are homeless and feel as if they are victims.  We’re going to ask for these Frequencies of this week to go on to each of them so that they can feel some peace and love in their hearts.  If you’d like to connect with these Frequencies, tomorrow night with the Clarion Light Beings will be a special event in order to do this.

Let us now get to the matter at hand.  The matter at hand is to assist each and every one of you to bring forth the Frequencies within yourself at a much higher rate of vibration then you ever thought you could receive.  Due to the intensity of these calls, due to each of you being part of these Frequencies – your cellular level is incorporating these Elements within you, whether you realize it or not.  So tonight we’re going to make a special dispensation and within that dispensation, we’re going to ask that any of you that are going through any specific issues that may be associated with past timelines to fully bring them into Wholeness.  These associated issues may be your personal experiences, it may be how you’re feeling about yourself, your own pathway; it may have something to do with relationships in your life or wanting  to create new relationships or coming together with your Soul Family – it is  up to you as to what you want to bring forth.

What we’re going to do first is to ring the bowl and during that time, we’re going to connect with Master Thoth.  He has brought forth His energies for this week to fully take those timelines that you may be having a hard time with and putting them into Wholeness.  This can also represent your Manifestation – the struggles that you’re going through; your environments, or your professional pathways.  Whatever you are experiencing challenges with, we’re going to ask you to fully put it into Wholeness.  If you don’t feel that you’re having too many challenges, then you’re just going to ask for more prosperity and abundance to be activated from the Essence of your 5th Dimensional Body, to be activated within the Here and the Now, so that you can fully feel these Frequencies of Light.  Let’s take a moment with the bowl and do that.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonated for sometime}}}}

Let’s take a deep breath as we open up the Frequencies to Master Thoth.  He’s overlighting this Energy in this moment, from the 144th Level and Dimensional Frequency.  Put all your thoughts and your processes into His hands.  Allow that to come from the Dimensional Frequency you’re existing upon in this moment within your own Consciousness which can be anywhere from the 3rd to the 8th Dimensional Frequency.  Then move it up.  Breathing deeply as we move it up to the 50th Level, the 100th Level, the 110, 120, 130, 140, 141, 42, 43, 44.  Now feel that Frequency just being opened up to them from your cellular thoughts, your cellular emotions – feel it deeply through your entire structure of your Essence.  Feel the Essence of everything being put into Wholeness in this moment.  Now, what you receive in return is the reflection of that Wholeness in the Frequency of many Colors – Crystalline colors, High Frequencies.  Allow those Elements of Sparkles of Light now to return back to you from the 144th, 143rd, 142nd, 141st, 140th, 130, 120, 110, 100th down to the 50th,40, 30, 20, 10, 9, 8, 7,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.  Bring it in and Receive.

{{{{Crystalbowl is struck and resonated for sometime}}}}

As you receive this, feel it in your Unified Chakra, of your Heart, your Thymus, and your Solar Plexus that’s been activated with your Higher Self Energy.  We ask that activation to occur now.  If you know the name of your Higher Self, call upon Him or Her to be fully you in that vibration.  Or just use your given name, by stating the words “I Am [with your name]” and feel that Frequency fully enveloping within you.  Breathe.

We explained to you earlier in the year, when we first started this New Year 2012, that we would be going on deeper levels of Frequency and it’s very true, in these moments, of what we’re going to bring forth for you from this timeline forward.  It is now time for you to realize the potentiality within you, not being parts of yourself that do not reflect this Frequency of Light.  We want each of you to fully embrace the Elements that are occurring for you right now, within your Higher Mind and your Higher Heart, putting aside any physicality that may be trying to get in the way.  By those words I mean – thinking you’re not good enough; that you’re not ready; you’re not powerful enough; and allowing your Lower Ego to be fully removed.  We ask the Higher Ego to be activated fully with your Highest Consciousness of your Higher Self and your I Am Presence.  Your I Am Presence being the conglomerate of your Monad, of your 11 other Soul Personalities that you were created with and your 144 Soul Extensions.

As you feel that consciousness that assists you to now be put into the Frequency of Oneness of the Unified Whole.  As this is the Oneness that we are all about, we are not separate personalities, although we come as separate personalities, to give forth teachings and information and to allow our love to combine with your love.  Right now, feel the Essence of your I Am Presence more fully then you ever have in any other circumstance.

Breathing deeply in that Essence.  We’re coming into a time when the Earth needs these Frequencies; each of you needs to embrace these Frequencies.  You are Lightworkers.  The more that you embrace the Highest Vibrational level that is coming into your structure, you will see the strength that you have.  What has occurred this week, with the darkness showing its face – in the face of adversity many will spring forth into the Light that they are, it makes you more powerful.  It makes you more powerful because of the circumstance and the Elements that you have brought in to your Full Body System, of your Highest Presence of your Soul.  This is your Soul.  This is the ability to create within your physical body, the Essence that you are.

So take a deep breath.  Feel that Essence coming unto you in this moment.  As I, Lord Sananda, stand before you now, you are not any less than me, you are not any more then me – We Are One in this Frequency of Light.  Each of you have many gifts to share upon this Earth and each of you will share with one another in these times of change.  As we come together in this Frequency of Light, we ask the Earth, all inhabitants upon the Earth, to feel this Frequency of Oneness, as we are feeling it in this moment.  As the Unified Whole is opening up the doorways in this moment for it to be imbued upon every Being, every personality upon this Planet within the land and with Gaia as we come into the Oneness and to bring this Frequency into full Wholeness as We All Are.

Let us take a deep breath and feel our own individuality, because a part of each of us is going to assist this Frequency and that is what The Unified Whole is about.  It is about all Pantheons of the past, of religious icons to be fully removed so that the Ego is removed and what is left is the Teachings, is the power of those Teachings and the Wisdom and the Knowledge.  So we are opening up that doorway for each of you to embrace these Frequencies unto yourself.  Each of you is a part of those knowledges, of all your past timelines.  So we’re going to ask that everyone’s past timeline, associated with these Frequencies to be fully put into wholeness as you will be able to pull upon those levels of creation that are important to you in this timeline that you’re living in this present moment, of this day.

Allow us to embrace each of those Frequencies upon our own Essences, as it’s only going to empower each of you more deeply as we are more than grateful to share this unto each of you.  Let us breathe deeply and allow that Frequency to come into our Beings.  As now I, as Lord Sananda, will step aside as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God give forth their attunement for this evening.

Many Blessings and Namaste with each of you.


I Am that I Am that I Am

I Am that I Am that I Am

I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God fully embracing each of your Frequencies in this moment. as we stand in the Essence of complete Oneness with each of you.  Breathe deeply as we impart unto you the Frequencies that are coming into the Essence of all that we are and all that we ever shall be.  Let us feel it in our physical existence – allow us to express unto each of you the deepness of our hearts of what each of you are experiencing in this moment.  Take a breath.

Breathing deeply, deeper, and with each breath that you take and with each moment of your out-breath, it goes miles and miles and miles around you, around the Earth – for every inhabitant to express in the level of Frequency.  As we bring it down from the 144th Dimension all the way down to the 3rd Dimension of Reality of the Earth.  It’s going to affect many levels of Frequency of Light, of expressing the Light that we are all together – just breathe that in.  As all your timelines are coming into Creation.  Feel it within your Heart, feel it within your Solar Plexus, feel it within your Thymus and your vibration of your Higher Self.  Now feel the Essence of your I Am Presence embodying within you as you never have before.  Breathing into that Essence, breathing into that process.  Feel each of us being home, within our bodies.  The body now is accepting this Frequency much easier then it has before.

As we have connected the timelines that are necessary for the Essence of your continuity upon this Earth and the power that you are, the power of the Light that you embody from your first single existence.  As we all were One together, you in the Angelic form that you were and some of you have been very powerful in the Light and then you moved into your Soul Essence; you moved into embodying yourself upon Planets, upon Planets.  Now is your time for remembrance.  Now is your time to accept.  Now is your time for your power to be fully within the Being that you are.  Once again state your name.  I Am [name].  I Am [name]. 

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God so we are the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  What is your name? State it to yourself.  Allow it to come out of you.  Allow it to permeate through all your self’s.  Allow it to move into the Essence that you are because this is your reality, this is the Truth – there is no illusion.  There is no illusion in this moment, there is only of the Truth of the Frequency of that we are together.  But individually, we want each of you to  feel the Essence and the vibration that is coming through your entire Being.  Feel this vibration of many colors of light – sparkles of light, no colors, blending with Lavenders ~ Gold ~ Violets ~ Greens ~ Yellows ~ Blues ~ Silvers.  Bring that Essence fully within your body now.  This is you.  This is you.  This is you.  This is the power that you are, not what your body thinks.  This is the power and the frequency of the Light that you are, of a child of the Divine Essence of God as we are all One in this Frequency of Light.

As we now travel together up to the 144th Dimensional level of the Unified Whole – this is our beginning but also within this unification, is all that we have been altogether in all timelines of creation.  Breathe and feel the enormity of the power of this Essence that is you, that is us, that is everyone in this expansion – all the Masters that you connect with, all the Light Beings, all the Inter-Galactics, all the Inner Earth, all the inter-Planetary Essences, all the Multi-Universals, all the Cosmic Energies that all of us have embodied at any time in any space – is now in the conglomerate that we are, in the Oneness, in the creation that we are.  Breathing deeply through that Essence ~  Breathing deeply into your heart.  Breathing deeply into your I Am merged with your Higher Self and the physical Being that you are.  Breathe it deeply.

Now we bring this Essence into the physicality.  Feel the awareness that has opened up for you – this is the awareness of who you are.  Allow yourself to express unto yourself, the beauty that you are because within this beauty there is great power and you shall stand fully in the light that you are, as the Flame within you burns brightly.  Breathe.  Breathe.

Feel the Golden Flame within your Heart, within your Thymus, within your Solar Plexus.  Feel the Unified Oneness that you are because this is the Unification.  This is the Frequency of Light and all the rest shall fall away.  Keep walking, walking my children, keep walking through the doorways.  Don’t let them stop you, don’t let them stop you at any time.  We are here for your assistance.  We understand this is a challenge.  We understand that it is not easy, but it is not unobtainable in the way that you think it is – it is very obtainable.  It is a Frequency of not being able to obtain things, that is the thought processes of the old.  The thought processes of the old timelines of the old effects that you were, that you fully could not incorporate but now, now we call upon each of you because you have a pathway to create within your life.  These pathways are new.  They are a conglomerate of all that you have been previously.

So we ask all these timelines to come into you to just give you a little bit of a vision, or to give you a little bit of thought or a little bit of a feeling of what is to come for you and then you shall walk through doorways and doorways and doorways of this Frequency of the 144th Level of the Unified Whole, of which we are all part – in the Frequency of the Oneness.

We call upon Master Thoth, who is considered the over-lighting energy of the power of the Unified Oneness, although he is a conglomerate of many consciousness’ frequencies.  He brings unto us the ability to move through major doorways, major doorways of the past -as he has done on his own.  As we bring forth this Frequency of Light that we are in all that we are in this moment of creation.

Feel this creation within you.  Feel this Frequency of light as it now is embodied fully into your Cellular Memory.  It may feel new, it may feel old – whatever it is, it’s a unification that is occurring within your Being in this very moment.  As we are One, you are One, in this simplified essence of your Humanity upon this Earth.  Allowing this humanity, this growth of your physical structure to continue with the level, no matter what age you are.  Your age of the physicality is not important as immortality is the opening of the doorway of the Frequency of Light.  Allow us to embody this unto you right now as we will bring in this Frequency unto you.






Breathing deeply into your feet; breathing deeply onto your Earth Star and send it down into the core of the Earth.  This frequency is going to assist the planet.  This is the planet of bringing in more Light.  These are the elements of every human being, of every animal, of every living essence upon this Earth to feel more Light than they have before to assist through the darkness.  To assist ~ and the dark is not as dark as it was ~ it is much lighter and moving through this process.

So rejoice of the candle of the flame that you are within your own Essence as it shines brightly as we bring forth unto you to shine deeply as we have shown our flame unto you for eons of time.  Allow us to expand that frequency unto each other into the breath that We Are.

[Crystal Bowl Ringing]

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.  We Are You, You Are Us.  Now we are becoming closer and closer than we ever have before in this frequency of Light that We Are.  Do not be discouraged of the challenges you encounter.  It only means that you are lighter and lighter than you ever have before.

I Am that I AM that I AM

I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God embracing each of you, our Children of the Light, in great gratitude and great love, in great joy that We Are in Oneness.

So Mote It Be in the Light of the Christ, in the Light of the Unified Whole.



This is Lord Sananda with you once again.  I have with me, Master Thoth.  His energy is very strong within Christine.  He will be highlighting the energies tomorrow evening.  We hope you will join us as it will be quite magnificent.  I want to thank you for walking this pathway; I want to thank you for being with us on these calls and continue to spread the word as far and wide as possible.  This is one of the highest vibrational frequencies that you can tap into and we are grateful that each of you is with us.  We are grateful for Michael and Christine Meleriessee and they are the wayshowers as each of you are the Pioneers behind each of them.  You are Light is expanding much wider than you ever thought possible and I am deeply grateful to be the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness of the Cosmic Oneness.

Always my Light with Your Light, We shall shine together.


Join us on Sunday evenings at 5 PM Pacific to receive these high vibrational energies via the live calls, http://lifestationearth.com/cosmiconeness_141.html.

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibrational Masters & Mentors for the New Earth, Terra Christa



Feb 26th, 2012 ~ Bridge to the Body of the New Age


It is Lord Sananda speaking.  It is my deepest pleasure to be here once again with each of you.  This week we are going to be bringing forth the Bridge that will assist every one of bringing in the heavy duty activations into relaxing with the new frequencies that your Cellular Memories are accepting.

We are finding that many Lightworkers that are truly having a very difficult and challenging time in the physical body because the Cellular Structures are truly moving through the frequencies at a much deeper level than previously expected due to the work that each of you are doing.  So we want to say, “Congratulations.”  I know at times it does not feel like you want to be in celebration of what is happening for you as it can cause a lack of balance in the physical existence.  Tonight we want to assist each of you to bridge the two worlds in the frequencies you are experiencing presently.

This is not a permanent bridge; this is an element that you can utilize with this meditation this evening to assist you from getting to here and now into the present because you are fully accelerating yourselves in the Oneness in your full body system.  You are bringing forth into you the Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental are assisting the Spiritual level to be more fully activated within the cellular structure as the waves of frequency are opening up, but at times the physical body is not quite ready to receive the frequency that the Cellular Memory wants to fully incorporate within all essences.  Let’s speak a little bit about what the Cellular Memory actually entails.

The Cellular Memory contains pockets of information and frequency that are contained not only within your Physical body but within your Etheric Realm.  That Etheric Realms holds all those frequencies of light information from many lifetimes, many timelines from your past, present, and your futures.  It is about your Soul’s existence so when the elements start to become activated within your physical existence, the physical body has a very hard time dealing and accepting it fully.  No matter if it is something that you have acquired from a previous lifetime, meaning Timeline.  When we say, ‘timeline’, that is what we mean.  Or it may be something brand new that your soul is ready to incorporate from the knowledge based on your Missing Puzzle Piece that has been activated on a higher frequency but you have not fully activated it within the physical vehicle.  So there are many elements coming into play with these frequencies and that is why it can be different for each of you and want you are experiencing.

We would now like to assist you with the first element; take a deep breath and feel the essence your Etheric Realm.  As the body is sitting here accepting the vibrations that are coming to you within your breath in this moment, from your Soul’s capability and your I AM Presence to activate it within the totality that you are, it is important to take stock of where you may be.  So I ask you to put aside your Lower Mind and your Lower Heart while activating your Higher Mind and your Higher Heart through this meditation.  This is going to assist you completely.

We ask for a complete cleansing within the four-body system.  We are going to utilize the frequency of the Sea-Foam Green as that is going to activate your Higher Self while helping to cleanse all aspects within you that you fully are unable to do so on any other levels.

Breathe deeply and allow this energy to come within your entire structure starting at the Crown, into the brainwaves, into the memory patterns within the physical body, moving those essences through your sinus areas, through your eyes, the ears, nostrils, gum lines, the roots of your teeth, the entire structure of your head, moving that frequency into the back of your throat, the back of the neck, through the shoulders, down the arms, the fingertips.  As we go through all these areas, I want you to realize it into your bloodstream, all the systems associated with those parts of the body, moving into your chest, your upper back; as we move down into the shoulder blades, we fully feel the essence into the middle part of our back, the spinal column, into the Solar Plexus and deeply into all the organs that are associated with those areas.  Moving down to the Sacral and the lower back, then the Root, the Coccyx Bone, into the base, filtering the energy through the hips and the thighs, knees, shins, calves, ankles and the feet.

Feel the Sea-Foam Green swirling within us as it now it goes into our Earth Star centering the Etheric level clearing away any timelines that do not suit our purpose for the activation for these energies to fully come within.  We want to bridge the gap between both worlds.  As we breathe deeply, we feel the Sea Foam Green coming up on your feet around the outside of your body filtering towards the Crown and then coming back down towards the feet.  Allow the Sea Foam Green to permeate from the Etheric level into the Physical level as the Etheric and the Physical levels need to fully interact with one another.  We now move the energies of the Sea Foam Green outward into the Emotional body as the blending is now going to occur as the Physical and Etheric become one and moves into the Emotional body which is outside the Etheric.  Allow all emotions to be fully in balance.  We want you to have your feelings and accept them, but we don’t want them to be traumatized or of a lower nature.

Let’s breathe deeply as the Sea Foam Green goes completely around the Emotional level and we connect to the Mental level.  As we do that, the Sea Foam Green, from the Physical, Etheric, and Emotional has reached out to the Mental as they blend together.  Allow any thought forms, any elements from previous timelines that can get in the way, even if they are from a month or a year ago.  They don’t have to be from this lifetime.  We want to put all of this into wholeness.  We want the full body to accept the transition that each of you is going through presently.  Breathe deeply into that feeling.

[Crystal Bowl Rings]

Now we have created the full four-body system to be One Unified Body to allow the connection of the Spiritual body, of the Higher Self to be more fully activated within the physical existence.  At this point, we are going to allow these energies to settle within, and bring in the frequency of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun to assist us with the rest of this journey.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service. Thank you for being with us.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service in this moment.  Let us all breathe together in Unison.

Feel yourself totally relaxing after the initiation phase of receiving within the four-body system to become One Unified Body of Light.  We ask each of you to put away any thought processes that may be going on with this or trying to understand exactly what you are experiencing in these moments.  It is not necessary to be in that space.  We fully want you to accept your essences on a higher level of frequency than you are presently doing in your Physical body.  We say to you in this moment, breathe deeply into your Heart.  Breathe deeply into your Solar Plexus and allow yourself to work only from your Highest Service in this moment of your Higher Self coming to you.  Allowing the body to dissipate within the Higher Self and allow the Higher Self to be your guide as this is truly what we want for each and every one of you.  Express onto yourself a deep breath of the Sea Foam Green ~ the purest most beautiful essence that you have received and go deeply within your Heart.  Allow yourself to say to yourself,


So right now we are in a state of fully accepting whatever it is you have receive previously so that the Higher Self can fully access within your Physical Essence any explanations, any feelings that you may be confused about.  As these frequencies can fully put your mind in tail spin; it is not where you need to be.  You need to be fully in the acceptance mode so that everything that you are receiving is from your Highest Sense.  So we say to you right now, call upon your Physical Self and say these words:  “I fully surrender unto my Higher Self and allow my Higher Self and Physical Self to be One.  But first there must be a passage way between both of us so that I, the Physical Self, am more confident and self-assured that all is well with what I Am receiving.”

Part of the process can be may be the fact that you are insecure about what is occurring because you do not understand it.  As we have said previously, there can be no understanding on these levels that you are accepting within your Being.  As you fully allow your breath to be in this space, of your Physical Essence, allow yourself to fully incorporate within your Heart or any other areas that you may feel that there is blockages or non-movement for you not to accept these frequencies.  At times, it is not always on the physical level that you can ascertain what is happening but it truly is for each of you.  Your physical body is not fully accepting the frequency that is occurring.  So let’s just sit in that element for a moment; take some deep breaths as we run the bowl to assist you to feel the vibration in whatever part of the body that may not be accepting it.

[Crystal Bowl Ringing]

Breathing deeply ~ is there an aspect within you physically that you feel needs more balance within those areas or it may just be within your Heart.  As we open up the Heart more fully, now you should feel as if you are totally open and the sun is shining down upon you and there is nothing to do but surrender into the next moment to receive the essence that is important for your acceptance.  As you breathe deeper into this area, allow yourself to incorporate your multi-dimensional abilities from your Higher Self.  Feel these frequencies coming to you as this is what each of you are experiencing on many different levels.  As you experience them on many different levels, you fully understand the process as your Higher Mind is being more fully activated in the acceptance within your Physical Body.

Allow your Higher Self now to stand before you.  He or she is imparting these frequencies unto you; please know we have your best interests at heart and will not bring anything into that you are not ready to receive.  But the physical body must heal, it must accept the higher levels of energies and at times, that physical body is unaware of the ability to move into a higher level of existence.  It feels like it is dying so we ask each of you to fully take a deep breath as we bring in the Bridge to the New Age which is the Pink-Orange Ray.  Feel this ray coming from your Higher Self unto your Heart.  As this is the connection that is needed for you to fully embody it, it comes into your Solar Plexus and your Heart.  Allow your inner power to see the ability to fully accept this frequency of Light unto You.  As many of you experience jumping from one to the other before the other, this ray of accessibility of the Pink-Orange will assist you in your own Inner Power of the Solar Plexus.  It will assist you to accept yourself as you fully have incorporated the Devotional Ray, 3rd Dimensional Ray which is in the Solar Plexus as that infiltrates within you.  As the Bridge to access the knowledge from your Highest Essence is now being activated through your Higher Self; he or she stands in front of you and brings forth this ray into your Solar Plexus.

Feel this frequency coming towards you which may be in waves of love, waves of information, or waves of acceptance.  As it flows, you feel this Pink-Orange coming into your Heart and the rest of your body.  As we have activated the four-body system into a full essence to receive the Lightbody, the Higher Self is now more readily and easily acceptable to come into this space of Beingness.  Filter that within your physical body at this point.  We are going very slow tonight because we want you to feel the effects of what can happen when you fully allow it to be in slow motion and not a quick jump into the new frequency of Light.  Feel the essence that is occurring for you now and connect to any thought processes or feelings.  What does this wave of energy feel like?  It should feel more balancing, calming, and it will bring forth the ability for you to the Divine Love that is necessary for you to receive your Highest Essence within your physical body as he or she is bringing forth to you frequencies of Light that your body has not been accustomed to receiving.

Allow these waves of frequency of the Pink-Orange to flow through you.  As they come within, you feel an acceptance occurring within your Physical Essence and just breathe out the words, “AAHHHH, AAHHHH, AAHHHH, AAHHH, AAAHH.”  Now the frequency of the Pink-Orange Ray is flowing through your entire being as your Higher Self stands in front of you as you are now ready to receive the activations that are necessary for your pathway in your present moments.  They may just be little particles or larger ones than that depending upon your individual choice as the acceptance of your physical self and the integration of your higher self occurs, the flow of this frequency of light is going to assist to allow it to be integrated in a fluidness that is acceptable to your physical body.  As your Higher Self stands in front of you, allow yourself to see many colors that your Higher Self may represent.  It depends upon your choice and what you want to receive in these moments.  You may already have been receiving these frequencies of Light.  It is just that you may have been unsure of what is occurring.  Let us breathe deeply as we see Sparkles of Light of many different colors and allowing the frequency to fully come within you of all these different levels.  Being a multi-dimensional being of light you are fully accessing many frequencies beyond the consciousness of the God Force so it can be a pre-determined factor or it can be something that is chosen by your Higher Self to fully receive in this moment.  Let us do some breath work and bring in the frequencies for you to now receive the stability that is necessary in your physical body.  Waves and waves of colors ~ We of the Divine Mother and Father God guide each of your Higher Self’s, the souls that we know so very well, to be fully activated in your physical body at the level that is necessary for you in this moment.  Not too little and not too much, but all in balance as the bridge of the Pink-Orange Ray is now activated between you.  You start to feel the fluidness that is part of your Highest Essence into the physical.  Feel these sparklets of colors of light in Blues, Greens, Yellows, Goldens, and higher colors along with many other frequencies as the timelines that you are trying to access in your dream-state or now going to be more aware to you that will assist you in the pathway that is occurring in these moments.  Let’s breathe deeply and receive this activation.

We, the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, impart to each individual at this time to receive the packets of light-code information that is necessary but in the balanced state that the physical self needs to fully understand and process.  Breathe deeply we bring forth this essence of continuance for each of you in the particles of Light opening up your pathway unto abundance, prosperity, love, joy, charity, deepness within your soul, and acceptance of All that You Are in the portion that is readily available to you in these moments.


Breathe and use the chant of AAHHHH, AAHHHH

As you receive, AAHHHH, AAHHHH

Feel now the frequency coming into your Solar Plexus blending with the Pink-Orange Ray with all the frequencies as your Higher Self has been activated more fully in your Thymus as it blends with the Heart and Solar Plexus as One.  These frequencies now move down in your legs, into your feet and onto your Earth Star as it moves upwards into your higher frequency.  Let the colors of the Ruby Red, Pink-Orange, and Magenta with Deep Pink and Sea Foam Green all blend together as they all represent each of these aspects but bring forth the combination of all the energies of Higher Self and the Physical.  Allow these elements to go to any parts of yourself that fully need the reflection that is within you.

Feel this essence moving through you; feel it grounding into your Earth Star which is going to spin in a clock-wise manner.  As it spins, it is going to move down more fully into the core of the Earth.  Feel yourself almost becoming taller with these frequencies because you are expanding from your Highest Essence into the lower part of your body through your Physical Essence into the deepness of Gaia.  Breathe deeply; now feel the elements that may have been bothering you previously.  Feel the connection that you have with your Earth Star and the deepness of Gaia as it moves into your Solar Plexus, your Heart and your Thymus.  Then feel the higher frequencies of the higher chakras being more fully grounded within the physical.  It is almost like the frequency of the Pink-Orange Ray is fully pushing you backwards and there is a stability force behind you that allows you to sit and receive it..  SIT AND RECEIVE IT.  SIT AND RECEIVE IT.  It will go through all the elements in your physical existence ~ any organs, any brainwaves, any thought processes , any parts of your bodies that are not accepting the frequencies of light and it will help them to heal as now they are going to relax.  Allow this relaxation to go all the way into your Coccyx Bone, feeling yourself just sitting and accepting this Frequency of Light.

We, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, have brought forth a new wave of attunement this evening to assist each and every one of you as we know that many of you are being affected on a physical basis at this time due to many elements that could be from lower elements being released, higher elements trying to integrate, or other elements that are in your environmental conditions.  Whatever it is right now, you are in the safety and the frequency of your Higher Self and God’s Light of Divine Mother and Father God imparting these frequencies unto You to let you know that we totally understand what it is you are going through, but understand that each of your experiences are different.  The core of them is the same.  Let us breathe through this element and allow it to just flow through you in waves and waves of Light.

[Crystal Bowl Ringing]

Breathing deeply you should now start to feel a deep connection with All That You Are and allow these timelines to all connect into the frequency of Oneness That You Are, That We Are All Together.  We of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, are eternally grateful for the pathway that you are upon and are here to assist you in realizing your frequencies within your physical essence.

So Mote It Be in the Light of the Christ.  May we all walk together in the consciousness of this light of this Earth.  In the Name of YHWH and All That We Are.

This is Lord Sananda speaking once again.  This definitely was a different kind of frequency for Divine Mother and Father God to bring forth.  They are realizing what each of you are experiencing on many different levels, as we fully want to balance these frequencies unto you so there will be more techniques opened up as we go further into this process.  It is our Divine Desire to assist you as much as possible and we are learning greatly from each of your experiences so do please connect with us as you have been doing.  This is allowing us to bring forth more levels of understanding than we previously have been doing, because within these frequencies we are allowing all levels to be activated and this is one way we are doing so in these moments.  I cannot tell you what it means to me to share these words and these frequencies as I fully walk with you unto this pathway.  It is with great honor that I do so.

I Am Lord Sananda, Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness of the Cosmic Great Central Sun frequencies.


Join us on Sunday evenings at 5 PM Pacific to receive these high vibrational energies via the live calls, http://lifestationearth.com/cosmiconeness_141.html.

Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibrational Masters & Mentors for the New Earth, Terra Christa


Feb 19th, 2012 ~ Personal Light Ray Meditation


This is Lord Sananda speaking.  Welcome once again as we connect with each other for the Cosmic Oneness.  It is our pleasure to be here with each of you, and it is my pleasure to be the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness opening up the energy for Divine Mother-Father God.

I ask each of you now to take a deep breath, and within this deep breath I want you to fully feel the capacity of Love that is centering within your Heart Center.  Last week was very active with Valentine’s Day bringing forth the frequency across the planet.  We would like to continue those energies and allow them to flow unto everyone.

Those of you that are participating in the work provided by Michael and Christine had a deeper heart connection with the class on Wednesday evening.  Let’s bring in that frequency of Light within our Heart and feel the essences of Magenta Ray that blends with the Solar Plexus and the Thymus.  Some of you may be going through some rough moments emotionally and mentally; tonight; we hope to balance those energies out for you.  It’s important that we try not to hold on to those frequencies that come up when you do this work within the higher vibrations.  The body can be affected quite differently; so we are going to just ask everyone to take a moment as we ring the bowl and get deep with in the Cellular areas of the Solar Plexus, the Heart, and the Thymus.  Let’s especially work with the Solar Plexus where these frequencies can hold on with the inner power issues.  Please note that these inner power issues are from all your other lifetimes, good and bad, so we want to bring all of them into Wholeness.

Let’s do that now ~ to call upon the Unified Whole as the energies have already been opened up with the group.  We ask for the frequency of Light if anyone is feeling anything that is not quite in connection with synchronization, and there are discordant elements occurring, we ask you now to state to the Unified Whole what you would like to be put into Wholeness ~  feel that frequency now.

Let us all now embrace the Soul’s Essence that we are together individually.  First I want everyone to bring that into the Thymus and allow that activation to come in fully at this moment.  Allow him or her (your Higher Self) to fully participate in these moments.  Feel the essence within your Heart expanding as the balance occurs between the male and the female that you are; the unification that is being made the focal point is the active whole in this moment and all moments forward.  We ask that element to be out into Wholeness with the Unified Whole.  

Thank you, it feels better; every one feels more settled within their Highest Essence, within their Physical Body.  So let’s take a moment now and breathe deeper into the frequency into your cellular structure and allow this Light energy that we are bringing forth for you in the Magenta.  Feeling that flowing through your entire structure, feeling it into your Physical , Emotional, Mental , and Etheric especially the Etheric where these elements can be held.  You are just one ball of Magenta and let’s bring up anything that is still not in complete alignment with the frequency of Light that we are bringing in our physical body.

(((Crystal Bowl Ringing)))

Keep breathing deeply now; feel the Frequency of Light of Magenta, that 5th Dimensional Ray, to fully incorporate into all parts of your Being for you to really feel that connection of Unification that is so much part of this ray.  Let us just relax this evening; we want everyone to allow the energetics that we are bringing forth to fully filter within your body, to filter within your mind, to filter in your Heart as the Unification is occurring within your psychological body, within your physical body, within your Heart Essence.  This is truly the Divinity that will assist you in allowing all these elements to be fully inter-connected because they truly are.

If you feel like there has been a disconnection that has occurred, now is the moment for you to ask for that to be put into Wholeness so that you can feel the connection totally.  Many of you are experiencing new pathways; the old pathways are being removed and this is a good thing.  But within that, yes, there can be the fear, the uncertainty –  not sure of where you are going, but it is important for you to continue to walk across that bridge.

So tonight, we are going to ask for the assistance of Quan Yin with the Bridge to the New Age with the Pink Orange Ray to fully come within your Solar Plexus.  This is when you are fully walking into that new wave of existence. This is what many of you are experiencing on many different levels.  So we ask of you to embrace the Pink Orange Ray fully within this area to allow you to expand much deeper than you have previously.

Expansion is our word this evening and embracement of the new you; we can only do this through the ability to bring in the vibrations of the highest frequency of the 144th dimensional level.  This is because this is where your Soul is activating the Essence of Oneness within.  We want each and every one of you to feel that on a physical basis.  So tonight is your night to just allow the expansion to occur; tonight is the night for you to fully receive these elements within you and not have any questions and not try to understand it.  Just to feel.  As you are feeling the effects within you, will start to accept it more fully if you allow yourself to surrender unto this moment and allow these beautiful Rays to increase within your body feel.  Feel this as if you are laying on the beach, and the Rays of God are permeating right from the Sun into your body.  This is what you are here to do; you are just here to relax and receive.  That is what I ask from you this evening, and have your highest intention of what you would like to incorporate within you.

It is my pleasure to be here with you as Lord Sananda, the Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness of the Cosmic Oneness Frequency.



I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God imparting to you in this moment the frequency of Light that is the quality you need fully within your Being.

I extend unto each of you in this moment your own personal attunement, your own frequency to come fully through this voice, through our Essence unto each of you.  Let us take a moment as we ask Meleriessee to run the bowl I want each of you to take a breath and to extend to us an emotion or an element that you are dealing with right now that you need assistance with, because within this frequency each of you will receive the attunement that is necessary as is we are speaking to you personally on an individual basis.  So we come in this group consciousness, but in truth it will be a special moment for you to receive the magic that you so desire within your personal experience in these moments to assist you in the process that is occurring for you.

Take a deep breath and allow this frequency to come unto you now as you share with us what it is you desire first and foremost.

(((Crystal Bowl Ringing)))

Feel the fluidness of the Light Rays of Frequency we impart to you now.  These are frequencies of many different colors:  Red, Blues, Greens,Oranges, Yellows, Golden hues, Indigo, Violet, and deep colors moving into a vibrancy of higher colors allowing the colors to mix within each other.  Allow the Crystalline frequency to blend within them, Pearlescent, Platinum, no colors as they all swirl within you right now.  There are aspects that are there for each of you; these aspects are representative of what you need to increase within your Being.  Feel these aspects fully occurring for you in this moment, because there is a frequency of Light that you may need from each of them or just from one or several.

It is our feeling of the group consciousness that is occurring at this time that many of you are feeling uncertain about your pathway and it may not even be about the pathway, it may be about a specific circumstance; or it may be having to do with relationships; it may be having to do with worry about your life concerning finances, about wanting your body being more physically fit, wanting to release all elements that do not serve your highest purpose.  These are many of the frequencies that we are intuiting in this moment as it comes into the group consciousness of this circle that we are bringing forth.  Each of the frequencies that we are sending you do not have to pertain to anything that we have spoken about.  We just want to bring forth the elements that we are feeling in these moments.  So what we need to do is bring forth the Heart Centeredness that each of you experienced last week in many different factors and allow yourself to understand that it is just beautiful to receive the Divine Light that you are into your physical being which houses many elements.  It houses emotions that passes as thoughts that also houses your Soul’s Presence of all the eons and eons of moments that you have experienced as a Soul in your travels when you first broke away from the embryo Being that You Are.

It is a time of great change and within this time, there can be many elements that do appear, and there are many others that will be created through the diligence of your work.  Right now we say unto you feel that Magenta that Lord Sananda has so beautifully brought forth, because this is the totality of your Soul’s Essence within the Physical body, of the Unification that needs to occur.  As we breathe deeply with the Magenta into the Solar Plexus, it has a mind of its own. It knows that it just does not belong in that area.  So it’s like a running river going down stream and then going up-stream as it moves towards the Heart center as it is filling up all areas within the Heart and then within the Thymus.  As the Thymus now blends within the Heart Center, it brings forth the Essence of your Higher Self to be activated within the Heart, which is the Male and Female Divine within you.  It is a time for great reflections in these moments; each of you are being challenged in your own pathway which you deem to experience within your life as that is the expression that is necessary in these moments.  Let us now express to you the frequency of Light that we have been imparting upon you in these last few moments.

Breathe deeply; Breathe deeply and allow these colors to come within you; allow the Ray of many Rays to be accelerated within your Being as it assists you in what you are experiencing within the physical.  Each of you is becoming a Multi-Dimensional Beings.  We must be very, very patient with the physical body in this moment.  As the physical body is changing to a higher frequency, it is just like any other cell renewal process.  Within that physicality, it has worked its way into this process and yet it has not fully activated through the highest essence.  It wants to; it just does not know how to go about it because of the previous moments. The integration of these frequencies unto the Solar Plexus, in the Heart and Thymus are quite different.

So now we are just going to ask you to breathe very lightly and allow trickles of these frequencies to come into you. We must go slowly at first; allow yourself to bring forth the elements within the physical body that truly wants to accept your new pathway, your new life, your new experiences.

Breathe deeply and feel these essences coming through you now, as it is very challenging in these moments for us to explain, as there truly is no explanation of the frequency of Light that is coming through to you and the very high dimensional rate of Light.

So let us breathe as we bring forth the attunement for each of you.

We, the Divine Mother Divine Father God, fully ask for this time of Beingness.  The people will awaken and they will open themselves up unto themselves.  They will see the expression that they are within them in the Highest Soul’s Essence with the capability of fully acknowledging it within the physical body.  Our excitement cannot be curtailed any longer, because each of you are arriving at a new destination – a new stage in that destination as these frequencies of Light fully charges you with the ability to understand more fully than you did before. Your thought processes are going to change as your Heart is changing.  The deepness within you will have a different meaning than ever before.  You shall be able to expand yourself unto many levels of existence.

Breathe deeply as we bring through this Essence in this moment.


What we have extended unto you in these moments are many frequencies within the One frequency.  So we say unto you do listen again as you will be able to receive more levels within the physical body that can accumulate it within you.  Your Heart is changing and within this Essence of your Heart there are elements that are going to be quite different from they have been previously and this can be on a moment-by-moment basis.  So allow yourself to have the structure of your life, the lifestyle you want to incorporate. Think about what that life structure may be.  You may not even know at this time.  So we ask each of you to be able to connect with more fully with your Higher Self in answer to all these elements that may come up for you.

Feel the fluids of the Light of many different levels coming to your Being, circling around you, and allowing yourself to see the multi-dimensional reality that is yours.  There is no pathway as this One that is being created.  So it is your commanding of your own destiny, you’re the driver of the vehicle, you’re the ruler for this pathway, and what you experience can be quite different from many others.  Bringing these frequencies unto the Physical Essence as you are doing in this moment is something that has never been done before.  The frequency of Light that has been coming upon the planet, the frequency within each of your physical being with the connection of your Higher Selves to be more fully activated within your physical existence has been unachievable up to this point.

Allow yourself to feel it now; allow yourself to ground this essence.  First feel it in your Solar Plexus, your Heart, and your Thymus.  In the Thymus you should feel a little fluctuation almost like butterflies as the Higher Self is so happy to be a part of this Experience with you.  Breathe deeply, breathe deeply as you allow these essences to be in your physical existence.  This is the beauty of your pathway at this time; this is the way you create the new roads that you are driving down.  They are uncharted but they are full of Light, they are full of existences creation within your Being that is so much a part of your existence now.  We ask of you now to embrace these elements; embrace what you are receiving because it is going to allow you to move to a new level.  It may just be a tiny little portion of a difference than what it was before, but it will move through that process.  Feel these essences within your Being.  Feel yourself being activated as your Higher Self is guiding this frequency; as your Higher Self is receiving the frequency that is necessary.  Whatever is that you have needed in this moment, will be acquired because you are allowing it to be.

Breathe deeply, breathe deeply and allow your Higher Self to fully come within the physical body as it has never had before. Feel him or her active through your organs, muscles, tendons, spinal column, and the Coccyx bone. Allow the grounding through your Coccyx to fully be activated within you.  It is your time to fully receive and you are being prepared.  But right now, it is a time for you to embrace this frequency of Light that is your personal attunement.  Allow us to just take a deep breath.


Receive this portion of the Light that You Are.  We bring it to you in increments so as not to overload you as we know that many of you have been overloaded with much and sometimes the frequency of Light, can have a physical reaction in many different forms.  So as we bring in the Essences that is penetrating through your entire Being, just allow yourself to receive the beauty that you are, because there is more to come as the deeper we get into the Cellular level. Breathe through these timelines as they all connect within each other.  You will see a deepness within your Soul, and you will see a connection with others that you never thought possible. This is going to be growing deeply as we move towards these energetics that are so powerful that are coming to the Earthplane to  assist you individually and globally.

Let us just embrace individually what is occurring at this moment as you are incorporating these frequencies of Light that you will be sharing with others.  It may not be in words, may be just a look of someone standing near you, someone who you don’t know.  The wonderments of the Universe are always in place.  This is the beautiful experience that is happening to each of you in this frequency of Light that is being integrated and embraced by Gaia.  Breathe in deeply.

We, the Divine Mother and Divine Father God bring unto you these elements to assist you in this process to allow your being to fully incorporate all that you are destined to bring forth within.

And say unto yourself the words:


We, the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, are greatly honored to bring forth these newer frequencies that are coming in much quicker than we ever thought possible.  So it is our Divine pleasure to always share this with you as our Heart is your Heart, you the children of this Earth and of our frequency.

We Are That We Are, We Are One of this frequency of the I AM Presence in All That We Are in Oneness, the Creative Source, the Unified Whole as we are all part of one embryo to be fully activated in this moment. So Mote Is Be In The Light.

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM that I AM that I AM

I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God at Your Service.


Greetings, this is Lord Sananda once again.  Many surprises coming forth – this is integration upon integrations.  This is something that can be utilized in this moment forward in all time frequencies.  You will receive what you need to receive and believe me this is a recording that you may want to utilize at future times as you are going through the transitions, elements will appear.

This started the process of being a multi-dimensional Being.  You have never have incorporated these frequencies upon the Earth into the physical body, and you are the Wayshowers.  It is our pleasure to be able to acknowledge this with in you, within us as you are truly are heroes upon this Earth as we walk with you and share with you, you are opening the pathways of many to be able to be on the New Earth.

All my Blessings and Love for each of you.  I AM Lord Sananda, Spokes-Being for the Cosmic Oneness.


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Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

Vibratory Masters & Mentors for the New Earth, Terra Christa


Nov 27th, 2011 ~ Waking the Cellular Memory Unto Our Physical Existence

Photo Provided Through Photobucket.com

It is my divine pleasure to be here as Lord Sananda, the Spokes-Being for the Cosmic Oneness for the Christ Consciousness.  Thank you so very much for being with us in this moment.  There has been great reflection for each of you occurring in all aspects of your Being.  Within these Elements of reflection, it’s very important to allow them to be removed.  Sometimes we don’t realize that all these aspects are not fully gone from our entire system.

Our goal this evening is to assist you to understand what it is that you may not be looking at, that truly is a part, of a detriment of not assisting you to move into the next phase of your growth and your pathway.  These can be little particles, they may not be something large – but they are locked away in the cellular memory.  So this evening we are going to wake up the cellular memory onto your Physical Being, because what we’re really doing here s to assist in the process of allowing those Frequencies to blend together.  We truly want the cellular memory to be opened up and allow those old Elements to be removed and the frequency that is incorporating within you, to be activated in a different way.

Please take a deep breath.  Within that deep breath, allow the activation – that you are one Being of Light and within, this one Being of Light, you’re allowing yourself to fully understand the processes on all levels, through the essential components, to fully come into balance.  Each of you has been aspiring to great things.  Each of you that are listening and are part of these recordings is fully in a state of movement.  Sometimes these states of movements can be slower or they can be swifter but what they need to be is constant.

It’s imperative that on each day, that when you awake, you do a connection.  Within this connection, you connect with your Higher Self, the Spiritual Hierarchy, or whichever guidance that you feel is very important to you in that moment.  Without this connection you’re not going to be able to actualize your life more fully within the Higher Self.  It’s important to bring this Essence unto your Physical Being.

As you do this, it will become an automatic element for you – that the connection between each of us and yourself, that there will be no separation.  But there needs to be a practice month and within this practice moon, you must totally allow those Frequencies to be within you, because the more that you tap into it in a Higher Consciousness or a deep meditative state, there is more of an understanding occurring.  This is what is filtering into your cellular memory.  So we’re activating the cellular memory unto the Physical Creation that you are.

Please take a deep breath as I run the bowl.

{{{{Crystalbowl is played}}}}

As I do that I want everyone to concentrate into your Solar Plexus, the Heart and the Thymus.  On the Fifth Dimensional Frequency the color of this Ray and the Chakra is Magenta.  First we’re going to center upon the Solar Plexus of the Third Dimensional of the Ruby Red.  You will see a beam of light in front of you, of the Ruby Red color coming into your Solar Plexus and this is your Divinity unto  yourself and then unto the world.  This is your Higher Frequency in the Third Dimensional, in a Cosmic Level.  Allow that to infiltrate within you.

Feel your Essences within starting to shift and change.  Because of this Cosmic Creation, the old elements cannot be activated on this Higher level.

Then we’re going  to go deeply into the Heart.  That is the Pink.  Go deeply within that Heart part of you with the Pink Ray of Compassion and Love.  Allow that balance to occur within you, whatever you may be feeling on other levels, we want it to be fully incorporated with the Pink Ray.  This is also your Ray of Manifestation and your Desires, because as long as you have Joy and Happiness within you, you can fully allow those Frequencies to filter within.

Now we’re going to move in to the Throat – of the Will and Power, of the Blue.  Allow that Will and Power Ray to fully be within you.  Then on the Forth Dimensional Frequency we bring in Pink Orange into the Solar Plexus.  The Pink Orange is the bridge to the New Age, so you’re moving from the old self-reflection onto the Higher Frequency of the New Age Science.  The Heart then filters into the Gold.  Feel that Gold Frequency fully being within you, of the Christ Consciousness.

We now activate the Thymus area, which is the Sea Foam Green.  Were going to pull in the vibratory communication of the throat, of the Forth Dimensional Ray, into the throat are – which is a violet Pink.  This is when you can transfer your thoughts unto others and you feel these Frequencies within you.

We have included the throat because it’s a very important aspect to be using the throat chakra through communication.  Now we’re going to pull all of them together.  We’re going to bring in the Magenta, as the Magenta creates one unified Chakra – of the Solar Plexus, the Heart and the Thymus.  The Throat is going to go into a higher vibratory color.  Allow that color to be a mixture of many colors, and to bring in the act of Beingness.

We really want to center on the Magenta at this point.  As we bring in the Magenta, we want to access the Fifth Dimensional level of this Ray and this Chakra.  The Magenta is the balance between all these three Chakras – of the Thymus, the Heart and the Solar Plexus – and within that, you have your Will & Power, you have your Activation occurring.  Within the empowerment, you have your Heart Center, which is totally balanced and full of Love.  You have the Sea Foam Green, which is the Higher Cleansing Ray, but it means that your Higher Self is now fully activated within those areas.  Allow Him or Her to feel this Essence.

Now we’re going to ask the Higher Self to assist and open up all avenues into the deep cellular memory that is necessary within your Physical Essence.  So we’re going to move into the Etheric Level with these colors, of the Magenta and the Sea Foam Green.  Allow the Frequency to be fully activated as now we prepare for the Cosmic Energies of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.  It is my pleasure to be here as your Spokes-Being for the Christ Consciousness.  I am Lord Sananda at your service.


I Am that I Am that I Am that I Am the Cosmic Great Central Sun and the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God.  We are the Heart of God and the Will of God, in the combination of the Cosmic Great Central Sun.

Allow your energies to now receive the Frequency of the Light to assist in your Beingness, in the Frequency of All That Is.  Breathe deeply as we will fully activate the Magenta in your three Chakra System of the Fifth Dimension.  Feel the deepness of this color swirling within you as it is a deep Rosy Pink.  Moving into the Higher Frequencies that you desire, let it bore a hole right in the Solar Plexus in this moment.  Allow the full infiltration, as this is your Empowerment.  This is your core of activation of vibrancy.  Allow that to be within you, in the deepness, as it blends with the Pink Orange and the Ruby Red.  See those colors blending within you as it moves into the Solar Plexus, now it moves into the  Essence of the core of your Being and  your cellular memory and  moving into the Etheric level.  That is going to assist any debris that needs to be removed.  Breathe through that.  Breathe through that.  Breathe through that Essence.  Breathe through the Frequency that you are.

Allow the palpitations within the Solar Plexus to be activated.  Feel the beauty that you are.  We ask for the removal of all Elements that do not serve your empowerment.  We ask for these Frequencies to move out of you in all that you are, in all that you are and becoming.  Breathe through that and feel it blending within you.  Feel the Essence of all that you are in this deep moment of creation ~ Allowing the Devotion and the access to the Higher Realms of the New Age to be fully within your Solar Plexus so that you can activate it in your physical sense.  Breathe through this.

Breathe through this as now we move into the Heart.  Feel the deepness of the Pink, of the Compassion and Love and your Manifestations, to grow deeper and deeper within you.  Allow it to move into all aspects.  We ask for any ill feelings of lack or in poverty consciousness, to be fully removed through the Frequency of the Pink Ray, through the Frequency and the deepness of the Core of your Being – you can feel your Heart accepting this Frequency.

Now we ask for the expansion of the Heart chakra – deeper, deeper then it ever has been – as if it is boring a hole within your back.  Allow that to expand as the Lotus Heart now opens unto the Golden Flame that is now the Forth Dimensional Ray of the Christ Consciousness that you are.  Allow your Higher Self to be your guide at this moment as you bring in these Essences.  You bring in the inflection of what your Soul desires, not the physical.  Let it blend into the Etheric and allow that to move through your entire physical body.  Breathe deeply in that Essence.  Breathe deeply.

Now let’s move to the Thymus.  Feel your Souls Essence as He or She is now allowing the activation to occur more deeply because you are opening up your senses unto the cellular memory.  Allow the physical to relax with these Higher colours.  Feel the pleasure of your Souls Essence in the Thymus but allow it to move down through the rest of your body as we incorporate the Ray of Sea Foam Green.  Now let the Sea Foam Green go into all areas of your body, all the muscles and the tendons, any areas that may be hurting deeply.  Allow it to go into the bone structure.  Allow it to go into the skeletal structure.  Allow it to go into the circulatory system and all the inner workings of the spinal column.  Allow these Frequencies to all blend together into one large component of Light.  Breathing deeply now, as the Sea Foam Green is activating the Frequencies that you are allowing yourself to feel.  We ask for the cleansing and the processing of all Elements that do not serve your Highest Purpose in these moments.  We call upon the Frequencies of the Light to fully infiltrate your Being right now.  Whatever it is that you asked for, put it out in this moment so that we can assist you.

{{{{Crystalbowl resonates for some time}}}}

I come to you as the Heart of God, as the Divine Mother, please accept the blessing I enfold upon you in this moment.  As I express the Female Divine through the Essence of this woman.  Let yourself go within and feel the Essence that you need to assist you in these Elements you need to release.  Allow yourself to walk through a doorway that is filled with the purest sense of Magenta.  Feel the beauty of the Pink Orange and the Gold and the Pink and the Ruby Red and the Sea Foam Green.  Now you are one swirling color of Light within you, around you, inside of you, outside of you – in the frequency and the expression that you are.  I embrace within you, a whisper, a whisper that you need in any of these hearts of your body.  Receive, my children, receive.  As we change your cellular structure, allow the memories to be filled with great nurturing.  Nurturing.  Deepness of my Essence as I embrace it unto you.  Breathe and allow yourself to receive.

{{{{Crystalbowl resonates for some time}}}}

I now come to you from the Will of God.  I come to you from the Masculine Divine to assist you to find your empowerment as you have been nurtured by the Divine Mother, I now will assist you in your strength.  Within that strength, it must bring forth the assistance of nurturing and softness that is necessary for the strength to really be in the capacity that is in the Higher Realms.  I express to you right now, I hand you my Golden Light.  As I hand you my Golden Light, feel the cementing of all your vulnerabilities to be flowing through your Being, because within those aspects, you fully have all Elements of feeling the Love deeply, but expressing it even more deeply.  Let it run through your veins.  Let it run through your system.  Allow the cellular memory to see that you have the strength within you.

When you embrace this aspect, you will see a difference in how you relate to all that you are encountering upon your pathway in each moment – whether it is a challenge or whether it is a pleasure, I extend unto you the ability to find your Divine Will.  As you find this Divine Will in your Solar Plexus, with the nurturing that has been given, we blend it together.  It moves to your Heart and it flows deeply within you.  Now your Higher Self is activating the power that He or She has enabled.  Let it flow in your Physical now.

{{{{Crystalbowl resonates for some time}}}}

As we now come to you as the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God in the expression of the Oneness of the Strength and the Heart coming together, finding that ability to walk through the processes that enable to you to feel and express the love but also see the strength and the walk that you are taking.  You can handle any element that is coming across your path.  You take a deep breath now and feel these Frequencies in all the Elements within your body.  You start to feel them memories, the memories of your power, the memories of your gifts fully surfacing out of you because the other elements that were hiding it are now removed in this reflection of what we have given to you.  Allow yourself to embrace this moment.  Allow yourself to feel the Essence.  Allow yourself to understand the capacity of love that you embrace within you from your Souls Essence.  Now deeply, deeply feel it.  Deeply feel it into your core.  Allow these Frequencies to go into your Root and ground them deeply.  Ground them through your limbs into your Earth Star.  Allow it to surface in your Sacral area.  Allow it to move up to your Throat so you can express it through your voice.  Allow it to move to your Third Eye so you can perceive all that you are expanding.  And your Crown is fully embracing the Divine Love that you are, as you come into balance.  As you come into reflection that you are – not what your memory has put upon your mind.

As the mind and the heart are now balanced together, you feel these Frequencies blending in the Essence that you are.  Breathing deeply.  Breathing deeply and allowing it to settle deeply within you.  Get used to this.  Practice this because it will assist you in each moment that you transform yourself.  Allow the cellular level to fully expand unto what you are receiving.  Let it move into the physical.  Let it blend with all Elements as you now become one full body of Light.  This is the expression we desire for each of you.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God in the expression of the Cosmic Great Central Sun, at your service.  We are honored to be here in this moment to assist you in this process of this Divinity that you are.  Allow yourself to expand within it and to receive it deeply.  Deeply.  We Are One.  Always have been and always will be.  Now we are activating it consciously.

So Mote It Be In The Light Of The Christ.

We are the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.


This is Lord Sananda once again, it is a blessing to receive in this way.  It is a blessing to allow these Divinities to fully be within you so that you can accept the challenges and the hills that you have to walk and they will walk down the hill – feel the exhilaration of what you have accomplished.  Tonight is a night of accomplishment.  Allow yourself to embrace this Essence that we are embodying unto you.  It is my pleasure to be here with you as Lord Sananda.


If you would be interested in listening to the audio recording of this call as it was very powerful and can be utilized repeatedly, see Audio Recordings, Cosmic Oneness, November 27th, 2011 to download the recording.  Cosmic Oneness is one of three calls per week that take place via teleconference and joining live will fully accelerate an individual’s physical existence.  Please see LifeStationEarth, Conference Calls  for more details.  All are welcome to join in as no one is turned away.  Please see our policy on Terms of Suggested Exchange, http://lifestationearth.com/terms_of_suggested_exchange_157.html.